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Found 152 results

  1. If you received diversion and then a dismissal in your case (shoplifting) is that a conviction on your record? If you received the Georgia First Offender Act and then a discharge is that a conviction on your record? If you have had a record expunged is that a conviction on your record? If you have had these three things and received a dismissal, discharge, and an expungement (you are one lucky boy!)...three cases....if there were (there is not) a future charge would the court system count the dismissal, discharge, and expungement against you? God bless you for assisting me....I truly appreciate it.
  2. hello i have a question. I brought a call from a used car dealership. I have no credit history, but got a loan . now the loan come form a difference company but the Dealership and the finance company share the same address. now the person that sold me the car also is the ceo of the finance company. after i drove the car about 3 miles the check engine light came on. i stop and car the dealership and told them about it . as i'm driving back the chassis starts to shake really bad. so when i get back to the dealership. i told him i don't want the car. is i'm still bound to the contract, plus after i review the contract. i see where the seller misspell my name wrong. do that have any validity on the contract
  3. I used to work at DQ in Gray, GA. I'm only 18, but I was promoted to a shift leader after seven or eight months of working there. There was recently a change in management and my new manager didn't like me at all. She targeted me for personal reasons. I've always been a hard worker and I don't slack very often, but I've been very very sick for the last week. I went to work for three days in a row, vomiting in the trashcans around the restaurant... which is very unsanitary. I shouldn't have went to work in that condition in the first place, but my new manager couldn't care less about me being sick. I was sent home two days in a row by other shift leaders because I couldn't stop vomiting. I went to the doctor and got everything taken care of. When I returned back to work, my manager asked me for my doctor's note but I didn't even think about getting one while I was there. The next day, my shift started at 1:00 pm. When I arrived, she was very rude and hateful while asking me about my doctor's note again. I worked until 11:00 pm the night before and had a meeting that morning at 10:30. I honestly didn't have time to go get one. She ended up making me go all the way to Macon to get my doctor's note... she acted like she thought I was lying. I called her after leaving the Medical Center in Macon to tell her that I was about to be on the way back... with my doctor's note of course. She told me not to come back up there until she talked to the owner about me coming back, she told me to stay around my phone. I sat at the Medical Center for 10-15 minutes and then decided to go home to wait on her phone call. She called me 20 or 30 minutes after I got home and asked me where I was. When I told her I was at home, she LIED and said "I told you to come to DQ to talk to me". I explained to her that she did not tell me to come back up there, which made her mad. She told me that I needed to bring my keys and uniform up there. I didn't have much to say because I was shocked. I did call her out about lying over text message, but she kept avoiding what I was saying. I have no idea what she even fired me for. I've sent her multiple messages about getting my termination letter, but she won't respond. I guess I'll have to go up there and get it. Quite a few of my co-workers think it's because she just didn't like me. Their exact words were, "Well you should've seen it coming, she's never liked you and she's been targeting you and a few others." I think she's racist. She targets every young, white girl who works there... not just me. Since she's been the manager, she's hired all African American people. Which isn't a problem with me, but I feel like I lost my job because she simply doesn't like white people. I'm not sure what to do about this, but I want something done. I work too hard to be fired for absolutely no reason. I have more information if anyone is interested in giving me some advice. Thank you!
  4. Mechanic twisted his knee stepping off of a truck while working approx 10 months ago. Was off for 5 weeks for knee rehab. While off the employer voluntarily paid employee 500/wk gross. Employee also received approx 950 total for the 5 weeks from WC. Employee recently gave notice of leaving for another job and worked out his notice with no issues. When he came to pick up his final check, the employer had taken the approx 950 the employee was paid by WC out of his final check stating that the WC cost him and therefor he was taking it out of the employees check. Note, he didn't state that he was taking out for the money he voluntarily paid the employee during the 5 weeks, he said he was taking out for the WC claim. Pretty sure this isn't legal but wanted to know if it is and if not what is the employees best recourse?
