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Found 71 results

  1. Me and my husband have been together for 5 years. I have 2 daughters (ages 8 and 11)from a previous marriage. My daughters father has not been involved in there lives since my youngest was about 1 years old. From what i can find out from others he has moved to Europe with his wife. My husband is daddy to my daughters, and when me and my husband finally made the move to get married my daughters thought that their last name would change as well. I'm lost and not sure what to do. My husband is an illegal alien from mexico. Is he able to adopt my girls even though he is an illegal alien? I wasn't sure if i should do the adoption part first and than file is paperwork for his residency. thank you soo much for your input.
  2. I live in an apartment complex and am currently 3/4 of the way through with my lease. A few months back, when I was only 1/4 the way into my current lease, the apartment complex ran a fun promotion where we came in and re-signed for the next year and as a result, we would spin a wheel-of-fortune with prizes and win whatever it landed on. So I marched into the office, signed the lease for the next year, and spun that wheel. I won a Visa Gift Card and a Free Apartment Cleaning by a professional cleaning company. I was under the assumption I would be walking out of there that day with those prizes, especially the gift card, since I followed through on my end of the bargain and re-signed the lease. Instead, they advised me they would provide me these prizes once the "lease renewal goes into effect next year". That new lease goes into effect in August 2017, which is still almost 4 months from now and I did all of this 4 months prior to today (so yes, I signed almost 8 months in advance). I have literally NOTHING to show for this lease re-signing at this time other than a copy of the lease I signed itself. Just 24 pages of paper. So, in the past few months I have changed my mind and want to move elsewhere in the city. I am a bit disgruntled that I didn't receive anything for re-signing - that was the whole point. I fully intend to complete my current lease obligation. However, I do not want to stay after this lease is over anymore. I am fine with them keeping their gift card and cleaning service credit too. I briefly stopped by the office and told them I do not want to follow through on the renewal after this current lease is up. They told me that I signed a contract and I am legally bound to fulfill it and they are not willing to budge on their position. Game on now...? What, if any, legal options do I have to get out of that lease before it actually goes into effect... or did I royally screw up here? And what about the fact that they never gave me the gift card and cleaning service as I had originally expected..?
  3. My grandson was standing in the hallway waiting to go in the classroom, when his friend asked him for a pencil.After giving him the pencil his friend wrote KKK on a school poster. My grandson had no idea that his friend was going to do that. After investigating the school has given him a 10 day out of school suspension plus a recommendation for expulsion. The reason they gave was "any involvement in or reference to gangs. And for participating in defacing a public poster with racially motivated gang references".. My grandson is 12 yrs old,a AB student,,can they do that? He didn't know what the kid was going to do, he was an innocent bystander.I am his legal gaurdian
  4. My ex and I divorced a few months ago. Initially was in paperwork that we are to sell property immediately and split profits. She since changed her mind and is staying on the property. Can I force the sale without her signature if the divorce papers say we are both in agreement to sell? The home does have a mortgage.
  5. Not sure what to do... When my son was a minor he was in trouble with the law and was on probation. He is now 18 and one of his best friends has gotten into trouble and was placed on probation. He has gotten the same Probation Officer. Last night my son sent him a text message and his friend replied that he was no longer allowed to talk to him, do not text, call or ever contact him again. I then sent a message to the boy to find out what was going on because he is like one of my own and the PO told him he was to have no contact with my son because he had been on probation and had been in trouble with the law. Is this not illegal? Is this man allowed to discuss my sons' record with someone else? He was a minor is this not suppose to be sealed? Should I get a lawyer?
  6. About 5 months ago I agreed to puppy sit for a friend. The original agreement was that I would take care of the dog for the remainder of my lease at the time (2 months) and by then she would have her own place and be able to take the puppy. Since then I've grown attached to this puppy, I've fed him, loved him, cared for him, over the past 5 months. This woman has rarely come to visit the dog and would hardly take him to his vet visits, so finally I decided to start taking him myself. The puppy is now under my information at the vets office and microchipped in my name. Now that this "friend of mine" has her own place she wants to take the puppy, but I really would like to keep him. I'm wondering what I have to do to insure that I get to keep this puppy. I'm not sure if she has actual papers on the pup. Can someone help me?
