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Found 257 results

  1. I am having an issue with my neighbor in regards to the fence property line. It started a couple years ago when he put up a wood privacy fence butted against the chain link fence that divides both of our properties. This past year I decided to remove the chain link fence because of several issues. First, we now had about 8 inches of space between the neighbors and the chain link fence. Because of that now I have a whole bunch on weeds growing onto my property coming from his side of the fence because now he cannot get to them to trim them. I'm the one that ends up having to cut them every month because of how quickly they grow and on his side its nice an clean because all of the weeds grow towards my side now. Apart from that the chain link fence was deteriorating significantly and posed poking hazards because it also had a weed that became a tree about one foot in diameter because it grew in between the chain link so it busted the fence. We got into an argument several weeks back because he wanted me to put the fence back and I told him that I took it off since he had a privacy fence that he put up I was in my right to remove it because of the hazards and all of the weeds coming from this side of the fence. I told him that I wanted my yard to look nice as well. I do not have anything hanging or attached to his fence I actually removed the big stump my self that was embedded into the fence because he also left that on my side and I had a big tree growing onto my property. If that I think he now owes me for removing the tree. I would like to know what are my rights in this matter because I also have two 7 year old twins that play in their back yard and having a deteriorating fence with all kinds of weeds coming from it is a nuisance. Bottom line I want to also enjoy a nice clean lawn like he does. I have been trying to find some literature about this issue but was not successful although I did find an article from California saying that I your neighbor erects a privacy fence parallel to the property chain link fence I m in my right to remove the chain link fence if it poses any hazards. I don't know if this applies to someone living in Texas.
  2. I got a speeding ticket in Texas on June 26th 2015. It's been 2 years and just got a court date on July of 2017. I was wondering if there was a statute of limitations on speeding tickets in Texas.
  3. Hello, I live in Central Texas at a "Luxury" apartment complex. I have been forced to pay rent for things I don't have, like a bedroom, and a working AC unit that can cool my apartment during the day. The treatment I have received from the corporation which owns my apartment complex, and the staff at the complex is unacceptable. For over a month, and after multiple repairs, I have dealt with an AC that doesn't work well enough to cool my apartment during the day. My apartment won't cool off until 10-11 p.m every night. I have lost the use of my bedroom due to the AC as well. The unit is in a closet in my bedroom, and it is so loud that you can hear it 100 feet away in the parking lot. I can't sleep next to that, and refuse to sleep next to such a loud unit. In order to cool my apartment I have had to close off the vent in my bedroom, buy two fans that run all day, and I have had to block the windows out with curtains and blankets. I have lived in my living/dining room for almost 3 weeks because of this problem, but the corporate office doesn't seem to think that it's unethical for me to pay my full rent while I have been living in half of an apartment. I have contacted them multiple times for over 3 weeks, and practically had to beg to speak with a real person on the phone rather than email. I was promised a phone call, but I still haven't received a call or any resolution to my problems. They responded this afternoon through email saying that no credit will be applied to my rent while I have been living like this. Have they violated the lease I signed by forcing me to pay for an apartment that is not completely livable? Can I get out of my lease without being penalized if they refuse to provide a livable apartment? Thanks, Ryan
  4. my husband has been out on parole for 4 and a half years without any violations. Friday he went to parole and they arrested him but did not tell him why and a parole officer was supposed to visit him on Friday but did not. They said he had a dirty U/A last month. But he forgot to take his meds to her because he had went to er and got the meds of Tylenol #3, a muscle relaxer, and an antibiotic. I am still trying to call his PO but have had no luck. What is my next move?
  5. If a pastor, who is licensed with the state to perform marriages, performs a marriage without a license from the state? Are the participants legally married?
  6. Ok so about a year ago i was pulling out of a bar I worked at and this cop pulled up right behind me. She almost immediately turned her lights on. I also noticed there was about 8 pulled over on that same intersection. So I pulled over and she asked for my license and registration and asked if I had been drinking. I told her no. She then told me to get out of the car. I asked her again why she pulled me over and she told me that i had hit a curb. I told her that I did not and asked her "what curb?". She would not answer the question and proceeded to ask me several questions like "where are you headed", "how much have you had to drink" and so on and so forth. She also kept saying "well you smell like alcohol ". And i kept telling her "well im the bartender. If you pull over a chef he would smell like food too". Anyways. I wouldnt answer any questions i just kept repeatedly asking her why she pulled me over and contesting that I hit a curb. She then asked me to perform a field sobriety test in which i told her no and if she had any questions she needed to speak to my attorney. I also said i dont consent to any searches or seizures. She then handcuffed me and took me straight to jaiil. A couple of hours later they got the warrant for my blood and it came back .14 Now i am going to trial for this on the 20th and here is the thing. The dash cam video showed I never hit a curb. (which was the sole reason she stated was why she stopped me). But in the police report she says that my brights were on. But she never stated that in the 10 minutes of us going back and forth. (my brights were not on). Also in my dash cam video and body cam video my attorney says i was not slurring my speech or activating drunk at all. So the ONLY evidence they have against me is my blood. My attorney thinks that he can suppress the blood at pretrail based off the fact that I didnt hit any curb. But my concern is she is going to get up there and lie and say my brights were on too. What do you think my chances are? (sorry for all the random facts i just tried to be as thorough as possible)
  7. Is it legal for a massage therapist to videotape a session in their home without consent of client, if the advertisement indicates "private?" If so, can the videotape be posted or used in any manner that would embarrass the client?
