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  2. So why did you watch it if you thought that the memorializing was a violation of his rights? Just asking What aspect of a fair trial do you believe they infringe upon?
  3. I use a breast pump at my work and I have never had a problem till today. I went into our back office(which has no built in cameras) and set up my pump getting ready to start. There is a small window in the wall with a curtain on it. As i look up to check the curtain is shut, I see a cell phone with its bottom half cpvered by the curtain and the camera part pointed directly at the desk which I am sitting at. In a confused frenzy I grab the phone and see its been recording about the past 20 minutes. About 20 minutes prior I had asked my manager if i would be able to pump soon and got the okay 10 minutes later. I immediately stopped the recording and brought it to my on shift manager who very quickly dismissed the matter and stuck the cell in their pocket. I contacted my store manager and they have gotten to contact with HR. Unwitting I gave the cell up giving up the solid evidence. This has just happened today but I dont want this to get lost in the system. Is legal action possible if needed. I make no accusations against anyone as of yet.
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  5. The kind of press coverage we have of criminal trials is very unique. In the UK, it doesn't happen. What the press can print and when is tightly controlled about a criminal case is tightly controlled for that very reason.
  6. You don't get to "verbally change" court orders. Your rights are, and always were, whatever was in the most recent court order. How a new court may change that is, as pg1067 says, anyone's guess.
  7. In Virginia a divorce court can choose either date as the evaluation date.
  8. Since it's an agreement between two parties who can negotiate the terms, it "should" say whatever the two of them agree that it should say. If your friend's spouse wants it to say X and your friend wants it to say Y, then your friend should make his/her preference known, and the two of them can negotiate. P.S. I hope it goes without saying that your friend should be soliciting advice from a local family law attorney. Having a friend post on an internet message board is not a good substitute for proper legal advice.
  9. No one on an internet message board has any way of intelligently predicting how the unknown judge who handles your case will decide whatever issue is put before the court (aside from the obvious: that a recent suicide attempt and alcohol and drug abuse aren't going to be positives). You'll need to consult with a local attorney.
  10. Hello- I have a friend getting divorced in VA, will be separated 3 years on 6/15/19. Latest separation agreement is valuing assets based on values 6/15/16 (separation date) not today’s present value. No separation agreement has ever been sign, VA doesn’t have an official filing for separation (to be legally separated), therefore shouldn’t assets be split based on current values? Thanks for your input.
  11. Hello- Have a friend getting divorced (will be separated 3 years in 6/15/19 in Virginia). They are working on separation agreement. It references retirement values as of the 6/15/16, date of separation, not present day values. Since the is no formal court filing of separation in Virginia, and no separation agreement was ever signed, shouldn’t retirement / assets be based on current values when separation agreement is signed? Thx in advance for your input.
  12. I made the move and jumped on a warranty company--I hope I made the right decision
  13. My ex and I divorced in 2010 when our daughter was 2. During that time he kidnapped her and assaulted me. The custody agreement states that he is civilly restrained from contact with me unless it is about our daughter. His parenting time was every other weekend. We verbally changed it later to be 50/50 time and then he changed it again because of his work schedule and he was seeing her every weekend while I had her during the week. In Nov of 2017, I attempted suicide after a stint of alcohol abuse while on anti-depressants (our daughter was not with me at the time). She stayed with him full time as I voluntarily attended am inpatient crisis program. When I was released we agreed that it would be better if she spent more time with him as I got healthy and focused on my issues. I was able to keep her every weekend. Now, I have been sober since then, I’m off medication and have completed intensive outpatient counseling where I am still in contact with my counselor from there. I have also been employed steadily and went back to school to obtain my MBA. I approached my ex with the idea of shared 50/50 custody and he refuses. I know this is going to end up in court and if it does, will they refuse due to my attempt a year and a half ago? My daughter is upset that she doesn’t see me as much as she would like. I also live 2 blocks from her school and all of her friends are close to my house. He and I both have major issues in our past, but I think it is fair that we share parenting time equally. I know it doesn't matter what I want, but I believe it would work out in her best interest as well.
  14. You make a good point. Public perception can result in bias. One can only hope that the prosecution does its job right and that the evidence is sufficient enough to convict (or acquit) in spite of any jury bias.
  15. Well, I guess the first option is to ask your neighbor for enough money to compensate for the loss of the use of your land. If that doesn't work, you get a lawyer and you sue him for it. You may even have a malpractice case against the realtor but you'll need a lawyer for that too.
