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Found 197 results

  1. I was the successor trustee of a relative's trust after he was declared incompetent by his doctor. A family member plans to sue me because he did not like his share of the trust after the relative died. There was no income involved only the assets. Suppose that he can get the will and trust set aside and I have to pay him what he wants. Is that money than deductible on my personal income tax?
  2. A person completed some work at my mother's property last year. there was no contract written prior to the work being performed nor an agreed upon amount. the work that was suppose to be completed was removal of food left from a previous tenant, repaint, pull up carpet and fix soft spots on subfloor. This person is asking to be compensated for the work, however he just now presented a bill on (4/17/17) because we requested on and the work that he said he completed is not done. For example we do agree that the food was thrown out, the carpet was pulled, and one coat of paint was applied in the living/dining room area only, not the entire house. We've asked him to present receipts outlying materials and labor and he has not. Just a poorly written invoice. I want to dispute the bill however my mother is 82 years old and suffers with aphasia, so she signed the "invoice" not understanding. Is there anything I can do?
  3. My ex and I have had a child support agreement for the past 11 years. We both got our own attorney and everything was great. This past week, we went back to court for child support modification. I figured this would be pretty straight forward and I went through the state. The state found he had a significant change in income since our last court date. Child support was to be raised from $83 a week to $118 a week. I married 2 years ago, and my current husband has put our son on his medical insurance. Father HAS been paying for his half of the insurance...great! except for the attorney gave him credit off his new child support amount for the $80 a month he has been paying for insurance. Which then put my weekly payment back down to $86. I signed the papers, but after I got home and read our original court papers, I realize that insurance is separate from child support in our order. Just like all extra curricular activities and medical expenses are considered a separate expense from child support. Is there anything I can do? I realize partly this was my mistake for not saying something, but honestly I didnt have my papers in front of me and we never stood in front of a judge. Am I screwed now? Is there anything I can do outside of hiring another lawyer? My son is 16 now, so I dont feel like the cost of a attny would be justified...I may be out of luck, but I feel like the attny should have had some basic knowledge of our original court order.
  4. I apologize in advance if this gets lengthy... I just kinda wanted an idea of what I was looking at before I faced an atty and recieved bad but hopefully good news. I couldnt afford an atty when I first had to "settle" with the custody agreement that was offered to me. The atty I did get late in the game didnt seem to fight for me and just told me it was the best I was going to get. My ex made up lies and I had to jump thru hoops to try to prove who I was as a mother and the Guardian at Litem ( Im sure I got that wrong.. but you know what I mean) didnt look into anything I gave her and just took peoples words for what they said. ANYHOW.. TWO YEARS LATER... .My ex refuses to work with me on ANYTHING.. doesnt communicate about dental appts (I take my son to all other appt and have Dr visit notes for the past 2 years showing I took him) doesnt make copies or leave important school info in sons binder til next day so I can copy..nor does he have my son write in journal daily like hes supposed to for past 2 years.. I have both journals to prove that.. speaks badly to me.. and about me to my son.. I have text messages for the last 2 years showing all of this. Plus now its affecting mine and my sons relationship cuz my ex tells him Mommy makes him sick. My son has been experiencing stomach issues for the past month and the Dr believes its stress related. Im going to get him into counseling which my ex insists if I do.. He will take me to court. Accuses me of having many boyfriends.. Ive had son has met..I have guy friends hes met but just friends.. I smoke..down to 3 cigs a day..smoke outside but my son will come out with me at times. My ex has quit smoking.. He is planning on moving. I dont live in the same school dist but would move if it would help..but its not the best dist in the area.. My son then would be changing schools even with custody not changing. Ive thrown a lot out here I realize.. just didnt know what would matter and what wouldnt. IM A GREAT MOM!! I have a daughter in college I talk to for an hour a day.. He doesnt communicate with his 2 daughters like I do mine. He found out thru me that his one daughter got a DUI.. I knew 30min after it happened.. He found out 3 weeks later.. just saying..this is how involved/not involved with our other children we are. If that matters. I dont work yet he insists my son go to daycare and be with the daycare provider (who ignores me at school and reamed me out for bringing a concern to her attention) more then myself or him during the summer!! How is that good for my son? With what Ive shared...Do I have enough to get residential custody or whatever they are calling it now? I SHOULDNT OF LOST HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE.. BUT THE COURT SYSTEM ISNT ALWAYS FAIR WHEN U DONT HAVE AN ATTY. I GET THAT.. So looking forward to your honest opinions... psmuckers
  5. My father recently passed away. He did not own any property but has a bank account. Once we pay all his medical bills/credit cards, what do we have to do to close out his accounts? We will probably wait 6 months but just wondering what we need to do.
