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Found 44 results

  1. I reported to my manager that my supervisor is having an affair with a underage coworker , I was off work the next two days then this morning when I was getting ready for work I received a text from my supervisor saying that I was fired . What can I do about this
  2. We where buying a house , we had a purchase contract .the seller past away! His son took over the properties . He served us an eviction notice we went to court the judge said he had to foreclose on the property that he couldn't evict us . All the stress of thinking we where going to lose our house and the family history of my wife she had a heart attack and was hospitalized for a little over a week I stayed at the hospital with her and the children stayed with there grandma . during the time we was at the hospital the sellers son came and broke into our home and removed all of our stuff and changed the locks I haven't been able to reach him and he won't return my calls and I can't get the police to help me what can I do
  3. This is hard to explain, but I will do my best. My daughter and son-in-law are very immature, even though both of them have served in the military. In fact my daughter is in the process of getting out of the Army. Almost two months ago she called my ex-wife and said that she needed help with the girls (one is 4 the other is almost 2), while she was out processing. My son-in-law does not have a job and has only worked maybe a total of three months in the past four years and even that was only part time. Since my ex-wife picked up the girls it has come out that my daughter and son-in-law are planning on separating. He plans on taking the youngest girl back to California with him, while she cares for the oldest of the two girls he in Oklahoma. We believe that they are doing this so that he can get government assistance when he goes back to California and my daughter would be eligible here in Oklahoma. I do not believe that they have any kind of legal documents actually setting up custody rights. When I asked my daughter why she was doing this, she said it was because she was paying penitence for cheating on him. I have heard him talk down to her, which I quickly correct when I hear it. My daughter also spent a couple of weeks under direct mental evaluation when she had a breakdown. So he just holds that over her. Also, since my ex has picked up the girls they have not offered any kind of monetary support or even talked to the girls. They have been going out and having a good time, while my ex struggles to take care of the girls needs. My ex even asked for the social security numbers so she could get the girls on WICK, but they just blew the request off. This is not the first time that my ex has taken care of the girls, she took care of the oldest for six months right after she was born, and both of them all last summer. I also need to point out that the son-in-law is only the father of the youngest girl. I know this is a lot to take in, but me and my ex do not know if we are being played, or if he is taking advantage of my daughters mental state. So are question is, is there anyway we can keep the girls from being separated? Also, If when my son-in-law shows up do we have to let him in the house? One of the things we expect is for them to show up broke and want to move in. I am a lot harder than my ex. I have told my daughter that here and the girls are welcome here, but not her husband. If my ex lets them in can she kick him out later or does he have some type of squatters rights because of the child? We are both to the point of just going with hard love, but we are afraid of what will happen to the girls.
  4. Okay, so this is a lot. I'll set it up as best as I can... Mother: Married but away from husband 4 years Father: Fresh out of Army moves in with said mother "Together" have a daughter in 2015. In 2017 a DNA test finds out she is not biologically his and actually a completely different guys daughter. Now this wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the fact of how much the Mother uses people and is trying to use the "Father". He believes he sign the Birth Certificate but IS NOT SURE if he signed an Affirmation of Paternity Form. He does know the Husband signed a Denial of Paternity Form. Would "Father" have been able to sign an AOP Form at the hospital even if the Husbands DOP Form would not be processed for weeks, considering he lives in a different state. If "Father" signed the form and Birth Certificate would they be legal considering they would have been signed BEFORE the DOP Form had been signed and processed? If so how can the AOP be reversed? I know this will need to be done before she turns 2 which is on October 27th of 2017. Thank you for all the help in advance!
