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Found 244 results

  1. Hi, I am a renter, To keep it brief My question: 1. Are there legal standards that need to be adhered to when doing remediation work? 2. What would be good next steps when work was not completed according to basic standards? Thanks, JD
  2. I moved out of the marital home that is in my name and mine is the only one on the mortgage, then my husband filed before I did. Now he is living in the house and not keeping up the maintenance on it. For example, the roof is leaking in three places and he refuses to fix it. He also has not gotten the house out of my name which is ruining my credit. In addition, he doesnt respond to my lawyers attempts to get a settlement date so that we can discuss and try to settle. We have been separated now for two years! What can be done by me to move this process along? Can I force him to move out of the house or buy me out since he refuses to respond to me or my lawyer?
  3. Need to find a source that states the legal duties or powers of the CEO of a not for profit corporation in Illinois.
  4. I severely injured my back and after a ruling I am on Permanent Total Disability for life, the case has not settled, and the medical is open and still being paid by the insurer. My doctor just wrote a letter for a Service Dog to be trained to perform three tasks, bracing, retrieving, and carrying. I presume this is covered as there are probably injured workers who became blind and needed a seeing eye dog, as their service dog. However, the only case I was able to find online is one in Arkansas St. Paul Fire & Marine v. Stonesifer Court of Appeals of Arkansas, Division Four 1998 Ark. App Lexis 264; 1998 WL 171076 that held the insurer responsible for the service dog as a medical expense as the result of the injury sustained while at work for the employer, as well as ALL the care and maintenance of the dog while the injured worker returned to college as some sort of vocational rehabilitation. Therefore, I am trying to track down or locate any instances in Illinois or other states that would support my case at hand. If anyone has an example or case in which an insurer paid for a service dog and ongoing care and maintenance I would appreciate it, as a young person with a permanent disability, I will likely need a total of 4-5 service dogs in my lifetime (assuming service dogs are placed at age 2 and work until age 10-12 depending on life expectancy of the breed of the service dog). I know service dogs are a qualified medical expense under the IRS for medical deductions (see below), but if there is no case on point, perhaps there is other information that supports service dogs as a qualified medical expense. IRS 2017 publication 502 -"Guide Dog or Other Service Animal - You can include in medical expenses the costs of buying, training, and maintaining a guide dog or other service animal to assist a visually impaired or hearing disabled person, or a person with other physical disabilities. In general, this includes any costs, such as food, grooming, and veterinary care, incurred in maintaining the health and vitality of the service animal so that it may perform its duties." The goal of asking for your help is to provide as much possible information in support before submitting the claim and expenses to the WC carrier so they will agree to it, and not challenge the expenses. Thanks, Injured IL Worker
  5. couldnt find a proper category for this so i am posting this under car repairs This is a going to be lengthy. It started when i sold my car back in december of last year 2017 to a lawyer from out of state. I am in chicago. Back story on the car: It is a 2002 Subaru WRX from California that I drove it back to Chicago without breaking down. Ive only had this car for about a little over half a year and decided to sell it because i barely drive it. I've only put about 3000 miles on it since i bought it including the trip back from Cali. The car has a jdm engine, manual trans, and jdm cluster swapped by the previous owner. I also bought the car with a couple issues disclosed to me by the previous owner; loose ecu wiring that causes engine light to illuminate, 3rd gear grinding, headlight wiring could use a clean up, and it could use some new tires. The previous owner had done a major head gasket, timing belt, 90k service, rebuilt coilovers, etc. to the car prior to selling and gave me all the receipts. Fast forward, I listed in my ad with these problems. The Buyer called about the car, I told him the problems and he flew in the next day to purchase it. I went over the car with him very detailedly about every maintenance work that was done by the previous owner as well as documentation by the State of Secretary of IL that it is original title, not salvage or rebuilt, that the NICB (national insurance crime bureau) says the car hasn’t been stolen before, and CarFax stating that during Owner 1, it was in an accident, stolen and a Convertible. I told him the evidence is here, this is not a convertible, NICB says its not stolen and state of secretary says title is not rebuilt. Take it how you want. While going over the car with him, I told him about that the