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Found 714 results

  1. My younger sister was adopted several years back. She is now pregnant and worried that if this is brought to the attention of her adopted parents that she will be placed back in the system and her baby will be taken. She is 15 and already making sure she is providing any and all prenatal care for her child. Is there any case where this would be what happened and what is most likely to happen if the adopted parents decide to kick her out?
  2. Hey : I am international student from Yemen and i've been in the US for 5 years now , came in here as international student and im trying to apply for asylum in the US since my country have been in civil war for 3 years now and I just want to make sure if is there anyway that I could apply for asylum since my country is in a big mess now and im just afraid that since President Donald Trump has Yemen as one of the banned countries because its not safe now that I might get deported to my country which is not safe right now and maybe if I apply for asylum I might get denied because we're one of the 6 countries that is banned so I would love to hear some answers to guide me on what to do next please , thanks alot and have a great day. Best regards
  3. I have lived in my mobile home which I own for 10 years and now management has withheld my rent statements for 3 mos. and now has served the unlawful detainee, for non payment which is not due to me but to due to not being given my statements as they have always done
  4. So recently since I’ve worked for my company there has been 2 incidents at work for sexual harassment.. the first was physical but this last one the maintenance guy said he wanted to undress me and my day shift supervisor wrote my report she wasn’t in there. But my boss said that it’s my fault that I’m getting harassed.. what every time I send you to a site ur going to have another sexual harassment case .. what’s the point of even having u work here... and I haven’t worked since 10/05/2017 I was working 66.5 hr per week... any idea
  5. Hi. So I recently received a parking ticket for overnight parking in a no overnight parking zone. Times were: no parking 2-6AM. I actually received the ticket at 2:30 and I got to my car at 2:45. Didn't technically park overnight. Regardless I received a ticket. My question is can I contest the ticket since they indicated a different address on the citation? The citation officer stated the address for across the street from where I was actually parked (300 W. Green St.). I found the mistake because I looked it up on Google maps. All the addresses were odd numbers on the north side of the street I parked on. It roughly showed I parked on 285 W. Green St. Could I technically say they made up that I parked at the indicated address? I only have two witnesses. I would have taken pictures but I didn't notice the citation until a few blocks when I started driving.
  6. Our family has a cabin that's been used for generations in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Apparently there was a illegal marijuana grow across the stream but well hidden from us and the public, we had no knowledge or association with this illegal grow. One day in August while entering the entryway to the cabin we saw several Ca Fish & Game and County Sheriffs leaving our cabin site. Upon arriving to our cabin we noticed two doors smashed down, glass and debris everywhere and our new pitched sleeping tent slashed. One of the sheriffs returned to our cabin site because he knew we had seen them leaving the area and wanted to address the issue of our destroyed property. We were told that they raided the illegal pot grow that was across the stream, that one of the caught suspects had stated that another suspect had ran off in the direction of our cabin. The sheriff went on to tell us that they had made a mistake by damaging our property, handed us a detective's business card with handwritten extra contact information and told us to contact their office to file a report of damage & get restitution. On this same day we noticed the sheriffs/fish & games vehicles filled with the cuttings of the illegal marijuana grove driving by. We asked how they were the disposing of it and we were assured that they had proper disposal methods. So we contacted the sheriff's office to obtain their forms to file a claim, this took numerous calls and messages before finally getting the proper paperwork. We filled out their forms, enclosed estimates for repairs & tent replacement. We waited several weeks with no reply, finally we made contact with the Sheriffs Office, we were told that they had a time frame where they could approve or deny our claim. We informed them that we do have photo images of them playing "Rambo" on our cabin and tent, that they never & refused to show us their original search warrant, that we had seen their "proper" disposal" of the illegal marijuana which entails them just dumping it off the nearest shallow ravine. We also informed them that we had witnessed many teenagers and youth easily salvaging the marijuana clippings over the next few weeks, this contraband most likely making it's way into Butte County. We waited about 45 days for a reply and restitution from County Sheriffs office and their Board of Supervisors unfortunately they denied our claim. We are shocked and angry, our cabin has no doors has glass & debris everywhere, has attracted bears and other wildlife into our cabin and has made it unsafe for our grandchildren to continue the legacy of weekend visits to our cabin. Is there any legal steps we can pursue? Is it possible to get restitution? How does this country get away with their "Rambo" tactics then sweep their mistake under the carpet? We are considering publicly exposing their mistakes, we do have photos and witnesses.
