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Found 44 results

  1. Ok to make a log story short! My Sister which is over age, my 16 year old daughter and her 15 year old friend was in a single car accident! Well I did sue the insurance company for injurys to my daughter which there is 15,000 in the bank but is now held up by the courts due to! My daughter has received threats she was going to be killed by the 15 year old which was in the wreck with my daughter, like I said long story short I have message after message my child being bullied, harassed, threatened, had to go on home bound and could t go to school anymore because of this girl! So it was oveious it was not going to stop so I went to the courts and filled harassment charges and no contact order on this little girl! Mind you this is 8 mo this after the wreck! Well the 15 year old got put in probabtion and was very upset! That same month which she found out we got the charges on her she went to this insurance company and told them that my 16 year old was driving and that my sister was not! We was threatened she would make sure she would do everything in her power to hurt us! Well that she is just doing! So now she made a recorded claim to the insurance company that my sister wasn't driving and my daughter so! So insurance company is now trying to sue me for the 15,000 back and charge me I'm assuming for fraud! The police report states me sister was driving and 911 proves it was called in that the way I reported! It's clear this is a case of someone tryig to get back at someone because we filed charged on them! If I thought someone had that kind of secret I don't think I would be filing charges in court on them! But the judge.out the hearing in what he called obeyance and I don't have A lawyer due to can't afford one but then again I don't feel like I should waste money on one because I know shes lieing and all they have is someone saying it! Someone of which I had just placed harassment charges on and someone that had 8 months or longer to report it if it had been true. So the judge put a hold on the bank acce but my daughter is now gonna be 18 in may2018 and is wanting her deserved money to buy her a car so can get back and forth to a job! My questions are have you had anything like this before and if so what happen! How long does the insurance company have to sue me? Car wreck happened 11/2016! I also would like to ask how the world can they take an underage child's word on soemthing so serious! I give the insurance company's lawyer all the messages from the girl threatening me and my child! Threatening she would make our lives a living hell! But he the lawyer claims the girl making the claim against us had nothing to gain! Tell me she didn't! She's got right what she wanted! Which was lydia to not get the money, not get a car and to punish us for get harassment charges on her! I just need some direction here! It's been 4 almost 5 months since last time I was in court and everytime I contact the lawyer for the insurance company he tells me they will be going forward with the claim , threatening me this and that is going to happen if I don't return the money back! Keeps asking for the money but not moving very fast in court cause it's been like is aid almost 5 months! I'm not giving money back to them and me not guilty! Heck I wasn't even in the car accident my underage child was! Can they come back on her when she turns 18? So many questions but for now I'll leave it at all! Thank you listening ! I need all the advice and information I can't get! Can not afford an attorney!
  2. I am a 17 year old female in foster care. My dads rights have not yet been terminated. He wants to sign for me to get married. Can he? Also, please do not think I'm only getting married to get out of foster care I have been with my boyfriend since I was 13. I also graduated when I was 16. Does the court have any say so in weither my dad can sign or not? The state is trying to convince me to recommit and I am refusing. Please help me. I need legal advise fast. Also, I love the foster home I'm in but we live in the middle of nowhere and I can't get to college because I can't drive and it's to far of a drive to the nearest cosmetology school. So, my fiancé would be taking me to school and helping me get my permit. Everyone in my family plus my foster parents support my decision. Please help me. We are all trying to get opinions.
  3. A few years back, I gave my father custody of my children. It was permanent custody. He moved to Florida a year ago. He was going to give me custody back now that I have made some life changes but got upset with me and now cut off all contact. Was he aloud to just up and move out of state without letting the courts know first? How would I go about gaining custody back of my children without having to go to Florida? Is there any way? He will not let me visit with my children no more. What can I do about this?
  4. I bought a camper from a lady on Facebook market place. She told me everything worked the air and the heat. No leaks and only a few light bulbs were out. The reason we needed a camper is because our house burned and we needed a place to stay on our land with my grandson. Well it ended up nothing works like she said and there is no furnace in it either. There was 3 water lines busted. She said she couldn't find the title and would have to send off for one. Well come to find out she and her husband bought it from someone else and never got it in their name. I paid her $2500 and she wrote me out a receipt that said I bought it and she would give me the title when it came in. I have all the messages that she wrote me, also the ad from Facebook. I don't know what to do? Should I contact a lawyer because we are now homeless because we can't live in it. Please help!!
