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Found 60 results

  1. I am a land owner with property deeded as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. My question is, can the other owner sell his part of property without my knowledge and what rights do I possess in this matter. There is no marriage involved, but both parties live on this property.
  2. I discovered that my ex signed up for a Credit Karma account in my name and SS#. They won't do anything about it without a copy of a police report (which I just got). I wasn't going to push it but for the 2nd sraight year, she has claimed both of her kids on her taxes (against the terms of our court ordered agreement), and she's pretty much a caricature of a bitchy ex-wife. She will probably lose her job as a Special Ed teacher because she used her work email address to register the account (possibly used work computer - find out when Credit Karma gives me details) which means she may have to payback a state grant that paid for her masters in SpEd. To my knowledge, she didn't open any credit accounts in my name, but per the deputy that took my complaint, the Credit Karma thing is prosecutable as Identy Theft - a Class D felony. My question is, since I had no monetary loss, can I sue her? Not that she has much to give up, but I'm done putting up with her crap. Or better yet, can I sue her and the department of education since she used their email system to setup the account and possibly their computer(s)/network to access the site? Per their terms of use for Department email, I can see no reason they should or would allow correspondence to or from Credit Karma. Before I get called out, I have my kids 50% of the time, pay my child support, and don't have any interest in her life. She dogs me to my kids, has admitted to making efforts to harm my reputation/character/income (I'm a Realtor), and I have put up with years of harrassment from both her and her husband. Thanks.
  3. Our normal payday is on Fridays. Today is Good Friday so banks are closed. It is illegal for me to still pay on Friday instead of on Thursday when banks are open?
  4. Me and my daughter were trying to sell our restaurant. Both our names are on the property deed that is free and clear of any mortgage. My name is listed first and then hers. She is making it hard to accept any offers due to her lack of communication skills. Does it require two signatures on deed to sell or just one. The business is now closed but when it was open it was incorporated and I have 51% ownership and she has 49%. Ownership What can I do to sell this property or can I sell my interest in it. ?
  5. My Son was born in 2014 with a severe heart defect.. so severe he is now almost 3 and has had five open heart surgeries. just to give you an idea of what his life has looked like he did not even leave the hospital for the first four months of his life. I stayed with him the full four months in the hospital and worked very hard to get him healthy and ready to come home. Once we got him home we were home about a month and then his doctors appointments got farther and farther apart and I was ready to move back to my hometown with my new baby. I live in the state of Michigan my whole life and came to Tennessee to visit my great-grandmother when I found out there that I was going to have a severe heart defect baby. So I stayed put until after he was good enough to travel. Once I left on my trip to Michigan the great grandmother called the police and said that I had not brought any of his medical Necessities such as oxygen or food or bags to feed him through his Mickey button.. which at the time I had Pit Stop at my babys father's families address and of course had all of my child's necessities. Either way a warrant was put out for my arrest for child endangerment I ended up going to the police myself and showing them that my child was fine where they then took me to jail and my son from me and my great-grandmother has had him ever since. Through the course of so many attorneys and court dates accross state I have really run out of things to do to get my child back and this is only 1/4 of the story it has really been a crazy trauma for me and I'm asking for help from anybody. As I said this is been going on since he's been born and he will be 3 in May. She has the advantage of knowing the judges of this small town in Tennessee as her family has went to school with them to give you an idea of what I am up against. I have asked other attorneys here in Michigan about the case and have been told by everyone that it is crazy that she still has him !! there has been no real proof of anything she has claimed about me yet I keep loosing cases..??!?! She has had temporary custody for the last three years and now wants to take me to court in April to file for adoption which I am going to say of course no and I don't know where things are going to go from here ..I feel a few more years of wasted expenses and I will never win..
  6. I live in a subdivision in a fairly rural area. There is a single provider of phone and internet. I'm being told that they are not able to provide service because of a capacity issue. Is there some legal requirement that they provide utilities to me? For example phone for 911 service? Just wondering.
