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Found 102 results

  1. I have been asked if I will be part of a living trust to provide custodial care to a couple's pets if they pass away. They have a son, who is not in the trust, who may want the property after their deaths. Part of the trust agreement is for me to live at their house until their pets pass away (10 plus years). If the son harassses me when they die if I move in, do I have any rights to make him leave since I'm not an owner and not on the title? Thanks.
  2. I lived for three years at a house in Washington but wasn't on the lease, my roommate was, though the landlords knew I lived there. They offered to give me a good rental reference because we never had late rent. When it came time to move out I rented a Uhaul truck and had my friend "spot" me as I backed up the driveway. He forgot to look up and waved me forward so that the top of the Uhaul hit the face board of the car port. It has a large crack in the board now and probably needs to be partially replaced. The landlord has told the person on the lease they want $3000, which could easily build a new carport. Uhaul insurance that I bought doesn't cover overhead collisions and I talked to my car insurance and they dont cover large hauler type vehicles. I need some next steps. What kind of lawyer can I talk to for advice?
  3. Here we go! So around twenty years ago myself, my girlfriend at the time, my mother, my sister and her husband agreed to purchase a piece of property together. This was to be an investment and also a place we could all build homes and live. At first my mother lived in the existing house with my younger siblings as my girlfriend and I built a small house for us to live in. As the years went by, my now wife and I had lost interest in living in the small town and my sister and husband had decided not to move there either, but we all still paid our share of taxes and payments. About ten years after making the purchase the property was paid for in full and with our mother still living there we agreed it was only fair that she was responsible for paying the taxes. After a couple of years she had decided to move away herself and she would rent out the original house and that money would be used to cover taxes and any maintenance and she would handle all of that. So here about two and a half years ago the renters are gone and my youngest sister and her family want to move there which is fine. Well shortly after that I receive a tax foreclosure notice in the mail. I right away contact my mother to find out what is going with this and she swears she's been paying the taxes. Out of no fault but my own, I should have never trusted my mother with this, as she has never been one to be financially responsible or honest for that matter. Shortly after this I travel across the state to tend to this matter and visit the property in which I hadn't been to in several years. While there I come to an agreement with my sister and her husband (which are not the same sister and husband that are part owners) that they would pay the back taxes since they were now living there. Fast forward to now, my mother is now living back at the property in the little house i had built and my sister and family are still living in the original house. So I decide to pay a visit this last weekend, only to find out my mother has harvested all of the marketable timber off of our twenty acres of property. When I approached her about it, she claims it wasn't worth that much and that I don't deserve any of the proceeds from it because I haven't had any interest in the place for years. It sickens me the total disregard she has for the rest of us and our investment and how she was able to do this without our consent, as for all of our names are on the deed. What are my options?
  4. We have a contract with a buyer. The buyer has an inspection contingency. The listed inspection period is 10 days. The buyers responded back with repair requests (long list 12 items). We responded back to their requests. They did not respond back until the 10th day (still in the time frame). However, the catch is that they responded back with a blank, NEW 35R that did not have our signatures on it, nor did it contain the attached addendum listing all the repairs that they had requested and we rejected. The buyer was suppose to respond to seller's response using section III on the 35R. Instead, we got a message from our listing agent, that the buyers had accepted the inspection and this satisfied the contingency. And, that there was a new 35R submitted so as to not alert the underwriter of the buyer's loan would not be aware of the all the problems with the house. I found this odd and the more I thought about it, I realized they wanted us to participate in this deceiving the bank so the buyer could get their loan. I don't feel comfortable with that suggestion. Also, the 10 day inspection period has ended and they still have not submitted the original form. My agent has turned on me after I pointed out that I thought their suggestion was unethical and I felt uncomfortable. MY agent stated "You will follow through on this contract!". I contacted a real estate attorney for advise. He said that it IS a breech of contract , as they were late with the response past the 10 day inspection period (since they did not respond back using the correct form). However, the more I read on the issue, I am not sure the lawyer is right. The agent stated that it just means the house is excepted "as is" and that it does not terminate the contract for the seller. Help! What is the correct answer? Do I have a right to terminate based off of this information? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I was served with a lawsuit from a collection agency over unpaid medical bill that I do owe. I was served with a complaint and summons. I paid the original amount directly to the hospital two or three hours before I was served with the papers. Since I did not know how to proceed, and my time was limited to 20 days to respond, I put in affirmative answers and Notice of appearance. They responded back. The agency still wants to nail me for twice the original amount and attorneys fees. I don't think I answered the papers right and I don't want to go to court because I don't want to take the chance of losing. They responded to my answer and I am wondering if I can contact them to try and settle out of court? Any suggestions on what I am to do next? I have 30 days (less now) to respond.
