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Found 130 results

  1. 1)Is my wife responsible for my debt in a civil suite. She was not on any contracts or banking forms. 2) Will the court use both of our incomes in their decision or can I claim insolvency. I am on SS with a part time job that pays $10. per hour
  2. My question is regarding a upcoming Status Hearing in Juvenile Court. The Magistrate has stated for the other party to be prepared to answer why they have not signed the agreed order from 2 months ago. Also a contempt order for not permitting me visitation. I received another notice SAME DATE/TIME re: Our Status Hearing- Case Legal Custody- Intake /Probation It appears to be a summons. Anyone have this occur in their custody proceedings. I know that the other party has issues that have not been addressed. Thanks
  3. Ok, so my husband and I have been together for 9 years, he has been paying child support to his ex wife for the last 10 years. Within the last month we found out that the oldest isnt his. We are currently in the process of petitioning the court for DNA testing for both kids. My question is what will happen after we get the test results back and have it in writing that one or both kids arent his? Will they drop half or all the child support? What about all the money he has already paid in? Will the money hes already paid in be returned or do we just have to cut our losses?
  4. I own a home in Costa Rica and a Personal settlement lawsuit against me in Ohio regarding a construction issue from 2001. Can the Plaintiff of the lawsuit go after a property located in Costa Rica or anywhere else out of the country?
  5. Scenario: Hospital employee with access to records looks up medical information on a relative, without that relatives permission or knowledge. It is my understanding that said hospital has a zero tolerance for this type of behavior, so I assume that employee has been fired. Is there any legal action that the unknowing relative can take against this person?
  6. I made a tuna sawdwich, took a bite and immeditatly felt like a lightning bolt in my mouth. I spit it out, mostly blood. A 3/4 inch fish tooth was jammed between my tooth and gums. The picture is the largest piece, that was jammed in my gums. There was many other smaller bones/pieces, but I threw those out. Ill never eat tuna again from anxiety and fear! Is this something that is worth a lawsuit? (its foodclub tuna topco) I saw that someone had a similar thing happen, and is suing for 100k. Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. I took care of a special needs person for nearly 8 years in my home ( 2-3 weeks a month and sometimes months at a time) and was paid by Ohio DODD as an independent provider.The first year, the sister of the man I cared for expressed a concern that his funding was running out ( a yearly amount was set by medicaid waiver program) So she asked if I can do it for a lesser amount. I agreed to get us through the first year, but the following year, I tried to get the rate that all providers were getting and even the SSA case manager tried to get more funding, but couldn't unless the social security went to my home and the sister didn't agree. So the whole time, I pretty much worked for severely reduced rate and was never paid for his share of housing, food, utilities, transportation, etc etc ( so my wages were even less). The sister was his social security payee, so his check went to her. She unexpectedly passed away about 7 months ago and that is when it was discovered she had a pretty huge trust set up for him. Long story short.. I found out that this trust was to help pay for his care. Since I took a pay cut well over $10,000 a year, each year, because the sister kept quiet about this fund and didn't tell anyone there was money for his care and repeatedly gave the impression of need for her brother and how I did an excellent job and didn't want him in a nursing home, I continued on. and on top of that paid for all his living expenses as far as in my home, replacing furniture, special foods for his diet, gas, laundry, soaps. I recently spoke to the county about it and they had no idea she wasn't paying me for food/expenses so I paid for his living expenses out of the already reduced rate. I probably made $5 an hour at that point! So I was told to get an attorney, which i did and they were in touch with the trust fund attorney to discuss my back wages. Then, my person passed away last week and now as of today, 75% of the money is gone and the rest may go to a medicaid payback. I understand the payback, but it appears the sister had willed most of the money, the car, the house and all the belongings to her friend and trustee and another friend. My question is, if that is how it works and I don't have a claim because the sister took it upon herself to give it to who she wanted.. fine... but what about all those years ( 8 specifically) that he lived with me 65% of the time or more and I paid for all his portion of living expenses, even laundry soap, special foods because of his diabetes. Since the SS money went to her and nothing ever was sent for him to cover his portion and the attorney handling the trust paid the beneficiaries. It seems highly likely that some of those funds were from the SS money over the past 8 years and did not go to the persons living expenses. I don't know what was claimed every year, but it wouldn't add up. Anyway, curious if that could be recovered in any way. I know SS can't pay twice, but anything that was paid under false pretense, be recouped? The trustee got her 4% , for the first 100, 000 and 3 %, plus the car, etc.. and also was a beneficiary. He didnt see a thing while he was alive. I didnt expect to be included since I was "hired help" but feel she misrepresented her finances and also I believe, cushioned his fund with the ss money instead of it going directly for his daily needs. Any feed back would be appreciated. I used my same attorney I had used in the past and he is very good and honest, but I kinda think this trust thing is a bit tricky, so any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.
