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Found 191 results

  1. I Applied for a newly constructed building through a realtor in july 2017.I knew that it would take time to be done.Once it was near done the realtor contacted me and said come see it.I viewed the apt and said id take it only becsuse my voucher was do to be expiring if i didnt find anything.We went back to his office and he had me do his application (realtor) then did a background check which i understood is none refundable.Then once i was approved he asked for his broker fee so i did in money order.then I met someone from management and i was asked to give the security and one month of rent ,which i did in Postal Money Order since i was told all inspections past and would get my keys soon.So by now this is 3 mons past and i keep being told this inspection story .The realtor keeps telling me in 2 weeks everytime we speak.So after 7 mons and many extentions for my voucher.I tell him ,i want out because i havent moved in and im pressed for time on this voucher.He tells me at 1st sure because the moneys in Escrow (spell check) so ill discuss it with the lanlord.So instead when i went to see him inperson now he says the landlord will part with SOME of the money but that hell give me the brokers fee but will keep the credit check.I reminded him we never signed a lease agreement because theyve kept telling " itll be done soon". He acknowledged hes the one that told me this and will talk to the landlord again give back my money but to bemindful he may keep a few dollars. .. 1.) If we didnt do a lease or a packet for management AT ALL YET , can the landlord keep some money since im backing out? 2.) A relative whos a realtor suggested if i dnt get all money back since we didnt do a lease to call the police and get a report,is there another route to take?
  2. My father just passed away. I am the executer. My father had dementia. He was 91 years old. I noted my father transferred a large amount of money to his lady in a CD POD three months prior to his death. His lady friend is on section 8. I find this transaction suspicious and would like to challenge. Any suggestions. Thank You.
  3. My husband and I have been cyberstalked for the last 2 years of our 3-year marriage. We recently learned it's his ex-wife (they divorced over 13 years ago) who has been terrorizing us. Their youngest child is 18 yo and away in another state at college. They have an NY court order that requires him to pay until 21 yo. Everyone in their family (with exception of now college student out of state) has lived in FL for the past 14 years. FL law is 18 years old, however, my husband understands that the order in NY is in effect until 21 and must be paid. My husband would like to change the court order to be paid directly to his son and eliminate all contact with the ex-wife. Can this be accomplished?
  4. NY Real Property Law states that a tenant in a rental building has the right to request, in writing, a written receipt from the landlord/owner when paying the monthly rent with a personal check. I have requested such a receipt, in writing, for each of my last three monthly payments and have not received any receipts. I've quoted the law that gives me this right in my letters. I need these receipts to protect myself. The landlord just took me to court for not paying January's rent (he notified me of this in late September. I provided documentation to him of check payments showing I did not owe back rent but he took me to court anyway.) When I showed up for my court date in October with all of my documentation, his lawyer told me the case was dismissed because he said I was paid up through the month of October - surprise! surprise! When I asked his lawyer why the landlord had taken me to court (the landlord didn't show up, of course), he said he didn't know why and that was an issue between me and the landlord. Is there any way to get the landlord to comply with my request for receipts without having to obtain a lawyer? I'm obviously dealing with a nasty landlord.
  5. I need help, A contractor put a lien on my house and now is suing me for money. He was hired to do a renovation job in one of my apartments. He charged me $17,000 and I paid him $6000. He wanted more money and I told him once the job is complete I will give him the balance. He did not complete the job listed in the contract nor he did not obtain a permit to do the work. The work he did required a permit by NYC Department of Buildings, which I had no idea. Now I am being fined for work being done on my property without a permit and the wall he put up was illegal. I have to fines against me from New York City Department of Buildings and he is now suing me. He did not comply with the procedures according to New York City Dept of Consumer Affairs. Please help as these New York Contractors Attorney's are difficult to deal. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Melissa
  6. Doing a short sale I have over 10,000.00 in credit cards am unemployed some of these cards was received after I loss my job when is the best time to file chapter 7 and would the trustee look at these charges as intentional knowing I was not working and accumulated the bills.and also an I include utility bills in my chapter.
