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Found 183 results

  1. Need some help/advice/recommendation or just confirmation I am not wrong. Have a crazy neighbor and not sure what to do about it. This is of course a summary but let me know if you have any suggestions or at least let me know I am not crazy. We live on a corner lot, issue is with neighbor behind us. So his side yard, our back yard. Old History w/ Neighbor (> 6 years or more ago) - Were letting dog out too early and it was barking. Neighbor asked us to not do this and we realized the timing was our issue and adjusted. To be fair we had a 1 month old baby and were just suffering baby brain. Haven't let dogs out prior to 9am in back yard since then. - Moved a play set to where he said it was code violation. He tried to intimidate my wife and called code enforcement on it twice. Both times code enforcement said it was fine. - One week night we were a little loud, were quiet on request, hasn't happened since. - Had a soccer team party at 5pm on a Saturday, about ten 8 year old kids running around for 2 hours. Pulled his car up to the fence, put car in neutral, kept car engine revved to be as obnoxious as possible, around 7pm. - We have called police on him a few times over yelling at kids and the car revving thing which I find dangerous since his car could pop out of gear and run my kids over. More recent history (last few years) - If kids play too loudly he will yell at them or rev his car engine right next to the fence. Most recently he called the police on them at 7 pm on a Sunday night for playing soccer too loudly. Police apologized to use. - If dogs bark for more than 10 - 15 seconds he blows airhorns at them or yells at them. We had a lawyer write a letter and that has ceased. - If a neighbor is over and the dogs are playing he yells at neighbors. So here is current situation on our end - Have 2 dogs. Aren't left outside while we are gone. Aren't allowed to bark for more than 1 - 2 minutes at most, usually only 3 - 4 barks before we bring them in. At this point he turns on this crazy high pitched dog siren that the dogs don't care about but drives me and my kids nuts. Wife can't hear it. For reference county code says dogs aren't an issue until 15 consecutive minutes of barking, never been near that. - Have 2 boys, age 10 and 12. They play soccer and other things in the yard and can get noisy. Never noisy after dark or early. - As of today the high pitched dog siren runs constantly, hasn't shut off in hours. Driving us bonkers. I feel like we are as accommodating as we can be with the dogs and I am getting to the point that I am over trying to keep the peace. I can post more information but want to scrub any personal details first. I can go on and on with dates/times, I have a 10 page document spanning years, videos, letters, etc. Am I crazy or is this completely harassing and nuisance behavior?
  2. I was downsized after asking for same pay as New Hire coworker(s). I took over assignment which should have provided a pay increase due to quota and skill level required. I was asked to take assignment. Manager told me pay raise would be forthcoming for new fiscal year. When I got my pay (new fiscal yr) it was not increased all new hires (no prior experience and given my old assignment). all males and 1000 s more. I was instructed by manager to call HR which I did. After consulting Sr. management said within guidelines. When I asked what if could I please see guidelines so I knew what I would have to do to be paid same they said no. I dropped the matter. 10 days later I was blindsided with reduction in force which had never been discussed and they hired several new people in the prior 6 mos. while I was employed. I probably should have taken package they offered (6weeks) but I was so hurt and angry and that boat sailed. I was a good loyal employee and good at my job, knew it would be difficult to replace due to my age (over 55) Filed with EEOC still awaiting results. Can't really afford to spend 5-10K for attorney. Thinking of representing myself if I have to but they lots of resources. Any advice how I should proceed? It has been with eeoc for over a year. Any comments welcome
  3. can I be charged with a crime if a 14yr old girl called me with stomach cramps to take her to the hospital, then when I got there I saw she was pregnant so I rushed her to the hospital and helped her when I didn't know the girl was even pregnant, and when doctor asked if I wanted them to call the cops & dcf I told them I had no idea what to do they needed to do whatever they thought was necessary, and when they asked me to stay with her I did.
