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Found 121 results

  1. i would like to know the laws of an extradition from PA to VA for a misdemeanor charge ...can another help me in this process & can we move this along any faster
  2. So almost a year ago my boyfriend's ex filed a restraining order claiming he attacked her and harassed her through text. Now he was just called in by the police and arrested. Now I've been in a serious relationship with him for 3 years. They broke off about 6 years ago after she claimed she was pregnant after they broke up the first time and he moved to Maine to support her "pregnancy". Now this girl turned out to be lying. And also has a restraining order against her brother for reasons Unknown to me. My boyfriend is a musician and it's ruining his name. Getting dropped from shows and jobs because of false claims. But I know if he took her to court she would most likely win being a "victimized woman". Any advice to help him would be appreciated. Concerned for our future
  3. Hi, I have a question, I was involved with someone who was charged with a 4th degree cyberstalking charge in New Jersey, he received 2 year of probation. He tried to make me believe that his ex girlfriend deserved what he did to her, which was create a profile which was sexually explicit and upload it to her work, facebook and to join porn sites using her photos. I never believed that what he did was right and I expressed my beliefs to him...This way of getting back at someone really scared me. Needless to say that I wanted out of this relationship a few months after it began. I knew I had to make him be the one to leave because I was fearful of what he would do to me. In December of 2016 I got a restraining order against him for Mental, Verbal, and Physical Abuse in PA. He was taken out of my apartment and told not to return. I felt bad and did not go to court, he did not abide by the temporary order and still called me and showed up at my apartment. I just recently got a 3 year restraining order against him where I represented myself and pled my case to the Judge . He has stalked me knowing who visited my Apartment and calls me from free text messaging apps. I believe he is bipolar and needs medication and I fear him. He has gotten into all of my email accounts, my phone records etc. He also texted my ex husband and someone I just started dating telling both of them horrible lies about me . I don't know what to do about this man who does not care about the law or hurting woman. I'm not even sure how serious the crime is but January will be one year he will be on probation.
  4. My husband and I just found out on PA Docket site that he had unpaid fines from a 1989 court case for disorderly conduct. When he went to the local magistrates office to find out about them, they couldn't find any information about it. This was almost 18 years ago. Is there a statue of limitations on fines? Is there a chance he will go to jail? IF the local Magistrate doesnt know about it , then who does?
  5. I had a baby 3 months ago and my ex and I had broken up so when I told him I was pregnant, he was really excited . He and I live 45 minutes apart. He was coming to my house regularly and he was there when she was born. But he hasn't seen he since the hospital, so he hasn't seen the baby in 3 months, he hasn't asked about her and has not contributed to amythimg. I filed for child support and he hired a lawyer.. then I got papers that he filed for shared custody. I want him to know her and be a part of her life but I don't feel comfortable having shared custody because he has made himself a stranger to her. I also know he has no idea how to care for her, he's very uncomfortable around babies and because of that, I don't think would be taken care of. I want him to eventually have time with her but right now she's so young and I think she needs to be with me and her father just have visitation for now until he's comfortable with her. I'll gladly take some of the responsibility with driving her there so he gets to know her before he has any physical custody of her. Will he be granted shared custody if he hasn't seen her in over 100 days.? Or will they do visitation until he knows her. ?
  6. My 37 y.o. son has issues. He has not been diagnosed with any mental illness but I believe he does. He had a stroke when he was young , water on the brain , I feel this may be some of his problem. He has a very short temper goes off like a bullet . Being handicapped he wants to be in a relationship but all the women he meets he thinks they should get married right away. He gives / lends them money and when they are done getting what they can they dump him.Or he becomes obsessed. Alot of these women have kids .Then he harasses , threatens to have the kids taken away , calls family members and harasses them. He will not go for counseling . I am at my wits end. His sister's don't want to have anything to do with him. He gets mad and brings up things that have happened years ago. Forgetting that he is the one that started it all. What can I do ? He doesn't work gets some social security that is it. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  7. Mrs

    my son passed away on July 6 at work. He had his overtime card in his pocket. We turned it into the company the next day. He is paid his salary every other week overtime is paid on the opposite.week. He was paid his regular salary on July 7' holding back a week. We have received nothing since. We called the company and requested his payment records. They refuse to give them to us. They stated he has nothing owed to him.
  8. Can a bank-owned property reject an offer of full price on their listing?
  9. My son died on July 6. He had leased a storage area from the co he worked for. On the day he died the vise president had the doors open letting people in. I told them we would preference they left and we would go thru it a little later. A lock was put on the door. Within a few days she had removed 75 % of the contents . We called the company and was told by the president that the area was an extension of his work area. We removed a car and some of the items and put our own lock on it. When we returned the lock had been cut off. If this was an extension of his work area why did he have to pay rent on it.? What should we do about this as they are asking us to return the items we removed ? It's a small company with approximately 25 employees.
