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Found 107 results

  1. Hello, My father recently suffered a major heart attack and is no longer able to care for my disabled mother. My mother has not been able to work for 9 years and has a 25 pound weight restriction. My father has been her primary care giver since but now he will not be able to take care of her when she falls or has seizures due to brain tumors. My father is still in the hospital but i have been band from seeing him as per request of my mother due to a small argument we had over me being in college. Im afraid when he comes home he will not be able to do many things for himself and her energy runs out quickly along with her temper. But seeing that she can not always take care of her self when my father gets out of the hospital will she LEGALLY be allowed to be his primary care giver, given that she needs one her self? If not would I take over for being their caregiver? What are the steps that need to be taken to proceed with this as well? I do apologize in advance if i have posted under the wrong category as well.
  2. When i moved into a rental house inspection showed the possibility of asbestos materials on some heating equipment. The landlord had it tested and it showed no asbestos present, Now the landlord is handing me the bill for the testing. I haven't been able to use the heat during this cool spring and have not even unpacked 90% of household for fear of the findings. Now i must pay for the test? Can the landlord do this??
  3. This is concerning my Dads estate> He passed away march 4th this year.My Brother is the executor of the estate.My Question is Do I have to sign off on anything such as the House that will be sold or does my Brother handle everything?There is me,a sister and 2 Brothers.The Brother that's executor is taking care of everything
  4. I was in an accident where I was hit by a person driving a rental car. I have been going through the third party insurance company that handles their rental car, since they were liable for the damages. It has now been 9 days since the accident. I have already given my statement and police report, and was informed that an appraiser would come to evaluate the damages on my vehicle. No one has come to look at my car, and it has been a constant hassle of calling the adjuster for this claim over and over until I finally get an answer. I was told by this adjuster that it could take two weeks to get me into a rental car, which doesn't make sense to me. My car is completely non- drivable and it has been extremely difficult just trying to find a way to get to work everyday. I feel that I should have been in a rental car this entire time, until the repairs are done, but this adjuster has been consistently unresponsive. Where do I go from here?
  5. In March 2016 I went to HR Block to get my taxes done. Since I had lost my husband June 2015 I wanted to go to a professional to have it done RIGHT...Big mistake. The person who did the taxes didn't add interest from savings bonds that were cashed in . Is there anyone I could contact to complain to ? I paid these people to do their job and they messed up. Now I owe over $ 5,000 with interest accumulating. Any help would be appreciated Sandy
  6. So I went to have outpatient surgery and while waiting for my friend whose a small attorney to fax over my living will I was explaining my will as I had spent forty one days previously inpatient and things were done I didn't want done. The nurse decided I was suicidal and they canceled my surgery and called psych. I did under sedation and in transitory rage told the nurse id burn the surgeons house down.I tried to leave and security backed me into the elevator with the surgeon. I pulled the surgeons home address up on my phone They got me into the Er psych area. I called my attorney friend and my therapist. They told me I could not refuse medication and they doped me up more. They gave me a list of my rights i asked when I was going to leave as I was not suicidal they said the delegate couldn't tell if I was suicidal (social workers) Im diabetic my sugar was tested five x each time testing above 160. I require insulin at 160+. I was given insulin once. At 295&248 I was not give any insulin Additionally I had to ask the nurse to test my sugar at four am she forged the record n logged it as tested at 736 am The psychiatrist came in about 730 am talked to me for five minutes and released me. When I came home I looked up Pennsylvania law. Title code 50 of the mental health involuntary. ...? It states I was to be seen by a physician w in two hours of being taken into custody. That didn't happen. My attorney friend tried calling me and he was not put through. So did this deny me legal counsel? Yes he does represent me on little things. Deb
  7. I live on a tiny dead end street & this zoning noticed appeared in newspaper, the new owner of the adjointing property want to open a daycare. They know that I am severly disabled, besides the traffic exhaust stence in such a tiny area, with my disabilities the noise alone will literally kill me. What kind of attorney would I find that is versed in both ADA rights and zoning laws? God bless thank you!
