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Found 233 results

  1. Where are the lawyers, that will take on Public Corruption? Can the State Attorney ,turn a blind eye,because they grew up together,and still hunt,fish,etc together? You all say Heck No,but it's happening now as I write this in Central Florida. What does a lawyer do if the Circuit Court Judge, and the corrupt have a business together on the side? Yes,this is also the situation. So it doesn't matter who you will address, because they're all connected. I need a fierce lawyer,that won't drink the kool-aid, and isn't just talk. Is there such a thing?
  2. In march of this year(2017) my mother, my husband and I went in on a house together. My mother qualified for the mortgage of the house by herself. I did not qualify to be placed on the lease, so it's My husband and my mother are on the lease for the lot rent. 3 days ago I was offered a job and decided that I needed a babysitter because daycare is extremely costly( my husband makes to much for government assisted daycare) my sister inlaw and I made an agreement that she would come to the house 3 days a week to help watch our 8 month old and pick our oldest three up from school while I worked. My sister inlaw in from a different county so this would mean she would stay the night those three nights. After speaking with my husband about it, I told my mother. My mother completely flipped out. Saying that I'm making bad choices and ultimately told me I needed to move and when I said no, she stated that she has no choice but to evict me. We have been living here for 6 months. My children are established in this home as well. I need serious advice on my rights as a married spouse who is lot on a lease, but have mail and a bill in my name. Can I be legally evicted from our home? Also we reside in Florida
  3. I have moved out of my single family rental, I lived there for 8 years. Rent started at $1525 a month and increased to $1900. Landlord did not require additional monies be added to security deposit or last month. Now she wants to subtract the difference retroactively from my security deposit, stating that the last month does not cover the rent increase.I don't know if that is legal in Florida. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ok so my brother got into into a fist fight with his friend who intervened into another dispute between my brother and dad. 4 people were present. Said friend contacted police later that night and filed a report and stated my brother hit him with a 2x2. It was an ordinary fist fight per all other witnesses present. "Victim" refused to go get medical care. Had a " scuff " marks on one arm. Both parties to fight fell down several times. The following day my brother was arrested & charged with aggravated assault 50,000 bond. it has been over two weeks the officer who said he was investigating stated to my mom that his investigation wasn't complete and he should not have been arrested. However, now that he was arrested said officer stated it was out of his hands. Nobody else present has been interviewed or even contacted by sheriffs office. They have attempted to contact the sherriffs office to submit reports to no avail. My parents want to know what they need to do? There is no evidence, no medical records, the "victim" is out on bail not sure for what. How long do they have to investigate it? The fight occured at my dads residence yet they havent even been there? Do they pay for an expensive lawyer or let it play out???
  5. In the past months I delivered a small single engine aircraft to a mechanic for an engine overhaul. Shortly after begining works he abandoned the Hangar with my aircraft inside and he moved outside of the country. Now the landlord does not want to give me access to the Hangar nor lets me take out my plane until the tenant pays him the past due rent fees. The lanlord is asking me to pay the rent due by the mechanic in order to get back my airplane. What can I do? I want to negotiate but need compeling arguments. Do not want to get into a legal fight.
  6. I have an aunt who has only recently passed away in Florida. Her spouse has died however she has a stepchild from her spouse from a previous marriage. Furthermore, she has a brother as well as two nieces in Greece. I would like to know how is my aunt's estate to be apportioned among the above mentioned individuals namely among the stepchild, her brother and her nieces, given that she has no will? I thank you in advance.