car could use some new tires soon, passenger foglight and headlight bulbs are starting to go out, ecu loose wire, remote fob not working sometimes and of course the transmission grind. Mind you he also didn’t get the car inspected before purchasing it. I never told him the car was in tip-top perfect condition, it is a 16 year old car for crying out loud. I mentioned during our phone conversation as well as during our signing Bill of Sale that the car is sold in “As-Is No Warranty” The Bill of Sale also states that is sold AS-IS No Warranty. Sold the car and thought that was the end of it. About 20 days later he texted me saying that the car needed a lot of things to repair that added up to over $10,000. He wanted me to pay him back half of the costs in check form or he’ll sue for fraud. I was very honest about the car when I sold him the car. I invited him to my home and went through every receipt that the previous owner gave me. I didn’t do anything to the car mechanically nor am I a mechanic. He said he held off the case because I asked for an estimate of the repair from his bodyshop to see if he is lying. He finally acquired an estimate and turns out majority of the repairs are things that I’ve told him about or things that are deemed as Upgrades in the car community. List of things that need repair include: -they acquire a new jdm transmission instead of fixing the current one -Sti Rear Brembo Calipers, Sti Trailing Arms, Sti Lateral Links, Sti Drive Shaft -new bulbs for the headlight and foglight. The bodyshop states that the wiring is indeed in working order -fix ecu wiring -water pump -throttle cable -new tires -turbo drain hose -alternator cover -new rear coilovers that costs over $1000 -alignment My thing is majority of these are problems I’ve already told him that needs fixing, the car had an alternator cover already. The transmission issue i definitely told him about as well stated in my ad. The Sti rear suspension stuff and brembo calipers are considered upgrades because the car is a WRX model. Bulbs and wiring issue I told him about. I showed him that the car will need new tires later. I don’t get why the other items need to be changed because the car was in working order. He drove 5 hours back home without problems. If the throttle cable needed replacing or the water pump was going then the car would not be operational when he bought it. He also said the car had been in an accident. I showed him papers that the title is original by the State so unless Illinois is lying, I don’t see how the car could have been in an accident before. Today he got personal by sending me a text saying that he will again delay the case until the car is fully repaired and will be pursuing 3x the damage as punitive damages and said that my dad (stating his full name) also needs to be added in this suit for unknown reasons. He also said that he is trying to determine if my dad is a US citizen because it “impacts the actual filing”. So basically he looked up a family member of mine and threatened me with my family member. What does my dad has to do with this small court claims? I’ve read through so many scenarios that are similar to mine on the internet and they all says since its AS-IS and I disclosed all the information that I knew, I am protected. But as a reassurance I am asking here. Can he do this? What should I do? And like why would I purposely lie to a lawyer that is buying my car knowing that if I did, there would be consequences. Ironic how he is trying to sue me anyway.
  6. Can my Landlord take my parking space in the middle of the lease for someone else if it is in my lease?
  7. I changed attorneys in my divorce case, but it was pretty much jumping from the pot into the fire. My most urgent question is to know is if this new attorney can cash my trust refund check from the previous attorney, made out to my name, without my permission or knowledge? I didn't even realize it until months later because I hadn't been told the check was sent directly to the new attorney Thanks in advance
  8. Ok, so, after working 40.83 hours in a week I was double shifting as a part time supervisor at UPS, I got a text from my boss asking what he was going to do about it. Isn't there no reason for him to want to do anything a out it? I never made an agreement to not work more than 40 hours in a week. However management has been making vague threats to all of the supervisors like, "...if you work more than 40 hours you better be prepared to have an explanation for the division manager..." I would say that is not an agreement, but a threat, yes? So I'm just trying to be prepared for when I go in on Tuesday, they're either going to take away doubleshifting from me, or, fire me. So I just want to be prepared to be able to tell them they're wrong, I just don't know the legal situation they're putting themselves in or how to explain it to them without sounding like I'm planning to come after them, which I'm not, I just want them to leave me alone. So, am I being harassed? Discriminated against? Did I do something wrong? re they doing something wrong? How do I protect both my job and my doubleshifting assignment? If they do fire me, was it for no wrongdoing?