  6. Hi, While my car has been going north straight on the main street, other car ftom the side street failed to yield turning left and proceed to intersection, and causing a collision with my car. Although I tried to brake and honks, my car has been hit and my car's front has been damaged badly. No personal injury. I have the police report too, the other car was issued a citation. Even the other party admits that it is his fault, but the claimant adjustor doesn't want to pay full. They decided that I didint make effort to stop car coz i am in 3rd lane and I should see other car coming . Final decision is they can pay 80 coz of my comparative negligence. I dont know whether lucky or unlucky that we both have same insurance company. My claim agent even teamed up with claimant adjustor and told me that it is part of my fault too. After they made decision, I am able to retrieve the nearby surveillance video clip from accident site, it is showing that my car was trying to slow down while the other car was coming, then my car almost stops and other car cannot stip and hits me. I have only liability coverage only. So, my question is that I should show them the clip and negotiate? OR go to claims court directly? I dont want the insurance fees go up coz it is not my fault. My car is stranded in tow car lot too. Pls give some suggestion.Thanks, I am from illinois.
  7. The attorney controls strategy for a client's criminal trial. Is the attorney still in charge of strategy after trial, and if so, until what point in appeal? Or, is the client back to relying upon himself once trial is concluded? Whose decision is it to file post-trial motions, request a Krankel hearing if desired, and to determine whether or not to appeal and file any appeal? Also, what happens to any notes jurors took during trial? Thank-you in advance for any information about these matters.
  8. If in murder investigation 5 yrs ago u were charged with Obstruction of justice and later acquitted, can you be re-charged with OJ if they now claim you did something else 5 yrs ago?
  9. What is the protocol for contacting jurors after trial to try to find out why they made the decision they did? Are there rules for who can contact them and how it is supposed to be done? And, how soon after trial can one do this?
  10. Hello and thank you in advance. I live in Illinois. I am 60 and a year or so away from my company being sold that would bring in options worth $2.5 million and owned/purchased stock worth $1 million. I will retire after the sale. My girlfriend and her daughter moved in almost 2 years ago. Daughter is 19 and in school. They have lousy insurance and I would like to add them onto my company insurance by making her my domestic partner. Obviously I care about both of them, but at the same time I am too old to build up another nest egg so I want to 100% protect my stock options and purchased share assets. Is it possible to make her my domestic partner and still have sole access and control over my stock and options? Thanks W
  11. I want to know how this happens? A court order was made in 1997 and I have gotten ONE payment! HFS says they won't look for him anymore! Funny how the State was able to find me and make me pay them back!! I want what's owed to me. All I know is that the NCP is having a good side-splitting, tear streaking laugh at the court system because he's been able to thumb his nose at the Judge for twenty years!! What do I have to do to get my child support arrears? I still have an open and active case.
  12. A cell phone company's billing date is the 19th of the month for me, so I don't receive the bill until the 21st or 22nd. It is due on the 3rd of next month. So for the March 3rd due date, I have 10 days or less to send in my payment (US mail) and have it credited to my account before being late. This means to be safe, I have to have it in the mail in less than a week. Seems unreasonable. Most other bills I have for three weeks before I have to act upon. Is there a law giving consumers 30 days (or any other number of days) to pay, or do the companies get to make up their own requirements? Thanks.
