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Found 570 results

  1. My husband has worked for an electrical contractor for nearly 20 years. His boss has semi-retired. We moved about 60 miles away. My husband was going to ask his boss if they could bid on jobs in this area with Kevin doing most of the work. Doug would come by once a week to oversee it. His wife is the one who did all the paperwork and did bidding on jobs. Would an arrangement like this work? Doug has a valid Electrical Contractor's License.
  2. I am a landlord. I want to evict a tenant. Eviction process has started. But tenant's lawyer kept throwing demurrers at us and delay the court trials. All the claims in his demurrers are baseless. But there is nothing my lawyer can do but to respond to them one after another. This is frustrating. There doesn't seem to be an appeal process to withhold the initial trial date or court conference date. The tenant and his lawyer are experts in delaying. Can someone help me?
  3. I have been working for my company for almost 2 years now. My job requires me to travel up and down the state of Ca but my employer states that my 1st hour & my last hour of drive time regardless of where i am, is on me!!! This equals 40-50hrs per month and at my cost of over 10k per year. My time is valuable and 10k a year is a lot of money. In addition when my company vehicle is in the garage for maintenance or repairs, i am required to drive my own vehicle @ 0.31 cents per mile OR use my fleet card for gasoline, NOT BOTH. It is my understanding that mileage is for repairs to MY vehicle and gas should either be included @ a higher rate than indicated. Is there anything i can do about my situation. Thanks
  4. When a tenant file a demurrer, does he need to list the objections of the complaint on the demurrer or how does the plaintiff know what the tenant is objecting to?
  5. I lived in house where one of roommates moved out we(boyfriend&I) were asked what we plan on doing & we said o we planned on staying then landlord said she might sell place so we had at least 6months to a yr. Then that week landlord said we had a month to move because a family member was moving in & that she's going to start some work on house(upstairs,our bedroom is downstairs)she was doing 1room/section at a time. Following week she enters our house with no notice with the family member to look around talking about tearing up carpet our daughter came over later that day while we were at work and said that landlord was in house with couple guys taking measurements on Windows. We were told(demanded)that week we had to have all our stuff cleared out upstairs within couple days. So we had to hurry pack up all our stuff had to get rid of couch because we had nowhere to put,but also go to work all week.Actually that Friday I didn't go to bed till 6:00 am then that Saturday is when they started work upstairs early that morning which we couldn't sleep. Then few days later was told we had to have kitchen cleared out(rest of upstairs) & we were not going to be able to have a kitchen anymore. Now we have paid rent for the month. We were never given any papers never signed anything. My question is is this legal? What about our renters rights. Would like some input & advice please!!
  6. How long in California does a non contested trust usually pay out? Death occurred in April 2017 being told no pay out until probably December as the Trust needs to be recorded. It has been in existence since 1998.
  7. My nephew(age 14) is being abused and neglected in kings county California. I witnessed his father (My brother) smoking pot with his son and allowing his son to sleep in animal feces. He does meth (has tested positive for it in an unrelated charge) has become increasingly paranoid and erratic in behavior. He lives with his parents (my parents) Akira's grandmother denirs the abuse, as does the child. Akira (the child) will not admit to the abuse because he is afraid of being taken away. I have reported everything to CPS and other than 1 home visit (I was told by my nephew and mother) nothing has been done to protect Akira. I am posting under all possible categories on here in hopes of getting answers to what else I can do my nephew. What can I do to get Akira help? Fyi I live in Indiana and witnessed this during my recent visit. I know physical abuse happens frequently as my brother told me he hits his son, and I have personally experienced my brother's unprovoked violence. How do I get my nephew to a safe place?
  8. My husband and I are a little confused on to font size and what not in adding a Release of Liability Waiver for damages on a invoice for a plumbing company, For example when we snake or clear drains for stoppages we want to be able to add a release of liability on our invoices to clearly note that we are not responsible for flooding or sewer seepage . .. This is what we have on the back of the invoice but we want to move it to the front to make it easier for our technicians and customers. Sometimes flooding can happen because the system is clearly backed up and cannot be avoided . We try our best to contain it but it does get out of our hands at times we cannot be responsible for such incidents. If there is anyone who could give advice to this I would greatly appreciate it . Thank You General Release of Liability ,Neither ( our company name) nor any of it authorized representatives shall be liable for any consequential or incidental damages related to services provided under this invoice . I declare under penalty of perjury that i have read and fully understand the foregoing terms By signing this agreement, I agree to hold ( our company name) and its agents, employees, independent contractors, and successors in interest, harmless for any and all damages or claims I may have arising out of ( our Company name), repair or installation of the subject plumbing or fixture(s) defined on the front of this agreement. (our company name) are not responsible for damages to personal property to include but not limited to, attic installation, ceilings, ceiling textures,walls,floor coverings, equipment, cabinets, counter tops, paint or stain, nor the repair of any cosmetic defects. ( our company name) will not repair or replace wallpaper, other wall coverings, or floor coverings. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the State of California.
