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Found 261 results

  1. Bought car, Was promised CarFAX was run and report would be provided.Requested it several times and was repetitively assured that it came back clean. Filled out title with transfer info but have not submitted to DMV. After papers signed, form presented was not CarFAX but a title clearance form from DMV. I have run CarFAX and car has in fact been damaged - contrary to assurances from seller. Have not picked up car and still owe few hundred dollars. Threat of $100 per day storage if I don't take the car. I'm inclined to get the car, remove it from storage site, rip up title, and go to court. But, I could have taken it to a mechanic for inspection but I didn't. I relied and trusted that the CarFAX report was clean as indicated by seller and his mother, What can I do?
  2. HI, Many topics are about tenants eviction and failure . I can't find much info on Landlords rights. I believe there are many reasons for Landlord to terminate the lease as well. Like sales of the property. How many days notice has to be given to the Tenant? My personal case- Tenant knows the property is on the market for sale and cooperating to show it from time to time. Two months prior expiration of the lease she asks if she can extend it or needs to look for another place. The extension was signed for another year. And right after the offer was received on the property which is acceptable for Seller/Landlord. Landlord is offering to cover moving costs, pay difference on rent for the next year for another identical apartment at the same building just one floor up. Tenant refuses to move stating that lease is just renewed and she is not moving unless Landlord pays for her full rent for the next year and moving costs. The 60 day notice of termination of the lease was serviced to her. Is there a specific procedure in this case in order for tenant to vacate? Thank you AnnaPG
  3. The last amendment for my maternal grandparents estate trust states in Article 6.2 an ultimate distribution clause. Which say that after all other affairs are settled, that my mother gets 10% of what is left. Then what is left after that, is divided in half. The first half is divided up between my mother, my self and my two siblings; so we all get 1/4 of that half. The other half is divided up differently. The Trustee Representative has notified all of us; The Beneficiaries, that all the bills have been paid for estate, after my grandmothers passing who was the surviving grantor for the estate. He also said that he just has the real estate property to sell, so far the figures that are coming in are looking like the Trust will have over 5 million in liquidated assets, when everything is said and done. Another Article in the Trust documents titled: 10.1 Trust for the Beneficiary A trust created for a beneficiary shall be held, administered and distributed in accordance with the following provisions: A trust is created for a beneficiary shall continue to be held in trust by the Trustee, who call devote to that beneficiary's health, education (including college and professional education) and support as much of the income or principal, or both, as the Trustee deems advisable for such purposes during the beneficiary's lifetime. Any income of the trust that is not distributed currently shall be added and incorporated in the principal of the trust, to be administered, invested, reinvested and dealt with in the same manner as any other principal of the Trust. My situation before my question is I need to get a place to live. I found a house I can rent to own, if my trustee will work with the manager of that property. The Trustee for my grandparents trust is saying I am never going to get a lump sum payment for roughly 11.5% of the estate assets that will be liquidate soon. That all I will ever get is payments that the interest on the principle of the trust has earned. So my question is: Do I really only get an occasional payment for the rest of my life that is dependent on the interest payments that the Trustee chose to make investments in? Is not that fact that I need a place to live enough of a term for support, that the Trustee for the estate, can buy the house for me? Just doing the basic math on what I would get if I were given a lump sum on the estate and the price of the house that I would like, the latter does not cause my estate amount to diminish to even half of what I would get for a lump sum. I am really frustrated with this Trustee that will not distribute more than interest on principle, and who also says I am not going be getting a big inheritance. About 500,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Why can I not control my own money?
  4. I am very new to this, so I am apologizing in advance if I am not in the right forum. Also, this is pretty long, so please bare with me. In 2005, I purchased a car from a BHPH lot. I kept full coverage insurance on it, as required by state law. I had it for all of 2 months before the car got wrecked. It wasn't drivable because the front passenger axle was broken, so I had to have it towed to my house. The next morning, I called the car lot and told them about what happened, they have a repair/mechanic shop on site. They said they would come tow the car and get it looked at. I then called my insurance company..... is where it gets weird, by a series of unfortunate events. My insurance company had NO record of me having insurance through them. I had my receipts showing that I was making the payments, but they still claim that they had no record of me ever having a policy through them. They told me it was because they had just changed management and underwriters. This company has since been shut down (obviously, if that is how they do business). The car lot didn't show up to tow the car to their shop, so I called them again. They said they would be there the next day. Again they didn't show up, so again I called them. This time, they said to give them two weeks because they were backed up. About a week later, I got a sticker from the city on the car saying that if I didn't get it towed, they were going to tow it and possibly fine me. So AGAIN, I called the car lot. They said "tomorrow." This continued for about another week or so, and then one morning I woke up and the car was gone. I assumed the car lot came and got it, so I called them to make sure. No answer, Every day for about a week, no answer. At this point, I am now late on my payment (I could have made the payment over the phone if they would have answered, but I digress). Now, mind you, I was 22 and dumb at the time, and really thought I had done everything in my power to get whatever information I needed. I just didn't know then what I know now. Out of the blue, I got pulled into my boss's office at work to be told that he had to garnish my wages for this company I had never heard of. After a little research, I found out that the car lot had NOT towed the car, the city did. And eventually the lot came to get the car, but it was not there. So they took legal action and sued me. But here is the thing. I NEVER GOT ANY NOTIFICATION that I was being sued! No court hearing, no certified mail....nothing. Is that even legal? Anyhow, eventually, there was a hearing for the garnishment, and I did get notification about that. I was able to prove I was Head of Household and poor (single mom, low paying job). So the judge said they can not garnish my wages, and that was that. Meanwhile, I now have a lien against me for the cost of the car plus legal fees. So now, here it is 11 or 12 years later, and they are now trying to garnish my wages again. Mind you, I am still head of household, I am still poor, and I am freaking out. The only reason I even KNOW about it is becuase my boss again has gotten a letter stating he has to garnish my wages. So I went and looked it up on the clerk of court site, and they sent notification to TWO of my OLD addresses. I filed a change of address the minute I moved into the place I am living now, so I cant figure that one out. Is there anyone that can give me any kind of advice? I am sorry this is so long (this is as short of a version I could make it and have it still make sense). And please be kind, lol.
