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Found 295 results

  1. I took my car in for a safety recall on airbags and door handles. They installed the one door handle wrong and had to take the car back in. Dealership lost my vehicle for a week. Finally had repair completed just to find out a screw was left out which scratched the paint down to the frame. I took the car back in and the car was repainted and had an oil change done at the same time. Now my car shakes and makes a terrible sound. Dealership has had the car since Friday. It is now Wednesday. I have heard nothing from them. I called to get a status update and the dealership refuses to talk to me. I asked to speak with a general manager because I have spoken with every single manager level in between attempting to fix the previous issues. There is no one left to speak with. I am told the GM only takes appointments and no one has his schedule so they cannot make an appointment. What do I do?
  2. If your Texas employer pays you via salary continuation vs workers compensation pay for an OTJ injury, can your salary continuation be docked for days missed due to the fore said OTJ injury causing you to be unable to work.
  3. Hello I am in desperate need of some guidance here. My boyfriend was stabbed in front of me last July and as a result of the wounds died. There are several issues here that I know I need an attorney to help resolve, I am just unsure of what sort of an attorney I need #1 and a few other things that I need someone with legal knowledge to point me in the right direction . Hopefully I've come to the right place . I live in a very small town which is where this happened. We were in my car taking a friend home & the friend is the person who committed the crime. #1 I called 911 immediately and began giving him CPR- 45 minutes later several volunteer fireman show up in their own vehicles ano ambulance etc and by that time he was dead. About the same time the last couple of firemen arrived 2 police cars & 2 county Sheriffs arrived on scene. I was put in one of the police cars covered in blood and begged them to move the car-- let me sit somewhere that I can't see my bf laying dead on the road- to which they declined. Finally they covered his body , took me to the police station to get my statement and then originally were just sending me on my way. Mind you the car was impounded as evidence so I had no transportation and no way to get anyone to come get me . I just saw my bf murdered I was hysterical as u can imagine. The chief of police offers me a ride and then wouldn't even take me home to Mount Pleasant 20 miles away... I was dumped in front of the dollar general in the same street I had just seen my bf killed on hours before. This has totally screwed me up emotionally , mentally -- I am a mess. My bf could still be here if they had answered the 911 call sooner than 45 MINUTES after the fact . I kept him alive I did my best - this is a town population 1500 what was the hold up in responding and when they came there wasn't an ambulance . Fire truck -- nothing volunteer fireman in their personal vehicle - how would we have got to the hospital if he HAD been alive . The police did not offer me any info or guidance for victim relief. They treated,me as if it was no big deal to witness your significant other stabbed perform CPR for 44 minutes and he still died . Then to dump me off on the middle of the night right back where it has happened ? I've read this is easily extreme emotional distress that they are directly responsible for- I need counseling at the very least to cope w this and can't get anyone to help me I want to sue the police. Sheriffs office and truly the firemen -- this is a very small town and county and if I talk to an attorney in this city or county the whole area will know before i leave the attorneys office . This is a good ol boy mentality so I need to know is a civil attorney is what I need first of all and secondly , how do I find an attorney outside of that county that can represent me ? Please someone tell me what to do
  4. I was recently out with the birth of my baby. It was an emergency. I missed the Thursday and Friday before the labor day holiday, and the following Tuesday. The company used my PTO and vacation for Thursday and Friday but did not pay me for the holiday on Monday. Can they take my PTO and Vacation day away with out my knowledge and then not pay me for holiday?
  5. I am 1/6th owner/shareholder of a small family owned oil and gas business for which I ran and grew for the last 15years without any help form the other owners/shareholders. After calling a shareholder meeting to discuss the purchase of a new machine attitudes flared. They asked for passwords to bank accounts and credit cards for which I gave to them freely because they have that right as an owner/shareholder. They found some discrepancies on the credit cards and without discussing the discrepancies with me they forced me to resign with threats to have me arrested. They will not provide me with the information they have accused me of and they have shut me out of the business. There were some personal charges on the credit cards which was in my name but over the past 15years couldn't have been more than $8k - $10K. The business is an S corporation and I have equal shares in this business. The business had a CPA firm for which the books were turned over to monthly. I was accountable for everything that went on. What legal rights do I have as far as them shutting me out and locking me out of that business?