  9. Can someone tell me if the Social Security Caregiver Credit Act of 2015-2016 has been passed. I am at retirement age and have worked the required years for retirement benefits but I am short of the required 40 credits. I was an unpaid full-time caregiver for over 5 years and I now find I do not qualify to receive any benefits. It is getting very tough to work at 63 as I do physical work. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. I am looking to see if I have a medical malpractice case. I was given a shot of depomedrol while undergoing spinal decompression surgery. I was never told about the shot until I called the surgery center and asked why my arm was hurting so bad. I have been left with a permanent divot in my arm along with hyperpigmentation, The surgeon never told I would be given this shot let alone anything about the possible side effects of this shot . He only followed up with me 10 days post op to remove stitches. Along with having my arm disfigured, I am experiencing severe sweating, a lot of weight gain, depression, my bones hurt. etc. I only found information about my reaction online. I do not know where to go from here.
  11. How do you proceed when the trust is split 50/50. It can't go to probate one can't sell without the other. One party wants to sell the other doesn't . what do you do?
  12. OK, this is a somewhat long story so bear with me here. We signed a 2 year lease renting a 3 bedroom house. It's me, my wife and our rommate. We have currently lived here 15 months. While living here we have had a plumbing issue that caused water to overflow in the 2nd bathroom and we couldn't use the washing machine. It took our landlord 3 months to fix the problem and that was ONLY after I had a plumber on site saying they could fix the problem for $1,500 and me calling the landlord to ask permission for them to do the job. He had someone out to fix the plumbing issue 2 days later. Here we are 3+ months later and the drywall has yet to be repaired covering the pipes in the laundry room for said issue. We also have a bathtub issue where the glaze over the tub has cracked and came loose and it's been like that for 6+ months with no solution in site. We can still use the tub, but the glaze gets caught in the drain and we have to use a plunger to drain the water. I've discussed this problem with him at least 4 different times. All of that is simply the set-up for the current issue and to showcase his response time to repairs. This guy is also very cheap. He says the house was remodeled before we moved in yet all of the problems we've been having since we moved in have stemmed from this "remodel". I might also add that everyone he brings in to fix things barely speaks English and feels more like his buddies than actual professionals. Anyway - here is the meat of the situation: About a week and a half ago we had some sort of power surge in the master bedroom. My wife was sitting watching TV and suddenly the fan next to her started spinning very fast and the TV shut off. She panicked - I came in and we could smell that electrical burning smell. I went to the breaker box outside and turned everything off and back on to see if it had been something that had tripped the breaker. She said she heard an electrical "sizzling" sound and so I found which breaker switch was for that part of the bedroom and turned it off. I immediately contacted our landlord and told him what had happened. He sent someone out the next day to look at the electrical problem. This guy wore a tracksuit and was working out of his car and did not seem to be an "electrician". He had a small handheld device to test the outlets and determined that the voltage coming through was 220V in the outlets instead of 110V and that some of the outlets weren't grounded. He said he didn't have the experience to fix the problem and that the he'd tell the landlord and have someone else come out. Someone else did come out the next day. He checked out the problem and said that he felt the entire house would have to be re-wired and that it sounded to him like there was a crossed wire somewhere. He advised we keep as many of the breakers off as possible - but we couldn't do that as I work from home and needed the office power on and of course the refrigerator and what not. So we ended up just keeping off the same breaker as before which turned off the power for half of the master bedroom and half of the living room. This 2nd guy had also said that he couldn't fix the problem because he didn't have the proper tools. 2 days went by and we didn't hear anything from our landlord. My wife and I texted him asking for an update. 5 more days went by with no response. Given what had happened we were concerned with an electrical fire. We couldn't find a fire extinguisher in the house so my wife asked the landlord as she was worried about an electrical fire. The landlord told us he didn't have one in the house and to buy one and to take it out of our rent - which we did. We then started looking up information on tenant's rights. That's when we came across California Civil Code 1942. We didn't want to just move out at this point because it wasn't warranted - but we did want to at least bring up the concept to our landlord due to the fact that we were anticipating this problem not being fixed anytime soon. On the 8th of May I sent him an email laying out everything that had transpired thus far and broached the topic of us breaking our lease and moving out due to the electrical problems. He