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Found 201 results

  1. Divorced. Gave ex-wife my house because she's raising my son. (I owned house prior to marriage and mortgage and everything was only in my name). Decree stated that she needed to transfer ownership and mortgage. Due to unemployment, she was not able to do so. Now she is employed and is preparing to refinance house. She stated she is only doing refinance for the balance of mortgage on house and will not pay me the equity (approx. $40k) as we agreed. Can she legally do this? what are my options in getting my equity.
  2. Divorced. Gave ex-wife my house because she's raising my son. (I owned house prior to marriage and mortgage and everything was only in my name). Decree stated that she needed to transfer ownership and mortgage. Due to unemployment, she was not able to do so. Now she is employed and is preparing to refinance house. She stated she is only doing refinance for the balance of mortgage on house and will not pay me the equity (approx. $40k) as we agreed. Can she legally do this? what are my options in getting my equity.
  3. My husband and I are in the midst of a civil suit which involves contempt of the decree on my husbands part and contempt of the parenting plan on his former spouse's part. The final hearing will be on the 23rd of January of this year. Though we are positive we will get a better parenting plan, our main concern is having his name removed from the mortgage from my husband's prior marriage. The decree does not address the division of the family home. Now, that my husband and I are now married, we are not able to buy a home or invest in a business because our income will not cover two mortgages. We would like for her to sell the house, split the profits and pay off the portion of the equity line he agreed to pay off as outlined in the decree? Also, is the note now considered material property? How would this affect me as his current wife?
  4. I work for a guy that owns his own business we generally work 40-plus hours a week but we don't get time and a half for overtime just straight time. Is this legal? Or is he required to pay time-and-a-half for anything over 40?
  5. I had a title loan with Lending Bear that was obtained approximately September 24, 2017. I borrowed $175.00 at the time and made a payment in the amount of $80.00 on approximately October 30, 2017 that left a balance of $255.00 with $20.00 going to the principle. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to make the next payment and on approximately December 19, 2017, I was notified that it was being repossessed after a wrecker was already hooked up to it. I called the next morning to see what I needed to redeem my vehicle. That amount was $315.00. I called on December 30, 2017 to see about getting it back today. I was informed that on December 29th, it had been sold. I have not received any type of notifications from this company and have not been able to collect the personal property and tags and registration or had a chance to have them returned. I was under the impression that I would have 30 days to get my vehicle back and I would be notified by certified, return receipt requested that mail of anything pertaining to this matter. I was not informed of anything prior to the repossessions or after the fact. I had visited their website prior to obtaining this loan and it lists both title loans and title pawn. I no longer have the paperwork as it was in the vehicle when it was repossessed. What are my rights in this matter? I feel like I a victim of fraud and deceptive and unfair practices especially since I was unaware thatit was a title pawn. Their name even implies that it is a lender and not a pawnshop
  6. I was shopping at Walmart when I seen this huge display. It has about 10 to 12 boxes of this keyboard/headset combo package stacked on it and that was the only item on the whole display. The lower left and right of the display had the price of 17.88. A clerk was nearby so I asked "is this the price?" She immediately started trying to move the boxes but there were just too many and she had no place to put them, and her response was "You can try to get it for that but he ain't gonna sell it to you for that." She decided at that point to get her manager I guess. While I was standing there a man with a hoodie on came up beside me and pulled the top label off. "I asked "do you work here?" he responded "yes but I'm off the clock." I asked "Did they send you over here to remove that price tag?" and I grabbed my phone and took a picture of the other price tag, and when I turned around he was gone. Eventually an asst mgr. approached me and started of by telling me he could not honor that price because that was for some other item. I recorded the conversation until he told me not to record him anymore. I told him that was illegal to have those prices on a display and not sell it for that. He reached down and tore off the other label. He tried to offer me like 10% off or something. I asked to see his manager and threatened to get an attorney. Finally I guess what was the store manager came up and she basically told me since I had mentioned the word attorney, she couldn't help me and said she was going to call the police and have me removed from the store. I wasn't loud or rude, I just kept telling her that it was illegal for them to have a huge display like that with 10 or so boxes of the keyboard/headsets on it and nothing else and try to tell me that the price displayed in two different places was for something else. Anyway, she turned her back to me and refused to tell me her name and just walked away. So I walked towards the front of the store to look for a different manager. I finally found what looked like a manager, and he seemed like he was going to help me. He paged some other manager (The electronics asst manager) on his walkie talkie and he told him to meet us on isle 22. Guess who it was....It was the guy in the hoodie who removed the first price tag. As soon as he recognized me he took off running! I tried to catch up, and recorded him running away but he was too fast before I had a chance to realize what was going on he was gone. I was able to get the helpful associate whos name was Moses to give me the actual managers name which is Michael. If you look at the picture of the display you can see on the bottom left corner is where the manager in disguise removed the price sticker.