  9. i own a building in fayettville ohio and when you are late they charge 20% late fee IS THAT TO HIGH FOR MY STATE ?
  10. Have a situation going on with my inlaws and their property, and not sure of the correct way to go about it. Long story short, they are "separated" but still together, talking about divorce, but probably won't ever happen. My father in law is dealing with some health issues that we feel are making him not be logical. He wants out, and wants to sell his half of the property. We live next door, and before all of this came up, mentioned to both of them that we want to buy their property in the future, which they were fine with. Now, he is wanting us to make him an offer on his half. He is the only name on the parcel with the auditor's office, however, this was purchased after they were married, so I would think that he cannot sell without her consent. I know that my mother in law will not sell just to sell, so I'm not sure where that will lead. She may be up to him selling out his half to us, however. My main question is whether or not there is any way that my father in law can sell any part of his property, whether to us or someone else? This is kind of a sticky situation, and not really sure which way to proceed.
  11. I recently received a Court Cost Statement from the Warren County Ohio Common Pleas court for costs from a hearing in 2013. Is there a statute which dictates how long a clerk of courts has to send a bill for court costs?
  12. So, I am just looking for advice from those who have been in or through this situation in one way or another, just want some more opinions on the topic to help me understand why and what I should do if anything.... so here it goes... I went to work on 12-13-17 at 4:00 pm, I worked up until 9:24 pm, I am adding this information to start with because it was snowing since I came to work and past the time I left work. I take a mai road to and from work every single day, 224 in boardman Ohio to be exact. I was driving east bound to get home. Road conditions were very poor, so I had changed my cars settings from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive and decided since it seemed the roads have not been salted nor plowed either that I should just drive a little under the speed limit, ten miles per hour under the speed limit to be exact. I didn’t feel safe going faster, especially because I have yet rock drive this current car in the snow. I have a 2002 Nissan Xterra. Anyhow, I’m on myself way home, there is some one riding up dangerously close to my back end, I’m assuming because I was going slowing that the maximum posted speed limit. I have to make a left turn off of this busy road in order to get home, my street I turn on is less than a half a mile away from my job, literally right down the road, so when I entered the road I was first in the right lane and when sage I proceeded to change into the left lane so that I wouldn’t have to try to quickly merge lanes later on, and that’s when this particular car eventually caught up to me and got too close for confront, I decided to get into the turning lane slightly earlier than I usually do because snow and this car that’s up my ass... turn signal was on, of course, but because of all of the snow I took my foot off of the gas as I merged into the turning to help me slow down without applying breaks just yet. Now I’m in the turning lane just fine, I put a little bit of pressure on my breaks and my back end begins to very slightly fish tail so I immediately take my foot off of the break and just sternly grip my steering wheel in place. This helped my vehicle to stop fish tailing, so again I tried applying light pressure to my breaks to slow down some more. My point was to make this turn as slow as possibly because I was consistently losing traction on this road and didn’t feel safe trying to make a quick turn. I had the green arrow allowing me to turn, it was a green arrow and green light for all cars going east bound. As I applied pressure to my breaks again, my car would not stop, it just felt like my car was ice skating honestly. So I tried applying a little more pressure, praying that my tires would catch some sort of traction, they never did. But my car was going slow enough to where it just slid me out into the middle of the intersection and slightly twisted me. When my car was fully stopped, i noticed that the lights had changed, east and west bound cars now had the green to go and the green arrow was done but my car was slid out into the intersection and I knew if I did not try to move I was going to get hit by oncoming traffic. So I apply pressure to my gas to try and move out of the way of oncoming traffic, I couldn’t continue on the road I was on because there were cars coming up behind me too closely to safely merge back on to the road rather than turning where I needed to, I wasn’t trying to get rear ended or hit at all for that matter. Being that I was already twisted slightly, I was facing the road I needed to turn on as well, so my safest way out seemed to go the direction my car was facing, but because of the snow/ice, I couldn’t simply flour my car, obviously, so I apply gas enough to get it to start budging for me, it begins moving but there’s a car coming towards me and he’s not slowing down at all until he’s under 100 feet from the intersection, so when he presses on his breaks, his car has no traction either and I can see him sliding towards me, I continue to try and move out of the way of him but there wasn’t enough time between both of our cars to get out of the way so my rear passenger side and his rear driver side