  5. I have been charged with a burgeraly 2 I've been trying to stay positive and keep working hard and staying out of jail and paying fines I have been at my job for a year and a half now what do you think that they would do
  6. I thought starting a new topic with one question at a time. The Probate process with my mother's estate has gotten extremely complex despite the fact that she revised her Will in order to keep it simple in order to avoid me having problems with my brother. Well, it hasn't happened that way. To be clear, the Will requests me as Executor, and also includes her sister and brother-in-law as backup Executors in the event I decided I didn't want to deal with my brother and not act as Representative of her Estate. Her wishes were clear, all real and personal assets were to be sold and the proceeds divided equally between my brother and me. All financial accounts, investments, etc. were Paid On Death, so that was easy enough. My brother has had a camper on the property for the last few years for somewhere to stay whenever he wasn't out of state working. It is parked by my Dad's shop building and it's electricity which has it's own meter. None of the utilities are in his name. This has been a sticking point because after he and his family broke into the house in December 2016, I have had a civil case (Forcible Entry & Detainer) in an attempt to have him evicted from the property since January. THe Probate Judge has kept continuing the case largely due to my brother's now lawyer asking for more time for research. On June 15, we were scheduled once again for the civil case for forcible entry & detainer, as it has been impossible to sell the property due to everyone uneasy about buying property because either they know my brother as a trouble maker, have heard that he threatened if anyone buys the place he will burn everything to the ground (and he would), threatened and scared my realtor into canceling our contract, etc. My lawyer assured me that our hearing on the 15th June would get my brother off the property because the Judge was tired of Probate taking so long (Probate was filed in February 2016). Well two days before the hearing the Judge took leave due to a family emergency. The day of court, I was there and noticed neither lawyer or my brother was present. When I contacted my lawyer, he advised me about the Judge being out of Court and that another Judge was going to step in for the hearing. I advised my lawyer that I did not want this particular Judge because of two reasons: he was not familiar with the situation and the case had been ongoing for so long, and I knew for a fact that he and my brother were old drinking buddies. My lawyer ignored my concerns. My brother and his lawyer (also an old drinking buddy) finally showed up at court around 20 minutes after court was to have started. It was if they knew in advance it wasn't necessary to be there on time due to the situation. Only 45 minutes later, while I sat in the downstairs lobby waiting to be called upstairs (which I was advised our case wouldn't be seen to much later in the morning), my lawyer came downstairs to advise that he and my brother's lawyer met with the Judge behind closed doors. The Judge decided he was comfortable making a judgment on the civil case and continued the court date two weeks later hoping the Probate Judge would be back at court. However, he felt comfortable writing a Court Order for the Probate case that stated: The Court being fully advised in these premises, finds: That the real and personal property herein shall be sold at public sale to highest bidder within 60 days of the date of this Order. If not sold, the court will entertain a request for the removal of the Personal Representative of the estate and appointment of a third party to serve as Personal Representative herein. Expenses of said Sale will be paid out of proceeds from sale. Attorney's fees shall be paid out of proceeds for both parties. Request for Removal filed herein is continued until June 28, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. When hearing this I was speechless. We were there for a civil case to evict my brother from the property and had stacks of paperwork, video surveillance and photos, etc. of breaking and entering the home, theft, mail theft, mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, Protective Order Violated five different times that were caught on camera, etc. and it was continued because the Judge wasn't that familiar and thought the Probate Judge should rule on that situation. Instead, he ruled on the Probate case, which wasn't even on the docket for the 15th of June or any future date. I also expressed disbelief because it would be impossible to conduct an auction and sale of assets within 60 days due to my working two jobs in two different states, managing the estate and its upkeep, not to even mention finding an auctioneer and crew who would come out on the property to set up for the sale with my brother staying next to the shop building (keep in mind everyone in this county is well of aware of my brother being nothing but trouble and most view him as dangerous). * had the property listed with a Realtor for four months and not one showing because people didn't want to show interest in fear of retaliation from my brother. My lawyer's response to my concerns about even finding someone who would be that brave to auction off assets? Don't worry, I'll take care of it. I said take care of what, the auction? He responded 'yes. Now, this whole matter gets even more complicated and I'll be happy to answer questions and fill in details as I continue with this unbelievable story, and quite frankly it gets very bizarre. But my first question. DId this stand-in, last minute judge at have jurisdiction to order the sale of assets in a Probate case when we were there for a hearing on the Entry & Detainer civil case? Let me state that I became sick and unable to make the court date for 28th June. I contacted my lawyer and asked that he have the case deferred to the next court date which was this past week on the 9th August. That hearing's details generates even more questions which I will get into in this thread
