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Found 136 results

  1. Me and my fiance were both charged with multiple charges. I agreed to doing most of the things. But they are still holding him accountable
  2. My brother signed the title of his car, then mailed the title to his daughter in Washington state. She has yet to register the car in her name in that state. Low funds, doesn’t know what to do, etc, excuse, etc....... Question: If anything happens involving this vehicle (accidents or whatever), is my brother going to be held liable? Thanx.
  3. An organizer called me and stated he wanted three dance performances, and as many people as we could get to fill the stage in a 2 month period which is a very short notice.We discussed on the phone and I sent a few messages through Facebook. At one point I did have 22 people (it changed due to availability of people) ended with 14 people. He understood that some were experienced dancer and others were students (also in message). I verified the amount of money that he was offering as well. His co-organizer called and wanted a review on stage in the middle of the week at 3:30pm. I told her it was impossible to do so because that's 14 people that are located in different areas and working. I wasn't able to attend but my co-director which has been through this the entire time attended to take measurements of the stage. That's why I kept insisting on seeing the place so we know how much space to fill. Then, a few days before the performance he kept insisting things have to be extremely perfect and everyone needs to attend the rehearsal. I stated that I have one dancer with an extreme emergency and we took a video of her performance (which was sent) and one had a court order to pick up his children. He refused to accommodate. Then he says he didn't offer us seating at the even that we sit downstairs the whole time and fed sandwiches. I told him I have messages stating you will be providing us with tables. He didn't remember that he was paying us. I told him I have messages stating you were paying us. Got a phone call from another organizer that night stating they aren't going to accommodate for 14 people so only 4 people could come to the event. And we are doing only one performance and the times for the song needs to change. Last minute Choreography and reducing ten people off is ridiculous. So I told them take us off the list of performers. Mind you we have gone back and forth about getting a contract signed and I worked almost every single day with practice and organizing since it was short notice for these dances. Then he tells me as he threatens me in a voicemail to call his lawyer that I didn't have enough people for his stage (which he would only provide 4 tickets per co organizer discussion). And that I have to delete everything off Facebook which states the messages we discussed blanking out his name and everyone else that send me a complaint on him, I blanked their names and his name off of their as well. He had me take off the reviews that states the process and how I was told I was to get paid $1,000 and I've paid out a lot with paying for downloading songs, paying for apps, floor fees at the dance studio, costumes, food, and gas money. Is he able to sue me for these things?
  4. The Buyer of a property backed out of an agreement, in fact he said he can't afford it, the property taxes, (which are due) and the utilities. So he packed up and moved out. Now I do have someone else who is interested in the property, my question is what and how do I get the property so I can have the new people can buy it? I am unable to get in contact with the man who I had a land lease with.
  5. Yes it’s just a write up but please help me determine if I may have a case. I believe I was written up for as retaliation and/or used as an scapegoat by upper management. My daily schedule assigned me to a specific duty. My supervisor emailed me that morning and advised me that I didn’t not have to perform that duty for the day. Since I was not needed, I performed other duties. We had a major client visit that same day and the clients wanted to see how I perform my duties. The same duties that I was told I didn’t have to do. I would have showed them, but I was on lunch. No one else was available. The next day my direct supervisor emailed me telling me that since I took an unscheduled lunch, no one was available to show the clients my duties. (No one in my entire company takes their scheduled brea EVER!. I’ve been there 2 years and it had never been a problem). The client complained to my V.P and the trickle down effect started. I was written up for not being available when the client needed me as I took an unscheduled lunch. 1) I was unaware of a client visit 2) I was no longer assigned to that particular duty that day 3) No one takes a their schedule break I feel targeted because the client wants someone to take blame for it and since I’m the ‘low man on the totem pole’ it’s me. I submitted that proof I was pulled from my assignment. They changed the write up to ‘taking an unscheduled break’. Again no one takes their scheduled break. Is this retaliation or any form of work place violation?
