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  2. He is not cooperating with the process of being booking and they are holding him without any charges and bail. I dont understand.
  3. He doesn't get to refuse. He's in handcuffs and can be led through the process, even against his will. Any struggle will only lead to additional charges and possibly injury.
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  5. What happens when someone gets arrested but refuses to be processed/booked? What are the consequences of this action?
  6. You are not because you "aren't legally married." Not sure where you might have read that, but it surely only applies to divorces, which doesn't apply to you since you "aren't legally married." There is no such thing. There is such a thing as a common law marriage (Colorado is one of a minority of states that still allow common law marriages to be formed), but you indicate that you don't have one (a common law marriage is every bit a "legal marriage" as a ceremonial marriage). Then you aren't. Contrary to an apparently popular belief, you cannot form a common law marriage by accident (or by simply living together for some period of time). If you had formed a common law marriage, you'd know it.
  7. Then you aren't married. Period. And you have no legal claim to any of his sole and separate property unless you can show that there was some contractual arrangement (express or implied) regarding the distribution of separate assets. See IIIB of Salzman v. Bachrach where the Colorado Supreme Court discusses the enforcement of express or implied contracts between non-married cohabitants: https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=8135207633737759653&q=common+law+marriage&hl=en&as_sdt=4,6
  8. I'm not sure we are actually Common Law married. We've never filed joint taxes, I've kept my maiden name, we have no intention to marry and we don't acknowledge each other as spouses. A few years ago I did ask an attorney about it and he said we weren't considered common law as we didn't meet all the requirements. I do appreciate the info though.
  9. https://coag.gov/resources/frequently-asked-questions/colorado-office-attorney-general-frequently-asked-questions A common-law marriage in Colorado is valid for all purposes, the same as a ceremonial marriage. Only death or divorce can terminate it. The common-law elements of a valid marriage are that the couples (1) are free to contract a valid ceremonial marriage, i.e., they are not already married to someone else; (2) hold themselves out as husband and wife; (3) consent to the marriage; (4) live together; and (5) have the reputation in the community as being married. The single most important element under the common law was the mutual consent of a couple presently to be husband and wife. All the rest were considered evidence of this consent or exchange of promises. No time requirement exists other than the time necessary to establish these circumstances. When proof of common law marriage is required, such as by an insurance company, a signed affidavit can be presented. A sample affidavit is presented here. Common-law marriage is a term used to describe a marriage that has not complied with the statutory requirements most states have enacted as necessary for a ceremonial marriage. The name came from the fact that these marriages were recognized as valid under the common law of England. In 1877, the United States Supreme Court stated, in an action that questioned the validity of a non ceremonial marriage, that marriages that were valid under common law were still valid unless the state passed a statute specifically forbidding them. Meisher v. Moore, 96 U.S. 76 (1877). Since the Colorado legislature has never enacted such a statute, Colorado is part of the minority of states that recognize the validity of common-law marriages.
  10. I have been with my significant other for 26 years. We have never married. We own a home together and have some joint accounts. About 2 years ago he was left a large stock plan from his grandfather. We are looking at separating/divorcing (unsure what it really is since we aren't legally married). The deed to the house is in both our names so we planned to split the profit 50/50 along with splitting all the items inside the house equally and the bank accounts. What we don't know is if I have any rights to half or any of the stocks. We don't want to have to involve attorneys and are working together to make this a smooth process. We both work full time though he makes more than me but I raised our daughter primarily and now our granddaughter so we view each other equally. I have been working from home for 8 years to have more flexibility to help with our aging parents and granddaughter which hasn't allowed me to make as much money as I could in an office job. I only note that as I read something about Colorado that a judge tends to give more to the person who makes more money.
  11. Nor have you asked a question or provided anything that would indicate what you're seeking from the anonymous strangers who post here. Please explain what "an arbitrated asset" means. And....???
  12. 1. What was the asset? Since you didn't restate the bit about him retiring I think that was it. 2. What has your attorney said about that issue? 3. People can change their mind. 4. OK, then you were notified. Did you tell your lawyer? 5. People have been known to lie. How did this affect you? 6. A draft is just that a draft. draft /draft/ noun 1. a preliminary version of a piece of writing. "the first draft of the party's manifesto" You aren't being clear about what your issue is nor have you said why you haven't talked to your lawyer about all of this.
  13. The issues North Carolina, Mecklenburg County 1. attorney and husband mis-represented the true value of an arbitrate asset 2. my attorney misquoted me as saying he could have his earnings from a medical practice if he moved to another state 3. My husband lied before the Separation Agreement was signed and said he was not moving 4. The day before our attorneys signed the stipulation of voluntary dismissal with prejudice, he sent me an email that said, I will be retiring in April 5. Our agreement requires we arbitrate with two people who have followed the case from the beginning. He lied to them during the arbitration ruling and afterward 6. I believe the draft document for the arbitration was quoted rather than the signed and notarized MOU
  14. Is this three issue or just one centering around your ex retiring? And what state are you in?
  15. I've read your original post a couple of time now and maybe I'm missing something but what exactly do you think that was done by the employer that was illegal? In one sentence answers, please.