  7. I am a single mom in the state of NY. I have 2 children and am not married to their father. Unfortunately, I own a home with my children's father in which I am the primary owner and he the co-owner of the house. We separated December 2016 due to the verbal abuse day in and day out for at least 2 years. In September 2016 he continuously threw me out of the house knowing I had no where to go with my kids. I finally found an apartment. I took the first thing I could grab so that I would not have to expose my children to the torment and the abuse on a daily bases. When I left he refused to provide child support. I finally got some support established through the court where they mandated him to pay after 9 months. My problem now is because it was such a long time that he did not provide support, my bills piled up it got so bad It was getting hard to even provide food for my children. Forcing me to move once again this time to my mothers home where I currently live in a room with my two children. Since that it has been extremely hard to find an apartment, I have asked him if I could move back to the house in a different apartment In the house and he refuses. I told him I would pay rent and he tells me I have to pay what he says if not contact a lawyer. but I cannot afford it. Can he keep me out he's changed the locks, when I moved out the only thing I was able to take were my clothes and my childrens clothes but he stated to never come back. Do I have any rights in this situation?
  8. Hi, I just started a new job and my workplace has become very hostile very quickly, I am currently seeking a new job, however, I've been unemployed for nearly three years prior to finding this job. I was hired as an administrative assistant/ bookkeeper assistant. I was thrown into a position with no procedures outlined and no direction. I had to pretty much figure it out on my own. My comptroller is semi retired and the owner lives out of state. The first day I started the comptroller came in to the office for three hours showed me briefly what she wanted me to do in Peach Tree and told me if I had any questions she was going to refer me to my notes ( she never told me when she called me into her office to bring a pad and pen to take notes she just asked me to come here for a minute). She went over the accounts payables and gave me a quick lesson and that was the last time I saw her for nearly three weeks (thankfully I'm a quick study and I was able to go back to my desk and retrace everything I had just learned and make very good notes). However, I wasn't so lucky with other areas in the office. As a of couple days gone on I realized what a slop shop the office really is. One day it took over an hour to find a job file because the filing system is so screwed up that when I went to look for this particular file it was filed with the persons name first and last name second and I wound up having to go through the whole filing cabinet before I found it. As I looked through the filing cabinets I realized that all the file were filed this way, it is ridiculous. I contacted the comptroller and asked her if it would be OK to reorganize the filing cabinets and she was thrilled I took initiative to want to make changes. This is when the problems started, the office manager started throwing up road blocks at my every move, the comptroller told me if anyone had a problem with me making the changes to direct them to her and she would calm the waters. Well when the office manager started telling me the filing wasn't important and I should be doing something else I told her that the comptroller gave me the go ahead to reorganize the filing cabinets. She walked in her office and came out a couple of minutes later telling me that the comptroller said that I should be doing bid clerks (basically a cold lead letter for potential business). I laughed at her and told her no she didn't and I sent her a copy of the email that my comptroller had just sent to me about how she was hoping she was gonna get someone in to take charge of the office because since she left the office full time things were going down hill. Needless to say my office manager was furious with me because I just called her out. Since then she's been finding problems with everything I do. She's trying to control my bathroom breaks (I have IBS and I have no control over Shen I have to go but when urge hits I need to go immediately), I have a 30 minute drive to work and I'm always on time but when I get to work most days I have to use the bathroom as soon as I come in. She called me in her office on Friday and told me I can't use the bathroom when I come I must start working immediately and she is also telling me I have to remain in my seat. She is well aware of the fact that I have an injury to my cervical and lumbar spine which I underwent surgery for. I can sit or stand for extended period of times I need to get up and stretch and walk around frequently. She is threatening now to write me up and file a complaint to the owner of the company and the comptroller indicating that she is going to try and have me fired if I continue my frequent bathroom breaks and continue to step away from desk. The crazy thing is she supposedly has similar issues with her back as a result of a car accident and she's constantly getting up and stepping out of the office and complaining that she can't walk long distances and she can't sit to long because of her pain. It's causing an extremely hostile work environment and it's causing me a tremendous amount of anxiety. I will also add that nothing I do interferes with my work performance, I come and I due my job, I don't bother anyone and yet I've been called in her office three dimes for disciplinary purposes. This last time she called me in on Friday I asked her what did I do this time and she responded "nothing today", so why I am I hear? She was accusing me of being angry and she told me I making the office uncomfortable to work in. I came in Friday and I was in an extreme amount of pain, I took my pain medication and nothing was helping. I sat at my desk and I didn't say anything to anyone most of the day. How was I being angry when all I was being was quiet? She's accusing me of puffing my chest out, what does that even mean? I was taking my fists and rolling them over my back and squeezing my neck because I was in agony. When I was stretching out my back I would imagine maybe my chest was sticking out, I would think that that would be a natural motion. I can't afford to quit my job before I find a new one to take it's place, I'm not sure what to do.
