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Found 136 results

  1. Have issue with pass lawyer that wanting to take me to court over a settlement offer that's not sign or agreement too. Am paying my fees back monthly on dues. Do they really have a right to take me to court to something that's not in action and make me pay court fees as well?? Then they have a lien on my case that is not for all five years but have it just months this year? Left them in may,and lien started in March 2017? Help please
  2. So I have a friend who's husband has cheated and gotten another girl pregnant. She called the dr one day and gave the girls name and birth date and asked what time her apt was. The office gave the info but she didn't ask for anything other than the appointment time. But now she is being told she broke a law and he is threatening to have her arrested. Did she really break a law or is he just trying to bully her into not going after alimony for the cheating? Could she really do a year in jail and lose custody of her child because of this? I'm really worried for her
  3. After signing a residential lease agreement, and getting keys to property, the property was inhabitable due to holes in floor, rodent and roach infestation. Immediately contacted the rental company and notified them of the condition, they had no plans to fix the property, I returned the keys and refused to take possession of the property and requested a refund of my rent and deposit, they offered me $394.00 out of $1706.00. I declined to accept it, what legal recourse do I have?
  4. hey all! I am trying to help out my sister. My sis got married and eventually got divorced from the husband. She moved to texas to be near family. The problem isthat she lost her divorce papers and her VA drivers license expired. she cant drive because she has no identification explaining how she went from one name to the next. her birth certificate is under her maiden name, she went by husband number 1's name and didnt change it. she married guy number 2 and took his name. She has no current legal document to explain her current name (she got married and divorced... duh! govt! :sigh:) hubby posted an announcement in the local newspaper. he is not answering the phone. does she need an id to get a copy of the papers from the courthouse by mail? if not, how can she get a copy of the divorce papers? her SS card is under hubby 1's last name. can she use an expired drivers license to obtain papers from the court?
  5. If I sign a lease and the property owner gives you keys that don't work and you tell them they don't work & they tell you that you can't get keys until 3 days later. I brought the issues up & ask how are we going to resolve this issue & I was told, "I'll fix it". And not to mentioned we were being overcharged $100 per month for a furnished apartment that was unfurnished. Is it ok to withhold rent until it's resolved? And is the lease void without having adequate means to secure the apartment?
  6. OK.. Here it goes went to court on august 21st non custodial parent was giving a reduction of arrears for being sick in hospital they made a new ordered amount for him to finally start paying judge told him he had 45 days to pay like 1100 on his arrears. They went through his employer to start taking wages from him. finally on the 3rd I got a $330 payment from his employer but today marks I think his 46th day of not paying his arrears off. Now what do I do
  7. Hello, My husband work as Assistant Manager at a Retail store in the state of Virginia. My husband company has provided our children Health Insurance for almost 3 years now. Recently the company has asked us to provide a Govt issued Birth certificate for both children or a paternity test . They have threaten to take them off the health insurance and have to wait for the annual sign up. Our son was born in California and his father wasn't there to signed the original birth certificate. But for our daughter she was born in the state of VA. They pretty much told us we do not have any other options. At this moment we truly can't afford to pay over 100 for another birth certificate and paternity test. I want to know if this was legal as well as is this against our civil rights!! Please help us!!! Our son is 3 and daughter is 18 months. Health insurance company doesn't need it the information to cover our children. the company just want the information.