  7. Hi , I have a question about the laws in the State of Tennessee about reclaiming Property Land and the Statues of Limitations TO CLAIM Property .I sold property to My sister in 1997 .She became ill and unable to work a short time afterwards I choose to let her keep the Deed and I put a Deed of trust in the Sullivan County Court House that was drawn up by My Lawyer at that time that state that the payments were to be paid in a 10 year time limit and if for any reason it wasn't I could then reclaim my land She and I worked out an agreement that because she was sick and had no place to go that as long as she paid the land Taxes each year and took care of this property then she could live there until she got better and could refinance it . I have heard to different answers to my question . My sister didn't pay me for my Property and she died in 2015 .At this point her only son now says that it is his and we both have lawyers, the property should have been paid for in 2008 and the his lawyer says that I should have made a claim to reclaim during this 10 years that it would have been paid but because she was my sister I didn't force this because I never signed the deed of trust over to her that states my rights to my property . Another Lawyer said that I had from 2008 until 2018 to claim my property before the Statue of Limitations ran out and at that point I would loose my rights to my property. Can any one tell me which answer is right because we didn't 'put a time limit on paper except for the repayment in 10 years. I have been trying for 2 years to get my Land back but because he is the only child he went to court to be over her estate and is Taking me to court because of this Statue of Limitations . Please help me if you can! Thank you for your time B6Carrof9
  8. I worked for a company as a commissioned employee. I receive a draw for my weekly pay and receive a monthly commission check after draws are pulled from it. I have a set schedule given each day with servies to complete at certain time blocks. If I am unable to complete a job due to the customer not being prepared or unable to have the service done we are told to call our office and have the service reset, which includes my company charging the customer a $25.00 trip charge for being unprepared for the service without notifying us prior to having it scheduled. Every other employee including myself have not seen a single bit of the money from these trip charges which I feel as if we should be entitled to due to that being set on our schedule, potentially taking up valuable time that we could have been doing services elsewhere. Depending on the day and the route you have these resets can happen quite frequently and limit the amount of money the employees can make. So should the employees be entitled to the 30% of these trip charges just as if it was the service itself?
  9. In 2014, I made an on-line purchase of software. It was last year's version and I purchased it through an on-line retailer. I have the receipt and paid about 1/3 of the new price for the software. As it turns out, the retailer that I purchased from was not authorized to sell it. Over a year after the purchase, I was contact by an attorney accusing me of copyright infringement. Basically, they say that I purchased stolen software. I have offered to return the software. Have made no money from its use. Indeed, I have only used it 2 or 3 times and only minimal applications, at that. Now they want me to pay full price for the product and are refusing my offer to return it to them. What are my options?
  10. If a tenant lets loose one of the landlord's animals, and the animal goes onto a neighbors property and destroys property, who is responsible? the tenant? the landlord? if the tenant releases the animal as an act of mischief?
  11. Where does one find a printable PDF Tennessee civil warrant form for general sessions court or small claims court on line?
  12. I lack access to any Tennessee case law, but by computer. What is a good site on line to find Tennessee cases about the duty of a renter of a farm to pay rent after a low crop yield? what Tennessee statute covers that subject?
  13. Does Tennessee allow a petition or referendum to make a state law? how? does the legislature have to refer it to the ballot? Can a person distribute a petition to put a proposition on the ballot to make a state law in Tennessee? how many signatures must sign the petition?
  14. What forms do you need to complete and file to pursue a civil action in a Tennessee small claims court? to collect past rent and damages to property? Also, can another non-attorney person or relative represent the complainant or filer of the action in court?
  15. Does any school have to tell anyone who asks for any reason whatsoever, especially to deter fraud, that it gave a person a diploma in Tennessee?
  16. Can a landlord successfully pursue an action for unlawful detainer by just saying in court tenancy at will is the lease made orally between tenant and landlord?
  17. How does a landlord enter a rental to repair the plumbing and floor when the tenant refuses to let the landlord in the rental?
