Medicaid Transport Keeping me from Appointments

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I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but it was the closest to what I'm dealing with, so please forgive me. 


I live in Arkansas and am forced to deal with one specific Broker for Medicaid Transportation for the area that I live in. I am required to set an 'appointment' for my ride to my doctors appointments 48 work-day hours in advance. However, the Broker, can Cancel my ride 24 work-day hours in advance.


Starting out, I had no problems. I wasn't asked extra questions, just where I was going, if I had an escort, and if I can walk to the car.


My Dr is 29 miles away, on the other side of the Little Rock Metro area. 


After the 3rd or 4th regular appointment, I started having problems. My rides were scheduled for the wrong time 2 times in a row, causing me to reschedule appointments. They started asking if I had another ride that they could reimburse the cost of gas for, asking me why I needed a medical escort, then putting me on hold - as if making sure that that was a good enough reason.


My therapist called to inquire why they keep canceling and they have lied to her twice. 


So my question is, now that they have sent me into a panic attack once, and almost sent me into a panic attack today. and are actively keeping me from my medical appointments and my medication, is there anything that I can do? 


There is a limit on who takes Medicaid for Psychiatry in Adults in the area. Being on disability, and medicaid, this is a service that I'm entitled to. 


Please advise.

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contact your local medicaid office and file a complaint. They are the ones that have the contract with the transportation company and may be able to do something about it.

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