  8. As stated above I have an email from the V.P of my group outlining future changes and the email states "Dons replacement" i also have verbal confirmation from my direct Manager that he was told to write my review with negative statements that he would have never have made. My boss also stated, he was told to prepare a PIP that he also would have never filed with H.R. My work performance per my direct Manager has been excellent. I have contacted H.R. and discussions have taken placed but none with my direct Mgr who can support my claim against the V.P of two complaints. 1. Defamation of Charter 2. Harassment The negative yearly review cost me big time. I not receive the company bonus, nor a possible raise which I was expecting based on my direct Managers comments through out the year. Also, I was told by the VP of HR conversations have taken place with my mgmt. So, i ask my direct Mgr if anyone from HR discuss my situation? He answered immediately "NO Don, I would have told you" as you can tell I have a great working relationship with my boss. My boss was also highlighted in the same email that stated he was being demoted. He is, as I am confused... Last thing, I have copies of every email and my boss is willing to testify on my behalf if i decide to file a law suite. I am older, 57 and it took me 16 months to find another job after being laid off by Sprint. I spent 17 years there, and I lost everything. I cannot do that again, finding another job being three years older since the layoff will be worst then before. Where do I go next? Who do I talk too? Can I file a law suite even though I am still employed? Anyone? NEXT STEPS, IDEAS are appreciated. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
  9. Well yesterday I wake up to find a bunch of messages on Facebook only to realize there's been a warrant issued for my arrest. Immediately I'm like "great I'm on probation so here confess the PB-15. Will I find out that in August my friend and I go to Ace Hardware do i can apply for job. While I'm doing so (without my knowledge) my god old pal I'd going around the store stealing things etc and he's caught on camera. I finish my application ( that has all my personal info on it bff the way) and we proceed to leave. Will fast forward to yesterday. I don't understand how I can be charged when he was clearly the one on camera. They had footage and everything. Now they have my face all over social media too accusing me of theft. How is this even possible? They have me labeled as the genius who "provided all my info as I was stealing" It's very humiliating and poses a hour risk on my future. I've spoken with a lawyer and he said that I most likely won't be violated by my po since it'd only a misdemeanor and I haven't messed up probation in a year. As of now he told me to refrain from turning myself in until he talks to the prosecutor. How can I be charged with him if I didn't know? My criminal history is total crap and I doubt I could make bond. I can't afford to lose my job.. I have a three year old daughter not to mention I lost nearly everything I owned in a house fire. Someone please help me with advice.
  10. After over 2+ years of being passive-aggressive I am having issues with my own biological parents regarding my first and only biological son. As a single mother, our temporary housing options limit us much (economical) freedom and independence. Four years ago, when I was giving birth to my son, my parents didn't even want to get us discharged from the hospital, outside this jurisdiction, another state hospital. My son was confined to NICU as a preemature delivery and small interferences (four years later) create gaps of disloyalty, belittling, and indifferences of Child Care and Cutodial legal/ethical concerns; when I buy toddler groceries (for example), they mock me by purchasing similar products and unnecessary (verbally) denote me in front of my son over their manipulative domestic violent like economical tactic of "blaming me" for them unnecessarily buying the SAME things when in the first degree was their involuntary choice of spending bad habits. They have never completed personal finance college courses; I have and passed. When they feed him, they turn their backs and feed my son high intakes of sodium and fructose ingredient based consumptikns, knowing him (my son and I) four years ago shared umbilical cord and diabetes (pregnancy). They manipulate the situation by harassing me verbally by threats stating "we'll call the cops on you" when all I want is ALONE time just my son and I to have calmness to be able to sleep or get him ready for unecessary Autism preschooling and medical appointment screenings that they contribute/underlying cause. Two years ago, (I took a referral part time job by my own mother) transport her friends' children, leaving my son alone with them and as a result my son has the audiological issues and worst Farsightedness a four year age toddler does not need; complicating while hindering his development delays. They humiliate my son by perversive body language and non-verbal cues when I observe how they treat him when I am around. They whisper to a four year old things that I have absolutely nothing to do with regarding their insecurities with their acquaintances and family whom I DO NOT know nor spend time with on a regular personal downtime basis. They have in the past screamed, attempt to assault and batter me in front of my son who witnesses and is emotionally traumatized of the sporadic events. I have read psychological medical college reviews of pathological liar, and medical ailments of elderly age sicknesses like forgetfulness and outbursts of uncontrollable tempers similar idiosyncrasies; mood disorder/bi--polar?? They isolate me from family and laugh with childhood neighbors who are acquaintances and strangers (I don't hang out or know them). last month when I threw a family party for my sons birthday my mother invited former coworkers of her who insulted me in front of my son and with derelictions cause emotional distress subliminally