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Found 152 results

  1. I have many questions regarding what it takes for a school to be shut down for safety reasons. By safety reasons, I mean leaks, broken stairs, ect. 1. Who can shut down a school? 2. Why can a school be shut down? 3. What law describes safety reasons a school could be shut down. 4. If there is no direct law, is there a law regarding what a school must have to stay open. Basically any information on this would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. I actually live in nj but the two incidents occurred in pa. I was seeking treatment in a facility in pa, voluntarily and I am a 40 yr old woman. One evening I chose to leave the facility but went into the counselors office to take my mother and brother off emergency contacts so they would not be called. After I left the counselor called my mother against my will. I then returned to the facility and changed my emergency contact to my friend Christy. The next day the administrator of the facility informed me that I had to leave there. After I left they then proceeded to call my mother again even though I clearly appointed my friend as my emergency contact. Does this qualify as a breech in hippa confidentiality ?? Thank you -Heather
  3. Hello, I’m from Pennsylvania and I just purchased a car a few weeks back. It came with a 30/day powertrain warranty. It is a 2005 Golf with 80,000 miles. Anyways, I purchased the car with a month left of inspection. So 2 weeks after I purchased it, the check engine light came on and I need to replace my catalytic converter. This part from VW is over $1,000 and I need it for inspection. I already contacted the dealership and they won’t do anything, they say it is my problem. Since they sold a car that won’t pass inspection, do I have any legal ground to get the car fixed at their cost or else get a refund? Thank you, Ben
  4. I actually live in nj but my car broke down on a major highway in pa. I didn't have a cell phone on me so I had to walk to get help. While I was making my call I saw my car passing by on a tow truck. The car was being transported back to my home so I could sell. According to pa impound you must provide proof of ins and registration in order to release the car. That has all been cancelled and the car will be picked up via tow truck. Will they release the car?? Why did they impound so quick it was less than a half hour. Thank you - Heather
  5. PA. DIVORCE , 33 yr maried, I added her to deed, mortgage my name. Wife never worked. She was caught having a affair with her long time attorney friend..... My attorneys failing health , not being able to handle work load, told me to get another attorney. He was paided for services and then some, being he worked alone, did not forward me with a referral, has all my records, Time and money not on my side... This is short version of what has been going on for over a year. Now I'm Pro Se, need direction in moving through this legal night mare, 1. I gave my WIFE exclusive possession of the home, with the mutual agreement we would sell the house. The Judge ordered us specific actions to do and not to. In a time frame, along with agencies, individuals by name and dates with deadlines. To Sell Home. Motion was made Wife was in direct contempt of all that was ordered and then some. Judge ruled her in contempt, gave her strick orders to comply with, also removed her exclusive possesion, but let her stay in home. WIFE again did not comply, Motion filed for contemp of court orders. being in contempt of his order. Judge finally ordered her to leave property, Nov 1, 5 pm 2017. with the ORDER to not remove marital assests, damage property, or impede sale. of property.... (After her departure I could proceeded with minnor repairs of home and only I could list property as directed by court.) The realator arrived on property after wife left premises. The trash covered the double drive way, she could not parked her car, The front door was left wide open with font door handle, locks, dead bolt removed, even after she was ask not to. Everything in the house was gone in addition to furniture, the oak Banisters, Custom wood removed from walls of walk in closets, along with custoom wood racks, all appliances stove, dish washer,hot water heater ect, light fixtures, ceiling fans, shower heads, window locks, light bulbs, the walls had holes through out the house, urine stain carpets , spray painted walls toilets full and broken. Then 5 days later she listed property for sale by owner with only her phone number on zillow, added a very long derogatory comment about me., on website. Neighbors contacted me letting me know. I contacted Zillow, they removed listing not coments then she had it put back up listed for sale by owner. WIFE texted me told me she was not selling for