  7. why would a persons charge date be different than the file/arrest date? she was arrested 1/21/2017 for conspiracy to COMMIT F2: DEALING IN METHAMPHETAMINE MANUFACTURE/DELIVER/FINANCE-10 OR MORE GRAMS but then on the court records it shows her charge date as 12/1/2016
  8. Hello! I'm a step mom in Indiana, whose husband has 50/50 custody of our kids, boy 6, girl 8. We have the kids every weekend, and then holidays per the Indiana guidelines. Recently their bio mom has let us know she's moving, but did not file with the court, and has only given us 30 days notice. Can she do this? I thought it was 90 days, with 60 for objection. In the past, she has let us know, but this is the first time we may be objecting. Can we object without a lawyer? She is moving in with her boyfriend and his 3 kids. (one is in college/only home on breaks). The home is listed as a two bedroom apartment (but is duplex style) Our daughter(8)is sharing a room with his teenage daughter, and our son (6) is sharing a space in the basement with his teenage son. From what I have read, for siblings - it's fine for them to share a room no matter of age. Is there anything pertaining to non-relations? These are not legally their siblings. Also, if it is a basement (no escape besides the stairs/no egress) is it legal for that to be where our son sleeps? He also doesn't have an actual bed, just a blow up mattress. We are concerned for their safety, as well as quality of life. 6 people in a 2 bedroom duplex is a lot. The boyfriend has his kids the same schedule our kids biomom has theirs - Aka mon-fri, so it's all 6 all the time.
  9. Several weeks ago, I was served a "proceedings supplemental" by the attorney who obtained default judgment against me in 2014. I learned that even though I fall below "exempt" levels in terms of assets and currently only have disability income, I MUST attend or be at risk for body attachment warrants being issued. I made the 100 mile round trip (with suspended driver's license) and met with the attorney, who seemed 1) displeased that I am not employed and 2) is adamant that I MUST agree to a "payment plan". I have seen mention of "filing exemptions with the Court" but there are never any explanations as to how this accomplished. At any rate, I was told I must now return in a couple weeks to go before the judge, who "won't accept" less than a $50/month payment agreement. The attorney insinuated that I'm not "too disabled" ... I SHOULD be working, to pay the attorney, apparently. And if I am not working, I need to dig into the disability money, despite the fact that it barely makes the monthly living expenses. I was told I can do this "the easy way or the hard way" and that I "like the hard way" and THAT is the reason I now have to go back to the court. I told the attorney I was left with numerous problems to deal with (on my own) when I was defrauded of settlement; this was after telling atty I had only disability income and believe my assets fall below the exemption level set for the state. I also explained that I am not willing to make a promise that I can't (be sure to) keep. So, I can now go to court again in about a week, tell the judge my "sob story" and the insinuation is that won't get me very far. 1) How are "exemptions" filed with the court? 2) Is there an automatic right to reassign a fee award (from divorce decree) based on sale of real estate to a personal judgment against me, when I took every action I could to avoid the default (of legitimate sale) engineered by ex, which was beyond my control, but which was predictable and preventable - had the attorney chosen an action besides "withdrawal from the case" (which also gave ex clear signal that the field was clear for action)? My insistence a timely motion to clarify/modify the decree was the reason for withdrawal. but it turns out I was correct; the silence and vagueness of the decree was used to defeat it, denying me equalization, dependent benefits ordered returned and ultimately, my personal possessions and those of our children. Based on the appraisal, ex could have received no more than about $10k and that only after the attorneys and I were paid. Instead, the intentional foreclosure and sheriff sale purchase (made by his brother) netted an instant $91k equity (plus, I am told, rental income, now). I was paid up to the time of the divorce hearing. The decree stated a "mutually agreeable" realtor be hired, but ex signed a one year contract with an agent "for show" and it's my understanding that judges can't interfere in private contracts. There was no mechanism to ensure the realtor was "agreeable" (and motivated). I was not on the mortgage or deed and it took me several months merely to get the information from the realtor, in order to petition the court for a change of realtor. By then, ex had allowed the house to go through foreclosure, intentionally. I was not even "allowed" a copy of the contract; I was denied settlement conference in the foreclosure and denied the opportunity to speak at the eviction hearing (small claims court). I'm being held responsible for the failure of a decree that I could see was quite flawed and in which I was not the only actor charged with performance. Any assistance or insight is appreciated. Thank you.