  13. I receive financial aid from the state which also requires me to go after Child Support from my twins' father. I have grounds for Involuntary Rights Revocation but I want to know, before I proceed with the legal route, if he still has to pay child support once his rights are revoked. I really need the child support (but he doesn't pay as it is) and I am just afraid of losing it; BUT at the same time I do not want the chance of him trying to go after custody of them.
  14. Hey all, Starting to look and see if there is a family trust connected to my immediate or previous generation. I am not sure where to start and am hoping this site will offer some key starting points. I am unsure if a trust was created in Wisconsin or Illinois. I know a few names it maybe under so if I knew the places to search I could input a few likely matches. Is it likely a trust maybe setup in another state than where the one setting it up may reside? If it is in one of the states listed above, what are the avenues to investigate? Any searching you know or have done in the past without a lawyer to yield results would be greatly appreciated to know. Thanks for your time! Looking.
  15. My friend is scheduled for a jury murder trial in a few weeks. Trial is set to go on and as part of preliminary matters, the judge had all the charges (40+) read out loud last court date. My friend wonders why the court would do this? He was arraigned when he was first charged. Then he was re-indicted a few months after. My friend wants to know if this reading is typical for pretrial or what other possibilities may have caused this to be done. He asked his PD, but his PD was too busy to answer and my friend won't get to see him again for several weeks.
  16. I have a rental property in Illinois which I have contracted with a person under "Rent To Own" contract - legally signed and notarized by both parties. Lately the person has not been doing financially well and missing partial payments each month. So far, the unpaid amount has reached to about 2 months of rental amount. It appears that the tenant/future buyer is not in position to continue pay the agreed rent amount. The contract does have a clause to cover the situation but I just don't know how to proceed legally step-by-step per Illinois state law and get house vacated, so that I can put it back in the market? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. I have illinicare insurance- a medicaid plan and I was seeing a local chiropractor for about 3 years in this time I never once received a bill or receipt or anything. I just sign in on a piece of paper when I got there and that was it. I was going on average three times a week because it was paid for by my insurance. Recently I made comment to my dad that he could go there because he has the same insurance and my dads gf said she thought other wise that they only accepted my insurance until age 18. At this point I was almost 20. I texted the chiropractor that owns the office and she confirmed what my dads gf had said. I replied and asked her how that was possible If i had been going to her for over a year since I had turned 18. she told me she would have to look into it. I never heard back then all of a sudden she tells me I do in fact have a bill about a month went by where she was supposedly "making adjustments". I asked her why I was never notified or sent a bill and she said it was because my insurance takes forever to submit payment so they were waiting. I then received a $ two thousand some dollar in the mail. She "adjusted it down" to$450 I talked to another chiropractor I know who told me to call my insurance. I did and my insurance has no record of them ever submitting a bill to her, I also never received a insurance denial for any of the visits or received a bill prior to the $450 one. I called the office and requested EOB's for all the claims they submitted. The office was very rude. I ended up calling again and was told they would look into it and never received a call back. I then got another bill in the mall with a "this bill is due now! sticker". I emailed the owner again and told her I had called and wasn't going further with the bill until I was given the forms I requested. Never heard anything back. Today I got a third bill in the mail with a sticker that says"your insurance states your responsible for this bill payment is due immediately!". The bill charges me 50$ for every visit without my insurance yet the office offers an out of insurance program for cash patients and only charges 15$. What do I do here? If I knew my insurance wasn't paying I wouldn't have continued going because I cant afford it. Another thing to is that they claim "Apex insurance" was paying before, yet ive never had Apex insurance and have no idea who they are. Thanks
  18. Is it illegal for a dealership to sell you a car that was in an accident, no matter the severity, without informing you before purchase?
