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Hi there..

We need some advice & information here..

I hold a dual citizenship with the US and another country. By now I am living outside the America for 28 years, and had lived in America just for 1,5 years from birth.

I have been married with a man (non US citizen) for 3,5 years. And have 1 child from that marriage.

I have a complete legal document from another country, which are marriage certificate by civil registry, marriage certificate by church, and birth certificate for my child.

As a dual citizenship, I have 2 passports, US passport and foreign passport. Can I use my US passport for direct re-entering US? What is the worst that can happen at the airport?

And what do i have to do, if i want to take my husband and my child to live in US and get US Citizenship for them?

Should i stay in US for several years to process US citizenship of my family? Or can I process it from here, before we all move to US?

Thank you.

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As a US citizen, you can obtain citizenship for your child and spouse in a much easier process than if you were not. If you hold a US passport, you are eligible to travel to the US at any time. Here is a link to information about obtaining a green card and eventual citizenship based on your status. https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-through-family/green-card-immediate-relative-us-citizen

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