  10. A few weeks ago I was arrested for Domestic Battery after my girlfriend and I got into a physical altercation. I said something stupid and she punched me in the eye to which I reacted with physical violence. We were both intoxicated and I am not proud of how I reacted nor for what took place. This is very shameful and has made me aware of some very serious personal issues we both face. After the neighbors heard the fighting they called the police and of course they should up. The police then proceeded to misinform my girlfriend of the following things in what I can only assume was an attempt to paint me as shady individual in order to convince her to press charges against me... A. They said I was "involved" with an issue concerning a stolen trailer; Yes actually I was "involved" as I am the one who filed the report after noticing it was missing from work. As the supervisor that is my job. Something they did not specify. This is irrelevant. B. They told her I was part of a death investigation in 2007; Yes after discovering my father had passed away (after what was later determined to be a heart attack) on the couch a week after he passed I imagine I probably was part of an investigation. I'd be shocked if I wasn't. This is irrelevant. C. They told her I was involved in a child abuse investigation after a small child my then wife was babysitting accidentally fell down the stairs. 1st of all I was at work at the time and matter of fact was never was around the child even once as she watched her during times I was at work. 2nd of all I was never questioned or even spoke to police or anyone concerning the matter and lastly it was determined to be an accident. Again completely irrelevant. All these things were told to her in an effort (a successful one I might add) to illicit a response of yes when they asked her if she would be pressing charges. Furthermore (this same officer) informed her the following day that I was contacting my ex-wife from jail in efforts to get her to bail me out of jail which is completely and entirely false. My question is did the police do anything illegal here in misleading and misinforming my girlfriend of these things and if so is it enough to get this thrown out? Obviously lying isn't necessarily illegal isn't misleading a victim or witness grounds for dismissal?
  11. My pervious landlord has used my security deposit and is charging over $200 in fees for replacing the carpet in our apartment due to "pet smell". Yes we have a pet. However, my question is why did they not attempt cleaning to remove "pet smell"; they stated that it is up the maintenance's discretion whether or not they clean or replace the carpet. How is that right, they have no policy or procedure to make this determination, basically he just walked in said is smelled like a pet so replace the carpet. He cannot prove that the smell would not come out because they did not attempt cleaning! According to IN state law, landlords are not allowed to use the security deposit for typical wear and tear. Is pet smell, if the apartment complex allows pets, considered normal wear and tear? If not, are they obligated to first attempt a reasonable and financially responsible charge such as cleaning as the carpet had "pet smell"? There were no soiled spots and they have no pictures of damage because it was just "pet smell". Also, I paid a non-refundable pet deposit which the lease states is used for property damage cause by the pet. Well if this isn't wear and tear, would it then be considered pet damage to the property, so why can't they use that towards the cost? I would also like to point out that when I talked to the assistant property manager and asked what the pet deposit was used for, he said "nothing". I would like to take them to small claims, do I have a chance? And my final question, the over $200 fee is due in 2 weeks, if I do not pay it says they will take it to collections (although the office manager stated she wouldn't bring to collections as we are in the middle of disputing the charges, however I don't believe them and feel they will take it to claims anyways). If I file a small claims form are they allowed to still take it to collections? I obviously do not want them to do this, what would happen if I paid the cost so they can't take it to collections, can I still file with small claims even though I paid it? Thanks for any advice and feedback!
  12. So, my husband is an inmate in a facility in Indiana. We lived in Iowa when he was sentenced and we would somehow like to get him transferred to a facility here in Iowa so we are closer to him and can be more supportive. We have 3 kids and want him in the kids life as much as possible and it's hard to travel to Indiana every few months to visit. Does anyone know anything about Interstate Corrections Compact? I have done lots of research and I can only seem to find information on transferring states once you are on parole or probation. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.i
  13. I created an artwork, which is registered as my copyright. A local newspaper photographed it and used it in the print edition of their paper, which is fair use. However, can I use a scanned copy of that photo on social media, or do I need to buy it from the newspaper? Is it fair use to use someone else's photo of your work?
