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Found 109 results

  1. I turned in my resignation with more than 2 weeks notice since our employee hand book state that we should give at least 2 weeks notice to my employer today and they emailed me saying that they accepted my resignation effective immediately. Are they allowed to do this in Colorado? Is my employer required to pay me notice/ termination pay?
  2. While I was in court for my boyfriend I left my purse in my fathers truck. He claims he found drugs and drug paraphernalia in my wallet and then told me he took it to the police station. (All in the 45min court)The next day there was a warrant issued for my arrest for f4 drug possession and another charge for drug paraphernalia. Is this legal? When arrested did not have anything found on me no blood work or us was taken? And no history of drug charges. Also two days prior father and mother waited for me to leave MY house and then called cops on my friend. when I got back not 10 min later my father and mother were inside my house harassing, asluting and basically held my friend hostage until cops showed up. I told them to leave as soon as I got back and they refused. I told them he could leave and my dad held him down against his will until cops arrived. I own the house. I am 25. I am on probation for deferd dui and nothing else on my record. They have no rights to my property and did not have permission to be there. They entered my home while I was gone and refused to leave when asked. Today I was told by neighbor that a camera had been set up to face MY back door at the request of my family. Is any of this legal? I have my first court hearing tomorrow on the new drug charges. Need help please.
  3. I've recently been hearing about various state laws regarding the writing of disturbing fiction. What are Colorado's laws regarding this and is it an outright crime to write horror in this state? I would like an actual legal professional to answer this question for me because I do not trust anyone else's answer on the subject due to the immense amount of lies being told on the internet regarding laws. Thank you.
  4. My ex-wife used her own funds when we were first married to put a $50k deposit down on a house. We have since bought 3 other houses with the equity from the previous house to use as down payment for the next. She is asking for her $50k back in the divorce settlement from the equity of the family home being sold now. Since these funds have been used subsequently as community property, are they not now community property and equity should be split equally at the divorce settlement? Any statutes that can be cited would be great so I have a leg to stand on at the mediation! Thanks.
  5. About a year ago I payed for the installation of a new washing machine in the house I'm renting. I had no part in the installation. A few months later I noticed some warping on the floor so I let my landlord know that water damage may be taking place. He refused to send someone to check for damages because he didn't believe there were any. The first hint to the damage was my exceptionally high water bill, but he insisted that I would have to pay for anyone to come inspect. I decided to leave it unchecked because I felt inspections were his responsibility. Last month it got worse and he sent an inspector who concluded that the damage was caused by poor installation of my washing machine. He has filed a claim with his insurance company and expects me to pay the deductible. Is this my responsibility even though it wasn't due to negligence? Could the washing machine installation company be responsible? Also, does the fact that my landlord refused to inspect until damages increased affect his ability to collect from me? Finally, Should I make him wait to collect until he can take it out of my security deposit? Thank you for any advice.
  6. My brother and i signed a beneficiary deed so i would get the house after his death.but he has since been diagnosed with severe dementia and is no longer capable of managing his finances.If he needs to go to long term care they will most likely take his house for payment.So i need to know how i can take possession of the house before that happens.Does he need to be declared incompetent and if so how would i go about getting that done.And once that is done can i have the house transferred into my name and will the bank let me take over the payments or would the house have to be paid off first..And then there is inheritance tax would i have to pay that? and if i didn't have to pay that tax I'm sure the government would want me to pay some kind of taxes on the house.All this doesn't make much sense to me.Basically i don't want to lose this house that's been in my family for 50 years,and should my brother be institutionalized how would i go about protecting it.Any help would be appreciated thank you.
  7. So I would like to UPDATE MY STATUS on LooLookn4Answ4Mnr. I obtained the police report from the officer from the night of the incident. He was right when he said the VICTIM named my son. He , The Victim , said " My son( & He stated my son's name ) was not involved when the 2 black males did what they did to him,but was at the same park when the 2black males did it. That 1of the 2 black males went to a apt. ,near the park & the other black male met up with my son & they walked up to my car & we left with 1 of the black males & that my son would know the 2black males names , because 1 of them got a ride with us. That is the VICTIMS statement involving my son by the VICTIM. So how did or why did the officer then set aside what the VICTIM said about my son not being involved. The VICTIM said " My son's name, then said HE WAS NOT involved with the guns or what happened with the 2 black males. What proof do you need that my son was Not Involved.... The Victim stating he was not involved?....GOT IT. What really bothers me is that the police then decide to press charges against my son & the black male who got in my car. The officer : took the statement from the Victim and then substituted 1 black male for 1 white male, naming my son as one of the suspects. How much of that is legal?
