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Found 112 results

  1. My landlord had her brother-in-law rent out her house. My lease started October 1, 2017. I signed the lease in September. However the owner/brother in law did not sign the lease until December 2017. The leasing agreement has " As is" on the top and the landlord states now, that it means they are not responsible for repairs. I was told by the owner's brother-in-law that doesn't speak very good English that "We fix, We Fix" in response to my question, before signing the lease, as to whether they will repair plumbing, or anything major. In October I noticed the bathroom tile was buckling. I also noticed there were a few wet areas on the bathroom floor near the toilet and tub. One of the tiles started to come up. Upon looking under the tile, I notice the wood floor underneath was wet. I had no idea why this was happening. Early December the sewer and toilet overflowed and was stopped up in the basement. After I called a plumber, it was later found that the previous tenants had flushed diapers in the toilet. I have no kids. Late December I went into the basement and saw water dripping from the ceiling directly under my bathroom. I took pictures, called the landlord's brother in law/sister and let them know water was leaking and now the basement ceiling was beginning to buckle and would probably eventually fall in and it did two days later (the owner lives in Korea). They are stating that they are not responsible for these repairs since they added "As is" to the leasing agreement The water is constantly running into the basement, between the walls and outside the house which now has frozen. Are they responsible for repairs? Am I legally bound by a contract with "As is" hand written on it? What can I do? Please help.
  2. Is there a way to get an old (5 year) misdomeaner back into court after a plea bargain??????? I was mislead by the system and am a little older now and a bit more knowledgeable and want to go back and fight it because no crime was committed.
  3. Back Story... Mother and Father were married and had two children (boys). Mother and father divorced and both parents shared legal and physical custody of children. Father spanks oldest child for being disrespectful and leaves a bruise on childs buttocks. Mother sees bruise and questions father. Father ignores. 1 week later, mother takes child to police station to file charges of abuse. Mother takes own pictures of week old bruise. Police interview father and tell mother that if she wants to pursue further she needs to contact the state's child abuse and neglect department. Mother calls child abuse and neglect. Investigation starts. DCFS interviews father multiple times (including home visits). Mother also alleges drug and alcohol abuse by father. DCFS requires father to take a series of drug/alcohol tests. Father complies and passes all required tests. DCFS makes recommendation to court that custody stays the same, that there is no abuse. Judge decides otherwise and give father only supervised visits and has to complete the following prior to visiting children : 3 drug/alcohol tests, an substance abuse evaluation and a parenting class. Father is contesting the judges ruling and requesting custody and visitation stay the same. Court resumes at the end of January. Any advise or suggestions? Also, father has passed all tests, evaluations and parenting classes with flying colors.
  4. I'm a bartender in Missouri. As of a few months ago, we are no longer "allowed" to get our tip out at the end of the night. We are required to give all the money to the GM of the hotel who then takes the deposit and puts our tips into a safe until we come and get them. They claim every penny for us and there is no way of knowing if the tip out we are receiving is actually correct. Another issue is that when we work a banquet. They charge a "bartender fee" of $75 of which we do not see. It is supposed to cover our hourly wages. That is not necessarily the issue, the big thing is that no matter how big the tab that is ran at the bar, they charge an automatic 20% gratuity and then from that 20% they take 60% of it as a hotel and then the remaining 40% of the gratuity is put in a pool of tips from other banquets worked throughout the hotel that week. It ends up so that I never see a dollar of the gratuity at all. I have asked the GM, head of food and beverage, and my managers on how exactly we get paid for working these banquets because it seems that we are just free laborers. Every single one of them refers me on to the next person. I asked to get in writing on how we get paid and it is not written anywhere and was not offered to be written out. I think there is defiantly something going on behind the scenes with this place. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Can a Missouri judge order how to divide property in Mexico when the parties own property there? The parties reside in Missouri but own property in Mexico. and if he does, shouldn't the judge divide the property located in Mexico according to Mexican rules? for instance, in Mexico the division is 50/50 not matter what, which is different in the state of Missouri.
  6. Can an HOA raise the annual dues 250% or more when the covenants state: Until otherwise changed as provided herein after the Annual and Special assessments shall not exceed the following: One Hundred Eighty Dollars ($180.00) for each lot as per plat in said subdivision per year. This is in Missouri.
  7. ok, my husband is an abuser and he kept control of all our assets. We have enough assets to liquidate to pay for our legal fees. we are divorcing and I don't have money to pay for my legal fees anymore , I already spent all I had, he has all the access to the assets to pay for his legal fees. He is making this long on purpose. Is there anything I can do about that? I know sometimes legal fees are awarded at the end of the trial but I need the money now.
  8. Just wandering, was involved in a accident in March and insurance company wants to settle. This accident was not at all my fault. For pain and suffering for a cervical sprain they offered 3500.00 is this a fair amount. I have been to chiropractor, physical therapy, seen a neurological doctor.
