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Found 78 results

  1. my husband co signed for a 4 wheeler for our son,my husband is also co owner of said 4 wheeler his name is on title with our sons and our son isn't maken the payments we have been maken the payments so it don't hurt our credit, our son moved and we havwe no idea where bike is and he wont give it to us. the loan for bike was 10,189,00 and it was bought on 09/02/2017 , so we cant file small claims case ,so what can we do to sue him for passion of bike and the payment he missed
  2. I'm trying to handle a diminished value claim without hiring an attorney. New Prime, Inc (self-insured trucking company) hit my vehicle (my vehicle being insured by Progressive). My insurance company handled the claim and repairs, and then recovered what they paid from New Prime. After acquiring a JD Power Vehicle Valuation of my vehicles pre-accident value ($13,093.50), the repair estimation reports (~$9,300), and a written offer from a dealer to buy the car back (only $6500), I made a claim for $6,593.50. After 6 minutes, I received a response for only $1200. I stood firm and asked them to reconsider. Their response has me concerned and confused. See below... "I have reviewed your claim and based on the value of your vehicle that you are submitting and the repairs your vehicle should have been a total loss. Your insurance company shouldn’t have repaired it they should have totaled it and there would have been no diminishment of value claim on a total loss. I can extend an offer of $3000.00 to you for the diminishment of value but nothing more than that. We have paid a total of $10,727.64 for the repairs and your rental car. If you add the amount of diminishment of value that you are wanting $6593.50 that would make the total amount of the claim $17,321.14 and your vehicle is only worth $13,093.50." Is saying my car should have been totaled and only offering the total amount the at-fault party has paid for repairs minus the pre-accident value a legitimate way to establish diminished value claims? Should my insurance company have totaled my vehicle, or is this person full of crap? If they should have, who should I go after for recovery? Does this person have a leg to stand on against my case? Thanks for your consideration and recommendations!
  4. Are there any limits to deed restrictions for a house or condo? Typically deed restrictions are for protection of use of the land. My question. Our declarations have a restrictions that states, if an owner is going to rent for less than 30 days, it must be rented thru a 3rd party company that is not associated with the condos. That company happens to be owned by the developer of the condos. There are nothing about terms, conditions, etc, so you just have to accept whatever they charge if you do short term rentals. Besides things that are illegal, are there any limitations to what is a valid deed restriction?
  5. I have a somewhat unique situation and wanted clarification. My daughter and I currently reside in Missouri and this is where litigation has started. Her father lives in California. I'm wanting to move with my daughter to Washington state, but her father thinks it will mean all our court stuff will be changed and end up taking longer. Our move will actually bring us closer to her father. Our court date is set for September and we're first on the list to be seen. It's my understanding that even if I were to move today Missouri would still be my daughter's state of residence, since it's where she has resided for the last six months. Is that correct? I've tried to explain to the father that nothing will change with the court process. We aren't going to have to start over. Maybe if he hears it from an actual attorney or someone who knows more about this he will listen. Thanks for any and all help!
  6. Went through a modification my ex wife was not happy. Now my kids are not talking to me. My son will be 20 this year and I think in college but I have not seen classes or grades. On top of this he had a baby and was ordered to paid child support to the mother. Should I still be paying child support? My daughter has been changing her last name of school events like track and marching band. Can her name be changed without my permission?
  7. Hello. I divorced my husband in 2011 and gave sole custody of our three children as we lived too far apart to make any kind of scheduled visitation work. He disappeared, and lost contact after the divorce was finalized. Contact prior to that was sketchy at best, and never gave me a working address or phone number to keep contact with the kids. In December of 2013, he apparently landed in some trouble and the kids were taken into foster care. I was not notified until August of 2016, which was my teenage daughter through facebook. I have been reading that through foster care laws for the state of Missouri where they are located that due diligence must be made in contacting relatives. The only contact I received was sent from an unofficial Facebook page for the Jasper County DFS a year after they'd been in foster care, and it was sent to a filtered folder that does not notify you of incoming messages. I was living in the same city and state during this entire process and my married name was kept on my Facebook page, with the children's names and birthdates listed as public. None of my family was contacted at all. In a separate matter, I pursued to get them placed with me and while I have things on my background that prevented me from placement, they gave access to a detailed background to the children on both my husband and I. I need to know if this is legal. Also, if I had been contacted properly when they were taken into foster care, the charges that denied me from getting my children back would have never occurred. So I guess I have two questions, do I have a case regarding their lack of effort in informing me my children were in foster care, and should they have been allowed access to a detailed background check that I provided to the agency for the sole purpose of placement?
