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Found 107 results

  1. My x wife and I have shared parenting of our two daughter's. They have lived with me for 12 years. My daughter's mother let our 15 1/2 year old go over to the boyfriend parents house behind my back. His parents left them alone and they had sex. His parents were also told to see this information from me. What can I do here. To protect my daughter from her mother and thus boy. Thank you
  2. My x wife and I have shared parenting of our two daughter's. They have lived with me for 12 years. My daughter's mother let our 15 1/2 year old go over to the boyfriend parents house behind my back. His parents left them alone and they had sex. His parents were also told to see this information from me. What can I do here. To protect my daughter from her mother and thus boy. Thank you
  3. Hello need some advice: I recently went to purchase a truck and found one I liked we did the deal through a financial inst. that approved me okay left the dealership with the truck a couple days later the check engine light comes on and I take it back so they can tell me whats wrong, they send me a text on what the mechanic said was minor and they will fix it in the mean time I have the back calling to verify the loan with a phone interview so if I'm happy they will proceed ( although I thought once he said everything is done )well I told them about the light and I'm not 100% sure I want it now. my reason is cause I had a similar exp. and it cost me big so I'm scared to buy something and a day later the lights are on. anyway it's Monday and I came to the conclusion I no longer want this truck I told the bank this when they called again to finalize the deal cause the dealership still has the truck...Now the dealership is telling me I don't get my $4000 down payment back and they will sue me for the remaining balance. What should I do ???????
  4. I'm remarried and I have 2 kids (7 & 8) from my first marriage. I have shared custody and am the residential parent, our vistation is Sunday to Sunday at 6. My husband also has 2 kids from 2 prior relationships. A 13 yr old who we have full custody and up until Tuesday of this week he hadn't seen or heard from his mom since 2008. My husband's younger child (9) was from his 1st marriage. We had basically standard rule visitation w him. He is w his mom otherwise. Recently, my husband got an OVI, and made the unfortunately poor choice of walking home after wrecking his car. So the police came to the house to arrest him. Long story short, they eventually issued a search warrant and got about 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana and a substantial amount of glass paraphernalia. There was NOBODY else at the house during this time. The younger kids were w their other parents and the oldest was with his grandma. I was even out of town. Because everything was in our bedroom I got charged too, but I got a lawyer and got my charges dropped. My husband's ex wife decided to stop all visitations w the 9 yr old. She then contacted the 13 yr olds mom who lives in WI (we're in Ohio) to file for full custody (which she did) and contacted MY ex husband who filed for emergency ex parta removal and to switch full custody to them. No lie, I'm scared. My kids are happy, well loved and not abused. But I'll certainly test dirty for marijuana. My bigger question is the ex wife, is there any way she can get in trouble for interfering like this? In the paperwork from my ex husband it narrates what she told them and a lot of it is wrong, she told my ex the 13 yr old was here.
  5. Hi, My friend passed away just last week and the hospital is holding onto his body trying to conduct a search for relatives. I've known this man for over 20 years and know him very well. His father died when he was young, his mother abused him and he was sent to an orphanage where he was never adopted. At some point his mother passed (don't know the exact date) He married 3 times sadly it never worked out and all 3 marriages ended with the wife re-marrying someone else. He did have 2 sons with the last ex-wife but were NOT blood-related to him and did not share his last name and also did not sign the birth certificates for them. I don't really care about his assets although they would help with carrying out his final wishes. I'm willing to pay out of my own pocket to make sure his final wishes are taken care of including the cremation expense. He told me he had a will in his cabinet at home and I believe he said another friend was the executor of the estate listed on it. His other friend will do the same thing with the body as I would but the apartment rental manager won't allow anyone into the building to access the paper. I am at a loss of what to do and I'm sure time is running out on claiming the body to make sure his final wishes come true. So to sum it up. I need access to his apartment but the local police say it's not something they can help with. I don't want the county to take the body and bury it somewhere when his wishes were to be cremated and separated. Some placed with an ex-lover's ashes that passed before him and some taken to a civil war battlefield and buried. My friend lived and passed away in Ohio. I'm begging for help for information on what to do. (edit added) My friend lived in Delaware County, Ohio was transported to Franklin County, Ohio to try and save his life but passed, I'm not sure what County would even get the remains or if it would be the state if no family claims them.