  7. I am in need of an attorney to address numerous matters regarding a business that I own. To start off the company was setup with myself as the incorporator and president and my brother in law was listed as vice president and also my sister as office manager. There were 100 shares of stock issued at the time of incorporation which I hold a certificate for. My brother in law and sister were to handle the day to day operations since I lived out of state and I funded the entire operation as well as deposited $30,000 to cover the purchase of inventory to begin buying cars from the auction to resell and my brother in law was to receive a percentage from each sale as compensation like a commission which was added to the invoices as a dealer fee and it was also sometimes a flat fee of about $300-$500 depending on the customer and that was left to his discretion as top what to charge them. For about a year and a half I would check in from time to time and would be told constantly that things were much slower then past years when my brother in law sold cars previously and since I trusted him and my sister I thought nothing of it and was not desperate to pull profits from the business. Then my husband and I got back together after an extended separation and he began to question things and they became very aggressive with their responses and we then informed them that we were planning to some funds from the checking account to fund another project and we kept being told that they were all tied up in the inventory and we set a date that we expected to withdraw the funds and did not bother them about it until that day came. At that point a huge argument ensued and we ended up going to the bank to withdraw the funds and see what was going on because our online access was no longer working. When we arrived at the bank the associate informed us that I was removed as a signer from the business checking account and they could not provide us any information for this reason. We then questioned how the primary signer and owner of the company could be removed from their own account and got no explanation from the bank associate. After looking into the banks policies regarding such we understood that what we were told had taken place was against bank policy and should not have been possible and now we believe the system was overridden by the branch manager we frequently went to near the office who was friends with my brother in law ad sister. With all this taking place my brother in law and sister are killed in an auto accident. After their deaths we began getting phone calls from a company that financed used car dealers inventory who was looking to perform collateral checks on vehicles that were being financed by them and they wanted to know when we would be available to do so. We then informed the account manager that we had no knowledge of this account and requested online access to see what exactly was going on and were given access since the account had been opened in my name. After reviewing the account and copying all available transaction and account records for security suddenly our access is terminated and the account manager whom we informed to conduct business only with myself or my husband since no other person was authorized by the company or on the account with them suddenly stops returning our message and on the last report we noticed that a car had been purchased on the account after they were notified that the account was fraudulently opened and that nobody else was authorized by my company to conduct and business on behalf of the company but the account manager was continuing to perform transactions with an unknown person we assumed was the brother of my deceased brother in law who has access to the office and had the keys belonging to his now deceased brother who worked for us. Since we are several hours drive from the office we find out that the deceased brother has also gone ahead and taken possession of our entire inventory and moved the cars to an unknow location and has even removed all business assets and our personal property mainly an art collection we had been storing in the warehouse and he is not answering our calls. Soon after we become aware of the fact that his brother was claiming he was the owner of our company and they were trying to steal our assets through probate court and after attempting to contact the court we were denied any information since we were not a party in the case. After some time we finally become aware of the name of the lawyer they had hired that was handling it through other relatives that did some investigative work for us that were local to the area and we contact the lawyer and inform her of the situation and get back a very condescending and response and are threatened if we continue to attempt to communicate with her office and that the messages would be also forwarded to the judge and we responded by asking that she please do forward them to the judge so we could become known and since we were intentionally left out of the proceedings we assume so they could try to quickly push things through before we were able to stop it. We then get notice that we are being sued for a balance due on the account who refuses to believe the account was fraudulent and after looking over their evidence we notice the documents related to the account have a signature that matches another forged document and were notarized by a close relative who certified I appeared before him and this is false. Now we are aware that more transactions took place on the account to reconcile the outstanding balances on several vehicles with the unauthorized person so the cars were to be resold at auction to pay off balances on vehicles he is still in possession of and after finding out that had been done there was somehow still a balance due ov around $47,000 which does not make sense because some of the vehicles in question we had equity in from past payments so there should have been money owed to the company and not the other way around. Then we the go on the offensive with the company who was trying to sue us for a balance that they wont explain how it came to be and question them as to how vehicles with a balance were paid off and who was allowing these transactions to continue and who authorized the sale of vehicles we have reported stolen at this point and we decide then to inform them that we will be filing our own lawsuit and also inform the FTC of the fraud taking place as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since our request for account records was denied by the companies risk manager who accused us of trying to rip off the company and stated it was on us to prove the account was actually fraudulent which we then informed them that the notary of the signatures was reported for violating oath of office and that his false certification would be void therefore they had nothing to support their case and informed them we would now seek compensation for the added stress and inconvenience they were causing and for the vehicles that the balances were transferred on and that they had just given 47000 worth of vehicles to the unknown unauthorized person and would seek to recover the value of cars they assisted with selling via the auction without authorization that were stolen by this person. This is were we stand at this point and we would like to achieve the following. Ensure prosecution for the theft of our companies vehicles, sue the finance company for the value of vehicles they took in exchange for balances due on other vehicles that the thief had in his possession and the emotional distress they had caused along with any costs associated. We also since we are uaware if any of our business assets were included in the estate thought to send a demand letter to recover the vehicles and if not recovered would forward that to the state attorney for prosecution. We did manage to obtain most account records before they terminated our access and have proof of the fraudulent transactions they allowed to take place as well as proof that they were notified that the account was fraudulent and requested they not conduct business with anyone because nobody was authorized to conduct business on behalf of the company and that we then got ignored by their employees. Lastly the family of my deceased brother in law is also going around telling any and everyone that me and my husband are drug addicts even telling these things to my 7 year old niece who they have temporary custody of and are preventing from seeing or communicating with me in any way and this is not only impacting me but my niece as well since she had a very close relationship with me and my husband. They apparently got this information from the deceased who was telling them this so they would not associate with either of us so we would not inform them of the truth and ruin his image by revealing that his entire life was all lies and he was nothing but a con artist who had ruined the credit and lives of many people before ours.