  5. My question is somewhat complicated. My younger brother was murdered in the spring of 2011. He was unmarried with no children and had no will. My mom was appointed executor of his estate. My parents received a death benefit because my brother was killed while on the job (he worked for an insurance company). The estate account got this money each month for a length of 10 years. Fast forward five years and mom passed away suddenly. She also had no will, but the money continued to be deposited into my brother's estate. I was told that I had no rights over that account unless I petitioned the probate court. That is not the issue though. The insurance company stopped ALL payments and are claiming that I owe them the remainder of the money in that account. First of all, I am blocked from any sort of association with that account. Can they REALLY just stop paying that benefit because my mom passed away? It didn't go directly to her, but into his estate account. The insurance company drug me along for about 3 months so they could "MAKE THIS DECISION"...there was no precedent for this in that company...being killed while on the job. I'm going to see a lawyer this week to further pursue this. He said that they should never have stopped paying that death benefit because it was an estate account. Thoughts of this PLEASE!! Thanks, Valerie
  6. Hello, I am sorry this is so long but it is really crazy. I'm writing about my brother who is a sex offender. He was granted parole on April 26, but is still in prison because no one is doing their job correctly and he is sitting there waiting on transitional housing. The address he give to be paroled out to (his uncles house) was approved, but late at night the day before he was to leave, he was told there was a mistake and the address was then not approved because of numerous churches nearby. They said they don't know why it was approved to start with. His counselor is just not doing her job in helping him to find transitional housing after the address he gives is not approved. I have read through procedures and rules on the GA pardon and parole website, and even though many people in the system have told me they are not suppose to find him anywhere to parole out to if he doesn't have anywhere, it is stating they are. Anyway, 2 weeks later, someone at the prison other than his counselor said they would help him. I'm not sure what this person did to help.The person told my brother of another place he might could be paroled out to. He applied for this address to be approved for him to parole out to. More weeks go by with no word of anything. Today I called the parole office where this address is located to see what is going on. I was told that this address was denied over 2 weeks ago because my brother lied and said the person who lives at this address (owner) was his uncle. I asked why would that be considered a legal reason for denial? The lady said she wasn't over that situation, she doesn't know. I told her that there is a misunderstanding because that person is NOT his uncle, but the first address my brother gave that was denied IS his uncle. Maybe this was not changed on paperwork for the 2nd address? She said the field officer who went to check out the address wrote all the notes that state my brother lied and said the person who owns that place is his uncle. The man told the officer no, he is not his uncle and that he has never heard of him. She said she didn't know what to do and didn't know what to tell me to do. She give me the name and number of the field officer. I called and left a message. After this, I called the main number for the state parole board. I told them the story, and the lady there said I should call the office where this is taking place. I said I did, they are the one who told me all this and that's why I'm calling you. She said there was no one there to talk to. She also said the records she has doesn't show that my brother listed this person (the 2nd address that was denied) as his uncle. Then I called my brothers counselor at the prison. I left a msg and she called back shortly with my brother in her office so I could tell him everything. She said that if an address is denied, they do not tell her and that she is suppose to call herself and find out. This shows she didn't. She said she doesn't know what the problem is and that she will re submit the application for approval of the address and talk to someone about the situation. She also said she has no records showing this other person as my brothers uncle. Not long after this, the field officer called me. She said the address was denied because it's not on the state THOR list ( a list of transitional housing on state parole website). I told her that the parole office didn't give this as a reason, but told me he was denied because he lied about the owner of the address being his uncle. She said 'oh, and that too'. I then told her about there must be a mix up, that the first address denied WAS his uncle and that someone must not have taken that off the records, or something. I told her I know of this THOR list, and I have seen it. I told her that on the same website that this list is on, which is the ga dept of pardon and parole website, there is also a list of 'non-thor housing'. I asked why is this list on the site if it's not THOR? She said 'the first address your brother give, that was denied, that is on that list'. I said 'That is his uncles house, his house would not be on a list of just any parolee to parole out to'. I told her that no one has told my brother anything. And that his counselor doesn't even know any of this because she is re submitting the address for approval. The call pretty much ended there, she didn't give any more information, anyone I could talk to, nothing. My brother called me after that and said the field officer called his counselor and said she has no records of him saying the person at this 2nd address was his uncle. I told him this IS the person