  16. Perhaps that"s true, maybe I used the wrong phrase. The spirit of the question was basically asking just how could this possibly be legal in one of the most Liberal State in the union.
  17. No worries, you may have provided some insight. I'm going to venture a guess here. After many years of reading legal briefs and motions for this or that discovery. You've developed the necessary skill of hitting the high points. The downside is that detail rich documents and communications tend to be tedious and for that God made law clerks. That being said you are both right and wrong again. Bo is the antagonist, Bo is likely a Narcissist of the worst kind but he was not the foreman. In fact he was a rental operator hired by the company that owns the blade, same pay grade as me. I'm 56 years old, he is 38. The guy that replaced me the following Monday was also in his thirties. Bottom line is I'm too old to trade my dignity for a paycheck. I followed the Employee handbook to the letter. The cost of demanding civility, mutual respect and proper, productive communication, was getting jumped, car door kicked into my back, debilitating pain from my lumbar spine into my leg, off work for a year, finances critical, mental health critical. I didn't show up for that, I've had no problem getting along with all trades through my many years on the job. Common sense and logic makes me wonder why they lied to the Deputy that showed up on scene. Why would it be necessary to assassinate my character a whole week after I was laid off if they were so sure their conduct and behavior were defensible? I just can't believe that what they did to me is business as usual and perfectly legal.
  18. My husband and his attorney mis-represented the true value of an arbitrated asset To influence the ruling that i would get support until he retired from his medical practice, my husband said he was not retiring. 6 weeks after we signed the agreement, he gave notice he was retiring My attorney misquoted me and said I could have his earnings if he set up a medical practice in another state
  19. A list of states and non-U.S. countries and other geographic designations....
  20. "My trustee has not filed my taxes" does not sounds like a reference to a trust tax return. Best not to assume that a poster meant something completely different than what is written without saying that you're doing so because, if the poster meant what was written, you may be giving out bad info.
  21. People don't "press charges" they report crimes and the authorities decide whether or not to prosecute. You've already reported your suspicions to the police. Now it's up to them. Though, without EVIDENCE of the LL's culpability, there isn't likely to be charges filed. You might be better off filing a civil lawsuit if the eviction did not follow proper procedure. Consult an attorney.
  22. She most likely was referring to the trust tax return.
  23. I too see no civil rights violations if a legal definition of civil rights is applied. You are probably having a hard time finding a civil rights lawyer, assuming that is the type of lawyer you are looking for because all of the ones you have talked to agree.
  24. Excuse me! It appeared to me the antagonist was Bo, your foreman.
  25. Landlord broke into home and stole the front and back doors off the home along with the stove and refrigerator that was just filled with over $700 worth of food. Filed a police report. Landlord claimed they had nothing to do with it. We had just been given our 3 day quit notice, and then that happened. So while we were waiting on detective to get back to us on the investigation, the landlord never replaced anything. Then almost 2 weeks later we were told that he had gotten the judge to sign the eviction order at a hearing we were never served notice of. He's the city building inspector so even the constable is lying for him. Needless to say we were foraceably removed from the property And our belongings thrown in the street to be looted by passerby's, even though we lived on a not so traveled dead end street. How do we press charges on our landlord for burglary and theft of property? And also get back some of the things we lost in damages when he's got the whole town willing to lie for him. Also the doors that went missing magically reappeared on the house as soon as he had our things removed.
  26. Civil rights include the ensuring of peoples' physical and mental integrity, life, and safety, thank you for your reply. I won't argue, however your reply lacks the attention to detail one would expect from a legal mind. Fact; the antagonist was not my supervisor. He was an abusive, flawed human being that possesses none of the skills required to be a good leader. Not sure how you misunderstood. I was also very clear that I was laid off not terminated. It's possible that wouldn't matter to a good lawyer, either way it seems a case could be made for retaliation. With regard to "passive agression", after reading your reply, I read my post twice and just can't see it. Indignant yes, angry yes, intollerant yes, ashamed, depressed, disappointed...yes..yes..yes. Intimidated to the point of compromising my integrity, rights, laws or the provisions of the contract? No I'm not and here is why.... "Absolute power concedes nothing, never did, never will. find out just what any people will submit to and you found the exact measure of injustice and wrong they will be submitted to" Frederick Douglas
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  28. My guess is that new posters to this site have no idea what "tag state" and "add tag" means so they bypass it and post their messages, not realizing that they have to click on "add tag" to choose a state. Not sure I can fault them on that since it doesn't make much sense set up that way. Expert Law opens the message box with: My question involves __________ in the State of: Free Advice opens the message box with: What is the name of your state? The Law has a drop down box labeled Jurisdiction. Clicking the arrow opens a list of states. Those three sites also get a share of posters that don't reveal their state. Gets frustrating to read a story then ask for the state and go back and read it again.
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