  7. I need help my situation is that where I live at I'm being stalked n harassed n threated by the park manager. Since I moved to this trailer park I've been threatening n harassed by this lady. She has threatened my kids. I don't rent from her I rent from the owner and I have called the police about this matter and nothing is being done. I live in Augusta Georgia. This lady has been money laundering for sometime now. And I'm worried about my safety. I have went to channel12 news to get help.yesterday this park manager came to my house threatening me because I went to channel12 news for help about being stalked by her and her husband. My neighbor are going through the same stuff. She threated my kids. Now we got proof that she is giving a man our money order to be cashing them and she pocket our money n she keeps increasing our rent. Now she is trying to evict us out of our home that belongs to the owner she won't give the owners there titles for buying their home she has already evicted 30 family's from here. What can I do. Now she is sending unmarked cars to get our information she had people crash into our car now we can't sleep.
  8. i have a court date regarding an eviction notice from my apartment complex but I never received an eviction notice. I'm not sure how to overcome this in court. I could not pay november on the date the manager made a schedule payment due to them being closed, so I paid all of the month of november on december 4th the day they were finally open. No one said anything to me once I handed in the money order, then the next day I open my door with a court date for the hearing me against them. I went to the leasing office and the other manager said the manager who made the arrangement with me was out of town, and he’s sorry communication was not made properly but I still have to go to court and pay for everything, I’ve never encountered anything like this before. He also gave me until the 22nd to pay all of december’s rent.
  9. Are their any protections for private employees who are retaliated against for noticing FTC and Unfair business practices affecting the public and who went through the proper channels at work including HR to discuss issues? I was picked on, job title changed, denied bonus opportunities, and then fired. I am being told that the retaliation is legal and I have no protections because my employer is a privately owned company and because I did not report issues directly to government agency before getting harassed and fired. I just want to confirm if this is correct or do I have any protections in the state of Georgia or federal?
  10. I don't have any documents, court order summons, or any paperwork from the Jones county sheriff's Dept as of yet. I was told by Investigator Black of the Jones County Sheriff's Dept Crime Investigations Unit that he was seizing my vehicle and would be filing a civil forfeiture against me to gain permanent possession of my vehicle. I was arrested on Nov. 8 for driving on suspended license. Officers conducted search of my vehicle before asking my permission & without cause. A small amount of methamphetamine(less than 1gram) was found. There are no previous drug charges against me, no evidence of buying, selling, trafficking, distributing, ect.
  11. I was terminated because my boss told me to throw away an old safe that didn’t work or even close..First off my original hiring Company was. Bought out by a bigger company so my boss asked me to list a few items to get them out of our building for petty cash.. Then she found out we couldn’t do that so I **** the post down but one never went away.. So I was then asked to throw out an old ice maker machine and bin and an old non working safe.. When corporate found out they inquired about the safe and my old GM said I stole it instead of saying she told me to toss it.. I was then fired and contacted by the local police and was asked did I remove the safe from the building which I told the truth to the investigator and said yes and he asked why then I told him I removed it cause my GM asked me to toss it out by the dumpster... He then closed the case and said she never told us that part then I showed him the old ads saved on my phone with her number when she wanted them sold for petty cash...Corporate to this day hasn’t called me back to apologize or fire the lying GM cause that was all a lie and she never told the truth she only was covering her behind... Do I have a case against them?
  12. I received an offer for employment from an employer who requested my finger prints and background check which I have had done on at least 4 other occasions ranging from the banking industry to security and care for adult individuals with disabilities and all of these checks came back with positive results. I did have a bad turn of events (felony indecent acts /under age) almost 25 years ago while in the military and paid my debt to society. I have proven to be a model citizen,vote regularly and have been a great friend and employee where ever I have been employed. Now this letter involving my 4th or 5th time having an extensive background check with a negative report does not have the correct date however they are giving me 30 days to provide any supporting documents. How many years must someone continue this without final resolution?
