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Found 298 results

  1. From Dec.2016 - Oct. 2017 took leave from work due to medical condition. During the month of December and two weeks of January I was using PTO so deductions for Health Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability etc. were made from pay. During the remaining time off under FMLA and company leave policy received payments from Short/Long Term Disability. Direct payment to a third party company for Health, Disability and Life Insurance benefits were made monthly February thru October. For November and December payroll deductions were normal but January 2018 all of a sudden without any notice post tax deductions for benefits prior year arrearages started being deducted. I have notified the Human Resource Dept, of this, requested an explanation or correction and the only response has been it has been escalated to the Benefits Team for review. Needless to say still awaiting a response $700.00 later and still being deducted. Employed by this company since 2003 so hesitant on involving Wage and Labor if can find the answers
  2. i had a roommate move in less than a month ago... Has paid nothing. I want her out. We do not get along.. Can I just send her packing?
  3. A woman at the DBPR just told me that an agent can only use an LLC if it is in their own full legal name. Soo.. does this mean an agent can't use a unique business name to conduct business as a property management company?
  4. I'm a 67 y/o 100% combat disabled vet in FL. I want to move into a 55+ mobile home community. Florida law says I'm exempt from property & ad valorem taxes on real estate. Do these exemptions mean anything for the pass through taxes MH park owners routinely require of homeowners each year?
  5. I filed a small claim in Florida and after receiving the summons from the Clerk of Courts I brought them to a Process Server without making a copy for mysef. The process server I selected is doing a terrible job. I gave them instructions to serve the defendant on a couple of dates I knew the defendant would be working on and they said they couldn't make it so I offered extra money to which they agreed to deliver on one of those two days. I am not sure if they are telling the truth. It has been almost a week and the affidavit of service has not been filed with the clerk of courts online yet. Yesterday they told me it would show up in a couple of days but after reading their terrible reviews online I started doubting... If I don't see it by Friday I will go to the clerk of courts for a new issuance of Summons. Am I going to be able to obtain another copy?
  6. A woman at the DBPR just told me that an agent can only use an LLC if it is in their own full legal name. Soo.. does this mean an agent can't use a unique business name to conduct business as a property management company?
  7. We recently incorporated SWFL Realty LLC. After some browsing we noticed a company named SWFL Real Estate Services LLC was top listed in Google with many rentals as well. We want to do rentals also. Are we clear to proceed or should we get a new name? Realty and real estate are practically the same name in the world of real estate. But can someone own SWFL or is that considered a region. Thanks for any help.
  8. My attorney dismissed a false Petition for Injunction which was confidential for the public to read on the clerk of courts website.I filed a small claim to sue for attorney's fees. I want to warn the defendant with a friendly text message (from a different number) to be careful what he files because it is all public and everybody can read it. Not only for my privacy protection but for his as well...Would I get in violation of anything - the protection order was dismissed anyway?
  9. I got a complected issue and need everyone help I purchased a house from county foreclosure auction for 100 k and i paid the back taxes and utility liens , I found out after i paid that there is over 95 k in surplus account , I request to get my money back for the Back taxes and utility lien , But the last owner hired a surplus lawyer and they denied my motion and they give the surplus money ( Over $95,000 ) to the owner because the owner representative said in the court there is no Mortgage or notes in the house and i never pay attention to this because i just paid Extra $5000 for the taxes ,, then last November i paid the real estate taxes on November 1st and a part of this taxes should be paid by the past owner , anyway December i got served for foreclosure on the house and I found out that the owner had mortgage Notes and never clear it out for $200,000 ,, and when i got the house was an HOA foreclosure the case not finished yet i checked the court and i found out that the Surplus check was not cashed yet , and i found out the the past owner died , and finally last month the deceased family opened an estate account ,, and deposited the check in the account i know i should do a lien search before i buy the house but ,, after you read this issue can you help me ?? Can i get the judge to order the bank to collect the Note (( $200,000 ) from the Estate account Can the bank continue in the foreclose case since the Borrower died few months ago ? how long Creditor have to get this money ? can i claim the money that i paid (( over $100,000 )) since the past owner never mention in the court that they got a lean in the house can the judge just discard all of this circumstance and continue with the foreclosure even i didn't barrow any money ?
