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Found 88 results

  1. i received a letter saying i owe 5600 from 2003 it is more that 10yrs now. To my understanding that after 6 years they cannot collect or file liens or garnishments. anybody know different please let me know.
  2. G0od Morning and thanks for reviewing this post. I hope this is the right forum for my question. We have a non profit organization in the greater Kansas City area that was organized to help and support the citizens from an specific country. For the past few 5 years or so, the organization has been inactive and beginning 01/2017 it was dissolved administratively for failure to file a registration report by the State. The young adults in our community are looking at reinstating the nonprofit/community organization and see this dissolution as an opportunity to make some changes. We have had difficulties getting cooperation from the current board members, the organization does not have any leadership in place and we do not have a copy of their constitution. According to the IRS, their 501c3 status was revoke and we are not sure if it has been reinstated either. My question is, if we do submit a reinstatement form and register with the state - can we use this opportunity to change the board members, registered agent and registered address of the non profit without the consent or approval of the current board member?
  3. Hello, I need help in mo. With a Promissory note question? From an attorney. I seen that the Statute is 3 yrs . On a promissory note to be sued from. Well it's been 6yrs now and I'm just now being sued. Long story short it's a legal promissory note filed with court. I was gonna file bankruptcy on back then . But the attorney I spoke with back then told me not to file because I'm on disability. Well its 6yrs later now. And I'm married and have things now and even a small part time job.Is the limitations out on this claim?thanks
  4. My son is not being protected by his guardian the public administrator of Washington County, Mo. In April of 2015 my mother passed away and left my children something in a trust for them. In May of 2015 I was called back from evangelising in Hot Springs Arkansas to find out that my son's inheritance was stolen from his bank account. Not the bank account that the public administrator had control of. But a completely separate account, at the same bank. I immediately notified the guardian and nothing was done. Then to compound things, I found out that the executor of the trust issued a check directly to my son. Which under RSMO 475.130 the guardian should have been issued the check. My ex-wife and my daughter worked together to hide the money and then stole it. What makes matters worse is that my ex-wife is an admitted pedophile in a confession taken by the FBI back in 2006 while investigating a multiple pedophile that we had turned in and helped to bring back from Afghanistan. Because my son could not remember anything they didn't prosecute. I have paid an attorney to get my son out from under the gaurdian and then was talked into more money because I believed that he should be his own guardian. When I showed up with my son for the first meeting I was told I was no longer the client. What is the best possible course of action when I can't even get anyone to investigate that I was threatened to drop a criminal charge against someone for stealing my car. The Sheriff stated directly to me that it is not against the law to pay someone to drop a criminal charge. But it is RSMO 575.270 witness tampering. I need help please. I fear for my life and no one will help me. I have documentation of everything including civil rights violations.
  5. I have worked 5 yrs. for a large home improvement retail. When I started I told them I was type 1 diabetic. I am a merchandiser & climb ladders a lot and I am the only one on my team of 10 to drive handling equipment. I do anything to get the job done correctly. Most of my team don't climb ladders to get down stock and just scan into bay then leaves for 20-30 min.. I had a low morning & called in to be late. Went to work & they said I looked bad. I told them I would be OK, but could not drive that day. I even asked not to use ladder for a little while but could in a little while to get down boxes. Since the 10 of us share ladder that is a normal thing. The sup called paramedics & made them take me to hospital. My sugar had went up, but they still requested I go to hospital. Next week they gave me form for my Dr. to fill out. He said if sugar off give me 15-30 min. & then I can do normal duties. I have not taken an afternoon break for 4.5 years for this very reason ( usually no problems for 4 or 5 months & then I'm back in 10 minutes - problems usually caused when working with 40-50 lb. material). The company said dr. restricted me off ladders & took me off the merchandising team. The letter was dated March 20 & they let me go the end of May. Those 2 months I climbed ladders several times a day & drove forklift, reach truck and order picker (sup asked me to get down stock 3 days before I was removed from team) They said the only job I could do was be a cashier or quit. They then took me off work and said I had to apply for job & then get interviewed. No guarantee I will get the job. They did this 1 week before my 3 week vacation dropped. It has been 9 days since I've worked and they say they haven't made up their minds. As a cashier I will lose 4 paid holidays, my hours will be all over the place and may not get 2 days in a row off. Some cashiers have even worked 8 or 9 days before they got time off. I have worked warehouses for 40 years and am better handling material than dealing with people.