who SAID you said that to start with!! My brother has told me that he knows of 3 inmates who have been paroled out to this address. I have checked and there are currently 11 men on the state sex offender list paroled out to this address. Why would the counselor re submit the address to be approved if she is suppose to know it's not on the state approved THOR list? Why would the field officer even go to the address at all if she knows it's not on the THOR list? Why would there be sex offenders living there if the field officer said this place is not approved because it's not on the THOR list? Why would the prison give my brother this address to be paroled out to, if it's not on the THOR list? Do they not even know about this? My brothers uncle has talked to the person 3 times who owns the 2nd place that was denied, and then the field officer says that person has never heard of my brother? Why is everyones paperwork not showing that my brother listed this person as his uncle? Even the person who said it to start with, come back and said SHE didn't have any records showing this. Now, I don't know if everyone in the system is collectively inept, or if they are trying to cover up something, or if they are doing this to my brother for some reason. It's all crazy. HELP !! would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. My fiance' has filed for a modification and goes to court with the custodial mother tomorrow in Hall County. They have been divorced for 6 years and presently have joint physical and legal custody. Because he could not afford to live in the same area in order to pay child support and often hadto pay her rent and utilities because she could not hold a job, the children (12 year old girl and 17 year old boy) live with the mother. She has never complied with the court order and feels they are her children and decides at her discretion when the father can see them. She has refused to ever transport the children to or from visitation and although the order says he gets them in the summer, she refuses and has even taken them out of town on his weekend without letting him know. He has never been late on his child support and not only pays that but she signed the daughter up for competitive cheer and makes him pay. She has even gone to the extend of calling him saying the daughter is crying until he pays (which she was not). He pays for school lunches, clothing, all school supplies including laptops and the mother will call demanding he buy groceries and pay utilities to avoid disconnection. He also had to pay for a trip to Disney for competition to avoid his daughter missing out. The mother pays absolutely nothing and he is forced to put things on credit cards to take care of the children's needs. The children share a bedroom and have never been to the dentist. The son failed math (going into his senior year) and when he gave the mother 1/2 the money for summer school, she refused to pay the other half and even said she needed the money he provided for her bills. We have a 4 bedroom home where the children have their own bedrooms. The 17 year old does not like change so the father would like to ask for custody of the daughter. He feels we provide a better home and she is happier with us. We life in one of the best school districts (Lambert High) and the daughter is a great student that would thrive there. The mother was previously in drug rehab for prescription drugs 5 times which was a big factor in their divorce. Her behavior and spending habits lead my fiance to suspect she may be using again. She has turned of her daughter's cell phone recently so she can not call her father. She calls the father up to 50 times a day and even calls his office if he won't answer and verbally attacked me at a cheer competition in front of the children. Their stove has been broken for two years and threatened to not allow the children to attend our upcoming wedding. The daughter adores her father and I have a great relationship with her. I also have a 16 year old daughter at home and the girls are very close. The modification required a mediator which the father tried to schedule. The court called the mother and she refused to schedule it. We have no idea if she is going to show up for court tomorrow and I am hoping to provide the father with any advise someone could share on what he can expect. Also, in a modification he was hoping to enforce what they initially agreed to but now would like to get custody of his daughter. Would the judge listen to that at a modification hearing? He is not concerned about child support modification except for her to understand he is not obligated to pay additional. He has also told her he will no longer pay for cheer which the daughter does love but she won't unenroll her and Friday will be the first time he will refuse to pay although he gave plenty of notice and the mother will not pay either yet blames him on crushing her dreams. Looking forward to any advise as we are nervous for tomorrow. Although this is their hearing, I live through this daily and am tired of seeing his daughter, who I have come to love, cry every time her mother calls and yells at her while in our care. I want to make sure he addresses the judge properly and not ask for things that will frustrate the judge since he does not have an attorney. I'm not sure the order of when to file for modification (he is not concerned about support and the mother won't provide her earnings anyway), contempt and custody. Since he filed a modification not custody, does that mean he can not ask for custody for another two years? If his daughter wants to live with us, should we bring her and I can sit outside with her in case the judge wants to hear from her? At what point is it appropriate to file a contempt order? We don't feel she will comply with the judge's order and if she does not, at what point do we file contempt and do we just have to live with her failing to comply until we get a contempt hearing?