  9. Married in 1993,moved out in 2002 to different state,divorced in 2005. Ex wants her part of my pension from Illinois. I stopped contributing to the Illinois pension when I left the trade in 2000. I moved to another state and started a new pension there. Is Ex entitled to part of that pension from the other employer in the other state too for the years until we divorced officially?
  10. Unwed father and mother have separated, mother left child with father due to her needing their SUV for transportation. Her words. Does father have any rights at all? Can mother walk in and take child from father?
  11. Illinois - If this is the wrong forum for this type of question, please let me know so that I can place it in the right spot. Before I ask my question, here's some background history in case it is needed: A few years ago, I hired an attorney that I mistakenly thought would help me with my retaliatory firing claim. Long story short, the attorney..... Knowingly had my case sealed so I couldn't see what was going on with it Lost me my two witnesses who I secured long before I hired him - he and the employer's attorney had them sign a waiver Told me (very forcefully) to drop the "unpaid wage claim" that the State of Illinois brought against my employer. Another employee filed the original claim - the state just added me on to it when they found I was a victim too Refused to admit any evidence that the employer was using me (in what I still believe to this day) to commit insurance fraud for her I ended up firing him and reported him to the state's Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission And to make matters worse, the law firm that I hired after him was just as bad. Would not return phone calls / emails after they confirmed I had a legitimate case and would do everything to move my case forward by getting my witnesses back for me A woman attorney finally told me she would be speaking to the judge, but when I went to court, she ended up telling her to dismiss my claim instead (no explanation to me was given as to why) I was just informed by the ARDC in May 2017 that the owner / lead attorney for this firm was under investigation, etc. When I checked the internet, I found he was "disciplined" by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2014 and in another article the woman attorney received a board nomination from the Mayor's office (which I find very weird as this event took place at the same time she told the judge to dismiss my claim). Anyway, the news of these recent events reminded of something the first attorney said in an email when he was fired: "Also, just to let you know, though I have already served a lien on Defendant's I will be serving another one just to remind them of my claim of fees in the hopeful event you are successful with the suit. Good luck." It seems that not only did he collect my client fees but he planned to receive monies from the person I was suing as well. Isn't that a conflict of interest or is this standard practice in law? With all the funny business going on with my claim, I want to make sure nothing illegal continues. Thank you.
  12. A domineering sibling entered, searched decedent sister's house, may have destroyed and took bank and retirement account papers, dumped small items, acted like administrator, then used undue influence on 90yr old mom for Petition to be Appointed 3 weeks later, and changed forum to near her house for convenience/control, by moving dying sister in her last 2 days (mysteriously, telling no one, etc) from neighboring county of actual residence (no change of account addresses,utilities,phone,etc). Could assuming and acting like an administrator (but beyond) create a fiduciary agency duty prior to appointment? She bragged about securing the house and handling things on behalf of everyone. Previously, the terminal decedent sister (paranoia runs in family) was isolated and highly-influenced for six months by same dominant sister (and helper brother). This duo convinced terminal sister to change beneficiaries on Retirement 401K,Annuity, maybe more, maybe insurance, the size not known, but grew for 32 yrs in conservative investments, part of time by good Investment advisor (401K, etc was $400K in 1995), so it could be near a million dollars. Terminal sister had very good health insurance, but retirement may have been depleated some. The siblings and mother who were removed as beneifiaries want to know how big the retirement and Life insurance were, when exactly beneficiaries were changed, who authorized/filled paperwork. Administrator (now the benefiary) won't say a word about any of it, but offered to be administrator for free, to gain support and control, then seized authority. We believe it may be to conceal some funny business, which the advisor could not say, but sure sounded like he saw some funny business in re the beneficiary changes. Would a Petition for Citation to Discover possibly be a way to seek beneficiary info/changes/ retirement account records (and other bank account, records the admin destroyed), or perhaps a challenge to beneficiaries as irregular due to undue influence (outside proceeding than probate?)? It would seem that ALL records, documents of all accounts in the house at time of death would be part of the estate, so revealations would be incidental to all receiveing copies. We want all those copies. The dominant sister, again, was not administrator when she entered and apparently removed many papers. Demanding copies of all the records of all accounts that were owned by decedent it seems would be a right of all heirs. Or maybe we can just go with breach of fiduciary duty and fraud on the court in re Forum, as a last resort. Any ideas to consider and maybe discuss with a lawyer would be appreciated. Now, straighten me out. Ha
  13. The executor of my mother's estate is auctioning off valuable estate property without my consent and without notifying me in advance. I am listed as a beneficiary in the will; any and all properties were to be split between myself and the executor. Do I have any legal recourse? Thanks in advance.