  5. In our divorce the home we built together was to be shared stating in the divorce settlement. In 2015 I was not working so the bills was not getting paid electricity was getting shut off all the time mortgage payments was not getting paid so forth. My daughter was 15 at the time so I took her family members so she would have electric and they was helping me get back and forward to 2 jobs I had got so I could get back on my feet. My daughter goes home and he has changed the locks on the doors and moved his girlfriend in. I have been told there is nothing I can do about the situation. I was told yesterday he could buy me out, or we could agree and sale it but we both have to agree to that. The other option is to go plant my self on the couch and then he will do something then. What would some of you people do?
  6. Ok I'm not a lawyer , my daughter who made parole in june 2017, had previously completed sap program , they now have her on waiting list for another 6months sap program 2-4 hrs away.The men's program is recognized in Kenton county jail as a completed sap program, the women's is not in the Kenton county jail so they put them on waiting list which who knows how long it will be to do another 6 months in a jail programis for sap same program I'm guessing , she was sentenced 5yrs third burlary, although she didn't do the stealing she was guilty she drove car had to know of crime ,she co- operated with detectives while waiting for sentencing ,her co conspirator didn't who has a long record of stealing , she is guilty ,wrong not taking up for her for the crime she is as guilty , she took a plea deal to get her sentencing done .Had to wait for him to plea months after her deal because the judge said he may need her to testify .Drugs were the issue heroin this is her third time relapsing , she was charged with 3rd degree burglary Just to give some information about her , after all of that my question is it discrimination because they recognize the men's program and set that up in 2015 but not the women although they do same program in there for sap program men do
  7. My grandmother passed away, and after the funeral service the family members gathered around to what for the POA to mention when and where the reading will take place? It never happened. I am also aware of what the will read before my grandpa passed away and question as if the POA made changes and even excluded me from what was left to me. So I guess what the question Im needing answered is....Where do I begin in the process of finding out what happened to what was left for family???? Please this matter is urgent. I appreciate the help ahead of time. Thank you.
  8. Was Wondering If Anyone Knew Of How To Find Out What That Statute Of Limitations For Prosecution Are On The Following Charges(Some Of Them Might Not Be Listed With Their Correct Legal Term-So Bare With Me. Lol!): 1: D.U.I W/Special Circumstance(Hit & Run-Resulting In Death Of A Child) 2: Vehicular Manslaughter 3: Negligent Homicide 4: Depraved Indifference(Again, This Is Relating To What I Mentioned Above In #1) Also, If There Are Any Other Charges That Might Fit This Situation(I'd Love To Hear About Them): 15 Years Ago, On August 11, 2002, My 15 Year Old Little Sister Shelly Was Vacationing In Florida With 2 Of Her Friends & Their Mothers. Shelly & Her 2 Friends Were Waiting To Cross Hwy98 In Destin, When A White Pick-Up Truck Driving Recklessly With A Watercraft/Trailer Attatched To The Back, Lost Control, & Jumped The Curb--Striking All 3 Girls...My Sister Shelly Was The Only One Of The 3 Girls That Was Killed...Her Two Friends Suffered Non-Life Threatening Injuries(Thank God!) The Driver Never Even So Much As Hit His Brakes, Nevermind Stopping. When The Pick-Up Struck Shelly, It Kinda Grabbed Her By Her Left Shoulder & Flung Her 40ft. She Hit Sand-Which The Impact Of, Killed Her Instantly, & The Driver--He Just Steered His White Pick-Up Back Onto Hwy98 Without Batting An Eye...As If Nothing Had Happened At All. According To Witnesses & "Debris" That Flew Out Of The White Pick-Up...It Is Safe To Say The Driver Was Drunk &/Or Drinking...Due To The Fact That One Witness Said They Saw Him Drinking A Canned Beer When They Were Stopped Alongside The Pick-Up At The Stop-Light Just Before The Accident Happened. But Bc Of The Watercraft/Trailor The License Plate Was Obstructed From View & There Wasn't A Plate On The Trailor Either. The Okaloosa County Sheriffs Dept. Did Recover An Opened Can Of Beer That Still Had Some "Sweat Drops" On It, At The Scene--Along With Several Other Items That Flew From The Pick-Up When The Driver Lost Control & Jumped The Curb. If Anyone Knows Of Any Charges/&Statutes I Haven't Listed That Might Fit This Crime...Or The Statutes On The Ones I Did List...Please Let Me Know. I Want To Research As Much As I Can About Every Possible Outcome. Thank You For Reading My Post-I Know It's Long, & I Want To Apologize For That! God Bless!