did not respond. Finally we talked to him yesterday (May 9th) over the phone. He said he was going to have another electrician come out to look at the problem. When we asked him why he hadn't given us an update he said "I have a job" implying that he didn't have time to fix the problem. We pressed him about it and he did apologize for not updating us admitting he should have. As you can imagine we were very concerned based on what we had been told and were worried about our electronics getting damaged - or worse. Luckily the only thing damaged in the initial power surge was a bar strip. When we asked him about the lease situation he said he wanted to wait and see what the problem was before we started talking about breaking the lease early. My wife insisted that he bring someone out who was a real electrician. He complained about having to pay the other 2 guys for basically doing nothing and made it sound like we should feel sorry for him. Needless to say we didn't. Then he basically started to blame us for what happened in a roundabout way - saying that the electricians he talked to said it doesn't make sense what happened based on what we said - mind you this was before he had an actual electrician out to determine what the issue actually was. Of course we were insulted and re-told the story to him for the 3rd time about what happened. He tried to make it sound like we had plugged something in that was high voltage and said, I just need you guys to tell me what really happened - and again we told him this happened out of the blue and nothing was any different that day than any other day. Finally we asked him to tell us when the electrician would be coming and he said he would get in touch with us that night. We waited all night and no response. Finally the next day (today) around 2:30 in the afternoon we get a text from him saying the electrician can come out between 4-5pm. I said that was fine I'd be home. The electrician came and this guy actually knew what he was doing. He said that all of the outlets in the house had been wired wrong and that the polarity was reversed. Then he discovered that the house was not getting full power from the pole outside and that we were pulling in 3/4 of the voltage we should be getting. He said this was a city problem and that had to be fixed before they could start to really fix the house issues. I asked him what we should do in the meantime and he said try not to run a lot of appliances or electrical devices as it can potentially damage them or cause another power surge or even sparks. So basically 11 days after the first event happened we're finally getting an answer as to what is actually wrong and it turns out the entire house needs to be re-wired and that the way things are currently wired is a risk. The electrician told the landlord all of this. I texted the landlord shortly after and said I had spoke to the electrician while he was here and things were very serious and that we needed to discuss. He said he would call me that night (tonight). We waited until around 10pm with no contact. Finally my wife (who is really PO'd at this point - as am I) texts him and asks him to call me. He immediately calls me. I quickly bring up the lease situation and tell him that it's not right for him to expect us to continue living here in this situation and that he should let us end our lease. He refuses and says that it's just a normal house problem and we'll get it fixed in a few days. Well I know how long it takes him to fix things and this could drag on for god knows how long - or he could hire on the cheap and we'd wind up in a worse situation. We go back and forth and he said that he would put us up in a hotel for a few days when they re-wire the house - which I can't do as I work from home. He did acknowledge that the entire house had to be re-wired. When he refused to let us break our lease I asked him if he would be paying for any electronics that might get damaged in the meantime and he said no, that he wasn't liable. We ended the conversation on a rather nasty note and it was left with him saying he was going to call the city tomorrow to have them come out and check the line coming in to the house. Now, my question here is, are we within our legal rights to move out under CA Civil Code 1942? Does this make the house uninhabitable - and considering his negligence thus far about getting it fixed in a timely manner - should we really be expected to live in this condition for who knows how long before this gets fixed - and fixed properly? Any advice on this would be most appreciated. We are looking to talk to a lawyer, but I wanted to at least present the issue here first before dropping $500 down on an attorney. Thanks!
  13. My husband passed and a by past trust came into play leaving his two children from a previous marriage 25% each. A certain criteria where my husband retired from made me ineligible to get his pension which leaves me without sufficient funds to live on since my social security is only $318 a month to live on.I thought a reverse mortgage is the only way to go, but his children don't want to sign off the deed. Title company will only consider a clear deed. I offered them money from the equity to sign off. The amount isn't what they believe they are entitled to and they want too file probate papers or sell the house. At my age and heath problems I can't work and without the house I will be homeless. Any suggestions on another solution. According to trust I own 50% of the house.