make offensive and immature commenys every time I would casually pass by as the party planner for my child. after that, I called local police authority since they threatened to kill me by stating that out loud outside the house (they're neighbors are witnesses and overheard) harassing to evict me, by telling the cop I called, while my son had nervous breakdown as a witness to their inability to compartamentalize their behaviors and no emotions, adding more rift between having a healthy and safe relationship with my son and I. they ostracize me from sharing meals with them economically. They invade our privacy and violate Tort (personal) laws and falsely make me seem like I am inadequate to provide custody for my son through emotional and physical abuse; theologically and economically alienate, and without consent go places without me with my son (almost feels like kidnap since they do not share nor ask for consent and disclosure). I am the biological mother and often not told about activities they isolate me from as they use my son to get invited to gatherings leaving me out when I am not working or in college. the crossing of boundaries becomes more taxing when they get medical ailments, refuse to quarantine themselves, from my son, and passes the disease and viral infections to me twice now the entire summer season (time frame). I have been ignored and neglected as the biological single mother and they manipulate the situation of custodial rights by stripping away my dignity as a mother, former Veteran, and holistic student in medicine whenever he gets infections/bacterias from them. They seem discontent and zealous of my happiness with relationships, they ruined all my relationships with Community, mediate family, and now even with my biological son. I have been quiet for four years of the disregard and somewhat seem abuse of power. They even make excuses and lies to prevent me from taking my son to sunday masses where I had him baptized three years ago. I have caught their family and friends stalking (following me in public without disclosure) at local malls, restaurants, and even day care centers and when I finally mustered to confront them verbally they insult me and roll their eyes. For over 22 years of age adults, I expected reciprocity of mutual and civil respect not to be followed and bothered in public and even private spaces and when me and my son are in disposed and they ruin personal safety and security to have a peace of mind and allotted time to alone for solitude, rest, and healing. I have discussed this with a social worker who also works for the same county as my mother and I caught them talking behind my back several times committing conspiracy. I even caught them in the act kicking and dressing the same and body language cue each other. I have multiple times caught them abusing their rights and priveledges as they manipulate to make my son dislike me. They do not feed him healthy dietary planned meal and snacks (they overly feed him normal amount intake based on AGE), and do not attend parenting seminars, workshops and read college level books. They sit for hours in front of the television pretend to watch him while they snore as my son gets ADD/ ADHD and I am so upset of how they ruin his intellectual learning ability and add more development delays from age of 2 to now 4 years of age. I have observed them their friends family and neighbors and Community behaviors and subliminal illicit tactics and degrading communication abuse of power through manipulation of truths by documentations, security breech, and non parental consent activities. They often disregard my biological custody rights and downplay emotional unavailability negligence. They have abandoned me since I started working at the age of 15 years of age and over 15+ years later continue to be there for others and not me as their child. They plan ruining my relationships and talk (unnecessary slander/libel) behind my back with neighbors, their friends, and family whom think that acting immature over the age of 21 years old is equality and or normalcy. They raise my son in front of me as if I am not existent and every other day or so when they are in the mood to create drama harass me by using my son and care-taking issues which I did NOT ask nor give 'consent' for them voluntarily to do. They limit my biological mother and reproductive rights by abuse-like tactics and never consider how I might be feeling. As a biproduct my son and I go to medical (unnecessary) appointments due to their incapacity to provide preventive medicine lifestyle and moral/ethically justifiable base welfare, living conditions. I dont feel feel like anyone is on my side as they insult me subliminally and tell me to either commit suicide by unnecessary medications when I am studying alternative homeopathic medicine that does not rely on prescribed medications. They even isolate me alone after they throw ropes and harmful contrabands in the house, outdoors, and when they want to seem cool with their adult peers; probably since their bullying friends betray they're children. I never and am not jealous of their jobs and make them look bad while they are at work, and when I was working their weird friends literally made me look bad with my coworkers who they throw parties and go to restaurants with them behind my back; continuing the conspiracy to ruin relationships. I have thought of seeking guidance with an employment lawyer about the personal attack while at work or in when in college, but cannot sufficiently afford retainers' fee nor want to justify their immature improper behaviors and downtime activities. if you were in my disposition, how would you cope with these indifferences? as a former communications undergrad I am aware of the generation gaps and parenting upbringings that their generations did to my generation, but often times I feel marginalized and misconceptionally misinterpreted. Thats an exhibit evidence photo of a dispute I am sharing as personal testimonial to the events I listed above; legally/ethically and morally.