  9. Last year, the boiler in my apartment building went out, and it took the landlord more than a month to replace it. My apartment was so cold, dropping to a low of 35 degrees, that I shivered until I ached. Several times the landlord gave notice that the problem was being fixed, but it wasn't. And even more than a month after the boiler no longer worked, the landlord gave notice that he was trying to decide whether to install new heating or replace the radiator boiler with a new one. I suffered immeasurably, and would like to know if there's any legal recourse. The landlord did supply heaters, but they were insufficient. And since that time, the building has been sold.
  10. My landlord keeps making excuses for not making roof repairs, while my apartment continues to show signs of water damage. In one room, chunks of the ceiling have literally fallen and hit me in the head, and now there's a gaping hole in the ceiling where water pours in during rainstorms. In another room, the ceiling is peeling away a little at a time, and parts of the ceiling keep falling to the floor. It's been three months or longer since this problem began, and the landlord keeps making excuses for not making repairs. One excuse was that a repairman "eye-balled" the roof, and couldn't detect where a leak might be. I also fear that with ongoing leaks from the roof into the apartment that black mold may have formed, and may be seriously impairing my health. What recourse do I have, if any?
  11. I drive a maroon Infiniti, which I drove past a Subway today towards the O'Reilly that I bought oil from within the same strip center. The Subway had an armed robbery, assumably simultaneously to my O'Reilly purchase of oil with the attendant's assistance under my hood. I was pulled over leaving and rushed from all directions by officers with their fingers on triggers. Hand cuffed without explanation.The Subway employee had reported my color and model of my car to be the get away car, I finally learn. Handcuffed, not once, but twice! They were going to release me when they saw my O'Reilly receipt and searched my car. (Not the trunk) However, since they did see my car on the video, they slapped the cuffs right back on. Tighter this time. My twin 8 year old boys were to be home from school, and I could not contact any one to care for them. I saw my Mother get shot in the head when I was young, so the barrels at my face and then handcuffs for an hour has me completely traumatized. I'm so glad my boys were safe when I got home. Not to mention one of my business affiliates watched the event. Absolute horse ****.
  12. My son ( who is 21) and his girlfriend split up shortly after their son was born. She had a protection order but dropped it after spending weekends with my son because she said she was just angry. Since then she's hot and cold. He told her he didnt want to get back together, she yanked baby boy away and stated "then you'll never see your son.". In the beginning, He got to see him one time in four months because he pretended to change his mind. Each time when she left, shed get mad about something and make same threat. Since then he's seen him Twice here at our home. Mother is always part of the package. Environment isn't hostile toward mother because, I love baby boy and daddy and refuse to be selfish no matter what my personal thoughts are. She will always be mom and it can only serve to stress child if u hate on her. A few weeks ago, mom went to jail for probation absconding. She promised if that ever happened baby boy will be brought to daddy. But when it happened, my son called jail to ask about baby and she said ,"I don't want him anywhere near my son". She has hid the child within the circle of family members and friends. Son called authorities in the town she lives and was jailed in. They said even though he is on the birth certificate, there is no custody agreement so he has no right to his son.They said they can do a well-child check but they aren't obliged to even tell him where baby boy is. He has a disability and is filing for disability but can't afford litigation and everyone has pretty much said it's a lost cause. He is feeling very hopeless..... My heart is breaking for him because my son a d I were a victim of pare tal alienation for 16 years. I went through a similar situation with my ex. Only neither of us was incarcerated. He was just bitter about our breakup. My son is 19 now. Left his dad at 18 . He and I have a great bond and relationship. He wants nothing to do with his dad because of the alienation. I hope one day they can work thru their hurt. I shared my story with my son's gf when baby was born. She said she'd never do that. Anger is powerful. Is my son powerless. He's losing hope.
  13. My Gf and i split up and she has not stayed at the apartment for 2 months but only signed an addendum stating that she is no longer a tenant as of 18 days ago. We have a lot of items that were purchased when we were together and co-own and have a lot of items that were gifted to us. She says she wants all the items but they were gifts to us as a couple so how would that be split up? The gifted items include washer/dryer, dinning room table, TV, and dresser. All these items were gifted by her parents while my parents spent a significant amount of money to take her on family vacations and paying for plane tickets. Since it is a battle of physically gifted items over monetary gifts, i'm not sure what rights i have in this situation and what i'm entitled to. I should also add i am willing to give her back all of her personal property but i am not going to just let her take everything that was gifted to us.