  6. On the 1st of September, I called my company to ask about my check, with this company your first two checks are a physical check and the rest are directly deposited into your bank account. I wanted to clarify that it would be deposited but when I called the lady told me it had already been mailed. And when she found my direct deposit form she said, "Oh, I just found your form now. I make sure to go ahead and overnight ship your check to you for this inconvenience." Come Tuesday morning, nothing. I give them a call, they tell me it'll be there either Tuesday or Wednesday, I wait till Wednesday afternoon. Still nothing. I give them another call, they say it'll be there either Wednesday or Thursday, come Thursday. Still nothing. I call them again and they tell me if nothing Friday, give us a call back and we'll escalate this. So I wait, I'm very unhappy. My rent was late, my boyfriend and I had to dip into his savings for his medication to pay for the rent this month because of this inconvenience. Friday, I get a call from a guy that works at HR telling me he's going to look into why my check still isn't here, and to give him a call Monday morning. I wait till Monday, I call him, he tells me we can stop a payment and reissue another check, or send a paycard instead of a check with this and next paycheck because it could take up to 10 ****ing days. I just want my ****ing money. Honestly. Is there anything I can do? This is just a run about and I'm being told bullshit and bullshit about my pay.
  7. WE lease a commercial suite about 2000 sq feet and got water damage from a neighbor tenant who runs a meat market and has a kitchen and sells food in the premises , for the second time in a space of months , we have got water flooding our suite and this time its in the lobby of our space , the water is along all the walls adjoining to the neighour , with moisture meter running to 50 -100% 3-4 feet on the walls, 100% more than half way on the floor , and has affected more than half of my suite , i called and talked with the next door tenant , its been almost a week and they still cant trace the leak , the only thing they have done is to insulate their floor from further damage and per tenant even the next door neighbor is complaining that the their space on the other side of the meat market is flooded, meanwhile our business is sufferring due to damage to the lobby and more than half the clinic having moisture , I called the landlord , who says that the tenant is "working on the issue ", and that i should file claim to my insurance and my insurance with file claim with next door neighbor , but i dont think its fair , since the damages are extensive the next door tenant might just declare bankrupty and leave , what is the right course of action for me, if i let water stay for too long , it can even cause mold issue , the landlord says the neighbor will take care of it , when nothing has happended in the last 7 days , this is the second incident , months back water pipe burst from the walk in freezer closet and water came in our back rooms, it was small and area and neighbor fixed , but the guy who was sent by the neighbor to fix the back said that the freezer , storage units , have not been done properly and rightly forcast that i will again have issues from the next door tenant , that the freezer unit should not be directly next to the our common dry wall, and that he is not fixing things according to city code , and walk in freezer unit , kitchen feeze storage all along our wall , all of them leak , please give your feedback . and how to we ensure this does not happen a third time, its a constant stress now and for us we will lose business if we leave to another location ( when our lease ends in few years )
  8. I have a question about a recent stop. I was stopped this morning by a constable for "cutting off" the constable. I was not given a citation for "unsafe lane change" or anything else (no warning either). I would like to go and file a complaint against the LEO for his language during the encounter, and also for opening my car door. However i do not want to walk into another opportunit for a citation. He did not call anything in and did not write anything down, and no incident report was file as of the time of this post. Anyone know if this would be a problem in regards to filing a complaint and getting a ticket after the fact. I realize this could be fought as a sort of retaliation ticket, but dont really want the hassle.
  9. My fiance has daca right now we are getting married in October I'm trying to figure out what the next step is to get her green card without having her to have to go back to Mexico and then back here. Is that possible. Please help me .
  10. We found out that my husband supposedly received a ticket for no insurance on 23 Aug 1997. That became a arrest warrant on 8 Mar 2008. It is now Feb 2015! My husband has been stopped since then, he went to take his state inspectors test, has had a couple of background checks and the Navy has done a security search for his security clearance. At NOW time has this thing showed up. Can they do this?
  11. I got a speeding ticket in Texas on June 26th 2015. It's been 2 years and just got a court date on July of 2017. I was wondering if there was a statute of limitations on speeding tickets in Texas.
  12. Hello, A friend of mine lease was immediately terminated due to water damage from Hurricane Harvey. We understand the lease being terminated but not the time to remove his property from his apartment which was 5 days. From what I understand, law enforcement is permitting him from entering the area and news reports do not guarantee that the flood water will reside. What can he do about this unrealistic time frame?
  13. If I have a child support case in Texas and I moved to Colorado what do I need to do to ensure that my child support gets taken out of my new jobs checks
  14. To whom it may concern: I live in Houston Texas where we got hit recently with Hurricane Harvey. I have not be able to make to work due to route being closed by Flood. There is one way to go that everyone goes through and it takes 2 to 3 hours on traffic. I can't do this crazy trip because my car thank God did not suffer damage but uses to much gas and I don't have money for gas. To make the long story short, they were supposed to pay us yesterday August 31 st, but they said we will get paid Monday September 4th. But I found out that some employees got paid except us. Is this even Legal? Is it Legal for the Employer to harass me for not making it to work if I am concerned about my safety? plus he had said that it was voluntary for us to arrive to work this week. It does not look like it on his texts. Please need to know what should I do? Hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you.