  5. Issue: Under Florida worker compensation, medical obligation, Is employer responsible for providing a service dog to a former employee whose medical benefits are open if former employee worker compensation physicians prescribe a service dog for former employee after former employee's service dog of 14 years dies due to congestive heart failure.? Need for service dog occurs due to workers compensation injuries, and former employee acquired the first service dog without assistance from or cost to the employer. Properly trained service dog expense is $30,000 plus the life time of medical vet care, food, equipment, etc.
  6. I have responded to a petition for dissolution of marriage about 9 months ago, I am disabled and not working, so I sought the services of legal aid, they accepted my case and have been submitting some motions on my behalf, however my soon to be ex wife's attorney is the sitting president of the legal aid society in my county, is this a conflict of interest and what can I do, I don't have funds to hire a attorney. thanks for any advice
  7. Actual post below, double post by mistake.
  8. Hi, I made an offer on a property in September 2017 that had a listing which expired February 2017. The offer did go through the old listing agent. Seller rejected and didn't sign anything. I contacted seller directly and they are willing to sell. The seller is not obligated to pay the listing agent correct? As they are NOT under contract with her and it is NOT listed for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Live in florida, have had 5 dui convictions, dating back to 1978. my last arrest was in 1995, and thank fully had no accidents. My license was revoked. I have requested a pardon hearing in 2010,which they recieved all the forms required. again in 2013 got in touch with them, and still was on the list. Again in 2017 they said it takes time as first come first served. waiting 7 years just to get a hearing!! It has been 21 years since my last conviction. I completed all the punishments the courts assessed on me. jail time, fines, Dui school, and probation with no violations. I'm at this point frustrated as my job is 21 miles away, with no public transportation at 4:00am, and nearest bus stop is 5 miles away. Taxi's are $35.00 one way. Been alcohol free since 2007, just was hoping for a business permit,to get back and forth to work. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. I'm a different resident of the state of the original order and reside in FL and my original CS case originated in the state of GA some 18 years ago. My children are now grown, 1 lives with me now and the other 1 did live with me for awhile but since moved back to her birth state of GA. I do owe arrears which in my opinion is excessive and a total misresprentation of what is truly owed. I would like to go back to court to reassess this current situation and would like information and direction on how to get started. FL enforces the order, but the original order is in GA. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. newborn, mom pumping and bottle feeding so not legally breast feeding. i want shared custody when we divorce. what am i looking at for seeing my son without his mother present
  12. At what age, if any, does a 1984 workers compensation medical benefits end if former injured employee has received continued and consistent medical care from several employer approved physicians, and care is related to worker compensation injuries?
  13. My son has been having problems getting to see his daughter. The mother has been server 12 times by cps, but they call her ahead of time and she is prepared when they get there. she lost her job and gave my son his daughter for 3-4 months the mother did not supply any assistance while she was with him, she was getting assistance for the child while she was not living with her. she came back and toke the baby back after 4 mos, my son had his daughter in daycare she was in a stable environment. the mother today had my son server with a restraining order, to stay away from his daughter, the mother and the grandmother, he cannot call the mother or the grandmother to check on his daughter. she also listed things that happened 4 years ago in this restraining order. so my question is how can you serve a restraining order when the father does not know where the mother lives she has moved about 4 times this year every time a cps case is filed she moves. he calls the grandmother to try and find out how his daughter doing, they have set a court date within the next week coming up, no time to get representation. she has text messages in this restraining order but deleted her responses so it is making my son look like a monster. Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this?
  14. loaned daughter money to buy house to renovate house house sold refuses to pay back loan
  15. my aunt died and my uncle was not on the deed to the house and he is her next of kin (no children) can we get the deed in his name without going to probate
  16. Been married 2.3 years. Married a non resident on visa. Lived together 6 months in one state. She left I filed an annulment, she wanted to try again I withdraw the annulment. In reconciling I purchased a condo in Florida for her and her kid (not mine). I do not live with them only visit. I pay all the bills electricity, insurance, mortgage, her phone. I've gave her a car. I've purchased a truck during our marriage (her name is not on it) and refinanced my home in other state (her name had to be included) own years before we married. No green card, yet she wants out. 50/50 and move back to her country. Tell me if I'm wrong but I don't believe she is intitled to 50/50 in Florida where we would divorce.