  14. Over 7 years ago while renting a house, there were some plumbing issues and the landlord had me call her plumber so I could set up a time that I could be there for him to fix. There was a break in the line between the house and the alley and they had to dig up the back yard and replace lines. I just received a notice from a bill collector to day for this repair. I dont even remember the landlords last name or how to get in touch with her after all this time. Am I liable for this bill because she had me be the one to call? She claimed it was for my convenience due to my work schedule. The bill is for $2,000. There was no lease, it was month to month.
  15. Alright so basically im not familiar with how the law works so gimme the benefit of the doubt if i sound stupid.. anyways i haven't even lived in this town for a year yet and didnt have any record what so ever prior to living in this county and in the past 3 to for month ive been arrested 4 times.. all 4 of them had the officer I'm speaking in regards to and 3 out of the 4 times he was the arresting officer.. my problem occurs when all three times this officer arrested me he was never one time behind me.. all I did was simply pass him and he would turn on his lights and start to race to catch up to me.. his reasoning for 2 of the 3 times for stopping me was because my tags were expired witch I ended up fixing after the last time they put me in jail and I didn't think nothing of it until just yesterday I passed him and he flipped a u turn in the middle of the road and hurried and got behind me and turned on his lights.. by this time I was already out of the car attempting to walk into the store that I was attempting to get to.. so the officer ordered me to get back into the car and of course I did and when he got to my car I straight up said to him that I had already fixed my tags so he had no reason to stop me like he did and he processed to tell me that my license had been suspended and so have my plates which I had no idea about BUT he didn't care and arrested me.. so only about a day prior I was driving thru town at around three in the morning and I passed a cop and as useful he got behind me and tailed me for about 2 blocks before backing off which is the first time I've ever had a Police officer behind me and not been messed with.. so basically that tells me that not even a day before he arrested me my license must have been good or they would have pulled me over that night which also tells me that this cop is either randomly running my plate cuz he has it written down somewhere or he drives by and runs my plate to make sure he has something to get me for when he sees me drive by... which sounds like stalking or harassing to me.. where I love i have to park my car on the street and cops drive by all day but is it legal for a officer to deliberately single me out and to constantly run my plates and as soon as he sees me pass by hurry up and chase me down even tho he was never behind me to begin with? Please help me P.s I've looked up the definition of police harassment and it is word for word .. Police harassment is an abuse of an officer's authority by continually or arbitrarily stopping someone, aggressively questioning him or her, or by conducting an unwarranted or illegal search and seizure. and he has continually and arbitrarily stoped me so before anyone says I'm stupid for thinking this can be considered police misconduct due to the fact I was at fault when he stopped me.. my situation is literally the definition.
  16. i recieved a red light camera ticket in the mail and i was wandering was this legal because dont i have a right to face my accuser in court? how am i to face my accuser if its a camera? any tips on how to beat this?
