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  2. File a motion to hold her in contempt of court if it continues. That is your only real option.
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  4. We are currently working with dcs because mom is playing such a game here. Hoping her being few months from 18 and working a decent job will help matters. Mom is even trying play games as she's delinquent juvenile After giving her permission right in front of officers to go somewhere else. She's currently in my home because when mom insist she goes home. Law is called in less than an hour and I am called again to pick her up.
  5. I have a court order signed by a judge granting me supervised visits with my son. The mother of my son is avoiding phone calls to set up visits. Can she do this. I want to spend fathers day with my son. What do I do?
  6. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I'll try to make this as brief as I can... I work at a very large company you've all heard of in the tech field. 4 years ago I received an anonymous note on my desk that constituted sexual harassment. HR did nothing. I received another about a year later that was a threat of rape. HR did nothing, an EEOC rep tried to get me to sign something saying I don't blame the company (I refused). Security team refused to review camera footage. A year later I received another and pictures on my desk were torn up / frames shattered. HR did nothing, security installed a camera at my desk for ONE DAY and then took it down ("company policy"), and did nothing else. Then, the physical notes stopped and I started to get emails instead. I involved the police at this point because my company was not willing to participate in any investigation. The emails were not sexual in nature like the physical notes, but were telling me it was time for me to die if I don't leave my job. A detective was assigned to my case that specialized in tracing online threats. My company offered to let me park in an executive parking spot close to the building where security could keep an eye on me and would walk me to my office. They also said they would start "monitoring" emails from the harassing email address. A few months passed and the detective said they would have to close the case soon. He asked the security team at my building to give him any information they had one last time for him to go through it. And they ended up coughing up dozens of death threat emails that were intercepted months ago. Their "monitoring" was actually filtering the threats so I would never see them, and my company simply sat on the messages. This completely undermined the investigation and potentially put me in danger without my knowledge every day I went to work. Now the case is being closed again and my company wants me to simply forget about it. Some other background info - I am a first line manager of a team of 7 software developers. The main suspect is one of my direct reports that is constantly pissed off at me. I have a great relationship with the other 6 team members. However, there is no evidence to back this up. State law for this is Arizona by the way. So, I've now had two expensive attorney consultations. Both attorneys want me to get on short term disability for stress, anxiety, etc, and run out my vacation / sick time and invoke FMLA. Attorney #1 wants me to give my resignation after I come back from leave, and then sue for wrongful termination (there's some sort law that allows for this). He thinks it'll be very easy to get them to settle for 6 months pay. He strongly advises against me going through the EEOC and trying to get mediation for a settlement. Attorney #2 wants me to go through the EEOC, and explicitly called out against the wrongful termination way of doing things. I didn't even mention the other lawyer, she brought it up on her own and described it as "stupid, risky." She wants to get my EEOC claim going, bring them to mediation and probably strike a settlement there. However, she argues that I may not have a case because all of the things that were sexual in nature are out of the 300-day limits for the EEOC. She believes the EEOC may not allow us to consider the death threats as an extension. They both completely contradicted each other, so now I'm at a loss of what to do. Both lawyers are employment lawyers that handle "sexual harassment, hostile work environment and wrongful termination." ANY ADVICE WOULD BE EXTREMELY APPRECIATED! THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!
  7. While firing you for parking in a public parking lot may be silly, it is not illegal and you would not be able to sue.
  8. If he would of fired me for parking in a public parking lot could I do something? I figured the whole no raise thing was legal tbh...
  9. None of it is illegal. It would not be worth a lawsuit and you would not receive a penny since no laws are being violated. The only way this would violate any laws would be if minimum wage was raised by either your state legislation or an act of Congress, and your current wage is below the new minimum. In that case, he would be required to give you enough of a raise to bring you to the new minimum (though not a penny more) and you could file a wage claim if he did not.
  10. Unless DCS takes her out of the home, what Mom says goes.
  11. We are currently working with dcs because mom is playing such a game here. Hoping her being few months from 18 and working a decent job will help matters. Mom is even trying play games as she's delinquent juvenile After giving her permission right in front of officers to go somewhere else.
  12. So I'm a 17 year old kid who's worked at a local restaurant in Wisconsin for over three years now. I started as a dishwasher and moved my way up to a full time cook and am now able to do everything in the restaurant. The owner (family owned business) owns the building the restaurant is in, but does not own the parking lot. The parking lot is city owned, you have to plug a meter, 2 hour time limit. Recently he's been demanding that no one can park in this parking lot on Friday's or Saturdays, claiming a lack of business due to their being no parking spots available, saying customers drive away because they can't find anywhere to park. He's instead demanded that we park in a different a couple blocks away. Originally he threatened the Job of anyone who parked in the public parking lot but I think after some thought he realized how much money he would loose in a lawsuit if he actually ever fired anyone for it. He then moved on to say that anyone who parks in this public parking lot would not be eligible for a raise until they started parking in a different lot a couple blocks away. Is any of this illegal? if so, could someone link the particular law or statue their violating. Also would a lawsuit be worth it over this and how profitable could it be? Thanks, PotDropAndRole (Alias to maintain anonymity)
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  14. Your only real option at this point is to contact a lawyer and have him/her coordinate turning yourself into the police. If you have actually been charged with kidnapping you could be facing serious prison time and if you are arrested while "on the run" it will only make it worse.