  6. I have been working for a skilled nursing facility for a year and a half, I have been making time and a half for anything over 8 hours since time of hire. A few months ago I dropped down to a pool position and then went back to my full time position. I noticed in my paycheck that they are not giving me time and a half after 8 hours anymore. They stated that anytime someone changes status or is a new hire now they are not giving overtime after 8 hours. They did not tell me this when they offered me the full time position again. Is this legal? Do they need to retro pay me for this time, or do I have to just take the loss?
  7. My landlord agreed to waive the lease termination fee of $400.00 when i needed to move two months before lease was up due to my disability. I could not go up and down stairs. I was told by my doctor to move. I was on third floor for six years. I followed everything in lease and paid for all rent fees. I had notified my landlord and asked to be considered for first floor apartments, but everytime I was told their was a list, and that the apartments were given to someone else. They never would provide this "so called list". Now she is trying to recoup her two months of rent $16000, making unreasonable claims i ruined the wall from burning a candle, and ducts needing cleaned, etc. etc. She kept my security deposit and says i owe additional $1,600.00. She is a millionaire. I am a single divorced senior, disabled. Why can't i receive some pro-bono legal help. I am the average low-middle income citizen who cannot seemed to get any help.
  8. Over Paying?? My current boyfriend pays four hundred, and fifty dollars in child support a month for one child that we get 2-3 days out of the week. We recently discovered she works and the child stays with family 2-3 days out of the week, and she doesn't have her, so we have her longer at are house. Does that count for being a custodial parent, and does she have to report working? She collects, Wick, Child Support, Welfare, and Housing Assistance We are struggling to survive taking care of the child, buying dippers, and food, toys, clothing, etc. I pay are mortgage, and some utilities because he doesn't have a large pay check at all, very hard to do what we need to do to live life, I cannot even go to school, and either can he we are currently both behind on medical bills, and just scrape buy for the main bills. HELP!
  9. My husband and I just found out on PA Docket site that he had unpaid fines from a 1989 court case for disorderly conduct. When he went to the local magistrates office to find out about them, they couldn't find any information about it. This was almost 18 years ago. Is there a statue of limitations on fines? Is there a chance he will go to jail? IF the local Magistrate doesnt know about it , then who does?
  10. I bought my first home through a City Program for Low Income Family. The Purchase included a Lien Free Deed and 10 years Tax exempt. To keep it simple and straight to the point. That is not the outcome. My Deed has two prime mortgages and one Junior Mortgage. The City sent paper over but are not the right paper. The Tax Exempt, unfortunately was also not applied. Now, I am left with no home as I turned over the house to the Bank in the hopes to do a Deed in lieu. However, the Deed in lieu is not going as plan. Due to the liens. The Bank paid off the taxes and of course increase my Mortgage 3x' then what I was paying. Seeking some legal adevice on what are my options and what I can do. I invested 18+ years to my home and I feel that I have been left with nothing.
  11. Hi there! I was abused by my wife in 2015 which led to her going to jail for 3 months. I just found out I can get an uncontested divorce even without her consent via a law that was passed in 2016: P.L. 166, No. 24. Only problem is, nobody knows about this law at Family Court and I can't seem to find any divorce lawyer that knows about it (let alone has used it). I don't have money for a lawyer (spent all that in the custody battle without much effect), so I am using the Phila. Self Help Divorce Manual. But of course, that manual is not updated since the new law, and the Women's Law Project who wrote it, told me they have no new information. Specifically, I'm wondering, 1) Do I still need to wait 3 months for us to have time to get counseling before I can proceed with divorce after serving her the initial papers? 2) What exactly do I put on the paper where she is supposed to sign her consent? Just staple her criminal record to it along with a copy of P.L. 166 No. 24? Honestly I'd love to get a fault-based divorce, but I have no idea how I could do that without a lawyer, since that's not covered in the Self Help Divorce Manual at all. Thanks for any help
  12. I was wondering if I COULD GET SOME ANSWERS AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY CASE. I fell on some ice on a college university parking garage. I injured my back and had nerve damage on l5 and various other thoracic injuries. I went to therapy and my case is be handled by an attorney. My problem is my attorney doesn't tell me anything. I am reading the docketing sheets and what appears to be happening is the university is blaming property management, proprtty management is blaming snow removal company and the snow removal company is blaming another snow removal company. What does this mean in terms of my case?