  18. After you send the notice to evict or pay rent to the tenant, and the tenant refuses to pay rent and leave the premises, do you call the sheriff and have the sheriff remove the tenant in Tennessee? what paperwork must you do to get the sheriff to remove the tenant in Tennessee? what paperwork must the sheriff do?
  19. Hello, I'm writing on behalf of my husband. Issue #1: Vacation policy change without notice My husband has been working at the same company for over eight years, but three years ago the original business owner sold it to an employee (my husband's functional doppelganger). Apparently, when the new owner took over he changed the vacation policy without notice. My husband should have been able to take ten paid vacation days off per the original business owner's policy regarding an employee of 5 or more years but when the new guy bought the business, he "reset" the vacation time and made my husband an employee of zero years. This does make sense to me because my husband was, in fact, a new employee under the new owner. What doesn't make sense is the fact that he did this without notice or discussion. My understanding is that this change of policy is recorded in the legal / business documents hidden away in the new owner's office but my husband has not seen them himself nor has he been given a copy. He found out about it last week when he asked for time off even though the change apparently occurred three years ago. It feels like a gyp and for all we know, his boss could be bluffing (we have yet to see any proof of a policy change). I don't expect my husband will receive any compensation apart from a document stating a change of policy three years too late but it would be helpful to know whether we can actually confront him from a position of legal strength. Lest you think I'm a sourpuss: Issue #2: New employee is paid in time off so the boss doesn't have to give him time-and-a-half in overtime pay Rather than paying time-and-a-half for overtime, the boss lets this new employee of one year (a personal friend of his) use his overtime hours as vacation hours. This is a gentleman's agreement between the boss and new guy that both are happy with. As a result, new guy is allowed to work whenever he wants for as long as he wants and simply report when he will be taking time off. He has taken many days off this year - more than the five paid days off my husband is allowed. If you put your head in your arse and think about it, it makes perfect sense: if the guy works extra hours he should be compensated, and if the two men agree upon the method of pay it shouldn't bother anyone else. My head is not in my arse and I don't think it's justifiable. It is unfair to my husband because (a) as the seasoned, long-time manager of the business, he has to pick up the slack when new guy is gone and correct the daily mistakes he makes (a petulant reason but there it is), (b) he isn't given the opportunity for overtime because it is a financial bother for the boss, (c) he just learned his vacation days were "reset" while the new guy is given the opportunity to earn vacation days and my husband is not, (e) the new guy is essentially the replacement for the position the boss vacated when he became the boss and is my husband's new functional doppelganger, which includes same pay and job description as my husband when he started 8+ years ago, and (d) it is so incredibly unethical. I'd love to know if we have a case on this issue. Finally, one situation we probably can't argue with any strength but illustrates how sly the employer is: Issue #3: Hourly wages during the "off-season", salary during the busy season, back to hourly when business slows down The busy season runs from March to August. My husband worked 50-60 hours each week the first year the new boss owned the company and was compensated via time-and-a-half overtime pay. The boss tried a different scheme the following year. Rather than keep my husband at hourly pay, he worked out a yearly salary based on the hourly rate of pay, but the pay was not increased. At the start of March, he announced that my husband was on salary and would be expected to work as many hours as were necessary during the busy season for the same pay rate. He promised bonuses (a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down) which amounted to a whopping $200 for the entire six-month period. My husband worked the 50-60 hours per week as required and when August came around, the boss announced the new salary system "wasn't working" and reverted back to hourly pay. Naturally we were furious. To top it off, the boss began building a $500,000 house that summer while we were drowning in car repairs. It is my understanding that this is illegal now (thanks, Obama) but I am eager to know if it was illegal at the time. Thank you for your time and patience. We are very frustrated. My husband did quit once but the business tanked and customers came in specifically asking for him. Some of them said they would take their business wherever he had moved on to but he signed a non-compete agreement at the start of his employment 8+ years ago. Enough customers complained about the business in his absence that the boss asked him to come back. He doesn't push back when the boss takes advantage of him because he doesn't know whether he has any true legal strength to push back with. Please advise, especially regarding Issue #1, as it is the most recent and urgent.
