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Dealer won't return down payment. PLEASE HELP ME!

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I have never been treated with more disrespect from a business owner in my life and had I thought about it before he began cussing and yelling at me I would have recorded the whole thing because I literally can't put into words the unprofessionalism that has been portrayed tonight. Last Monday, February 6th, my boyfriend and I purchased a car from them. By the end of the loan process we signed papers with conditions of the loan that we agreed upon. We were told that evening that the car was new to the lot and hadn't had the standard maintenance that's typically done before a car goes on the lot so we scheduled a time to take it in Friday to be serviced. Friday afternoon I got a call from them saying that the Jeep was ready to be picked up and asked if both my boyfriend and I could come in to sign some papers when we picked it up... we assumed that it was a statement of the repairs that had been made to the vehicle.. I had a break that afternoon but assumed that it should be a quick transaction so we stopped in on my way back to work. We waited about half an hour before the manager finally came in to talk to us only to tell us that our loan didn't go through- lack of credit history bc we have never had a car loan but that's another rant in itself- I digress, we were told that we would either need to put another $1300 down on top of the $1500 we initially put down or we would need to find a cosigner.. well obviously we needed time to think about this, we didn't sign any new contracts, and they agreed that we would come back the following day. As my boyfriend went to drive it off a lot he noticed that the brakes were grinding and they hadn't been before it was 'serviced'. He pulled back in and let them know about that issue to which our sales person replied "oh, did you hear that too?". Before he made it home four other lights came on on the dash. Saturday I text them saying that I had a potential cosigner but wouldn't be able to make it in until Monday to look over the new terms of the loan. Monday our salesperson was sick and we hadn't completely made up our mind on what we were doing so we agreed that we would be in the next day. On Tuesday I let them know that we were going to go another route due to the issues with the loan and the constant problems we've had with the car since we took it off the lot and that we would clean out the car and return it Wednesday. Despite being told that we no longer wanted to purchase the car they continued to run numbers after we were originally told that we needed more money down or a cosigner and to our knowledge those were our only options. Last night we took the car back in expecting to drop it off and get the $1500 that we put down back considering all of the maintenance issues and the fact that the loan wasn't approved with the terms that we signed on. After being told that we wouldn't get our down payment back and several attempts to convince us to put that money towards another car (we had already secured another loan though my bank) I demand to talk to the owner. This was a joke. He spent an hour telling us how he was fair and how he always wanted customers to walk away and be able to tell others about the good experience that they had but that we needed to be fair too. At the end of our meeting he asked what I thought would be fair for him to take out of our down payment now claiming that he may have missed potential buyers while the vehicle was in our possession. I told him that he could take $50 out for the 50 miles I may have put on the car in the week but that I wasn't going to give him money for a vehicle that I felt unsafe driving. I left with him telling me that he was going to put the loan through without our consent even though we had clearly stated that we did not want the car, screaming at me to "take my ****ing car and get the **** out of his office" and even running outside to flip me off as we left the parking lot. We left the car and the keys there. I have never seen a business owner act more childish in my life. I am in shock and utterly appalled at the way I was treated by this man. All of this because I expected to get my $1500 down payment returned on a car that I drove for a week and had nothing but problems with and he didn't think that was fair to him because "this isn't Walmart and you can't just drive my car for a week and then return it and get your money back."

I should add that I have since contacted the bank that our loan was through and explained the situation.. I told them that he was threatening to put the loan through without our consent just to spite us and was told that my loan was denied and that he would not be able to put it through. We went in to speak with him again this evening in hopes that he had changed him mind and that we wouldn't have to go the legal route but and was once again told that he will put our loan through, even stating "call my bluff, I dare you" when I told him that it was illegal for him to do so. I have this evenings meeting with him recorded. This man is a psychopath. What kind of lawyer do I need and can I sue for pain and suffering as well?

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