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  2. The person at your company that made that statement doesn't understand the law or screwed up in stating what the law is. While state income tax law depends, of course, on the law of the state imposing the tax, it is the case in every state of the U.S. with an income tax that income from wages is taxed only by (1) the state of the employee's residence and (2) by the state in which the work was actually performed. If both your home state and the state where you did the work are different and both impose tax on that income, then your home state would provide a tax credit for the tax paid to the other state. As a result, in the end you only get taxed on any particular item of income from one state. So if your state has no income tax and you do all your work in that state, then you will pay no state income tax on your earnings. It is only the earnings you would have while working in state that does have an income tax that would result in state income tax for you. Now what the company might have been saying is that they will withhold tax from your pay for that other state, either because that other branch doesn't know the law or is simply not set up to not withhold for employees who don't work in that state. It can withhold tax from your pay and remit it to the other state as no law in that unnamed state likely prohibits that. That would then require you to file a return in that other state to get a refund of what was withheld. It would be a pain, for sure, but you'd not pay tax in that other state. You'd just be waiting to get your money until you filed that return.
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  4. I work for a company with branches in almost every state. Recently they told us that because another branch in another state was going to be paying us from their budget, that we would be required to pay that states income tax. for context I work and live in a state with no income tax. is this right, unethical, or even legal? If anyone can anwser this can you site the law? I cant seem to find any info. Thanks in advance
  5. A lot depends on the laws of the state in which you live, and you did not mention the state.
  6. My husband is a big credit card user and I hate the things, he keeps himself in debt with small minimum payments to many places and I cannot control him,he has his bank account and I have mine for that reason because he is on a fixed income. He had debt for something this past year and they took 1,700. Tax return which was mine ,to pay on one of his debts. Now he is talking about filing bankruptcy in a few months, and I saved up from my 401k and paid cash for a used motor home to enjoy traveling when I retire ,what my question pertains to is can they take my motor home for his debt if he files bankruptcy or make me sell it? He is also behind on house payments and everything else because one debtor garnished his check and is taking money out per month? How can I protect what I worked hard for?
  7. I am now up to date on tags and insurance. How can I clear both before date? Will there be additional fees?
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  9. You filed for an order of protection, which is a civil matter, not a criminal one. You were given a hearing date and were not there when your case was called. So the judge dismissed it. That's not a failure of due process. You have the responsibility to show up on time (indeed, you should always plan to arrive at the courthouse plenty early to allow for any delays). If you don't show up on time, that's on you. If you have a lawyer, ask him/her what to do next. If you don't have a lawyer, maybe you should consider getting one to help you with this.
  10. Have you tried to contact GOOGLE to ask them if they will remove it? Why won't you ask the hotel to contact Tripadvisor?
  11. Having your case dismissed because you didn't show up is not denial of due process. Refile your petition and next time make sure you start off early enough so you can call a taxi if your car doesn't start.
  12. How can a judge deny due process if it’s a constitutional right? I went before a family court judge And within 30 seconds of being in his court room I knew I was going to lose. It actually started before I went to court. I filed a petition for a protective order against my husband. A date and time was given and when I put the key in my ignition and nothing I knew he had been there. I called the judges office and five minutes after the time set my case had been dismissed. Wow five minutes or less even and the violence that I had endured for the past ten years meant nothing. Domestic violence is a criminal offense I know I looked it up. It’s punishable with jail or prison time in fact. So why would a case EVER go before a family court judge? Family court judges deciding a criminal case why? Criminals go to criminal court. Not a court of he said she said where the truth never comes out lies prevail and justice simply doesn’t exist. Now my husband runs and files for divorce immediately following the dismissal of my protection order. The next thing the judge drawn for my divorce case transfers it to the very judge who just denied my protection order. That was it my case had already been decided and I had been chosen the loser. A party who files a petition and misses court must be a liar otherwise they would have been there. Discretion family court judges get it and they use it to deny fundamental rights like due process. It allows them to practice bias prejudices that are so blatant that it would cause your jaw to drop oh but no ones allowed in court just the husband and wife. That’s the worse thing ever now there’s never going to be any type of oversight absolutely none. So they get as much discretion as needed and they never have to answer to anyone. It’s like your in grade school and first one to the courtroom wins. I mean literally first one to file is the winner. Course it’s not quite that simplistic but almost. First one to file with a decent lawyer preferably a friend or prior coworker of the judge wins. It’s easy peasy one exparte later and you know just how bad a loser you really are. This judge doesn’t know me yet he’s getting ready to ruin my life take years away that I will never get back. Now I want him to know me like I know him. Sounds bitter. I am bitter. Everything I believed about the legal system in our country was crushed in family court. How can that be. It couldn’t be more true though. I have zero faith in the system now. I’m consumed with changing it but I’m just a simple girl.