  8. I was driving down he road and looked down, which caused me to swerve into the next lane. There was no one beside or behind me. The police officer pulled me over and when he approached he felt I had attitude and asked me why I swerved into the other lane, I explained to him that I dropped my sunglasses and when I looked down to grab them it caused me to swerve into the other lane. Then wrote me a ticket for failure to show intent of lane change. I never changed lanes. Can I fight this? When I discussed with issue with him he wrote down the ticket number and said he would contact the receptionist not to file the ticket. Can I request a court hearing and fight this ticket?
  9. A friend of mine is currently on Parole and has picked up a new charge. He got into an altercation with his brother-n-law on MY property one afternoon. The brother-n-law was asked MANY times to leave by three different people and chose not to. His brother-n-law slapped at him and they got into a fight. He pressed charges on my friend who is on parole and they are currently holding him on a violation of parole. The current charge is a class A misdemeanor family violence (since they are related through marriage). He has a prior assault from 2004 when he was homeless. It was a Class A misdemeanor Assault Causes Bodily Injury and did 90 days in jail. I'm wondering 2 things... 1 - Would they be able to enhance this current charge since he received a charge 13 years ago? Or is there a statute of limitations on enhancing? 2 - Could they revoke his parole?? :-( Please help - I feel so bad for him and not sure what to do to help him.
  10. 1. My older stepson died without issue. My husband and I each revised our wills for any number of updates, among them to delete him as an heir. Does his widow (of less than 5 years) have any legal basis upon which to sue for what would have been his portion of the estate? 2. We are maintaining a dedicated account of securities, the interest of which is for her use, but her name is not on the account. She wants the paperwork. Since her name is not on the account, we have declined. Are we on solid ground here?
  11. Hello all. I provide productions services and lighting rental for a Super Bowl event here in Houston. All of my services were completed successfully. Problem is the promoters failed to pay almost all of the vendors after the event was over. The news link below gives a good explanation of what happened. I do have a signed contract from the promoter which clearly states my services. He has an office in LA. How do a start a law suite to recuperate my losses. Considering he lives in LA can I actually force him to come to Houston for a trial? What is the procedure to file against someone who lives outside of Texas. I would agree to hire a lawyer who would take this case Pro Bono. Thanks for your help. John
  12. My friend gave me a card because I need money and I have a baby on the way and I used it and I had cops show up at my house the next morning saying it was stolen I turned in everything bought with the card and I don't know what gonna happen please help
  13. Today a police officer came to the house and said i had been in a hit and run accident which i really wasnt the police officer said someone reported that i had hit them and took off and got my license plate. I cooperated with them but issued a warrant for my arrest. he said that the other person had already filed a claim to my insurance.i have 3 witnesses that were with me in the car and i have no car damages in my vehicle what can i do to proove i am innocent?
  14. Hi this is for a mutual friend... He is going thru problems with his son's momma & he doesn't know what to do... The mother hasn't even started the application to child support. She is already threatening him that he will never see his son again because she found out he moved on.. She moved to another city pretty far from where he lives.. What can he do to see his son again without having to wait for her, because she may take her time.. & that isn't what he wants.. He asked if he sends her money (documented &recorded)if he could see him but she says no.. Seems like a judge would have to step in.
  15. can a check cashing business keep my payroll check I presented to them to cash because they say I cashed a counterfeit check at their business over 14 years ago? Also, if my present employer stops payment on that check can he be in any trouble?