  10. Had two serious accidents as covered and provided under Fl WC l,aw. Fist was in Oct 1984. Neurosurgery required. Chronic pain continues. Did not settle medical benefits and are open today, per the State Financial Services and the e/c for the employer who is self insured. See Neuropsychiatrist and pain management MD each month and med RX covered. Did not need a service dog. Went back to work for 5 years before attending law school. Attended and graduated cum laude from law school in 1992. 2000 admitted to practice law before Supreme Court of US. Practiced law until March 2000, when large truck hit my car and totaled it and nearly me. My auto and workers compensation covered the medical and other related expenses. Per my neuropsychiatrist RX service dog and one became availkable without need to file claim Workers comp e/c in Florida responsible for medical expenses as I was returning from neurologist for check up of second surgery needed in neck from Oct 1984 wc accjdent and the e/c of 1984 paid medical and continues to pay medical benefits. I am not the oldest medical case in workers comp in Florida. It is now Jan 2018. My service dog died 6y months ago. Seeking replkavement per pain management MD and psychitrist RX and medical necessity RX.
  11. One of my best friends who was my roommate for a short period of time turned to drugs and I had to kick him out because I couldn't stand watching the whole situation. I contacted his family to try to get him some help. I tried to contact him on 2-3 occasions to request the money I had lent to him because he already had 2 jobs and he filed a false Temporary Injunction Petition for Stalking Violence against me!My attorney dismissed the petition. He filed false information about my sexual orientation and how I was in love with him that's why I simply gifted the money to him. I had to get witnesses and embarrass myself with the whole situation...Can I file a small claim for punitive damages, frivolous petition and especially attorney's fees occurred in small claims court? Is that abuse of process / malicious prosecution?
  12. My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida I used to have a good friend who was my roommate for a short period of time, I lent him money as well but unfortunately I had to kick him out because of cocaine use once or twice a week. I contacted his family to try to help. He filed false Petition for Injunction - Stalking and my attorney dismissed it on the 1st hearing. Can I get him in trouble if I call 911 anonymously with his full name and tell them the address (apartment number) where he is using drugs at that moment with his friend? Even if the cops don't see drugs but they see how inadequately he and his friend act - are they still going to arrest them? It is not even vengeance - I just want him to hit the rock bottom and get help..
  13. My pay check says I am being paid an hourly rate of 8.50 an hour but when you look at my earnings which show my hourly rate a second time it says I am 8.10 which I am supposed to be making 8.50 per hour. My employer is refusing to acknowledge this and pay me the money that I was shorted due to .40 cent difference. What can I do?
  14. My kids was taken after I moved to Tennessee I wasn't there but three days but my kids in school that Monday they went to school picked up my kids came to the house got my babies none explained anything I didn't know what was going on 3 days later some of my family and one of my kids dad show up the dcf give us drug test I past he fails but they keep my kids the caseworker tells me to leave my home not go to work go to this place it help me get my kids back sooner so I do as she says I go none wants to help me their I'm not allowed to leave or call anyone so I finally ask what do I need to do so I got a hair particular done a had a meant health intake well still that not enough for the caseworker so I do parenting classes a class every day for 30 days but when I go court I have no lawyer just me an the people who took my kids and my oldest dad they give him three of my kids even though he failed drug test so I leave the place know my little man still in Tennessee I come to back to FL I try to get help well them they give my little man to my sister now Tennessee done with the case they close it so now I'm in FLA fighting for my kids still and no one let me see my kids what do I do the caseworker from Tennessee calls down here to cause me problems still
  15. At what age, if any, does a 1984 workers compensation medical benefits end if former injured employee has received continued and consistent medical care from several employer approved physicians, and care is related to worker compensation injuries?
