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Found 184 results

  1. I am on felony Probation and the Probation officers are harassing me constantly. Today they told me if I did not find a person they are looking for that they will return to arrest me . The reason they say is because another officer saw me driving someone to court in December or January. Neither one of those months are true! I never drove anyone anywhere. What are my Rights? This seems like extortion to me.
  2. My mother passed away 24 years ago. In December I went to the cemetery to place flowers for Christmas and her headstone was gone. I went to the office and was told that my father had a unpaid balance from 1993. They never sent a bill, certified notice, or called and all the information on file was correct. I was told by an employee certified mail didn't exist in 1993 and that my fathers plot was sold due to the unpaid balance. We then were made to buy a new headstone. I was told the original that had been there 23 years had been placed in storage because it was a double marker and it had to be a single marker. We were not notified before the headstone was removed. I was told I could take the original as it belonged to us. That it was marble and bronze and I could scrap it. The new 1800.00 marker was installed 2 months later. The new marker had the wrong birth date on it. It also was in the wrong spot. When I told the same office person she responded with maybe your mother would enjoy being 2 years younger. Maybe if she was here she might but she isn't here to speak for herself. I was then told I would have to purchase a whole new headstone so that would be 3600.00 in 2 months for headstones. When I explained I was not buying a 3rd marker for their mistake as they should have checked records and had someone verify the dates as my father who is going through chemo for prostate cancer and is very ill ordered and signed for the order to be placed. They called back later that day to say they would fix it at no charge. So I go to the cemetery to see the new headstone that conveniently came in 2 weeks and it's in the wrong spot. So I call the office and inform them the new stone is not where it should be. They get their map out and it seems the original and 2nd marker were both placed in the wrong spot. For 24 years we were visiting a empty plot. The operation manager with a chip on his shoulders basically tells me in such a sarcastic pissy tone that everything should be fine now that they ate the costs for the new stone and after this man treating me horribly for 20 minutes I looked at him and said had you sent a bill or certified letter that employee claimed didn't exist in 1993, 24 years ago I wouldn't be out 1800.00 for a new stone. Or had you not put the wrong Birthday on the 2nd one you wouldn't be out that money now would you? And further more no things are not fixed. It's destroyed our family, the stress and grief is insurmountable. I feel like I've lost my mother all over again. My father can't be buried next to her because you sold a plot that was already sold without notifying the family. You then made 5-10 times more off that plot than we paid for it and your response of we could always dig her up and move her to another plot but we would have to pay for two new plots. This whole ordeal has sent my anxiety through the roof. I feel as though I lost my mother all over again and these people we paid good money to act like she was just a inconvenience to them. I have lost weight due constant nausea and vomiting from dealing with the cemetery people. I don't sleep, I have been having horrible nightmares. It's triggered my ptsd and nothing has been helping. She died tragically and I witnessed it at 6 yrs old. Can a cemetery sell a plot without sending a bill for 23 years? My father and grandfather both swear it was paid in full yet my father can't find the original paperwork. His mind isn't right due to chemo and being so ill. We haven't had luck locating it. Can I sue the cemetery for double selling a plot? Can anything be done about them removing her headstone without contacting us leaving her in a unmarked grave for several months? Who would I file a complaint with? Can we ask for pain and suffering?
  3. In October, 2016, my husband started to back out of a parking space at a local supermarket. Barely moving, he tapped the driver side door of another vehicle looking for a space. We both stopped our vehicles, other driver jumps out of shouting "You hit my car". While she is calling police, we take pictures of her car and only find minor scratches. Police takes report, ask if we need an ambulance and we both say no. Get copy of police report so we can notify our insurance company and note that she told police she has a current auto accident claim pending. Have no idea why she would say that. Anyway, long story short, we get letter from her lawyer for personal injury. Provide info requested and do not hear anything for over 4 months, until the other day. Our insurance company send us a letter saying they are paying the other driver's lawyer $100,000 (our insurance limit) !!! Also enclosed was her lawyer's letter outlining surgery she had for cervical fusion totalling $112,000 , not including the hospital bill. Lawyers DEMANDED $100,00 or else.. My insurance just paid it without even consulting us. Finally spoke to our insurance who said they never sent a claims adjuster or had any contact with her lawyer all these months but they made decision just to pay. They will be sending us a waiver release form to cover us. Something is seriously wrong here...don't know who or which agency to contact to report what I believe is fraud. Anyone with recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is just not right. This affects everyone with insurance. Thank you.
