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  2. We are going to advertise our threesome app on the billboard in LA. I am wondering: 1. Is it legal to advertise such dating app(a dating app for singles and couples who are interesting in a threesome) in LA? Does it conflict with the local law? 2. We are going to use the slogan"Three is better than two" for the advertisement. But it seems that there is a novel named "Three is better than two". is it legal to use the slogan? Thanks in advance! John
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  4. I have an appointment to meet with a new attorney on Wednesday of next week to see if he can help me get what I am due. My husband has not given us any information for 3 years. He retired this week and will be leaving the state. up until 2017 -- just before we had our first mediation, I had a key to his apartment and would take my printer in and copy information. That is the only reason I have ANY information at all. What are the ramifications of my telling the new attorney I had a key to his apartment and entered without his knowing C
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  6. Hm thanks for your response. I may have found the answer to my own question. I am copying from an exchange from the Office of the Tenant Advocate to see what you all think. “ You have asked this office whether a landlord may stipulate a $400 “apartment preparation fee” to be deducted from your security deposit. The short answer is that although he can pre-establish an “apartment preparation fee” as a fee charged to all tenants (provided this doesn’t violate rent control laws), he cannot deduct this from the security deposit. The security deposit is used for payment of actual damages, and therefore could not be determined by a pre-established amount. D.C. law requires landlords to return the entire security deposit (plus interest if you have lived there for 12 months or more) when you move out, unless there are damages in the apartment beyond normal wear and tear or your lease agreement states other terms and conditions for return of the deposit. The money is not the landlord’s; it is yours, and the landlord is supposed to hold it in a separate escrow account. The law regarding security deposits may be found in the D.C. Municipal Regulations, Title 14, Chapter 3(“Landlord and Tenant”), Sections 309 (“Repayment of Security Deposits to Tenants”) and 310 (“Return of Security Deposit: Inspection of Premises.”) These regulations may be found at your nearest library or on-line at the D.C. Government website. Within 45 days after the termination of your tenancy, your landlord must either return your security deposit plus interest or notify you in writing that he or she plans to keep all or part of your security deposit. Within 30 days of the notice that your landlord plans to keep part or all of your security deposit, your landlord must return the balance plus interest and send you an itemized list of all repairs or other uses of the money not returned to you. Failure by the landlord to comply with these requirements is evidence that you are entitled to a full return, including interest if applicable, of your security deposit, and treble damages in the case of a landlord’s bad faith refusal to return your security deposit (See 14 DCMR 309). When there is a dispute over the amount of your security deposit that was withheld, you may want to consider taking your landlord to Small Claims Court. This procedure is simple and informal and some landlords will return your deposit when faced with a summons to appear in Small Claims Court. For assistance in filing your Small Claims action against your landlord, you should contact the Small Claims Resource Center, located at 510 4th Street, NW, Court Building B, Room 102. Their staff of volunteer attorneys provides free legal information to unrepresented plaintiffs who have disputes in the Small Claims Branch. They can be reached by phone at (202)879-1120.” thanks again
  7. She is seeing her more than 4 days a month now. And do you not think a felon and child abuser good do damage in 4 days each month.
  8. No, I don't know her, I joined the conversation on my own. I was the victim in my case.. I am unsure how this was ever allowed to happen. This is such an unbelievable incident, & has affected my life in major ways. I was diagnosed at 58 yrs old with ADHD, by my Dr. Then 12.11.2017 had a Diagnostic Evaluation by a Psychiatrist, & diagnosed with ADHD, combined. We had been trying to find a Specialist close by for treatment for right medication & Coach.. This was planned without either of our knowledge & for what reason? My niece & her husband, an ex-state trooper, who had been relieved of his duty 4-5 yrs prior, lived in the main farm house with their son & our Autistic nephew lived with them. Next door was Her dad, across driveway was my mother-in-law. The retired state trooper, only 52 had appealed to keep job, then in accident, & retired with benefits. My niece, & her husband came to our home on 9.27.2018, trespassed, went through our garage, & then banged & kicked at side door screaming, for 20 min. I was scared, I waited 10 min to go to side door, looked out window & locked Front door. & went to see who was there. It was my niece & her husband, their faces were distorted with anger , she saw me, & said, " Gramma might possibly be having a heart attack. ". Then he shouted, " You open this door right now. ". (I was very scared & confused, as live across driveway from mother-in-law, why were they not with her?), I told him, " No, I will not. ". I went back to L/R sat with phone until the noise stopped , then began trying to get a hold of someone on my phone.Third call was a close friend, he calmed me down some & I asked him to call my mother-in-law, because I had no idea what was going on, he called back , later & said she sounded fine, happy to talk with him. The retired state trooper was the petitioner & after scaring me went home called crisis center, left a message for the County Agent's Delegate to call an Emergency Involuntary Examination & Treatment , telephone order, he did. at 6:47pm. Neither my niece or husband had ever been to our home nor us theirs. The petitioner barely knew me nor my niece, since we'd move back after living away 25 years. He had called in an Overdose around 4:45pm - 5:00pm, he then called my husband's cell, told him I was having problems. Then my husband came home, told me what they had done, & tried to prevent him from coming to our home. He said they called Crisis line wouldn't give reason why. I called him 5-6 times trying to get him to stop it but kept saying it was too late? I called 911, about 8:30 pm, as was tired & wanted to sleep. I spoke with Operator, she told me, You sound fine, there is no need for you to go to hospital. I was very relieved, but she said they would have to stop at home. 2 PA State Trooper cars pulled up driveway at 9:15pm, dog was outside barking, I said I would get her. The 2 Troopers & petitioner followed me in my home. I had put dog in crate & one of Troopers followed me. Said had warrant, that was it. I told him about 911 Operator had said. He told me, " We don't take orders from 911. ". He was very gruff & cold. I said I wanted to take my Diagnostic Evaluation with me & he said no, get your phone. He told me to get my meds & grabbed my left arm, stating I was a flight risk? At arrival to hospital, I asked who was taking me home? He told me I wasn't going home. He called in to Crisis at 5:00pm - for an Adderall overdose. Came to house with State Troopers at 9:15pm? Arrived at Hospital at 9:25 pm. I was not in any Crisis, nor knew how he could come in my home & bring 2 S. Troopers, & they were trying to intimidate me, by being very short & rough. I have never been arrested or never had the police come to our home ever? It was 4 1/2 hours after he called in an Adderall overdose, which I did not have. I had not been near him in a couple months. He knew nothing about me & would never have done such an Illegal & dangerous thing to me, let alone laws broken. No one will hear my case? We live in a very small town. I appreciate any help you could offer. Thank You, Nancy24
  9. She's a convicted felon that abused you as a child. Putting a child in her care is stupid on one end and negligent on the other.