  6. Hello - I presented evidence at a small claims court hearing regarding my complaints against a small business in my town. Long story short, the court granted me a judgment in the amount of 2k plus interest and costs. Could I walk into the small business and ask the owner (defendant) to satisfy the judgment? In other words, write me a check? I was thinking of calling the town's sherriff and ask that he accompany me. Would any law preclude me from doing this? Or do I have to follow one of the long legal processes of garnishment of wages, attachment of bank account, levy on personal property, etc.? Please advise. Thank you!
  7. I had an account with Dominion East Ohio Gas Company for about a year at my apartment at the time. When I left the apartment I forgot to close the account and subsequently left the state. I did not know the account was being used until I started getting collection calls on the account. I've been in contact with both the gas company and they will not revoke the charges based on the information I've given. I'd like to move on to finding who it was that continued to use my account rather than registering their own, but the owner of the building will not provide me any information on the tenant who lived there after me. What should I do? Is this enough to qualify as fraud or identity theft? My credit has taken a serious hit because of this and I need help now.
  8. Hello all and thanks in advance for any help offered... Recently I was terminated from a job. Obviously I will have to put my former employer on a resume and list their contact information. My concern is what my former employer may disclose to future employers. Is it entirely up to their discretion as to what they say? Are there any limitations? Thanks very much for any help offered.
  9. my mom past 4/22/17 she acquired some property in 1971 in Ohio, she remarried in 2012 in Alabama where she resided with her husband till she passed. I want to know who now owns the property, the husband has no money to keep it up or pay taxes on it. he is not on the deed. She has two kids, myself and my sister.
  10. We are selling a used car. We were trying to be kind and allowed payments to be made. My son is the lien holder on the title. The buyer has been remiss for 4 months on making any payments. We do have a signed contract and as of today he is in breach of this contract. When my son sent him a repossess notice, the buyer has informed us that he has changed the ignition, and he said good luck taking it. Now my son does not have a key to the vehicle. What rights do we have as title owner and what do we need to do to take repossession of his vehicle?
  11. A family member was in a single vehicle accident, but, he left the scene before cops arrived because he has no license. He called later and spoke to an officer. They asked for him to come in and give a statement in order to get the crash report finished and processed. I think he should seek the advice of an attorney before going, what's the best way to handle this besides the obvious bad decisions that were made! Any help would be appreciated!
  12. If you rented over 12 years can you claim ownership?
  13. I would like to file a pleading for federal intervention. synopsis: Party A sues Party B for being the cause for damages to property. Party B is summoned from Florida to Ohio to answer. However Party C has videos that show the cause for damages cannot possibly have been by party B and that the damages came from another upstairs tenant that was already sued by party A for the damages. The Court denies party c to becoming a party to the case so party C appeals to the Appellate hoping for "standing". The court does not wait for the appellate's decision and has party B unrepresented in a trial finding her guilty of causing damages (key word here is CAUSE, just as in the claim, that party b is the cause for damages). However the court awards the proceeds to party D who is not even a signer of the lease and is only in the capacity of the husband of party A. What federal law (or better yet, what constitutional clause) would party C be classified as to be able to finish the pleading for federal intervention? Party C has videos AND OTHER EVIDENCES AND WITNESSES to show it's impossible for party B to be guilty of what is alleged by party A. or for more info Thanks to anyone that can help
  14. In february of 2016 i started the first of what i would say are loans but in in all honesty it was money stolen from me i received a check for $7996 from the state of ohio i have received a check on the 4th wednesday of each month for $1593 from when i was 10 y/o until i was 18 and 7 months of age when i stopped following the guidelines to receive the money (i got kicked out of school) i received 2 checks after this for the base amount of 1593 out of the 1st lump sum check i received we went to the bank she refused to change a savings account that has my name linked to it and that she had control over into a checking account in order to cash the check with this check i purchased a astro gaming headset for $250 a laptop for $240 and a couple misc items adding up to approximately $100 so out of the $7996 as previously stated i purchased a total of approximately $490 worth of items when i got to my place of residence i walked in with the rest of the money in my possession and when i went to go to my bedroom my grandmother threatened to kick me out if i did not give her the money i