  10. I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. During a background investigation, I found out that a former employer fraudulently claimed that I sold the business a vehicle and they paid me a hefty sum for it. They were a business where this would be a normal transaction, though I was not involved in vehicle purchases and sales (I was a filing clerk in the back office). They filed the paperwork for the sale (I assume tax paperwork) the day after I left my job there (because I was moving...I was not terminated). The vehicle information was not listed on the report the background investigator obtained, but I have never owned a vehicle worth as much as this transaction in my life, and can provide trace/document details for all of the vehicles I did own (purchase, registration, and sale records). It doesn't seem like it's going to pose any problem with the investigation (the investigator had pulled DMV records plus my full credit report and agreed that I never registered a vehicle worth that much), but it's still something I'd like to take care of, if possible. This happened almost 14 years ago, so we're reaching way back in general. The business is now out of business (bankrupt as of a few years ago, actually). I had no knowledge of it until I was asked to explain not even a day ago. Of course, being my employer, the business had my SSN, birthdate, address, a copy of my license and SS card, and many copies of my signature to cook up something convincing enough. Who should I contact about this? The state's attorney general? Some regulatory agency that deals with vehicle sales/purchases? Credit bureaus? Not looking to sue (there's nothing left to sue, even if I wanted to), just get this tax/sale/whatever record deleted/marked as fraudulent. Thanks for any help and advice.
  11. A member of our volunteer Board works in a doctors office. A member of our community applied for a job. The Board member said he was not able to do the job. We asked why. She said she can say no more because of HIPPA laws. Did she or did she not already break the law by referring the doctors information?
  12. Hi,Mom died, no will. Enclosed, I received this message from my sister, (executor) on a social network we belong to. Please notice the date! When mom died, still in mourning, 6 mts later, I was forced to sign the executor of will document , so my sisters and I could place a civil medical malpractice suit against a doctor. Not close to my sisters, I would email and text her at time to get updates on the proceedings and court dates. . I finally research the case , got the docket # and tried not to bother her because she had a very sick child who needed a bone marrow. Since I,myself, am a cancer survivor and had suffered severe damages, I am disabled. Knowing the case was soon to be tried, I constantly called, texted, emailed her to get the court dates to attend and be my moms voice, she never got back to me, so i missed all cases. Found out she was in another state getting treatments, and neglected the responsibilities of executor. I did find out no trial, but arbitration and no way to find out court dates, I received a call from her , not to attend arbitration, to tell me we won the "low side". Then this letter..Notice the date. And have not received anything. Gave her all she asked for. Attorneys will not speak to me about the decision, because my sister hired them. I received no personal objects of my mother, On chemo & broken leg stopped me from helping to cleaning moms house out. They kept everything. we were all name in the proceeds or property. What can I do. I can not stop thinking about this. It is not the monies, but the way they handled everything, or mishandled. Sneaking, lying, incompetent., Should I get a lawyer, will they be responsible for fees. And how to recover any monies they took. Mom did have a little insurance, but i have no paperwork. to prove it. Mom was at my house everyday. my sisters Disowned her and didn;t talk to her for years. 1 year before death, they began reconciliations. Thank you for your time! 5:01pm Aug 13 I received the disbursement of funds from the lawyer or Medicare and expenses I signed it and returned it back to lawyers office haven't heard back yet, if you forward me an email or fax number I can send you a copy. When I get that back, then I need to settle the estate, registrar of wills etc. April 5:01pm Aug 13 Ang is doing well, thanks for asking
  13. what age can a child decide which parent he or she wants to live with.
  14. My fiance and I are looking at buying a house which has an HOA. He is a Tier 1 sex offender who has served his time and supervision period. Is there any way that an HOA could give us trouble? The HOA appears to be to maintain a dirt road, not a large developed community.
  15. Hello, My father recently suffered a major heart attack and is no longer able to care for my disabled mother. My mother has not been able to work for 9 years and has a 25 pound weight restriction. My father has been her primary care giver since but now he will not be able to take care of her when she falls or has seizures due to brain tumors. My father is still in the hospital but i have been band from seeing him as per request of my mother due to a small argument we had over me being in college. Im afraid when he comes home he will not be able to do many things for himself and her energy runs out quickly along with her temper. But seeing that she can not always take care of her self when my father gets out of the hospital will she LEGALLY be allowed to be his primary care giver, given that she needs one her self? If not would I take over for being their caregiver? What are the steps that need to be taken to proceed with this as well? I do apologize in advance if i have posted under the wrong category as well.
  16. When i moved into a rental house inspection showed the possibility of asbestos materials on some heating equipment. The landlord had it tested and it showed no asbestos present, Now the landlord is handing me the bill for the testing. I haven't been able to use the heat during this cool spring and have not even unpacked 90% of household for fear of the findings. Now i must pay for the test? Can the landlord do this??
