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Found 313 results

  1. I bought a car from a "friend" and before I got the title my engine burned up. A guy I grew up with owns an auto repair shop and towed my car to his shop, diagnosed it and said he would replace the engine for $1200 which was the price for a new engine only, no labor or anything else. He told me that I could pay him out but that i had to do it in cash only. I still owed 600 and he calls me in the middle of the night and says he was in trouble and if i would give him 300 right then that he would consider my car paid in full and he would have my car back to me in 3 days. I couldn't come up with the money and so I ended up paying him the remaining 600 a few days later. Every week he would tell me that my car would be ready next week, then next week would come and it still wasnt ready. After this went on for about 2 months, i found out he never even ordered the engine. Then he gives me his "personal" truck to drive, and said i could use it until he fixed my car, but instantly things started going out on the truck, (i.e., the tire, then the starter, then the belt, then the tension pulley, then it started over heating, lastly the inspection went out). Meanwhile, every week he's again telling me next week, next week, 5 months later, i still don't have my car back and i call him and he tells me it's almost done and he is so sorry for all of the run around, and that he is gonna give me back 300 that i paid when my car is ready. So I call him on the day it's supposed to be ready and he tells me to talk to his GM who tells me again, no engine had been ordered. So I talk to my friend again and he tells me he is sorry for all of the confusion, and that this time he is gonna give me back all of my money when my car is fixed. Then a month later tells me that my car will be ready at the end of the week, and to be there at 645 on friday evening to pick up my car, so on fri i call and this time im told his mechanic quit on him but he has a new guy starting and it will be ready on tues at the very latest. So tues comes and again im told there hadnt even been a motor ordered. So understandably upset i texted him that i wanted my &&(^%%^ car back, and he texts me back very irate telling me that he was going to raise the price of my repair to full price and that i had to return his truck to him by that evening or he was going to report it stolen and then tells me to go get my car as is and he isn't giving me any money back then tells me there is a new rule that if i cant produce my title then i cant have my car back period. So I try to apologize for cussing at him and he wont accept my apology and quits responding to me period. I call up to the shop a week later and talk to a new guy who says they had ordered 3 different motors and they were all the wrong ones and that he was going to personally order it and call me back that evening to tell me a status. Then my x husband went up there the next day and talks to that same guy who said my friend tried to do me a favor but actually quoted me a price that wasnt even enough money to buy the new engine and that I need to pay 600 more dollars if i want my car fixed. It has now been almost 7 months and noone will answer my calls and i still have no car. what do i do?
  2. I need to know if one is required to go to mediation on an issue 1 year and 4 months after the sale. We sold a 25 year old house July 16th, 2016 on MLS. Our buyers are now wanting us to replace the deck and cover. As far as we knew, the deck and cover were in good working order. They had an inspector, and he did not indicate anything wrong with the deck. They are now wanting $17.000-$25,000 from us to replace it. They have torn down the roof and deck and say it is rotting. We knew nothing of this and, as I said, neither did the inspector. We believe they have no legal right to any money at this point. Again are we required to go to mediation after this period of time for an issue that we do not believe has validity? Thanks, GuKo
  3. Hi, I am not sure if I have any rights with Texas being an "at will state," but this just feels all wrong. I have been with a big company in the financial services industry coming up on 12 years. In all of my roles with this company, I have always been a superstar, called a leader, always top performer, that is until I took the current position I have two plus years ago. I am also a single, 51 year old mother of a 19 year old autistic son who lives at home and has health issues. We have a very generous vacation/personal day package with 5 plus weeks a year off. My first year in this current role went smoothly, then I was handed a book of business that was very difficult, I was upgraded to a new laptop that never worked properly, my emails often didn't go out and I was only receiving about half of my emails. I communicate with my clients via email so it is imperative my laptop and email account work properly. I need to take time off to care for my son on several occasions, I never went beyond my 5 weeks of vacation, however, I started to feel that my time off was not acceptable if it wasn't scheduled. The role became more and more stressful as nothing was ever done to fix my computer, our tech department couldn't figure it out and I had been to them dozens of times. I slept little, I started to have panic attacks and started getting sick myself. I was out of work for 5 weeks, under a doctor's care with pneumonia. I came back and resumed my duties now farther