  4. Mom died without will me and my sister were made co-executor of Estate$25,000 worth of credit card debt are left I was staying here when my mother passed with my 3 year old son I have offered to buy my sister's half of Interest out she refused I have offered to petition the creditors to reduce the debt my sister and her lawyer refused to give me addresses and names of creditors now they are trying to have me removed from property and as executor is thier any thing I can do. I do not have the money to hire a lawyer , this is my son's home .
  5. If a Good Behavior Bond was placed on us (unwarranted) can a Private investigation be started or continue during the time of the 60 day bond? Also, can the lawyers do background checks during that time frame? Thank you!
  6. I bought a car from my sister last year. She didn't give me the title because it wasn't safe in the house I was staying in. On the bill of sale we both signed with a witness she put that it was staying in her name for insurance purposes only. The tag is now expired and she says she sent me the title but won't say where to. How do I get a tag? A title? And how do I register the vehicle in my name?
  7. I am a victim of identity theft from a college in Georgia. The college admissions clerk stole my information, used my credit card at 3 National companies and then gave my personal and financial information to family members. I have done my due diligence with regards to reporting this issue but the college just turned the other way and wanted to give me free courses however I do not want their name on my college degree. What can I do?
  8. Can someone tell me if there is such a thing as a "3 day eviction process?" There is no rent past due or anything, but we have been threatened with this 3 day eviction if we aren't out by the end of September. The landlady is being very unreasonable about telling us to get out as it stems from my husbands illness and I guess she looks at us as a liability.
  9. I moved here April 1. The lease says it is for 1 year. This is stated at the 1st half of the page. The bottom of it says, 3 month trial period, then month to month basis. She verbally told me since, that I was on a 6 month trial period and after that it would be on a month to month basis. Rent hasn't been late but once, by 1 day, which cost us $70 more. First and last months rent, totaling $1400, was paid in cash on April 1. No deposit was included. Receipt states this also. She found out about an incident in which my husband illness caused him to get lost, a 2nd time, very far from home. After finding out, she decided that it would be better for us to move at the end of the month. She threatened with a 3 day eviction, which I don't know if there really is one or not, if we didn't get out by the 30th. I feel that since first and last months rent was paid to her in April, that we should be able to stay until the end of October, as he was temporarily laid off from work and we have had no income for 3 weeks now. I need time to get some income and things taken care of along with a place to go. We have no where to go and no money yet to do anything with. This will be taken care of very soon but I only need a small amount of time to take care of these problems. She won't work with me, I have already tried to make her understand. I don't plan to stay any longer than I feel is fair. Since I have already paid. If we had to leave at the end of the month, she would never send us our money. I have already heard too many people talk about the things she has done to renters in the past. One being a tenant who won her case and the landlord was suppose to pay her. But she never did. Can she make us go by end of this month?
  10. I am 15 years old, I live in Georgia and I have been dating a boy that is 17. He will be turning 18 on our 2 month mark and both of our parents know about and consent to the relationship. For the past few weeks we have been having consensual and safe sex but I would like to know, is it illegal for us to continue after his birthday? Also would this be better answerd in the "family law"section of this website?
  11. My former company did human blood withdraw in company kitchen and conference room by non-licensed people without IRB documentaion; meanwhile, This company is breeding mice in non-pathogen-free condition and used for ascites development and antibody production without IACUC documentation. The animal are living in very worse environment and treated brutally. Now a lot of countries prohibit to use mice for ascites development to produce antibodies. What is your suggestions? Thanks
  12. I was laid off with oral notification from a small company on 09/01/2017. I have 21 days PTO and 1 worked day unpaid. No written policy in handbook to show the rule on PTO. I sent emails to former company but I got no response. Meanwhile, I need layoff letter for my unemployment benefit claim, but the former employer didn't give me layoff letter. Would you please give me some suggestions ? Thanks.