  7. I am the executor of my mother's estate. My older brother and I are the only beneficiaries. My mother revised her will several times trying to make it where there was no mistake how she wanted her estate to be divided between the two of us. It states sell all real and personal assets and split the proceeds from these sales 50/50. The Will also states that if I decided that I could not, or would not act as representative of her estate, then executor would fall on her sister and husband. The situation has gotten so out of hand, I will be asking many questions using different posts as putting everything here would be way too confusing. During the past 8 months, my brother and family have committed the following crimes: 1) theft of all of my keys (both personal and estate's keys to everything), then using keys to enter home without permission and stealing personal belongings of mine. Sheriff deputy called out to the home> 2)breaking and entering 3 days before christmas both in the shop building and then the house by drilling in the back door's locking system alerted to me by the home surveillance cameras. Sheriff's office and city police departments called and came onto the property and spoke with my brother and his family; Lead Sheriff Deputy determined it was a civil matter and they just reealllly dont get involved (told to me over the phone while i was at the court house getting an emergency protective orders against brother and his wife). When law enforcement left, my brother continued drilling into the door, all entered home, and then proceeded to steal items of value that belonged to the estate and to me personally. 3) Protected order granted by court. Protective order has been violated numerous times, also caught on home surveillance video, camera, and a friend who was visiting from out of state. Reported to Sheriff's office in an email (which they claimed their email was broken, then hand delivered by a court clerk deputy (former coworker), then I had to go in person to write out the statement, only to have statements 'lost'. 4) another reporting of a lawn mower being stolen from the yard. Theft as well as another violation of protective order because of boundaries they were forgibben to cross. Was told by Sheriff Deputy that the judge could't place a protective order creating an imaginary line through property for it to be a vailid protectiive order. The 'imaginary line' is actually the driveway that cuts down the middle of the property where they were forbidden to cross road that the home is located. So there is a clear bondary line. Sheriff's Deputy insists the PO isn't enforceable. Numerous other calls that prompted the Sheriff's office to come out to the house. As of this writing there is no record of me calling into the Sheriff's office. Much less any reports of the above crimes. Each time I asked law enforcement, because they kept referring to all above as a civil matter, if what they are telling is that anyone who enters into being an executor of someone's estate basically is giving up their basic rights of getting help against harm and theft. They just shrugged their shoulders. My questions regarding above. 1. Do I not have any rights? Is it legal that the Sheriff's department has no trace of me calling, writing statements, giving statements in person to deputies, etc? So that means my brother can become even bolder to the point that it could very well but my life in jeopardy and I have no rights for protections? (my lawyer just shrugs and says well I don't know what to tell you). 2. Who can I contact outside of the county I am in, so that I can alert someone in state of the dire situation I am in? Everyone has a chain of command. Who regulates county sheriffs? I would appreciate any advice, as the situation grows more intense as every week passes.
  8. A year ago I took over car payments from a family member and even gave them a down payment for the vehicle. Because she was about to let it go back since she had gotten another car and couldn't pay for both. Well she just recently contacted me and now she wants to take back over her car payments and wants me to give her the car back. Because the car is still in her name I'm not sure how to handle this. Any ideas?
  9. Brand new to the forum and hoping someone could give me useful advice. My wife retired from J. C. Penney. They may be going downhill right now, but they used to be one of the most consumer friendly company around. They always told their employees, "The customer is always right". It is not worth losing a customer just because you don't agree with their problems. To the problem. We gave a dry cleaning business a $40 deposit on some jackets that had to be sent out of state for repair. Several weeks later we were told the out of state cleaner could not clean them without doing possible damage. Gene's cleaners called us and told us to come by and get a deposit return. I did so and they presented a check. I kindly told them that I gave them $4o cash and would like them to give me cash instead of a check. They told me it was Gene's policy to give deposit returns via check. They would not give me my deposit back any other way than check. Fast forward to a week later and my check from Gene's cleaners is a blank piece of paper after I remove it from the washer.. Oh well...I contact Gene's Cleaners and ask them if I could come by and get a new check. Long story, short...the answer is NO. I am told they fulfilled their obligation when they gave me the check. It was not their fault that I destroyed the check. A very long and heated discussion ensued. We live 1/2 mile from these cleaners. We have been customers for over 20 years. We aren't going to starve if I never see that $40 again. It is just simply the principle of the issue. Does a business owner have the right of refusal to give us another check? Are their consumer protection laws that apply to this? Any suggestions or legal precedents that might apply to this scenario would be appreciated.