  6. First my 5 years old who is non verbal autistic has an IEP with no BIP included, was physically restrained during class for about an hour. The SP ED coordinator decided when my 5 year old was protesting while the Para was making demands on him so he was yelling and slapping at the para 9 the para said she needed no help she could handle him and the behavior stops as soon as she lets him know it is her way not his). but this incident the SP ED coordinator decided to take him from the para and tried saying "no we do not slap" several times while holding his arms in front of her so he couldn't move. The more she said No the longer she held him the more anxious he got and the more behavior started getting out of control until a total meltdown. now she has him (while she is sitting in chair) with his back to her, his arms cross over each other and she is restraining him like on a straight jacket. My child starts to panic and screams and is trying to escape now in full meltdown panic mode. The SP Ed coordinator now takes my 5 year old to the ground and puts him in prone position with her (180 lb ) weight on him finally the SP ED coordinator could not hold him anymore (she is out of shape) she let him up and he ran to the desk the para gave him comfort. Now he has bruises on his hands and his back shoulders and arms where she held him and I feel that she way over reacted and caused the meltdown unnecessarily, I have asked for a incident report and she has said there isn't one and no one will talk to me about it except the para. I can add pics of bruises if needed. I guess I am asking is this even legal to do? what is considered excessive? what gives her the right to do this? and is she even qualified to do it? I feel angry about it but am trying to get as much information to understand it.
  7. My 12 year old son, has IEP special education for writing, reading and math but has had progressively rapid behavioral issues has been excluded from camping trip because the principal said, "he is a safety concern." I have six siblings and we all graduated from this school district along with nieces and nephews. My children have been told about this camp since they were young and that it was the highlight of their K-12 experience. My dad, to this day, tries to find parents that have kids that go to this camp so he can go to family night. Very important to my family. That is beside the issue though, my son is missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity because he is a IEP student and he is a safety concern because my son leaves the classroom frequently and they have to go find him. They lose my son while he is in their care and that makes him unsafe. I highly doubt he would run off and disappear in the woods-he would be to scared. Since it is a school fucntion, they continue to have classes that teach them about the outdoors and basic outdoor survival. Plus, it is a time where classmates and friends make bonds that last a lifetime. Once in a lifetime school experience that can never be duplicated. I am sick to my stomach and furious. I went to the principal that told me no because of him being a safety concern and then I went to the superintendent in hopes of begging for a right for him to go. I offered that a parent go up and spend the day or stay the night, even though parents are not usually involved. I also offered to spend the last twenty days of school sitting outside his classrooms so he doesnt disappear on them. I begged and asked for anything I could do but the answer was no. I dont ever want another child to miss this opportunity because the school district speculates what could happen. Someone please give me some advice. I am worn out researching this issue because i just cant imagine how the school can deny this opportunity when i have volunteered to make sure I would be there to watch out for him.
  8. We (5 friends) signed a lease on April 24th to move in to a home on May 16th. We did a walk through before signing and saw some issues in the home but the agent assured us that the people would be out by May 1st and that they would have 2 weeks to fix up the place and get it back to perfect condition. The tenants weren't out until the night of the 15th, so of course the home was NOT perfect on the 16th. The place was extremely dirty, had holes in the walls/missing smoke detector/exposed outlets, and a very distinct odor that was a mix of smoke and other chemicals. Some of the old tenant's belongings were also still in the home. We were willing to be flexible with all of these issues but then on the 18th we found out (directly from the agent) that the previous tenant was a known meth user and at one point had "15 meth heads sleeping all over the house." After this was disclosed, we all agreed that it was not safe nor healthy to be living in a place that experienced such high drug traffic. We sent an email and letter via certified mail requesting to be released from our lease due to these health and safety concerns. Again, they did not disclose the meth use before we signed nor did they attempt to test for toxic residue. They also originally refused to replace the carpets or paint because "we'd already signed the lease." I'll also note that on the 16th our agent told us that she would not be at the home to do a walk through with us, but that she'd leave the paperwork for us to sign. In hindsight we should've demanded that she be there, but we didn't know better. None of us signed the paperwork because, due to our work schedules, we were not all able to see the home at the same time. On Friday when I personally visited the house to see it's condition, the papers were gone, and because the other roommates denied taking them, I can only assume it was the agent. If they say no to releasing us from the lease, do we have any other options?