  13. Hi there, I have attempted some research on this topic, but just not sure on some of the answers I am getting. I purchase vacant land in several states and was hoping to do the same in Georgia. Normally I order a title search, prepare a new deed, hire a notary to conduct the signing of the new deed, make payment and record the documents myself. I understand that Georgia requires "an attorney to be present throughout the closing" and that as of a few years ago "witness only closings" by attorneys were no longer allowed. My questions are: 1) Do I need an attorney to close a simple land deal (when I conduct title search, prepare deed, etc)? 2) If I do need an attorney, would they have to be in the same physical location as the seller to sign the deed, or could I hire them remotely and have a notary meet the seller? 3) What would this cost me? I do many deals a year and am looking for a way to invest in Georgia! Thanks for any insight!
  14. My sister works for a somewhat shady but well-known private early education chain of schools. The employees were recently paid, but when said employees attempted to cash their checks directly at the same bank the school uses (to get the cash instantly), they were told there was not enough money in the school's bank account to pay them. Essentially, the school cut bad payroll checks. This isn't the first time this has happened. Is there some kind of legal action the employees, including my sister, can take to ensure they actually get paid?
  15. binding sales agreement, legal description is inaccurate, seller want out . sellers attorney terminates contract. buyers file suit specific performance my question how if legal description is totally inaccurate there is no such deed book # they use a tax id which was also in accurate land district was 7 instead 8 how can they sue agent was sellers listing agent but agent is more concerned with buyers
  16. Few Details: Since *********a little over a year , I have been a victim of constant sexual harassment, from sexual advances from the president of the union all the way down to co workers in the plant. I went out with a supervisor one night, he tried to push my head down toward his penis in the car after we had dinner and we were chatting in his car. Rumors have been started about me, which weren't true, saying I was having sex with a co worker. Supervisor actually text and asked me about it and asked to come over afterwards. Continues to text about having dreams about me. Supervisor ans also union member is supposed to be training me to be a steward , but instead asking who lives with me and etc. Operator exposed his penis to me, my private area was grabbed and touched. I was supposed to be a operator, but I've been the cleanup person and everything but operator with open positions and a need for operators. I can't reach certain heights being 5'0 I'm just laughed at and its a big joke and no help is given. I was moved to the brick plant for complaining to the union, so i was told. when I went to make a union report yesterday 10-31-17 I left after being hugged and felt up and down by union rep and teacher .I have been depressed, have cried at work and I feel as if I have no one to talk or report this to. I have reported these allegations to the supervisor foreman his last comment to me was I don't feel sorry for you or another lady we were discussing. What should I do as I don't trust anyone at my job.
  17. I have to appear in court on Halloween day at 9:00am on an eviction notice. Could you tell me what type of questions the judge will be asking me? Am I going to be given the chance to speak about the issue? The landlady is very threatening and I'm a little nervous about the whole thing. Would it be appropriate to add some things that aren't altogether related to the eviction, but would be to my advantage if the judge knew about them? Exactly what should I 'not' say when I tell my side. I don't think we owe her money at all, as I'm not the type of person to live off of anyone. She is trying to get quite a bit from us though. Charging us for things that we had nothing to do with. Saying things about myself or my husband which aren't appropriate. Making accusations about me not following rules, etc... and telling us who we can or can't talk to in our own neighborhood. Just different, unusual things that I've never heard of. I'm 62 years old and never heard of such things in my lifetime. This certainly isn't the first property I've ever rented. But she has made it a very hard place to live.
