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My college student recently came home discussing her college instructor's behavior during class...which is completely inappropriate and could be considered sexual harassment. She went on Google to simply find a picture of him to show me and by complete accident through this search we found out he is a registered sex offender. I called the dean of the school to discuss this matter and she admitted to me that she had to talk to this teacher TWO other times for his behavior in class, but she was shocked when I explained that he is also a registered sex offender. I had my daughter's schedule rearranged to remove her from his class (although there are still chances she could end up with him as an instructor again). My daughter is very uncomfortable going to school, but is obligated because it is passed the deadline to "drop out" without paying full tuition. Although the dean says she is dealing with it, a week has passed and I feel based on my conversation with the dean that she is just brushing this under the rug. I do NOT feel this instructor should be teaching, whether at the college level or not, since there is the possibility of a minor attending this college, but more so since he clearly hasn't learned from his past conviction with the way he still behaves in class. I would like for my daughter to be able to switch schools without anything outstanding from this school. What can/should I do?

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