  15. HELP...... Hi I'm trying to find out some information in regards to a situation I currently find myself in. My abusive ex and father to my 5 year old daughter has had custody of our child through a dependency case where they gave him custody amongst all the concerns that were brought to light during this case and although there weren't any real concerns of myself they only gave me hours a week supervised visitation (which is bs). He has never followed the visitation order and although many reports have been made in regards to his ability to properly care for her nothing has been done about the abuse and neglect she stutters. I recently found that he has had her sleeping in his truck and that's just the tip of the concerns. SO upon finding that he has had her sleeping in the truck when I went to pick her up for a few hours (again this is just a small bit of the concerns and problems) I took my child got some dinner and when leaving dinner I was saying goodnight to a friend that was with us when I heard my child on the phone saying some things that made me realize she was on phone with her father so I grabbed the phone and informed him I was keeping her hee needed to figure sobering out because they truck was not the place to be having her sleep at night and wearing dirty cloths unbathed and smelling like urine, if he didn't them she would be taken by cps and that's not what we needed. He made all kinds of threats about calling the cops and the following day did just that. Hee lied to the cops saying I had her for a scheduled overnight visit that I didn't return her from and that he didn't know where I was and couldn't contact me that he feared I fled with my child. There was no overnight visit scheduled and hee knew exactly how to contact me and where to find me. So now I'm being sought for kidnapping my child which is not what I've done and I still have my child with me whom don't want to go back to her father and although I filled paperwork in court and have tried to have something done about the situation he has had her in still nothing is being done. I'm still being sought for kidnapping my daughter when all I'm trying to do is protect mg child from the continued neglect and abuse she is suffering not only from her father but the very corrupted system that is suppose to protect us from the abuse. There is so much more in-depth information to the whole case and situation what's been stated here is only basic tip of everything that I've posted here. I went to hire an attorney whom now wants me to hand my child back over to the father and abuser and turn myself in for kidnapping and she'll work on getting me probation for the kidnapping..... I don't feel that this is right. What where how who when???? HELP PLEASE ALL I'M TRYING TO DO IS PROTECT MY CHILD
  16. Call the police and have her arrested. Take out a restraining order and the police will remove her from your home. If you and your husband don't play hard ball, the consequences are on you.
  17. My husband's 18 year old daughter lives with us and has been causing problems in our home for a few years. She does not pay rent, however she is in high school (sr.). Can we evict her legally? She sneaks fellons into the house, drugs and Lord knows what else. She has been violent with me and I'm terrified of her and her boyfriend. We have given her the option to follow the rules or leave. She is asking for a 30 day notice. We are in California. Help!! What can be done?
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  19. Yes. The clerk signs it for the court when the order gets filed. Don't let yourself get distracted by this sort of thing. The judges make the decisions on the cases. The clerk just takes care of the the administrative tasks for the court.
  20. Clerks perform the ministerial task of mailing or electronically serving orders, but clerks do not otherwise issue orders. That depends on the laws of the state or jurisdiction where the case is pending. Sua sponte (a Latin phrase that means spontaneously) refers to an order issued by a court without a request or motion by any party. Per curiam (meaning by the court) refers to an order or decision issued by a multi-judge panel where the authorship of the opinion is not expressly attributed to any judge in particular. You're concerning yourself with form over substance. You just wrote a sentence telling us that this happens, so you obviously already knew the answer to this question.
  21. I understand this, lol. He will have to answer to the IRS whenever that day comes. My original question was answered, I do appreciate your help, all of you!
  22. It is required to report and pay taxes on "cash jobs" as well as W-2 jobs.
  23. ignorance of law... may be the definition can save you and yes I think you should discuss with a lawyer before making any further step
  24. I think you have posted about this issue three times now. The answers will probably be the same. If the grandmother filed to terminate your daughter's parental rights in Texas it is pretty obvious she needs to hire a Texas attorney to help her. The attorney can deal with the venue problem. You can help by helping your daughter pay the attorney's fees.
  25. Her boyfriend is Caucasian, not an illegal immigrant but he HAS worked alot of cash-pay jobs in construction, landscaping, boat repair ect. I do know that he has also had some regular W-2 jobs. Maybe the offset between the cash jobs and the W-2 jobs annually meant he did not make enough (legally) to file. Im not sure.
  26. my daughter and I live in Ohio. M daughter has, 4 children. 3 girls and 1 boy. My daughters mother (here after, grandmother) lives in Texas. My daughter allowed the grandmothers husband to come to Ohio to get the boy, who is 4 yrs old, and they all agreed for two weeks. this was in Nov. of 2018.my daughter had made calls and messaged up until the grandmother told her to quit harassing them and even went so far as told her to specifically quit calling and messaging. this was in early May, May 11,2019 to be precise. we were in texas at that time just so my daughter could pick her son up as that was what the grandmother told her before they quit communicating. Now my daughter is being served with motion to terminate parental rights and another with it so they can adopt him. Does anyone know where venue/ jurisdiction would be since the mother and son have lived in ohio for most of the boys life. their grounds are for being unfit and abandonment, neither of which can be proven but all of the witnesses for my daughter live in Ohio and what courses of action can I do as the grandfather? As for my Daughter, I am thinking of either a dismissal or a change of jurisdiction/venue since the grandmothers husband came to Ohio to get him with the full intentions of not returning him. Any advice or opinions/comments would be greatly appreciated
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