  18. approximately 10 years ago I entered a contract which was supposed to be a loan but I was paying it monthly as I went I stopped paying on it after about 4 or 5 years because I it was not beneficial it was a contract for a distant learning program which ended being a bust for me now approximately 5 months ago they are trying to get the remaining balance which has entered into a civil dispute which leads to a question what could possibly happen if I don't answer
  19. Need some help/advice/recommendation or just confirmation I am not wrong. Have a crazy neighbor and not sure what to do about it. This is of course a summary but let me know if you have any suggestions or at least let me know I am not crazy. We live on a corner lot, issue is with neighbor behind us. So his side yard, our back yard. Old History w/ Neighbor (> 6 years or more ago) - Were letting dog out too early and it was barking. Neighbor asked us to not do this and we realized the timing was our issue and adjusted. To be fair we had a 1 month old baby and were just suffering baby brain. Haven't let dogs out prior to 9am in back yard since then. - Moved a play set to where he said it was code violation. He tried to intimidate my wife and called code enforcement on it twice. Both times code enforcement said it was fine. - One week night we were a little loud, were quiet on request, hasn't happened since. - Had a soccer team party at 5pm on a Saturday, about ten 8 year old kids running around for 2 hours. Pulled his car up to the fence, put car in neutral, kept car engine revved to be as obnoxious as possible, around 7pm. - We have called police on him a few times over yelling at kids and the car revving thing which I find dangerous since his car could pop out of gear and run my kids over. More recent history (last few years) - If kids play too loudly he will yell at them or rev his car engine right next to the fence. Most recently he called the police on them at 7 pm on a Sunday night for playing soccer too loudly. Police apologized to use. - If dogs bark for more than 10 - 15 seconds he blows airhorns at them or yells at them. We had a lawyer write a letter and that has ceased. - If a neighbor is over and the dogs are playing he yells at neighbors. So here is current situation on our end - Have 2 dogs. Aren't left outside while we are gone. Aren't allowed to bark for more than 1 - 2 minutes at most, usually only 3 - 4 barks before we bring them in. At this point he turns on this crazy high pitched dog siren that the dogs don't care about but drives me and my kids nuts. Wife can't hear it. For reference county code says dogs aren't an issue until 15 consecutive minutes of barking, never been near that. - Have 2 boys, age 10 and 12. They play soccer and other things in the yard and can get noisy. Never noisy after dark or early. - As of today the high pitched dog siren runs constantly, hasn't shut off in hours. Driving us bonkers. I feel like we are as accommodating as we can be with the dogs and I am getting to the point that I am over trying to keep the peace. I can post more information but want to scrub any personal details first. I can go on and on with dates/times, I have a 10 page document spanning years, videos, letters, etc. Am I crazy or is this completely harassing and nuisance behavior?
  20. I was downsized after asking for same pay as New Hire coworker(s). I took over assignment which should have provided a pay increase due to quota and skill level required. I was asked to take assignment. Manager told me pay raise would be forthcoming for new fiscal year. When I got my pay (new fiscal yr) it was not increased all new hires (no prior experience and given my old assignment). all males and 1000 s more. I was instructed by manager to call HR which I did. After consulting Sr. management said within guidelines. When I asked what if could I please see guidelines so I knew what I would have to do to be paid same they said no. I dropped the matter. 10 days later I was blindsided with reduction in force which had never been discussed and they hired several new people in the prior 6 mos. while I was employed. I probably should have taken package they offered (6weeks) but I was so hurt and angry and that boat sailed. I was a good loyal employee and good at my job, knew it would be difficult to replace due to my age (over 55) Filed with EEOC still awaiting results. Can't really afford to spend 5-10K for attorney. Thinking of representing myself if I have to but they lots of resources. Any advice how I should proceed? It has been with eeoc for over a year. Any comments welcome
  21. can I be charged with a crime if a 14yr old girl called me with stomach cramps to take her to the hospital, then when I got there I saw she was pregnant so I rushed her to the hospital and helped her when I didn't know the girl was even pregnant, and when doctor asked if I wanted them to call the cops & dcf I told them I had no idea what to do they needed to do whatever they thought was necessary, and when they asked me to stay with her I did.
  22. Mom died without will me and my sister were made co-executor of Estate$25,000 worth of credit card debt are left I was staying here when my mother passed with my 3 year old son I have offered to buy my sister's half of Interest out she refused I have offered to petition the creditors to reduce the debt my sister and her lawyer refused to give me addresses and names of creditors now they are trying to have me removed from property and as executor is thier any thing I can do. I do not have the money to hire a lawyer , this is my son's home .
  23. If a Good Behavior Bond was placed on us (unwarranted) can a Private investigation be started or continue during the time of the 60 day bond? Also, can the lawyers do background checks during that time frame? Thank you!
  24. I bought a car from my sister last year. She didn't give me the title because it wasn't safe in the house I was staying in. On the bill of sale we both signed with a witness she put that it was staying in her name for insurance purposes only. The tag is now expired and she says she sent me the title but won't say where to. How do I get a tag? A title? And how do I register the vehicle in my name?
  25. I am a victim of identity theft from a college in Georgia. The college admissions clerk stole my information, used my credit card at 3 National companies and then gave my personal and financial information to family members. I have done my due diligence with regards to reporting this issue but the college just turned the other way and wanted to give me free courses however I do not want their name on my college degree. What can I do?