  16. If my mother passed away without a Will and left property in her name, how can my brothers and I get what's our inheritance? Before she passed away and was on in hersenses, we tried to get a Will set for her, but she got too sick and didn't have the chance to get a will made, and then she passed away. She was married to my step father, and had 3 children, 2 in which are not his. She had a house and in the tittle it states that it was hers before being married so that would make it separate property? Also, in the marriage they have a house in which is only on my stepfather's name, and that would be a community property? Since it was bought in the marriage of I'm not mistaking. I would like to know how I can get my inheratence. My step father does not believe my mother's children should receive anything. That everything left from her is his since he was the husband. All of us the children are of age, and I dont want any problems I just want to claim what is mine, but since my mother did not leave a will I don't know where to start. Also, my mother and step father back in Oct 2013 got a truck in their names my stepdad being the co signer, they got the truck for me to make my own payments but now since my mother is gone I'm afraid he will take away my truck that I have been paying all along. I do have proof of payments. I am still paying for my truck, What can I do? Since he has threatened to take it from me.
  17. My father passed away three years ago with no will. He was still married to my mom when he passed and purchased a small Texas ranch while they were together. I have been taking care of the property since he passed away, but now I'm at odds with my mom because she is trying to sell the place. Is there anything I can do to stop her from selling? Or does she have legal right to do this if she wants? She is in need of money, but my father worked hard to get this place in his hometown. Can I inherit any of the property without a will ? Please Help!!!!!!!
  18. My sister (17 years of age) decided to ride on the back of her friend’s motorcycle. I am not sure of his age. He could be 17-19 years old. They had an accident. I don’t think the kid was being negligent. I really don’t know, but he had to brake or turn really quickly to avoid another car. The accident caused my sister's helmet to fly off, and she hit her head on his helmet. Two of her teeth fell out. My mom rushed her to the emergency that night. The next day she learned that my sister had a facial fracture, and that she was going to need immediate surgery. She is also going to need dental implants. The cost for the surgery and dental implants is over $11,000 (she has no medical insurance). This does not include the hospital visit. Do you think she has a case in asking the man driving (or his parents) to pay at least half? I do not think he has motorcycle insurance. We will verify as soon as she gets out of surgery and is able to give us his information. What steps does she need to take? No police report was filed at the time of the accident.
  19. Hello, I live in Austin, TX. My neighbor has 2 pool pumps on his property, one for his pool and the other one for his hot tub. The pool pump makes noise that is comparable to that of an A/C compressor (about 50 decibels), but it seems to have a higher pitch, thus it penetrates through my windows more easily. When only the pool pump works, it almost cannot be heard if I sit in a farther bedroom and close all windows and doors. Keep in mind, though, that this pump works an average of 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, from morning till late afternoon. However, if it is the hot tub pump that turns on, then it can be heard even with all windows and doors closed, emitting an annoying humming noise. Therefore, that pump is the main issue. This has effectively made it impossible for me to be in the bedroom with the window that faces the pumps, and I can’t imagine anyone being able to sleep in that room while it is on. The pumps are located right under that bedroom’s window, and the distance between our 2 houses is very small, so the noise seems to bounce back and forth between them. If someone from his house uses the hot tub late at night, then it makes relaxing and going to sleep difficult, although lately they made an effort to finish all activities until 10:30 pm (when the city noise ordinance kicks in). I did reach out to my neighbor about this, and he has really tried to help, by cleaning and maintaining the pumps on a regular basis. He even agreed to dampen the noise using some plastic mixed with Styrofoam (which cost me about $150) but it caused the pumps to overheat, and so right now the pumps are not dampened once again. In addition, he has requested some quotes from contractors that may be able to build a different structure around the pumps. On my end, I received a quote for insulating my windows (which will cost me about $1,800), and I’m waiting the result of his quotes first. I do need to mention that while both of our houses are brand new, he and his family moved-in earlier than we did, and so the pool and spa were already there when we were building our own house. It’s just that at the time of our home’s construction they didn’t seem like they would be such a big issue for me. I mention this, because I read an article here on regarding Property Rights and The Law of Nuisance. An interesting bit in this article is called the “moving to the nuisance” doctrine, whereby if I willingly moved close to the source of the nuisance, and it was already there first, then I may be restricted from seeking injunctive relief. Perhaps this is the case here, I don’t know, and I hope someone can tell me one way or the other, and perhaps offer me some useful advice. Is there anything else I can do, other than soundproofing my bedroom, moving to another room, or moving to another house? Is there justifiable cause here for a nuisance lawsuit, or for an injunction? Thank you!
  20. I am a Texas resident and my daughter's father is wanting to know how to get custody of his 5 year old son. Child neglect would include the child being 5 and not being in school, right? Or the child never owning a tooth brush or brushing their teeth? Or having every single tooth decaying and rotting? Every time he picks him up for the summer she sends him unorganized. Once with just 2 pairs of underwear, a tshirt inside a grocery bag, and slippers instead of shoes with no socks. The second time around he came with 3 pairs of shorts size 3T when he wears size 5T-6T, a long sleeve shirt, a shirt that is for 18months, and 3 pairs of baby sock. Am i missing something or is this child neglect? Answers please?
