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    The opinions of strangers don't matter. If you want your license back talk to a lawyer and review your options.
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    In December I was in a car accident, I fell asleep driving. I woke up when I hit those rumbles but 2 tires were in the grass and I was sliding towards the ditch ( it was really muddy ). I turned my wheel to get back on the interstate and slid sideways across it went down into the ditch came up out of the ditch and just happened to be landing at the rest area. I tried to turn my wheel, but there just wasn't enough room and I hit a parked semi. I tore the front bumper off landed and watched all the fluids drain from my car. Thank God I didn't hurt anyone. Needless to say I was pretty shaken up. State Troopers arrived almost immediately and started asking me questions wanted me checked out by the ambulance. I told them I had fallen asleep driving, they asked me if I had been drinking or doing any drug. I told them No. They asked me if I took any prescription drugs. I told them yes, but nothing that would impair my driving. A thyroid pill, water pill, heartburn pill, potassium, iron and folic acid. They asked to search my purse I gave consent. He found 1 gram of marijuana in the bottom of my purse. I was then arrested and charged with owi and possession. They gave me a breathalyzer I blew 0s they gave me a sobriety test following their finger I passed that also. I was then taken to the county jail and asked to do a urine test in which i refused. The OWI charge got dismissed. I called the DOT to see what I needed to do to get my license back and they said I have to do a chemical evaluation and take a drunk driving class. I asked why and they said because of the OWI charge I told them that it had been dismissed so why would I be punished for a charge I didn't get? She said oh it just disappeared I said No it got dismissed I was not guilty it was unfounded. She said they're separate from the courts and I needed to fax in a paper saying it was dismissed and put in a petition to reopen. So I did and they denied me because the request wasn't found to be unreasonable. I think since I had already passed 2 of their sobriety test that maybe it was. I feel like its just an excuse to get even more money, but regardless I can appeal their decision. Do you think it will do any good to appeal it or I should just forget it?
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  5. So that's a cost that they don't incur for people who are on other relative's plans. Nothing illegal there.
  6. I work in California and the employee handbook states they pay for 100% of our health insurance policy. I thank everyone for their time & effort to reply!
  7. What if in the employee handbook it states β€œX company pays for 100% of your health insurance”?
  8. Are there precedents where the defendant's inadvisability to travel for health reasons was used in a successful motion to change venue? The balance of convenience test in Rule 13.1.02(2) is mainly used to weigh inconvenience/cost of using one location vs. another. But if traveling to a distant location exposes the defendant to a potentially life-threatening health complication, can that override cost considerations and argue for moving the venue to where the defendant lives and works?
  9. not sharing an office is the reason you are left out of meetings...and it sounds like the reason you aren't in those meetings is because you refuse to move to Paris. That has nothing to do with your language or heritage or race.
  10. Since the op hasn't returned since the day they posted the original question that won't be needed.
  11. Unfortunately we do not have the complete exact text of the waiver here to read, so it might be that if we read the whole thing it would come across differently. But that said, I agree that as described by the OP it does not appear that he or she would be required by that waiver to disclose anything. It simply allows the employer to collect the information (which does not mean the same thing as requiring the employee to provide it β€” the employer might collect the information by other means) and to retain it.
  12. In reading the initial post, it seems the company does not require the employee to reveal any of the information listed. It authorizes the company to collect and store the information.
  13. Because you were the first one to show up to an empty house. That gets you charged. Your story is your defense for court. The officer doesn't hold court at the scene. You'll just have to wait and see. While you wait you might be checking with the local criminal court to see if your name comes up. It'd be a good idea to talk to a lawyer.
  14. That's right. I'm wondering if they're a small company who has only just reached the size to file an EEO-1 report and is woefully ignorant as to how to go about it. I remember the first time I had to complete one, wondering how I was supposed to provide numbers of employees with characteristics I am prohibited from asking about.