  7. My tenant signed lease in last week of Sept and got keys. She moved some things in and spent one night. I also let her paint the room (during September prior to signing contract). Last night she texted and told me she wasn't moving in and asked for a pro-rate of rent for October and her deposit back. My question is whether she must pay at least the one month's rent or do I have to pro-rate the rent?
  8. My fathers name is on the month to month lease but I live there with the managers permission. She also allowed me to bring in roommates (names not on the lease). I collect everyone's share and pay the total. Met a girl at the end of Aug who agreed to pay Sept 1st rent to secure her spot. She read, agreed to and signed our roommate agreement. It states that there's a mandatory deposit of $350 (1 months rent) to cover damages or unexpected departures. It also requires a 2 months withdrawal notice but if at least 1 months notice is not given, then the security deposit will be used to cover the next months rent. They will then also be required to pay utilities for the months lived there. She moved her stuff in Sept but started living there Oct 1. But then Oct 10-11 she left w/out notice after she claimed our other roommate threw out her shiitake mushrooms on purpose. The mushrooms in questions were not hers and I asked her to speak to our other roommate to clear the misunderstanding. My other roommate and I were both out of town when she moved out the same day/next morning. She left her set of keys but didn't notify either of us. All her payments were past the due date and she kept promising she would pay the deposit after her next paycheck (but gets paid every friday). She's much older than us (27) and has a well-paying job so there was no reason for her to overreact and partake in this immature behavior. I recently graduated and am in between jobs and my other roommate had a recent medical emergency so this will severely financially impact the both of us. She hasn't paid the deposit, Sept-Oct utilities or the Oct internet bill. She has deleted all social media and won't answer my calls and has blocked my other roommate. I only know her full legal name and her place of work however she was looking for a new job. I left her a voicemail giving her 3 days to discuss her unexpected departure and she has not replied. Do I have a small claims case? If so what are the next steps?
  9. i am leveled from my total loss claim that took nearly two years of battling scraping all my family money to support the different obstacles and got me NOWHERE! I WAS ONLY CAR INVOLVED.!in nov 2015 i hit the center divide avoiding a truck who clearly was not allowing me to change lanes. well to summarize i had to pay for two different shops to do a full inspection , paid to get my car out of REPOSESSION, AND still landed a charge off on my loan had to wait to pick up my car since not ibn my name fully till paids off!well dear old mercury wouldnt pay off cause they somehow didnt see my name when they pulled reg, although wells fargo had no problem calling me to ask for money. and wells fargo wouldnt put in my name till it was paid off!and along the route i even was refused to be reimbursed my $1660.00 premium paid on what was truly a total loss.well fast forward and i get a check from wells beg of aug. and no word from mercury well finalLy yesterday im told THEY AUCTIONED MY CAR! And that none of my comparables or other figures we had disputed were relrvant nor my signature due to the reposession.... but i saved and paid every buck my family had to get out of repo?i have prob skipped a few battles but thats the gist and i now havew to tell my 6 and 8 that the promise to be normal kids and go places and not be stuck at home was a lie and i havew no idea how or when we will ever be able to afford a car again!!i realize its not much in comparrison but the last 2 yr were severely affected not having car for demanding stressful situatiions and so much aggravatipon and fights and walking in heat and rain for NOTHING. NOT EVEN REIMBURSED FOR TOW, RENTAL OR INSPECTION!IF ANYONE HAS ADVICE PLS,i hate mercury ins more than devil hates church. i am in sacramento ca. k well i guess thats all for now. ill add the rest later. k bye
  10. I work for a public utility and submitted my resume for a Supervisory job. They hired a person from the outside. I was notified that I ranked fourth. (Please see below email from management services.) We are pleased to inform you that you have passed all phases of the testing process used to establish an eligibility list for CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERVISOR Your rank on the eligibility list is 4 and your final score is 78. Your Seniority Points are 5.00 and your Promotability Points are 2.00. You are eligible to be considered for employment in order of your score and rank on the eligibility list. Your chances for employment and the approximate time before such employment becomes available cannot be predicted. This will depend on the number of vacancies in the title for which you have competed, as well as your position on the list. A supervisor is retiring so another position came open. Four people that I know of were selected for interview. One person declined due to conflict of interest. I believe I should of been next on the interview selection. I was not notified and interviews were don on my 9/80 (day off). What recourse do I have?