  9. Is There Any Legal Avenue To Getting A Non-Custodial Parent(Who Has Been In Prison Since The Mother Was 8 Mo th Pregnant) To Sign Over His Parental Rights?
  10. ai have a friend who is worried about this. Her only child passed away. When she and her husband passes she wants to leave everything to her grand children. She is worried that her sons 3rd wife, who he was married to when he died, will try to claim rights to what they may leave behind. In truth it isn't much, but it is everything to them. Their son passes from complications from drug use, and his wife is in jail for who knows what. they were married for less than a year when he passed, and she didn't even show up to his funeral. But they are worried. So am wondering what are the rights of surviving in-laws.
  11. I recently purchased a vehicle in feb 2017. Purchase price was 6500.00 I put a down payment of 4500 day or signing. I had an agreement with the dealer to pay 4 installment payments of 500 each by 4/20/17 in which I did and car was paid in full balance. Upon waiting for title the dealer repo the vehicle saying that I had not paid it off and now is requesting me to pay off another 2600 cash by this Friday. How is this legal? First problem with this is I never received any paperwork the day of purchase dealer was to email documents to me and never did. Also I had the vehicle for several months and the registration or the title was never transferred. I thought a ky dealer only had 15 days to do so? Shouldnt I have copies of paperwork? I don't even have a buyers agreement or anything other than a written receipt for my 4500 cash down I paid. What can I do? I can't as a single mom loose all my money and my car and I only have a few days. Also I never received anything before repo. No letters or calls. 😣
  12. I was wrongfully terminated from my part-time job supposedly for theft without any proof nor a written explanation. I was getting water at a soda fountain and because I was distracted, I accidentally pushed a soft drink and a couple squirts fell in. I quickly corrected this, and poured water into the glass. I never drink soda at work, home nor restaurants as it contains way too much sugar and is unhealthy. Four and a half hours later, I was verbally, loudly and angrily confronted at my station in front of co-workers and customers, accused of theft and told to go home. When I called back, my manager told me I was being terminated for theft because the retailer demanded this. When I spoke with the retailer, they told me that they were notified of this situation, but nobody there saw the incident nor knows anything about it and it was strictly between me and my employer. I work for a sub-contractor company at a large retailer of which I am an executive member for many years. The co-worker I was talking to was the only one that could have seen this and I'm sure that he/she was the one that probably reported this. My manager at this place is very autocratic, micro-manager that dislikes anyone even tries to discuss anything with her. I'm always assigned the worst shifts, the most demanding assignments and told to do the most difficult drudging tasks. However I like job, enjoy being with customers and the flexible hours were convenient. I have been vocal at several group meetings and am sure this manager dislikes me. My co-workers are very upset regarding what has happened to me. They said in their meetings that they all should be fired in that case because everyone has made that mistake at one time. The location of water at the soda fountain makes it very easy for anyone to make that error. I'm positive that I was a target to be terminated, because my manger dislikes me. The co-worker that I believe reported was recently re-hired and begged to get the job back. I don't mind leaving this job, but I'm very angry and disgusted and sad about the method used to get me terminated. The stigma of theft without any proof nor a formal chance for me to defend myself is what bothers me the most. Do I have any re-course. Can she accuse of theft without any proof and without facing my accuser? can a company do this without any formal termination. Kentucky is an "at will" state. I have an unblemished record and have never in my life been even accused of anything? This has caused me stress and sleepless nights. It just seems so unfair and unjustified. I've written to both the retailer and HR of my company but have nor received any reply. Several of my co-workers have contacted me. They are angry as well but do not want to lose their jobs for sticking up for me.