  14. About 5 years ago I was married with 3 boys. What I didn't know was that while I was at work, my husband at the time was not watching my children. The neighbor lady called the CPS and had them taken. after a year of my ex not getting any better at taking care of them at visits, they told us we should give up guardianship to a family member so we wouldn't lose them to adoption. We signed over guardianship to my ex's cousin and his wife. About 2 months after that, my ex threatened my life and I filed for a divorce. I went and got my own place and asked for guardianship. The cousins told me I didn't make enough money to support 3 children. I then went and got my GED and enrolled in college to get a better job to support my kids. Meanwhile, I had financial difficulties and I couldn't go and see my kids for a few months. When I got more financially stable, I asked if i could see my kids and they told me no because I hadn't been much of a mother lately. I had tried to get a hold of them a couple times after that but they wouldn't return my calls or answer my letters. I graduate in December, and I just got a letter in the mail from their lawyer stating that they wanted to adopt my kids and wanted to know if I was ok with that. My question is, what should I do now? Should I answer them right away or should I wait until I graduate and go for custody instead? Should i write them a letter asking for visitation to show that I still want to see my kids or should I go to court to get visitation? I am terribly missing my kids and she won't even send me any pictures of them, but my ex has school pictures of them on his Facebook page, even though I know for a fact that he never visits them. Please help!
  15. Attorney-in-Fact of principal removed many, many valuable items from this person's home when they were dying in a nursing home. Spoke briefly with an attorney who stated there was nothing that could be done in this matter until time of appraisal of remaining items. So, none of items taken were returned and attorney-in-fact is now claiming all items she took was given to her a few years ago. We have pictures and videos to prove this otherwise. When pressed through attorney-in-fact's estate lawyer to see the poa that was given to her from the principal so the actions of such person could be reviewed, the response given was it was thrown away after principal's death. How can someone possibly get away with this?
  16. Hello I live in a trailer park .( please no trailer park jokes)... my son who is 17 was attacked by a 21 year old with a gun which turned out to be a bb gun they painted the tip) and machete and a hammer. the 21 year old was band from the park previously. my son who is 17 ended up whooping the boys butt. we did call the police and made a complaint . the park then turned around after I paid rent for this month and said that we had to move out. even though they have wrote on the notice to quit that my son was defending himself. they have givin us 30 days to move. if I move quietly in the 30 days they wont put the eviction on my "record" can they do this?
  17. Ok I got a divorce from my ex husband and it was finalized in November of 2008, the home that we lived in also with his mother I moved out of and did not contest him and her keeping the house. They were supposed to refinance the house to have my name removed off of the mortgage and all other paperwork relating to the house. Where things get a little screwy is that the house was in his mothers name and my name, his name was not on the mortgage, i want to say that it was somehow on the deed but not the mortgage. Now since 2008 the home has gone up for sheriff sale several times and all of them were stopped by her filing bankruptcy, then the bankruptcy would be over turned for non payment of the plan payments. What recourse do I have to get my name off of this it has shot my credit because of the late payments and all of that and her name is not in the decree to take him back for contempt of court. I am a stay at home mom and everything what my husband and I have are in his name because of the payments that they did not pay on the house as well as the foreclosures that were on the house. Please any help or advise would be great I feel like I have no recourse on this and that I am have not control over this situation and they have all of the power. Thank you
  18. My grandparents home is paid off. Both passed away. Before so they added my 2 uncles to their house deed. I was told this means the house is no longer considered part of their estate. As people pass away they fall off the deed thus not owning the house and being an asset. Is this True? After the last grandparent passed I was told not much would be left over to give descendants as grandma had health issues and was in a retirement home the last 4 years of her life. Meaning medical bills would be paid from the home selling. If indeed the uncles were added, then after my grandmother passed away they became owners of the home and any bills owed if any by my grandmother would not be paid by the uncles as she would no longer be an owner of the home. Thus her left behind bills could not hold her house being sold and its assets reliable for these bills. Is this correct? She had no affiliation to the home legally after passing. There was never a will put in probate despite being told I had a trust fund set up for me the day I was born by my grandparents and despite my father passing at age 21. I along with my sister would receive my fathers share they told me. So far going on 2 months of the house being sold I've received nothing. My one uncles daughter who cared for my grandparents lived in the house for nearl 12 years and Atleast 6 years after grandma was put in a retirement home and another 2 years after she passed. It was put on the market after she was told to move. It sold quickly. Paying only utilities in a 3 bedroom full basement huge lot great area resident. How can I find out if I am part of this in any way? I was told of a trust fund as I mentioned. Yet nobody has contacted me what so ever. I've never asked regarding anything about my grandparents will despite the house selling in June of 2016 and grandma passing in late 2010. I received nothing from my mothers family. It would be nice if my fathers family claimed us. In any capacity. I'm 57 years old and if a trust fund was set up the day I was born I'd think this could be a large monetary inheritance. What can I do?