  10. I own a piece of property that i have to drive down a private road to get to my driveway. a neighbor which owns land of most or all of the private drive does not want a road grader from our county to fix the road when it gets washed out. A far as i know there are no agreements who is responsible for the maintenance of the the private rd. So my question is what responsibilities do the land owner of the easement have, and what rights do i have regarding maintenance of the easement.
  11. I share joint custody with my ex. I am the primary custodial parent. Our daughter is 11 and wants to go to court and tell the judge that she no longer wants to go to her dads. She has already told her father that she doesn't want to go visit anymore but he said it's not her choice. Is it possible for a child to choose? If so, are there age restrictions?
  12. Contracted for two building roof job , by Don then his partner shows up tear off my roof and states that he wants more money and he's redoing the contract. What would be a defense, when a contractor plays with words and use deception information on a contract that you signed in good faith to themeaning your given as truth, until they state that that word means this or that, but not spelled out in the contract. I'm being sued. I signed a contract under Don for the roof jobs on the 13th of Jan. On Jan 17 his partner shows up with hardly any material and tore off my roof. After he tore off my roof he stated that he wanted more money and that he was doing away with his partners contract. He stated that he was a good guy and would hate to file a lien on me, because he touched my property. The job was a two day job per the original contract. On Jan this contractor stated that he would be sending me out another contract. I told him that I did not want to sign another contract in the middle of the Job. He said he was going to send me one and left. He would not work under his partners contract both with same company. He returned on Jan 19, 2017 and was paid $4500 dollars and did not complete any work on the buildings. I signed the other contract not knowing he had removed the material. On the 20th of Jan he did not comeback, until Jan 26, 2017. The contract read that he would not be paid until the job was completed. It also read that he would supply all the material, and that any changes had to come from client. He put a carport over build 2 20X24, cut into the roof of it and left it open and he removed the building structure beams trying to fit a carport roof on it. The building is collapsing, Water is coming in the building. What defenses do I have, in my case?
  13. My sons ages 6 and 8 went to spend the weekend with their dad. My ex called me and said the boys wanted to cone home they had only been gone about 18 hrs. Well of course I told him then bring them home, I had to leave for work and I didn't get home until after they had went to sleep that night. My nieces were staying the night and they well had a big slumber party pretty much.That next morning my nieces told my mom the boys had told them something that had happened at their dads and I need to talk to them so I asked them what was going on. My 6 year old ran off crying and locked himself in his bedroom closet, after a few minutes of my 8 year old hiding behind the hall wall I was becoming pretty concerned but was able to convince him to tell me what had happened. His dad had left them with their step mom while he had went to a friends while he was gone she had called them to the living room and started off by calling them "stupid little f word b word" then she told them that she hated them and wish they were dead. That's not the worse part to told them that one day if they kept coming back that she would stomp their heads into the floor and squish them until their guts came out and they would be exactly how she wants them dead. I was livid I called the police but without talking to my boys or anything they said they can't do anything. What can I do, this is disgusting and terrifying. Who says this to anyone much less small children. Can she not be charged for threatening them. Idk what to do but I do know something has to be done.
  14. My work posted a job opening for project coordinator job that would have some account manager duties. I had been cross trained in the account manager duties already and the project coordinator would be a step below account manager. I applied for the job and had a four-person panel that included or program manager or operations manager the small business manager and and account manager. The second applicant was a a family member of our ops manager. She that did not have the experience requested beyond a bachelor's degree but not in the field requested and the job posting. I do not have a degree but I have the work experience required. I had a meeting with my program manager and she told me the job had gone to the other applicant. Is it illegal or can I sue my work for nepotism when the operation manager is the step-sister to the applicant ? she participated in the hiring process for both of us. However it was only the ops manager and the small business manager that interviewed her stepsister. I have reached out to my program manager with questions but have not gotten a response. What should i do?