  9. I have a tenant who changed the locks..I rented an illegal basement in NYS...NEVER AGAIN...I'm paying the consequences...can they do that without giving me a key. I am evicting the tenant.
  10. I work as a retail supervisor at a Museum on 79th street by Central Park. I was fired today because on of the employees that I supervise was missing $130 from their register at work. It is not known if this person stole the money or made miscalculations on their register and lost it or if the money is even missing at all. This employee was not fired but my immediate supervisor was also fired along with me. My register till was not missing any money. Is there any recourse for me when it appears I was terminated due to the actions of a subordinate employee? Is this a wrongful termination or can I be held responsible for this because I am the offending employee's boss?
  11. I was approached to exchange video and pictures (digitally) for a sum of money via text message with an ex co worker. He said he would pay me two days later (Friday the 6th) via bank transfer. We covered basic requirements for content, length of video, etc. I provided some samples and asked if we still had a deal, and he confirmed that we did. I provided the rest of the media exactly as requested. He was pleased with the results. On the day I was to be paid, he claimed a bank error and said that it should be resolved in another three days (Tuesday the 10th) I contacted him politely on that day, as well as the next day (today) and have since, been completely ignored. I have the entire exchange via text as well as the media provided. Also, I am in New York and he is in Pennsylvania. If he continues to ignore me, do I have a right to sue?
  12. My wife and I are thinking about filing personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy but I had a question. We have a partnership business with a tow truck. The tow truck broke down last month and the inexperienced mechanic hasn't been able to properly repair the truck and won't release it to us. We are in the process of filing a complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles because we found out that the mechanic is Unlicensed. In the meantime the business has suffered and we are unable to pay our debts. My question is if we file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can we surrender the tow truck and be protected from any Judgements? The financing for the tow truck was in a business name but we signed for it personally. To top it all off, both me and my wife are having health issues. I am currently on Disability and my wife has filed for Disability. The business has not been that profitable. The Ordinary Income for 2016 from the business taxes was only $22,000 and my Disability income was only around $17,000 for the year. Please let me know if all debts would be discharged if we filed Chapter 7. Thank you for any help.
  13. I am a full time employee that lives in NY but works for a company in New Hampshire. I might also preface this by saying I'm a good employee that always shows up on time, etc. After my recent jury duty, I have not received regular work from my employer. He gave me a week's worth of work immediately after but now it's been a month and the only thing I've been paid for is the few hours of accrued paid time off that I had and a mandatory company meeting. I'm not scheduled for any jobs in the future. My boss says it's because he is no longer pursuing work in my state. He hasn't fired me and I won't quit for fear of not being able to collect unemployment. This standoff also makes it impossible to withdraw any funds from my 401k because I don't qualify for a hardship yet and the terms don't allow me to withdraw any money out until I am no longer an employee with the company. My questions are: Do I need to retain a lawyer because all of this happened right after jury duty? Do I need to retain a lawyer to get money from the month's worth of lost wages I've already gone through? Should I just apply for unemployment and hope they don't fight it? There is also a question as to whether he should have been paying me more for prevailing wage jobs I've done in Connecticut. This is complicated, but I thank you for reading and helping me out with this situation.