  13. My son initially had a public defender in his criminal case who we felt didn't have his best interests at hand, we got a private lawyer (who was a nightmare) and then the public defender testified against him. Is this acceptable?
  14. Mm y husband had 3 DUI''s in 72hrs back in 2009 (bad year). Anyway, at th as time the 3 were combined together at one hearing and sentenced to a weekend in jail. On his crime history they all say 1st offence. Penn dot counted them as 3 diff er entry charges. 8yrs later he just got another one, the charges read General impairment (1st offense). Being that the 3 dui''s in 2009 were combined together, would this be his 2ND dui or his 4rth?
  15. Hey Guys! I'm new to the site but in desperate need of information! I was working a paper route, only did 2 days. Was told all the positives, 2 week notice, deliver by 6 and all is well. I finished day 1 late, was told only take about 1.5 hours to walk and I was driving so I left around 4:20, after stuffing all the papers in their bags. Then I finished right about 6:30. It was hard but I knew what I was getting myself into, I asked the newspaper if I could just pick them up earlier to finish my route in time. After agreeing and giving me a pick-up address this is how my Saturday morning went: 1:30am Wake up *Earliest time I was told I could get papers 2:15am At Warehouse *Told they had not been delivered yet 3:00am Phone call saying completed and ask if I want to pick them up *After some arguing he finally agreed to just deliver them to my apartment 4:40am Papers FINALLY delivered *I quickly realized I did not have the ability to stuff them, being the huge Saturday papers they were, and decided to just go and see what I could get done. 5:10am Return remainder of papers to warehouse stating I would not be able to finish them in time and that I quit My big thing is can I be sued for this? I have no money to pay for the days I did not work, knew I would be fired for not completing the tasks in time and written up at my other job for being late because of the papers. If they try to sue me can I use a medical excuse for quitting? I am currently 19wks pregnant and we have been having complications from the beginning. With the paper route I was running and jumping in and out of the car, things I did not think would be such a large part of the route and I was told not to do a lot of. Because of all this I know I could get a medical excuse but will it be enough to prevent me from being sued?
  16. My 37 y.o. son has issues. He has not been diagnosed with any mental illness but I believe he does. He had a stroke when he was young , water on the brain , I feel this may be some of his problem. He has a very short temper goes off like a bullet . Being handicapped he wants to be in a relationship but all the women he meets he thinks they should get married right away. He gives / lends them money and when they are done getting what they can they dump him.Or he becomes obsessed. Alot of these women have kids .Then he harasses , threatens to have the kids taken away , calls family members and harasses them. He will not go for counseling . I am at my wits end. His sister's don't want to have anything to do with him. He gets mad and brings up things that have happened years ago. Forgetting that he is the one that started it all. What can I do ? He doesn't work gets some social security that is it. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  17. 6 Months ago I sold property to someone and we went to the notary and had all the paper work done and they were told to take the paper work to the local courthouse to the register of Deed's office and transfer the deed from my name to their name. I have had to lay out $400 plus dollars to stop me from getting fined for things the "Purchaser has done. (IE... removal of a dumpster and cutting the grass and cleaning up) Mike
  18. i would like to know the laws of an extradition from PA to VA for a misdemeanor charge ...can another help me in this process & can we move this along any faster
  19. So almost a year ago my boyfriend's ex filed a restraining order claiming he attacked her and harassed her through text. Now he was just called in by the police and arrested. Now I've been in a serious relationship with him for 3 years. They broke off about 6 years ago after she claimed she was pregnant after they broke up the first time and he moved to Maine to support her "pregnancy". Now this girl turned out to be lying. And also has a restraining order against her brother for reasons Unknown to me. My boyfriend is a musician and it's ruining his name. Getting dropped from shows and jobs because of false claims. But I know if he took her to court she would most likely win being a "victimized woman". Any advice to help him would be appreciated. Concerned for our future
  20. Hi, I have a question, I was involved with someone who was charged with a 4th degree cyberstalking charge in New Jersey, he received 2 year of probation. He tried to make me believe that his ex girlfriend deserved what he did to her, which was create a profile which was sexually explicit and upload it to her work, facebook and to join porn sites using her photos. I never believed that what he did was right and I expressed my beliefs to him...This way of getting back at someone really scared me. Needless to say that I wanted out of this relationship a few months after it began. I knew I had to make him be the one to leave because I was fearful of what he would do to me. In December of 2016 I got a restraining order against him for Mental, Verbal, and Physical Abuse in PA. He was taken out of my apartment and told not to return. I felt bad and did not go to court, he did not abide by the temporary order and still called me and showed up at my apartment. I just recently got a 3 year restraining order against him where I represented myself and pled my case to the Judge . He has stalked me knowing who visited my Apartment and calls me from free text messaging apps. I believe he is bipolar and needs medication and I fear him. He has gotten into all of my email accounts, my phone records etc. He also texted my ex husband and someone I just started dating telling both of them horrible lies about me . I don't know what to do about this man who does not care about the law or hurting woman. I'm not even sure how serious the crime is but January will be one year he will be on probation.