  13. Got pulled over for falling asleep at a red light (Woke up at 6am, stayed away for 23 hours, I was extremely tired.). Cop pulled woke me up and told me to pull into a Chick fil a, long story short I denied the breathalyzer test (since you can get a .02 by chewing a piece of gum) but let them CLEARLY know repeatedly that I consented to a blood test since it will give me the most accurate results. Go to jail and I was never given a blood test that I specifically asked for, no urine test, or breathalyzer test. Nothing DUI was written on the citation, including the DUI evaluation box that was given. Sat in jail for over 12 hours with no proof of alcohol in my system even though I gave consent to a blood test that was offered to me from a prompt that they read that give me an option of breath, blood, or urine test. Miranda laws were not stated at any point during my encounter with the police if that matters.
  14. My father planned his funeral 10 years ago. He was divorced at the time and never remarried. When he made his plans he had 2 life insurance policies through his employer (retired/pension plan). One valued at $6000 the other $4000. At the funeral home he signed a paper allocating the $6000 policy to be sent to the funeral home after his death, the $4000 to be divided between my brother and I. When he passed away last month we followed his plans per the funeral homes instructions. When they filled out papers to be submitted to employer/insurance company and notified them of my fathers death, they were told that they could not be the beneficiary and that it would be up to the beneficiary to send the money. They would not give them anymore information, nor tell them the beneficiary's name. We know his ex wife (17 years divorced) was the original beneficiary. So my brother and I have had to pay for the funeral that my father thought was taken care of. Who is responsible for this mix up? Do we have any recourse? Can his ex wife be made to send the money to the funeral home? Not once was he or the funeral home told by the employer or insurance company he could not allocate the funeral home as the beneficiary. He would never have left it in her name as he thought the funeral home was now the beneficiary. Any suggestions or did we just learn a $6000 lesson?
  15. A friends son moved in with me and my husband a year and a half ago with out a formal lease agreement. He brought his pit bull with him and did not give full disclosuer before moving in. Since he was coming from Florida, we let him move in anyway. We agreed to $250.00 a month for the room rental, use of laundry facilities and the kitchen. Approximately 6 months after he moved in he lost his job, so we continued to let him stay without paying rent (his mother did write a check, but it bounced). So this went on for about 5 month with no payments. When he finally found another Job, he gave 2 months of back payments. He also, leave thr days and weeks at a time and leave us to take care of the dog. Recently, there was a issue with him and my husband and he came in the house yielding a knife when we tried to approach him about the matter. .What are our right when it comes to asking him to vacate the property?
  16. When I joined my current employer, they offered me a monetary cash bonus with the condition that if I leave the employer within 2 years, I will have to pay back the entire bonus back. However, there were no re-payment conditions specified and the only mention of this condition was in the offer letter with the specific text below as follows : "If you should resign your employment with the company within 2 year of payout, you agree to reimburse the company the full amount of your relocation bonus. This will be paid along with your first payroll." Now after 1 year and a few months, my role has changed, including my title, salary and benefits. This is an "at-will" employment and the offer letter further states This offer letter does not constitute a contract of employment. The employment is governed by the attached Employment Agreement, which must be signed and returned to the company along with a signed copy of this letter. Employment with X is ”at will”. Either X or the employee may terminate the employment relationship as defined in the Employment Agreement. A copy of the employment agreement was never provided to me nor signed by me. My question is, if I leave before the 2 year mark (within the next 6 months), will I still owe the company the original bonus? Thanks for your input
  17. Hi I petition on my husband behave and I found out this marriage was a lie this whole time. we been marry for 7 years now. I just went through the papers and he lied about to the immigration people plus he have had so many relationships while being marry to him from the day we was marry he sent in false paper and plus sign my name even when I never stayed with him sent them how can I remove my name as an petitioner plus he sent false cards to that I didn't give him. He's putting my signature on this lease when I didn't stay with him help
  18. I am currently a pro se plaintiff in a case during the discovery phase. The defense has gotten my medical records, but some records that are critical to identifying who the defendants are is missing. These records are in the possession of the BOP, and they have not responded to emails asking for expedited processing. Currently there is under 2 months of discovery time remaining. Can I motion the court to order the BOP for expedited processing? If so, how do I do this? Is there something else I need to do to ensure I get these critical records before the discovery/case ends?