  19. A customer fired me on a roofing project for taking a rain day, and stole the materials. He paid $1481, but the materials alone cost $2,000, and according to the terms of the contract, he is on the hook for about $7,000+ if he breaches - I need to file a lawsuit. Also, this is an insurance claim, and his insurance provider told him it was okay for him to pull out, which means they interfered with my contract, and I KNOW that is illegal! I need to know what I can do to recover my losses and how I can sue the insurance carrier for interfering with my contractual agreement. Here is the language guiding the terms of cancellation within my contract: Default: Should the Property Owner default in the payment of NV ROOFING & RESTORATION LLC, Property Owner agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees, cost of collection including court cost and interest at the rate of 18% per annum or the maximum allowed by law, whichever the greater. The final payment in full shall not be withheld while waiting for inspections performed by the city, state, or other organizations. Deposit to be made prior to the beginning of any work. The deposit shall be de and paid within ten (10) days of the approval from the Insurance Company, and the failure to make the required deposit shall be a breach of a material term of this contract. Time is of the essence of this agreement. Termination for Convenience – Property Owner: Property Owner understands that this is a legally binding contract and Property Owner is hiring NV ROOFING & RESTORATION LLC for 1.) Damage Analysis: Analyze, document, estimate and report damage to the Property Owner’s Property to Property Owner’s Insurance Company; 2.) Construction Work: Construct, re-construct, repair and/or renovate Property Owner’s Property on the basis of an approved Insurance claim report. Property Owner may terminate this contract for convenience with the understood value for services rendered as such: Trip Charges for Each Visit by an NV ROOFING & RESTORATION LLC Representative - $125 each; Inspection, Damage Assessment, Property Owner Consultation, Pictometry, Measuring/Sketching - $300; Estimate Prepared for Insurance Company – Roof Only: $400 – add $250 for each additional trade included in estimate; NV ROOFING & RESTORATION LLC Meeting With Insurance Adjuster: $500. This refers to work provided related to damage analysis, plus the full value of the percentage of completion of Construction Work at the time of termination, plus the cost of all specially purchased materials for Property Owner’s property that cannot otherwise be returned, plus any restocking fees incurred by NV ROOFING & RESTORATION LLC. The failure to pay NV ROOFING & RESTORATION LLC all amounts de after termination for convenience shall be a Default of the Contract under paragraph eight (8). Any advice would be great! Thank you!
  20. My oak tree is probably 75 years old. The base of the tree is 6 feet on my side of the property line, but the stump grows on an angle towards the property line. at about the 10 foot height the tree crosses the property line then grows straight up from there. My wonderful neighbors are building a new house and have asked me if they could trim or cut down my tree. The tree is in good health and is home to many birds and squirrels and provides shade to my porch and dock. I have owned this property for 2 years and since I have bought it they have asked the question "What are you going to do with that tree?". I don't plan to remove the tree until it dies. Can they legally trim my tree?