  21. I had a baby 3 months ago and my ex and I had broken up so when I told him I was pregnant, he was really excited . He and I live 45 minutes apart. He was coming to my house regularly and he was there when she was born. But he hasn't seen he since the hospital, so he hasn't seen the baby in 3 months, he hasn't asked about her and has not contributed to amythimg. I filed for child support and he hired a lawyer.. then I got papers that he filed for shared custody. I want him to know her and be a part of her life but I don't feel comfortable having shared custody because he has made himself a stranger to her. I also know he has no idea how to care for her, he's very uncomfortable around babies and because of that, I don't think would be taken care of. I want him to eventually have time with her but right now she's so young and I think she needs to be with me and her father just have visitation for now until he's comfortable with her. I'll gladly take some of the responsibility with driving her there so he gets to know her before he has any physical custody of her. Will he be granted shared custody if he hasn't seen her in over 100 days.? Or will they do visitation until he knows her. ?
  22. Mrs

    my son passed away on July 6 at work. He had his overtime card in his pocket. We turned it into the company the next day. He is paid his salary every other week overtime is paid on the opposite.week. He was paid his regular salary on July 7' holding back a week. We have received nothing since. We called the company and requested his payment records. They refuse to give them to us. They stated he has nothing owed to him.
  23. Can a bank-owned property reject an offer of full price on their listing?
  24. My son died on July 6. He had leased a storage area from the co he worked for. On the day he died the vise president had the doors open letting people in. I told them we would preference they left and we would go thru it a little later. A lock was put on the door. Within a few days she had removed 75 % of the contents . We called the company and was told by the president that the area was an extension of his work area. We removed a car and some of the items and put our own lock on it. When we returned the lock had been cut off. If this was an extension of his work area why did he have to pay rent on it.? What should we do about this as they are asking us to return the items we removed ? It's a small company with approximately 25 employees.
  25. I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. During a background investigation, I found out that a former employer fraudulently claimed that I sold the business a vehicle and they paid me a hefty sum for it. They were a business where this would be a normal transaction, though I was not involved in vehicle purchases and sales (I was a filing clerk in the back office). They filed the paperwork for the sale (I assume tax paperwork) the day after I left my job there (because I was moving...I was not terminated). The vehicle information was not listed on the report the background investigator obtained, but I have never owned a vehicle worth as much as this transaction in my life, and can provide trace/document details for all of the vehicles I did own (purchase, registration, and sale records). It doesn't seem like it's going to pose any problem with the investigation (the investigator had pulled DMV records plus my full credit report and agreed that I never registered a vehicle worth that much), but it's still something I'd like to take care of, if possible. This happened almost 14 years ago, so we're reaching way back in general. The business is now out of business (bankrupt as of a few years ago, actually). I had no knowledge of it until I was asked to explain not even a day ago. Of course, being my employer, the business had my SSN, birthdate, address, a copy of my license and SS card, and many copies of my signature to cook up something convincing enough. Who should I contact about this? The state's attorney general? Some regulatory agency that deals with vehicle sales/purchases? Credit bureaus? Not looking to sue (there's nothing left to sue, even if I wanted to), just get this tax/sale/whatever record deleted/marked as fraudulent. Thanks for any help and advice.