  9. My 19 yr old son was pulled over while driving with a suspended license. A Marysville city police officer pulled him out of his car while he was trying to hang up from his girlfriend (called her to tell her he was pulled over and wouldn't be able to pick her up from work). Once out of the car, my son was standing upright, with his hands behind his back, and the officer tased him directly in the face (between his eye and his nose). My son went into a severe seizure, was taken to the nearest hospital by an Aid Car to be observed after the seizure, and have the taser point removed from his face. This took place in October of 2016. He was NOT drinking, had no drugs in his system, and since the tasing in the face has experienced "ghost movement" in his eye, and often sees different colors in that eye. He didn't tell me until a few days ago, thinking it was going to go away by itself. I instructed him to immediately make an appointment with his eye doctor, and am requesting his Public Defense attorney requests his medical records from the hospital. The officer of the Marysville Police Department states he was "Reckless Driving" at a complete stop (at a stop sign) and Obstructing Justice, Resisting Arrest, Driving Without a License (TRUE) . I feel the charges were "trumped up" after having my son repeat over and over the same story to both his Public Defender and myself. His story has never changed. He's not lying. What legally can be done? I appreciate any help, as this Police Department has a reputation for "bending the rules" to fit the crime. I live in Texas, and feel helpless. Thank you so much for any advice.
  10. I'll try to keep this brief, thanks for looking: I am the president of a HOA in Washington State, 6 units in total. We have a basement that was originally assigned to unit 6 when our CC&Rs were made. Though an amendment (see attached screenshot), the basement, which is a limited common area, was reassigned to unit 5. The basement is not defined as "livable" but the owners of unit 5 have their family living in it (there is no running water, amenities, etc). According to county records, unit 6 is paying taxes and we may think also the electricity too, the square footage is on their title and not on Unit 5. Does unit 6 have the right to take back ownership since they are the owners by definition of the title/county records? Can they sell the basement/can they reassign the space to another unit? Thanks
  11. I loaned a friend $4,400 and he said he would pay me back double by April 5th he gave me a promissory note that was secured by surplus funds deposited in the county clerk's office resulting from a non-judicial foreclosure that was his and his partners. He said he only needed to wait the 30 days for the notice to creditors to go out before the money could be dispersed and after the 30 days had passed and he didn't respond to my text asking what's up I called the county clerk and they said that the money is there but nobody has filed for dispersal yet and that it cost $5 for the packet and then ex parte hearing is held within 3 to 5 days. I informed my friend of this and he apologized for the mix-up and said that he would get the packet right away and then a couple days later he said he just needs to get the $240 it cost to file it and then he wouldn't answer my phone calls or texts and so I called the county clerk again and they said it doesn't cost any money to file it at all so I'm quite confused it his reluctance to file this motion. In this promissory note that he drew up it says that I had exclusive right to the $52,000 being held in the clerk's office if this was not paid in full or after demand for payment in 10 days. So my question is do I file a motion for dispersal of funds attaching this promissory note as declaration, and do I just ask for the principal amount of 4400 and the interest or do I ask for the $52,000 that's held in there? he said I have exclusive right.
  12. I am trying to find some info about this cause I cant find it anywhere. My friends and I were on our cruisers the other day and got pulled over by an unmarked dodge charger police vehicle and gave us a ticket for speeding, we are totally fine with the ticket but we have heard from people an finding videos that it is illegal for a unmarked police vehicle to pull you over an give you a ticket because people can easily do this and replicate police officers. We are just trying to figure out if this is legal in washington state if an unmarked police vehicle can pull you over an give you a ticket or if it is illegal. We were in Clallam County and the car was a Dodge charger and the only indications that it was a police vehicle was that it had lights in the grill and visors. Any info would gladly be appreciated on the matter. Thanks
  13. I have a lawn service person come by about 2-3 weeks ago to mow my lawn and I did not request or having a conversation for him to come back to mow my lawn after that. He then emailed me an invoice last night claiming that he came by and mowed my lawn last night which I did not receive any notification from him informing of that. So I responded to his email asking why am I receiving the invoice and especially when I did not request for his service because I have been mowing my lawn ever since the first time he had mowed it. Not to mention, I was home all day yesterday as he claimed that he came by last night to mowed my lawn. I see no evidence showing any difference as how I have left it last weekend with no freshly cut grass fragrance, no evidence of mowed pattern on my lawn, and no evidence of fresh wet dirt from trimming the edges. In the email threads, he had called me a liar, mental and physical issues. Not to mention that he had trespassed my property if he did come by yesterday to mow my lawn on his own accord. The following are his responses in the email threads and on the last one he took the picture of my lawn, house, and the car parked in front without asking for permission. I need advice as to ask him or taking action against him either to stop harassing, calling me names, slandering me and remove those pictures that pertains to the property. TIA
  14. We own an old mobile home which we have rented out to people in the past. It was in dire need of repairs. Last June my husband (without my consent) agreed to allow an "aquaintance" to live there on condition that he do the necessary repairs to make the unit livable in lieu of the first month's rent and utilities and that he repair the roof in exchange for subsequent months rent and utilities, equal to the cost of repairing the roof. After that he would pay $500 a month rent and pay the utilities. My husband never got him to sign a rental agreement, nor is the man's name on any of the utilities, as we have been paying them ourselves. He did the interior repairs in June, but he has not repaired the roof, nor has he paid rent since July. On January 3 I told him he needed to move out by February 1 because we needed to replace the unit with a new model for our daughter to live in. Long story short, he's still there. On April 3 we gave him written notice that he needed to be out by April 23, which he has ignored. Do we need to go to the expense, time, and hassle of an eviction procedure, or is there another option?