  15. Our grandson, we have legal custody, was suspended from school last school year at the end of school and sent to alternative school. He is classified as a Special Ed student and has an AARD on file. When summer started and they were out of school, we were notified that we needed to attend an AARD meeting at the alternative school. We were confused as to why. AT the meeting we were told that he would not be allowed to return to the alternative school the next year and would be sent to Tarrant County Juvenile Justice Alternative Program (TCJJAEP) in Fort Worth, 20 miles from our house and we would be responsible for getting him there. Crowley ISD, Crowley High School, Crowley Special Ed Coordinator, Fort Worth Special Ed Coordinator, TCJJAEP special ed coordinator have all said they are not responsible for busing him to this school 20 miles from home. Fort Worth states this is a county school and the school district where he lives is responsible for setting up bus service for a special ed student, Crowley states he is enrolled in Fort Worth schools and since he was not receiving bus services prior (we live a few blocks from the school) that Fort Worth is responsible for getting him bus transportation. Fort Worth states the TEA Special Education website, A-Z, D for Student disability and removal states even if he was expelled from school, Crowley, TX ISD is responsible for getting him set up for a bus. NO ONE is helping me and I have been tossed around and my husband is going to work 2 hours late every day and will probably soon get written up, if not fired from his job. Please HELP!
  16. Since the EFT Act requires a financial institution to obtain the affirmative consent of the consumer before they can charge a fee for paying ATM and one time debit card overdrafts, what options tdoes a consumer have get the money refunded when they did not to opt-in for that ATM and one time debit card overdraft service and was charged overdraft fees by the financial institution anyway?.
  17. I have a question about a commercial property that we are leasing. For the past 8 months we have been going back with the city for the certificate of occupancy. From one inspector giving us a green tag to the next day another inspector coming in and saying we need to change this or that to be up to code. Now an inspector has come in and said that they will "not issue a certificate of occupancy". So we notified the landlord that we cannot conduct business at this location and requested that the lease be voided. He is now requesting an eviction and pass due rent since we notified him and moved out. He also accepted our last rent check which we clearly stated on the check "last rent check". My question is what is the defense at the eviction hearing since the city is unwilling to issue a certificate of occupancy. We have moved to the neighboring city and have received our certificate of occupancy and are conducting regular operation. Since a certificate was NEVER issued at all from the city would there not be regulation to protect us against a lease that was signed with something that is completely outside of our control. We have 9 location this is the first time that a city has been so hard on a certificate of occupancy.
  18. My brother who has taken care of our elderly Mother for the last 15 years passed away in January of this year. I have since taken over care of my Mother. My Brother's estate consist of a bank account with appx. $700, three old cars of little value, and few acres of property with a value of $30,000, and an enormous amount of medical bills. My Brother has been letting a family live on his property for the last 25 years for free, just so there would be somebody to watch over his collection of old scrap cars of very little value, and also to help out this family. Going forward, I have no intention of trying to sell this place for several reasons. The main reason is that it would be a hard ship for the family that's been living there to have to relocate, another reason is I believe the clean up cost and effort to get the property ready to sell would be equal to what it would sell for. Right after my Brother passed, I contacted an attorney and he agreed to take care of the legal work and said once he had everything completed the cost for everything would be $1000 dollars to be paid when he was done. I agreed. We had a couple of phone conversations after that and then he quit returning my calls and emails. Last month I contacted another attorney for help, explained everything and was told they would call me back. I never got any response. If I don't plan to sell this property and just allow the family living there to stay, just as if my Brother were still alive, and I keep paying the annual taxes $300. Do I need to have his estate probated? What happens if I do nothing? Are there any liabilities? Thanks, John
  19. In the state of Texas, if an hourly employee has a city issued phone are they required to answer their city issued phone during their lunch break without being compensated? Is this against the state or federal law?