  8. I was just served yesterday with court documents saying I have 20 days to respond in writing. I purchased a car in 2014 from drivetime and went through a subsequent divorce and could not pay and they would not agree to a smaller amount each month. they reposessed the car in 2015. What can I do? I do not have 7K to pay I could arrange a very small amount each month, but I'm not sure what to say in the letter to the court or if I need to declare bankruptcy at this point. also, what is "judgement proof"? i saw a reference to that online that if they do have a judgement against me they still cannot collect or garnish my wages etc?
  9. This is a second marriage, and we just bought a house together. The idea is, if one of us passes, this house goes entirely to the other. We want to make sure that when the second spouse passes, our individual 2 kids get 50/50. However, we want to make sure that if the second spouse downsizes, and buys a smaller property eventually, and uses the money from the first house for medical expenses or whatever, the kids on either side are not entitled to anything but 50/50 of the property that exists at the time the second spouse passes. Is "Joint tenants" or "Tenants in Common" better for this house we just bought together? What else should we be careful to include in wills and such? Thank you.
  10. I am renting a apartment in west palm beach on the first floor // there is a tenant that lives upstairs that bought a motorcycle and parks it in front of my apartment on the sidewalk // and said there is nothing I can or the landlord can do about it //
  11. I really need some advice in this. I am a elderly old lady living in a housing development. The manager here is one of the worse managers I have ever had in all my life. This place has had five in total. This is an elderly, handicapped, and disabled complex. I am disabled. Unable to walk far and while standing I am extremely unsteady on my feed. Not only does she not know how to speak to people she thrives on intimintating all the people who live here she has not one ounce of compassion in her entire body. I have two dogs like some of the other tentants have. My two complaints at this time is as follows. First is I have known bullying my whole life so when I see it I know it right away. This is my third apt in this complex. Though I will not give out the address i will give out the apt #s. I began living here in Apt 24. Which I loved but I got very sick and ended up in a nursing home for four long months. Once I was back "home" I was never the same. I was made to have someone stay with me. I was unable to clean my apt on my own any more. My heart would not allow me, nor my legs. So I was moved into apt 29 so the person who was living with me could have their own bedroom. During my living in the second apt I found out we had a new manager. According to the states rules we are to have two inspections in the year. This manager came and did my apt. Her complaint was the molding at the bottom of the bath tub. It had come away and you could see some black stuff, I think the industrial glue to hold the molding to the tub. She told me to get down on my knees and clean it. There was no way I could do that and my sister who was staying with me for a bit told her it was impossible to clean it. She then had the maintenance man come put corking down to stick the two together. Within the month it had separated from the tub again. I am, first unable to get down on my knees to do such things as she demanded me to do. Second, she is unwilling to fix anything in my apt now. In this apt 57 she is spending around that my dogs have broken the patio screen door. When I ask for the maintenance man to come fix it again the attitude that was given to me was in no way. She told me to my face that my dogs were the reason and so my electric bill is high because I am unable to open the patio door. I can only take so much. I have already had two heart attacks and Everytime I ask for something to be fixed it I not. Do I have any rights here? Can I submit this horrible manager and the company who hired her for thing things she has put me through. I live check to check on strictly social security and have no money to move any place nor have family who can help me. I feel like I am being pushed into a corner with no way out of this hell. Please if there is someone out there that can tell me what I can do here in my state I would truly appreciate it. I am not a person who goes out of the way to cause trouble but this woman, who is a liar to the T, should never work in a place like this, not ever!!!!! Sorry this was so long but you need to know what is going on here.