  15. I got pregnant by a man I barely knew in 2012, he had his doubts through the whole pregnancy so I offered him many times to do a DNA test before and after my son was born. He said he didn't want one because no matter what he's going to be his son. My son has his last name but he didn't sign the birth certificate because he is illegal and didn't have an ID. We were together up until my son was 2 and we split while I was pregnant with our daughter. He payed gave me money for both kids for the past 2 years and I gave him visitations without going through the court. He's married now and a few months ago, him and his wife went behind my back and did DNA test on both of my children when they were with them. They say that my son is not his but my daughter is and now he wants to cut off all ties with my son and only pay child support and see my daughter. My son is 4 now and he's always known him as his dad, so I don't think it's fair for him to have to see his sister going to his dads but he can't go so I told my ex that if he wants my son out of his life then he isn't going to be seeing our daughter either. Now he wants to take me to court, and I'm scared that the judge will allow him to only see my daughter. Any advice on what I should do would be appreciated.. thanks.
  16. I was left the house I grew up in when my dad died. I went through all the probate. The house has my name on it. But it also has my mothers name on it. She died 4 years before my dad. This should have been something he took care of after she died. He did file her death certificate at the county clerks office. Because her death happened before his, I am not sure how to remove her name. At this point she has been gone since 1999. I have recently gotten married and we I am looking to put him on the property with me.
  17. I was at our fire station in the evening after a planning commission meeting. I tripped over one of the concrete parking blocks. I didn't see it. The outside light was out and they fixed it the next day after I told them what happened. I hurt my shoulder and elbow by falling directly on my shoulder on the concrete block. My neck hurt from jarring it back. I had a bump the size of a golf ball that could be seen poking out of my shirt. I went to the emergency room, my shoulder wasn't broken. They told me I probably got whiplash from jerking my neck. The shoulder pain comes and goes but seems to be getting worse. I am still in pain with my shoulder and neck. Is it too late to sue the fire department. If the light had not been broken, I would have seen the concrete block and not fallen. They are aware of the incident because I went back the next day and showed them my injury and that's when they discovered the light was not working.
  18. hello i need help getting back my vitiation with minor kid. I live in Norman (Cleveland Co. that where the case is) on 9-28-2015 VISITATION SUSPENDED PENDING FURTHER ORDER OF THE COURT due to me not showing up for court. Fail to appear on contempt of court order filed by the mother. The Contempt Citation & Motion to suspended visits. then on 06-16-2016 PARTIES APPEAR WITH COUNSEL ON MOTHER'S APPLICATION FOR CONTEMPT CITATION. COURT ORDERS AS FOLLOWS: COURT FINDS THAT SINCE DEF WAS PICKED UP ON BENCH WARRANT, HE HAS NOT CONTACTED PLT. COURT CONTINUES THIS MATTER TO 10/27/16 @ 1:30 PM IN ANTICIPATION OF DISMISSAL. ON 10-27-2016 PETITIONER APPEARS THROUGH COUNSEL AND DISMISSES CONTEMPT CITATION. ALL ORDERS CONTAINED IN THE COURT MINUTE DATED JUNE 16, 2016 TO REMAIN IN FULL FORCE & EFFECT. COURT MINUTE said that I makes any further filing with the court, the filing will be prescreened by court to assess merit on the face of the pleading. If Court find that I motion has no merit said motion will be dismissed with out hearing and i have to pay court cost. I want to get back my visitation with minor kid i haven't seen in 3 years need help with Motion for it. any Motion forms i can use to get my kid back via visitation without paying court cost. thanks.. fyi i am a pot smoker and a Rastafarian.. thanks fir any help
  19. Ok my credit union has raised my car payment for putting collateral insurance on my car loan. My insurance lapsed on March 1. I have to loans when I went in to make Septembers payment in loan L0050 payment is $423 the teller said the payment owed was $790 I did not have 790 so I paid the regular amount. It was because they added collateral ins I said I did have insurance and that I had emailed a few days latter I went to pay loan L0051 regular payment $524 teller said the payment was only$390. Why she said I paid That much more when I got the payments caught up in August. both payments were higher at higher payments in October. remember I emailed the insurance info. The said that they could go back in time and add that to the loan $300 month more nor on L0050 and $470 more on L0051 for 12 months. I lost my job November the year before fell behind didn't pay insurance I fell behind on L0051 and they want to repo I made the payment and the deferred 2 months to make me even this was End of August that's when they asked if I had insurance on that loan I said no they said have it by the time you make next payment which would have been September I did that. Can they go back and for the life of the loan any months I don't if insurance The can add it to my payments ?