  14. My daughter is renting with option to buy a home with a yard. She was given use of a large garage and a large yard and basement which as stated in the lease. She has been there several months and had zero use of the garage it is full of owner's property and former tenants and locked. There is a large pile of tires at end of driveway and the laugh and junk spread throughout the yard which was promised to be cleaned up she has been forced to keep her belongings stored in the basement which now has black mold in it. She does not want to move but doesn't know what her rights are as far as withholding any of the rent or getting the landlord to complete the task she had promised to in the beginning. My daughter has offered to have the tires Etc removed and to deduct it from the rent and the landlord continues to refuse to let her clean it up. When cold it's a Hazard for her children to play in the yard the landlord responded there's plenty of yard have them play in a different area. What are my daughter's right aside from moving
  15. Me and my eldest brother were abandoned when I was still in my mothers womb and my brother was years of age. My Father left us and went to America without any support. Now that I am 37 years old and would like to seek for an advice on how am I going after my dads liabilities
  16. My business has a pending lawsuit in New York Supreme Court against one of our former business partners for violating his noncompete clause. I got a lawyer in New York who was willing to take the case on contingency, but now he's telling me I need $15,000 for depositions and costs. It looks like there are companies online that can pay for these things, but has anyone ever used them? Are they reliable? Here's the litigation finance company I was looking at called came up as an ad on Google. Does anybody know if they're reliable?
  17. Hi I have my LLC who sign contract with american company. They want my expertise and some artists enroll by my LLC. But some of those artists are European. Consequently they can't do self-employment. And I don't want add an artist as a member of the LLC each time I have a project I created this kind of company to be sure I could work with artists from overseas, and this is the added value of my LLC. Right now, a cosmetic company in new york ask me to endorse an European artist. I have to sign papers, receive the salary on my professional bank account, make a deal with the artist to avoid tax or double tax after on this amount... And most of artists in the world are not self-employed. ... I m looking for the best contractual solution
  18. my 15 year old child was arrested and has to appear for probation hearing. i have joint legal custody with mother having primary physical custody. what are my responsibilities as far as decisions and notifications about and involving the events. am i financially responsible, or does that fall on the mother, and do i have a say in the outcome of all of this
  19. How can I take my uncle (he has no other living relative, I am his next of kin, surrogate decision maker and Power of Attorney) out of a nursing home, WHERE I PLACED HIM, to transfer him to another nursing home? I know about the PRI. They don't refuse to do it, but they lie through their teeth on the PRI, and put illnesses he doesn't have (I know from experience) to keep him AND THE INCOME HE BRINGS IN, WHICH AMOUNTS TO CLOSE TO $15,000 A MONTH. He's being mistreated, over-medicated, neglected, malnourished. I am being mistreated, abused, ignored! They screamed and yielded at me and hang up the phone on me. Because they know they have all the power! An attorney told me once that those places are controlled by the mafia, and they buy everybody off: the ombudsmen, the investigators from the NYS Dept. of Health, Adult Protective Services and EVEN the police! Or at lest, some cops. I tried to take him out of one place once, and the Director of Social Work called the cops and one of them pushed me out of the building and yielded at me: "and don't come back, because you will be ARRESTED"! I have many other horror stories of nursing homes, but I think this will give an idea. This time I tried to get an attorney, but none of them want this case. They only want dead bodies or serious injuries to be able to sue for millions or hundreds of thousands, but I ONLY WANT MY UNCLE. PERIOD. Does anybody know what I can do? Please?