behind than ever. New manager came on board after our old one retired three months ago. He has but me on suspension and gave me an action plan that if not followed I will be fired. He said that my leave of absence was a part of what caused this since my work had to go to my teammates. He said he didn't buy that I had computer issues for over a year. He said my performance was below par. The action items he gave me to complete are impossible to do in my role, I am fairly sure they are going to fire me, for age?, making too much money? having a disabled son? taking time out of work to care for him or me? I got the feeling they just want me out. His review of me was filled with lies, stating I had met with him bi-weekly and prior to him my last manager the same, that we had gone over my performance issues bi-weekly. This is not the truth, I have never had so much as a talk about "my lack of performance," in fact just the opposite, I was often told I was appreciated for my hard work. I was always told, do the best you can, don't worry about it or I am so sorry why don't you take you laptop to the tech group (told this last one a dozen times), There was one thing my current manager said that was eye opening, he said that my 5 week leave of absence created a lot of work for my teammates and this wasn't fair to them. He mentioned I have had to take a lot of time off work and again, not fair to my teammates. I have a disabled son and my own ongoing health issues from the stress at work. I realized that he was saying my ability not to be in work 100% of the time was an issue. With regards to the action plan, it is designed to make me fail. There is no way anyone can accomplish what they are asking of me. I don't know the point of this other than to make me look bad. I receive 100-150 emails a day from clients, not to mention phone calls, there is no way that within even a 12 hour day I can respond to them all. The ones I don't respond to immediately are the one's I can guarantee call my boss and complain. I do deliver service just not as rapidly because of computer issues and being out at times and on top of this I have a book of business that is a lot more demanding than my colleagues. I will be fired by the end of this week, or at least I am pretty sure I will be. The performance review was bogus, much of it incorrect. I know Texas law states that we can be terminated for no reason, and I guess that is my question, from little comments, I feel that my getting sick with pneumonia and out on leave for 5 weeks has led them to want to get rid on me. What can I do? Do I need an attorney? This company has been in the news lately for sexual harassment, I have a friend that let go due to her declining health and lack of ability to keep up with the work flow, they did pay her and she had to remain quiet, she got a large severance package. I am not sure if I have a case or if I just need to accept my future termination. Do I have any rights? How would I prove that they are discriminating against me? Do I have any ammunition or is this just a he said she said type of thing? Any insight or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, J
  4. I am involved in a very odd case, I'll try to make a long story short. Back in June, there was a young lady who ran away from home, she landed on my porch (3 mi away). She said that she and her mom had a big fight and she tried to get my oldest son to drive her to town. He declined, and I put her on the couch for the night. The following day, the sheriff took her home, that evening, her father abandoned her on our porch, remind you I don't know these people from Adam and had only met her the previous night. We called local LEO and CPS. She was at our house for an entire month. The family didn't bother checking on her even once. It was like they just wrote off her existence. She got sick and needed medical care, I called the caseworker, caseworker calls mom and ultimately she ends up going home. The family took her to a mental institution the following morning on the grounds she wasn't taking her Prozac (family wouldn't let us have it). She was there for 10 days and released. When they got home, she hit the ground running and back to my house she was. I called the local LEO, they returned her home. This cycle continued about every week, maybe 2 for the next 2 months. The final time, she didn't run to me, she just disappeared and a missing poster went out. A week later, she showed up on my porch again. I called LEO again, and this time, they sent her to a shelter rather than taking her home. I have applied and was approved to foster her, we were supposed to pick her up on Sunday (her 16th birthday) - yesterday afternoon after everything was approved, the parents filed some motion to stop us from taking her out of the shelter and now we have to wait until court on the 17th to see what is going to happen. Is there anything I can do, and what will happen when the court date comes along? On another note, they filed to relinquish their parental rights and then repealed it a few days later and she is their adopted child. It's a mess to say the least, and I have lost lots of sleep over this. He abandons his child on my porch, and somehow we are the bad guys. I don't understand any of this, can someone please help?
  5. I rent me townhouse without sublease allow. But my tenant let someone else living in the property over 3 month perion. So, Will I allow to remove or call constable unit to escort the sublease tenant from my property?