  15. I live in Pennsylvania, after being gone all night I come home a police officer is in my house and he tells me I was being charged with Child neglect, because my 3 year old grandson got out of the house and he brought him home. When I left my house around 7:30 the night before and I got home around 7 AM the boy's mother was there. this is the second time this has happen. How can I be charged when I left there was a legal adult who knew I was leaving and I would not be back. I do not have custody of my grandson, I just live with his parents and his sibling. when do I know if I have been officially charged when the officer tells me I was going to be charged or when I get a citation or arrested.
  16. In NV, the state public defender submits accountings periodically to collect monies from the counties for services provided that the counties in turn have collected from the defendants. Telling the PD to write if off doesn't mean that the county still can't collect the money. Where the county deems the debt uncollectable, the debt is assigned to the state controller to collect on behalf of that county....
  17. And by "how large" I assume you mean to ask how many employees the employer has. πŸ˜€ There are a number of measures of how large a company is, after all, like gross revenue, annual sales, number of offices/stores, etc., though of course those in HR would generally look at size by the number of employees, since most of the laws they deal with use that criteria.
  18. Should i I start a new one, then, because the "experts" who answered were demonstrably wrong and your forum about legal answers is criminally incorrect, in this instance.
  19. Well, I owe a very large public defender court fee that is 15 years old. Can I still be forced to pay it off under this kind of order?
  20. If a judge finds in your favor, be thankful and get on with your life. Going tit for tat against a lunatic ex only enhances the lawyers' bank accounts.
  21. This thread originated in 2015. Please do not resurrect dead threads.
  22. The law states that groups A B or C are exempt for reason Y. Clearly, the intent of the law, as written, is to allow police the use of unmarked vehicles for undercover or special investigations, and those purposes ONLY. Anyone who paid attention in 4th grade during sentence diagramming can clearly see this. So, unless you are the subject of an ongoing undercover or special (which could have broad meaning but does not encompass a split second decision to pull you over or not pull you over for a traffic violation) investigation and you are pulled over by ANY police officer who is in an unmarked car (and, the standards for "marking" are clearly called in the statute as well, and lights and a grill commonly used by police do not meet the standard), THAT OFFICER IS ACTING UNLAWFULLY (this is stated at the beginning of the statute). I would not cooperate with the officer, which could lead to my arrest, but that would give me an immediate chance to fight the unlawful behavior by the officer. Now, am I guaranteed a win in court? No, but should I be granted a probable cause hearing by a judge who is fluent in English and has some modicum of respect for the law, I should easily find my motion granted and the case dropped. The real trick would be convincing the judge to then issue a warrant for the officers arrest (unlawful detainment among other things). I don't think my chances here would be more than 1 in a metric **** ton, but I would remind the judge how many times I've been told that ignorance of the law is not a defense, and that illegal is illegal no matter who perpetrates the crime. I'm pretty sure I'll get laughed out of court as the prosecutor has his or her tail between their legs, having been quickly bested by someone without a bar card, but with some sense of satisfaction that I was mocked on my way out of court. At least that's what's happened the 3 other times I had cases dismissed in motions court, pro se. I swear, lawyers are great with procedure and sometimes their familiarity with the judges and clerks has value, but they are the only people who know less about the actual law than I do.
  23. I have another question (not that my first one has been answered). How large an employer is this? I'm wondering if they're having to file an EEO-1 report for the first time.
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  25. So custodial parent went and filed with DCSS instead of filing contempt. Custodial parent claims arrearages ( which are false/ I have all pay receipts ). Per DCSS I have an opportunity to object to this at which I believe a hearing will be scheduled to contest this amount as well as what DCSS is claiming. DCSS is claiming child support will be the $1168 a month and not the step down amount of $988. If judge finds in my favor is there any possible ramifications / sanctions to custodial parent for filing this false arrearage?
  26. Very likely the company got the idea to do this and the wording for it from someplace else rather than internally or from its own lawyers. The vast majority of employers would have no need for a consent like the one the OP described. But someone in the company may have heard of some other firm using it and, as some people do, figured that if that other firm did it then it must be important for his/her company to do too. πŸ™„
  27. So by the way, I reckon you are a "payroll" man? A Human Resources person David Jr suggests because I would have never got "HR" till next week! Lol thanks for your time and putting up with my crazy self.
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