  8. We arrived home from grocery store. There were 2 police cars leaving our trailer park which pulled toward us as we started to exit my vehicle. There was me, my son(15), his friend(14-15)....the officers got out of there vehicles with guns drawn on us & began to order my son, then his friend out of my vehicle. When I tried to exit they ordered me back into my vehicle. The searched them, handcuffed both minors, my sons friend began asking if he was being detained reply was yes. Am i being arrested repky no. My phone is ringing can you answer it its my mom & tell her what you are doing? Reply no. My sons friend knew more about rights then i did, i felt lost. He kept asking that officer the same questions over & over i got out of car and the boy told me how to open phone & let his mom know what was happening. I asked "what are you doing?, why are you doing this?" the reply was " I will let you know once the scene is secured? Something to that....something about separating the boys so as to see if they told the same story, about what? mentioning that a complaint was made by 2 kids that 2 black boys had been twrilling handguns at park singing a rap song & pointed it at one of the kids chest & asked"are you ready to die?" , while singing a rap song they pointed said guns at the ground and fired them into the play ground ground which emitted 2 puffs of smoke for the 2 times it was fired. The puffs of dirt followed. The officer originally mentioned he wanted them separated but now the boys new some what of what was occurring. When I mentioned why eas my son being detained or cuffed or? Because he is not black. The officer said he had to check. There was 3 officer's in uniform. & one plain clothed officer & later a female officer who came & left. After discussing among the officers they then said it was 2 black boys & my son who was named in the call. That they were at the park with handguns. Which the boys replied BB guns ( air soft handguns) the officer corrected them & said handguns & the boys said BB guns. The officers then put boys in separate vehicles they said to listen to what events happened at park earlier & if their stories matched they would let them go, it would be a false report. When the officers got done doing what they did they then met in groups and discussed what they found out & then it seemed as if they went back to question the boys more. The mother & brother show up and i explain what's happening & that no rights have been given to the boys so why are they allowed to question them. The officer says thier storiez match more then the complantor but they are deciding the next step when i said you said if thier stories matched you would release them....he said he was in charge of the call & was leaning to it....seemed to me the more they questioned the more they found the call was bogus but didn't want to leave it at that....the head officer kept saying he was waiting on the D.A. to respond,it was between 8p.m.& going on 9p.m.,they the police kept saying gun & i said along with boys BB guns...they had been playing at park with BB hand guns. One was goldish in color & no clip( lost earlier) the other was black, no orange tip, looked real but could tell when you held it that it wasn't , my son had been goated into bringing it to the park where all the kids got to hold it there was no BB's to be shot but it makes a little noise. No one at the park believed it to be real, no rap song was sung while twrilling the BB guns....prior to all of this i had picked my son up from the park & thats where his friend came with when we went to store...before he could get seated his brother was going to head home when this other guy claimed he had kicked his basketball under my car. Which i told him " the car is in park just get the ball" he proceeded to approach the kid who was heading home & verbally call him the N word & ordering the boy to get his ball & I told my son to get the ball & I told the guy that he didn't have to use that language to boy & he was right up behind the boys head telling him what to do & using the "N" word every chance he could fit it in.the boy replied "i didn't kick your ball get your own ball and call me that again" when i told the boy to head home & told the guy he didn't have to be so rude or use that language. That's when we drove off. We believe he made the call. He was the only one left at the park. He knows my sons name & originally the call was 2 black boys & probable mentioned my son was with them at the park...but wr believe he said real guns because would the police arrive for BB guns? We believe he intended to get the 2 black boys in trouble for the earlier dispute for why the guys ball ended up under my car. In the end the officer said he had to photo graph the boys & finger print them, write a ticket & release them to us parents when we got down town not in our town the equipment wasn't available( my son was previously 3yrs prior photo & prinyed here in town) so i headed to the address given where i was informef he was now being booked into juvenile holding. I didn't understand the officer just seemed to keep lying to me about what was going to happen. He said Felony Menacing was the charge. We went to court next morning where they released him with tracking & a new date because the officer's report did not meet the charge of Menacing & the judge was allowing the officer to change the initial report he gave. After getting my son home i found he never was told his rights thru the body search, handcuffed, placed in car questioned about events earlier in the evening, taken down town & questioned more & told other kid was blaming him for it all trying to get him to blame the other kid...never recieved any now what we do?