  14. Purchased a car as the primary borrower for my ex boyfriend. He is the cosigner we are both listed on the registration. We broke up and now he won't take me off the loan. I've tried to take him off the loan however with the hard inquiries I've had recently because I'm trying to by a house the bank wouldn't approve it...technically I was approved however because they couldn't offer me a better APR than what I already have and the payment would have jumped 100 dollars they said they weren't allowed to make me the sole borrower because it would not be beneficial for me and it's against their policy. So now this clown is riding around in a car with my name on it. is there anything I could do besides run and jump inside my car and refuse to leave until I have the keys. Also I've contacted the dealership and there is no spare. I have no access to this vehicle. He has been making the payments but I too am very capable of making the payments. What can I do? I've talked to locksmith companies but they're saying that he needs to consent for me to have a key...and I'm thinking I didn't consent for him to take the car while I was asleep!! I'm very lost. Any help would be awesome. This also took place feb 16th...can I report the car as stolen at this point?
  15. Spouse and I own a home rented to tenants. We're separated but divorce isn't happening soon. No plans yet to sell ithe rented home. How do we determine division of value of that home before it's sale? Or do we have to wait until it is sold?
  16. Hi, This is in Mendocino County. For the last two years, my boyfriend has had a year-to-year lease with the landlady on her property. The lease ran from March 1st to February 28. Currently, the lease has not been renewed in writing, but verbally, the landlady had stated he would be here another year. My boyriend grows medical marijuana on the property and lives there too, and he already began buying materials for this season. Yesterday, she came to him and said she wants him to leave. He told her it was too late of giving him notice and would not go until next February 28th. All his investment was based on her verbally saying he could be here another year. We just got wind that she is going to file a restraining order to get him off the property saying she felt intimidated when we went to speak to her last night. We were very polite, and the intimidation thing is not true. My questions are: 1) Since the old lease hasn't been renewed and it's been 3 months since it ended, does is somehow become an automatic renewal? 2) Can we file an injunction or something to not have a move out restraining order go through? 3) What rights do we have?
  17. Hi. I really need help to find out some information. If you can help in any way, it is greatly appreciated. 7 months ago, my grandfather passed away and my family and i knew that he had prepared a will years ago. After he married his new wife, we heard he had made changes to it and that was it. Recently, my brother wanted to find out if he had left anything to any of us or not so called to talk to his wife and instead talked to her daughter who told my brother that the will was private and hung up on him. We are just curious how do we go about finding out what the will says? Don't we have a right to know since we are his family? Before he passed away, they both lived in California but had to move to Arkansas. Thanks.
  18. I am dealing with my landlord whom I have tried to give her the documentation that it is required by law that my apartment building has two handicap parking spaces in the garage as there are currently NONE and there are 33 apartments. According to the ADA this is the allotment per law for spaces due to the number of apartments. I have printed out information for her and she refuses to let me talk with the owners and tells me NO Handicap parking. I am having a difficult time with finding a lawyer or anyone who can help me with this easy open and shut case and live in Los Angels, CA 90029. Can anyone help me with any information or advice on what I need to do as I have lived in the building for 3 years and thought there was a waiting list but the girl who just moved in last month above me got an underground spot after the manager has told me time and time again there are not enough spacee underground so not only am i being discriminated becasue of my sex (being a male) but worse I am being discriminated about my disability which she knew of when i met her and filled out the application that I was disaled. Please help. Thanks.
  19. Hello everyone! First off, I greatly appreciate all of your contributions. Here is my situation. I live in expensive San Diego with 6 housemates (5 bedroom house). Only one person is on the lease. My girlfriend and I are not. The lease started 11/30/16. We have had some petty arguments with a few other people in the house. Rent has always been paid; nothing illegal goes on. The disputes are simply due to personality differences. Anyways, after a recent fight through the group text, the person on the lease told us we have until June 25th to move out. My understanding of the law and my rights is that the person on the lease has no right to evict us. They would have to petition the landlord, and then he would likely just say "grow up and settle your differences" since rent is always paid. My girlfriend and I have looked at alternative housing but it would negatively affect our finances. If it is within our rights, I would like to exercise our right to remain in this house until we can find a suitable alternative. I do not feel like it is fair to be able to kick someone out just because you do not like them. Surely the law is on my side? I very much appreciate alleviation of my concerns.