  8. When I was divorced in 2005 we had been separated since 2000. Property was already settled. My ex-husband continued to live on my property and I paid the property taxes. He got terminally ill and moved in with me in another town so I became the caretaker. In the meantime his son and family started calling him wanting to move into my house since my ex-husband was not living in it. They did not talk to me, only him. I know I should have prevented this but he was dying and I did not give permission but I also did not prevent it. As soon as they moved in they killed his dogs, cut timber off the property and sold anything that was left. I am not legally responsible for his bills but I bought his pain medicine and part of his funeral bills without any help from his son. They have trashed the place. The wife has since been conficted of attempted burglary on a house and possession of meth. She received a 3 year suspended sentence. I cannot get my step-son to talk to me. I have 3 offers to buy the place from neighbors just so they can get them moved out. The sheriff's department had me go to the circuit court and file a paper that they served. Now it says I have to go to trial. I don't understand why. It is in my name only and I want them to move. Do I need a lawyer? s
  9. I was at a concert in Maryland heights MO this last August and had been drinking I went to the restroom and got to hot and was splashing water on my face when someone came behind me and asked if I was ok I said I was hot and need my husband I handed her my phone and told her my husbands cell number and she told me no answer I told her to txt him no response as I sit in the restroom with wet paper towel on my face she went and got the EMTs and they laid me on the floor and held me down I went off and I said I am refusing services and they ignored me I tried to get away from them but 3 EMTs against me no luck they then gave me a shot and I was out...apparently they handcuffed me to a stretcher and put me in ambulance and took me to a hospital now I am left with hospital bills ..they even done a mri of my head seriously now my bill is 12,000 ...they must have asked my name and address and whatever else while I was sedated..(found out it was Haldol they gave me shot of) I had no bracelet on and signed no release papers when I woke up they gave me disposable scrubs and told me I could leave and I called a cab..i just received a letter from collections requesting for me to pay my bill...WHAT DO I DO ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED
  10. A dear friends daughter was in car accident, she was taken to local Missouri trauma hospital. She was admitted and is on Life Support. The Doctors have said that she has only a very small brain wave on left side of her brain and the rest of her brain is dead and will never live without around the clock care. As a family they decided to remove the Life Support and informed the doctors. One doctor which was the admitting doctor has said she is young and beautiful and refuses to remove the life support. Originally he said lets remove the sedation and after 55 hours would then go ahead and remove support then after the 55 hours he has now decided we needed to wait another 20 days or so. They have turned the ventilator down and she breaths for a short time with no trouble but less than an hour begins to struggle. There has been absolutely no improvement since the 1st day she was admitted. She did not have an Advanced Directive but has always said she would never want to live unable to take care of herself. Nurses even the Neurologist have told the parents if she would live she would be in a vegetative state the remainder of her life. So my question is does 1 doctor have a legal right to refuse to remove support? The family is having a very hard time and then have to deal with a doctor that will not even listen to them and now refuses to even meet with them.
  11. Hey, I was recently offered a job at a Town and Country location for full-time. I received a call on wed Feb 1st 2017 saying that i was demoted to part-time because HR didn't have the Hours. Friday Feb 3rd 2017 received a message saying that HR wouldn't grant the store more hours to hire more employees so i was denied the job. that was the only reason he used.I was suppose to start that following Monday Feb 6th. when I went in for my interview and the manager gave me the job so i accepted it and told him i needed two weeks to give my current job notice. So i quit my other job and was about to start this job when i got the bad news.. i relocated and had no job.. and the manager was aware of this. Is there anything i can do? i feel like i really got the crappy side of things. Thanks so much for any leads.