less than 188k. Totally going against what court had directed. My atty did nothing, so I stepped in. I provided Zillow the court order that stated she had no authority to list and it was removed after 10days and 439 veiws. Question ,1.) I file motion of contempt, in that she knowingly, maliously and deliberatly went against order of court. and Because of her intentional malicious disobedience. Based on her direct defiance of anything coming from court. A. Can she be removed from deed. B. OR be excluded so she has no right what so ever in sale process not even a signature required. C. Not be intitelled to any proceeds of sale of property. WHAT POSITIVE THING FOR ME COULD COME FROM THIS. 2. ) on Oct 26 2017, Motion To Schedule all counts conference was made by her attorney. It is schedule for Feb 3. 2018 She has removed everything, from property, has admitted via a voice mail she sold my car in Fl. tools and equipments from my shop in Florida all sold. Has devastated the property here in Pa. QUESTION, I present a list. Ill make a list of everything that was ours. But she has relocated to Fl. From Pa. (The home in Florida we lived in for 30yr, her mother owned that I put 60k for remodeling along with hundreds of hr. In labor. she/we were to inherit according to mother's will.) The 3 vehicles mercedes,GMC truckn,ford focus. In her name. A lot of jewelry hers mind, collectibles,antiques and guns. QUESTION 2. Being we have marital assests in Florida and the Pa. Assests we had here have been moved to Florida against court. What type of Judgement may I see coming from the judge as far a equal distribution based on this situation. Marital assets which are more than property equity. APOLOGIZES but to keep this concise and leaving out some details n sequence of events would not have given clear picture. Any incite as to what i am looking at or may be blind sided with and guidance in the direction I should be looking at case statue code, to better myself. It would be much appreciate. Thank You
  6. My son was arrested for burglary. During th police interview, they recorded his confession after they told him they would keep him out of jail if he confessed to other charges. On the recording, it is also stated him saying he is "F'd up on heroin. He has now been in jail for 10 months and he has had his public defender tell him that he was only looking at 7 to 12 months, but he has yet to go to court and be sentenced.. Since he has been in jail, the public defender has changed what she has told him to now he is looking at 3 to 7 years. The other party that was with him has been sentenced several months ago to probation. What can I do to help my son? Is it leagal for the police to tell him to confess while he was under the influance of drugs as they are promising him to keep him out of jail? I feel like he was being intimidated and they are stretching the law a bit.
  7. So I had to get to work and I got pulled over without a license and I told the officer that I would be getting my license back in January, So he said that if I would plead not guilty and go to court he would help me out. But what really can he do for me and is it worth trying?
  8. My girl and I broke up and we had several trips planed. She asked me for a dollar amount to cover my airfair because she said the airline wouldn't refund her money. I gave her the exact dollar amount she asked for via Money order. We also had a weekly saving bank and i put the cash in there also She is now asking for more money to cover her ticket to one destination because she said I wanted to go there not her. The cash I put in the weekly savings bank more than covered the extra amount she is asking for to cover her ticket. Am I responsible for that ticket, and is there any way I could recover any of the cash that was removed from the savings bank?
  9. I am the sole person on a lease and I have subleased a room to someone with the approval of the landlord. I am having issues with this roommate and I have met with him about it. He said he would change, but he hasn't. The simple sublease we signed does not say anything about early eviction or ending the lease before the official date. My question is, since he isn't on the official lease and I assume I am considered his landlord, can I ask him to leave early. I would be willing to give him official notice and 60 days to move out.
  10. I have worked for a number of years as a independent contractor servicing personnel mobility products. I started out working directly with the manufacture, then they outsourced the service department to a third party. It has been a problem getting paid from the get go, but with some persistence I would get paid. Now they do not respond to emails and some of my invoices are (6) six months old. I fear they are trying to avoid payment. What are my legal options?