  4. Looking for guidance as to where to locate documentation and case law to support the addition of in-kind/barter income to parties child support calculation.
  5. Does my printer have the right to rectify a printing job due to poor print quality before providing a refund?
  6. I'm just going to tell you guys what happened and let you tell me what you think. It was october 20,2015 and I took my grandfather to get blood work. As a good grandson I agreed to always help in anyway I can to help my grandparents if they need it. My uncle asked me to take grandpa to get blood work and I agreed. I took him to get blood work. I noticed the phlebotomist wasn't washing her hands in between patients. I told my grandfather and told him I would say something if she didn't wash her hands. I did say something but that was after allowing my grandfather to be seen by this lady and she never washed her hands. If grandpa gets sick or even dies from some kind of disease because of this event, am I criminally liable for letting it happen?
  7. In 2010 I was granted a divorce from my ex wife. We came to a marital settlement agreement, and she was to keep the marital home. My attorney informed that if I quitclaim deeded the home to her that I would be held harmless and free and clear of any future legal claims or financial responsibility related to the home, so I quitclaim deeded the house to her. I later found out that his advice was incorrect and that the mortgage we signed when we purchased the home was still binding on me. at one time she was not paying the mortgage in a timely manner and it was adversely affecting my credit.. Of late she is all caught upon the payments. I've been trying to purchase a a home with my new wife and can't get a loan because the prior mortgage keeps showing up. I later found that my attorney should have added a clause for my ex to have the home refinanced in her own name. I also found out that she got a loan modification on the home which I believe should have required my signature if I was on the original loan. How can I get my name legally removed from this mortgage, and move on with my life?
  8. I was helping out my grandfather and took him to get bloodwork one day. We got into an argument there and I absolutely was pissed. The lady who took his blood didn't wash her hands or change gloves before seeing my grandfather. She had handled blood samples and urine before him. Instead of asking her to wash her hands like I should have. I decided to let it go because I wanted him to get a disease and die. I didn't know of any disease that could have been present but that's what was in my mind. I truly regret this. Was this a criminal act on my part?
  9. My father was dismissed by his pain management doctor after having a false negative on a urine analysis. Now, other doctors are refusing to take him on as a patient because of the UA report on his medical records. However, he has proof that he actually took his medication as directed, which would invalidate the UA, but his original doctor refuses to allow to him to even request an amendment to his records. His condition is chronic and debilitating, so it's imperative that he resolves this as soon as possible. How can he do that?