  20. One year ago (August 2016) my ex of 20 years and I broke up due to her having an affair. We had a horrible fight over the phone and she never came home again. Her sister moved her out and I thought it was over. A month later I asked her to care for our dogs because my mother passed away and I needed to go home for her burial. She never took care of the dogs but managed to steal $ 9,000.00 from my Credit Union account. The money was placed into that account to cover my mother's funeral. Two weeks after my return home I found out the money was gone and immediately figured out she had taken the money while I was at my Mom's funeral. I called her several times but she ever answered the phone so l left messages giving her 24 hours to return the money. The messages were horrible but I never said that I was going to physically hurt her in any way. After several hours without getting an answer or call back I drove to her apartment. She wasn't there so I left her a note on the door demanding she return the money within 24 hours. She never did return the money and I was too broken to pursue any legal issues at the time so I let it go. I never heard from her again and focused on getting my life back in track. I am retired military and work for the Federal Government. My job depends on a Top Secret Security Clearance. If I lose my Security Clearance I lose my job. Om 6 May 2017 I received a call from my ex asking me to let her come back to the house. I told her she wasn't allowed on my property and to leave me alone. Two days later she called back and I hung up the phone. As soon as the call was over I proceeded to block her phone number and block her from my Facebook account. I also sent her a text letting her know she wasn't to contact me again.That same day she left me a phone message saying "all I wanted was for you to be nice to me, girlfriend. Now you're going to need and attorney. I love you". All of these contacts have been documented and recorded. I have these documents. That afternoon she filed a Protective Order in the State of Arizona. I live in Texas and have never been to AZ. Wasn't even aware that she had moved out of TX. My understanding was that she lived in Dallas. During the next month she called the cops in AZ several times and complained that I was stalking her, had broken into her apartment, had knocked on her door for hours, and left her notes threatening her life. Every time the Police Officers would call me I would confirm my location to them. Every time she claimed I was stalking her I proved to the cops I was in TX. I got served a Protection Order at the end of June and immediately appealed it. Travelled to AZ for the hearing and presented the judge with evidence of my whereabouts for every incident / date my ex claimed I was in AZ stalking her, breaking into her apartment or whatever claimed she was making at the time. The judge dismissed the Protection Order and stated to my ex to stop the ambush and move on with her life. Since then I've spoken to members of her family and friends and she hasn't stopped. I am concerned this woman is going to get me Fired and make me lose my Top Secret Clearance. I want to suit her for defamation of character but have a few questions: .. can I suit her in the state of TX? .. does this situation qualify for this kind of suit? .. I have spent a few thousand dollars in attorney fees, travel, loss of pay, etc.. can I suit her for these losses using his kind of suit? I am looking to hire an attorney in the Dallas / Fort Worth area but would love to hear your opinions and recommendations. Thanks, Lisa Winokur
  21. My oldest son purchased a vehicle and traded in his SUV at a dealership in Dec 2016. About 4 months ago, while driving I noticed a vehicle that looked just like my son's SUV. I caught up to the vehicle, noticed it had the paper plates and had the same damages on the SUV. I took pictures to show someone. Last month he received the renewal for the tags. We went to the tax office and was informed that the title transfer was not done an the vehicle is still in his name. We were in shock because the trade in was done at at dealership. The next day he went to the dealership and informed of them of the problem. They had him sign a blank title transfer document. Till this day, I don't feel comfortable knowing that the dealership allowed someone to drive the SUV while under my son's name. Can he sue the dealership for putting my son liability and assets at risk? Less
  22. My son was in a horrible car accident. He was in the passenger seat. The drive was drunk and on drugs and did not want to call the police. I am suing the driver the owner of the car and the insurance. The insurance filed a motion to get dismissed from the case. I don't understand what've done incorrectly or why they are trying to avoid paying. What are my options? I've done the following: 1) filed my petition with the district court before the statue of limitations 2) cited all 3 defendants 3.) filed the military status declaration 4) paid to have the citation to be posted on the court bulletin I just received a letter from the court that I don't understand. The letter states ORDER ON MOTION FOR DISMISSAL NUNC PRO TUNC (signed July 26, 2017) The attached letter reads On this day, after due consideration and examination of the original judgement rendered by the court on June 8, 2017, the court finds that the judgement entered on June 8, 2017 incorrectly states "plaintiffs" motion for dismissal in the first sentence of the order, rather than correctly stating defendant Federated National Insurance Company's" motion for dismissal. It is therefore, ordered, adjudged and decreed that this NUNC PRO TUNC order on defendant Federated national insurance company's motion for dismissal is granted, and that the court will enter the June 8, 2017 signed judgement NUNC PRO TUNC. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed (my name) cause of action against defandant Federated national insurance company as alleged in plaintiffs most recent petition which is filed herein, shall be dismissed with prejudice at cost of the party incurring same.
  23. Approx. 5 employees that work for a city (government entity) went to EEOC and obtained a right to sue letter. Two employee case was filed last year and EEOC has been working the case. The other 3 filed with EEOC this week for discrimination, retaliation, harassment, nepotism, sex and gender. I am curious as to why EEOC does not like working cases against a city entity? Why it so had to file a class action lawsuit against the city? What needs to be done so that an attorney will file a class action lawsuit?
  24. hello my name is Yvonne [Redacted by Moderation], I'm trying to find a lawyer so I can began my case against my Landlord.. i have mold inside of my apartment and had reported to my landlord, the landlord refuses to fix the problem and the leak that I have inside of my apartment.. I please contact me at [Redacted by Moderation]
  25. Does anybody know if you can bury in a cemetery that has not been plotted yet (in Texas) ? I belong to unincorporated Cemetery Association and they are conducting burials without a plot plan. Is this legal in Texas?