  8. Individuals have come into a co-ownership situation through Executor's Deed of Assent. Executor (widow/spouse of deceased, but a non-parent) and adult children co-own the home. Executor has possession of home, and has since Dad died. She's moved in a few "strays" (that is the only words we, the kids can wrap around that relationship). She's on the second round of stray persons living in the home. She has mentioned she collects rent from one, but it isn't shared with co-owners we understand the legal obligation would be. Kids each have their own homes, families, mortgages, and are of the variety "as long as the widow pays the taxes, insurance, maintenance and upkeep, we don't care how long she stays." She whines - a LOT that she can't afford the taxes, insurance and upkeep. We can't afford to support her, and we're not going to into debt to do so. Due to JTWROS on the deed, kids feel it in HER best interest to sell while she is still alive. She has no descendants, but the JTWROS would mean if she dies first, the property automatically passes to the kids and is not probated in any individual's estate (as she expects her share will be probated and go to her named beneficiaries in her will). Any discussion of any of this, and, well, it's ALL the attorney's fault, he screwed her over, blah, blah.... Can some one point me to information for the State of Georgia related to co-owners and any liabilities related to a posessory co-owner being liable to non-posessory co-owners for market value of rental income? Is there any case law where the elderly and/or those on limited income have exceptions to such? We feel she is willingly being taken advantage of, and really don't have a reasonable path (that the widow doesn't actively blow a gasket over) to intervene correct the situation and get back on the right track.
  9. If a magistrate judge orders a stay off social media, when the crime the person is charged with is simple assault, does this hold up? Is it or isn't it an infringement of your First Amendment right?
  10. Hi and thanks in advance... my question is, if you purchase an Officially Licensed Emblem of any college or pro team and use it on something you make can you sell the item as long as you don't say that your item is officially licensed, but do give credit to the logo being officially licensed.
  11. If a minor child inherits everything from deceased mother who was divorced from his father does to the money go directly to the child's father as guardian or to a trust until the child is of age?
  12. I was laid off last year from a company that promised to pay me for six weeks of vacation time as part of my severance package. They provided me with a printout of my vacation entitlement for the six weeks before I left. When I got the check for the vacation pay it was only for five weeks. When I contacted them about the additional week they said they would send me the pay for the remaining week.. Then I got a check for two days more of vacation pay which still left me short three days of pay. When I contacted them again, they stated that they had looked over my vacation since 2012 and decided that they didn't owe me for the 3 days. My question is, can an employer promise to pay an employee for a certain amount for vacation in a severance package and then later not make good on the promise?
  13. Hi. My granddaughters were taken from their parents a year ago and placed in my home. They are now 4, 3 and 2 years old. The parents were doing well for ashort period of time. They were very close to getting the children back but they got mad in court when the judge said they had to test clean of all drugs. They tested positive for marijuana. Then they didn't show for a court date and DFACS and the child ad litem decide on non reunification. The judge told my husband and I that we could adopt or get guardianship. My son and his wife say they are doing the right things, but I can't be sure. They came to me and asked if they could petition to give us temporary guardianship. My questions are: 1. Since the children are in foster care do the parents even have the right to give guardianship? 2. What is the difference in legal guardianship and temporary guardianship or is there a difference?
  14. Hello. Many years ago my grandmother put me onto the title of her home, with the understanding that the home would be mine at some point. Just yesterday I found out that she has placed the home for sale, and her realtor is urging me to sign a quit claim in order to remove my name from the deed so she can sell and not have to share her profits. I'm not exactly comfortable with this. My grandmother and I have not spoken for two years due to other issues, so I feel she is basically cutting me out. I don't know whether to sign, or what my other options are, and her realtor is rushing me because the closing is relatively soon. I honestly do not want to sign, and I don't want her money either, I simply want the house that she placed in my name for me. What are my options or what is the correct course of action here?
