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  2. This is a six month old thread that has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of your post. Please start your own thread under the correct category.
  3. Well...you told us that she is doing it, so.... If your child's mother is not complying with the court order, you need to ask the court to hold her in contempt. Consult with a local family law attorney.
  4. I have to wonder where a 17 year old acquired so much legal knowledge that he/she feels competent to opine that such a lawsuit would result in significant losses. No. It's all legal. Lawsuits are not designed to earn profits. Where meritorious, lawsuits are designed to put the damaged person back in the same place he/she would have been but for the legal wrong. Yes, you could have sought a new job.
  5. I agree with the prior response, and the answer to your question is yes.
  6. It refers to the state statutes that set out the rules for alimony. Those statutes actually start with § 50-16.1A, which has the definitions, but § 50-16.3A starts with the actual rules for alimony. The phrase "et seq" simply refers to the statutes on alimony that follow § 50-16.1A, which run through § 50-17. In short, what you'd look at to see the alimony rules are §§ 50-16.1A through 50-17.
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  8. In North Carolina, what is alimony pursuant to N.C.G.S.§50- 16.3A, etseq.
  9. Awesome I appreciate your help.
  10. If you had been allowed to leave the premises, then for any break longer than 20 minutes it would be legal not to pay you. By requiring that you remain on the premises, your employer made this time for which you needed to be compensated. However, you don't need to hire a lawyer; you can file a complaint with the OK wage and hour division, which costs you nothing. Federal law, although it does not require breaks (neither does the state of OK), requires that IF breaks are offered, then any break shorter than 20 minutes needs to be a paid break. You can file with the OK DOL for those breaks, too.
  11. Other than anything you owned as your separate property, no, you have no right to anything, unless he left you something in his will.
  12. You were going to rely on a dishonest employee to defraud his employer by fixing your car "under the table." And you're surprised and upset about what happened? smh. Of course, you're not getting your car back without paying for it. Nobody's fault but your own.
  13. I also have time slips to prove it.
  14. They varied depending on how busy we were but on average they were about ten or fifteen minutes and sometimes we would spend a couple hours on break.
  15. How long were the breaks, on average?
  16. Hi I was recently fired from a restaurant in Oklahoma where our district manager made us clock out when it is slow and after losing the job I was telling my mother about all the breaks and having to remain on the premises (I would be scheduled an 8 hour shift and only get paid for about 5 of it) even though we weren't getting paid and she said that it's illegal to do that. Should I contact a lawyer and sue for unpaid time or is it even worth the time and hasel if I even can after bieng fired?
  17. "what happened when you went to pick up your car" I haven't picked up my car yet. I haven't called due to not having the payment.
  18. " have you paid for the repairs" No not as of today, but will have the payment in full ($625) by Monday am.
  19. "then why did you have it towed there" I had it towed there under the impression it was going to save me some money. Since the tow truck driver took the keys inside the office, it could no longer get a discount. I did not state this to the owner, due to the obvious. should I have mentioned it when I was told $625?
  20. "For what purpose, did they know your car was coming?" Yes, the employee in the shop did know my car was coming, but the owner did not.en called that person, he stated there wasn't anything he could do since it was taken to the front desk and not on the side.
  21. Apologies for the delay in response. Thank you again for your feedback. To reply to the questions, in reguards to the present subject, the answers are as follows; So when I stated "long story short", let me back up and add detail to the situation at hand. when my personal friend, from the towing company, across from the to yard, towed it there, the driver took the keys I had made and delivered to a gentleman named Kevin, the owner. So now we have to have a ticket on my car, and no longer may it be "under the table". i was called 2 days later, by Kevin, the owner, with a message, " your car is ready, balance due $625.00. I returned Kevin's phone call and told him that I did not have $625.00,(never mentioned the employee under the table deal) and proceeded to ask him if there was a payment plan we could agree on. He stated, "let me move some cars around in my lot and I will give you a call back'. he called me back 20 min. later and stated he would take $450 now and the remaining balance needed to paid within 2 weeks of the date paid of the balance $450. I told him I would have to call him back, I do not have $450. I haven't called nor seen Kevin due to I don't have the money. Now, all around if I had the money to have ny car fixed I would have taken it to the dealership. since I didn't, and I was under the impression it was going to be "under the table", it would be a reasonable price. Usually, a repair shop, dealership, etc....will call you with an estimate of the price and what it entails to be fixed on a vehicle. Please correct me if I am wrong about calling with an estimate.
  22. Ignorance of law....may be the definition can save you..... What dose that mean??
  23. If I lived with a married man for 18 years and he has passed do I have a legal right to anything.
  24. Trust me this has been going on a lot longer than when I posted this . this was is a last ditch effort for some advice. I have the court order in just going to go to sheriffs dept and see if deputy will go with us to see him.... We have filed a motion to make them answer us about setting up visits but of course that takes atleast 5 days to get an answer back. But thank you for the replies.
  25. And midnight on Father's day is a little late to be starting this for Father's day.
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