  13. Yes. The second ticket will probably be dismissed. However, you need to either attend the court hearing or contact the second officer and show him you promptly complied and he or she may agree to ask it be dismissed. Depending on how long your plate was expired you may also get the first ticket dismissed on compliance if you go to court.
  14. Yes. The second ticket will probably be dismissed. However, you need to either attend the court hearing or contact the second officer and show him you promptly complied and he or she may agree to ask it be dismissed. Depending on how long your plate was expired you may also get the first ticket dismissed on compliance if you go to court.
  15. I received a ticket for expired registration a few days ago. The next day, I was given the same ticket. I was on my way to get enough money to pay my registration. A friend of mine said I should not have been cited again if I had time to fix it. Do I need to challenge one?
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  17. Anyone can sue anyone for anything, but your landlord's decision not to renew your lease is not legally actionable (and, honestly, why would you want to live in a place owned by a landlord who took six months to repair a septic issue, whom you had to sue, and who doesn't want you as a tenant?).
  18. That your divorce was of the no-fault variety is irrelevant to this issue. You told us that the divorce "was settled," so this should have been covered in the settlement agreement. Was it? If so, what does it say? If not, why not? Were you represented by counsel in connection with the settlement? Was your wife represented? Who drafted the settlement agreement?
  19. Please excuse the Friday afternoon typo. "Debt" should have been "death."
  20. Under NC law, the landlord can not evict you. She can , however, refuse to renew a lease. If you fail to vacate as ordered, you then can legally be evicted. Retaliation laws only applies to evictions...not non-renewals.
  21. On 2/26/2018 a divorce based on irreconcilable differences was settled. Wife felt she would be awarded large sum of money from work injury case against Lrg. online company. She didn't want husband (me)to take claim to any of the award. On 8/23/2019 contacted me requesting portion of my IRA rollover from 2017. I am not retired but either way does she have any claim given the divorce was no fault...her idea by the way? She stated she didn't want anything but some bee got in her bonnet.
  22. It began with a septic issue. Eventually was repaired after 6 Months later, getting county involved. I sued for rent recoupment and judges found in my favor in the first 2 hearings (Landlord has appealed again). 5 days after first hearing I received a letter of non-renewal of lease... 6 months before my lease was to end. LL specifically stated that her reason for non-renewal was because of my complaint (smoking gun). I’ve offered to still renew and stated that it was illegal to not even offer renewal based on complaint to county. What can I sue for? I’ve read in some states it’s 3 months rent plus $1000 max in damages. I can’t find any number or guidelines for North Carolina.
  23. Again, thank you. That is very clear. This has been a very personal and draining process. Not legally relevant, but Mr.McDonald's made my family's life miserable. The few months he had the POA he was able to drain around $50,000 from my father's retirement. My first goal was the protection and well being of my elderly father. My goal now is the college funds promised my children. Although I do wish I could do something legally to Mr. McDonalds. Adult Protective Services said that when my father signed over the POA and had Mr. McDonalds change the will that my father could have been lucid. Thank you.
  24. Do the ordinances include a "Definitions" section? Words like "principal structure," or, just "structure" etc. may be given particular meanings in the Definitions ordinance that affect the interpretation of the ordinance that you are asking about.
  25. As a general matter, no employer is required by law to provide health insurance coverage You're entitled to be paid a wage or salary that is at least $12 per hour (unless you're in one of the few cities that has a higher minimum wage). You are not entitled to paid sick leave, holiday pay or paid vacation. What does "discriminate in that matter" mean? No law requires that every employee be treated identically. However, if your co-worker is being treated differently because of something like race/ethnicity, gender, religion, etc., then it might be illegal. Do you have reason to believe something like that is happening? When you asked your boss about the possibility of getting these various benefits, what response did you get?
  26. Should not be tagged onto a five and a half year old thread that appears to have nothing to do with your question.
  27. Howzabout providing a citation or link to the ordinance so we can look at it?
  28. At this point, I'm not quite sure what your ultimate goal in posting is, but it all seems to boil down to the joint account. As you've described the situation, it's a pretty cut-and-dried thing. It was a joint account, so your father became sole owner following his wife's debt, and whatever money was in that account at the time of your father's death now belongs to his estate. Nothing (or virtually nothing) relating to Mr. McDonald's or the guardian is relevant to this. Let us know if there's more that you'd like to discuss.
  29. Before I respond let's separate Medical from the Leave benefits. Leave be it holiday, sick or vacations is a form of wages paid. It would be no different than if she got paid more than you. And it isn't illegal discrimination unless it is because you are in a protected class (race, age, religion, sex...) Example if all the other employees were Baptists and got the leave and you didn't because you are Methodist that would be illegal. Do your coworkers have medical coverage through your employer?
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