  10. On February 6 2017 i was hit by a truck tearing off the front left side of car, as I'm trying to get out the main highway i see the other driver pull off and leave the scene i proceded to chase down the car(not a good choice but i wasnt letting that go) i caught up to the truck and confronted the driver as it was a older man. The guy proceeds to tell me he has no license and hes not on insurance and that he will pay me off i told the guy he was crazy im in a lease car i have to call the police and let my insurance know i got my phone to snap the photo when i snapped a picture of his tag as he got in the truck and left the scene i then called the police gave them the tags etc etc and i later discorver the insurer of the truck being his wife apparaently hes not on the insurance they then proceed to tell me that the owner of the vehicle said that she was in orlando the whole week and nonone had access to her truck and theirs no (fresh damages mind you its a 2004 ford f150) and her isnurance denied my insurance claim as i have to get almost 3k worth of damages fixed on my car as well as 1k for out of pocket expenses. my argument to the orlando story was if no one had keys to the truck how did i get a picture of that tag that day with the location of where the picture was taken. can someone help? my insurance said we have to sue them now. what does the case look like im only 20 and scared to death i just want my money back and for at fault to admit what they did
  11. So, My 15 year old sister was picked up off her feet and thrown to the ground, head first, by her ex boyfriend. She hit him first because he kept harassing her but she did not cause any harm to this person. That hit gave her a hospital stay and internal bleeding. She says she doesn't want to file charges because she hit first and will get in trouble. This person is 16, and I read if she is under 16 and since she got hurt and he intentionally threw her on the ground. I included the video. What can he charge him with? Is there a guarantee she won't get in trouble? Thanks in advance. XPDT0107.MOV
  12. I'm hoping you can help. I was in a car accident on January 31.I was not hurt in the accident but my car has damages and can not be used. The fault was given to the other driver since he made a left turn from the right lane while I was in the left lane. The driver of the vehicle was driving a rental. It's been 4 weeks and every time I've contacted the adjuster about the claim his response has been that he can't give any information. I rely on my car for work and I've had to miss a couple days of work due to this accident. Is there anything I can do to get this resolved? Do I have a case?
  13. I was legally married in the Turks and Caicos in December 2012. Upon returning to the U.S., we never filed the paperwork in the state of Florida for financial reasons. I was carrying a lot of financial debt, including school loans, and did not want to burden our financial situation when trying to buy a house, etc.. It is my understanding that we are recognized as being legally married here in the states, but I have now been asked for a divorce. Do I have any legal standing or entitlement to half of any property, belongings, or income, even if we did not "register" in Florida, or have my name on the mortgage, bank accounts, etc.?
  14. My mother-in-law is 75 years old and lived in Florida up until 1 year ago. At that point she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and needed to move back home to Massachusetts for treatment. She had a loan on a vehicle with an outstanding balance of approximately $18,000. The bank repossessed the vehicle a year ago when she moved. She is now getting a statement from the bank saying she owes $8,000 for the remaining balance on the vehicle. She has no assets, house, car, etc. Her only income is $382 a month from a pension and $2,032 from Social Security. Her only other asset is a IRA with about $14,000 in it, which supplements her monthly income. Is there any action the Creditor can take to recover this $8,000 from her? What reply should we give the Creditor regarding these demands for $8,000? Thanks.
  15. Hello, I just received notice from my landlord (a property management company) yesterday, that my house is going to be sold. I signed a 3 year lease in October of 2016 that does not expire until September of 2019. I have been living in the property for 9 years now, and my original landlord sold my property (which was 1 of 5) to the current property management company. My then lease was taken over by the management company and after my assumed lease with them ended, I signed a new one year lease. After the year lease ended, with the next renewal I signed a 3 year lease. After reviewing my lease, there is no "exit clause" for the management company or me regarding the sale of the house. The options I received with the notice were: A. To buy the home B. To transfer to another one of their properties and receive a $500 credit However, after doing some internet research I believe that I am within my rights to have the full term of my lease carried out within the property. When I called to speak to someone from the company, they confirmed that yes, the property was going through the sale process and that while I can try to stay for the term of my lease, the new owner is not bound by the lease and I would have no legal recourse with the new owner or the property management company if I were to be evicted. Just a little background, I am not in a financial position to up and move to another property, I am not interested in buying the house, and the properties that they have available (they only have 3) are in bad neighborhoods. While on the phone with the rep, I also brought up another option - for them to buy me out of my lease for $5,000 which would cover the cost of having to move to another property; but she was unsure of the protocol for that. Also, at this point, I am leery of moving to one of their properties because this same thing may happen to me again. Please help as I cannot find truth to the claims made by the management company - and I believe they are attempting to violate my rights as a tenant. A couple questions, is the management company legally bound to present the fact that there is a tenant in place with a signed 3 year lease to the potential buyer? And how can I find out the information regarding the sale to assure that I have been represented/included? Any and all help is truly appreciated!