  15. I live in a 36 unit 3-story condo in seattle, wa. I am on the third level. The building was built in 1956 and then in 2008 it was renovated into condos. I purchased my unit and moved in in 2014. It is a 1 bedroom 500 square feet all hardwood floor unit. We are managed by a condo management group. There has been water intrusion going into my unit for quite some time it appears.. It entered through an exterior wall on the back side of our building. My unit is the only one to have this issue going on. I reported the incident as soon as I saw water on my hardwood floor in my bedroom coming from that exterior wall under the baseboard moulding. After the HOA hired a construction team to investigate they saw that it has been going on for some time and has been entering underneath the hardwood floor over the cement(subflooring). The hardwood floor of my whole unit needs to be replaced. It turns out the water is entering from my CMU wall due to the roof scuppers being overwhelmed and the gutters have significant bellies that are not allowing the water to flow freely. The gutter anchors have pulled out of the CMU wall causing water to leak through the CMU wall. The roof scuppers, drain lines, and wall vents were poorly installed. Because the issue is due to poor craftmanship, wear and tear, and maintenance insurance is not going to cover the damage in my unit. HOA is refusing to help out with any of the repairs as it states in the condo declaration "the association shall not be liable for damage to property caused by the elements or resulting from water which may leak or flow from outside or from any parts of the building except to the extent of any insurance proceeds available" In my eyes this is clearly their fault due to negligence, poor installation, poor maintenance and inspection of the building and they should be paying for all of the repairs to my unit or at least some of it. Are they exempt from liability in this situation due to what is stated in the declaration? Or is their still some sort of "public policy" or law that would put them on the hook for this? I've contacted a few lawyers and they all want to charge me a couple hours of labor to review the declaration but I have already reviewed the declaration and that is the portion that the HOA attorney is using on me.
  16. My ex and me have been divorce since 2013...separated since 2011. He was awarded custody at the time because he got the house my kids were born in and didn't work so didn't need child care whereas I did. Now he is threatening to take me to jail and pay a fine for not following the parenting plan. The plan stated that I have the kids every other weekend from Thursday after school to Monday morning. At that time I was working 2 minutes from their school and had every other Friday off but now live and work over 25 miles away. In February 2013 we mutually and verbally agreed that I can have my kids on the weekends. Now he is complaining I don't have the kids enough even if i have them almost every weekend so he can have more time to enjoy his life. I want full custody so i am unwilling to give him more time without custody and stop paying him child support. Which I pay every month. What should I do. i have court on April 7th
  17. My relative who is 64 years old got two cashier's checks deposited directly in her account on Feb. 24 2017 total amount of 20k. Today it is March 13 2017 which is 3rd week and credit union has restricted account access so funds and were not available for withdrawal. When asked this CU said we need to verify/validate the check deposited because they think it is a scam or bogus check and we want to protect or our member. But they could not specify when funds would be available. Is this common to hold the funds for such long time? when we check at ATM it shows funds fully available but when try to withdraw it says not possible. She gave me power of attorney because she is kinda sick so when I talked with CU about this on phone.....that girl said well you might be a part of scam....Are their any rules to protect consumers against such practice? what is allowed time limit for bank/credit union to hold funds like this?if there are any rules or law please refer me to such in state of WA
  18. I can't find a paid lawyer for our claims. In personal injury case my attorneys have already withdrew. So I was discussing bodily injury settlement directly with defense attorney via email. (everything in writing) Defense attorney expressly implied and misrepresented to make me believe that he and his insurance company will make reasonable separate offer for loss of consortium claim for legally separated spouse but after I settled my claim very next day they said oh there is no additional offer to settle loss of consortium claim. One of the main reason why I did not hire another attorney because he implied that they will make a reasonable offer but now I realize it was his mind game and to stall so time to file motion for continuance will pass away while engaged in settlement negotiation. We feel cheated, misrepresented and case is not closed yet so I want to write a motion for sanctions as well summary judgement for loss of consortium claim.
