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Found 81 results

  1. Ok, so let me start this out by saying I am not arguing the fact that I owe the past due rent. Alright, here is the deal. We live in Tennessee, My wife and I were renting a house with the hopes of buying it within the year if we could get our credit and the money up. That did not happen in the first year because I was working on a 10-99 instead of a w-2. I switched to a w-2 job after being denied the first year and the landlord said it was fine but they really wanted to sell the house. We did not renew a 1 year lease agreement and went to a verbal month to month agreement. In Feb. of this year we were pre-approved for the loan to buy the house. We dealt with Quicken Loans and jumped through every firey hoop they had for us to jump through. After 4 months of hoop jumping we were told that because the money for down payment and appraisal was not "verified and seasoned" that they could not do the loan for at least 90 days. As soon as they told us that I relayed the message to the landlord because we have both been waiting 4 months to get going on the sale. The landlord told me that they wanted to paint and do some repairs before they listed it for sale and that since we couldn't get the loan we had to move out, and since she couldn't make us move in a week she would give us 30 days to vacate. There were no official "eviction" papers served to us just a hand written certified letter she wrote at home and paid to have mailed to us. We vacated within the allotted time but it took every cash dollar I had to find a suitable place for me my wife and 1 year old son, and I wasn't able to pay her the last months rent on time. She has since threatened to take us to small claims court over the $450. I have offered to make payments every week of at least $50 or more if i could afford it. She has refused (2) $100 money orders and will not accept anything less than the full amount, and has threatened to call the police on me for harassing her with partial payments if I bring another partial payment to her and "waste her time". I am not sure what to do here, any advice or laws anyone could point me in would be great thanks.
  2. I'm a RN who works for a hospital that outsourced all of their leaves of absence claims to be processed by a third party, Sedgwick. I was approved for a six week leave of absence due to a medical condition by Sedgwick, but denied disability pay by the same company using the exact same paperwork my doctor completed. I contacted Sedgwick and was told I had to file a formal appeal (which took me three days to gather information) and then I was told that their department requires a peer review and insisted on speaking with my doctor in order to reverse the denial. My doctor refused to speak with Sedgwick. My only recourse, per Sedgwick is litigation. I incurred several thousands of dollars in debt while on my leave and now I have to find an attorney to take sue my employer. I'm completely astonished and disheartened that neither Sedgwick nor my employer is willing to approve my claim without talking with my doctor (who, again refuses to talk to him...which is his right to decline). I'm hoping someone on here can refer me to an attorney who specializes in this kind of claim to help me get justice and the funds I deserve. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. My kids dad passed in February of 2017 and my kids lived with him and me we had joint custody. So I cleaned his apartment out by the end of march 2017 and had moved to my mothers until I could find a place . Do I found a job that payed cash to work out of town hauling cars for different people and school was still going on til may2017 I agreed to let my two girls to stay at my moms with my oldest daughter and my mom while I worked . And I was ready to get them and our on place when school was out and they said no I couldn't see them. I kept trying to see them as I continued to work out of town and every time I was in they was gone. So in August I find out my sister went and filed temporary custody of my kids in may of 2017 and had court date on July 5th and I was not nofied of the court day because she gave them the wrong address to serve me my papers so they had court on July 5 th and gave her temporary custody of my kids but she didn't come get them at my moms til the end of July saying she had temporary custody cause she had to make sure she was gonna draw their disability checks from Their deceased father first then she went and got them. I'm asking for help on what to do to get my kids back before the next court date which isn't til October. Can someone give me some advice.
  4. Hello. My question is, Is it illegal for a partner who is part of a partnership to have the money from the business go into a personal account that the other partner doesn't have access to? Isn't this considered "breach of contract?" And where can I get proof to support this?
