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  2. Tell your husband from me (a former landlord) that he's his own worst enemy. Frankly, if you aren't going to evict that tenant for non-payment, it doesn't matter what she pays or doesn't pay or what you charge or don't charge. Forgive my bluntness but I predict that, on May 24th, your deadbeat tenant isn't going to pay because she has learned that her landlords are a prize pair of suckers who are content to let her live there for free. Cut your losses and get rid of her.
  3. Yes. At the very least in case there is a criminal record even if credit doesn't matter. Just make sure everybody signs the lease jointly and severally (though you might know that already). BTW, owning a "few" rentals makes you subject to the VA landlord tenant statute (though you might know that already). But here's a link just in case: https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title55/chapter13.2/
  4. I am in VA state and I own few rental properties. One of my rental properties is available for rent. Yesterday I showed the property to one of prospects. There will be 4 adults + 1 child on the lease in case I rent out the property to them. They do meet the income criteria. Anyhow, one of the adults is a full time nursing student and won't be contributing toward the rent. My question is....should I get her screened for her criminal and credit background? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
  5. I am in VA state and I own few rental properties. One of my tenants has not paid April and May rent yet. We did serve them 5 days to pay or vacate notice. Still she did not pay the April rent. My husband is a very lenient person and did not want to file the eviction in the court. Now the tenant has promised us to pay (by May 24), April rent + May rent along with late fee and bounced check fee. If she does not pay by May 24, I will file the eviction papers in the court. My question is...if the tenant pays ONLY May rent, but wants to hold April rent for financial reasons, then does the late fee apply only for April month rent or does the late fee keep on adding for the other months for April rent? The monthly rent is $1,350.00 and the late fee for April is $135.00. If the tenant does not pay on May 24, then should I charge another $135.00 late for April rent because she did not pay in May month either. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
  6. If your mother died in Colorado, you can order her death certificate just by virtue of being her child, by showing proof of relationship. If your birth certificate shows her name, you can apply to get her death certificate, which I assume will show the SSN. It is possible that your mother put all of her assets into a trust. Did she also have a will? What county in Colorado is this? Check the county courthouse records online by doing a search using your mother's name to see if her will is being probated in court. If she had a will and if you were named beneficiary, the executor should have mailed you a ,copy of it or you can go to the courthouse to look at it in person. Please do not give up. If your sister has NOT filed to open up probate at the county courthouse, YOU (or an attorney you hire) can open up an intestate probate (meaning a proceeding where there is no will). You or the attorney will be named as administrator (not executor), and the administrator will then receive a certified document called letters testamentary. The administrator will then have the legal authority to get the bank records, order copies of your mother's personal income tax returns, and can also get information from Merrill Lynch about her account there. You will probably find many clues about your mother's assets that will help you and your attorney investigate further. Was your mother employed at the time of her death or was she retired? If you know where she worked, you can ask the company if she purchased life insurance there while she was an employee and perhaps she paid for it with a monthly premium that was deducted from her paycheck. If you have a job, you should be able to afford the filing fees for this (or do you have a friend or relative who could help you pay this?). If you tell the attorney that there may be potential for significant assets here, they may work out an affordable payment plan with you or do it pro-bono with an expectation of receiving a fee later on if assets are recovered.
  7. Common sense would dictate that you move out and quit paying rent. You apparently have enough evidence to defend yourself if the owner sues you. A year and a half implies that you had one lease anniversary. You should have left then.
  8. I have a current situation with the home I am renting. I brought to the landlords attention the mold I found in our home. I have called everyday since April 29th,2019. The manager has refused to call me back, he has intentionally ignored me. The only times we have communicated is because I have called over and over until I was able to get someone to place him on the phone. He acknowledged seeing what could be mold and said he needed to go out investigate what is causing it. Keep in mind my children and I were not staying here due to being sick over a year and half. After he ignored me for almost 3 weeks, his assistance stated they couldn't find any mold. It was safe for us to go back in and continue to rent. I CAN SEE THE MOLD, I HAVE PICTURES, AND VIDEOS. They just do not want to financially handle this. I have a sputum sample that was sent to the laboratory to identify the fungus, mold type that was found in my spit. I also paid to have a mold specialist come into the home and test it. At this point I have tons of pictures, videos, text, and laboratory test. I need to figure out what I can do as far as rent. Do to the home not being considered habitable and safe my children and I are not staying there. Due to not staying there I am financially spending more to stay where we currently have been staying. How can I place my rent on hold until court or results. FYI they received my full 755.00 in the end of April for Mays rent and we have not stayed there one night at all this month. What should I do.