  6. My ex husband and I signed guardianship papers of our son over to my mother 13 years ago, And it was included in our divorce papers. Since then he's been arrested several times, charged and convicted of felony drug possession, misdemeanor child endangerment, and various other drug related problems. He initiated a termination of guardianship hearing, and since then has failed the drug test the GAL insisted on, bailed on my son for numerous things, and is a jerk (not legally relevant, I just don't like him). Our son is 13 and by the time this actually gets to court, will be 14, having lived with my mother since he was 6 months old. I'm wondering if there is something I can do to halt this. I live in another state due to my husband being an active duty military member, but I am moving back to Missouri to handle this, as my son is already traumatized by this (night terrors, emotional breakdowns, etc). It's gone as far as my ex telling my son that my mother has "one foot in the grave"(not true.) And my ex's mother verbally threatening my son because he doesn't want to live with my ex. Since he filed he does text my son probably once a week, but until he filed in August 2016, he would go months without speaking to or seeing my son. I'm currently seeking advice from a family law attorney in Missouri, I just wanted to know if there is more I should be doing besides waiting.
  7. My Gf and i split up and she has not stayed at the apartment for 2 months but only signed an addendum stating that she is no longer a tenant as of 18 days ago. We have a lot of items that were purchased when we were together and co-own and have a lot of items that were gifted to us. She says she wants all the items but they were gifts to us as a couple so how would that be split up? The gifted items include washer/dryer, dinning room table, TV, and dresser. All these items were gifted by her parents while my parents spent a significant amount of money to take her on family vacations and paying for plane tickets. Since it is a battle of physically gifted items over monetary gifts, i'm not sure what rights i have in this situation and what i'm entitled to. I should also add i am willing to give her back all of her personal property but i am not going to just let her take everything that was gifted to us.
  8. QDRO filed and accepted by plan administrator. However, I have yet to receive anything. I have received voicemail and text saying it will be on this date then this date. Question is how long can the Fund hold my half? I need to roll it over into the Annuity I set up. This is so frustrating. It has been 8 months
  9. Question: Can a Missouri, municipal police officer that is parked on private property outside his jurisdiction, witnesses a possible traffic violatio just inside his jurisdiction make a traffic stop outside his jurisdiction and issue a municipal summons to the driver. The officers only powers of arrest are those granted to him by the municipality where he is employed.
  10. My ex husband and I have owned a 4 plex one BR apartment built in the 1960's that has required a lot of work to renovate and keep up with repairs. We replaced all the vinyl tile with carpet in LR and BR. We have owned since 2001 and have excluded all pets due to the cost of having to replace carpets, except a cat with a deposit. Now I have had two people applying for one of my apartments who state they have small service dogs. One says the dog is for her "depression" and mentioned no licensing for this animal, the other stated her daughter had a mental illness and does have paperwork for this small dog and that "there is a law that says you can't discriminate against her because of that." I am not discriminating against the mental illness as we have rented to tenants with similar disabilities and also have a son with schizophrenia, it is the dog I don't want in the apartment. We operate on a shoestring budget, the complex is next to a busy highway, and there is very little grassy area to accommodate what could be 4 apartments (if they all got paperwork) to have dogs. We are HUD approved, we have kept up all repairs and try to keep affordable clean housing for people. I have pets, but it has been my experience that very few renters keep their space clean and I would anticipate having to get new carpeting frequently or change back to vinyl. Your thoughts?
  11. my husband co signed for a 4 wheeler for our son,my husband is also co owner of said 4 wheeler his name is on title with our sons and our son isn't maken the payments we have been maken the payments so it don't hurt our credit, our son moved and we havwe no idea where bike is and he wont give it to us. the loan for bike was 10,189,00 and it was bought on 09/02/2017 , so we cant file small claims case ,so what can we do to sue him for passion of bike and the payment he missed
  12. I'm trying to handle a diminished value claim without hiring an attorney. New Prime, Inc (self-insured trucking company) hit my vehicle (my vehicle being insured by Progressive). My insurance company handled the claim and repairs, and then recovered what they paid from New Prime. After acquiring a JD Power Vehicle Valuation of my vehicles pre-accident value ($13,093.50), the repair estimation reports (~$9,300), and a written offer from a dealer to buy the car back (only $6500), I made a claim for $6,593.50. After 6 minutes, I received a response for only $1200. I stood firm and asked them to reconsider. Their response has me concerned and confused. See below... "I have reviewed your claim and based on the value of your vehicle that you are submitting and the repairs your vehicle should have been a total loss. Your insurance company shouldn’t have repaired it they should have totaled it and there would have been no diminishment of value claim on a total loss. I can extend an offer of $3000.00 to you for the diminishment of value but nothing more than that. We have paid a total of $10,727.64 for the repairs and your rental car. If you add the amount of diminishment of value that you are wanting $6593.50 that would make the total amount of the claim $17,321.14 and your vehicle is only worth $13,093.50." Is saying my car should have been totaled and only offering the total amount the at-fault party has paid for repairs minus the pre-accident value a legitimate way to establish diminished value claims? Should my insurance company have totaled my vehicle, or is this person full of crap? If they should have, who should I go after for recovery? Does this person have a leg to stand on against my case? Thanks for your consideration and recommendations!