  5. My Grandmother passed in Oct. 2016. Approximately 3 months later I received a copy of her estate naming me as one of 3 majority beneficiaries or heir at law. Originally it was my father but he passed. then it went to my getting 2/3 rds of his share and my mother the other 1/3rd. Then my mother passed and her share is to be split 4 ways between myself, my daughter, My half sister and her son. The other 2 majority beneficiaries or heir at law are my aunt and uncle who are also co executors. In the estate we are to divide the sale of her house. However, My aunt, another beneficiary had moved into the home prior to care for my Grandmother and is allowed to live in the home for up to 60 months before it has to be sold. We are all in agreement with this. I talked to my aunt when I got the estate papers to make sure I didnt have any unknown responsibilities. During which she expressed she would not be staying passed 12 months due to her financial situation she can not afford the upkeep of the home. I talk to my aunt every week and the home has not been put on the market yet. Yesterday my half sister ( a small beneficiary heir at law) received a receipt, wavier, and release. She warned me if I got one to not sign until we got some clarification being that I hold a larger share. Today I got mine in the mail. I looked it up and it is very very basic one page Receipt, Waiver, and Release. I understand that a lot of times they send these out when an estate is in escrow and once they are signed and returned the estate is disbursed. But, isnt this really too soon seeing the house has not been sold? Im not sure what I should do? Im not sure how much information is needed for advice in this situation, if more is needed I can try to oblige
  6. My aunts husband of 30 years recently passed and left her a living trust of the house they lived in. She is in a dementia facility and me an my cousin are her POA's . Neither of them had children.. We found out that all the joint bank accounts are now hers and that is what she will have to pay her bills for her staying at the assisted living facility . I have so many questions but mainly I was wondering does he have a right to get a percentage of the estate since they were married for 30 years ? Also can the executor sell the house and acreage before she passes away since she is in this facility? Thanks in advance for you feedback
  7. Is there a time limit for a Credit card company to garnish wages. Judgement 9 years ago and they took money from bank account , then they released account after a year or so. Now many years later with no further correspondence they garnish wages. I have received many pre approved offers for their cards (Discover) Clueless of what to do. ..
  8. 1. I understand that a close held corporation (100% owned Sub S Corp.) is considered self-employed for child support calculations but I cant find that written down anywhere. Is there a general set of parameters that determines if someone fits the self-employed category? 2. I also understand the deduction of depreciation for self-employed income is not allowed in most cases. How can I find the cases where this deduction was allowed in Tennessee? First question is most important and thanks for any documented information on these subjects.
  9. When there is an old will that a deceased relative has, what happens when two of the four beneficiaries are deceased? Neither of them were married or had children. The will was written in 1987 ?
  10. Why does the government help people who purposely cheat the government with their taxes and people who try to better themselves by continuing their education can not get any help or debt forgiveness at all. This debt follows you wherever you go. I graduated with my BA and wanted to continue into a Master's in my field. After my divorce I had to take out student loans in order to just graduate with my undergrad and attempt to enter the master's program in my field. I acquired student loans that equal over $60,000. I could not complete my master's due to being a single mother with no time and no help. Now I am constantly being harassed to pay these back, which I acknowledge that I took on the debt and need to pay it back as I am able. But I have also met several people who have not paid taxes for years and years and owe as much if not more than I do. They can retain a lawyer, granted that takes money also, but at the end of it, they can get it reduced to paying less than $1000 back to the government. They may have to pay a lawyer $5000 - 10,000 but that is a lot better than owing your life to pay off student loans. I went to school to support myself and my children and to go into a career that I had a passion for but after my divorce and taking on these stupid loans, I could not achieve that goal. On top of that I feel like a failure and be harassed daily about these loans when I am unable to make payments for whatever reason ( unemployed, tragic vehicle accident that put me out of work for a while and created more debt and on top of that, I went through a two year battle in court with a man who violently raped me, causing me to be out of work again because of injuries and appointments with lawyers, court dates and just the stress of the situation. With all this said, I would like to know where do I start within the government to express my frustrations and if or when will there ever be help for me and others like me. Thank you for listening and I hope to get a lot of feed back and guidance for this issue. Lee Anne
  11. If someone filed bankruptcy and did not list you as a creditor but listed you as income, can you get your money owed?