  16. While visiting my 89 year old Mother at her home,I was threatened with bodily harm by a caregiver. I filed for guardianship because of the care my Mother was receiving from these caregivers. I am soon to be appointed guardian and they are very angry, knowing they will soon be replaced. I have always been respectful when visiting. My question is, can I secretly videotape when visiting my Mother, and can I show it to the police if they threaten me again. There are always two or three caregivers and it would be three caregivers denying any threats made to me.
  17. While delivering mail on my route, that i been delivering mail to for years, I fell and injured my back. I have been on workers comp for this injury going on 8 months now. I have had physical therapy and steroid injections. Neither has helped and I am now considering back surgery. The fall was due to a small rock garden that is on each side of the walk way. I lost my footing due to a single rock on the pathway. I contacted a lawyer and he notified the business in which I fell on. They stated that I tripped over my own two feet. That according to a witness that happen to come out and help me get back on my feet. Their insurance company refused any negligence. My lawyer is waiting to file suit until I have surgery. This witness was a store employee, I'm not sure if I will be able to resume my career as a letter carrier due to this injury, as they have me on modified duty working only 2 hours a day. Do I stand a chance of receiving compensation.
  18. Hi I was buying a house. Perfect house. Went through all the bull****. Got to a closing date. December 19th.Signed paper work, started moving in. My bank screwed up and I wasn't able to send the down payment. I got the bank mess handled. They set a second closing date. The morning of December 28th I was told I was denied the loan. We were threatened with the Sheriff because we were trespassing. So we packed up everything and left. Found out that the mortgage company reported the mortgage on my credit report. I called them. They verified that it is my mortgage. They even accepted a payment and gave me a confirmation number. But the house is newly listed again, and says it's under contract. As a matter of fact, they were showing the house when I was leaving with the last load of my stuff. Anyone have any suggestions? or ever been through anything like this? I called an attorney, thew wrong attorney, he said for $2500 and $300 an hour he could look into it. And that he suggest I get an attorney. But I need to put a roof over my childrens heads first. And that is proving to be difficult because of this $216,000.00 my credit report says I owe, and the mortgage company's 13 hard hits lowered my score significantly. I'll be lucky to find anyone to rent to me. Right now my daughters and I are at a hotel with our animals. Only place we could go quickly. This is a nightmare! I just don't know what to do.
  19. Our son is a recovering drug addict who has relinquished custody of his two children to us - the grandparents. The mother has possession of the two children in Florida and we suspect her of neglect and abuse. We live in another state. She uses Crystal Meth, according to our son - and her 50-year-old face at age 26 with missing teeth, According to the older child (age 6), she leaves the 3yr old in diapers for days and leaves the 6 year old in charge while sleeping all day. The 6yo is miserable and seems under-nourished. The 3yo seems happy as a lark and healthy - aside from her diaper rash. She has not enrolled the 6yo in school yet. It's hard to prove abuse and neglect while in another state. Child protective services has opened a case and is monitoring the situation but we get absolutely no communication from either of them. (We were able to visit for a day with the kids through a third party). We have a lawyer in Florida, but we don't want to file for custody if we have no proof of neglect. We love our daughter-in-law and hope she gets well enough to take better care of the children and we would love to be able to talk to them and visit once in a while. It's frustrating. Aside from all of this, we believe the mother might try and start legal action against us. If she files for any injunction (maybe a claim of abuse - false or otherwise) against us, or even a restraining order of any kind, how can we find out about it? We have never threatened her, only offered to help her and she refuses to communicate with us. We were in town when the CPS got involved and it appeared as though the mother was 'hiding out' so we drove to some common places to help find them. When we found them we followed them (at the request of the agent) until the CPS agent could make first contact. We left town one day after first contact was made, but I think we scared them even more now. It's just so frustrating to be in this position. Any thoughts or advice on this situation are greatly appreciated. The lawyer just wants to file the custody papers. The recovering drug addict (our son) is probably our best hope for future visits with the kids. We plan to concentrate on supporting him through his recovery. He is close to 90 days clean. Thanks.