personally dont have a place i could go to in the event of me being kicked out in the state of ohio the closest place that could possibly take me in is in southern california and i have no personal way of funding a trip to go live in southern california and have money for food drink and personal living expenses she took from me the remaining $7506 and i asked her what she was going to do with it and she told me things i told her i would need approximately $1000 of it in order to order a proper pc which i was going to use for gaming purposes in my free time i asked her 4 days after this for the money and she says i dont have it and when i asked her what she did with it she says that she doesnt know and me being upset asks her how doesnt she and she says i dont know and i told her that i was gonna use the following months check to purchase the pc and i would give her what i had left over and then the next check comes in and we do the same thing as the first check because she was still refusing to let me open or change a previous savings account into a checking account from when i was a minor she tells me you get 100$ of this check and then i get the rest if you dont like it you can move out and i have no place to go i unwillingly agreed and i purchased a gift card for 85$ and then spent 15$ on food and drink at chipotle and then i wait the time out for the 3rd check i get it i tell her i need 600$ of this to buy somethings she refuses to give me 600$ and once again threatens to kick me out and i told her 300$ and she agreed with that 300$ i purchased a benq gaming monitor a video game for xbox something for my xbox controller which totals to 150$ and then i bought a aunt who lives with us a 100$ prepaid phone card and spent 50$ on food and drink over the next week in total i received 890$ out of 12775$ that was sent to me under my name i want to know what can i do legally
  15. My daughter was in an accident. Her fault, no one was injured but both went to hospital. The car was in my husbands name. The insurance is in my name and the car was on my policy. My daughter is an adult licensed driver but doesn't have a car in her name and doesn't live in my home. Problem is my insurance doesn't want to pay because they say she was excluded but I don't know why. Now the insurance company is calling my husband wanting $30,000. HELP
  16. I received a summons for medical debt ranging from 2009 to 2013. I called the attorney to attempt to settle and she told me I had to pay full amount of 3400 nothing less and that the bills older that 6 years were just thrown in with 2012 bills. Can they do this
  17. Say some one accuses you of putting your hand on your gun (they do not fill out a police report) in this case it was reported to a landlord on an act that it would get an individual evicted. Accused action never happened but no proof of either it happening or not happening. Accused has a job where they work with children and the accused feels like it may tarnish their reputation. Is this grounds for Slander? Should the accused seek legal representation?
  18. My son bought a 2006 GMC Envoy Denali at auction. After 1 month the motor went out. He called POWER SOURCE CO. to order a used motor. Stan (who claimed to be very knowledgeable about this motor) said he had a 2007 that would work for $3500. The motor was delivered to a mechanic who proceeded to install it. However, it DIDN'T fit! The mechanic had to pull the motor out and now POWER SOURCE will not stand behind their word. Power Source is blaming the mechanic for not checking it out before installing it. I say they should have sent the proper motor in the first place and we were given bad info by someone who should know his stuff. This has been going back and forth for many months. In the mean time, my son is using my car and I'm not happy about it. It is at a standstill and we don't know what to do. We want the money back or the right motor. Regardless of whether Power Source or the mechanic is at fault, all I know is that WE are not!
  19. Is it legal for a parent to rent an apt for a disabled adult child. Parent would sign lease and be responsible for monthly rent. Child would be living in apt without parent
  20. My husband and I purchased a mobile home in a seasonal RV park as a weekend getaway. The park was made up of mostly RV's but also had seven other privately owned mobile homes including four that were used year round as a primary residence. Three months after we purchased the mobile home the park operator sold the property and new owners took over all operations of the park. The very next season they raised our lot rent without notice and just a few weeks later they attempted to double our lot rent after we were already paid in full. Shortly after the season begin they verbally informed all the mobile home owners that the homes had to be removed from the park by the end of the season. Our home is located in the center of the park and includes a concrete garage and porch area along with the fact that it has resided on this property for over 35 years so removing it from it's current location (if even possible) essentially takes away everything that gave it any value. The new owners of this park have also engaged in a laundry list of retaliatory and unethical conduct including terrifying one Mobile owner to sign over her title and walk away. I would like to know if we have any legal rights here or protection in the purchase of this mobile home?