  11. Need advice about a student loan that I have, I'm getting garnished and the collection agency says I cannot set up a payment plan. Also on my credit they say I have 4 loans out on 2 student loans which I didn't do 3 months of online classes with each. I'm stuck and don't know what's going on with University of Phoenix. They send my loans out to all these collection agency and know I'm not for sure what to do. Help
  12. Situation: First: I received a parking violation($250) for parking in a firelane/no parking zone and several other parents received tickets for parking in front of my daughter's school. A police officer in an unmarked police car pulled in front of parents during senior early dismissal. He ticketed the car in front of me and told me "Since I am giving her a ticket I'll have to give you a ticket too." I told the officer " Sir, my engine is running and I have not left my car." "We do this (wait in front of the school, caravan style ) everyday." I was going to tell him how we drop off in the mornings (over 20 cars) in the same lane. But I could not because he didn't want to listen. This officer proceeded to the next car and gave the parent waiting for their child a parking ticket for $250. This officer is not a resource officer assigned to the school by the city and he could have asked us parents to move our cars as a verbal reprimand instead of writing us tickets for $250. This was handled poorly. The school were my daughter attends has a lot of parental involvment and its a blue ribbon school. Parents use the same no parking zone/fire lane when dropping their children off in front of the school in the morning. The morning line is long 5 -10 minutes to drop off your child. It is a school designated drop off for parents in the morning and evening. However, in the afternoon parents pick up seniors for early release in the same no parking/Fire lane. I pickup my daughter for early realease. Seniors are not allowed to remain in the school without permission or remain on the school grounds. Also, buses for the evening technical program drop off students in front of the school's fire lane/no parking zone. I have and other parents have parked (caravan formation) and waited in our cars for years and we were never told we could not pick up and wait for our children in front of the school, even though it a No Parking Zone/Fire Lane. Secondly, the school has a resource officer and the principle of the school told me he has never had a problem with parents receiving tickets when picking up their children. The principal has stopped parents from dropping off their children in the teacher parking lot and to use the fire lane/no parking zone. Thirdly, My husband who is retired law enforcement talked to the officer who wrote the ticket violations supervisor. She was unforgiving and did not understand why the officer involved could use his lights and verbal reprimand first to resolve the matter. This really should have been the best thing to do instead giving me and other parents a tickets.
  13. So my employer has overpaid me by $3106.00. The way that it was presented on my pay stub I didn't question it because it was under the tips section. Which is entirely possible where I work. Anyway so I was called the day after I deposited the check to fix the problem. And I had no issue with it. And I asked them for the routing number to send the money back to and I did.( I have the confirmation numbers for everything). The extra money is no longer in my bank account, and my company is claiming that they haven't received the payment. And saying further that I have to now give up my paycheck until they are paid back in full. I can't afford to do that. If that happens I'll be homeless. What can I do.
  14. Recently two roommates and I have moved into a house through a realty and property management company. I applied with my dog on my application but my other roommates didn't. So the dog had been verbally mentioned to the property manager and it was listed on my application. We were never given an addendum to agree to and we were never required to pay a deposit. Everything was fine until move-in day when they remembered we had a dog and immediately told us we had to get rid of it. Through a long thread of emails they have come to the conclusion that we must sign an addendum and pay a $1000 fee. We have come to the conclusion that, based on the lease terms, the dog has already been permitted to live on the premises. The reason we have come to this conclusion is because the lease explicitly states that "written consent is hereby granted only for the pet(s) listed on the Application." Is there such a thing as an unreasonable fee and if so can it be argued to be lowered or waived? Are we wrong by having her on the property?
  15. If two people had a child together, are not married, are not living together and the father is not listed on the Birth Certificate... is there any reasonable chance that by petitioning for paternity and legal custody he will be able to prevent the mother from leaving the state with that child?
  16. I was married in Virginia 02-10-1998 and we have been separated since 01-28-1999. We had no children together - no assets of any kind. Once every few years he will call me - I bring up getting a divorce and he says "I'm not ready for a divorce and I will not sign papers." I know he lives in California but I have no address and no other information on his whereabouts. It has been almost 19 years and I would like to remarry and relocate from Virginia to North Carolina. Surely there has to be a way to get this accomplished??
  17. I worked for a company in HR for the past year. The upper management is very sexist and all women had to deal with sexists comments all the time. I tried to warn the executives and we even started harassment training but the behavior continued. I was hesitant to complain while I was in my role there. I do not work there anymore. I was fired for performance issues, which were never made aware to me prior to my termination. That's another issue. What is the best course of action to file a complaint? Go to the EEOC and file with what I have gathered or get an attorney? Can I even get an attorney before I go through the EEOC? Any help is appreciated. Thanks & Best!
  18. I have rented a town house for 8 plus years. Gave 60 day verbal of moving out. Landlord was good with this. Now after move out and not giving me more than 24 hour notice of her desire to do final walk though inspection which I was unable to participate in. She is no longer communicating and hinting to numerous Damages. I repaired all broken screens doors and patched walls from pictures. Had carpets professionally cleaned and sprayed for fleas as had a dog. All rent and utilities pain on time. She is now saying she has to get estimates on all damage and will send us a bill. No sure what to do. She has 500 dollar pet deposit as well as 2250 in deposit. What to do.