  12. Good morning, My ex and I are still in dissolution proceedings and it has been a year since the peitition was filed. We have 3 kids, the oldest in particular just graduated from high school May 2016 and he attended his first semester of college during the summer session May through July 2016. My ex is stating that because he is over 18 that he no longer has to support our oldest son but, my attorney, has assured me that as long as he is a full time student, he is not independent. My ex has not supported the oldest since October 2015 when he came back to live with me and his two younger siblings. He lived with his father from June to October 2015 and before that he lived with us both. We split in March 2015. My son would like to sit out the fall semester and resume classes in the winter 2016. My question: Can the oldest son still be considered dependent if he decided to work a part time job for the fall while still living at home and resumed classes in the Winter? My ex is fighting to not have him included in the child support obligations and currently doesn't pay any support for him (we have no final order as of yet because we are still in the middle of trial) and barely pays support for the other two ( he is in arrears $2600), he refuses to pay the oldest medical bills and tuition/books/fees for college, etc. He is also threatening to remove him from his medical insurance he has with his employer.
  13. In the state of Missouri, is it legal for an employer to offer compensation packages to employees which are materially different for a union member as opposed to a non-union-member? In any case, if union-members are given a contractually obligated wage increase, is an employer obligated to give the same increase to non-union-member employees?
  14. I was arrested by an officer who had been in trouble for harassing me after our affair ended.. Shouldn't this be grounds for dismissal?
  15. I was arrested in January of this year, I was not asked for permission to search my purse but my boyfriend gave permission for the car. My arresting officer was asked to resign years before after I turned him in for harassment when our relationship ended. This was never taken to court and I never pressed charges, but isn't this a conflict of interest?
  16. I bought 4 brand new appliances for my home and my tenant hasn't paid rent in 5months and stole all of them and sold them. she also stole $30.000 from me in 5 months. Now she is claiming that she is disabled and has no where to go and will not leave,,, What should I do?
  17. I am a mom of three kids. Almost three years ago my three kids and I flew from Missouri to my homestate of Washington for a funeral and never went back to their dad in Missouri. I have worked my butt off so my kids could have a better life here than we did in Missouri. Their dad, since our departure, has lost the house we had, spent time in jail for stealing class c felony in one county and drug charge in another. He hasn't had a job in at least 10 years. After he was released from jail he has been put on probation and restricted from leaving the state. This last summer we agreed on the kids going to Missouri to visit him for the summer. If he would fund the trip then I would grant permission. Our original agreement of one of his sisters driving the kids there and staying for the length of the visit and driving them back, fell through four days before the kids were scheduled to leave. His other sister came to his rescue and bought the kids plane tickets. She provided an itinery to show who was taking them to the airport, what documents were needed for the trip, times of flights, the whole 9 yards. The flight down went as planned in the itinery. Two weeks before the kids were to return home my oldest child, 12, calls me and tells me that she is going to stay with her dad and her brother, 8, is staying too and I can't make them come home. The middle child, 11, wanted to come home and not stay. I told my daughter that I would call her back because I needed to think about what she just said. For that conversation and every conversation is on speaker phone for their dad to hear. I had to sit and think about how I felt about them staying and also look at things from their point of view. Their dad said he had nothing to do with the decision, they came up with it all on their own, and it would only be for the school year. I am the custodial parent. He was named persons NOT ALLOWED to pick up kids from school without contacting me first. Somehow he was able to get their school records transfered, obtain social security cards, and enroll them without any school, doctors, counselors anyone calling me or informing me of any transfers being made. When I talked to him verbally and through email to let him know how i felt and how I thought this matter should be handled, my wishes were ignored. I felt if our 12yr old wanted to stay then I would give my permission, our 11yr old wanted to come home, and our 8yr old, I didn't feel was ready to make that kind of decision. At his age he is easily persuaded and just wants to make his parents happy, and isn't mature enough to be able to decide where he lives. I suggested that he come home with his sister and at the end of the school year if he still wants to live with his dad I would give my permission for him to stay for that next school year. I put my plan for visitation and my request of how this living arrangement should work into a nine page email that he never read or responded to. Two days before they