make contact, and we slide slightly forward and the cars come to a stop. We’re blocking traffic so we both try and just move out of the way of everyone before getting out of our cars. The only damage done was a few dents and scratches. I received a citation for loss of control of vehicle, and I have no idea if he was cited this as well or not. The cop that came to the scene did his job, asked all the questions he had to, got our information etc. I’m not mad that I got the ticket, I understand why he gave it to me, I assume he has to give me something since a wreck occurred anyhow... but it makes me wonder if this other person involved would have got one too and if it’s worth trying to fight in court. The cop kept telling me to go to court, everyone else is telling me to go and try and fight it. I’ve never been in a wreck before, never even pulled over. This entire experience is brand new to me and I have no idea what to expect. I’m sorry this is so long but my head is clear and I wanted to make this as clear as I possibly could for the best possible responses in return. Should I bother trying to fight this in court like everyone is telling me? Is there a way to know if the other person received a citation as well? Does only one person get a citation?... why would the roads be left so unnattened on a main road in the first place? I have so many questions I don’t know where to begin. I just feel lost and am really hating my self and this experience for happening, but I am still relieved to know no one was hurt, air bags never deployed, and our cars only received dents and scratches, regardless of what happens. The time it took the cop to get everything he needed, there were AT LEAST ten other crashes reported on his radio around the same road/area...... that’s crazy to me....
  13. Okay, I am in a bit of a pickle regarding a false-diagnosis which has a major potential to mess up my future career. A month after turning 18 (2 years ago), I was kicked out of my parents house after years of metal-abuse from my father. Afterwards, being a dumb and naive child, I turned to the internet to find answers of what was going on in my life and why. Again, being incredibly naive, I thought there was something wrong and stumbled upon bipolar disorder and thought that somehow fit my situation (I will admit that I had no idea the severity of the disorder and symptoms). After arriving at college last year I went to see a psychiatrist, who after chatting with me for 20-30 mins, diagnosed me with it and sent me on my way with medication. Not once did she make sure I understood what the disorder was or how the symptoms prevent themselves. She took the judgement of an 18-19 yr old with an internet connection over proper tests and examinations. The medication messed with my system so much that it negatively affected my freshman year of college. I had to switch doctors because of insurance issues within a few months of initially seeing her, which is why I was thankfully able to come off of them before the current semester. After having time to settle into adulthood, mature, and recall it clearly, I now know that what I was feeling at 18-19 was normal for the situation I was in. But I now have a huge issue I need to fix. I am now majoring in Criminal Justice and have hopes of either going into law enforcement or practicing law. This issue can severely effect my chances of becoming an LEO. I am asking for advice on how to go about fixing this problem. I just want my records fixed, but have no idea what my options are or who to even contact in the first place. I apologize if this is confusing, I will try to clarify as best as possible if necessary.
  14. Last night I listed my car on Craiglist for sale. That night a man came to look at it and agreed to buy. The credit union I had a loan through never sent the original title when I paid off the car so I planned on going to the BMV to get a duplicate title on Monday. The man gave me $200 as down payment and asked that I take the listing down, which I did. The man wrote up a receipt with the car details stating that he paid $200 toward the total cost of $1800 and he still owes $1600. We both signed. Today, my father's car broke down and I would like to give the car to my father rather than selling it. I brought this up with the man that paid the down payment. I offered to give back the down payment with an additional $20 for the inconvenience. He refused and stated that the paper we signed was a contract. Can I back out of the sale? Is a receipt a contact? The paper I signed looked like this: 2004 Toyota Carolla Automatic/4 cylinder/FWD Mileage: 145,329 Sale price: $1800 Down payment: $200 Remaining balance: $1600 My signature His signature
  15. So i have an 81 chevy pickup, it's built for mudding and mud racing and is historically plated, but Ive been working on it and debating using it again. I was curious if the vehicle is possible to be used still with the historical plates for going mudding with a group of friends like we used to or to say take my daughter to her graduation. And if these historical plates cannot be used can it easily be reverted to normal plates
  16. my boyfriends father took his car keys and refuses to give them back because he believes that he is a dangerous drive. the car title and registation is in my boyfriends name. his father is telling my boyfriend and I to call the cops if we truly want the keys back. can they search his house and his room with house owners approval of search without warrent? as well as search property of a guest who doesnt live there, just staying the night? i need help now please!