  20. Before I ask my question and describe the situation, I want to tell you the history. I was living in NY and was never married to my daughter's father. I was granted sole custody and allowed to move to NH; this was in 2006. I also had support court ordered and garnished because I knew that he would never willingly pay. He attempted to terminate his rights while we were in court, and I was OK with it. The magistrate ruled against him stating he MUST support her. This angered him, so he tried to get shared custody. After lots of going back and forth, the end ruling was what I wrote above (the NH move and the garnishment) Between her birth and the time she was 3 1/2, he visited her 10, MAYBE 12 times. He never really showed interest. He got back together with his ex-wife once he found out I was pregnant. After his visit in Feb 2009, he was supposed to come again to visit, but canceled that morning. When he was there in Feb, he hugged her and said "I won't see you for a long time" Well, he wasn't kidding! He stopped calling and she only received a Christmas present when she was 1. I had severe back issues and the cold was bothering me, as was the snow. My Dr and I discussed reality and he told me that with my condition, I will need a warm climate. so I moved. I am guilty of not knowing the laws, so I called the NY child support hotline and asked and they just updated my address. I didn't know I had to go to court. This was in 2011, 2 years after he stopped calling and visiting. We are currently living in Arizona. OK, fast forward to April of this year. He stopped making child support payments; this was after almost 11 years on non-stop payments. I called the payroll dept where he worked and was told he went on workers comp. I reported this to child support and nothing happened. FF to July; because of the time frame, the state decided to file a petition on my behalf (they even signed it, not me) He apparently got very mad because he cross filed two weeks after, completely ignoring the violation of court order (he didn't even write it in on the forms he filed) asking to have the arrears removed and the support lowered. I am trying to get representation, but am disabled on SSDI and can't get legal aid in AZ. There was a temporary order put in place reducing the support more than half. I inquired about my petition and the magistrate rudely said "Not my county, so it's not my problem" It is on its way up to his county now. The original was thrown out because support didn't have his current address. He also filed for modified custody order, stating I moved without his knowledge. Well MAYBE if he showed interest in our child, he would have known and something could have been worked out. He has not seen her since Feb 2009, HIS choice, not mine. He always had my parents' address (he even listed it as my address on his court forms) as did the courts and the state and all he had to do was CALL. While we were in our relationship, I felt like he wasn't committing to me, so many excuses; so I was dating others. This drove him WILD and he used to call me at all hours of the night checking up on me and telling me I needed to go home. I was HIS and HIS alone. I was also a volunteer FF and while I was dating him, he didn't even want me hanging out down there. We had mandatory Sunday clean-up, but lots skipped, and he convinced me to skip to. It was like he wanted me all to himself, but he wouldn't commit to me. I later found out in court that HE NEVER GOT DIVORCED! I was 13 years younger than him, and clearly naive. Whenever things didn't go as HE WANTED, he would threaten to take my daughter away from him (I say MY because he was never present in her life and never helped with anything above the garnishment. I recently found out that this is considered domestic violence. He has connections to illegal organizations, so I live in fear that now he knows where we live, something bad could happen. I am also worried that he has paid the court off or somehow has them in his back pocket; they are mean and dismissive to me and made it sound like I will not get a continuance for me to find a lawyer, which I will likely need to get money for through a fundraising. I asked for 6 weeks because I have to travel to CA for a week to get medical treatment in mid Sept. Can they make a ruling with allowing or appointing me legal representation? My intention now is to register everything here in AZ since we have been here several years. A lawyer told me that the judge could refuse and keep jurisdiction? First appearance is this week and I was given about 2 week notice and 1 week for the support. Can anyone please offer me advice? Worst case scenario too; I already had a friend paint that picture for me and I am scared to death! My parish is setting us up with counseling for all of this. Thank you!