  13. I have recently been charged with a DUI (1st offense) and am seeking advice in preparation for my upcoming court date...specifically in regard to whether I have any hope for a defense. Immediately after consuming two extremely strong margaritas I was stopped at a roadblock & was ultimately arrested. My BAC was just under .11 according to the breathalyzer; upon reaching the jail I consented to a blood test; however after numerous attempts they were unable to collect a sample. Incidentally an acquaintance of mine was also arrested driving a separate vehicle and no blood could be taken from him either. I plead not guilty at my arraignment; while there I observed that the charges against the acquaintance, who'd hired a lawyer, were dismissed due to no blood sample being taken. Apparently the officers had not requested he take a breathalyzer. This may be of no significance, but I find it interesting. I am wondering whether I have any hope at all of this ending without a DUI conviction...Knowing this would determine if I hire a lawyer vs simply pleading guilty. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I am 80 years old, still in good health, How should I do a will that will insure, should I have to go into a nursing home in a few years my home will go to my daughters and not the nursing home? I live in Kentucky.
  15. My (step)children that ive had the pleasure of raising for the last three years are now refusing to go to their birth mothers house. Shes threatening to show up at the house with a sherrif if we dont take them kicking and screaming. I cant do that to these kids. Shes already put them through so much. Broken promises of birthday parties. No phone calls. No visits except when its convenient for her. Shes a thousand dollars behind on her child support. Which is detestable because she is only ordered to pay $200 for both children combined a month. and shes only had to pay for 6 months. meaning weve only received one payment. The childrens therapists have written letters to the judge saying that visitations are a horrible idea because the mother isnt mentally stable and shes damaging the childrens emotional growth. She constantly talks about suicide and glorifies it like its an amazing way to solve problems. She brags about her drug addiction. When she still had custody of the children, she had her dauhjter who was 9 at the time, running drugs for her, and she was stealing her sons adhd ,medication and selling it. Not to mention, she tried to kill the boy when he was an infant by shaking him. and the boy suffers from a learning disability and autism due to the drugs she took during pregnancy. She has also remarried a woman and it goes against everything we believe religiously and we want to raise our kids with better values. Someone please help me. What can we do?
  16. My wife and I let her brother , a convicted felon and a sex offender put a travel trailer on a acre of our land that had electric and water. He has never paid a penny to us for anything. Never mowed the yard or picked up branches, so I could mow. Thrown his cigarette butts under one our pin oak trees so deep you can't see the ground. Throws his eating utensils down on the ground instead of washing them. Uses the restroom by one of our bushes and throws his toilet paper down right beside it. Have told him time after time to stop. Have had enough and told him to remove the trailer. Now, he says the laws says he has 60 days before he has to remove it. I'm on a short fuse and fed up with his actions. He been getting drunk and bringing other felons in to the property. One of the felons is now in jail for caring a gun. What actions do I need to take, besides the most serious one. I'm a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD and I have a short fuse.