  17. I am the mother of a nine year girl, whom I just was awarded child support in August of 2017, after many years from her biological father. Within the court order, in addition to the monthly child support amount, her father is, "responsible for the payment of one-half (1/2) of all extra-curricular sporting and school fees and expenses". My 9 year old lives with me and visits her father every other weekend. I was wondering what exactly is considered school fees and expenses for example: a backpack, school supplies, gym shoes, booster club fees, book orders, and lunches that are brought to school that are prepared within my home due to dietary restrictions and needs. I am already in conflict with her father because I feel these items are justifiably considered "school fees and expenses" and he does not and is refusing to pay for this documented paid items. Before I take any future legal steps concerning this issue I was wanting to clarify exactly what type of fees and expenses does Illinois actually consider for reimbursement? I also want to clarify that I am not looking to get rich off of this man. I have supported my child by myself for the last nine years and am in severe danger of having to claim bankruptcy due to a very large debt that has incurred from raising a child alone. Please help!
  18. I have been battling my nine year old child's father for years concerning child support. A court order was finally received in August of 2017. In that order it states in addition to the monthly child support amount, he is "responsible for the payment of (1/2) of all extra-curricular sporting and school fees and expenses incurred by the child". He is already refusing to pay for things that I justifiably presume are considered "school fees/expenses" such as: school supplies, a backpack, gym shoes, booster club funds, book orders, and lunches that are prepared at home but brought to school because of dietary restrictions and needs. What exactly does school expenses and fees technically covered? I am just wanting to be informed on this subject before I take legal steps to address this matter. I also want to clarify that I am a very hard working single mother and always have been. At one time in my life I was working 3 jobs to provide for my child. I currently am in severe danger of having to claim bankruptcy due to the fact I have over $20,000 in credit card debt which has evolved because of raising a child by myself. I am most defiantly not trying to get rich from her dad, I want what is justifiably right in sharing the expenses of our child.
  19. My ex and I have had a child support agreement for the past 11 years. We both got our own attorney and everything was great. This past week, we went back to court for child support modification. I figured this would be pretty straight forward and I went through the state. The state found he had a significant change in income since our last court date. Child support was to be raised from $83 a week to $118 a week. I married 2 years ago, and my current husband has put our son on his medical insurance. Father HAS been paying for his half of the insurance...great! except for the attorney gave him credit off his new child support amount for the $80 a month he has been paying for insurance. Which then put my weekly payment back down to $86. I signed the papers, but after I got home and read our original court papers, I realize that insurance is separate from child support in our order. Just like all extra curricular activities and medical expenses are considered a separate expense from child support. Is there anything I can do? I realize partly this was my mistake for not saying something, but honestly I didnt have my papers in front of me and we never stood in front of a judge. Am I screwed now? Is there anything I can do outside of hiring another lawyer? My son is 16 now, so I dont feel like the cost of a attny would be justified...I may be out of luck, but I feel like the attny should have had some basic knowledge of our original court order.
  20. I was recently involved in a small accident that resulted in a bumper being messed up. The other party agreed with me that it would be okay for me to take care of it outside of insurance and not go to court. I have already started to purchase stuff for the car, and I even got in the other persons car to pick up the items with them. I cant return the items. I just got off the phone and she is threatening to take me to court. I told her I was recording the call, and she responded "I dont care". Is that able to be used as evidence? My question is because I reminded her that we had agreed to take care of it outside of court and she said "Not technically it wasnt written on paper" She also is saying that she is going to go and get it taken care of on her own, or go through insurance. She says Ill have to pay for those, which are super expensive. Theyre way more than the car is worth. I know people at a legitimate shop that could do it and theyre giving me a great price for the service. I have texts of her basically demanding the money. My question is can she take me to court after our verbal agreement to take care of it outside of court? If she goes and does it on terms that we did not agree on, am I liable to pay the costs? All of this happened in Illinois. edit I am not opposed to paying the price but we had both agreed to agree on terms that would work for us right off the bat. My deal from the shop I have history with is amazing, and she is trying to make it cost as much as possible for me. Her car is worth $2,000 at most, and the cost at any other shop is more than half that, and my cost at my shop is less than a quarter of the price. Im trying to avoid going broke for this. I want to make this right because I made a mistake, but this lady is trying to screw me over. Ive worked with her on everything I left school to accomodate her schedule and Ive just tried my hardest to fix my mistake.