  9. Hello!! I have a business in which we unknowingly did not have Worker’s Comp Insurance for a long period... about 3 years. My husband runs the business and was contacted by the State a few months ago but did not follow up with any action. I’ve recently stepped in to work in the business, and to learn about all of this. I have notices from the state with fines into the hundreds of thousands. I immediately acquired the insurance but before I call the state to discuss the matter, I’m wondering if anyone has experience in this area and has any suggestions.
  10. Hello everyone I am married since 2009 with a moroccan man, got to children 2011 in germanyand 2013 in uk. During my mariage i experienced a psychological abuse, humilation insulting and money crontol from myhusband and his familly wich is living in morocco, as everytime we go for holidayshis familly a specially their brotherswho rveryagressive toward me even in front of my children. And i had NHS report from uk about my depression after all what was done to me. My husband is very big manipulator as in the end of 2016 i foud out his double citizenship that he never spoke to me about before, never knew he was married and divorced in us. He didnt want to get our kids their us birth certificate only after big fight on the begining of 2017. The reason wasis that hewas againt the value of the usa and he wanted them to get the islamic cultur. So he was pushing his a brothers to educat my son to teach them the no respect for women and to play a macho at home. I was against all this radical thinking wich made my husband and his familly against me. So now i am spouse of us citizen and mom of 2 us kids. Now me and my husband aren t living together in morocco and he refuse that the kids go to usa even for trip. What the US law offer to me as chances to get my green card???? Thank you in advance
  11. I'm a member of a resident representative committee for 4 mobile home communities in Colorado owned and operated by the same, Utah based company. There are currently 400+ people in our resident coalition, and we represent just under 8,000 people This company owns communities all over the nation, Several of their executive board members have been accused, convicted, or settle privately, cases of fraud, forgery, racketeering, discrimination and harassment, both in the the parks they own and in outside business ventures. The corporation is currently facing indictments in other states over similar complaints, and two states have passed legislation declaring "purchase option" or "rent to own" agreements to be scams and made illegal in those states, because of this company. (NY most recently) As more of their actions are brought to light, they've shuffled their holdings into shell companies, and deny any responsibility.. We've gone to city, county and state authorities, civil and criminal, including their respective attorneys. Those who haven't ignored us entirely have reviewed the evidence and information we've gathered, all agree we are correct in our allegations, and tell us to get a lawyer. Despite the fact that we are low income communities, because any civil case would be class action, demand $200-500 per hour just to meet with us, and $5000-10,000 in retainer. We met with an investigator from the DA's office who told us he'd prosecuted owners of other communities for many of the same complaints we have, but continues to deny us justice, and while we keep hitting walls, the AG's in a few other states have been waiting for us to make progress, so they can ask for action under Rico, because at present, we are the only state that is dealing with all of the issues of the other states combined. (at the beginning of the year we became part of a national organization) We have overwhelming evidence, most of which is pretty irrefutable. (intentionally violating court decisions, actions that are a matter of public record, documents from the owners, park managers, even their attorneys contradicting or misrepresenting the law) I can't really post all of it here, but we have over 3,000 pages, and 14GB of evidence and information, and after 4 years of fighting them, I can recite many of the pertinent laws in my sleep. To make this as brief as possible, by Colorado law, any "self cure" act by a landlord is illegal, while parks can create and enforce new rules and regulations without the residents approval, given 60 days notice, a home owned by the resident and not the park is a separate unit of ownership, and any rule or regulation made or enforced without the homeowners permission is "prima facie unreasonable". Any home offered for occupancy must be guaranteed to be livable by the landlord/seller before it can be occupied, and this warranty of habitability cannot be ignored, altered nor transferred. Any lease or rental agreement must be agreed upon and signed by both parties to be valid. Any money collected by the park for payment of park regulated utilities must be paid to the utility. And all must be done within the confines of the law. A few of the issues we've dealt with include: clauses within their contracts contradictory to the wording of the law, (one county attorney said the only thing valid in the contract was the residents name and address), in the event a homeowner dies, without an approved resident on file, the park immediately takes ownership of the home and it's contents, regardless of will, trust, or inheritance, changing and enforcing new rules and regulations 6 months to a year before we were presented with the rules and