scheduled return home flight, his sister sends me a message asking how many kids she is picking up from the airport. I never told her that they weren't all returning home, or that I was okay with any decisions of any of them staying. It was clearly stated in the itinerary that all 3 were returning home. I believe she had something to do with the kids staying or knew what was being planned. So now is where I have the biggest moral ind maternal dillema. I haven't done anything to protest the 2 staying. He can't pay his bills and can't afford foodfor them. They dont have water because of an unpaid bill, their electricity is getting shut off for non payment. My daughter was complaining of an issue she was having that I believe is a yeast infection. I told her what to buy and that she needed to see a doctor to make sure. She is only bathing once a week and has only 4 pair of underwear so she doesn't change them every day. Their dad claims that their insurance won't work in that state. I called and their insurance, I have for them, is active and there shouldn't be any problems being seen especially for her problem. She first informed me of her problem October 24, 2016 and as of 11/7/2016 still hadn't been seen by a doctor and the infection is still there. Their dad quit his job because concerned members of the church across the street stopped by and expressed their concerns of the kids being left home alone from 4:30pm-6:30am five days a week while he went to work. I had a huge problem with them being left alone. I didn't feel right leaving them home alone when they were all under my roof, even if i was never more than 5 min away. I have been worried and stressed on what I should do. He can't afford to keep the kids, cant pay the bills and may loose his house. He is on probation and if he missed a payment he goes back to jail for remainder of hes 10yr sentance. They are living with no water, barely any food, about to loose electricity and the roof over their head. They don't need to live like that. I have plenty of food, my bills are paid, they have health insurance, all their needs are met. I don't know what to file, with what dept to file, or with what state to file in.
  18. My cousin is selling a lake house in southwest MO. The potential buyer put down 500.00 earnest money. They found that there were repairs to the house that needed to be made upon inspection, and my cousin agreed to make the repairs, the repairs have been made and the property reinspected, the repairs amount to almost 10,000.00 . She also gave them a home warranty and a 3000.00 carpet allowance. The buyer wants to walk away. I am curious if the agreement is binding or can they be sued for cost of the repairs on the property?
  19. I was wondering can I sue the state or DCFS for mishandling my case plus pain and suffering. So what happen was that I was ordered by state to take parenting classes an domestic abuse classes after my ex an I broke up (unmarried). Once I talked to my case worker she gave me all the information. long story short i lost that paper an called my case worker to get info again. i called an left multiple messages but no return calls. After 5 years of leaving messages an getting no return calls an also i might add missing alot my kids life, birthdays, holidays, an first days of school. i googled my case worker hoping to get a cell number instead i get her new job number. so i call an she says she quit her job as a case worker around the time my case was dropped. it was dropped because i didnt take the classes. i tell her that i called her multiple times to regain info for classes she said her cases were switched over to a chris an she gives me the number and again no return calls. I call the supervisor an leave a unhappy message about the situation. She tells me theres nothing she can do about it. ive missed alot of my kids lives because of their mistake,i wrote the judge and called everyone there is to call to complain to. i filled out a complaint form an turning it in soon. ive started smoking cigarettes because of the stress this has caused an currently seeking therapy for my insomnia an depression. does anyone have a clue on what i should do>
  20. Legally have joint physical and financial responsibility of our 17 year old boys,.....but ....Bec my ex refuses to pay for anything I (mom) have had to step up and work a 60 hour a week job to make ends meet. I pay for everything and give my ex receipts but sometimes I may get some money but usually I get nothing or he decides he just doesn't feel like paying for anything, so I am stuck stepping up. My ex was awarded disability and I believe he is receiving several years of back pay. He told me the Social Security Admin is awarding the children a dependent portion of his disability and he is writing me a check 1x a month and he doesnt care what I spend it on....oh, and by the way I'm supposed to claim it on my taxes....Wait!...What!!!??......Aren't I supposed to get some paperwork on this????? He refuses to give me any legal paperwork..!!!....This is all about the kids here.....I don't want a darn dime for me....I want to make sure OUR children get what they are entitled to!! Dead beat dad won't pay for a dentist appointment or new shoes. Shouldn't there be something I can do to make sure he doing his part legally and the children are receiving what they are supposed to...I've been wanting to file for legal child support for years, but just didn't want to drag the kids thru anything painful....Any advice is appreciated..