  17. If a full custody parent doesn't tell the courts or the other parent that there was a fight between a step parent and child and the police had informed the full custody parent the child is not allowed to go back to her and live under the same roof as the step father. Then asks if there is another parent or person who can take the child, she says the great grandparent is this breaking any law? She's claiming child support for 2 kids but only has 1
  18. We have neighbors to one side that we do not interact with. It appears their property is a family compound with three trailers and they probably have around 5-7 dogs at any given time. They haven't really been an issue, except leaving their dogs tied outside in all kinds of weather (I checked, they meet the minimum requirements for providing "shelter"). Over the past month or so, and especially in the past two weeks, their dogs have been getting loose. My yard is about 1.7 acres that is not fenced except for a medium-sized dog run off of our porch when I want to let our dogs hang outside while I'm cleaning or cooking. When we go out in the main yard, my big dog is on a shocker collar to keep her in a certain distance from me and my small dog is on a leash. We enjoy walking in our yard and playing fetch and my dogs do not leave our property without a leash. The first incident resulted in three of their kids trying to break up a fight between their large aggressive German Shepherd type dog and my large dog, who was on her property. My dog followed my commands and returned to her dog run even though she was on the defense. Periodically over the past year, this has also happened, but nothing major. In the past week and a half, their dogs have been loose on a daily basis, sometimes twice per day, resulting in half of the family running and screaming through my backyard, trying to tackle their dogs. Their dogs come up to the fence of the dog run and bark very aggressively at my dogs and won't leave. They also have been leaving another dog completely untethered since this weekend, resulting in me chasing it away with my garden tools because it won't stop approaching me to bark. My husband says there is nothing we can do until we build a fence. This is going to cost thousands of dollars and will take some time. I have spoken to the people twice in the past week, stating that they need to keep their dogs secured because I am tired of the disturbance and having them in the yard. Last night, I watched their dog defecate in our yard while they chased it, and I told them that they needed to return to clean it up. They did not. I also called animal control to see what my rights are. They said they can come to do a welfare check and if any dogs are loose, they can fine them. My husband does not want to start a fight with the neighbors. I was nice the first time it happened and helped them catch their dog, but I am not nice anymore. I'm tempted to photo or video this every time it happens and time stamp the photos to build evidence. It's also annoying because we have a window that I like to leave open to enjoy the view of our backyard as it faces the woods with our garages blocking views of the neighbors, and now if I cut through that room in my underwear I've unfortunately been rudely surprised by people standing right outside that window, sometimes looking in. Prior to this, no one should have ever been able to see in due to the way our property is bounded by woods and situated. My concerns are this: that my dogs will be harmed while they are in their yard or that the people chasing them will get hurt and sue us. We have blocks and some building materials on the side of our house from where we are tearing out concrete, and I've watched these kids jump and run over it several times now. I'm getting angrier and angrier about this and need to know how we can protect ourselves until we can put in a fence.
  19. on 1/1/2017, I received my daughter's sorority invoice. It was due 1/10. I immediately mailed it, as the invoice stated "if mailing, allow 5-7 business days for receiving and processing". As 1/2/2017 was a national holiday, and with weekend days, there were not 5-7 business days available before the due date noted on the invoice. My check cleared on 1/11, and I was assessed a late fee. The sorority will not budge, saying it's my fault it was late. As the invoice itself provided a mailing option, and the recommended time for receiving the check and processing it was not possible, do I have a legitimate issue/case?
  20. I live in Kentucky and I have some child support questions. My ex-husband and I divorced about 11 years ago. He was required to pay $1000 a month for 5 children. He refused to sign the divorce papers because of the amount he had to pay. I settled for $500 a month for 5 children. It was order by a judge that he pay the $500 until my youngest child turned 18. I kept my word and never tried to make him pay more. He waited until my second to last child turned 18 and he filed a motion to have his payment lowered. They lowered it to $306 a month. Can I sue for back child support and make him pay the actual amount he was suppose to in the beginning?
  21. I was with a guy and very unexpectedly got pregnant. While I was pregnant we split up for about a month and he got another woman pregnant as well. When I found out about this the guy and I split up which was about a month after my daughter was born in early summer 2011. My daughter was staying with me full-time and he would come visit her or I would take her to him for them to visit. These visitations originally were a few times a week. By mid-fall of 2011 these visitations had decreased to about once a month until the last time he ever saw her, which was right after Christmas of 2011. His name was never put on her birth certificate, however, she does have his last name and for health insurance purposes he signed over his guardianship rights(not his parental rights though). My goal is to terminate his parental rights so that my husband of almost 4 years can adopt her. My husband, a wonderful man, has been in her life since she was 3 months old and she very much considers him her father. My main concern about taking the biological father to court would be the court granting him visitations or rights. The biological father in addition to having other children with different women has also spent time in jail (as recently as 2013 that I am aware of). I want to do what is best for my daughter and I would love to make it official for her and my husband but I am terrified that the biological father will get some sort of rights. So I guess my question is: what are the possible outcomes from me taking the biological father to get his remaining parental rights terminated? Side note: I do not receive any child support from him and he has not been financially involved in anything. Thank you for any feedback!