  19. I am amidst a separation, and we are ready to file for divorce, now that we've been separated ample amount of time required by our state. I have a question about his vehicle. We took a title loan out on it, the month before we separated. I've paid more than 1/2 of it off but he's not helping pay it back. His vehicle is in my name, and currently he doesn't have insurance on it and an expired registration because he wouldn't give me the $ to renew it. I gave him an ultimatum but need to make sure, legally, I'm able to do this. I told him he had until the end of August to pay off this loan so we can get this van OUT of my name, or i was going to sell it to pay it off. Added: I've tried selling our jet ski and trailer to pay off this debt, and he & his brother fought me on it, so it's not like I'm being vindictive. I'm coming up with solutions that'll benefit him, but keep getting met with resistance.
  20. A resident of Virginia, my friend is a disabled 55 year old man living in his family home for many years. His Mother has Alzheimer's and is soon to be moved to a nursing home. His Mother has given power of attorney to her Grandaughter. My friend, who is very high functioning and works part time doesn't want to leave the family home; as he's comfortable and mentally adjusted there. It appears the Grandaughter is dropping hints that's she's going to throw him out. At any rate, he's upset and feels he has to move out, but cannot afford it and probably never will be able to on his $900 disability check. My question is this: Is there any way to assure my friend can remain in his family home for the rest of his life? Please advise.
  21. I filed for custody of my 2 wonderful girls in December 2009. In June of 2010 I was awarded custody and child support. Their father was working a job making $11/hr at that time. Recently, he got a better job making over $5,000.00/month. So, I went to amend the child support order 5-11-17. On 5-16-17 he filed for custody of our children. On 5-30-17 we got a GAL for the case. I hired the same lawyer as the first time. I was to see the GAL on 7-5-17. I called him to see if I could him at 3pm instead of 11am. I had never met or talked with him before. He was so very rude to me I called my attorney as soon as I got the phone with him. I told her how rude he was to me and for no good reason. She stated that it was just too close to the date to change the GAL. Please keep in mind that court was set for 7-20-17. I met with him in his office. He stated that the kids had missed 5 days of school and was tardy 3 days. When I went to reach for the records, he put it into a manila folder instead of showing me. Then he asked me about my ex who I was talking to for 2 weeks last year and never brought around my kids. I found out what he was about and ended it. He hasn't been a part of my life since. I told this to the GAL. He asked about my new boyfriend. I've been seeing him since Aug. I didn't introduce him to the kids until Nov. Late Nov at that. He asked how we got along and how he was with my kids. I told him he treats me like a queen and treats the kids like princesses. They love him as do I. He asked about my parents. My father passed in 2005 and my mother passed this past Easter Sunday. He asked about my vehicle situation. I told him my license is suspended so I sold it to save the trouble. He asked about their father's parents. I said yes they live about 45 minutes away, but I will always let them be apart of their lives. Regardless how I feel, they're still the girls grandparents. He said he wanted a home visit the next day and wanted my new boyfriend there. I told him I'd make that happen. I told him the girls were with their dad for their summer visitation, and wouldn't be there. He said he already met them. The next day he showed on time. He saw the entire house. Made a comment that I had a washer and dryer and he noticed the A/C unit in my bedroom. I told him there was another one in the living room. He asked about the heat. I told him it was oil heat. He said his good-bye and left. I was very confused. He just shook my boyfriend's hand without saying anything to him. Why did he want him there? I called my lawyer and asked to meet her the Monday prior to court. She said she didn't speak to the GAL yet. She had been busy. I talked to her about evidence to use in court. She said none of it could be used. She said I had to use certain dates. When I went to court on 7-20-117, she met with me and stated that I was right the GAL was bias. She said I can either give the kids up and risk losing all visitation or I could fight. I told her I was going to fight. I have been a single mom since 2009. Why would I give them up now? Their father had been in and out of their lives for the last few years. When I got into the courtroom, I was completely blindsided! The GAL told the judge that my youngest was scared of me and her older sister had to protect her. They said I smoked pot, but refused to give me a drug test when I asked. They said I always left my kids with the neighbors. They said my kids will never know a personal relationship because my parents are no longer alive. They said I had no heating and cooling system. My ex was without counsel keep in mind. My attorney did not bring in any witnesses on my behalf. My past was brought into question. They did NOT ask about my youngest child's learning disability. Or how I have learned to help her with that or that she has special needs due to it and how I've done this on my own for so long and still go to University of Phoenix. They asked him why after the past 3 years he suddenly wanted to be a part of their lives. He stated that he watched his son grow up with his wife and now realizes that he missed out. My ex was brought up again. The judge stated that he knew him and he didn't like him and that was a poor decision on my part He said even if I did not have him around my kids it still disturbed him that I allowed him around me. He said that he also did not like the side of the town my home was on. Which I had just got out of the ghetto by the way. And told me that my ex could have my children and I could see them every other weekend. I found out after court that the GAL is friends with my ex's father, the judge should have recuse himself due to my ex and my attorney threw her hands in the air at me and pushed her chair away from me. I found out she had a conflict of interest with my boyfriend. Oh yeah! Here's the best part, the record I wasn't allowed to see was forged!!! I have my records stating my children have perfect attendance and they said they missed 15 days and was tardy 17. What do I do???