  12. Can you legally waive your Miranda rights if you are under the influence or intoxicated? ......... I am currently in a criminal issue with the court....on the day of arrest the detectives took me to an interview room where multiple questions were asked and vague answers were given , however the DA now is trying to use this interview as a confession and of course I'm trying to fight it . I am represented by a public defender , and doing some of my own research to make sure proceedings are proper and fair toward my defence. I DID NOT sign a waiver of the Miranda rights , however the lead detective has audio of my saying I would talk with him from the scene of arrest .Then about an hour later , when I was taken and placed in the interview room ( where full recordings and video are available) ... The question I was asked was " do you remember your Miranda rights" and I stated" I knew them and was aware of them ".... And at that point questions proceeded and most answers given were very vague and a lot of " I don't remember or i dont knows" but there is some possible incriminating answers that are trying to be used against me. *** yes , on the day of the arrest , right after I left the interview room and was placed in the county jail .... drug and intoxication screens were given for detox issues with all incoming inmates due to medical policy. So there is a record of my being intoxicated or under the influence. Can anyone help me with this ? I need any case sitations or legal insight to present at the argument in a future suppression hearing because obviously I need to suppress the evidence of the alladged confession. Just to answer the obvious questions.... The crime(s) I am charged with are NON VIOLENT PROPERTY OFFENCES.... Thank you for your help and guidance !
  13. Recently found out the executor of my aunts husbands will has been into the safe deposit box at the bank where my aunt had a joint account with her husband. I asked him if he took anything out of it and he stated he did get paperwork. I called the bank and asked why they let him get into the box without someone representing my aunt and they stated he had his paperwork stating he was the executor of the owners will. He has taken things from the home that belonged to my aunts first husband and was told that they belonged to our late uncle but he has not offered to bring them back. I am planning on contacting a lawyer this week about this but wondered if there is any way of getting the items back. His executor duties were to conduct business and pay bills and execute the will as stated in the will .
  14. I am writing this on behalf of my wife, as she is very distraught over the death of her father, and she's having a tough time dealing with the details. My wife's father (my father-in-law) passed away about 3 weeks ago. He left a will. My wife's oldest sister has the will, but so far when asked, she has avoided providing my wife a copy of the will. My wife's oldest sister has said that she was left everything, but without seeing the will there is no way to know if this is true. The oldest sister has supposedly hired a lawyer, who supposedly told her that it was going to take about 3 weeks before she would be able to find out how much is in the father's checking account, etc. There is a home that Zillow says has a $100,000 value but my wife has no idea how much equity is in the home, and how much is still owed. The oldest sister has said that she intends to keep, and live in the house. There is a large pickup truck that is supposedly worth $20,000, of which $12,000 is supposedly still owed. My wife expressed to her older sister that she would like to have this truck, if possible (having no idea what is actually in the will). There are also other assets, such as all of the house contents, a small business and all the equipment, such as two cargo vans, painting equipment, etc. My wife's oldest sister just called my wife and left her a message saying that if my wife wants the truck my wife needs to immediately make a payment on the truck, and make an insurance payment on the truck, or the truck will be repossessed. What should my wife do at this point? Just send her sister the money and hope for the best? Make a payment directly to the finance and insurance companies, and hope for the best when her sister wraps up the estate details? I have a hunch that the oldest sister is simply named executor of the will, and the estate is supposed to be split 3 ways, between the three sisters, but no way to prove that without being able to see the will. This is what the old will stated, prior the the father changing the executor to the oldest sister. In the previous will his ex-wife was designated as the executor. Other info: My wife's father lived and died it Tennessee. My wife and I currently live in Florida. Not sure if that matters. My wife was legally adopted by her father, and the other two sisters (one older, and one younger) are blood kin to the father. What are my wife's rights, and options in this situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  15. I was recently informed about a program being given to offenders as part of sentencing for drug offenders / addicts . The program is in Nashville Tn and the Judge over it is Honorable Norman out of Davidson County. Does anyone have information about this program? The rules , requirements and the impatient/out patient terms to be completed? I don't have access to actually Google or search it online , so if anyone has researched information or online information they can post here that would be great and very helpful. I would also like to know of anyone who may be personally aware of the program , by experience or by working / being a counselor within it. ( so please tell me about it!) Again , it is called DC4 , Judge Norman is over it in Davidson County / Nashville . Thank You!