  22. My son initially was charged with burglary. bonded out then arrested carrying a concealed deadly weapon into the courthouse ( it was a utility knife with compass in a credit card size). Of which he showed the police then bonded out for that arrest. He went to court without a lawyer to plead not guilty and was told if he didnt come back at 1:30 the same day with a lawyer the commonwealth said he would revoke his bond. It was an arainment and I didnt know you had to have a lawyer. Couldn't get his lawyer to return call and my son didn't return. the next day he was late for his court appearance on burglary charges and lawyer wouldn't meet him and go in to talk to judge. He then was picked up by police 5 days later.. he now has a 1st degree bail jumping charge. Would the judge consider a failure to appear charge from bail jumping.?..
  23. I was recently ordered to wear an ankle monitor following DUI conviction. On my court orders, it states I am able to work Monday through Friday 8-4, go to the doctor at two locations (recent broken back), to the lawyers office, and to get the calibration on the intoxilock device on my car. All the addresses are listed on this court order. The company who installed the monitor has been a nightmare. Their rules are to text my next days activities with the time, address, etc. by 5 pm the day prior. I am to text when I leave home, arrive to the first place (my office), then to the next place, when I leave and when I arrive home. I have no problem with this as I only want to abide by my court order and go the places listed on this order. The problem I am having is with the calibration of the intoxilizer, you have a very limited amount of time to get the car to the automotive dealer to get the unit placed or your car will be locked out and will have to be towed to the automotive repair shop to have it installed. I am to call the auto repair company at 1 pm to see if the unit was received by UPS. If it was received, I am to go straight to the auto company to have it installed. There is no time to waste as I have a very minimal amount of time to make it there or the car will be locked out and need towed. I called the lady and explained that I had no idea if the auto company received the unit until that day and if they did I would have to go, if not, I would have to check again the next day. She was extremely rude and stated I still needed to text her the address of the auto company by 5 pm. I immediately got on the phone with intoxilizer to see if the shipment was made and if there was anyway to track it. Of course, I was on the phone on hold past 5 pm. I texted her the address soon after and she told me I couldn't go that I had to sit home. This woman is a nightmare. So, after that on Thanksgiving day, I texted her again stating I was going to the auto place. I still had no idea if they received the shipment or even was open but had no choice to tell her I was going due to fear of missing the calibration and having my car locked out. Of course, they were closed the next day. I texted her I was not going that they were closed. She got upset stating again I needed to make an appointment. I texted back again trying to explain there was no way to do this. I would make an appointment if at all possible but could not. It is obvious the intoxilizer and this ankle bracelet monitoring deal is not working. I cant afford to have my car locked out and towed to the company. She is treating me like I am trying to get away with something. I am still complying with my court orders but it is extremely difficult to work with this woman. What are my rights? Would she be in contempt of court for not allowing me to comply with orders????
  24. Short marriage (2 years). We rented out spouses house for one year during marriage and spent most of the rental money on travel and hired help to build a pool at our joint home. Now with divorce agreement pending, she wants the total spent from the rental property returned to her. Am I being unfair offering only half of it back? Of course she wants a lump sum that I'm unable to do and is refusing to sigh the agreement without a lump sum. Please advise.
  25. When my Daughter and her ex divorced the judge divided up their assets and debts. She was to was given the more expensive vehicle because she was able to keep paying on it while he couldn't. He took the less expensive vehicle. Their credit cards and other bill that were owed were also divided between the two. She has a full time job and he has no job or works on his family's farm and works odd jobs for cash. Anyway, he stopped paying on the bills that he was supposed to take care of and she is now being saddled with those also, because those credit card companies are garnishing her wages. She has also been told that she now owes on a loan that she can't remember even signing for. What kind of recourse does she have for this? She has been told that she cannot file for bankruptcy unless he also he agrees to it also, which he said he won't do. She is getting so far in debt now that we are trying to help as much as we can. This is in Kentucky. Please help!!