  14. I hav some unsavory neighbors next to a rent house I own. I pulled up their public real estate records to find out who they are. There was a notice in records that their house was to be sold by government for back taxes. What a good way to get rid of them. Buy their house. I has a title co do a letter search to find out about any liens and whether it would be worth my time. It was not, BUT the title company mailed my invoice to the people whose home they researched for me. They were very threatening to me before and now I'm scared to even go to my rental property. They have threatened to shoot me and other vulgar things. I'm very angry the title company sent this info to them. I had to take out a restraining order against them And I'm looking over my shoulder all the time now. Do I have a lawsuit against the title company. They apologized and admitted their mistake. Their lawyer called me and did the same. They sent me reimbursement for the title letter search. I'm not cashing it till I know if the can be held liable for this
  15. MENTAL HEALTH: SUFFERING FROM PAIN, TRAUMA, CAN NOT TO DAILY LIFE ACTIVITIES,NEGLECT?, ETC I want to know if you can sue your parent for giving you emotional distress? these past 2 months I've had major chronic pain from my jaw, it can occur on both sides at different times during in which the incident is occurring. my mom makes my jaw hurt so bad everyday from living in my parents house, ( I can not afford to live on my own at moment). and gives me constant everyday stress anxiety PTSD from yelling talking loud can trigger these bogus painful experiences. Saying that with my jaw, I can't eat or chew I have to drink those protein shakes. I have lost weight and I don't like it. I tell her to stop and she won't. I ask her for money for gas to I can go to my storage unit to sell something on ebay, she says no. then I burst into tears crying b/c I can't eat bc of my jaw pain and have to take my anxiety medication at least up to 3 times per day. None of these symptoms are present when I'm not living or being here. She refuses to get me an apartment. Can anyone help me with this? Can this be done and what Can I do? Thanks
  16. I have been separated from my husband for seven years. Together, we have five children, who live with other relatives. I surrendered my parental rights to keep them safe from my husband. I do not know whether or not he is still trying to get custody (I'm thinking his parental rights may have been terminated). We were married in Missouri and that is where I currently live; he lives in Illinois, as do all five of our children. I have one other child who was born after we separated and has a different father. Her father signed an affidavit acknowledging paternity; my husband signed an affidavit denying paternity. I am filing for a divorce in Missouri. I wanted to contact legal aid for assistance, but they cannot help me at this time since there has been no recent incident of abuse or domestic violence, so I am planning to represent myself. My question is, since none of our children live with either me or my husband, and I no longer have parental rights (and he most likely lost his), do I need to fill out the pages included in the petition for dissolution that pertain to child custody, support, parenting plan, etc?
  17. I live in St. Louis County, Missouri. Is it legal for a neighbor to erect a fence on the property line, with a gate that opens onto my property, without my permission?
  18. I'm curious if squatter's rights can apply to government housing. Can someone who is not on the lease but staying with someone claim squatter's rights in Missouri once the tenant is evicted if the 'squatter' agrees to pay what is owed?
  19. I am pregnant and me and my childs father split up and he wants visitation once the baby is born. I agreed to visitation if he wasn't around drugs. Since I said this he wants to take me to court for custody. I live in Missouri and he lives 3 hours away in Illinois. I was wondering if he could take the baby for overnight visitation. I was planning on breast feeding and I don't want my baby eating formula. I was also trying to find out the likely hood he would get custody. I am currently in college, working, and living in an apartment with my mother and sister. The father lives in a camper which has the utilities turned off regularly because he doesn't pay them, there are millions of roaches, he has no food, no job, and no car. He also lives on the property with his family that does hard drugs such as meth, and he has diagnosed mental issues. I do not want my baby there without me but we can not get along well enough and I do not trust him to keep the baby away from his parents. Will the courts agree for overnight visits to his house or would they grant him custody? Would the courts let his parents see the baby since they have grandparent rights? If they grant him rights do I have to bring the baby to him or would he have to find a way to come get the baby? If he doesn't bring the baby back on time can he get in trouble with the law? I am TERRIFIED to leave my baby with him and his family. I would be fine with visitation in my home. Is it possible to have supervised visitation?
  20. I am in need of an Attorney that can help me with some issues concerning my employment while overseas in conjunction with the US Military. I was working in Germany, Okinawa and other various locations in the Far East for approximately 12 years. I was hired as an Independent Contractor, but was actually worked as an employee for a Brokerage Firm Based in Texas, and later sold to another company based in North Carolina and can pass all qualifying questions pertaining the laws by the Labor Department and the IRS. I am wanting to file a case for back taxes unpaid by the company in order to qualify for disability. Can anyone advise me as to an attorney that may be able to assist me in this matter. Thank you.
  21. I work at a local grocery store here in missouri, I found a job working as a vendor that would be servicing the company that I currently work for. I was told that I cannot take the job because my director of operations, and director of marketing said they would not approve it. There is nothing in the handbook stating you cannot work for businesses that enter the store, it was also stated in front of me that they do need to enforce stricter policies on this matter! Is it legal for them to hold me back from entering the stores, and servicing them? This job is not a competitor instead I would be actually helping the store make money with the products I would be bringing in to the store!