  10. Because that is her grandmother. Never would I think she would do this. She’s has gone crazy.
  11. I'm his mom will tell him in due time....
  12. Nancy24. Are you the person who was involuntarily committed in April 2018? Sybil referred to the person who was committed as "he" and "him" suggesting the patient was male. Assuming you are the person who was committed, your recourse, if any, would be against the physician who authorized the committment. The petitioner simply suggests there is a person in need of help. The examining physician is the person making the determination.
  13. You call a lawyer immediately. Why in God's name would you let her keep your child?
  14. I have a 3 year old daughter. I let my mother (who is a paralegal) get my daughter every other Saturday and Sunday because she lives an hour from me. When it was time to get the baby, she told me she had custody. And texted me pictures of paperwork. I received the paperwork 3 days before court. They were on my bed at my fathers house. No envelope, no nothing. He didn’t even tell me. She refuses to let anyone in our family (which is EXTREMELY close with baby) and gas even gone as far as to change her number. She’s cut her hair (which we’ve never done), taking her out of state and having her put down for unnecessary surgery. Nobody even did a check on our home. They just heard her lies and gave her the baby. I can prove everything she said as false. She requested that judge. Her boss is her lawyer. Co-Worker and best friend notarized the papers knowing she was lying. My mother had DEFAC called on us when we were kids because she used to abuse us. She’s a convicted felon. I have never been in any trouble. Don’t see how they can just do this?!
  15. The b@stard! Do you have a legal question and mind telling us what state you are in? Also, how did he know the curtains needed to be fixed?
  16. No, I didn't report anyone, I was the victim and have been searching for any cases or legal advice on how to report the petitioner. My husband and I have been searching for Legal Help, as the Entire Case was False, and due to my not having knowledge about involuntary commitment laws although had worked as a COTA/L (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) in Rehabilitation and VA in Pennsylvania. I have been searching for answers to clear my name and see what recourse I have against the petitioner. Thank You, Nancy24
  17. Duplicate post. Also tagged on to someone elses thread. Please start you own thread.
  18. Your spouse is not liable for your child support and her house will not be taken. Did you and your spouse happen to have filed aa joint Income tax return?
  19. Do you have a question? BTW, when you posted your message did you notice the box that said "Tag your state." Whatdid you think that meant?
  20. My landlord went into my apartment without notice and fixed my curtains and still hasn't told me about it yet
  21. I live in Texas and have retroactive support I owe currently I’m remarried with a young child . My spouse and I have a home with myself and her names on the title but the loan is only in her name . Does the homestead exemption protect my wife and daughter from any liens associated with back child support in the event of my death ? My wife already has her irs refund taken each year and want to divorce so my ex can’t ever take the house or prevent my child from inheriting the house should we both be deceased
  22. In Texas doesn’t the homestead exemption protect my spouse from any liens associated with retroactive support if I die?
  23. Going back could possibly, toll or suspend, the statute of limitations under the "continuing treatment" rule. But only if the physician continues treating the condition giving rise to the claim. But you need to stop looking for advice from a bunch of anonymous strangers, who may or not be lawyers, and consult a local attorney
  24. Tax raises a good point. I am not exactly afraid of flying but I don't like it, either, and try to avoid it when possible. What I am actually phobic about is having empty space below me and having to SEE that empty space, so I don't do well with bridges, open staircases, or glass elevators either. What allows me to fly is to always get an aisle seat (easy enough since both my husband and my best friend, whom I sometimes travel with, prefer window seats) and keep my focus completely inside the plane. DON'T look out. Bring reading material, knitting, games on a tablet, a sleep mask, whatever will keep your focus limited to a small area inside the plane. On the other hand, if it's the enclosed space that's the problem, the above would be the worst thing you could do and you'd want a window seat where you could look out. Something to think about.
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  26. I was told it only reset the clock if I would've went back to the surgeon that created the injury 🤔 Why would I go back!!
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