  21. Hello. I take care of a special needs person in my home who has resided with me for 7 years. His sister passed away recently and this past Sunday the executive ( friend of the deceased) and attorney, came by this past Sunday to go over the will, is what they said they were coming over for but when they came they just handed a copy ( no notary stamp) and had him sign a waiver of some sort. ( RC 2107.19 (A) (2) ) Because he is mentally disabled, he of course wouldn't know what he was signing and neither did I as I asked what it was. The attorney said it was to speed up probate. I said that it says waiver, so I didn't know what he was giving up his right to something. I wasn't sure still but then the attorney started asking about medical power of attorney and asked him if he wanted me to be his medical POA and went around the table asking in case something happened to me, would you want this person, then another. I stopped her and said first, he doesn't understand and agreed with everyone around the table, including the husband of the executive to be medical POA in the event me and the executive happen to die. I told her this is improper to practically pull names from a hat for something as serious as that, besides, I'm not an attorney, but doesn't someone need to be of sound mind to even appoint a POA? He clearly is in need of a guardian and yes, I asked years ago, but his sister didn't want that, so I left it alone. ( both parents had passed sometime ago and no other siblings) This attorney didn't like my objection and asked me to leave the room. I politely said no, this is my home, I take care of him 24/7 and since he is unable to understand, someone needed to speak up. So that didn't go well. Here's the main reason I am writing. It just so happened that a relative called regarding the will. She claims that the executive read the will to her days ago and named the person who I take care of as sole beneficiary. The copy left for him stated no such thing, so either it was an incomplete will or a different one. Regardless, doesn't that make his signature invalid for two reasons? I) He didn't understand and 2) The copy of the will may not be the original or a complete will. I certainly don't want to jump the gun, but it seems suspicious to me. The cousin is going to file for guardianship just to protect him, but why would it not be disclosed if he was a beneficiary? Unless a trust is set up, which many parents do that for a special needs person, but still the way they are going about it is very suspicious. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  22. Once again a big Thank you to all that help me here with legal problems. I have had 3 appointments with a mental health counselor and was scheduled for an appointment with the Doctor. My daughter had a terrible situation and I never gave a thought to the Dr. My daughters well being is way more important than an appointment. I received a letter telling me that I missed the appointment and will not be permitted to schedule any further appointments. While I agree with their policy, I find it difficult that with them knowing I live about 2 minutes from them. Since I have not seen this Dr, does the same law of 30 day notice still apply
  23. Recently I was in a relationship and me and her went in together and baught 2 used atv's and a trailer. Neather atv has a title and the trailer is registered to me. Not long ago she decides to up and leave. Now is threatening to take me to court to get the atv's and trailer. Can she legally take me to court over this? Since neather atv has a title what would happen with them? Since the trailer is registered to me wouldn't I be able to keep it? Could she sue me for refusing to give them back? I have tried to reason with her and it gets me no where.she won't negotiate eather. Any help is appreciated
  24. I am asking for my mother, Karen. My parents are not divorced, but they separated about 8 years ago. Neither wanted a divorce. They are no longer living together. Each have their own place, with their own checking accounts. Here's the problem. My father was in a car accident. My mother can explain this better than me, but she's asked me to do this while she's visiting him. He's not doing very well, we suspect that he won't be able to return home. My mom doesn't know what to do, and we don't know where to start looking for help about finances. Her name is not on his accounts, she doesn't know what to do about his bills. She can't afford to pay his and her bills from her account. Someone said she needed an overseer, or power of attorney. But we don't know how to go about that. The bank manager told us that she shouldn't write any checks because her name is not on the account, actually she went there thinking they could tell her how to get power of attorney or an overseer or something, but they told her they didn't know. I don't know anything about this, about how to do this. She's on a fixed income, get's less than $800.00. Any advice you can give us, on what to do, I would appreciate. Thanks.
  25. I am the mother - i have custody of our two children. we live in Michigan. he moved out of state to ohio. he is currently paying some support. however, his employer doesn't offer insurance and he refuses to go on the ACA. His wife has insurance though her employer. I know she cannot be compelled to carry insurance on the children and would have to do so willingly. My ex called today and said that his wife cannot carry them because Ohio requires child be residence of the state in order to be covered in the state and his address specially. Is this a real 'thing'? I've never heard of such a thing, but that doesn't matter much. Anyway... any information would be appreciated.