  17. This is concerning my Dads estate> He passed away march 4th this year.My Brother is the executor of the estate.My Question is Do I have to sign off on anything such as the House that will be sold or does my Brother handle everything?There is me,a sister and 2 Brothers.The Brother that's executor is taking care of everything
  18. I was in an accident where I was hit by a person driving a rental car. I have been going through the third party insurance company that handles their rental car, since they were liable for the damages. It has now been 9 days since the accident. I have already given my statement and police report, and was informed that an appraiser would come to evaluate the damages on my vehicle. No one has come to look at my car, and it has been a constant hassle of calling the adjuster for this claim over and over until I finally get an answer. I was told by this adjuster that it could take two weeks to get me into a rental car, which doesn't make sense to me. My car is completely non- drivable and it has been extremely difficult just trying to find a way to get to work everyday. I feel that I should have been in a rental car this entire time, until the repairs are done, but this adjuster has been consistently unresponsive. Where do I go from here?
  19. In March 2016 I went to HR Block to get my taxes done. Since I had lost my husband June 2015 I wanted to go to a professional to have it done RIGHT...Big mistake. The person who did the taxes didn't add interest from savings bonds that were cashed in . Is there anyone I could contact to complain to ? I paid these people to do their job and they messed up. Now I owe over $ 5,000 with interest accumulating. Any help would be appreciated Sandy
  20. So I went to have outpatient surgery and while waiting for my friend whose a small attorney to fax over my living will I was explaining my will as I had spent forty one days previously inpatient and things were done I didn't want done. The nurse decided I was suicidal and they canceled my surgery and called psych. I did under sedation and in transitory rage told the nurse id burn the surgeons house down.I tried to leave and security backed me into the elevator with the surgeon. I pulled the surgeons home address up on my phone They got me into the Er psych area. I called my attorney friend and my therapist. They told me I could not refuse medication and they doped me up more. They gave me a list of my rights i asked when I was going to leave as I was not suicidal they said the delegate couldn't tell if I was suicidal (social workers) Im diabetic my sugar was tested five x each time testing above 160. I require insulin at 160+. I was given insulin once. At 295&248 I was not give any insulin Additionally I had to ask the nurse to test my sugar at four am she forged the record n logged it as tested at 736 am The psychiatrist came in about 730 am talked to me for five minutes and released me. When I came home I looked up Pennsylvania law. Title code 50 of the mental health involuntary. ...? It states I was to be seen by a physician w in two hours of being taken into custody. That didn't happen. My attorney friend tried calling me and he was not put through. So did this deny me legal counsel? Yes he does represent me on little things. Deb
  21. I live on a tiny dead end street & this zoning noticed appeared in newspaper, the new owner of the adjointing property want to open a daycare. They know that I am severly disabled, besides the traffic exhaust stence in such a tiny area, with my disabilities the noise alone will literally kill me. What kind of attorney would I find that is versed in both ADA rights and zoning laws? God bless thank you!
  22. I was never given my sentence reduction of 12 months . I was sentenced to 108 months with 5 years Supervised Release. I was granted the 12 month reduction and, also the U.S. Attorney. I never received the reduction off my sentence of 108 months . I was incarcerated from May 28 2003 to October 1 2010 and 6 months Halfway house still under the BOP's custody till April 2nd 2011 when I was finished with the BOP, then I started my Supervised Release . I am wondering if I can be compensated for either the Federal Bureau of Prisons not on there job by not recalculating my sentence, or is it the District Courts fault ? I feel as though the Feds owe me for somebody in administration not doing their job right. I think it was the Federal Bureau of Prisons ????
  23. A guy gave me a personal check for work took it to the bank cashed it come to find out it was a stolen forged check in my name for an amount under a hundred and fifty bucks but the teller didn't give me the money because they found out in the process that the check was stolen she was going to give me the money but when they went to go and verify the person stated that the check was stolen now a detective wants to speak with me refuses to talk on the phone and told me if I didn't come in and talk to him he was going to issue a warrant for my arrest so what crime did I commit when first I didn't know it was a stolen forged check and second I never received any money so since I didn't receive any money what crime did I commit I didn't hurt anyone and nobody lost nothing please help me.
  24. I work in law enforcement i'm not a cop however but i'm not able to have any negative contact with police what so ever, ny spouse daughter mother filed for reduction in his custody to increase her child support, in order she stated that I had abused her daughter and that a police report had been filed, I have since contacted every municipality and stated police in or area and no such report has been filed. The paper work she signed does at the court to request a modification of custody have a statement that says to do that she has to sign a modification of custody and the paper work that she signs states that I understand that false statements herein ar made subject to the penalties of 18 Pa.C.S4904, relating to unsworn falsification to authoriest. When I looked that up it says its considered a misdemor and punishable up to 1000.00. Is there anything I could do.
  25. Looking for information where to find a lawyer for custody/ child support. Daughter lives in the Media / Delaware county area. She works part time and being on maternity leave she isn't even getting a pay check at this time. Any suggestions where to go for help ? Thanks for any info. Grandmom of 6 ..