  21. After the Appellate record is prepared for criminal appeal, what happens if one finds in reviewing it that a court transcript for the case reads differently than the original court transcript of that appearance that one ordered and got back during the course of the case? What if one finds that an argument presented back then is now subtly altered in the Appellate record? What can be done about this? Is it possible that the judge (who kept the case record after trial and sentencing) either altered or had someone else alter it? If so, can the judge do that?
  22. Need some advice. Yesterday, I accidentally parked in a handicap parking spot in a street close to downtown Chicago, IL. There was a blatant sign for street cleaning and then some where close there was sign for handicap parking that I claerly missed. My car was towed that I had to pay a fine of $170 to get back. However, I have also received a city violation for $250. Wanted to check if it would make sense to contest this violation. Although the sign for handicap was there it was either not very obvious or I missed it. This is my first violation and more than the fine I want to assess how the violation if I simply pay will impact my driving or public records. Anyone been in similar situation and what they have done. Appreciate your assistance
  23. I am a homemaker and mother of 6 yr old and been married 7 yrs. 2 yrs ago my husband was hurt at work and he was awarded 50 k on this past Friday. He is to pick up no st next thurs after it clears attorney's account. I am filing for a divorce Monday. He claims none if the settlement is mine. Is this true and what are the laws
  24. Several times while my elder mother who is 85 has been out in her yard and she has been approached by the 50 year old daughter who is residing next door at her elderly father's house. The 50 year old has screamed at my mother at the top of her lungs accusing my mother of harassment. The 50 year old then is accompanied by 6-10 teenagers who are there visiting her daughter or son who resides with her. These youths visit the house at all hours of the day and night. They park in the street in front of the neighbors houses, throw their trash on their lawns and party in the street, on the side walks and in front and back of the neighbor's house they are there to visit. The youths are disrespectful to the neighbors when asked to pick up their trash or move their cars. When asked to do so, they are usually accompanied by the 50 year old leading the charge against the neighbors yelling and screaming at them trying to intimidate them and it usually works. The police have been called several times and do nothing. By the time they arrive the youths and the mother aren't screaming and say they've done nothing wrong and that they are being harassed by the neighbors. Police reports do not reflect the intimidation tactics and the fear that these elderly folks have when being confronted by these youths and the mother. The 78 year old owner of the house is divisional about the goings on and tells the officers he doesn't know what the neighbors are complaining about and that these are all good kids. We have asked the Mayor for a meeting and we have filed a petition with him to do something more about these incidents. The next door neighbor has threatened the neighbors with a harassment suit. What more can we do about the neighbor next door, his daughter and the youths who hang out there? Can my mother get an Order of Protection against the 50 year old who gets up in her face yelling at her? We the good neighbors need your advice. Please don't suggest moving.
  25. I have had guardianship of the child since he was 2 years old and today he is 11. The parent left us babysitting and never came back because she was parting with her new boyfriend at the time. The family told me to contact DCFS and I was granted guardianship 2 months later after careful review of the situation. Since the 1st day the child has been in my home and now today I get a certified letter saying that the mother wants 3 days of unsupervised visits a week and every other weekend. Mind you she has another older daughter that lives with her father or his parents and the child I am caring for does not even have her real father's last name or even knows who he is. Because the mother thought the father was the 1st child's father. We have had no contact with the mother for about 6-7 years because she did not believe that my rules applied to her while I allowed her to care for the child. Now 1 year ago she became pregnant again and now has a 1 year old daughter from another man, which she is currently living with and now wants to be a mother. I want to know what are my rights as I have played the mother role for the last 9 years while she has partied her life away? Thank you