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Unusual Cruel Punishment

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Hi @T.Brat


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Inmates have certain rights while incarcerated. This includes the rights of disabled inmates under the Americans with Disabilities Act to have equal access to prison programs and facilities. The issue of solitary confinement will depend on the circumstances of the specific case. Inmates are sometimes held in solitary confinement for safety issues.


However, the inmate in question (it's difficult to tell from your post if you are in the inmate or if you are posting on behalf of someone else) may want to speak with his public defender or criminal defense attorney about what can be done to get out of solitary confinement. The inmate may also want to speak with a personal injury attorney about potential lawsuits against the prison due to the injury/paralysis that occurred inside the prison.


Let us know if you have additional questions for the community.

The Team

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