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I got a legitimate DUI. I knew better but I went out with a co-worker after work and I am a server so I also already smelled like alcohol. When I was pulled over about three minutes after leaving the bar, I didn't argue it. I cooperated 100% with the police officer and told him I had three long island ice teas and I smelled like alcohol anyways because I was wearing an entire tray of drinks that had spilled on me earlier (the reason my coworker thought I could use a drink after that hellish shift). I failed the sobriety test and went to the police station and did the breathalyzer, again cooperating 100%. I spent about three hours in a cell and was released but because I had no ride the police officer drove me to a local McDonalds and I was picked up from there. I went to court and the prosecutor offered classes and a victim impact panel with a successful application and payment. I pay, I go back to court a month later and the application is approved and I think everything is all set. I start my classes but at my second class the instructor pulls me aside and has me read an email from the program administrator. All it says is I no longer need to continue classes because my case is closed...WHAT!? Now I am freaking out because I thought everything was good, I was going to take the classes, attend the VIP for MADD and at the end of the year return to court for a nolle. I was told to leave the class and all he could say was that he had never seen this before...so what does this mean?

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