  12. My lease ends September 28th. The deadline for my 60-day notice to vacate is the 28th (i.e. TOMORROW). I've signed the notice to vacate and left it on the counter for my roommate to sign. ...She's refusing to sign it. Therefore, I'm still going to be on the hook for paying a higher month-to-month rate PLUS the apartment I actually live in. She's refusing to sign it because she KNOWS that I'll pay it just to keep an eviction from getting attached to my name. Basically, she's legally extorting me for free rent with the threat of an eviction. Yes...she knows that an eviction would go on her record negatively, also. She simply doesn't care and is being unreasonable. I can't afford to pay for two apartments. I would have no choice but to let this go to eviction, therefore, probably losing my job. Is there anything I can do to get myself off this lease? I'm desperate... Please help...
  13. So I am having an issue understanding a Income Deduction Order sent to my business. I started a business that I have owned for several years now, after I got married I named my husband as a Managed Manager- Passive, he isnt employed (does not receive a paycheck) but holds a small interest basically for "in case" purposes is why I did this. DOR keeps now sending me an IDO for him and I dont understand why. I have no payroll setup. I dont understand what to do.
  14. My wife and daughter received calls from a Law Firm in VIrginia stating that they advised a Collection Agency in Florida to File a Civil Suit and serve me court papers for an unspecified medical bill from 17 years ago. I'm not sure this is actually my debt, but if it was it would have been paid 17 years ago. Is there a Statute of Limitations on this? I know Collection Agencies buy and sell debts regardless of whether or not they're paid off. These alleged debts can live for years. I am positive I don't still owe this but I cannot provide proof of payment due to the extreme age. What can I do?
  15. accused of above, with 1 victim, no witnesses...except my own, still arrested, how to get charges dropped?
  16. We have constructed an office addition at our place of business. There are 3 trees that split our property and our neighbors property. We intend to pour a concrete spillway and curb along the side of the property to catch storm water run-off and direct it to our retention pond. We have already had water intrusion come into our building once and it is due to the insufficient storm water drainage between our property and our neighbor's property. Our neighbor's property also lies uphill from our property which causes us to have to redirect the storm water coming form his property away from our office addition. In order for us to pour the concrete spillway and curb we will need to remove the trees that split our properties. We have a survey that shows that the 3 trees are on the property line and are shared by both properties. I have made the neighbor aware of the situation and he refuses to allow the 3 trees to be removed. Can we have the trees removed if it is for the purpose of making improvements to our properties drainage? The spillway and curb will only be on our property.
  17. My boyfriend of 6 years and I bought a mobile home together and are making payments on the land that it's on. His name is the only one on the deed but I paid for more than half of the property and paid to have it moved and the power pole put in the ground. He recently left the residence where him, myself, and my three children live, I want to know what my rights are and if he can just come back and put my kids and I on the street due to the fact that we did not enter into any written agreement during our relationship.
  18. My daughter worked for a retail company of 4 years before providing them with her 2 week resignation to work for a Veterinarian. The ad for the Vet read full and/or part time. She was hired after passing her preemployment testing and providing her long term employer with her notification. The office manager of the Vet office agreed to allow her to work full time over the Summer and when school was back in session she could work part time. My daughter is planning on applying to Vet school in a couple of years and wanted a job in her field. The office manager sent my daughter to one of the three locations they have. There, she met the manager for this location and after reviewing Brianna's hours agreed to her being full time over the Summer and part time when she returns to school. Three days later, the manager calls my daughter and cryptically says, "we hired a full time employee, thanks." My daughter responded by saying, "ok." My daughter called me and asked what that meant. I told her, I believe you no longer have a job, but why? I instructed my daughter to call the office manager and ask. She left her a voice mail and no response. The next day, I instructed my daughter to call the manager who left you the cryptic message and speak to her. The manager told my daughter that she really needed a full time employee who isn't in school and can work full time all the time. Is this legal?