  21. Hi, I moved from new jersey to texas on may 2017. We found an apartment in the Rancho Mirage apartments, Irving TX saying that we will be given a renovated house with hardwood floor and steel appliances. We were happy that we found an apartment that matches our requirement, and we proceeded with the leasing from 31st may, 2017 with 11 months leasing term (paying $1359 rent per month + $200 deposit and $40 application fee) . after 2 weeks, on the same date, we were here to stay in the apartment. When we entered the apartment 1089, we found it was not renovated and it was having carpet instead of hardwood flooring, also the apartment was not cleaned and having lot of issues. They said they didn't know about this and they promised that they will fix everything on the following day. On 1st june, 2017 they came and removed the carpet and tried to put vinyl flooring. We immediately said no to them and informed them that we took the apartment only because you said we are going to get renovated and hardwood flooring, steel appliances. They promised us that they will allow us to change the apartment with in the community and they suggested to follow the website to see the available apartment and its pricing. later they put the vinyl flooring in the apartment 1089, and we allowed them to do because that is just our temporary apartment. They showed us different floor plan in the community and they said they would be available on 6th june 2017 to show us. We're daily going to the leasing office to check if the apartments are ready to see, they keep postponing everyday and we're so disappointed with them. on 9th june, 2017, we went to the leasing office saying that the apartment we're temporary staying i.e. 1089 is available in your website for $1175 per month. We will take the same apartment with the price listed in the website because we already got insurance and internet and electricity for the 1089 apartment. Till that day, we're told that we can choose any apartment that are available in the website with the price listed. But now, they are saying they couldn't help us and they are telling us to wait for another week to ask their boss. I told them that we paid the amount because we will be given renovated and hardwood floor apartment, we're now ready to pay for the vinyl flooring apartment as show in the apartment website. They now saying that they would give police compliant on me saying that I yelled at them. I am so disappointed and i need some assistance on this issue. Please help me!
  22. I have been a frequent patron at this business and when I started noticing illigeal activity (on multiple occasions) and full on brawls. For instance, on Saint Patricks day of 2017 I observed employees and patrons, around 10 people fight each other. I took a video and called the authorities. I was then told by management that she was pissed because she would loose her job over this because employees were involved in the incident. This last time I was noticing drug activity while walking to my car to leave and informed the authorities of what I observed The next day i was informed by the door guy that I was banned due to calling the authorities. I personally had to walk into the business and try and talk to management as to why I was banned, and was completely disregarded and was told to "get out of here" I asked to speak to the general manager because as a customer, I believe I have the right to report illegal activity. I was then informed that she was the general manger. I then asked who she reported to, and was told that she could not give out that information, but she would take mine and give it to them, so I did. The next day, I contacted the "manager" via text and asked when I should be expecting a call, and was told that he was informed of the situation and did not want contact with me. I believe the management staff never even informed the upper management due to the fact that this shouldn't be an issue, or a reason to ban someone. The employees are covering up illegal activity and or covering their buts to protect their job. After the text message conversation i decided to stop At the establishment to get the license number and business ID to find out who I could contact/file a complaint, and was told that I could not have it by another "manager".
  23. I am a homeowner in Addison, TX and I am having a domestic dispute with two neighbors that are renting houses next to me, both of which are related to one another (family). There are several issues to address including property damage, disruption of peace and parking violations, namely parking their cars perpendicular to our driveway and blocking our ability to get in and out of our garage. The only evidence we've captured so far via photo are parking violations. However, we intend on getting security cameras installed around the perimeter of our home for further documentation. I would like to understand what steps we need to take to pursue the removal of these tenants to the furthest extent of our ability. We are also in contact with a former home owner who lived on our street who also had similar issues with these neighbors. She is willing to provide police records and assist in any way she can if it is helpful.
  24. My husband and I have been together for 6 years, and he has recently started to threaten me with eviction, after a recent argument. We have a home that we purchased, it's in his name, however we remodeled it and have lived here together for 5 years. We've both contributed to the remodel of the home. I am concerned that since we are not legally married, his "5 days to vacate" letter may stand up, which is hardly enough time to separate 6 years of a life together. We are not legally married but have filled taxes as married for the last 4 years or so, can he evict me so easily? Will we need a divorce?
  25. Okay so basically almost 2yrs ago, I got into a car accident and crashed my friends car. She immediately called her dad once I told her, and he said to not mention my name. So when, he went to file the claim with insurance, he filed it as her(my friend) crashing the car. Now the insurance paid off everything but there was a $2000 balance left, and it was sent to claims. Now, me and her are on bad terms, and we're not talking anymore. Her dad took this chance to try and sue me for the unpaid balance, and I'm stuck. I'm not sure what to do, should I be worried?