  21. Hi, My neighbor on LI NY has this massive tree that overhang nearly 2/3's of my backyard. This tree branches have now started sweeping off the shingles off the top of my garage. The squirrels have now started eating through the roof and destroying my personal belongings in there. Those nasty little things have eaten through my christmas display cords, and all of my decorations. When I tell you there's all types of expensive outside and inside decorations in there. The roots are now starting to uplift my fence and the backside of my garage. I thought my neighbors would do the right thing and remove the branches, but I see that they just had the branches trimmed/removed off their property. I now have to seek assistance in getting my garage fixed, not to mention purchasing hundreds of dollars of christmas/ holiday and event planning items thats in there. What formal documents can I send them, since little notes are not helping? Please, please, please advise what my next steps should be? I'm even trying not to be harsh and make them reimburse me for all the damage their tree is causing me. I just want this massive thing from hanging over my property reeking havoc. it's such a nuisance to have to go through this and my neighbor clearly see the damage in which it's causing.
  22. Complained to hr, managers, supervisors and Dept of Civil Service about an Equal Pay Act situation. The next 6 months I dealt with constant harrasment by my direct supervisor and her manager. They had constant supervision over every aspect of my work and treated me different than a woman with the same title I had. I was given tasks to complete I didn't do even in my first week of training and tasks no one has ever been assigned. From the treatment it appears they were looking for me to quit. The same woman was given a choice to work temporarily on the shift I was forced to work. That particular shift was a better shift than I was originally hired at. There was another woman who was the same title that was put on that shift after directly after training. That was what was suppose to occur with me. After months of not doing anything wrong and after constant oversight I began to realize what was happening. I began getting baseless, fabricated and completely false write ups. I progressed the way the agency policy states I have to but they continued to say I was still not "where" I should be.I have over 40 recordings of the supervisors harassing me, being inconsistent, and giving me unachievable goals There was another employee who is a male/ white that this supervisor treated the same way. . I have another witness who saw how I was treated by the supervisor. Additionally, civil service is a different animal but I may have something to talk about with what occurred with them. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  23. I'll lay out a chronology of events, it is probably easier to do so in a bullet list: House was originally bought in New York City in 1960 for a modest amount by my grandfather My grandfather died in the 1980s without a will so my grandmother inherited the house My grandmother signed over the house to my mother in the early 2000s to protect her estate from nursing home look back period and establish primary residency The house was assessed for taxes under the STAR program, and my mother continued using this benefit My grandmother had a will to split the house among her three children equally My grandmother entered a nursing home in 2011 at which point my mother was awarded durable power of attorney My mother died in 2013, who was the legal owner of the house My uncle and father lived in the house after my mother's death My father moved out in 2016 to get his own apartment My grandmother died in 2016 Per county records, the house still belongs to my mother to this day The STAR benefit was just revoked in 2017 My uncle continues to live in said house (has been alone in it for over a year) and is filing in probate court to claim sole inheritance of the property Questions I have, also in bullet list format: Was there a step up in basis in the 1980s to my grandmother and again to my mother in the 2000s? Or does it go back to the 1950s? What kind of case does my uncle have? Would it be a quick decision for a judge to rule in favor of my father and I? Will the state attempt to levy the difference in taxes between STAR and normal assessments between the 2000s and 2017, given my grandmother was not the property owner? Even if the ruling is in my favor, my uncle has squatters rights (established in 30 days per my understanding of NYC property law), in which case I would have to evict him before selling, correct? I have the deed in my possession (which names my mother and grandmother with a transfer of ownership), are there any other documents I would need? What is a rough budgetary estimate for going through probate and eviction courts? I never thought I would find myself in this situation. Guess you can't trust anybody. At this point I'm trying to determine if it's worth the stress to pursue this and if I would even be able to cover my legal expenses when it's all said and done. Any and all advice would be much appreciated.
  24. I did not pay cosmetics at Walmart, they discovered me, I had to pay and they let me go, they now sent an email to my old job and they contacted me at my new job. what should I do? I'm going to have problems In walmart they said they would not accuse me, but now I do not understand why this? What should i do i need help
  25. my husband's father died 6 1/2 years ago and as the eldest son of native American descent has the right by tribal bylaws to have this land and home that is on it. The Chief, a cousin is blocking us from obtaining this land and has the Land Trustees in his pocket to vote against us or abstain from voting to not obtain a favorable vote.