  20. A long time ago, I was on SSI, well they are trying too take 7000 dollars worth of "overpaid debt", they apparently decided I am not fit too purchase a gun, but I am fit too pay their taxes and debt. This is a contradiction, that just does not settle right with me. What legal action can I take?
  21. I applied from unemployment 1 month ago and just 2 days ago I got an answer: denied for verbal or physical abuse. Before termination, nothing written was given to me, even the Rep from the Union told me it was unjust but that was not the reason. The situation was a customer was comparing my name to female genitalia, I didn’t reply, plus discriminatory comments. I was waiting for a manager to handle it, since previously I told the customer, about bringing a manager to assist him. My ex employer fired me because I didn’t get a manager. Besides all of this is recorded. Should I forget about my benefits after 12 years working for this company? I really appreciate any comments that can help me.
  22. This is a follow up concerning the property. The apartment was purchased prior to the marriage by 4 years. The deed stated that it is owned by two single individuals. According to Florida law, assets obtained prior ot the marriage are retained by each individual, correct? The property was not the habitual home. The deed was not changed after the proxy marriage (but if proxies are illegal, then it would not have been possible anyway). If the marriage was not proxy let's say, would a marriage automatically change the nature of the ownership? Or it does not matter and each party retains a separate 50% share? Does "tenants in common" or "joint tenancy" have any effect on the matter? The property was registered as "joint tenancy with rights of survivorship." So is the property subject to a divorce ruling in Spain and can Spain assert its family law on a Florida asset? (Yes, this is assuming the proxy marriage and divorce). Am I correct in the position that on the account that proxies are illegal and the property was purchased prior any marpriage: 1. Spain has no jurisdiction or competence 2. Under Florida law the property is not in any case subject to any divorce proceeding since it was purchased equally prior to the marriage and each retains his respective 50%? I need to provide some citations to my Spanish attorney since I want the dissolution of the property handled under Florida law, not Spanish. I prefer a straight-forward, Florida court-ordered sale and equal distribution of the proceeds. I do not want any entanglements with the Spanish property. Apples and oranges...keep them separate.
  23. If Florida does not recognize proxy or common-law marriages, can a Spanish proxy marriage and subsequent Spanish divorce be enforced in Florida? It would appear that no marriage existed in they eyes of Florida law. The issue of "comity" also would not apply since the federal government defers to the States on issues of family law. Thereby, any property in Florida should be governed by Florida law and any Spanish judicial ruling is moot? While I have found the information about proxy marriages and Florida on several websites, I have never been able to find the pertinent FL statute. I'd be interested in any case law regarding foreign jurisdiction over Florida assets relating to divorce. Another related issue could be contesting the property of a deceased who was married by proxy. Would the marriage also be moot in this case as well? Similar arguments? (Absent a will of course)
  24. My husband and I were married in front of our family and friends. We signed a biblical marriage certification. We did video tape it. Before we got married I called the county, state, and what ever department knows all the laws. I asked for the law that said I need a state issued marriage license. No one could find it. I was told the law for marriage license is for blacks and whites to marry. I even called the IRS. They don't need a copy of anything for us to file married on taxes. Now, it's only been 1 1/2 years and he wants a divorce. He said he's not cheating on me, which i'm not sure if I believe. He claims he's still a believer in our beliefs. I changed my last name legally to his. His 3rd, my 2nd marriage. Both our 1st time marrying like this. He told me he doesn't want to be married anymore a month ago in counseling. Can I still take him before a judge, because now he wants me and my son to move out? He has two kids, one lives with us full-time. The house is not in my name, because we weren't married yet.