  22. Mother has sole legal custody and is the primary residence for 3 kids aged 15,14 and 6. Father chose 2 of his vacation weeks which were separated by 1 week. We went to pick up the kids at the end of his first vacation week and the kids stated they did not want to come with us. Father told them to go but they said no. Father basically just said that he told them they had to go and the kids said no. The kids say they will come home if we go to family counseling. Family counseling was brought up by the Father in a group text between the 2 older kids and the Mother. Court order says the kids are not to be involved in adult matters. The order also states that, "due to the inability of both parties to co-parent that Mother has right to make all decisions regarding the children." Mother and Father have a history of not getting along and Father sends emails calling names, demeaning Mother, threatening legal action, restraining orders, mediators, guardians, etc. Since being with the Father, the kids have taken on a disrespectful approach when talking to them on the phone. Giving the ultimatum of coming home as long as Mother agrees to family counseling. Kids state that Father, Mother and all 3 kids need to go to counseling to help with the divorce. Divorce was final 3 years ago and the kids live with Mother 85% of the time. Father stated in an email that the kids have issues with Mother and that he does not want to be in the middle of those issues. Issues with the kids are we have certain rules, some are strict, but nothing out of the ordinary. Father's household has no rules. We turned off the older kids' cell phones due to not following our rules, one being not staying up all night playing games and talking on the phone. The other reason is because of the disrespect we are experiencing. Father also has caused issues by way of using the phones that we provide. Father keeps saying that he will file harassment charges on Mother if she keeps asking him to have kids call. He bought the kids a pay by use phone for us to call or them to call us. A lot of times they do not answer. He knows the kids' cell phones are shut off for the time being. Mother has filed a Family Access Motion and a Writ of Habeus Corpus. Kids are relentless on family counseling. Our belief is that they are being brainwashed by Father. Of course that is just an accusation, but given his history and how his girlfriend has talked to Mother, we are led to believe that they are feeding the kids info. Yes, we have heard stories, especially from the 6 year old, talking about adult matters. Some concerning the girlfriend's ex. The 6 year old also told Mother, "We don't like how we are treated over there." Response from Mother, "Well how are you treated over here?" 6 year old, "I can't really explain it." Things like this lead me to believe that she is repeating what she has heard or is being told what to say. At one point, Father and Mother verbally agreed on 50/50 visitation for 15 months but Mother decided against it due to 6 year old starting kindergarten. The kids' Father lives 35-45 minutes away and Mother thought it was not best for the 6 year old to have to travel that far just starting school. The oldest started school at 7:15 so they would have to be up at 5:30 to drive to school. 6 year old didn't start until 8:30. Mother offered overnight stays on Wednesdays, he has visitation Wednesdays 5-9, and every other Sunday on his weekend visitation. He denied saying that he would just drop the oldest off at school then bring the other 2 to our house for us to get them to school. We said no since we have jobs and he does not. He said no to Sundays because it wouldn't be any extra time with the kids since we pick up at 8 and they would have to go to bed soon thereafter if they stayed with him. He has no stated income, owes over 20K in child support arrearages, always fights on why he shouldn't have to pay 50% of out of pocket medical expenses, moved from 10 minutes away from his kids to 35 minutes away from his kids. I guess my question is, what are some scenarios that can play out or where do we stand in all of this? Anything I tried to research all involves a custodial parent not following a court order regarding custody.
  23. Ex was a deadbeat. I was awarded two judgments for past due child support. Judgments were awarded in Illinois when he lived there. I have records from the court of all payments that were made and the judgments themselves. How do I collect my money now?
  24. I went into business with this guy to open a distillery/tasting room/bar and restaurant. I've been distilling for a while, in Texas, Virginia and up until a week ago back home in Missouri. He sat me down and gave me a tired old excuse about "unsatisfactory job performance" and asked me all of these questions about what I knew that differed me from the 1600 other distillers in this business and made it sound like he already hired someone that knew way more than me and keeping me on would be a financial burden. In a nutshell he lied to me. I wrote all the procedures for this place ordered all the equipment and grains, barrels, enzymes and set the thing up so a monkey could do the job. Later I found out, his other son just recently lost his job, and that's who was hired to take my place at the distillery, a person that knows nothing about distilling. I designed countless logos for this place, he had his sons redo them, bottle labels, he had his sons redo them, pushed me completely out of the picture over time. Do I have any ground to stand on for a lawsuit?
  25. I have a 10 yr old case,missing evidence and only 1 witness with 3 stories. can someone help me find law for motion to surpress due to missing evidence and ineffective assistant council. inbox me thank you