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I discovered that my ex signed up for a Credit Karma account in my name and SS#.  They won't do anything about it without a copy of a police report (which I just got).  I wasn't going to push it but for the 2nd sraight year, she has claimed both of her kids on her taxes (against the terms of our court ordered agreement), and she's pretty much a caricature of a bitchy ex-wife.  She will probably lose her job as a Special Ed teacher because she used her work email address to register the account (possibly used work computer - find out when Credit Karma gives me details) which means she may have to payback a state grant that paid for her masters in SpEd.


To my knowledge, she didn't open any credit accounts in my name, but per the deputy that took my complaint, the Credit Karma thing is prosecutable as Identy Theft - a Class D felony.   


My question is, since I had no monetary loss, can I sue her?  Not that she has much to give up, but I'm done putting up with her crap.  Or better yet, can I sue her and the department of education since she used their email system to setup the account and possibly their computer(s)/network to access the site?   Per their terms of use for Department email, I can see no reason they should or would allow correspondence to or from Credit Karma.


Before I get called out, I have my kids 50% of the time, pay my child support, and don't have any interest in her life.  She dogs me to my kids, has admitted to making efforts to harm my reputation/character/income (I'm a Realtor), and I have put up with years of harrassment from both her and her husband.  



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No you can not sue the school system even if she did use her work email/computer. You certainly have no claim at all against the DOE. It is unlikely in the extreme that this will have any negative effect on her employment. I say that as one who was responsible for compliance for a school system and has been in education for a good chunk of my career. These kinds of petty complaints against employees from exes were not uncommon. They went nowhere. Unless there is a lot more to the story, it isn't going to even register with her employer 99.9% of the time. I can assure you that her district has much more pressing concerns than someone using their work email to sign up for a credit monitoring service.


You have reported it to the police. It will be up to the state to determine if they will prosecute. You can only sue civilly if you actually have damages. While rotten to pretend she is you, there are no damages based on her signing up.


Whether or not someone may claim children on their taxes is an IRS decision. If she is not following the terms of your court order, you will have to file in court to have it enforced.

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