  8. I was never given my sentence reduction of 12 months . I was sentenced to 108 months with 5 years Supervised Release. I was granted the 12 month reduction and, also the U.S. Attorney. I never received the reduction off my sentence of 108 months . I was incarcerated from May 28 2003 to October 1 2010 and 6 months Halfway house still under the BOP's custody till April 2nd 2011 when I was finished with the BOP, then I started my Supervised Release . I am wondering if I can be compensated for either the Federal Bureau of Prisons not on there job by not recalculating my sentence, or is it the District Courts fault ? I feel as though the Feds owe me for somebody in administration not doing their job right. I think it was the Federal Bureau of Prisons ????
  9. A guy gave me a personal check for work took it to the bank cashed it come to find out it was a stolen forged check in my name for an amount under a hundred and fifty bucks but the teller didn't give me the money because they found out in the process that the check was stolen she was going to give me the money but when they went to go and verify the person stated that the check was stolen now a detective wants to speak with me refuses to talk on the phone and told me if I didn't come in and talk to him he was going to issue a warrant for my arrest so what crime did I commit when first I didn't know it was a stolen forged check and second I never received any money so since I didn't receive any money what crime did I commit I didn't hurt anyone and nobody lost nothing please help me.
  10. I work in law enforcement i'm not a cop however but i'm not able to have any negative contact with police what so ever, ny spouse daughter mother filed for reduction in his custody to increase her child support, in order she stated that I had abused her daughter and that a police report had been filed, I have since contacted every municipality and stated police in or area and no such report has been filed. The paper work she signed does at the court to request a modification of custody have a statement that says to do that she has to sign a modification of custody and the paper work that she signs states that I understand that false statements herein ar made subject to the penalties of 18 Pa.C.S4904, relating to unsworn falsification to authoriest. When I looked that up it says its considered a misdemor and punishable up to 1000.00. Is there anything I could do.
  11. Looking for information where to find a lawyer for custody/ child support. Daughter lives in the Media / Delaware county area. She works part time and being on maternity leave she isn't even getting a pay check at this time. Any suggestions where to go for help ? Thanks for any info. Grandmom of 6 ..
  12. Daughter just had a baby. He was a premie. Wasn't due til yesterday came 5 weeks early. The father wanted to take the baby to visit his family that live 2 hours away. They agreed that both mom and dad would take the baby to visit grandparents but all of a sudden dad wanted to go himself. Daughter feels uncomfortable especially since she is primary caretaker. (dad visits on weekends ) and mom has not left the baby's side since having him. He is also breastfed so I would think that mom would want to be there for him. Dad is starting to threaten to go for custody which scares the mom. His favorite saying is " money talks" he has been helping support the baby . Father's name is not on birth certificate . Would it be to her best advantage to go for sole custody ? This baby is only 5 weeks old. Who knows what is going to happen in the future ? What is a good way to let the father know that this baby is too young to leave his mother for the weekend. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Mom Mom
  13. Hello! I have just informed my landlord that I will be terminating my lease early due to buying a house. Per the standard PA residential lease agreement, my lease states: “Consequences of Early Termination of Lease. Please check the State Law Provisions attached to this Lease and with your Community office for any special policies or laws which may allow you to terminate your Lease early. If the Lease is ended or you vacate the Apartment before the end of your Lease term, rent and additional rent for the remainder of the Lease term will become immediately due and payable. If we re-rent the Apartment to a new resident before your Lease term has ended, any rent we receive will be applied as a credit to the money you owe us. You will be responsible for the costs of making the Apartment ready for a new resident at an earlier date than we planned, including but not limited to, repainting, repairing and advertising costs.” As part of the lease agreement, there is included a Special Provisions and Concession/Discount Acknowledgement and Agreement, which states: “The following Special Provisions are agreed to by the Resident and are an enforceable part of the Lease Agreement. Any provisions below supersede any conflicting provisions in the printed Lease Agreement. (In underlined text) If lease is not fulfilled, Resident will forfeit security deposit and pay back the below stated concession” (of $216.00). It is my understanding I am to follow this Special Provisions policy as it supersedes what is written in the Lease Agreement. After back and forth correspondence between the Landlord and their lawyer, they actually rendered conflicting policies. The Landlord states that as a kind gesture by them, I am to pay 2 months of rent + $500 to turn the apt. over earlier than they planned + pay back the $216.00 concession = $2,566.00. I would also receive my security deposit back pending there are no “damages”. On the other hand, the Landlord's lawyer said in reality, the Special Provisions Agreement does not “supersede” the printed Lease Agreement, but it is “in addition to” it. The lawyer claims I am to pay the remainder of my lease term + $500 to turn apt. + forfeit my security deposit + pay back $216.00 concession. In the end, the Landlord told me I’d have to pay 2 months of rent + $500 to turn apt. + $216 concession, or $2,566.00. I am extremely confused. What I am certain of is that the Special Provisions Agreement I signed when moving in states that it “supersedes” (or replaces) what is written in the printed Lease Agreement. I had requested that the Landlord provide me with signed documentation showing these penalties and figures for terminating the lease early, and she failed to do so stating that all of this (above) information is clearly stated in the Lease Agreement. And I certainly do not see where I must pay $500 up front to turn the apt. over earlier than planned. Isn’t this what a security deposit is for? I have only been here 3 months - Do I get the remainder of the $500 back should she need not have to use all of it to turn the apt. over “quicker than they expected”? Where is $500 coming from? If there is anyone out there who knows anything about these types of housing issues, I’d be beyond grateful if you’d pass along any advice to help me in my current situation. Should I have a lawyer review my case? Thank you all!
  14. The marital home is in both names. Mom was the bank and provided the money to purchase, we were to pay her back. Only $10,000 out of $100,000 had been paid on the house. No payments were made for over 2 years, which mother allowed as we hit some hard times. However interest continued at 5% and it wasn't long before more was owed than the house was purchased for. Mom died Nov 2015. Her will/estate required that my share of inheritance must be lessened by the amount I owed her. Therefore, I got over $100,000 less in my inheritance. My wife and I are separated and I filed for divorce. She believes she gets half of the house, or ~50,000. Our marriage was troubled before mom died, I can easily show there is no way I would have paid off the house out of these funds if it were my choice, but it wasn't, which left me without legal's will stated if anyone contested any part of the will their share would be $1. No money was actually exchanged other than my inheritance being reduced, and the estate attorneys filing with the county that the loan had been satisfied. Some irony: There was another loan for business purposes of $50,000. Business was sold in 2012. All that was comingled. When mom died, $35k was still owed and also came out of my share. Also I had a loan from Mom for legal fees of $28,000, which also came out of my inheritance. Wouldn't you know the wife is not bringing up this debt, only the asset (the house). I feel I owe her half of what was paid into the house as a couple: (half of $10,000). So, $5000, plus she owes me half of $35,000 and $28,000, a grand total of -$26,500 (she owes me). I (possibly foolishly) offered her $25,000 to make the divorce simple. She came back at me with $40,000. I said I'll see you in court. Am I crazy? It is difficult to find a legal precedent for such a situation but I have to think someone has seen such a case?
  15. Child has an IEP through the Intermediate Unit. The IU conducted re-evaluations and an FBA. The IEP goals and SDIs were revised. Parents wish to drop one service as they feel it is not the Least Restrictive Environment. Parents also disagree with the reduction of another service, despite regression in the IDEA diagnosis. Parents agree with the goals and SDIs and 2 of the 4 proposed services, but disagree with the FBA and the other 2 changes in services. Is this an all or nothing thing? Must a parent go to mediation or due process? An informal meeting does not include pendency. Also, if a parent disapproves, are the goals and SDIs lost forever?
  16. 2 employees were terminated for stealing client data last month. I want to revoke their cosmetology licenses for ethics and professional violations. What type of lawyer do I need? I have a sole proprietor salon (since 1988) with 5 staff. Cosmetology board is based in Harrisburg PA
  17. I live in the United Kingdom I would like to get the death certificate of my late husband, who died and was buried in Pittsburgh, Monroeville. Is it possible that an attorney could do this for? I need it urgently and would rather pay an attorney, than to pay the flight fare etc to get it. I have all the relevant supporting documents, such as my marriage certificate etc.
