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  2. Are child support lien's for arrear debt temporally suspended for a period of time
  3. List the property on Schedule A/B and check box for amended form. Also list the liens and taxes on an amended Schedule D.
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  5. Filed a motion to convert to ch 13. Need to withdraw and remain in ch7. For Kansas where would I find this form?
  6. Filed a motion to convert to ch 13. Need to withdraw and remain in ch7. For Kansas where would I find this form?
  7. I didn't know it was in my name until 4 days ago when I got a call to buy it for the taxes owed from someone. Where would I list this property on the amended form
  8. yes it is an asset. You would set the vaklue at the price you would sell it for. The fact that there are liens and taxes on the property does not make it nott an asset. Why would you use the address of a vacant lot as your address?
  9. They've been accruing over time but used the vacant lot as an address for me which of course is incorrect. Would this be considered an asset if there is no value
  10. I get that everyone is entitled to be released on bond, but at the very least I should have been told that from day one and not told he would go to jail since that is not at all what happened. As far as probation, I have no idea on that either. Since the threat of jail was more or less an empty threat in my opinion, it wouldn't surprise me. All I know is I ask all sorts of questions and nobody answers them. That is why I posted here, because I am tired of them leaving me flying in the dark.
  11. At first when he was contacting me it was messages sent via the dating website we met on and/or text messages to my phone. At one point I blocked him on both. He then tracked me down on Facebook and began messaging me there. This was last year so I didn't really know what was going on. I had already started asking to be left alone, but ultimately he would make me feel guilty and I would cave. As of now he no longer contacts me on the dating website, why I do not know. He also claims to have lost my number, but I know all he has to do is refer to an old phone bill and he will have it again. So as of the last several months his contact has been made via Facebook Messenger. I was told by police not to block him so I would have his messages as evidence. I believe a restraining order is what we refer to as a Personal Protection Order, but I am not certain. I have spoke to a legal advocate who stated it would be difficult in my case to obtain a PPO. This is because his messages are typically very passive in nature and not threatening. He seems to think I have a mental health issue so he is constantly reaching out to me as a "friend" who wants to "help" and/or "support" me in some way. It is disturbing at this point as anyone with a rational brain would know we are not and never will be friends, but in his mind we are. As far as the mental health issue, I believe he came to that conclusion because I expressed to him the toll he was having on me. So he acknowledged the issues he is causing me, but will not acknowledge that he is the cause behind them.
  12. Everybody is entitled to be released on bond and nobody has to spend any time in jail unless convicted if he's capable of posting bond. Even if convicted, he still might not go to jail. I noted in the statute that there is the possibility of probation.
  13. Yes, it is very scary! I'm sure each state is different. I know where I live stalking is defined as, "3 or more unwanted contacts" according to the Chief of my local PD. When I did get the police involved, I had 29 instances of documented unwanted contact. Those were only the ones where I explicitly asked to be left alone. But at no point has he made threats. As of yesterday I was informed the police went to his place of work and left a note on his car as well as a voicemail informing him he had a warrant and needed to turn himself in. I was told he did, he was booked, printed, arraigned and released on PR bond. He didn't actually serve so much as a minute in jail which has me pretty upset
  14. Explain what you mean by "contacted." And did you ever take out a restraining order? Also read the MI stalking laws so you have a better idea of what they entail.
  15. You need to amend your petition to include the inheritance and notify the trustee. If there is no value in the land the trustee will abandon the property. How did the executor of your father's estate deal with the taxes?
  16. I do appreciate your rsponding....i am having to admit I may be hoping for a longer period of time with her ...but if i dont stand up and ask qustions ....of course i understand hospice is a drs choice and prediction...the same dr that had me call my family to come is and say goodbys because she would surely die within 2 hrs.....she woke up in 2 and demanded to have the tube taken just saying ..its a guess....and the real question is comfortable or negligent in the amnount of damage its causing her? And that the dr doing the prescribing has never even met why in the world should he do what he does and not be responsible to answer our questions? Im directing this aggression at you....i do appreciate your to the point thoughts....but if this was even a neighbor i heard this about ....the no accountability is so frustrating
  17. It is scary not knowing I imagine each state process is different but is there a threat or restraining order on the table? I'm in Washington state, and here you must have a threat of harm for the police to get involved
  18. I stopped reading half way through. I don't know what to tell you. Stories that take that long to tell typically means that a participant is an idiot, which your son apparently is for getting into this with his friend. If the police don't want to get involved you'll have to hire a lawyer to go through the civil court process and try to prove the forgery.