  14. Are there any limits to deed restrictions for a house or condo? Typically deed restrictions are for protection of use of the land. My question. Our declarations have a restrictions that states, if an owner is going to rent for less than 30 days, it must be rented thru a 3rd party company that is not associated with the condos. That company happens to be owned by the developer of the condos. There are nothing about terms, conditions, etc, so you just have to accept whatever they charge if you do short term rentals. Besides things that are illegal, are there any limitations to what is a valid deed restriction?
  15. I have a somewhat unique situation and wanted clarification. My daughter and I currently reside in Missouri and this is where litigation has started. Her father lives in California. I'm wanting to move with my daughter to Washington state, but her father thinks it will mean all our court stuff will be changed and end up taking longer. Our move will actually bring us closer to her father. Our court date is set for September and we're first on the list to be seen. It's my understanding that even if I were to move today Missouri would still be my daughter's state of residence, since it's where she has resided for the last six months. Is that correct? I've tried to explain to the father that nothing will change with the court process. We aren't going to have to start over. Maybe if he hears it from an actual attorney or someone who knows more about this he will listen. Thanks for any and all help!
  16. Went through a modification my ex wife was not happy. Now my kids are not talking to me. My son will be 20 this year and I think in college but I have not seen classes or grades. On top of this he had a baby and was ordered to paid child support to the mother. Should I still be paying child support? My daughter has been changing her last name of school events like track and marching band. Can her name be changed without my permission?
  17. Hello. I divorced my husband in 2011 and gave sole custody of our three children as we lived too far apart to make any kind of scheduled visitation work. He disappeared, and lost contact after the divorce was finalized. Contact prior to that was sketchy at best, and never gave me a working address or phone number to keep contact with the kids. In December of 2013, he apparently landed in some trouble and the kids were taken into foster care. I was not notified until August of 2016, which was my teenage daughter through facebook. I have been reading that through foster care laws for the state of Missouri where they are located that due diligence must be made in contacting relatives. The only contact I received was sent from an unofficial Facebook page for the Jasper County DFS a year after they'd been in foster care, and it was sent to a filtered folder that does not notify you of incoming messages. I was living in the same city and state during this entire process and my married name was kept on my Facebook page, with the children's names and birthdates listed as public. None of my family was contacted at all. In a separate matter, I pursued to get them placed with me and while I have things on my background that prevented me from placement, they gave access to a detailed background to the children on both my husband and I. I need to know if this is legal. Also, if I had been contacted properly when they were taken into foster care, the charges that denied me from getting my children back would have never occurred. So I guess I have two questions, do I have a case regarding their lack of effort in informing me my children were in foster care, and should they have been allowed access to a detailed background check that I provided to the agency for the sole purpose of placement?