  15. If you were living in a home, but were not an owner and paid for upgrades such as new fence, landscape etc. then left due to abuse, would someone have the option to get reimbursed by the owner for some of those upgrades?
  16. I purchased a rent to own washer and dryer last week from Aaron's. It was installed on Monday. Tonight I ran it for the first time and it flooded my apartment during the spin cycle onto wood laminate floors. It also seeped through the walls and soaked the carpet in my bedroom and closet. I called the company, furious, and they sent someone out. The guy who came said the hose was not installed properly and it popped off. They are sending out someone tonight to "dry" everything out. I am concerned that I will be held responsible for the damage, but I am raising a fuss with the company. It looks like I will be up all night while they dry out my apartment, which puts me in a difficult position since I leave for work at 6 a.m. I'm furious about all of this. I also suffer from asthma and allergies so I fear any mold that might develop. I'm also unwilling to speak with the leasing office because I am afraid of having to pay damages right away. I just can't afford it. Do I have any claims against the company? Do I have any liability?
  17. My husband and I live in a townhouse subdivision. We have roughly 55 unites occupied but another 25 lots that have not been built on yet. We have been told that when the original owner sold the properties (empty lots ) there was a clause that said the we owner was not responsible to pay for the mowing of each unoccupied lot. We do pay HOA fees each month which includes the mowing of our lawns. So that our subdivision doesn't look unkempt we do have it mowed now and then but as homeowners we eat the cost. We have heard there is a law which supersedes the contract and would like to know if this is true and if we have recourse against the new owner. I have tried to find something online but to no avail, please can u Pu help.
  18. I work for a small company (10 or less employees). We are all on salary but based on the new law where you must be paid $913 (or $47,476 annually) we are not getting paid overtime or anywhere near the $47k yearly requirement. Some people work in the office and others are technicians working in the field (the company is a skilled trade). We are all employees (not 1099 self-employed or anything). Both the technicians and office staff bring in about $400-$500/week. The technicians work 12-hour days (sometimes more) 5-6 days a week. Based on all my research we should either be paid hourly (with appropriate overtime pay when applicable) or they need to increase our salary. Is this the case, and if so how should I go about reporting this? Again, it is a very small company and I know recourse by my employer is illegal but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  19. While I was visiting my Mother in law in the hospital. I was staying overnight and took a shower. When I entered the shower I slipped and strained my groin because there was no slip resistant grit on the shower floor. I took pictures of the shower and myself. After I told the charge Nurse what happened he said "You need to go to the ER". Now I am receiving bills from the Hospital and the Dr. When I contact the Hospital, the Risk Manager told me that it was my problem and not the Hospital's.Can I sue them?
  20. I am interested in purchasing a home where a murder/ suicide had occurred. Am I required to disclose this if I later decide to sell it again?
  21. When someone is charged with violation of ga code 16-13-32.5 does the property in question have to be included in the countys ordinances as being protected location and does a county map have to be in place beforehand showing the property and the 1000 ft extending out from it? My sister was charged with this and I would like to know if there are ga guidelines or procedures in relation to this code.
  22. I have been charged with misdemeanor around couple of months back. I have 9 years and 3 years old daughters and I left them in car with open windows in open parking lot (60 degree temp) of Walmart to quickly buy a gift for the party we were going to attend. My elder daughter had my phone in her hand. I came back in around 15-20 minutes and found a cop next to my car. He asked me few questions and issued a warrant for misdemeanor for child negligence. He said he was less worried about injuries, but more worried about someone kidnapping my kids. I went to jail, I was arrested and my husband bailed me out for $150. My court appearance is on April 12th and my lawyer says that he hasnt got any papers from police station regarding my case yet, so he hasn't been able to talk with prosecutor to plead in my case. He says that he is going to try for expungement of this record against my name, but it may take few months. I am working as a nurse practitioner in a reputed medical company in Atlanta since last two years. That company is being acquired by another local medical company. Now I have to go through background check process for it in next two weeks and I really nervous about it. I am planning to write down what happened, what I learned from it. I would like to know what can happen and what should I do. I am completely clueless. Twenty minutes of an episode(which I never would have thought could endanger my kids) is now becoming a monster havocing peace of my mind and alter my life completely.