  16. In 2002 we went to Kent County court to get marry . Me and my love ( I always said my husband and I) had all kind of ceremonies, receptions, in church, too. After all that year we been filed tax and everything together as husband and wife . Two weeks ago I applied for a passport and it asked for Date of Marriage, I wasn't sure the exactly date because I consider the date we got married in church is the date but it have to be the date at the court. I never have a marriage certificate and I never thought I must have one because we went to the court for paper work . It been a long time and I never know that we were not legally married because Kent county clerk couldn't find our record, they said we were not legally married because we never return the form ... required for the marriage license . We thought we were married for all those years, we filed everything together, now what do we need to do to make everything legally ? And since we're not legally married do we have to refile the tax ? Do we need to do anything to prove either we are married or single ?
  17. I purchased a timeshare in August 2014 from a Florida Resort. It was a 3bd 3ba condo. I called RCI which is the one I make reservation through for 3bd 3ba condo for the week. The tell me my resort doesn't have 3bed 3bath only 2bed 2bath with a 1bed lockout. I didn't purchased that and I was told to call resort to which the lady on the phone told me it says building 501-unit 202a,202b on my contract, but on my contract it say only building 501-202 unit. I haven't used it either, looking to get out of contract and get my money back. Is there anyone in Florida who handles Consumer Fraud on contingency fee. I live in Pennsylvania and its hard to find a lawyer here that's in Florida Bar...Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated!
  18. Does a minority shareholder in a closely held S corporation have the rights to financial statements and or tax returns of the corporation. Would the answer differ if there was reason to believe that this shareholder was trying to undermine the corporations' other shareholders by trying to take an existing contract away from them.
  19. Almost 20 years ago an employee of mine received a one year suspended sentence for habitually driving while license was under suspension or for driving with no insurance. His sentence was handed down in a county court. He was subsequently stopped in another Florida County, also for driving without insurance, but the sentencing county was not aware of the incident and no action was taken. The question is this: Is there an expiration period for a suspended sentence or is the individual perpetually subject to the imposition of the original sentence? What triggers the question is this employees need to receive a security clearance for work to be performed at a Federal facility.
  20. So my husband's office decided to close for the day after christmas in addition to christmas day. He was paid 8 hours of holiday pay for christmas, and they paid him for 8 hours for the closed day. He told them at the time that had the office been open, he would have worked, since he had already had his 2 regular days off that week, and was at that time out of vacation days until the first of the year, and his work reluctantly agreed to pay him for that day. But now, over a month later, his work is now demanding he use pto to cover for that day they closed. This seems very shady
  21. 4 Months ago, my 22 year old daughter got really sad (Bi-Polar), cut up her wrists and swallowed a bottle of pills. She was rushed to the Hospital, Baker Acted, stomach pumped and was moved to JFK in North West Palm Beach. She has good insurance. They diagnosed her as Bi-Polar and gave her meds to last until her first appointment with New Horizons in Fort Pierce in a couple of weeks. She was doing just fine on the meds. She went to the first appointment and they only had a counselor who could not prescribe her meds. She would have to wait another month. She missed that appointment having to reschedule the next month because they said they could not fit her in until then. The 3rd month's appointment they called and cancelled the day before. Yesterday 11/17/2016 she was suppose to be there but got depressed, consumed a bunch of alcohol and an entire bottle of benadryl. We found in her room she was self-medicating with all kinds of different items. She was Baker-Acted again when a friend drove her to the hospital. Now she sits at University Pavilion in Broward County wanting to die. Do I have any legal action? I'm tired of my daughter having this mental pain wanting to die.
  22. A Florida city purchased a lot in a commercial subdivision under eminent domain. The lost was subject to CC&R. Does the city have the right to ignore the CC&R and decline to pay association fees?
  23. I'm interested in making a generic cart part for an older car model. I'd like to ascertain that the patent has expired for that product, how can I find that out?