  16. Working as an "undercover" private investigator in Tennessee. there may be times where using my legal identity isn't an option. Is there a legal way to for business reasons and my safety have a complete 2nd set of identifications....
  17. How does a person convicted of a felony and on probation get there sentence reduced? Example. If I'm on 17 years probation after so long can I ask for the remainder to be commuted? And how? And after a sentence is served how do I as a felon get my rights restored?
  18. OK, so being new to this site and working on multiple issues I am trying to get pictures from a Discovery , and PDF fi!es to download through the messenger service here withing FindLaw ... Basically , I am trying to receive pictures and discovery files from membes of our FindLaw community . He has info and pictures of a research we are doing together and is trying to send them to me .... My internet server is blocked with restrictions due to my situation , however I am able to research and do work on this site (ThanxFindLaw!).... If anyone can help with this I would appreciate the knowledge and information! Chris Nashville , Tn.
  19. I am the Remainderman of property left in a life estate by my father. The property includes a house and approximately 15 acres. I have been told that the life estate extends to only 100 feet from each side of the house. Is this true? If so, can I sell some of the acreage?
  20. This is a little off the subject , I understand ..... But as I search through the available topics to post this in , I assume that researching something kind of relates to my Anyways , I am trying to send a message straight to a cell phone from an email / tablet or laptop. I know the cell numbers ( obviously ) but I don't know the Email formats? Each service provider has their own email format associated with the cell number ... Example: cricket customers may be .... ( for Verizon) Could someone please help me out with is ? Yes , its crazy ...but I am needing to send stuff from my email directly to a phone ! ( the service provider is cricket) Thank You Chris Nashville,Tn
  21. I have a friend who is going through pre trial phases and is trying to present the evidence of a falsified police report that resulted in him being charged. The situation is as follows.... He was invited into a home ,where he knew the residents, ultimately a po!ice report was made which listed items being stolen. However it is on video within the home that items that were taken was not listed and items that were shown taken was not on the report.... This is on camera however and the report and insurance clearly do not match up . The alleged victim has in fact falsified a police report to prevent from certain items being found stolen that were in his possession. Basically , we need to know if a police report is falsified and or misleading is it admissible in court and what should he do?
  22. I discovered that my ex signed up for a Credit Karma account in my name and SS#. They won't do anything about it without a copy of a police report (which I just got). I wasn't going to push it but for the 2nd sraight year, she has claimed both of her kids on her taxes (against the terms of our court ordered agreement), and she's pretty much a caricature of a bitchy ex-wife. She will probably lose her job as a Special Ed teacher because she used her work email address to register the account (possibly used work computer - find out when Credit Karma gives me details) which means she may have to payback a state grant that paid for her masters in SpEd. To my knowledge, she didn't open any credit accounts in my name, but per the deputy that took my complaint, the Credit Karma thing is prosecutable as Identy Theft - a Class D felony. My question is, since I had no monetary loss, can I sue her? Not that she has much to give up, but I'm done putting up with her crap. Or better yet, can I sue her and the department of education since she used their email system to setup the account and possibly their computer(s)/network to access the site? Per their terms of use for Department email, I can see no reason they should or would allow correspondence to or from Credit Karma. Before I get called out, I have my kids 50% of the time, pay my child support, and don't have any interest in her life. She dogs me to my kids, has admitted to making efforts to harm my reputation/character/income (I'm a Realtor), and I have put up with years of harrassment from both her and her husband. Thanks.
  23. I am a land owner with property deeded as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. My question is, can the other owner sell his part of property without my knowledge and what rights do I possess in this matter. There is no marriage involved, but both parties live on this property.
  24. Our normal payday is on Fridays. Today is Good Friday so banks are closed. It is illegal for me to still pay on Friday instead of on Thursday when banks are open?
  25. Me and my daughter were trying to sell our restaurant. Both our names are on the property deed that is free and clear of any mortgage. My name is listed first and then hers. She is making it hard to accept any offers due to her lack of communication skills. Does it require two signatures on deed to sell or just one. The business is now closed but when it was open it was incorporated and I have 51% ownership and she has 49%. Ownership What can I do to sell this property or can I sell my interest in it. ?