  19. I filed ch7 on may 18 this year. I'm in kansas. I've already had my 341 meeting and I've just found out my father left me a piece of property on vacant land after his passing. About half an acre. Needless to say I didn't know about it but there are more back taxes and lines on it more than its worth. Question. Can I put the back taxes on my chapter 7 and how and if and when the taxes are discharged will the trustee want to sell the land if I plan on putting a mobile home there in the future. Future as in later this year. My case right now is a no asset case. My discharge is scheduled for 8/9/18 I filed pro se, can't afford attorney and can't get legal aide to call me back.
  20. I live in Houston, Texas. I'll try to make this convoluted story as brief as possible. My son has a friend, who has a motorcycle, that he lets my son borrow from time to time (no matter how much I hate it.) I've seen the bike one time, and it was a piece of crap. My son is a grown man, 36, and his friend is a grown man as well, about 28. I've met this kid ONCE in my life and wouldn't know him if he walked in front of my face, and until mothers day, had never even spoken to him. I should also state this "kid" is currently serving a 5-year probation for robbery. So, the night before Mothers Day, my son, who drives one of our vehicles currently, tells me he is going over to this friends house, and they are attending a biker rally in Galveston. My son decided not to go to the biker rally. Sunday morning on Mothers Day, receive a text message from this "friend" who says to call him immediately, there's been an accident with my son. I freaked and immediately called him. He tells me that my son "wrecked" his bike, and "did a lot of damage" and wanted to know who was going to pay for the damage. He kept on talking, and I had to interrupt him to see if my son was okay. He said yes he's fine, but he had been sleeping since Saturday evening (It was actually the afternoon before I received the text message on Sunday). The kid goes on to tell me that he and my son had both signed a document, notarized, and he had texted that to me as well, but I didn't read it, stating basically that the kid was going to borrow MY car, and my son was going to borrow HIS bike, and that if either caused any damage, etc. they would be responsible for repairs. Then the kid told me that once he had gotten an estimate for his bike, he would send it to me, and wanted to know what I was going to do about. I first of all told him that they were both grown men, and this was not my responsibility. He then said well, when you read that document you will see that I will be keeping the car until my bike is fixed, or I receive the money to fix it. I tried to be nice and explain to him that my son did not OWN the vehicle, thereby he had no right to sign over the rights to my vehicle. The kid then says oh yes I can, I've done this before, blah, blah. By this time, I was irritated, and asked him didn't he have insurance for his bike, and he said yes, but I'm not claiming it on my insurance, you need to claim it on your insurance. Again, flabbergasted at how STUPID this kid was, I told him I could not do that because MY VEHICLE, which was insured, was NOT INVOLVED in the accident with the bike. I further questioned him about the "wreck", which turned out to be more like my son pulling out of the driveway a little too far over into the road, and laying the bike down. So, I didn't want to deal with the kid anymore, spoke to my husband and we both spoke to our son, and decided there was nothing we could but call the police and report the vehicle stolen. The kid specifically said that he had "hidden" the vehicle and I was not getting it back until his bike issue was fixed. A few days later the idiot texts me the "estimate" from a bike shop that my son says is owned by a friend of his, for $4,000!! He only paid $2500 for the bike, and there is NO WAY the estimate is legit. My son then told me that he had added things onto the bike that were never there in the first place, and the estimate also included things that were wrong with the bike before the "accident." I told my son not to speak to him at all, that we had filed a police report, and contacted our insurance company, and it was now out of our hands. Today, the HPD cop calls, and to make it short, says "i'ts not really a criminal manner because of that document (which we have since learned was manipulated in word, and forged)". Cop says they both made an agreement, and it didn't matter that my son was not the owner of the vehicle, and that we would just have to go to civil court. Now, my son was a Judge in this county for 23 years, and I worked for the County for 32 years, near the end in the District Clerk's Office, and I KNOW this is not right. The kid did have a warrant out for his arrest for Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, but