  19. 1. Legally separated couple in pierce county WA2. Husband was rear ended and settled his claim separately with third party insurance company.3. Since they are legally separated now wife's loss of consortium claim is still alive.4. Insurance company is offering only $1000 to settle that claim and wife is not ready to accept that amount.5. But when they tried to find an attorney to fight for loss of consortium claim its very tough.6. Where should they look for such attorney?7. At the time of filing lawsuit they were married and that attorney withdrew so currently they don't have an attorney.
  20. 1. Car accident personal injury claim. 2. Attorney withdrew from personal injury claim because he did not believe in our claim whole heatedly and did not want to try the case. i.e. he withdrew without good cause. 3. We settled directly with insurance company and settlement is quite more than he recommended and I could reduce subrogation costs to less than half. 4. Now he is asking for costs and fees and we don't agree to pay him any fees at all. Costs were about 3k and about 1k of this cost was due to his mistakes. We don't mind paying him 2k in costs. 5. If I don't agree to this what can attorney possibly do to recover his full costs and possibly some fees? What are the consequences for us if we don't have agreement and we don't pay him at all? 6. I believe he has to file a lawsuit and get a judgment against me? or he can directly sell it to collection agencies ? What else he or his law firm can do?
  21. Car accident personal injury settlement received directly from third party insurance company because an attorney withdrew from case.This was an ERISA plan from my spouse who was an employee for that company...I was just an dependent on her insurance. Now my spouse even not working for that health insurance company for last 4 months.Before attorney he withdrew he voluntarily said to health insurance administrator company that my client owes to 2k which in fact is not true becausesettlement received was just a nuisance value fault driver's insurance company did not pay medical costs connected to accident. So in my opinion I don't owe them anything.Now they are asking for 2k ...what if I can't pay them?We don't have that health insurance coverage any more so we don't care...Can they sell the debt to collection agency or they have to sue us and get judgement first ?What else they can do to get 2k they think we owe them?
  22. For years surface water has ran down my driveway from the street above. It collects at the bottom where my home and garage sit. It found its way into the neighbors property which was once an orchard. It's been that way for twenty plus years. There has been 3 owners that have lived there and now the last one is developing it into 7 houses after living there 10 years. He has put a curb along our property line from the street above to the back of our properties. It has caused water to collect on my property to the extent my garage gets water up to it's foundation short of going into the garage. That's a good rain. If it decides to rain much harder or longer it will flood. My question is what rights do I have in regards to this situation. Do I just take it, does he have any responsibilities in regards to the surface water that use to flow and seep into his property. What makes it worse is my driveway is at a low in the road so water from the left and right of my driveway dumps all that water down it. Also there is nowhere else for my water to go. His development storm drains are on the other side of his curb. Any help would be great. Thanks, Wet In Washington
  23. Just learned that a friend was denied a job due to a negative reference from his previous employer. He was a 10 year employee, with positive annual performance reviews, never counseled or disciplined for any performance or behavior issues. He resigned with advance verbal notice. Since his resignation he has looked for other employment and it has been difficult due to this negative reference which is totally unfounded. He was told by his most recent prospective employer that his last employer gave a negative reference. A search of my employment/personnel file will include only positive performance and attendance information. Does he have a case for defamation or some other legal avenue?
  24. SO rented a house that now needs repairs. Landlord is NOT completing those repairs and has said he doesnt intend to. Contacted a lawyer who said to send him a certified registered letter with return receipt which I went ahead and did. When he receives the letter he has 10 days from the receipt to complete the repairs. Well he refused the letter so NOW what do i do? Thanks
  25. I have an open style RV cover which we just discovered one 12" x 12" leg is over the property line by 5'. The cover has been there for about 9 years and the neighbor has not used their property for about 8 years. This is recreational property for both of us 1/3 of an acre each. They just had it surveyed and that is how we found out about the encroachment. They want me to move the RV cover so that the property line is not disturbed. I do not wish to pay that kind of expense to move or go to court over a pole that is over the line "by mistake" 9 years ago. We share a well that they have not used until now and we are not feuding yet. Hopefully it will not get to that. Does anyone have some idea that they my accept?