Help proving worked hours.

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Do employers who hire independent contractors have to legally keep records of people they hire? For how long and if they don't who should be notified of this (if illegal) practice.

I have someone who hired me but is refusing to pay me because they say they don't have it in their records that I was there. How should I approach this?


here is the email I received after I sent a demand letter


Dear *****

Thanks for your email.  We have been discussing this in house, and we
can't find proof one way or the other of your time at the Stadium.

I'm willing to offer you half of your invoiced amount.  I think that's
more than fair, given the fact that we can't find any records of your
involvement on this show.

Please let me know your thoughts.

R.C. / CEO

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Truly I was NOT an independent contractor. I could not choose when, where, or how my job was performed. This was all determined by the employer. I signed in and out on time sheets that they required me to sign but are refusing to produce. I also kept track of my hours for my own records. Now what?

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