I haven't been able to check the status of that in the system yet. It's not something you can just "erase". There has to be an explanation, etc. Cop says DA refused to accept charges. I say DA refused to accept charges because the Cop talked to this manipulative criminal, who my son claims is a full blown narcissist, with no other friends. On top of that, while attending a family reunion Memorial Day weekend, the kid sends ME a text on MY phone that says "You heard about the Santa(sic) fe (sic) school shooting right?" I immediately took that as a threat. It's not like he's someone I gab with on the phone and we do each other's hair. I told this to the cop, and he said that was "not his department and I would have to call another department to lodge a complaint." I have been digging all day, and this "document" is what the cop is hanging his hat on. Sad story is, we only have one more attempt to have him arrested, but the truth is I can now prove the document was forged, and this poor notary is going to have to pay a hefty consequence (Class A Misdemeanor) because since my son's signature was forged, he obviously was not IN HER PRESENCE when she notarized the signatures. I am also about the call HPD to let them know about the threat, but I will have to explain the circumstances in order for them to see WHY I see it as a threat. I have seen it too many times, NO JUSTICE IN TEXAS, at least not in Harris County. When my husband became a criminal court Judge, I continued to lose faith in the justice system. Working in the District Clerks Office didn't help matters either. One clerk makes one tiny error, and some defendant stays lost in the system for months. I would like to know what any of you think about this situation? Do you think the Cop is just stupid and lazy? or can you possibly see ANY reason why this kid shouldn't be charged with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. He deliberately drove my car to an undisclosed location to hide, while my son was sleeping at his house, and he is still hounding via text about "getting this matter taken care of and wants to know how I am going to handle it". I am dumbfounded.
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  22. It's not required. But if you don't know what you are doing it can be helpful. Of course, you have to weigh the cost of that against the fine and possible insurance increase you face with this ticket. In the state of Washington the cop does not show up at court for traffic cases. The case is instead heard based on what the officer wrote in the citation that gets filed with the court. You may conduct discovery and get that citation and other information to help you figure out what, if any, viable defenses you might have. There are very specific rules that Washington has for the timing of discovery, when the hearing must be scheduled, etc. So you want to really do this right you need to get up to speed on the rules or get a lawyer. How much you need to do before court really depends on what defense(s) you think you might have. What did you have in mind for defenses?
  23. You understand a person is admitted to hospice because they are terminally ill and expected to die in a short period of time, usually six months or less. The object of hospice is to make the last few months as comfortable as possible. That often requires heavy doses of pain killers, like methadone. Whether there are alternatives is impossible to judge without expert advice. If you really want to help, get your daughter a second opinion on the efficacy of the treatment being provided and possible alternatives. Your opinion about what should be done is likely to carry very little weight.
  24. Yep, that's what I thought. The conditions aren't bad enough to report unless it means you get to have things the way you want them.
  25. I want her staying with me because ive been taking care of her for over 7 months making sure she is eating and sleeping comfortably. I have no problem driving her to see her mom and other things of that nature but in the end i want what is in her best interest and that is here. I mean she is 16 and started school at rock bottom but im pushing her to do good and now she is supposed to graduate before me
  26. Until a court says she is not a fit parent and legal custody taken away from her, she is a fit parent and she maintains custody, even if she is temporarily being allowed to live elsewhere. You are free to report the living conditions to CPS, but if she is removed from the home by CPS she won't be allowed to live with you; she will either be placed with other relatives or put in foster care/a group home. So now comes the test; is it bad enough to report if doing so means she doesn't live with Mom, but doesn't live with you either? Or is it only bad enough to report if she stays with you?
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