  6. It seems like the laws in TX are very lax when it comes to the non-custodial (father) parent's rights. When the custodial parent alienates the children or interferes with the visitations, the only remedy to stop this is to take her back to court & file a motion to enforce. A retainer can cost anywhere from $3,500-$10,000. Why should the non-custodial parent have to go bankrupt to protect his rights. A few yrs ago, my husband's ex requested an audit by the TX Atty Gen's office claiming he was in arrears with child support, extra curricular expenses, medical expenses & spousal support. The only supporting documents she could provide was a spreadsheet she put together and included no bank statements or receipts. His decree stipulated they pay 50/50 for the extra curricular (which was not defined), 100% of the out of pocked medical expenses not covered/pd by ins & an amount was established for spousal support. We had to hire an atty & the end result was he had overpaid her $10,252.91 because the step down order was not put in place when the oldest was taken off. The AG's off cut off the child support payments to her. Legally, he did not owe her anymore child support until that amount was recouped. He was willing to compromise w/her for the sake of the kids but she refused. At the advice of our atty, (she said it would look bad to a judge if he didn't continue to pay her), he continued to pay the amount that was due. However, he was not obligated to pay the extra curricular & excess med expenses. This went on for over a year, & $10,000 later to the atty all the while the atty said we have the upperhand because of the AG's finding. His ex went thru 2 different atty's because the 1st one said she was full of it if she thought she could push the underpayment she alleges she was owed. Her 2nd atty would not let it go & insisted the spreadsheets supported her claims. Mind you, no receipts, etc. sent & our atty felt like we were taking a chance if we didn't come to a middle ground because of these spreadsheets even at her client's protest. She refused to deduct it from her overpayment. Bottom line, she ended up getting more than the law requires for 2 children, in addition to being paid an extra $390/mo to go towards extra curricular & med expenses for which he is not entitled to a receipt. On top of all that, she constantly belittles and berades him about not being a good dad, paying for the "extra" that is needed. Thank goodness all of this is documented thru the family wizard. She signed the girls up for activities during his time & expects him, on his time, to drive them hours to/from said activities or friends houses because they need to have a social life, do the things they want, go to parties, hang out w/friends which for over 5 1/2 yrs he has accommodated their every want to avoid conflict because when he says no or says he can't pay extra for whatever, he's the bad guy & his ex does not support his need for time with his girls & refuses to allow him to make it all up. Recently she said she could not switch a weekend because they are booked up every weekend of every month. So he asked to get them on a sun & keep them 2 hrs past what the decree says & she threw a fit. By law, he does not have to take his kids to do anything that he does not want to on his own time. As she put it, "I'm not giving up my time for you". Has anyone dealt with such a situation & if so, did you get it resolved w/out having to take her back to court? We can't afford to keep forking out more $ just to keep her in line. She's had other violations within the order & our previous atty threatened her w/legal action & she just blew it off because she knows he can't afford more atty fees. Caught between a rock & hard place. It's sad that he pays her more than what is required per month, gets all of his visits cut short, loves his kids, wants to spend time w/his kids and that's not good enough. His oldest threatened to take him to court to get her visitation modified because he said "no" to going to a party on his weekend. Very sad!!
  7. If someone is arrested for criminal charges, is it legal for a District Attorneys Secretary to tell others about arrest?
  8. If someone is arrested for criminal charges, is it legal for a District Attorneys Secretary to tell others about arrest?
  9. My neighbor has an Ash tree that hangs well over our fence line and constantly drops its seeds onto my pool deck and into my pool. The seeds are sharp, and when walking barefoot they will easily stick into one's foot. This is a common occurrence for guests and their children swimming in my pool. It is not only painful but causes risk for infection. Furthermore, the huge amount of debris that falls directly into the pool causes maintenance issues and as such, additional expenditures on my part. What are my options?
