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  2. The how is explained by the did. Sure. But what for? He's serving a sentence for a crime. Nobody's doing anything wrong to him. Sure. Yes, if you can find one who will do that. Call around. No need. Wouldn't be anything anybody here could do anything about.
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  4. Please do not attached your post to a n over 5 year old thread. Please start a new thread.
  5. I am writing on behalf of a loved on who is currently incarcerated in the WI state prison system for the revocation of extended supervision, he has been in custody since the end of March 2019.. He has 2 open misd retail theft cases in Marathon County that were filed in late 2017 and early 2018 that are still showing up as active bench warrants. The prison let him know shortly after arriving there that the county filed a detainer on him but has not done anything to get these cases resolved. We have contacted the court by phone and in writing requesting the cases proceed and it is noted in CCAP the court rec'd this request back in July. The Marathon county public defenders office has been contacted by me over the phone to make a request for representation for him and I was told the defendant must request it himself either in writing or via the prison social worker. The defendant did write himself and also was assisted by the prison social repeatedly now contacting htem over the phone each time requesting a PD be reappointed to these cases to file the proper motions to get the cases resolved. There has been zero response to any of the contact we have made and zero progress towards getting these cases moving forward. This is creating some major issues the most serious of which is that due to the open cases and detainer placed on him he is unable to participate in the Earned Release Program for his substance abuse needs which means he will not only serve a substantially longer prison sentence here (costing the taxpayers tens of thousands more) but he will also end up leaving prison without having completed any treatment programming which was the reason he was sent back to prison to begin with!! This is insane to me! We are talking about a retail theft case he already sat 7 days in jail for which was for $200 or less in warm weather clothing he was caught stealing in the dead of winter when he was homeless and a second case that was filed without his even being arrested though he was not caught with anything at all! (he was suspected of stealing from grocery store though they found nothing on him) How can they do this? We have been trying to get something accomplished here for months! What now? It seems like they are trying to wait all the way to the end of his prison sentence before even beginning to address these cases and that is not only bad for him but also bad for the victim and taxpayers! I cannot afford to hire a private attorney to fully represent him for these cases and he obviously is indigent being that he is in prison. My resources are very limited. Can i file a complaint with somebody? Can he represent himself? Can I hire a lawyer to just prepare and file and motion here demanding a speedy trial to get things started and then have the paid lawyer drop the case due to lack of the ability to pay? I am looking for any suggestions here on how to proceed because I am baffled. I can provide case numbers if needed. Thank you!
  6. [Game show buzzer sound] ENNNNNNNN...wrong Bobs, you should have tried door number 4! So sorry! Yeah, most of you are wrong or misinformed. I am a level 1 (lowest level) and deemed least likely to re-offend, inter-familiar sex offender given a lifetime sentence of community custody under DOC governed by the ISRB. I have now been doing this for 7.5 years. I refer you to this Washington State DOC ISRB website link. Scroll to the very bottom. https://www.doc.wa.gov/corrections/isrb/faq.htm Can Community Custody Board (CCB) offenders be released from lifetime supervision? No, not at this time, there is no mechanism for those CCB offenders under lifetime supervision to be released from that obligation. But HEY...its cool, what ever man! I refer you to within this same state, that they are and have been releasing Sexually Violent Predators from the Civil Committment center on McNeal Island. I refer you to the following case. A Sexually Violent Predator deemed highly likely to reoffend. The exact opposite of the spectrum to me and hundreds of others. Fully released into the community free from all DOC supervision and what happened? Release Notification: https://kbkw.com/registered-sex-offender-notification-curtis-pouncy-released-in-aberdeen/ Article showing his arrest for soliciting a minor for sex: http://www.thedailyworld.com/news/registered-sex-offender-from-aberdeen-arrested-in-sexual-predator-sting/ And yet, prosecutors still somehow try and justify lifetime supervision for the lowest level deemed lowest likely to re-offend. If there are indeed lawyers on this site. Can someone please help here? PS: Better yet, I am forced to have to pay $150 for a polygraph every time DOC deems a need to verify compliance. Why the hell would DOC ever want to rid themselves of the perfect cash cow?
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  8. My condolences on the death of your husband. Although it happened several years ago, I'm sure it's still very painful for you. When someone is injured or killed through the negligence of someone else the usual thing the victim or his family does is hire a personal injury lawyer to sue the negligent person for compensation. It is standard for most personal injury attorneys to take these cases on a contingent fee, meaning that the lawyer only gets paid if the lawyer succeeds in getting compensation for the injury. So what you did in going to a personal injury lawyer is how these things go. The lawyer then would determine which persons, if any, could be successfully sued for the injury. As a result, if there was a good claim to make against the police or the kid I expect you lawyer would have pursued that. The problem with suing the police is that the police had no obligation to your husband to do anything before the accident. He asked a police officer to drive him somewhere, but the police are not a taxi cab company and are not obligated to drive citizens around. If the officer could see that your husband was in serious medical distress the officer should have called for medical help. But from what you describe it may not have been apparent to the officer that your husband was having any medical difficulty. It's also not clear if the kid was negligent or not. Just because the kid hit your husband does not automatically make the kid responsible. From what you stated, your husband was apparently walking down the middle of Route 66, a highway where the speeds can be 55 mph or more. Depending on the details of the roadway and the conditions existing at the time, it may not have been possible for the kid to see your husband in time to avoid hitting him. If the kid could not have avoided hitting him then the kid is not liable for the injury. Even if the kid might have been negligent, there is also the issue of contributory negligence by your husband. He should not have been walking in the middle of a highway. His own negligence would work against getting a judgement against the kid, or at least may have reduced the amount of the judgment. There is also the issue of whether the kid had any money or assets from which to collect a judgment. If the kid had no insurance and no assets then a judgment would do you no good. If your insurance covered it and the insurance company was balking at paying then the insurance company may be sued to collect from your insurance company, which is apparently what you lawyer did for you. That may have been the only recourse you had here. Again, I'd have expected your lawyer to go after the kid or the police if there was something worth pursuing against them. But for the reasons I've discussed, there may simply have not been anything to get by doing that. In any event, as the others have pointed out, it appears the statute of limitations (SOL) to sue for this is now expired. If the SOL is expired then it's too late now to sue. Unfortunately, your husband was doing something dangerous. And while I understand the desire to blame others for his death, his own actions certainly contributed to his death. He ought not have been on that road. I know that's not easy to accept. But coming to some peace on that may help you to get some closure on this.