  19. My question involves a child custody case from the State of: FLORIDA I will make this short but provide as much info as I can at the same time. Thanks for help in advance! In July of last year, 2016, My Ex-wife and I unfortunately entered in to a big court battle over our son. She was moving out of state over 4 hours away, she had been unstable in her jobs and employment over the past 5-6 years prior and she honestly overall didn't care about our son's well being and best interest, only the child support I was paying her... Skip forward to about a week ago and almost a year in and out of Court and Hearings and the Judge ruled in MY favor making me the Primary parent and also ordering her to pay me child support plus back child support for the last year when our son lived with me and she didn't help out any! Over almost a year in Court, my ex-wife and her Attorney had every chance to show their side and prove their facts and case, however, they didnt have anything really and every chance they got, they lied about things and shot their self in the foot. In the end, the Judge made his decision based on all the facts, situations and evidence and it worked out for me as I now have my son! However, now my ex-wife filed for a Re-hearing and tried to once again state a bunch of lies and things just way off the facts. The Judge has not made a decision on that yet, which I believe and should be denied. Now though, just a week after filing this motion for a re-hearing, her and her attorney have filled an Appeal. Now this is where my questions come in.... I can no longer afford the attorney I had. I have spent almost $15,000 so far and just have no more money. So what is the next Step? Do I need to somehow respond to this Appeal with the Court? Will this go back to a Trial and/or Hearing and be another year or more in Court? What are the chances this Appeal is approved or denied? To me it seems like a slap in the face to the Court and the Judge by her, all because she didn't get her way in the end. I was hoping after a year in court and me finally having my son, this would be the end, but of course not.. Any info or insight on this would be appreciated!!
  20. My daughters father and I currently share custody I get her 5 days he gets her 2 days because of his work schedule. A while back we got into a heated argument via text and I mentioned suicide. I felt like I was at a breaking point. All I did was go home and went to sleep. I never attempted it as a matter of fact when I got home I forgot about it. I take extra care of my daughter in terms of dr visits getting the proper nutrition she always cleaned and well groomed he hasn't done much for her by the way my question is can he used that text message I sent months ago about suicide against me and I lose custody of my daughter even though I have never attempted it?
  21. I inherited property that is occupied by squatters in an old mobile home that has been boarded up for 3 years and a family that has lived on the corner piece but has paid no taxes to me (as was agreed by my deceased mother) since 2003. I am ready to sell the property. I have also had to clean the property a number of times to avoid property fines. What my most efficient method to dislodge these people? I am ready to sell after paying the taxes on this property since 2007.
  22. Hello, I filed a small claims suit in Florida. It was based on faulty work done by a contractor. I initially filed based on what he said he would charge to fix it (despite it being under warranty). However, some time after I filed the claim, I began getting some quotes from other contractors to fix it. It appears that the quotes I'm getting are much higher than what I sued for (3 times higher). I read in a document that a party may amend its complaint once without permission of the court 21 days after serving the complaint - or - within 21 days after service of an answer or other responsive motion. It has been well over 21 days. How can I go about raising my claim to match the quotes I'm getting? Considering how I'm getting along with this guy, he is clearly not doing the work. Also, the judge hasn't been particularly helpful to me, so I want to do this in a way that will give me a good chance of being successful. I had a default judgment because the plaintiff didn't show up for the first court date, but the judge vacated it and set it for trial. This was despite the fact that he had a bad excuse and presented no meritorious defense that would change the outcome. Thank you so much for your help.
  23. I have recently moved to Florida from Iowa and am going to continue my Home Inspection Business here. In Iowa my business was a limited liability corporation, and my question is do I need to form another corporation here in Florida to do Business here?
  24. I'm 17 years old and currently live with a guardian (not legal) but I want to live with my mom and I want to know if i'd be able to do that without my guardians permission? I know she wouldn't want me to but i know it'd be best for my mental health. Would my guardian be able to keep me from doing this? My mom has custody of me and is my legal guardian
  25. I understand that the annual property tax passon charge from owner of a manufactured home park to each rental lot but is the charge that is paid by the mobile home owner tax deductible? Also, the park 'includes' a basic cable charge as part of the quarterly lot rental. Can this particular charge be declined and withheld from the quarterly rent?