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I was discipling my daughter for doing something she had no business doing, she had a bruise on her arm the size alittle bigger than a quarter she went to school and claim her friend held her arm and she was in pain her friend asked her what happen and she told her, and her friend reported it to the school office. This incident happen in junior high School  last year April, the school called the cops and C P S the cops brought my daughter home and CPS came to my home to question my daughter they did  in private and took a report from me. After weeks of investigation CPS close the case. Then I got a letter from the DA about a criminal case against me . So I have been going to court since every month from last year May The doctors report says he examine her and find nothing, the cops took pic at school the public defender I have told me the pics are purge they cant find them, A public defender came to my home took a statement from my daughter about the incident. So last month and this month my public defender was MIA claiming to be at trial..... But I was informed by another Public Defender that she send a written motion to the Judge for a  dismal because the lack of evidence but the judge deny the motion. I would like to know was it ok for my Public Defender to send a motion without me seeing it or without my approval ?

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2 minutes ago, Amosey said:

I would like to know was it ok for my Public Defender to send a motion without me seeing it or without my approval ?

Yes.  You have control over two things--1) whether you plead or go to trial and 2) if you go to trial, it's you decision whether you testify or not.  Everything else is the attorney's responsibility and it's their call.

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On 3/15/2017 at 9:30 AM, ElleMD said:

If you left bruises on your kid, it isn't a false allegation of abuse. Follow the advice of your attorney.


Curious to know 1) why you felt the need to discipline your daughter and 2) age of your daughter (if her friend was astute enough to report the abuse I am guessing minimum late elementary school, but most likely middle or high school age). Specifics are important here, and there's not much justification in physically "disciplining" an older child, and with a bruised arm it's not comparable to lightly spanking a toddler because their too young to communicate verbally, for example. 

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