  10. Hello My Husbands sister needs some immigration advice.She got married in Pakistan in 2015 month of October. When they came to get married they explained they are rich and have a lot of money and he was also divorced. My sister in law was very successful and independent before she got married to him and my husbands parents were well off themselves. She also had a 5 year visit visa so it wasnt for green card or to come to america. Once she got married and came to the US He got her pregnant and told her to move in to an apartment although he had a house he is paying mortgage for which his parents are living in. He now claims that he works on his dads gas station as a manager goes to work at 12-12 am or sometimes 1 am works 7 days a week as a manager and earns less then 1800 dollars without tax cut. When my sister in law came to america she found out the truth about his divorce and how he was found in a motel by his ex wife with a mexican girl. she forgave him for lieing and kept on going with their life when she came here the next hour he left to work. Now sometimes he doesnt come home at all at night and one day he has cameras open on his tablet so she saw him hugging and kissing another woman. so she talked to him and also forgave him for lieing and seeing that. then he has been going to law classes to pass the lsat and she found something in his books. she started talking about it and tryng to solve it between them he wouldnt listen and now hes giving her a divorce. He was also sexually assaulting her which she did put a domestic violence case on him. What she needs to know is her greencard is conditional until 2019 and her husband filed for divorce. and after she got married he didnt let her go out or drive or even talk to anyone except his family and he would leave her home alone all day with the son. the apartments had no lights until 3 months after and also put plywood on the windows. WHAT CAN SHE DO ABOUT HER CONDITIONAL GREENCARD SHE DOES NOT WANT TO LEAVE HER BABY IN THE US AND GO BACK TO PAKISTAN.
  11. My son was arrested Feb 2016 for possession of child pornography and we had already been to court for it, in fact he was on-line with the sheriff informing that we had been to court about the matter, and ask to be taken off the sheriff's facebook page as most wanted. My son has never been in any type of trouble with the law or been arrested, and although he is 30 years old, his mental illness that put his functioning at a 15 or 16 year old. He don't even drive. So when he was taken to jail he was put in a cell with other inmates and they jumped him within 10 min. He was given medical attention then he was put in segregation until he was bonded out 3 or 4 days later. There is so much more to the case, but on that part alone, is there anything I can do? Also they took his phone from him for evidence. There was a 2 day bench trial on May 22, 2017. We are still waiting for the judge to make his decision on the case. Since the trial was over I thought I would be able to get his phone back, but they said I couldn't get till there was a decision on the case. If they won't give it back after the judge makes his decision, what should I do?
  12. My boyfriend and his son were in a wreck the other day. His son (Age 17) was driving. It was night time, he couldnt see where excatly the road to turn down was. So this means he was going very slow, and had his blinker on for a good ways. But... as he went to turn right... a motorcycle attempted to pass him on the right side (In a NO PASS ZONE) and the collided and wrecked. Now.. the man on the motorcycle is a cop but he was on his on personal bike out for a joy ride. But the man is saying that my boyfriends son had the wrong turn signal on. However we do not believe that was the case. But the cop on scene said we had to wait 10 days before any tickets were issued. So my question is... who do you think should get that ticket?
  13. I am getting a divorce, my husband has made me sell everything I owned before we married , now everything is in his name. I agreed to give him the house, if i could have the travel trailer to live in. He told me no. I need to know , how do i go about being temp awarded the camper to have a place to live?
  14. Is the owner of a property required to list easements when selling a property? And if a company who has a easement on a property goes out of business, How does the property owner get that easement removed?
  15. My wife's brother is 58 years old and suffered a stroke nearly three years ago. Up until last week, he had been receiving care in his home. He was admitted to a nursing facility (as of last week) and will receive long-term care. Because his wife's health has declined and she is receiving medical care currently that may progress to long-term care, my wife (his sister) has become his medical and financial POA. He has no assets other than his social security disability income; however, he did learn that he will receive a lump sum pension retirement from his previous employer ($46K before any taxes) by the end of this month. He currently receives Medicare and will need to become Medicaid eligible for long-term care. We would like very much so to protect the pension if at all possible. Question 1: Is there a way to protect his pension retirement from being included as part of his assets which would affect his Medicaid eligibility given that he is already in the nursing home? Question 2: Can setting up an irrevocable trust work in this situation since he will likely receive the pension in the next couple of weeks? Question 3: If we report this information to the nursing facility, are they likely to seize his pension?