  20. AT&T let an unauthorized person cancel all my service and what ever the person information the ATT CSRep gave this unauthorized person was able to use to hack my google acount it this not a privacey violation? ATT bill is $1174. For 3 lines D tv and U-verse that is $500 month higher then was told please help I have added a screen shot of my bill history
  21. My grandfather owned a home **** ***** Rd. Oklahoma City, OK ******. He passed away in 2003 or 2004. My mother and I (her only child) had lived with him since 1992. He left the house to my mother and me in his will. After him passing, it was too hard for her to reside there. She in return, gave the house to me in 2005. My Uncle R. H. and his spouse K.H. took advantage of me. I was unknowledgeable of what was going on. I was 19 and pregnant and the house did need work. My uncle and his wife said that they would give me $700.00 to move into an apartment so the baby and I had a place to stay while they fixed up the house for me. In return, I could come back. They wrote a check to me. At the bottom it said payment for house. I was unaware until my bank statement came in the mail a month later that the check even said that. I tried to contact my uncle and aunt and they wouldn't talk to me. My uncle then took all his brothers and sisters (my aunts and uncles) to probate court and legally took over the house. My uncle is now deceased and his widow K.H. lives there in my childhood home. I am now 30 years old and would like to get the home back especially since my Uncle is deceased and his wife(widow) is there. Please help.
  22. My friend had given me permission to go to his apartment to check on it for him while he was in jail. I had his keys. On my way up to his apt the on-site property manager stopped me, ask who I was going to see. I told her and she said I can't allow you to go up there. She said that he was in jail. I tried again a week later. Was stopped again. I told her I had his keys and his permission. She said I had to have his written, notorized permission before she would let me in. I got that from him. When I got back to the apt I went ahead and went up to his apt. His keys would not work. I went to find the property manager. She took the letter from me, did not ID me. She escorted me up to his apt and told me Rent-a-Center had come and got their sofa he had been renting from them. She allowed them into the apt without notifying my friend. I noticed the door jam had been tampered with. There were no indication of anything damaged, broke or missing. The landlord left no notice on the door about entering the apt. He was on a month to month lease. This happened like the 25 Aug 16. She told me his apt needed to be completely cleaned out by 02 Sept 16 when his lease expired. Nothing in writing. She allowed me access a couple of days later when I came back to remove his belongings giving me the key to let myself in. He feels that they illegally locked him or his representative out of is apt. His rent was paid. They we're supposed to come in to replace or repair his A/C unit prior to him going to jail. The unit was not in the window when I went into the apt. What recourse can he take? Does he have a Illegal lock out case?
  23. My dad passed on May 25, 2016 in OK and his 4th wife didn't bother to tell his 3 adult children of his passing or funeral arrangements. I want to find out if he left a will, how can I do this? Also, I was a minor when I became disabled and draw SS from my dad, am I entitled to any of his pension or estate if no will was left? He never did a thing for his children, being forced to pay child support by Indiana courts, and I don't feel his 4th wife should get everything. The children he helped create should get a part. Also, would I have to retain a lawyer in ok?
  24. I was contracted as a paid intern for a company back in Aug 2015 I worked Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov 2015. Agreement signed by both parties promised $100/week. I sent an e-mail in December 2015, requesting the status of my payment, to no response. I e-mailed again in January and in early February he responded stating that I would be paid "Sometime soon." In early March, I e-mailed again asking for updates, waited 14 days without receiving any word. I e-mailed him again, and received the same response that I would be paid "Sometime soon." In May I e-mailed him asking for an update and did not receive any word for 14 days, at which point I e-mailed him again. He responded stating that he had already told me I would receive compensation "sometime soon." May 18, 2016 I formally told him that I would like my amount to be paid in full by June 20th, or I would have to escalate the matter. He replied asking is a payment plan was an available option, I said no. He responded June 11, 2016 stating that he would like to do a payment plan. At this point, I am prepared to take him to small claims. I would like to know exactly what laws he has broken by refusing to pay me in over 8 months since the end of my contract. As I am a resident of Michigan, and both he and the business are in Oklahoma, I am unsure of what law he may be breaking, and am having trouble finding them. Thank you in advanced. I am much appreciative of you reviewing this situation.