  22. With my individual circumstances that lead me to postulate the ethical and legal personal injury/tort; I have utilized this web site to allocate answers, and have been running in a stationary of unresolved medical/ personal injury grievance answers to fix my problem. Here is my real life story; (any personal and legal insights to the scales of the unbalanced injustice would suffice). Numerous times, by false allegations, I have been slandered about being 'crazy' after having my first child outside marriage. The conflict came to its peak, about two years ago, when my own parents sent to the hospital to stay over night to be 'Evaluated' in the hospital for 26 hour duration. A year prior to that, around 2013 I was studying psychology, which seems a little insulting on my end to subjected to badgered about my mental health by unaccredited people who spread so much rumors and lies that I ended up with a over $680 over medical bill for the overnight 'Evaluation.' Before being discharged from the hospitalization, I was appointed to a legal counsel, who(m) suggested I file an "injunction" to prevent the malicious slandering of personal injury tort that has of course caused emotional distress of being Falsely Accused. Numerous times, I stopped at the County Health Department to contest the outstanding financial damage of the medical bill and numerous times, the County failed to process my claim with my insurance that is mandated by the County itself. And last week, I walked in without appointments and open case, as the legal counsel instructed me to, Domestic Courts i(n the same County/jurisdiction) to inquire regarding filing for the injunction to further prevent double jeopardy due to rumors that lead up to slander and personal injuries and damages. As always, every time I walk into ANY and EVERY County Human Resources in courts and health departments, they provide little to no assistance and I am unsure how to further prevent being 'slandered'? By my own family and possible County that I reside in. I am also contemplating on filing for protective/restraining order for my toddler, so both him and I will never go through the unlawful situation. I feel betrayed and I have overly exhausted all scholastic legal research to fix this dispute of civil small claims. Any honest opinions would help; I cannot find Pro Bono nor afford retainers' fee for actual arbitrary guidance; is it something worth of a arbitrary, file of injuction, or should i just ignore the immature bullying adult gossips?
  23. ref: Is anyone a victim of this predatory lending tactic attack on personal finance? How do I ensure this is even a legit civil case? Numerous times, when I contacted D.C. legal Service Members hotlines, they do nothing to expunge the total overall cost of my own college loans with Navient? I am trying to ensure legit calculations, I have wasted over $8,0000 out of pockets repaying my debts to Sallie Mae and now forwarded to a separate company 'Navient' after the (link above) litigation hearing civil (white collar crime) case in May 2014. I feel a little ostracized as one of the victims of this case. Any insights?? Consumer Rights; FTC>> F.C.R.A. American Civil Liberties Union
  24. I am a domicile temporary resident near D.C., MD, VA tri-state and just need links or additional references of legal counsel with small to no retainers' fees? Does anyone know anybody accredited for this type of grievance in civilian civil courts? Economically, I cannot attain retainers fees or pre-trial billable hour charges.
  25. Hi, The court clerk informed me that it was okay for me to mail in my custody appeal via USPS. I had ten days to appeal and I mailed with a tracking # the appeal on the the 10th day. Now the other parties lawyer is trying to motion that I missed the appeal due date by 4 days. Is their a code in VA that I can sight for mailing in motions or appeals? The appeal is set and ready to go. The other lawyer is trying to get the appeal throughout.