  16. My wife's ex-boss just out of malice had a criminal trespass warning delivered to her by school district police two days ago. There is a branch of our bank that is part of the high school campus, the place that my wife worked at until February of last year. It's two blocks from our house. The next closest one is in Hutto, 5 miles away so you can see why we want to use the branch there at the school. Anyway her boss saw an opportunity to screw with her so he did. The boss signed the warning and the officer delivered. They say she'll be arrested if she sets foot on any district property. So so here's my dilemma: My wife has never in all her years teaching misrepresented herself or her employer. Doesn't there have to be just or good cause in order to ban a taxpayer from school district property accessible to the public. Her behavior has never been erratic and she poses no threat. She weighs 109 pounds. How can we get this torn up?0
  17. I am a rising junior in high school. My freshman year i attended private school. I did not fit in at all and struggled with depression. I ran track for the school and the coach very much hated me. He was very sexist and treated me horribly. I left the school and he new that i was struggling with depression, because i often missed practices. One of my younger friends visited this school and met my coach. He proceeded to tell her all about my mental struggles and that i was crazy and that my mom was allowing it and irresponsible. We told the head of the school this and they never acknowledged it. He is a health teacher and a coach, so my main concern is the likelihood that he is disclosing this information about my past to his students and possibly college coaches. I really and not sure what to do about this, but it is very frustrating knowing that he feels it is appropriate to do so, and that the faculty doesn't care. My current track coach is friends with him, and my ex coach told her to keep an eye on me because i was trouble and prone to depression. which really angers me because my coach was fed this information before even knowing me. luckily my new one likes me and i am in a much better mental state. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Several plus a couple of years back I was being treated by a neurologist when I was advised by the Doctor that my insurer had notified him that they had terminated my coverage and backed dated the termination date several months which just so happened to be prior to the date I begin treatment. In such, the Doctor advised me that the insurer had requested recoupment for the claims paid to date and basically recanted what had previously been represented to me that they had obtained 'verification' from the insurer for his services. In brief, the Doctor reimbursed the insurer all paid claims and proceeded to turn my account over to collections agency which begin to report the account as delinquent. I disputed the collection with the Credit Bureaus and the reports were removed from my record. Here just recently my primary care doctor had submitted a referral to my insurer to schedule an appointment with a neurologist, so I get a call from that same neurologist's office to schedule an appointment when the office mgr? notices that i have an outstanding bill and basically says that they would be more than happy to schedule an appointment when I pay the bill. After informing her it was paid and she didn't need to worry about holding a appt time open since I would getting another referral to another provider, So within a day or two of that conversation, I get a debt collectors letter for that old alleged debt and this time they got notes attached from the Doctors office that reflect that I am a deadbeat yet they obviously overlooked that they noted that obtained "verification' prior to the services. So here is my question, if the provider represents that they obtained the 'Verification' from the insurer for the agreed upon treatment then would they be violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act for if in fact they do not obtain the 'Verification" for the treatment? FYI: Texas SB 418; "if a carrier provides a verification to a physician or provider for proposed services, the carrier may not deny or reduce payment for those services if provided on or before the 30th day after the verification was provided unless the physician or provider has materially misrepresented or substantially failed to perform the proposed health services. " Sec. 17.46. DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES UNLAWFUL. (a) False, misleading, or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful and are subject to action by the consumer protection division under Sections 17.47, 17.58, 17.60, and 17.61 of this code. (b) Except as provided in Subsection (d) of this section, the term "false, misleading, or deceptive acts or practices" includes, but is not limited to, the following acts: (2) causing confusion or misunderstanding as to the source, sponsorship, approval, or certification of goods or services;
  19. I own a property in Ward County Texas. I've been contacted by a pipeline company who wants to install a oil pipe line & .equipment that goes with the pipe line on my property. They want to purchase a easement. My question. If I don't want to grant them the easement, Are there any laws in Texas they can use to force the pipe line to be built on my property?
  20. I took my car in for a safety recall on airbags and door handles. They installed the one door handle wrong and had to take the car back in. Dealership lost my vehicle for a week. Finally had repair completed just to find out a screw was left out which scratched the paint down to the frame. I took the car back in and the car was repainted and had an oil change done at the same time. Now my car shakes and makes a terrible sound. Dealership has had the car since Friday. It is now Wednesday. I have heard nothing from them. I called to get a status update and the dealership refuses to talk to me. I asked to speak with a general manager because I have spoken with every single manager level in between attempting to fix the previous issues. There is no one left to speak with. I am told the GM only takes appointments and no one has his schedule so they cannot make an appointment. What do I do?
  21. If your Texas employer pays you via salary continuation vs workers compensation pay for an OTJ injury, can your salary continuation be docked for days missed due to the fore said OTJ injury causing you to be unable to work.