  11. I have a question: If an applicant has a valid L1A visa starting 2014 (just extended to 2019) as VP of branch company A now, and he was just assigned an additional job duty as President in branch company B recently by the parent foreign company, should he re-apply a new L1A visa from Company B? Or, he can just keep the current L1A visa and inform USCIS that he now have more job duties from 2 branch companies with the same parent foreign company. Branch company A & B are brother companies in USA, registered individually in different State with separated Federal TAX ID. Since the applicant has 2 job duties at the same time, Vice President in A company and President in B company, should he keep his current L1A visa applied by A company? Or he need apply a new L1A visa based on both branch Companies A & B? Could he get payroll and health insurance from both companies? Will he be able to get another 7 year L1A limit if he apply new L1 visa from B company, which means from 2017 to 2024, not 2014 to 2021? Thanks!
  12. What can I do when the NCP has Court ordered supervised visits and fails to show, causing my 6 year old son emotional damage? I have sole physical and legal custody of my 6 year old son. The NCP spent the first 5 years of his life in prison for drugs, sales and forging checks. I was not in contact with him, because I chose to leave him after he admitted to not being done with that life when he got out. He was released in July of 2016 and I refused visitation due to his past and my son not knowing him.In November, he filed for joint custody and thru mediation the court ordered Supervised Visits for only him, to build a relationship with him. He has continually brought others to the visits, manipulated supervisors and tried to get over on the system. He has missed 6 of the last visits, 18 in total in 11 months, causing extreme emotional and mental harm to minor, every time he misses and has to wait for him to show, as the facility wants us to come as court ordered, even without a confirmed visit. The missed visits, along with having to get him ready and have him wait for a nothing has him questioning if he can be loved, if his dad even cares. He has lost his appetite and is acting out against my husband. Can I request Ex-Parte and remove visits permanently, Parental rights removed so my husband an adopt? Less
  13. I am doing a research paper where I am to provide solutions to a company's issues. One of my thoughts was to have an on-call driver pool. One of their problems is that they are limited in drivers and when one calls out they are left short staffed, but still need to do the work that the driver left behind. Is there any case studies, or laws behind having people who only work when called? They could still go about their lift and if they are available come in, if not the company would move to the next person on this list. They wouldn't work at any other time. Is there anything out there to support this type of practice?
  14. I live with my soon to be in law. I left today to return with my locks removed & her added pad locks to my entrace way. She is considered my landlord but i did some reading and she has a protocol to follow as if i were a stranger. So rhe big question.......can i get into troubke if i cut her locks off???
  15. ProPer at this over our heads...trial in 2 weeks...need to ask for continuance to find an attorney? Are forms submitted to the court before the trial date, or do we request this from the judge on day of trial?
  16. I know my neighbor can cut tree branches that hang over the fence in his yard. My question is, does he have the right to just through the cut branches back into my yard? Or is he responsible for disposing of them. If there is an article stating that he is responsible, I would like a copy so I can give it to him. Any help would be great. Thanks
  17. a safeway employee has been using company customer information to harass me and my ex-boyfriend. I reported to the police department a few of the incidents and the DA later brought charges against her which are still pending. There was a stay away order and the DA said if she did not bother me for a 6month duration the charges would be dismissed. I have been shopping at this Safeway for 15 years and after the last court date I went in to the store with my friend to use banking services...mind you it was the day in court that she knew I then knew her identity, before that she assumed I did not know what she looked like. When she saw me come into the store she immediately had management come and tell me to leave. I explained to them I did nothing to be asked to leave and that their employee has been in an on going court thing for harassment. She used my Safeway card info and my boyfriends info to get our identity and phone numbers ( I did not know at the time what or who she was...I even continued going through her line up until that day in court because she knew who I was but I had no idea who she was). My boyfriend and I even broke up due to the problems she caused between us. So what is my recourse at this stage...I feel I am the victim and this employee should be fired for using my personal info to harass me...why should I be inconvenienced even more? They could even transfer her...but to demand me to leave..I am the victim here! help!