  19. My friend was accused of going to another person's house with an AK-47 and threatening her. He is on active parole, and wants to know if he could be arrested just by this person's false accusation??? Help PLEASE
  20. I was pulled over for a clocked 86 in a 70 on interstate 75 three lane. I wasn't going that fast. The cops didnt like to communicate when they pulled me over and won't tell me what details are. It says citation and summons. The cop said I just had to pay a fine but that's not what the ticket says. It's a 10 hour drive from my home in Florida. When calling the number it states it could take 20 days for information. Seems a little Agressive for a speeding ticket. The cop made is sound like it was a lesser ticket but after trying to figure out how to pay it's sounding ridiculous. 40-6-241 state law. Cooks county. Does anyone know the fines details and if I need to plan for a trip up to Georgia? I'm a full time student work full time and my moms been in the hospital for a month icu. (Which is why I was in the situation in the first place)
  21. I'm having trouble getting paid for my medical expenses from the other drivers insurance, can I file claim on my insurance as well?
  22. I was in an auto accident and the passenger and myself were injured, i'm going to do the claim for both of us. If I get power of attorney I can handle all issues for the other person as well?
  23. Ive had my minor nephew living with me for 4 months now. I have a temporary guardianship paper that mean and the child's mom signed and had notarized. But now she wants me too have custody. I am married and living with my husband but he is a nonviolent sex offender charged with statutory rape as a teen. How likely would it be for us to obtain custody of my nephew. The mother wnats me to care for and fully support the child. So what would be best for us to do? Guardianship, custody adoption please help and i need to do somethaing asap. As I need to get the child some medical insurance.
  24. I filed a claim for unemployment benefits in June. I called in July to check my status and they said that I had been approved. Someone I spoke with stated that I needed to download or print out a form that needs to be signed by my school. Which is fine but I stated to her that I attend school online so it takes 3-5 business days before I can get it signed and returned to unemployment I was told that would be okay. Once I received the paperwork back I had sent them to unemployment, I called to make sure that they had received my paperwork she stated yes she received them and that I would be paid for those weeks. I had looked out for my payment and I never received them so I called and was told again that I would be paid. Long story short it's August and I still haven't received my benefits. I received a email stating that I couldn't send any paperwork after the week ended. I explained to them that my school wouldn't allow me to send the paperwork a couple days ahead. I could only submit that paperwork dated for that Friday or it would not be accepted and I stated this to unemployment but I was told that it didn't matter if I wanted to receive my benefits I needed to send the paperwork in on Saturday. I was told that it's the Georgia law that i cannot submit any weeks after the week ended. I fill that this a discrimination for people that attend school online because depending on the type of paperwork your submitting it can get signed that day or needs to be reviewed by someone higher which takes 3-5 business days. Is this a form of discrimination?
  25. I recently bought property on the river for privacy, there is a sandy place where people can put their boats in. When the river is low, no boats can be loaded only party people with Razor's, 4-wheelers go down there to cross over to the sandbar and party. I was told nothing of this when I bought the property. I recently had the road side surveyed to put up fence for sheep. I also paid for the road which I wasn't told about. The county comes occasionally and grades the road. In the meantime, people are trespassing, stealing fuel, wood we had cut and stacked to dry for the winter, they snatch down our no trespassing signs and come on our property at leisure. The trash, beer cans, broken beer bottles, suite case boxes, toilet paper, condoms, water bottles, bags of trash, nasty words written on the trees, to much to list. My question is this, do I have any rights? Can I shut down this road? I am so tired of people shooting guns, hooting and hollering, loud music. I moved out here to get away from all that. I have been taking pictures of where my no trespassing signs were tri-folded and then where they were missing after I opened them back up, of all the above mentioned trash.