  9. If you're looking to advertise your firm, contacting the owners and paying the advertising rates is a better way of doing it than posting to a five year old thread with information that does not apply in the original poster's state. California law does not fly in Nebraska.
  10. I have a friend on ventilator doctors were trying to ween him off but his power of attorney said to put him in a medically induced coma and take out the ventilator. This will insure his death. Can family members do anything to stop it?
  11. Yes--I totally agree. I am going to look over the policies and decide. So much fine print,They have a clause for everything
  12. So many of you people are just assholes in your responses on this thread to a guy just seeking to know his heritage. Love how a couple of you are arm chair therapists suddenly stating it’s a thinly guided veil to establish a relationship. Clearly the man doesn’t believe he is father and that’s not an option and he just wants to know if he is his father or not. If you don’t have anything helpful to add besides a condescending opinion to OP or telling him how he should talk, please go away
  13. She CAN do whatever she wants to do until you go to court and get a judge to tell her not to. If you think she is going to change schools, you'll need to go to court and seek an injunction to stop her from doing it.
  14. Thank you, LegalwriterOne for this idea. I dont have access to his medical info, but he really needs to have a copy of it. Just for the sake of it! There really is no way that I can see that jail would be able to take care of his medical needs. Besides, its not like he is any kind of threat to anyone. He just didnt show up for court because he got so sick & was hit with the reality of "terminal."
  15. Even if I had baby since birth and bonded and cared for 4 months till now .can I ask the court to reconsider if grandmother violated court by restricted my visitations I'm entitled to by the law.thank you for responding I just want to do what law say I can exercise in still in the family I don't know what to do if anything
  16. Does the court order say that Mom, and only Mom, can manage the exchange? If not, then yes, you were wrong. They're Mom's kids too, and she can trust them with anyone she wants to unless the court has ruled that the children cannot be given to anyone but a parent. Likewise, does the court order say that she is not allowed to change the children's address or school?
  17. The kids mom decided to send a friend to pick up our kiddos instead of herself. Not communicating that that was the plan. I do not trust this friend, or any of her friends at this time, and refused to exchange kiddos without their mother present during the exchange. Am i wrong for expecting their mother to show up during court ordered exchange time? Both kids are registered and go to school less then a half mile from my house. Where they have been living their whole life! She is wanting to move their schools because she moved in with her bf 30 miles away. Im not having that, and i, or my kiddos want to change school. Does she have to file a motion to change the kiddos registered address? Or can she do this behind my back? Thanks for the responses.
  18. Yesterday
  19. One month. Written notice is required.
  20. reenzz


    441.060. Tenancy at will, sufferance, month to month, how terminated — judgment of eviction, how effectuated, landlord's liability. — 1. A tenancy at will or by sufferance, or for less than one year, may be terminated by the person entitled to the possession by giving one month's notice, in writing, to the person in possession, requiring the person in possession to vacate the premises.
  21. Natalie


    No we don't have a lease. So how much time would the original landlord have to give us
  22. Unless you are ready to spend some significant money on a lawyer you have virtually no chance of custody (not that you have that much of a chance with a lawyer) and zero chance of court-enforced visitation.
  23. No need to post the same question twice.
  24. The short answer is exactly the same amount of notice the current landlord would have to give you. Do you have a lease? We need some details about the agreement you have with the current landlord. When the new buyer purchased the property he purchased all of the encumbrances that are on the property your rental agreement is one of those.
  25. Yes, I called the police. They didn't even come into the apartment building to inspect the broken lock. They are useless in Pittsburgh. P.S. My WiFi security was at the highest level of security available for Comcast which isn't saying much. When they have physical access (in person) to the router then no amount of security is going to help when they reset it because it reverts back to the lowest setting of security which is default for Comcast. I never understood why that would be the default when it creates open season for hackers. Verizon Fios was not available in my building even though the management claimed it was. Had I known that and other lies they told I never would have taken that apartment.
  26. Our land sold the property we live on, how long does the new guy have to give us to move out
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