  18. I recently got an individual from Las Vegas, Nevada to settle out of court with the help of our lawyer on a debt that she owed my mom, who past away 2 years ago. As part of the settlement, she gave an initial check to my attorney thru her legal rep. But now my lawyer told me that he will no longer represent me since we settled out of court. My brother who lives in Las Vegas was the one who dealt with our lawyer and the settlement. He contacted at least three agencies that might deal with debt collections and all of them basically told him that they will not take it.My question is how do I continue to collect on the debt payment without a lawyer? I would appreciate any with this matter.
  19. When renting a room in your home - and the roomie is a hoarder with boxes to the ceiling to the point there's only a couple of feet to turn around in - Does the home owner have the right to address this situation as unsafe with the roomie? If yes, any suggestions how to proceed?
  20. My husband of 22 years had a son out of wedlock 40 years ago. He was ordered to pay child support for his son which he did it was usually taken from his paycheck. At times he sent money orders if he was between jobs. When his son turned 18 the mother had him move out (since no more checks) so he moved in with us until he got on his feet and moved on once or twice staying with his mother. In 1996 both mine and my husbands tax returns were taken for an amount still owed to child support I contacted the San Luis Obispo D.A. and we paid the amount they claimed owed. Done deal. Now we just received a notice that the mother filed for child support arrears of $26,000 in Arkansas! The following day we received court papers from san diego ca where we live for this matter and our financial status!! First question is I own our home as sole and separate property and have money I inhibited from my mother in an Annuity In my name only. We live off his social security check have never received government help for anything , can they lien my house or inheritance?? My inheritance is not a marriageable asset or is it?? Help!
  21. On September 5 2010 my close friend and neighbor at hospital near her death created a trust where I am the only beneficiary of her bank account .She was single, 86 year old, without children . She also gave me a Power of Attorney. Trust was signed by my son and another person whom she knew well . It was not signed by any Attorney or Notary. She died on September 15 2010 without transferring funds into the Trust.I filed with court my documents but later withdraw my claim for Trust, because I have been told by Attorney that I have to file a Heggstad (?) petition, am not related to her and do not have any chances to get anything. I sent only a letter asking only for some compensation for all my efforts to help her while in nursing home, hospital and prior 7 years living next door to her. Together with my claim to court were presented other claims from nursing home, hospital, cemetery etc. Court rejected my claim. It was fine to me, because I never had done anything to her for money. I just let it go. A few days ago I got a letter from private investigator, telling that he is working on her case, she has $87000, no other heirs , and I am the only beneficiary of this sum. He is asking 1/3 of these money!! I didn't replay to him and decided first clarify for myself -am I eligible as a beneficiary and if so, how shall I proceed. Shall I go to the court, State Department? An attorney asked for $500 to discuss this matter and I do not want to spend my very modest means on them, as I did before. I'ii spend money if I know that the trust is legal and will pay to thoughtful and experienced Attorney. I am 70 year old single mother and now again disturbed with all very sad 7 year old events. I would greatly appreciate professional advice .and advice of people who ever deal with the same problem. Respectfully,
  22. Long story short: Grandma passed, was a hoarder, got stuck with cleaning due to now living there, we don't have easy access to the dump. Question: what are the laws regarding putting trash inside other peoples trashes when they are on the curb to be picked up? May I legally put trash in other peoples' receptacles? Huntington Beach
  23. I own my home. I live with my bf - he added me to his phone bill & pays that and pays for the TV service & internet and contributes a set sum towards rent. I pay house payment, taxes, electric, etc etc. My question is - if we break up - does him paying for ANY utilities give him any rights to come back at me with for remuneration or quasi ownership ?
  24. Tenant claims business fraud what must he proof for elements
  25. In 2016 I had 2 floods due to the main plumbing line backing up and causing damage to my 3 story condo/townhouse. Initially the HOA did not assume responsibility but later did after I used my personal issurance to restore my unit. They came to grips when my insurance suborgation department filed a law suit against the HOA. After the repairs were done to my unit it was later discovered that my garage door opener stopped working due to water corrosion. I filed another claim with the HOA prior to a year of the last incident but they denied my claim for the reason noted below The Board denied the request on the basis that it was not part of either of the claims that have been resolved. The Board/Association is not responsible for the hardware for garage doors of any townhome and since this was not part of the claims that the Association is not responsible. Do I have any recourse?