  11. I inherited my home , my name is on the deed not my husbands. I rented it out to the worst possible tenants. The are destroying my property and not paying the rent, Dos my husband have the right to fight me about him not agreeing to the rental. I also don't know how to get them to leave and am afraid the are going to steal me blind? I put a notice to quit on the door on 11/6/17 they have a 5 day grace period then $5.00 a day. The renter put the rent in my mailbox on the 12th of November 6 days late and a note that he had to pay $175.00 out of pocket but no receipt, he also has prevented me from getting into inspect. I gave him 48 hours notice and asked that they not be there because it is just so bad. I heard from neighbors that there was a incident. I sent him a text on November 25th stating I would be over in 48 to inspect and get my Christmas decorations. He responded back that I had to call him by 3 PM and he would put them out on the deck. My back door glass is broken they have no raked the leaves and hardware is missing from my 4 year old cabinets. I did a walk through did not take the decorations or anything else and he called the police to say I didn't let them, and that a blow dryer is missing. know I have the texts. I sent registered mail before and they never picked it up. The 175.00 was not to clean a drain so he is in breach what do I do now>
  12. Is it legal to promote a person to position there not qualified for to feel a postion. Then demoted when qualified apply for the position. Change of pay hourly to salary back to hourly
  13. I'm to make a list of questions for the judge to ask when 8 year old child is interviewed for custody. When the conciliation officer talked privately to child her thoughts were basically child had been coached and the case was discussed with him, which worries me being she also said child answered with 90% of important issues with "I don't know". Reasoning behind the interview was my statement that child was afraid of father and the emotional harm that's visibly effecting my quality time with him. Child had made comments to myself and his siblings such as, he changed his mind about wanting the same time with both parents because he wouldn't see us all summer if he did. (We had 50/50 up until school-age) son has developmental delay and I knew the school in fathers district offered more than my location 100miles away and suggested he be in fathers care during school days, and I'll relocate asap in which we would modify temporary arrangement shall I relocate) It took until beginning of school (2ND grade) but for the reasons of child, purchased home in same county as father, better community, better school, and siblings along with child's now stepfather that has been in his life since 10months old and now a stable 2 parent beautiful kid friendly large home. As soon as this possibility became a reality with father, he has since went to very low efforts to challenge parent child relationship. (Withholding child, making unilateral decisions, hiding all medical providers info, discourage child from even bonding with me, and now child reiterates things by asking if I only want him because my son turns 18 and his father doesn't pay money so now I just want child's father to pay me. An 8 year old child should have no knowledge of "child support, the custody issue etc" and child feared getting in trouble yet when I did defend myself and explain by no means is that the case and that I love him and we have always wanted to share in his school, parenting and moved here as we all discussed happening together and that what his dad has said is very untrue and money has never been a reason and child began crying saying that he knew that but feared saying anything..... It was one of the most difficult moments ever I've had in parenting to not question why or what he fears but unlike his father, I want son to feel as if he can open up and talk to me about his feelings rather than try forcing my own on him. My son is the most empathetic child I know and for whatever reason feels guilty for being himself, fears thinking differently than father, and he feels his father only has him. What questions should be asked when I already know he's been coached, it least enough to answer anyone with I don't know.. even as much as if he ate supper already or what he did on his day off school etc. My biggest fear is being he's already at this point, by the time interview takes place in 3 months, he will not only withhold the trauma he's accepted as "OK" or "normal" when asked about it but also repeat anything father may make him believe is the right thing to say. When the judge asked if either parent had an issue with interview, father was hesitant and I'm sure because of what the conciliation officer stated to us, but directed to him and this man will go to any level as our child is his pocession, not a person, not OUR son. The tactics will change as his first attempts were caught. Child may not have "told on him" but rather just his statements of "not knowing or don't remember" must have had reaction enough that our son hasn't been the same since. I feel like I mad e him feel insecure to open up but yet it's truly the exact opposite. He's said many things but never had I repeated them or "told on him" until I had to watch his tears and fear of somebody knowing what's happening while there and I let him down. It's as if any communication has been practiced since then when he's with us and it's heartbreaking. How does one make a list of questions for judge in this situation?!