  18. When I was divorced in 2005 we had been separated since 2000. Property was already settled. My ex-husband continued to live on my property and I paid the property taxes. He got terminally ill and moved in with me in another town so I became the caretaker. In the meantime his son and family started calling him wanting to move into my house since my ex-husband was not living in it. They did not talk to me, only him. I know I should have prevented this but he was dying and I did not give permission but I also did not prevent it. As soon as they moved in they killed his dogs, cut timber off the property and sold anything that was left. I am not legally responsible for his bills but I bought his pain medicine and part of his funeral bills without any help from his son. They have trashed the place. The wife has since been conficted of attempted burglary on a house and possession of meth. She received a 3 year suspended sentence. I cannot get my step-son to talk to me. I have 3 offers to buy the place from neighbors just so they can get them moved out. The sheriff's department had me go to the circuit court and file a paper that they served. Now it says I have to go to trial. I don't understand why. It is in my name only and I want them to move. Do I need a lawyer? s
  19. I was at a concert in Maryland heights MO this last August and had been drinking I went to the restroom and got to hot and was splashing water on my face when someone came behind me and asked if I was ok I said I was hot and need my husband I handed her my phone and told her my husbands cell number and she told me no answer I told her to txt him no response as I sit in the restroom with wet paper towel on my face she went and got the EMTs and they laid me on the floor and held me down I went off and I said I am refusing services and they ignored me I tried to get away from them but 3 EMTs against me no luck they then gave me a shot and I was out...apparently they handcuffed me to a stretcher and put me in ambulance and took me to a hospital now I am left with hospital bills ..they even done a mri of my head seriously now my bill is 12,000 ...they must have asked my name and address and whatever else while I was sedated..(found out it was Haldol they gave me shot of) I had no bracelet on and signed no release papers when I woke up they gave me disposable scrubs and told me I could leave and I called a cab..i just received a letter from collections requesting for me to pay my bill...WHAT DO I DO ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED
  20. A dear friends daughter was in car accident, she was taken to local Missouri trauma hospital. She was admitted and is on Life Support. The Doctors have said that she has only a very small brain wave on left side of her brain and the rest of her brain is dead and will never live without around the clock care. As a family they decided to remove the Life Support and informed the doctors. One doctor which was the admitting doctor has said she is young and beautiful and refuses to remove the life support. Originally he said lets remove the sedation and after 55 hours would then go ahead and remove support then after the 55 hours he has now decided we needed to wait another 20 days or so. They have turned the ventilator down and she breaths for a short time with no trouble but less than an hour begins to struggle. There has been absolutely no improvement since the 1st day she was admitted. She did not have an Advanced Directive but has always said she would never want to live unable to take care of herself. Nurses even the Neurologist have told the parents if she would live she would be in a vegetative state the remainder of her life. So my question is does 1 doctor have a legal right to refuse to remove support? The family is having a very hard time and then have to deal with a doctor that will not even listen to them and now refuses to even meet with them.
  21. Hey, I was recently offered a job at a Town and Country location for full-time. I received a call on wed Feb 1st 2017 saying that i was demoted to part-time because HR didn't have the Hours. Friday Feb 3rd 2017 received a message saying that HR wouldn't grant the store more hours to hire more employees so i was denied the job. that was the only reason he used.I was suppose to start that following Monday Feb 6th. when I went in for my interview and the manager gave me the job so i accepted it and told him i needed two weeks to give my current job notice. So i quit my other job and was about to start this job when i got the bad news.. i relocated and had no job.. and the manager was aware of this. Is there anything i can do? i feel like i really got the crappy side of things. Thanks so much for any leads.
  22. Good morning, My ex and I are still in dissolution proceedings and it has been a year since the peitition was filed. We have 3 kids, the oldest in particular just graduated from high school May 2016 and he attended his first semester of college during the summer session May through July 2016. My ex is stating that because he is over 18 that he no longer has to support our oldest son but, my attorney, has assured me that as long as he is a full time student, he is not independent. My ex has not supported the oldest since October 2015 when he came back to live with me and his two younger siblings. He lived with his father from June to October 2015 and before that he lived with us both. We split in March 2015. My son would like to sit out the fall semester and resume classes in the winter 2016. My question: Can the oldest son still be considered dependent if he decided to work a part time job for the fall while still living at home and resumed classes in the Winter? My ex is fighting to not have him included in the child support obligations and currently doesn't pay any support for him (we have no final order as of yet because we are still in the middle of trial) and barely pays support for the other two ( he is in arrears $2600), he refuses to pay the oldest medical bills and tuition/books/fees for college, etc. He is also threatening to remove him from his medical insurance he has with his employer.
  23. In the state of Missouri, is it legal for an employer to offer compensation packages to employees which are materially different for a union member as opposed to a non-union-member? In any case, if union-members are given a contractually obligated wage increase, is an employer obligated to give the same increase to non-union-member employees?
  24. I was arrested by an officer who had been in trouble for harassing me after our affair ended.. Shouldn't this be grounds for dismissal?
  25. I was arrested in January of this year, I was not asked for permission to search my purse but my boyfriend gave permission for the car. My arresting officer was asked to resign years before after I turned him in for harassment when our relationship ended. This was never taken to court and I never pressed charges, but isn't this a conflict of interest?