  19. I worked for 2 large corporations. At the first company,( Corp A) which I left about a year ago, I had a female co-worker sexually harass me. I took another job for which I was recruited, but the job, for reasons of its own, lasted only six months. I would like to get my job back at my old company. I know the statute has passed for me to file with the EEOC. Secondly, I went to work at another large corporation. This was about two months after I was let go from Corp A. During the two months, I had some strange hip/sciatica malady. I had to use a cane to walk, and the commute from home to office was quite taxing. I was in physical therapy at the time, and often my direct supervisor would not let me leave until she was satisfied with my work, and I would often end up missing my physical therapy appointments. I also had a lot of back pain and requested back support, which they refused to provide for me. As a result of this, I now have increased right hip pain which will require more medical intervention. When I told them that I was having trouble seeing the small print on their computer screens, they let me go. Do I have any recourse with either of these two companies? It has been a really hard year. I am in constant pain on my right hip and I will be going back to physical therapy again. I don't know if this is a worker's comp situation, discrimination, both, or neither. I need some advice please.
  20. My mother needs information about what happens if my father, her husband, has made no legal will. Does she automatically become executer of his estate and automatically inherit his estate as his "Closest Next of Kin?"
  21. My husband is in Pickneyville & we are trying to get him out on work release, unfortunatly that does not seem possible is there any other way to get a person out early?
  22. on Sunday august 5, 2015 a country club sponsored a golf tournament in which a automobile dealership would donate an automobile as a prize to any golfer who shot a hole in one. The automobile was parked near the clubhouse with an advertisement poster stating the free automobile for any golfer who shot a hole in one. I paid the requisite entrance fee for me and my son to participate in the tournament. My son who is 16 (minor) shot a hole in one in presence of other members. We notified the dealership but they refuse to tender the automobile. Can anyone give me any references to any similar case regarding advertising contracts that are false? can my me and/or my son sue the auto dealership or the country club that sponsored the event? any references or responses would be appreciated.
  23. Im a stay at home dad, wife obviously the breadwinner. We argue quite a bit. More maybe than average but that's irrelevant. I'm a large guy; 6'3" 325lbs. My wife 5'7" 135lbs. We were in an argument yesterday in which she became very audible. She's naturally a vocal person anyway but enough to where the neighbors took notice. The result was a glass of water ended up on me allegedly having been thrown onto me and a broom was broken on a poster in the garage. She never laid a finger on me, but those awesome neighbors told police she was beating me even though I have no marks. She was ultimately arrested for domestic battery for the water as I was told after being lied to by the police saying she wasn't. So I'm doubtful a jury will convict her given the fact the police misheard that it looked like she threw/dumped the water on me and my size compared to hers. We are not well off by any means and she has a state license which could be effected resulting in some serious financial implications if by miracle they actually win. Off the record as to not implicate anyone or hold you to any legal advise given; what can I do to destroy the prosecutions case before she is even arraigned. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see this disappear.
  24. I'm a defense witness for an upcoming criminal trial. The judge just allowed a State motion to exclude witnesses from attendance at all pre-trial court appearances and from buying any court transcripts. The Court's actions are directed towards me, and I feel harassed. Is there any objection I can make and if so how. I have lived in association with this case and other witnesses in it for 5 years now without tampering with anyone's testimony or revealing information improperly. I've followed the case and bought court transcripts but never posted or made improper use of them. My testimony stems from my personal experience and knowledge independent of any information presented to the Court. And, my testimony will be extremely limited in scope, and nothing they are discussing even pertains to it. I feel the Court is permitting the State to overstep it's rights. Please let me know what might apply here, thanks!
  25. I have medical and full POA over my father I am the only sibling of my 92 year old father who is still living my aunt his older sister who is 3 years older than him wants to take us to the lawyer to have him my father filed as incompetent and take over the POA can she legally do this. Also she wants to find out how much his estate is worth. His sister is not incompetent but she is not healthy either. This is going to happen shortly so I need advice ASAP( I stated this is going to happen shortly shortly being in 14 hours)