regulations. Entering the premises, including the home "without notice, warning or right to cure" to perform and any of maintenance, repair or remodel. Examples include routine lawn maintenance, the removal of resident owned fences and property, removal and replacement of skirting attached to the home, inspections of home interior to ensure compliance with local ordinance. One park was ordered in a civil action taken by the city to remove over 90 dead trees that were considered an imminent threat to health and safety from one park, at the parks expense, and despite a court order forced the residents to remove or pay to remove all of the trees. Several of the trees were in unoccupied lots, violating the warranty of habitability, and the park left them standing until the homes were occupied, then demanded the resident remove them 60 days after moving in. Despite being caught several times, the parks continue to bring in condemned homes that were destroyed in floods and offered as scrap to anyone capable of removing them, and covertly setting the homes without permits or inspections, performing cosmetic repairs and offering them for occupation. Targeting minorities with limited comprehension of english, then misrepresenting the contracts which are read to them via a park interpreter, or presenting them with evictions that have not been ruled upon in court as valid and final. Despite restrictions on security deposits (1 months rent for single wide, 2 months for double wide) the parks demand a $1500 "move out deposit" to move a home, and an additional months rent upon move out to leave the home in the park. In the case of moving a home, the park management will block access to the home with vehicles or heavy machinery, until their deposit is paid. The deposits are never returned. While they claim this to be an industry standard, 6/6 cases we found on this matter were all against this one company, and all 6 were ruled in favor of the resident. They've committed perjury, lied to and filed false reports to law enforcement to get evictions, retaliated and harassed anyone who has made any complaint to the parks or any authority, committed blatant acts of theft which have been witnessed and caught on camera. And these barely scratch the surface. .
  12. My employer let me go saying he couldn't afford my salary anymore and that he wouldn't fight unemployment. I was scheduled to attend a Trade Show in Boston in a few weeks he expects me to still attend. Its a non-refundable show, flights, hotel and car are booked and paid for in my name. All flights are non-refundable or non-transferrable. He's indicated we had a written agreement that if I went to the show I could work from home. I was working from home for 6 weeks before being let go. He's saying if I don't go he will come after me civilly for the cost of the Trade show since we had the agreement in writing. Labor dept in Denver is telling me its possible I could lose in civil court since our agreement was in writing, didn't indicate how long they had to allow me to work from home or that if I was no longer employed by them I wouldn't have to go. I don't have the money to hire an attorney. The trip wouldn't cost me any money just wondering if I really would have to go and if the employer could actually win in Civil court.
  13. Husband died children involved little.will all left to wife.they take me to court.waiver for medical records only.used for handwriting samples.mediation they walk that allowed?only showed interest when I( wife) call now they want.25 yrs married.but they don't want any of him(ashes).wavier sign only for medical records.
  14. I am 18 years of age I recently left my mothers house due to family problems I moved with my boyfriend and his mother to Colorado can I register myself in school or do I need my mother to register me in school ?
  15. I'm currently serving 2 years probation for my first dui in Jefferson county. Iv been on probation for about 5 months with 1 missed drug test due to a long work day and no way to get to a testing facility on a snow day. Iv been almost completely compliant and should be done with all my requirements by late November, early December. A little earlier than the one year mark. Iv been reading online and a lot of counties will let you off probation early if you finish everything and follow all the rules, but everyone in my alcohol class has been saying that Jefferson county does not follow that. Including my teacher who hasn't seen anyone if Jefferson county get off in 4 years being here. No matter what you have to finish the whole amount of time. So I was wondering if I could transfer my probation to another county and have a better chance of getting off early, or if I would still have to go infront of the Jefferson county judge come December. And if it would give me a better chance, how far would I have to move, would I still have to follow Jefferson county probation rules if I didn't get off early, and what plays into me being able to transfer. My lease is up in July and if moving over one county or two wasn't far enough than another option would be to move to my parents about 3 hours away.( don't want to give the area incase that is what I should go for) Sorry this is a lot and probably very confusing to most and not worded the right way at all, but I just want to get off probation as soon as I can and Jefferson county is not the best place for that. Thank you too all who read or look at this post and hopefully this keeps me out of moving to my parents for no reason. Cheers.