  21. My parents had been married for 55 years when my father had a devastating stroke which left him paralyzed. My mother, then 77 years old could not care for him and moved into an apartment in my brother's home. Dad was able to come back home a year after his stroke. Except for Dad's IRA's, Mom took all marital assets with her. Now Mom has died and we know that she had several hundreds of thousands of dollars of their joint money. Here's the questions: wouldn't that money belong to my father? What if she named beneficiaries other than my father when she moved the money to different accounts? HOW can we find the money?
  22. I was hired as a manager at a country club. I am the son of members at the club. The COO/GM that hired me has retired. The new COO/GM has let me know that he is completely against the hire practice of member (son of members) on the management team. My question is: If he terminates my employment, would that be a type of discrimination? There is nothing in the policy manual on the subject.
  23. My son just moved into a rental property 10 days ago, on 9/26/16 the kitchen sink clogged and over flowed. When he finally got in touch with the complex manager they sent a plumber to unclog the sink. Well on Tuesday when he arrived home from work the kitchen was flooded again. The complex manager then advised him to speak with someone else, which he did. When he arrived home from work on Wednesday there were men in his apartment with digging in the floors with jack hammers. He was not notified that anyone would be given access to his apartment nor that there would be grave size holes in his kitchen and living room floors. He is the single parent of a 14 year daughter that sometimes has to return home from school alone. Also, he works a second job which he has to report to at 11:00pm. The workers wanted to work in his apartment all night. He made them leave. The holes go all the way through the ground to the pipes underground, now he is afraid that rodents will enter his apartment. My questions: since he has only been in this apartment for 10 days, is this cause for him to break his lease and should the complex owners be held responsible for replacing his dishes that were damaged, feeding him and his daughter since the use of the kitchen was taken away, and should they be required to either move him to another apartment or putting him up in a hotel or motel until the work is complete? The workmen informed him that they don't know how long this will take since the problem is underground.
  24. Hi, I've worked for a large bank for 8-1/2 years as a computer programmer. I am contemplating applying for a more advanced position with more pay, but I know they might discover criminal convictions I received 13 months ago, and then fire me. 20 Months ago I was in a car accident and had a severe head injury. I don't remember the accident, but was arrested half mile away from the scene. I don't know how I got there but assume I drove away from the accident. After being released from jail, I went straight to the hospital and had a CT scan and diagnosed with a concussion and neck trauma. I barely remember the arrest, but I was charged with leaving the scene of an accident (damages $6000 - felony, and no one injured, insurance paid), and as a bonus I was charged with 3rd degree misdemeanor assault on an officer because as they had me on the ground handcuffing me they said I swung my head back at the officers face. They said I smelled of alcohol but I don't drink, and they never charged me with a DUI or DWI. Instead, they said I refused a breath test, (and medical treatment), so I lost my license for a year. My lawyer fought that, but we lost. Now I have the arrest records, the court public record of a felony, but on probation, a misdemeanor 3rd degree assault conviction, and court record that I lost the case against the state of Missouri for appealing the alcohol refusal license suspension. I ended up doing a plea agreement, and plead guilty to the charges, and got probation on the felony with SES, and I had a lot of conditions, which I have already complied with, but I will be on probation another 18 months. My performance at work has always been reliable, and my boss and his boss are aware of the situation and what happened from my perspective. I have worked the 7 years before the charges and a year since the conviction with no other legal issues or performance problems. Would I be likely to loose my job if HR ran a criminal check on me for applying for the promotion? I am white, would Title VII protect me at all from being fired for my criminal background? My job does not require driving. In fact, I work from home and rarely see anyone for work. I don't know how HR would view the nature of the charges, and if they would have cause to fire me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. My question is this: A vehicle belonging to my son gets titled in another persons name & his name and done so because he has no valid license to register it and other person does. Both people at the time know the arrangement is done for this purpose only. Fast forward to present day- My son goes to jail and gives me power of attorney to sell vehicle. I sell vehicle to person who name is on the title. I agree to have her make payments and we sign a contract and she takes the vehicle but not the title until it's paid off. PROBLEM- She doesn't make 1st or 2nd payment - won't give car back says its hers because her name is on title- True or False. Is my recourse to press charges for theft of property ?? file in court or just go get the law and bring them with me to repossess ??