  18. Hello, I have a question about driveway easement/right of way maintenance agreements. My neighbor is currently selling his home and we recently found out that there is an old (1958) agreement in place between the 2 properties. We have had a good relationship for the past 8 years so the dispute started because he would like to repave the driveway (again he's selling house) and we believe the driveway is still in good shape and dont want to spend the money to do so. Things have started to get unsettled because of this and he most recently told my wife that he is going to tell the snow removal company to go back and charge us for our portion of the driveway since he's paid for those costs. First let me explain a little about our properties and the driveway. My property currently has 2 driveways. The first one I refer to above is easement/right of way and has a maintenance agreement in place from previous owners. The other one is on our own property and gives us access to our property. We use both driveways but of course use "ours" more than the easement/right of way one. We have always maintained our own driveway and paid the snow removal and he has maintained and paid the snow removal on the easement/right of way driveway. So my question is whether i am responsible for the snow removal costs of the easement/right of way even though i maintain and pay for my own driveway? The agreement doesnt state snow removal specifically but rather agree to keeping and maintaining in good order and repair. Please let me know if more details of the agreement are necessary. Thanks.
  19. Both of our names are on the deed, so how do I get a permament stay away order for me and the kids, a divorce, that he refuses, and protection from his drug dealer kids and grands? Cops have been here several times, they make him walk. When they come he acts all humble and old and sickly and innocent telling them he had prostate cancer and colon cancer . However the officers felt suspicious so they took the children 14 girl and 15 boy, seperately in other rooms, one interviewed one, one interviewed the other and one stayed with us. Whatever the kids told them they came out angry, and said you had enough strength to fight your wife and daughter you need to walk and the next time we taking you in. Then they gave me all this info. We live in the same house, he sleeps in the basement. We haven't conjugated in 12 years. So to me we are seperated. He calls us all these degrading names strips us of confidence Got rid of all our friends and family. He gave his addicted daughter keys to our house, so we are terrified to even sleep, because we wake up with thigns missing. If we come home late from the store we are interagated. He has all this "family" stalking us like spies or something. It is terrifying. He is my and the kids payee. He uses the money to pay his bills and stuff ($2395) which has git o be some type of ss fraud.The kids alone get 800 a piece, and he says its survivors so it is his money, so if my son asks for new pants, or she wants a 5.00 doll, he says they don't need it. He takes the money and buys us garbage, but then he order out everyday. We are walking on eggshells. Yet, he will be all alm and like a model citizen outside.
  20. I was in a hospital for the last 4 days and the conditions were unsanitary. A little background to begin with - I have had multiple intestinal infections with a superbug called c. diff - bad bacteria takes over your good bacteria in your intestines and you basically want to die as you have to go to the bathroom up to 20 times a day. It can be deadly. My first night in the hospital, when I was shown to my room, I found a bag filled with feces-covered towels in my bathroom. My toilet and floor was also caked in urine. I removed the bag to the hallway because I couldn't be in the same room as it. It took them almost 24 hours to remove it. I have been having intestinal problems ever since. I am deathly afraid that I have been reinfected with this superbug again. This (to my mind, at least) would be negligence on the part of the hospital. It has been reported to the supervisor of the unit and to the PA health department. What I would like to know is, if this does turn out to be a reinfection due to that contact, is there a way to make this hospital pay any medical bills related to my treatment without taking them to court? I am on medicare and SSDI and don't have any money for a lawyer or things like that. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  21. Hello, I am a single dad. I filed for child support recently, for the first time although could have been collecting for many years. I got an award, and mom got an attorney and filed for a hearing de novo appeal. It is coming up soon and I cannot afford representation. I had major heart surgery and my income went down greatly as a result. I am the plaintiff, but I do not know how this works in the actual hearing. Who get's to go first, what do each of us do, her attorney and me as attorney pro se? Any help is much appreciated. I know her attorney from child custody and she is very competent and very aggressive, so I realize I will be sitting through a smear campaign, I think that is what my son's mom is partially paying for, it giver her delight. Thank you so much!
  22. Is driving an unregistered car in PA considered a moving violation or a criminal offense? My sister's car, which was unregistered, was hauled from another state and the big car carrier trailer dropped of the car about 2 miles away from my home. I probably should have called a small tow truck to tow the car to my home, but seeing that it is only 2 miles, I decided to drive the car home. Unfortunately, I was pulled over and given a ticket. Is this a moving violation or is it considered a criminal offense in PA? I only got a ticket and paid a fine.