  17. After a tree is through my living room, the landlord tells me he doesn't have insurance so he can't afford to fix it, an informs me we need to move. I have lived there over a year...not once has my rent been late, we cause no problems.... I am heart broken... Is this even legal???? My lease was up a couple months ago. We only had a year lease. Never seen a reason to have to get a new one.
  18. I am concerned for a friend. They have rented a apartment in a complex on the first floor. The landlord lives right beside her. The lease states that the landlord has to give written notice to tenant before entering the property unless there is a emergency, i.e. plumbing issues, etc. Her landlady is sneaking around looking inside her apartment windows, and coming into the apartment when my friend is at work, the store, or out in general. She only knows this because she has installed camera's. With this evidence on video and with her lease can she sue her landlady for breech of lease? She knows it will be a dirty legal fight between them and she has no other place to go at the moment but do you think it would help any to sue or should she just call the cops and make it a criminal charge?
  19. There is a crack in the foundation outside my master bedroom and when it rains it floods in and the room connected to my room is my 1 year old son's room which is the only carpet room and it floods in his room as well. With the hurricane we had over 2 inches of water in there and they have refused to do anything about the water damage or the soaked carpet so my son no longer has his own room because it is not livable. My ac needs to be replaced as stated by A/C repairman. Gets 83-85 during summer months. Got a hotel after IRMA hit to escape the heat, had my windows open to air out the house and I have 2 young daughters that suffer in the heat during hot months. Is there anything legally that can be done to make the landlord fix the issues?
  20. My wife's boyfriend is in my home with my newborn. He has been convicted and served time for violent offences. 3 years incarcerated and now 2 years probation. felony agg battery. Anyway i can prevent him from being there?
  21. I have a question. My daughter was on vacation in another state when hurricane Irma hit Florida. Her place of employment closed for several days. They are saying that she can not have her vacation days back and she has to use them even though they were closed. Does this sound right or should she fight for her time? Thank you for your replies.
  22. Looking at a divorce and wondering about my 401K. I've had my 401K for roughly 15 years before my wife and I met and 17 years before we got married. After our marriage I continued to contribute to my 401K as normal and paid for most of the household expenses, mortgage etc, as I make considerably more than she does. We've been married since 2012 and looking to get divorced, is she entitled to any of my 401K? She recently, 2015, started a new job and has her own 401K now. Before this job she didn't have a job that offered a 401K. Thanks, Defeated
  23. I am a licensed caregiver in the state of Florida working for a 90 year old man. I met him through the ALF I worked at. Long story short, he was unhappy at the facility and wanted to leave that Facility to get an apartment and have me move in to provide long term live-in care for him and him only. Which I agreed to, obviously he knew what I did for a living so there was no physical contract between us, but an oral contract and told me that he would leave me the remaining of his estate which equates to $500k. The month I moved in, he drafted up a will with myself as the sole beneficiary. I am the executor of the will as well as his health care surrogate. He has been widowed for 3 years, has no children and has been estranged from a brother for 20 years. So far, I've been here for 15 miserable months. He is of sound mind but He is a creep, verbally abuses me, calls me names, sexually harasses me, I had no idea about his disposition prior to moving in and because of this "arrangement" I am not getting paid by him whatsoever but he pays for my monthly expenses. I am dependent on him that way and I feel so trapped because when he has these daily "flares", turns into an absolute monster, he threatens to remove me from the will if I were to leave. This behavior has started as soon as I moved in. He has been diagnosed with depression, takes meds for it but I believe he is bi-polar and quite frankly I'm very frightened of this man. I was completely manipulated by him. I believe his behavior has seriously stressed me out to the point where I might have a stroke or a heart attack. It's too stressful to stay here and I want to leave. But only staying out of fear of what he'll do. Bottom line is this....of course, I want to leave the apartment, do I have any legal recourse if he removed me from the will (which I know he will do) and 2) obtain any compensation for any back pay or severance I am entitled to. And what type of an attorney could or would help me with this possible case?
  24. Can I sue the Florida Board of Nursing for issuing me a Letter of Concern against my RN License due to having a severe brain disease which required surgery ?
  25. My husband applied for a job and got hired to a company we though was nice. he is a painter the paid was good.we did all the paper work and such he started working and all was good week in to it he notices the owner slash manager fired people and he would call them back and such he tough it was weird, so it came time to fire some one else and he wanted my husband to do it. My husband said no because he was not a Forman manager or nothing. the following day he was fired via tex and a call by this time he got a pay Check, that has bounce 3 times he is still owed an extra 8 days.and with the bounce check week is 13 days all together my bank is over draft the amount of the first check he got. now they won't answer calls. and the person my husband was suppose to fire was fired and has not gotten paid eather.please help!