  22. Hello I am in desperate need of some guidance here. My boyfriend was stabbed in front of me last July and as a result of the wounds died. There are several issues here that I know I need an attorney to help resolve, I am just unsure of what sort of an attorney I need #1 and a few other things that I need someone with legal knowledge to point me in the right direction . Hopefully I've come to the right place . I live in a very small town which is where this happened. We were in my car taking a friend home & the friend is the person who committed the crime. #1 I called 911 immediately and began giving him CPR- 45 minutes later several volunteer fireman show up in their own vehicles ano ambulance etc and by that time he was dead. About the same time the last couple of firemen arrived 2 police cars & 2 county Sheriffs arrived on scene. I was put in one of the police cars covered in blood and begged them to move the car-- let me sit somewhere that I can't see my bf laying dead on the road- to which they declined. Finally they covered his body , took me to the police station to get my statement and then originally were just sending me on my way. Mind you the car was impounded as evidence so I had no transportation and no way to get anyone to come get me . I just saw my bf murdered I was hysterical as u can imagine. The chief of police offers me a ride and then wouldn't even take me home to Mount Pleasant 20 miles away... I was dumped in front of the dollar general in the same street I had just seen my bf killed on hours before. This has totally screwed me up emotionally , mentally -- I am a mess. My bf could still be here if they had answered the 911 call sooner than 45 MINUTES after the fact . I kept him alive I did my best - this is a town population 1500 what was the hold up in responding and when they came there wasn't an ambulance . Fire truck -- nothing volunteer fireman in their personal vehicle - how would we have got to the hospital if he HAD been alive . The police did not offer me any info or guidance for victim relief. They treated,me as if it was no big deal to witness your significant other stabbed perform CPR for 44 minutes and he still died . Then to dump me off on the middle of the night right back where it has happened ? I've read this is easily extreme emotional distress that they are directly responsible for- I need counseling at the very least to cope w this and can't get anyone to help me I want to sue the police. Sheriffs office and truly the firemen -- this is a very small town and county and if I talk to an attorney in this city or county the whole area will know before i leave the attorneys office . This is a good ol boy mentality so I need to know is a civil attorney is what I need first of all and secondly , how do I find an attorney outside of that county that can represent me ? Please someone tell me what to do
  23. I was recently out with the birth of my baby. It was an emergency. I missed the Thursday and Friday before the labor day holiday, and the following Tuesday. The company used my PTO and vacation for Thursday and Friday but did not pay me for the holiday on Monday. Can they take my PTO and Vacation day away with out my knowledge and then not pay me for holiday?
  24. I am 1/6th owner/shareholder of a small family owned oil and gas business for which I ran and grew for the last 15years without any help form the other owners/shareholders. After calling a shareholder meeting to discuss the purchase of a new machine attitudes flared. They asked for passwords to bank accounts and credit cards for which I gave to them freely because they have that right as an owner/shareholder. They found some discrepancies on the credit cards and without discussing the discrepancies with me they forced me to resign with threats to have me arrested. They will not provide me with the information they have accused me of and they have shut me out of the business. There were some personal charges on the credit cards which was in my name but over the past 15years couldn't have been more than $8k - $10K. The business is an S corporation and I have equal shares in this business. The business had a CPA firm for which the books were turned over to monthly. I was accountable for everything that went on. What legal rights do I have as far as them shutting me out and locking me out of that business?
  25. On the 1st of September, I called my company to ask about my check, with this company your first two checks are a physical check and the rest are directly deposited into your bank account. I wanted to clarify that it would be deposited but when I called the lady told me it had already been mailed. And when she found my direct deposit form she said, "Oh, I just found your form now. I make sure to go ahead and overnight ship your check to you for this inconvenience." Come Tuesday morning, nothing. I give them a call, they tell me it'll be there either Tuesday or Wednesday, I wait till Wednesday afternoon. Still nothing. I give them another call, they say it'll be there either Wednesday or Thursday, come Thursday. Still nothing. I call them again and they tell me if nothing Friday, give us a call back and we'll escalate this. So I wait, I'm very unhappy. My rent was late, my boyfriend and I had to dip into his savings for his medication to pay for the rent this month because of this inconvenience. Friday, I get a call from a guy that works at HR telling me he's going to look into why my check still isn't here, and to give him a call Monday morning. I wait till Monday, I call him, he tells me we can stop a payment and reissue another check, or send a paycard instead of a check with this and next paycheck because it could take up to 10 ****ing days. I just want my ****ing money. Honestly. Is there anything I can do? This is just a run about and I'm being told bullshit and bullshit about my pay.