  17. I was stopped for license plate light was not working was asked if he could search vehicle when asked what was reason for search cop said cause I want to I asked 2 more times is there a problem or reason why was given same response stayed silent at first then the whole PD K9s and all pulled up is that a significant reason to search car stemming from a light being out and reason being cause I want too don't seem legal to me
  18. I am a junior (16) and just recently moved to Ohio from New York in the summer. I was wondering and had the idea of going back to New York to finish my senior year with my friends in New York next year, however I doubt one of my parents would move back with me so I can attend my old high school in New York. I got the idea of living with one of my friends family so I can attend my senior year in New York, but as I did research I realized that my parent's mother must become my legal guardian. If anyone can help answer my questions it would be greatly appreciated: 1) Can my friends parent become a legal guardian INCLUDING my parents? 2) How long will this process usually take? 3) Financially, will my parents still be able to support me because they are not deceased (PS: I do have a credit card under my father's name I can use but I also have a job that allows me to make my own money)? 4) Since my parents live in Ohio and if this crazy plan allows me to live in New York for my senior year (2018-2019), will I still get in state tuition from the state of Ohio?
  19. My wife worked for a company for ten years. No issues, until she acquired Gastrointestinal paresis. She started getting very sick. Had Dr notes, excuses that led into time off work. All legally verified. That led into Family Protection Act. Along the way, she became harassed and zeroed out on things that weren't her fault. Mistakes made by others, including high up management, trying to blame her. She was fired one day. She went to a lawyer, was told they'd accept her case and also be able to get her workman's compensation , along with personal suffering, back pay. The law firm dropped the case, shortly after with no explanation. Its been since 2011. Is it too late to file again for a suite or workman's comp? Thank you.
  20. My mother was married to my Stepdad for a few years. They had one child together, my brother. My stepdad left, shortly after they divorced. He was ordered to pay child support and ran from state to state, trying to avoid paying. By the time my brother hit 18 yrs old, he owed my mother near $20,000. But the court, lowered the total, after 18, then by 21 years old, very little was owed her. My brother is 30 now. His dad passed away, a year ago. Is there any way my mom can still receive, back support owed? From his widowed wife or the State? Thanks for your help.
  21. I'm a Tennant in a mobile home park. I own my home, am behind on one month lot rent as of a couple days from now. We lived here for 6 yrs. This is the only time I don't have any of the rent in hand. We don't cause any problems in the home/ park or break rules. Can we be given an eviction notice for being behind on this months lot rent? I'll be making payments this month, to catch up on the rent. I'm also disabled. Thank you so much for your help.
  22. Worst internet connection ever and they advertise the speed to be the highest when mine read at the lowest a tech has ever seen and I'm in an area that gets great connection. They also told me $69.99 was the lowest internet price they had when I was seeing $29.99 for all 3 and they wouldn't compensate me for the time lost nor not charge me for the worst connection and modems that went out within a week! Are there any others that have this issue in Ohio? They sent me to collections after I told them I was no longer going both them and turned in their equipment I am disputing this bogus charge any help would be great!
  23. I am getting ready to go to court over visitation of my son with the father. its a pretty bad situation and I am wondering if the father were to get arrested would my son come to me? The father is the primary guardian because of school I decided to let the father have primary custody. We co parent him but recent events have proven him to be unfit. But like I said.. What happens if the father gets arrested for assault?
  24. My x wife and I have shared parenting of our two daughter's. They have lived with me for 12 years. My daughter's mother let our 15 1/2 year old go over to the boyfriend parents house behind my back. His parents left them alone and they had sex. His parents were also told to see this information from me. What can I do here. To protect my daughter from her mother and thus boy. Thank you
  25. My x wife and I have shared parenting of our two daughter's. They have lived with me for 12 years. My daughter's mother let our 15 1/2 year old go over to the boyfriend parents house behind my back. His parents left them alone and they had sex. His parents were also told to see this information from me. What can I do here. To protect my daughter from her mother and thus boy. Thank you