  14. Hello, I have a current custody order with my children’s father that he has chosen not to show up for. In the past year, he has missed 150 out of 200 days of custody. Our order does not include overnights...just certain hours. I have kept the children available in case he would show up and I have never refused time with him. My children are older teens and he has no contact with my daughter. This no contact was agreed upon by both of them in a therapy session that I documented (wrote down the dates and conversation). My children do not want to spend time with their father’s new wife and he tries to force this. He then said if you won’t see her then you don’t see me. He hasn’t shown up in 3 months for his time. I have taken my children to many therapy sessions to deal with their father but he does not show up for his agreements with them. I have now received emails that they are going to sue me for contempt of court and parental alienation. I have a full log of every date that he missed custody. I have written down agreements that he did not follow through on and times the children tried to go out with him without his wife and they were refused. The court told me that he cannot see them for custody on a certain day if he does not show up for pickup within 20 minutes of his time. This didn’t matter because he didn’t come at all. He said in an email that he is tired of hearing about the children’s feelings and that they needed to go with him and be with his wife because the court wants them to be with her. Most of what they say makes no sense but I want to be prepared when they sue me. I even asked him to go to a private mediator so the children could come up with a plan that they mutually agree on and he refused saying he wants to take me to court. I may still take the children to have them document what they want...but will the court even look at it? Or will they wait until it goes to a hearing and then have the children interviewed by the judge? Is the burden of proof on him? Will the court give him more custody time when he has not shown up for what he has? He says he is going for 50/50 so the kids are forced to be at his house with his wife. My kids are older teens...will the court take their opinion seriously? Will the court at least subpoena the therapy team or records to see my attempts to reconcile the children to him before accusing me of contempt? I feel with my log I will not even need a lawyer but I still do not like the words “parental alienation” and contempt of court. I wish he would just deal with this civally so the children could be heard but they are absolutely set in the fact that I have done something to sway the children’s opinions. Please let me know if there is anything that I will need that I am missing here. Is the log enough or will I need to bring more to the judge to defend myself? I will have all copies of emails. Thank you!
  15. yes at some point it may require (specific ?) legal counsel so why have this forum if those replying cant offer more guidance beyond scolding? as yet no one offered a course of action or lawyer in correct field ("not my specialty".."come back once you have been harmed"), as the issue has not completely occurred. have/had ongoing "recorded" long term storage /property lease ,thru no action of owner court has blocked the sale of the property for years, waiting for a solution I paid some of the property tax as the owner was not able to cover ALL bills, eventually including mortgage,bank has refused to foreclose or by pass owner and sell to me ,because other creditors would have interest. if I dont again pay the back tax s the property is scheduled for a tax sale ... as tax court is not subject to like court orders and agree property has been placed into an ongoing catch 22 I have not found an affordable replacement for the site..... tax s + creditors are too expensive to get a mortgage to purchase out right due to the appraisal value but appraised value alone would #1 can I assume the lease would be invalidated in some way ? As I do not live there,....didnt find any help here .. #2 is there some other way to keep the lease valid ? #3 do I need to remove my property ? #4 some way to keep property there and until I can purchase the land at tax sale ? thank you
  16. My kids father has been nothing but creating issues since we split up almost 4 years ago! Child support is his Q to act out last year was so extreme to my kids I had NO choice but to get PFA (his moms idea and insisted) He has PTSD and gets out of hand. I cried threw entire filling process ‘ Long story short, 8 months later he was calm and nice (weird) I slowly agreed to him seeing our kids but supervising. His mom and him began asking me to dismiss court order, I gave in as I want him in their life and they drove me off the wall. 2 months after he filed for custody, provided false nearly ALL expect our names. Different county, PFA not shown! He was taking the time around my kids ages 11,12&13 to bash me while I was working (he doesn’t ever) they’re different, not themselves and he has kept them from me since his so hearing with temp granted primary. I’m only aware of this now bc I went to court house and printed what he refused to serve me (state law). I went to pick up my younger 2 kids after notifying him many times prior and he immediately dialed 911, lying I’m trying to force my son into my vehicle! My son was crying in fear of his father and wanted to come! It escalated after many threats of trespassing on to my kids Dad and his brother going to my car and getting physical with my boyfriend!! 