  16. Hi, I was sentenced to 2 years of probation for a first-time DUI in Jefferson County Colorado (no accident) in Sept 2016. I will have served 50% of probation by the end of this month (Sept 2017). I've completed all the terms of my probation with no failed UA tests. My PO and I have a good relationship and my PO is on board with me filing a motion for early termination. I've been hearing that Jefferson County doesn't let people off probation early regardless of if you've been 100% good and completed everything necessary. I plan on filing a motion for early termination of probation at the end of this month to at least try. Has anyone been/ or heard of someone in a similar situation and either been approved or denied to be let off probation early? Any help or answers is appreciated. Thank you.
  17. My friend is facing felony harassment charges in Boulder County for sending emails to a co-worker who got him fired. None of the emails threaten violence. The Discovery is a hot mess of confusion and lies that needs to be thoroughly challenged. There is missing evidence that needs to be subpoenaed. There are witnesses who support my friend's version of the events his lawyer has yet to contact. It's been months and he's made no motions for additional evidence. He even waived The Preliminary Hearing before my friend had been given a chance to read the evidence against him. When he did read the discovery, he was furious at the lies and misinformation. It should have been challenged and clarified during a Preliminary hearing, right? Is this a possible case of Legal Malpractice? What can be done? The Trial is in Jan. We want a second opinion ASAP.
  18. I went and bought a stackable washer at a used furniture place. Because I thought mine had went out. I paid for it up front and told the guy I would let him know when to schedule a delivery. My Partner actually figured out what was wrong with our washer from Youtube the same day I purchased the washer. And I was able to fix my washer. I purchased it on a Wednesday and went in Friday to have them return my money. They told me that there was a no refunds under any circumstance. They did not tell me that when I purchased the washer. However it was on my receipt I never seen it until I tried to get my money back. The washer never even moved an inch on their show room floor. They told me that they would give me in store credit. Something I don't want. Is there anything I can do? I want to take them to small claims court but I don't want to waste any more money. Do you think I have a case in small claims? All I want is my money back. I had my wedding ring almost paid off, and that is the money I had to use for the washer. I can't believe those guys. If I had the washer for even one day or it was on a truck for delivery I would understand. The washer was never in my possession and I'm out $434.
  19. Spouse and I have been tenants in our house for more than three years and have always paid our rent. Spouse has a new job in a different town, so we are attempting to break lease to move. We did not anticipate this would be such a huge problem since the lease has lapsed in the past (we are currently under a lease now) ...and homeowner has expressed to us in the past their desire for us to vacate so they would sell the home. Property management emails are insisting that we are responsible for the remainder of the months' rent on our lease. We are attempting to vacate 4-6 months early. Not sure whether the property manager has/will contact the homeowner. The homeowner has reached out to us before, but I will not be reaching out to them on this matter since lease explicitly states we will not try to contact the property owner. I am under the impression that a landlord cannot collect rent from two separate families for the same property (i.e. a new tenant is found yet they continue collecting remaining months of rental fees from us) and that the spirit of the law would be that the property manager do their best to mitigate our losses by making a reasonable attempt to re-let. Am I correct in my understanding that trying to help them find new candidates to lease is not the same as subletting (lease forbids subletting)? The lease states that we would need to pay for advertising and lawn care etc. in the event we move out early until a new tenant is found. That seems reasonable to me. The emails are impressing upon us that there is no possible way to escape payments for the remaining months of rent. That is something we don't want to do. How likely is it that we'd be successful with a letter reminding the property manager that we should be allowed to escape paying the remaining rent once a new tenant is found? Can this even go to small claims court? Would they just send it to collections and then we deal with collections agency? And one more swerve in my question: Can we try to present to them the argument that my husband is a disabled vet that the house is hard on his knees? (the house is two stories, plus a basement, bedrooms and shower only accessible by going upstairs) There is also some mold in the house from roof damage. What kind of documentation would I gather for something like that?