  20. Who deals with land theft federally? the secret service? in Tennessee? the TBI?
  21. Before my father passed away of cancer he had a written legal will as for his last dying wishes my fathers wishes were very simple and to the point my father had me and my sister in his first marriage in his second marriage he had a daughter and a son my sister whom was his first born helped our father with the drawing up of his last will and testament our father never received very much of an education growing up but he was a very hard working blue collar man even though he had an alcohol addiction most all of his life our father in the same token lived a modest life our father saved up and invested his money so that he could in a sense try to make up for seldom being in his children lives my sister and i never grew up with our fathers 2 children we all had been around each other when we were small for a few holidays and seldom when we were welcome by his new wife threw the years we heard about each other from time to time what it came down to was our father had 2 sets of children but we never lived as brother and sisters out of respect for our father we my sister and i kept peace with our stepsister and stepbrother especially the last 2 years of our fathers life my father talked to my sister and my stepsister as to who would be the executo of his will i was living out of state and our stepbrother unfortunately followed in our fathers footsteps with the alcohol addiction my sister agree sense my father had taken a turn for the worse and moved in with our stepsister that she would be executor of the will with it written in the will that if my stepsister would not or could not fulfill our fathers wishes that are stated in his will that my sister would as i said in the beginning of my message our fathers wishes that are clearly written in his will are very simple and to the point every account savings checking ira and or any other policy was to be split 4 ways no one child shall get a penny less or a penny more we all sat down with him only a couple of weeks before he passed and he said i love you all equal that is why what i have left for my children shall be split equally in his will also all his personal belongings such as all his tools and there were a very large amount of the our father was a master mechanic for many years antique guns riding lawnmower and furniture all items was to be sold and that to be split 4 ways as well then his property was to be sold once again split 4 ways everything that was to be sold the 4 of us were to agree on the sale price again our father keeping everything equal as his love for us our stepsister has disrespected our fathers dying wishes she has not split one account 4 ways says she has no tools guns or any other items that are stated in our fathers will first of all i am truly sickened by the disrespect that our stepsister has shown to my sister and i but what i cannot and will not except is the disrespect of our father that she is displaying my father told my sister and i that he wanted to be cremated as it stated in the will that was what our father wanted and the cremation cost was to be split 4 ways between us and it shall be taken out of his will along with any debt and or child support that may be owed our father ask my sister and i to scatter his ashes around his favorite fishing hole and sense our stepsister was a christian so our father thought would we please allow her to do what made her feel best out of love and respect for our father my sister and i agreed our father didnt know he had to sigh the papers to be cremated so the 4 of us meet at the funeral home agreed to sigh the papers our stepsister spoke p and said she wanted to have a service at the funeral home and a grave side service her knowing that wasnt our fathers wishes so as we sat at the table my sister and i on one side our stepsister and step brother on the other side the funeral director at the head of the table my sister spoke up with the response you know that wasnt what pops wanted but he had ask us to allow you to do what you felt you needed to do with that being said my sister then turned to the funeral director and said as you can see our father had 2 families so my sister and i are requesting to have our fathers ashes split in half the look on this mans face my sister ask if there would be a problem with that request in order for her and i to follow out our fathers final wishes the director agreed quite shocked i had to leave the room i couldnt take any more i was the one that stayed with him the last week of his life at the hospice center and took total care of him as i had promised i wouldnt leave him alone i was aloud to care for my father i was truly blessed thats also my career i am as nurse aide i was placed into my fathers arms when i was born and i was blessed to have him placed in mine when he passed everything my sister and i did out of love and respect we did for our father for our stepsister to disrespect him this way well now my father always knew i was that child of his that would not let his wishes be disregarded so now i will have no regrets but pride to take my stepsister to court with my sister by my side see our father was court ordered to pay child support on me and my sister but not his other to children sense it states in his will about child support being paid if owed can i take a claim against his estate and also sue for every thing that my sister and i are entitled to by his written will the property has not been sold yet because i will not agree on the sell price it is way below appraisal thank you for your time ill appreciate the legal advice devastate by the lack of love and disrespect that has been shown to our father by 2 children that he had equal love and respect for he loved us all and suffered ten fold the last few days of his life please help me and my sister carry out our fathers wishes if at all possible no one is perfect but no ones fathers deserves to suffer as horribly as ours i so love and miss my daddy the one last gift i can give him is to fulfill his last wishes may god be with each and everyone that has to battle the disease of cancer my dad lost the battle but he was true solder all the way until the end
  22. My mother passed 14years ago from cancer. I recently have learned that her oncologist was convicted (January 2008) of three counts of " health care fraud"and one count of "making false statements regarding health care". These charges had been filed while my mother was under this Doctors care. My mother (and other patient) received poor medical care from this individual. Do I/we have a possible suit against this doctor? Thank you, RDHNURSE
  23. My ex-husband left money equally to our two adult children. Our daughter is homeless somewhere and no one has any contact with her. The attorney handling the estate will not disburse our son's half until the daughter is found and contacted. Is there a legal reason for the monies to be withheld from our son until the daughter can be found or at least contacted?