3 kids were watching this unfold and they didn’t care kids were around even though my bf and I repeated that asking to stop. Here comes their mother outside screaming and cursing at us threatening trespassing with a 3 month old baby in her arms. I had no choice to leave or physical fights would continue! I’m not contacting until court at end of month which sucks I don’t have my 2 younger kids. I’m anxious but terrified for court but gathering everything I can against them. I’m sorry I was so nice to them all these years through so much hell and drama. Also ZERO financial support!! Ohhh yeah he filled custody 2 weeks prior to another contempt of court for domestic relations! Ironically right?... I stopped keeping track but he’s roughly behind payments totaling $10,000!! I could beg him and he wouldn’t buy one pair of shoes but he goes to concerts and strip clubs!... Primary custody means he has to provide, not good. I’m going to fight him in court as long as it takes for him to get the **** Dad awareness!!! Enough is enough! I could tell so many more stories of him not truly interested in my kids but I’ll make u sick! The judge is being informed!!!!! I can’t wait to see my kids and kiss them! Please lord let these enormous troubling situations for my kids and I END! Screw child support and leave us alone!
  17. Me and my fiance were both charged with multiple charges. I agreed to doing most of the things. But they are still holding him accountable
  18. My brother signed the title of his car, then mailed the title to his daughter in Washington state. She has yet to register the car in her name in that state. Low funds, doesn’t know what to do, etc, excuse, etc....... Question: If anything happens involving this vehicle (accidents or whatever), is my brother going to be held liable? Thanx.
  19. An organizer called me and stated he wanted three dance performances, and as many people as we could get to fill the stage in a 2 month period which is a very short notice.We discussed on the phone and I sent a few messages through Facebook. At one point I did have 22 people (it changed due to availability of people) ended with 14 people. He understood that some were experienced dancer and others were students (also in message). I verified the amount of money that he was offering as well. His co-organizer called and wanted a review on stage in the middle of the week at 3:30pm. I told her it was impossible to do so because that's 14 people that are located in different areas and working. I wasn't able to attend but my co-director which has been through this the entire time attended to take measurements of the stage. That's why I kept insisting on seeing the place so we know how much space to fill. Then, a few days before the performance he kept insisting things have to be extremely perfect and everyone needs to attend the rehearsal. I stated that I have one dancer with an extreme emergency and we took a video of her performance (which was sent) and one had a court order to pick up his children. He refused to accommodate. Then he says he didn't offer us seating at the even that we sit downstairs the whole time and fed sandwiches. I told him I have messages stating you will be providing us with tables. He didn't remember that he was paying us. I told him I have messages stating you were paying us. Got a phone call from another organizer that night stating they aren't going to accommodate for 14 people so only 4 people could come to the event. And we are doing only one performance and the times for the song needs to change. Last minute Choreography and reducing ten people off is ridiculous. So I told them take us off the list of performers. Mind you we have gone back and forth about getting a contract signed and I worked almost every single day with practice and organizing since it was short notice for these dances. Then he tells me as he threatens me in a voicemail to call his lawyer that I didn't have enough people for his stage (which he would only provide 4 tickets per co organizer discussion). And that I have to delete everything off Facebook which states the messages we discussed blanking out his name and everyone else that send me a complaint on him, I blanked their names and his name off of their as well. He had me take off the reviews that states the process and how I was told I was to get paid $1,000 and I've paid out a lot with paying for downloading songs, paying for apps, floor fees at the dance studio, costumes, food, and gas money. Is he able to sue me for these things?