  23. A friend of mine was arrested for "speeding". When the cop initially pulled him over he said he was going faster than what he said he was going. He then came to his window and asked for license and registration (of which both he had). My friend does have a checkered past, but no convictions over the last 7 years. AFTER running his name the cop came back and said he smelled marijuana in the car. My friend doesn't smoke at all, so he knew this was a lie. Is this standard procedure after running someone's name? Should the cop have said something when he initially asked for his information? We believe he is profiling him based on his past, but we don't know what the procedures are. Please help!!
  24. I was on my way to work when I was pulled over by a state police trooper for speeding. I gave him my documentation, which he checked. He came back, and returned my documents. He said he was going to give me a citation, but would try and cut me a break (presumably something like 'failure to obey traffic sign' rather than speeding). He also mentioned that the stop was being recorded with both video and audio. While I was waiting for him to return with a citation, he just drove away. I wasn't sure if he was called to something more important. I did not catch his name. Since I wasn't sure if he was going to return, or what, I waited where I was for about 10 minutes, then called 911 (I know it's not an emergency, but that appears to be the protocol around here, and I did inform the 911 operator that this was NOT an emergency). 911 transferred me to the local state police office. I explained the situation. They said 'That sounds like Trooper So-and-So. What's your name and number, and we'll have him call you.' I provided the particulars, and confirmed with them that it was ok for me to proceed to work. They said, 'If he left the scene, it's ok to leave.' Granted, it's only been a few hours, so he may call me later. I somewhat expect not to hear back at all though, since it sounded like he intended to give me a break in general. I don't necessarily assume this means I lucked out. I know that traffic citations need to be addressed (either paid in full with a guilty plea, or a deposit with a not guilty plea) within a short period of time. Not having physically received a citation, I don't know if he even wrote one, and if so, what I'm actually being charged with or the appropriate addresses/details to submit payment to. By the same token, I don't want to talk myself into a ticket by being too proactive and asking too many questions. My question is this. Assuming I do not hear back from the trooper, what's the appropriate action for me to take to ensure I don't have any complications later?
  25. On 10/17/16, I had an MRI of my brain sent from the original hospital performing the MRI to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) office (by the ENT's request) to evaluate my symptoms. A few weeks later, I requested the return of my brain's MRI because a Neurologist requested me to bring it to him to allow further evaluation of my symptoms. The ENT office initially holding my MRI (since 10/17/16) informed me that they could not find my MRI anywhere in the office. Since the ENT office never called me back about the matter, I contacted the ENT office a couple weeks later to remind them that I had requested my brain's MRI to be returned to me, and the ENT office informed me that it must be "misplaced" since the MRI remained to not be found anywhere in the office since October 2016. The ENT office requested for me to have another MRI sent to them from the original hospital performing my brain's MRI. The hospital sent another MRI to the ENT office on 1/26/17, and the hospital contacted me to confirm the MRI had arrived at the ENT office that day. Two days later, I called the ENT office, and the ENT office stated that the second MRI must not have been received since it could not be found anywhere in the ENT office. So, I contacted the appropriate department at the hospital, and the hospital employee provided me the FedEx tracking information, including the ENT employee that signed for the recent MRI delivery. Upon my request, the hospital also provided the FedEx delivery information, including the ENT employee that signed for the delivery, concerning the 10/17/16 MRI delivery. Next, I contacted the ENT office, and I asked for the person that signed for the MRI delivered a few days ago. That ENT employee, the same desk person that said a few days ago how the MRI must not have been sent, explained that the office somehow "misplaced" my second brain MRI. Apparently, the ENT office lost ("misplaced") two of my brain MRI discs. This means that there are two MRI discs of my brain somewhere they should not be, in the possession of God knows who, and being used for whatever purpose the holder of either disc intends using the information to accomplish. I know that I, the person whose brain was the subject of the MRI, had to sign a special release form to allow my MRI to be given to me, or to be delivered to any other medical facility. My concern is about the legal ramifications of the ENT losing two of my brain MRI discs. Is it my tough luck that some deviant(s) might have my brain MRI discs, or would this be considered some type of medical negligence regarding the ENT office losing two of my brain MRI discs?