  24. I found out 4 years ago that I may be the father to a beautiful lil girl. The mother and I dated in college and conceived in 2008. We broke up because she was cheating on me and found out that she was sleeping with more than a few guys. She ended up marrying one of the guys and his name is on the birth certificate. Back in 2012 she reached out to me about DNA testing. She swore up and down that I'm the father and the DNA testing was for my sake. I was skeptical because she reached out after I just joined the Navy and something she said didn't make since to me. She told me her husband knew he wasn't the father and was fine with me getting DNA testing. I would look at her FB profile and there are all theses pictures up of a happy little family. Her husband knew at the time she was sleeping with multiple people like I did, and we actually had a couple of fights, (dumb I know, fighting over a girl) so he knew there is a possibility he wasn't the biological father. But she made it sound that he got tested and found out he wasn't for sure. The husband is a good guy. Like me we both got played by this woman. So i didn't pursue the DNA testing. They looked like a happy, well to do, financially secured family. I didn't want to break that up. But in addition i knew how manipulative this woman can be and didn't know for sure her motives. I've never stopped thinking about the little girl and I would just go on FB to look at pictures of her. Since then the family has had 3 more kids and they look like the PERFECT family. I had mix emotions about reaching back out to the mother. One, I didn't want to disrupt or disturb the lil girls life, two, I thought it be selfish of me, and three child support. I didn't see any good that could come from it. Recently I've had a change of heart. I grew up without a father. He had one guy(me) and 3 girls by three different women, the youngest 2 has the same mother. I found out about my siblings in 2010 and just met the youngest a couple of months ago. I knew not growing up with a father caused some development issues with me. But I had no idea the difference in issues were with my sisters. They grew up with a step dad but still the biological father not being there had a major impact. That was the factor that made me realize that whatever the reason I was telling my self I had to pursue this. I reached out to the mother and finally talked to her last night. She admits back in 2012 her and her husband was going through a rough patch and that her husband doesn't know anything about our 2012s conversation nor this one. She was very hostile and defensive. ( i absolutely don't blame her and totally understand). She told me to leave her and her family alone and that I lost my chance 4 years ago. She and her husband worked things out and are happily married. I don't want to step on anyone's shoes or cause any problems in the little girls life or trouble with her family, but I feel that if we can't do this calmly and or on low key that maybe a little disruption now is better in the long term. Better than she finding out later and questioning why her biological dad didn't pursue her or tried to get to know her. What should I do? Do I have any legal grounds or backup? Nothing ties me to this child other than what her mother told me 4 years ago. Can that be enough?
  25. I recently caused damages to apt and have agreed to repay all damages, or dedutible for insurance. We agreed on monthly payments..Repairs were made and I made first payment. The complex is corporate owned and I have asked to have copies of all invoices for repairs and they are not wanting to give to me..Am I entitled to see the amount from the invoices or do I have to take their word for the cost.