  20. The Buyer of a property backed out of an agreement, in fact he said he can't afford it, the property taxes, (which are due) and the utilities. So he packed up and moved out. Now I do have someone else who is interested in the property, my question is what and how do I get the property so I can have the new people can buy it? I am unable to get in contact with the man who I had a land lease with.
  21. Yes it’s just a write up but please help me determine if I may have a case. I believe I was written up for as retaliation and/or used as an scapegoat by upper management. My daily schedule assigned me to a specific duty. My supervisor emailed me that morning and advised me that I didn’t not have to perform that duty for the day. Since I was not needed, I performed other duties. We had a major client visit that same day and the clients wanted to see how I perform my duties. The same duties that I was told I didn’t have to do. I would have showed them, but I was on lunch. No one else was available. The next day my direct supervisor emailed me telling me that since I took an unscheduled lunch, no one was available to show the clients my duties. (No one in my entire company takes their scheduled brea EVER!. I’ve been there 2 years and it had never been a problem). The client complained to my V.P and the trickle down effect started. I was written up for not being available when the client needed me as I took an unscheduled lunch. 1) I was unaware of a client visit 2) I was no longer assigned to that particular duty that day 3) No one takes a their schedule break I feel targeted because the client wants someone to take blame for it and since I’m the ‘low man on the totem pole’ it’s me. I submitted that proof I was pulled from my assignment. They changed the write up to ‘taking an unscheduled break’. Again no one takes their scheduled break. Is this retaliation or any form of work place violation?
  22. I have been working for a skilled nursing facility for a year and a half, I have been making time and a half for anything over 8 hours since time of hire. A few months ago I dropped down to a pool position and then went back to my full time position. I noticed in my paycheck that they are not giving me time and a half after 8 hours anymore. They stated that anytime someone changes status or is a new hire now they are not giving overtime after 8 hours. They did not tell me this when they offered me the full time position again. Is this legal? Do they need to retro pay me for this time, or do I have to just take the loss?
  23. My landlord agreed to waive the lease termination fee of $400.00 when i needed to move two months before lease was up due to my disability. I could not go up and down stairs. I was told by my doctor to move. I was on third floor for six years. I followed everything in lease and paid for all rent fees. I had notified my landlord and asked to be considered for first floor apartments, but everytime I was told their was a list, and that the apartments were given to someone else. They never would provide this "so called list". Now she is trying to recoup her two months of rent $16000, making unreasonable claims i ruined the wall from burning a candle, and ducts needing cleaned, etc. etc. She kept my security deposit and says i owe additional $1,600.00. She is a millionaire. I am a single divorced senior, disabled. Why can't i receive some pro-bono legal help. I am the average low-middle income citizen who cannot seemed to get any help.
  24. Over Paying?? My current boyfriend pays four hundred, and fifty dollars in child support a month for one child that we get 2-3 days out of the week. We recently discovered she works and the child stays with family 2-3 days out of the week, and she doesn't have her, so we have her longer at are house. Does that count for being a custodial parent, and does she have to report working? She collects, Wick, Child Support, Welfare, and Housing Assistance We are struggling to survive taking care of the child, buying dippers, and food, toys, clothing, etc. I pay are mortgage, and some utilities because he doesn't have a large pay check at all, very hard to do what we need to do to live life, I cannot even go to school, and either can he we are currently both behind on medical bills, and just scrape buy for the main bills. HELP!
  25. My husband and I just found out on PA Docket site that he had unpaid fines from a 1989 court case for disorderly conduct. When he went to the local magistrates office to find out about them, they couldn't find any information about it. This was almost 18 years ago. Is there a statue of limitations on fines? Is there a chance he will go to jail? IF the local Magistrate doesnt know about it , then who does?