  9. Assuming that the divorce decree doesn't expressly specify that the award is non-modifiable, maintenance can be modifiable when the parties’ financial positions change -- a recipient who becomes disabled and loses his or her job might request increased maintenance, or, similarly, a payor who becomes disabled and loses his or her job might ask the court to reduce or eliminate maintenance. There could be other circumstances that would warrant a change in the maintenance obligation -- remarriage or death typically terminate a support obligation, for example. It may help if you explain what you mean when you ask about modification "for cause"
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  11. I agreed to pay ex monthly for lifetime. I was not represented by an attorney. Can this lifetime support be modified for cause?
  12. Not even close. You did not mention the state, and that matters because not all states even have a crime called extortion. But among those that do extortion is generally the use or threat of violence or some other illegal act or threat of an illegal act in order to get something of value from you. So if the family member put a gun to your head and said you had to pay up that would either be extortion or robbery. But demanding that you settle up an old debt before signing off off on the deed is a completely legal thing to do. If you didn't want to do that you could have refused to pay. But then you wouldn't have got his/her signature that you wanted. So you decided you wanted the signature badly enough to pay on that debt. That was your choice. That you didn't like the choice doesn't make it illegal. As RetiredinVA stated, it's simply negotiating.
  13. No. It's also called "having you over a barrel."
  14. No, unless they were twisting your arm (literally) or holding a gun. It's called "negotiating".
  15. A family member refused to sign a property title transaction unless I paid $3684 to settle a 3 year old debt of $770. I paid and they signed. Is this extortion?
  16. A family member refused to sign a property title transaction unless I paid $3684 to settle a 3 year old debt of $770. I paid and they signed. Is this extortion?
  17. Please clarify--are you saying that you are preparing a will on your son's behalf that will appear as if he wrote the will himself and signed it himself? In a separate issue, thank you for volunteering to support this lady, but you are under no further obligation to do so. Explain to her that you can no longer afford to do so and let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully she will not pursue a claim for child support but if she does, of course you will at some point ask that a paternity test be done.
  18. They can foreclose on her one-half interest in the property. The value of a one-half interest in a mobile home and lot in Florida is essentially zero (Unless the lot itself is quite large). The foreclosure would require the one-half interest be sold at auction. If you were to bid one dollar you might very well be able to buy the interest, no one else would have any interest.
  19. My sister and I each inherited 1/2 each property and mobile home in Florida. I live in this home she is in a nursing home in Ohio and they had her sign a mortgage for 36,000 thousand which is more than 1/2 value of property and home. They made the mortgage so there is no way she can pay and will default on loan and they can foreclose They are already taking all of her social security money to stay there . Can they for forclose on this and force sale
  20. I owed for part of August at the time I moved out. However the mobile app stated I had a credit balance and therefore would not allow me to make a payment. I have a printout of this. I also have bank statements for each months rent as well as the email receipts. I questioned the August rent and credit balance at the final walkthrough and was told it would be addressed along with refunding deposits. I got a call today stating they had to have the accunting dept handle this. I supplied them front and back of two checks almost three weeks ago yet they still have to deal with accounting. I also received an email with two summary statements. The costs for utilities and rent dont match. For example rent due is $246.35 vs. $637.55. I paid $1091 a month. Even if they calculated it for the 14 days on my lease that would not equal over $600. One form shows the balance after deposit refunds while one makes no reference to them. Yet the totals match. The longer this goes on the more crazy it gets. I have no idea what to do. I'm most concerned that this ends up on my credit report.
  21. Did you owe any rent for August? Did you pay for August? Do you have proof that you paid for August? Do you owe late fees? If so, did you pay the late fees? Do you have proof that you the late fees? The bring up problems with the apartment now that you are no longer living there is irrelevant.
  22. He can't go to trial, obviously. What other assistance the attorney may need from his client can just about anything. It could be as simple as being able o providing witness information and signing releases for information.
  23. Install video cameras and call the police when you have evidence of trespassing. Catch them on your property and call Animal Control. Buy a gun, learn how to use it. I'm "elderly" too and I have one. Check your noise ordinance and call the police if it's being violated. Call the health department. Consult an attorney about a private nuisance lawsuit. You might also call your zoning and building departments to see if there is some violation of codes given the use of the property.
  24. Then it's not you who incurred the late fees, it's your employer who, for some reason, didn't pay the bill on time. Not your problem. And since you are already no longer working there your option is to tell your former employer where to stick his late fees. Lesson learned from this fiasco: NEVER use the corporate credit card for personal expenses. Even if it's expressly allowed by the employer, it's still a bonehead move.
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