  16. I just feel situations like these high profile cases really infringe on a person's right to a fair trial. I do not have issue with televised trials provided the jurors are following their instructions, it's the pre trial phase where I believe the rights of the accused should out weight the rights provided to the press because at the end of the day the accused has so much more to lose. I suppose it is the age old question of which rights trump other rights. I just don't see how these situations lend themselves to a fair trial.
  17. Did you really resurrect a year and a half old thread for the sole purpose of posting a bunch of grammatically incoherent blather?
  18. This seems to be the only question in your post, but I can hardly believe you need someone on the internet to tell you that it's "ok" to ask anyone to do anything. Is that really what you intended to ask?
  19. A violation of which rights? What is the source of those rights? Do you have a question?
  20. That's what happens with high profile cases. The press jumps all over it and the world gets to watch.
  21. Apparently you were granted guardianship of the child. That is way different from adoption. You will have to return to the Georgia court if you wish to adopt the child. During that process, either the mother will have to consent to adoption or the court will have to terminate her paternal rights. To william james: Advertising of law firms is a violation of the terms of this site.
  22. a child is the most precious thing to anyone life so it becomes very important to have the legal certainty of the child. and as I can see that your case quite complicated and confusing so you have to contact your nearby family lawyer who can understand your circumstances.
  23. I suspect the recording was done by a television or video production company and not the state. Right? If so, it involves the first amendment's press privilege. The press is seldom accused of being fair.
  24. If there is no court order already in place, you can literally just go and take her. If there is no proof (i.e. text messages, etc) that you did not want to give her up or want her with him, they can't say anything even if they take you to court. Better yet would be if you had her and went to establish everything in court yourself. It does not look good that you "ran off" with your bf for 3 months and then came back and suddenly want your kids again, but I can understand the situation if you had to fear for your safety or theirs or something. Judges might not be so sympathetic. However, it also does not look good that the person you entrusted to care for your daughters in your absence let one of them go live with someone else without your knowledge. If there was any kind of agreement as to their care, or even without as long as there is no existing court order, there is no reason you should not be able to go get her right now. If you have birth records, etc, it might help if cops were called by the other father she is with now. With no existing order, cops cannot say she has to stay with the strange man or can't go back to the mother, you. Hope this helps. Get free info on avvo.com. Best of luck and please do better this time around. Kids need stability, screw some vengeful ex. Edit: I didn't see the rest of your post till now. An emergency custody order does not usually last long. If it expired, get your kid. If not, find the details and if you can get your kid, do it. If the order says she is to be in your ex's care, you will need to go to court to get her back if he thinks you are doing drugs and does not want to give her up or have the other dude give her up. As you were gone for 3 months, your options might be limited. You can plead your case in court if need be. Apply for legal aid if you can't afford a lawyer, no matter what your next step is. Custody can be complicated. Judges look for stability. Show you can and want to be stable. You can't just run off on your kids and expect everything to be cool 3 months later. It hurts everyone involved, even with the best intentions.
  25. My wife and I purchased a lake house in April 2017. About a year ago we deeded over a small portion of land on the left side of our property to our neighbor in a land swap. In the process of doing that we found out, through a survey, that the neighbor on the right side of our property built his garage 1.6 feet onto our property. The properties have a 6 foot side lot setback, so he is actually 7.60 feet over. The garage was finished just prior to the closing of our property. Therefore, it wasn’t uncovered because the lender only required a flood survey. To make things worse the neighbor changed his gravel driveway to a 30’x50’ concrete driveway that slopes down and onto our property which causes a huge stream between our houses during rains that is eroding the land away. We brought it to his attention as soon as it was found and have discussed doing a land swap, but because our driveway sits just 6 feet off of our property line it would then in essence potentially cause us to be in violation. Because then we would be less than 6 feet from property line. Also, we might then put ourselves in the position of pushing water onto his property, that would have been ours. The other complicating factor is that the land is owned by the city and we have a 99 year lease. He also did not get a permit from the city to build. Since the time we found out about the encroachment we have found out from several sources that he did it knowingly and he also cut down several trees off our property prior to our purchase. Trees that would have helped with the run off problem. He also ran his waterline on our property. We called the realtor that was selling the house and he admitted that he knew about the encroachment and discussed it with the neighbor. Does the realtor have any liability for not disclosing it to us? If we build a wall along his driveway to push the water back into his property, do we then have any liability that it may cause to his property? What are our options?
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