  21. I am an auto mechanic I was working for a independent shop, I have a past issues with abuse of prescription painkillers, that the owners of this shop are aware of when they rehired me. There is no drug testing policy and the only question are you clean ( which I am ) and they hired me back with the only stipulation being stay that way, that being said, a costumer called the day after their car was in our shop stating some prescription medication was missing from their car, now myself and another mechanic worked on this car at separate times and the car also had been unattended while at our shop but I was not only blamed but terminated because of my past without the owners even so much as questioning me about this incident. I was told some medicine is missing out of this car and we are terminating you because of your history with prescription medicine end of story. Is this legal? Can they do that? I didn't take whatever this medicine was out of this car but it didn't matter I was not asked anything about it, I was just told that because of my past that I was the only logical answer.
  22. My son was just returned from his court ordered summer visitation. During the last week of his time there, his father took him to an urgent care facility without my knowledge (I was called after the fact) for an injury to my sons ankle which was non emergent. My son complained of pain in his ankle 2 weeks prior to the urgent care visit. We have joint legal custody, so I should have been made aware. The urgent care doctor referred them to an Ortho doc. My son was taken by his father to Cincinnati Children's to see an Ortho doctor 3 days later. I asked the father to make me aware of the appointment date, time, Doctor info etc. but he refused. I asked that I be contacted before treatment was administered, as it made since for our son to have treatment here in Indiana so that the follow up care could be taken care of by the same doctor. Sons father refused, informed me that he and his wife would handle it and make whatever decisions needed to be made. I received a photo of my son in a cast hours later, no phone call or info from an adult. I was finally allowed to talk to my son (after numerous attempts to contact them), and was informed by my 12 year old that he begged his dad to allow him to call (he's never been sick more than the flu, so he was scared) and his father told him no, calling me wasn't necessary, because his mother (the wife) was right there. Sons father refuses to give me any medical info, I can't get any from the hospital, as I wasn't listed on any of the paperwork, all I know is the cast is to come off in 4 weeks (per my son). What are my legal options as far as preventing my sons father from doing this again? He seems to care more about being in control and not providing me with info, than the well-being of his child, as no doctor can properly treat him without even knowing what they are treating. Please help!
  23. Long story short. I had a medical test done the total due me was 2500. I paid 1,247.35 as the test wasn't done properly The didn't scan part of my back. I was taken to small claims court. The Judgement says: 13. The Court further finds that Defendant's dispute with Plaintiff is in good faith and with some merit. Defendant will not be assessed any attorney fees, interest, or court costs Judgment for Plaintiff, Dupont Hospital, LLC against Defendant, (my name), in the amount of $ 1,247.35. Cost to Plaintiff. Costs paid. To me it means that I don't have to pay any more since it says Costs paid. There is nothing else below that part but Manner of Notice (how I was served) Do I owe more money? Should I call the court house. I didn't have a lawyer as no one wanted to take a small claims case that was less than $2,000.
  24. I had put in an application at an apartment complex in Muncie, IN during the month of March, 2016. The application process included signing a lease at the same time. After the application process was complete, they performed a background check and credit check. I was informed a few days afterwards that I had been denied due to the background check coming back with a felony (it was actually supposed to be a misdemeanor). They told me that the lease I had signed would be shredded. Approximately a month later, I spoke to them about how I might be able to overturn their previous denial and was told that if I were to supply them with something from the court, they could reprocess the background check. I got said paperwork and was told I would have to go in and sign a new lease. I had spoke with them about doing so and today received a phone call from them informing me that I have a lease and need to pay first months rent and pick up the keys. I now live in Valparaiso as I was under the impression I wouldn't get into the apartment, yet, they want me to be down there by Wednesday of next week to pick up keys and pay rent. Is there any way that this can be avoided?
  25. Hi Sir I am from West Bengal. I have a areca nut tree in my property which is make distance near about 1 feet from my land boundary. Generally It is OK but at the time of storm it make a collision with my neighbor house which is situated less than 4 feet distance from my land boundary. My neighbor said to me cut the areca nut tree.Am I liable to give any damage charge if the areca nut tree damage any property of my neighbor at the time of storm ?