  23. HI, turned in a back injury in oct of 16, continued working being on light duty, Got fired jan 31 and they are saying they are not responsible for any benefits . Any suggestions ?
  24. My ex-husband and I were divorced in 2010. In the divorce, I was granted sole-legal custody of our 2 boys (due to him being abusive and an alcoholic) and he was required to pay child support according to the state of Georgia child support laws. He has been paying every month with no problems, and has at times, sent the boys extra money when they have needed something that I couldn't afford to get them. I have been told by my ex many times over the past 7 years about his many promotions and pay increases. I was foolish and didn't pursue an increase in child support at that time and figured that since things were calm, I didn't want to rock the boat and have him potentially hide from my kids and "go underground" and not pay anything like he had threatened to do so many times. Last January. He informed me that he was taking an early retirement from his job in June. I didn't think twice about that, I really didn't care. He and his new girlfriend went to Belize to celebrate his retirement and never a word was said about him not being able to afford the child support since his retirement. Last October, my oldest turned 18 but was still in high school as a senior. The state of Georgia had the state of Illinois (where I reside) verify that my son was still in school and what date he would graduate. My son will be graduating at the end of May and has decided to pursue a career in welding which requires him to go to community college as a full time student for probably a year. My younger son will be graduating next May and turns 18 in July. My ex thought that he would only have to pay until May for child #1 and when he found out that he would be responsible until he graduates from college, he decided to go for a modification to reduce the payments. So, in February of this year, he informs me that he can't afford the child support payments since he has taken an early retirement. He has gone so far as to hire an attorney to go in front of judge to get them reduced. Not telling the attorney that his oldest will be enrolled full time in college, and also not telling the whole story of his finances, he is petitioning to go in front of a judge. He submitted a direct deposit receipt to his attorney showing what is deposited into his account every month from his retirement. What he failed to do was to include the information from his savings and checking accounts which hold much more money than he claims to have. According to the direct deposit receipt, he makes LESS than the amount that he is to pay each month for child support. Keep in mind, he has supposedly been living on this amount since last June when he VOLUNTARILY took early retirement. His attorney has sent me an "agreement" to which my ex is telling me that according to his new income, he is only required to pay a fraction of the original amount decided by the court ($880.00 less a month) and that he will be "generous" and offer me a reduction of only $680.00 less per month than what I am getting now if I agree without having to go to court. Georgia law states that he is responsible until the child is 18 or is enrolled FULL TIME in school until the age of 20. When I told him about this in a text, he replied with "Just remember my offer"!?!?!? I guess what I am asking is, I can't afford an attorney, and I am going to have to go in front of a judge about this soon. And since he voluntarily took early retirement knowing what his monthly financial responsibility is, can he get this reduction done? I want to subpoena his financial records for the last year to show the court that he CAN afford this. Especially since he bought my oldest son a new truck right after he told me about this so that my son wouldn't be mad at him. He is very manipulative with the kids, and they have even told me that he has said to them that he doesn't want to pay me anymore. Ugh. If you can offer any advise or information, I would greatly appreciate it. Especially since I can't work due to health reasons and can't afford an attorney, and daddy warbucks and his rich girlfriend can.
  25. My state taxes were audited for 2012. I was unaware of this until my 2016 federal tax return was reduced upon deposit. Upon looking into it, and creating a account on my state DOR website, I have found out that the audit was done in 2013 and does not show the taxes that were withheld causing me to owe the full tax amount and also pay back the refund originally issued. It shows letters were mailed to the wrong address, one in 2014 and one in 2015. I have read that my appeal rights ended after 30 days. Is there anything I can do to get this corrected and get my money back?