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  2. What is the nature of the relationship between the 16 year old and your husband (as I understand your follow up post, the other two are his nieces/nephews)? What "papers" did you sign? Misled by whom? Length of time between what and what? How were you misled? Regardless of how you answer these questions, there's not much anyone here will be able to tell you other than that you should seek counsel from a local attorney.
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  4. the newborn was born drug addicted the kids were taken from the mother who just got released from jail now is in a 1 year drug program. 2 year old and newborn are biologically my husbands brothers however he did not sign the birth certificates and no we can not locate him . . no one to get child support from i could only get wic and tenncare for the children no familiys 1st due to legally they are not family..
  5. What does that mean? Why do you have custody? Where does your husband fit in this matter? Are you receiving child support from the children's parents? Have you applied for it? You really haven't described the situation at all.
  6. i willingly took custody of 3 children ages 16 , 2 and a newborn . the kids are my husbands relatives however i signed the papers to take temporary custody.. i feel like i was mislead regarding the length of time and the whole process is very new to me . i can not receive any benefits except wic . i have 2 children of my own ages 3 and 6. i am now completely broke my whole savings is gone due to child care expenses , clothing and taking care of these kids.. i have missed at least 3 weeks from work that i didnt get paid for in the last 3 months due to court dates and these kids being sick . i am broke, exhausted and on the verge of a mental breakdown, i called my DCS office to ask for help or to find a new placement for them and i was told there is nothing i can do they are my responsibility point blank . please advise on how to overturn the temporary custody in Tennessee
  7. What was the reason why this was processed as a credit and not a charge? Was it an error by you or one of your employees? An error by the processor? How long ago did this occur?
  8. There used to be a lawyer knowledgeable in Texas family law who posted here regularly, but I'd say it's been at least a couple years since he posted here regularly. To the best of my knowledge, no Texas attorneys currently follow these boards regularly.
  9. You received the best answer you are likely to receive from anyone that isn't your lawyer.
  10. So the question still stands that arrears would or wouldn’t offset any payments the court would order me to pay.
  11. Have you contacted your CC processing provider? If not do so.
  12. it was batched and after that there is no more reversing.
  13. Until the court changes it, the current custody and support orders stand. If one of you seeks a modification based on the child now living with the father, it is likely that the court will order you to pay child support. How that would likely be handled given the existence of substantial arrears owed to you is something about which you'd need to consult with a local family law attorney. Note that your voluntary payment of your adult child's college bills are not relevant to this.
  14. I am the custodial parent. Non-custodial is 30k behind in child support. The past year I’ve fallen on hard times and agreed our 14 year old could live with non-custodial parent until I was back in a better financial and emotional position to bring her back home. Question is: if parent owes so much, yet is now demanding child support payments AND refuses for me to see child because I refuse to “conform” to his rules etc. would the courts force me to pay child support or deduct the amount from his outstanding balance? I would like to have visitation in place and work out a child support agreement but I don’t feel I should have to be out of pocket after years of non payment and him being so behind in arrears. We have a 19 year old in college that I paying for 100% without his help as well.
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    Report the assault to the police and the principal.
  16. Why not simply reverse the credit and run it as a charge? Talk with your credit card processing vendor about this.
  17. This is probably a moot point. The law isn't likely to impose any restrictions on your transfer of your interest in the property. The CC&Rs/by-laws might. Nevertheless, the answer to your question is that it depends on the specifics of the provision of the association rules and the specific law in question. Depends on the particulars of the rules and any applicable state law. Agree. No one here can solve your problem. As I told you last week, you need to have a lawyer review the CC&Rs and by-laws.
  18. Of course it is. This makes zero sense at all. Whether something is or isn't a crime is determined by the applicable state law, not by any single person, and certainly not by a school principal. Correct. It's not up to the school. Maybe; maybe not, but this doesn't change whether the act is or isn't a crime. Generally correct, although whether something "needs to be documented via police report" is a matter of subjective opinion. Ultimately, anyone with knowledge of the relevant facts, can report the matter to the police. The police can choose to investigate and take a report or not. If they choose the former, then they can choose to report the matter to the prosecutor for prosecution, or not. If the matter is referred to the prosecutor, then the prosecutor gets to choose whether or not to file charges.
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    Hello, My son was threatened by another student in school that he was going to kill him back in December. This was not known by my wife or I as the counselor told my son not to tell anyone. The same boy assaulted my this past weekend at an out of school event. How do I proceed from here?
  20. This is an 8-year old thread. The issue raised in the original post almost certainly has been resolved by now, and it's unlikely that the OP is going to post here again.
  21. Since you didn't tell us what state you're in, no one can tell you about applicable laws. What does your divorce decree/judgment say about this?
  22. We had a customer come in get some material for $300 but instead the machine gave him a refund/credit on his card so he got money and the material for free we have tried to call him but he says that is our problem. can our company take legal action for this mistake?
  23. Hello, my greencard interview is scheduled on last week of April in Michigan. I'm supposed to attend the interview with my spouse. However my spouse is currently in Arizona for her in university. The interview is scheduled on the last week of the semester and there are exams scheduled on the day already. She will need to skip the exam to be able to attend the interview with me. That will negatively affect her grades. She would be in Michigan in early May after the semester is over. We would like to reschedule the interview to two to three weeks later if it is safe to do so. Would the reason above be good enough for USCIS to reschedule? We are afraid that USCIS may deny the request to reschedule and reject the greencard application as well. Please advise. Thank you!
  24. I wish I could solve the problem, yes I will have to look at the condo rules, stipulations, by-laws, etc. Meantime, it becomes a problem in my mind because I'd still like to know what happens IF the ass'n buys the condo. Why would they pay a good price for it? I am going to ask when is the last time that happened. Maybe I'll ask. I am seriously thinking of moving into one of the retirement homes. But then I have my trepidation about that too. So I'll see. And -- maybe they'll decide to undercut any bids while I have while I'm alive, I guess under the rules that's possible, too.
  25. I wasn’t sure where this one would go so I put it under education. I posted about FERPA a few days ago and then our discussion lead to another topic of debate. If Kid 1 punches kid 2 in a school hallway and then kid 3 throws kid 2 into lockers at the same time, is it a crime? All kids middle school and higher. One of of us says it depends on if the principal thinks it goes beyond his/her discipline capacity. In other words, school makes the call. Another said, it’s an assault and battery be it in school, across the street, in the mall, at a park. Another said it is a crime, but schools won’t ever let it be treated as one. Still another said no prosecutor would touch it so it doesnt matter...No police officer would take that police report because of that. Another says, it’s assault and battery and regardless if a prosecutor would touch it, it needs to be documented via a police report. The principal is not the law. And cannot make that call. What is is the legalities of violence at school? Crime or no? Should a LEO take a police report? Appreciate the clarification!!
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