  20. Lawsuit filed on small amount of old cc debt- talking less than $1k. Called collector, made payment, but still need to file court docs to file answer to not have judgment filed in county court. Not a professional and having a hard time wading through the paperwork on how to file this myself without a lawyer. TIA.
  21. Right after I submitted HR's required ADA accommodations paperwork with Dr's input, my department manager won't allow me time off for medical appointment without discipline points. Those points will probably be doubled since I asked for the day off if I go to the appointment. I'm feeling very discouraged and frustrated. I'm in the VA single payer healthcare system and they rejected my request for this medical test a few weeks ago. It's taken me this long to get the special testing approved and now my job will penalize me for making the appointment. I'm so tired of suffering because I can't get treatment until this diagnostic test is completed, let alone worried I'll lose the job because it affects my performance. I'm pretty sure they're obligated under the ADA to accommodate my medical appointments. Am I wrong here?
  22. So today I received a piece of mail in my maiden name. It's from the El Paso County Court stating I owe $232.50 in fines from a court case from 2005! First of all I paid these fines back in 2005 when they were one a hundered some odd dollars. They claim to have no record of it. I don't either because I left Colorado shortly after with only a bag of clothes to my name. So I'm just wondering, it there a statue of limitation on court fines? It was a traffic/restitution fine if that helps. Thanks for your help!
  23. I was fired on the spot by my primary care physician because I was arguing over a blood test that he had not addressed. I was there because I had injured my rotator cuff due to a t i m and was returning under their instructions because I was still in pain. We did not argue about that visit we argued about a previous visit where I had not been advised of my blood work results. He told me I didn't have to come back to him and reschedule any more appointment and I said that I probably wouldn't. Mind you my primary care physician was working as an on-call physician at our urgent care facility which doubles as their family practice facility. I was in the middle of treatment for a rotator cuff on my second visit he ripped up my treatment prescriptions and through my chart and x-rays at the receptionist and told her no charge. about a month later I went to an ER to seek medical help for a mouse problem for which my dentist was not able to treat me that day even though I was already under his care and taking antibiotics. I went to the ER with a chronic pain and in need of a painkiller. I brought in my prescriptions to prove I was under care of my dentist but he was unable to be reached and it would be 5 days before my appointment with him. I gave them no permission to contact a primary physician because I didn't have one. In my ER records it showed as this doctor who fired me being my primary physician. They contacted him to see why he couldn't provide care for chronic pain in which he told them that I was mentally unstable and that I was a Narcotics abuser. I know they said this because the ER doctor charted it and I have my records he then refused to treat me because he said I was there as a drug seeker even with all the proof that I showed him of care I was under I even showed him my prescription record over the last year's time and he said that that did not matter that I could be buying narcotics on the street. Does a doctor who has fired you which means you are no longer a patient which means none of your HEPA forms you have filled out are valid anymore. I understand he could tell an ER doctor that he wasn't my Dr. But did he have the right to slander and literally lie about my personality and the reason that he would not treat me I'm
  24. our neighbor has been complaining about our light that shines through our window (that has a film covering the window as it is to protect viewing in and light escaping out) and into their home. There is also a fence in between us, and they came over and asked us to turn it off after 10pm. we use this light as our source for our legal herb garden and we cannot turn it off. we dont want to block the window during the day because of the light from the sun helping our plants, and to close the blinds or cover the window EVERY SINGLE NIGHT is just alot to ask us to remember to do every night. this lady (in her mid 70s) complains about EVERYTHING. last week she told us to take down our tree too because its roots may creep onto her property and erode her foundation. shes been here since the early 80s... and we didnt plant the tree when we bought the place, it was here. I need to know if we have a responsibility to cover the window? or cut down the tree without any damage thus far? we have about 15 - 20 feet between our homes. thanks!
  25. I would like to know what she has, is it a app that she has on her phone or what. what can I do? she is causing a much of noise problems + other problems.