  20. I have a friend who was arrested for dui/hit and run about a year ago. She was telling me that since she was arrested, she has not been to court and has called to find try and find out what's going on with it through the court and they show no record of anything in their system. She has been in contact with the owners of the vehicles that were damaged which have been repaired and paid for from the insurance. What should she do to find out about this?
  21. I want to move my paren of 85 age to a different hospital? Feb 20 my dad had a stroke and has been hospitalized till this day . My father has been "run down" . My father has worked his entire life and never stopped doing his own shopping , bills, etc, he is sharp. His brain and mind show no "old age" . let this be the reason he's lasted this long despite being intubated not once but 3 different times , sns now has a trech. Has not had a sip of water since Feb20 hasn't seen a speech therapist or physical therapist . I could go on and on. My sister is power of attorney and sees him when she can. I am with him everyday . I am playing this in my head and Its crazy . my dad now has his 2nd blood infection. How can I move him. ?
  22. I lived with roommates, shady roommates. It was one of those places where roommates come and go (mostly criagslist finds). One roommates wants to move out, the others find a new one to take over the lease. The landlord is always kept in the know. I signed a lease that said that the landlord doesn't give me my deposit till everyone in the unit moves out. This is what happened when I moved, I took over the lease and the roommate moving out gave me the security deposit. I moved out of the unit a few days ago and was removed from the lease and a new guy was added on. The current tenants took the deposit from the new guy that moved in and are refusing to give it to me. I never met the new guy because they found him while I was away and he moved in after I moved out. I contacted the landlord about getting the deposit from them, but they say I have to get it from the roommates and won't help me. Is this true? Does the landlord have no duty to return my deposit even if the current tenants refuse to do so? So if I go to small claims court, who do I go after? Note, I was on a month to month lease and when I moved out the current tenants signed a one year lease.
  23. The trustee of my brother in laws trust has stolen around $750,000.00 in cash and real estate. Now she wants to try and take the last property that Bill (my brother in law) stated in the will can not be sold until the last child turns 21 and that is another 4 years from now. Because she states in her petition, "that no one has filed a request for special notice in this proceeding" so my sisters children my nieces and nephews are not aware of all of this action the "trustee" is or has taken against there trust. I need to know what petition or motions to start to get there money back. Is this what the bond is for? She is now asking for the bond to be lowered to $300,000.00 at the next court date which is on May 10 2017. Thank You for any help I appreciate any.
  24. My fiancee is the lease holder in a house that we rent from a landlord. For many years, both he and his friend were on the lease together, and subleased (though they never required documents) to other people. His friend moved out, and now my fiancee is the only one on the lease. He decided that the people that were already in the house before his friend moved (who at the time was the primary lease holder) could stay in the house and not have to sign a lease, but anyone new would have to sign a lease. Things have been fine for almost 2 years now, but now one of the tennents had gotten a 2nd dog (on top of her first dog, we also have another dog and 2 cats in the house) without his permission and without consulting anyone in the house. They already do not clean up after their 1st dog, and my fiancee said that they cannot have this 2nd dog in the house without signing a lease, which they refuse to do. What is the process he needs to go through to evict these tennents? There is no written lease, but there are texts between him and the tennent where he told her she cannot have the dog. Please advise. Thank you!
  25. Hi, we had some questions regarding our situation and the new Medi-Cal Recovery Laws going into effect Jan. 2017. My brother (55 years old) and I (57 years old) own our home.... tenacy in common....Joe has 80% I have 20%. The home is owned free and clear. Neither one of us has children. Joe is on SSI and Medi-cal due to cirrhosis of the liver. One of his new prescriptions Vitamin K costs $2200 a month! Incredible...we were shocked! I am on Medi-cal as of last year….so far I have only used my Medi-cal for a few visits to the dentist. 1. As I understand it, if a sibling has been a caregiver and lives in the same house as the Medi-cal recipient for 2 years, the home isn’t subject to Medi-cal recovery. I also read online that only long term care (nursing homes) were subject to recovery under the new law. 2. Currently the home is Joe 80% and myself 20%...we would like to change that to 50/50. 3. We were thinking of taking a Home Equity line of credit out on the house. Joe has very good credit. I do not. I have an unpaid student loan of $2000 from 25 years ago. We would pay this off with the HELOC and help pay our monthly bills. We are low income. Joe gets his SSI. I have been Joe’s caregiver through IHSS. We also have an ebay store which provides a small income. We were wondering how this would effect Joe's SSI and Medi-cal? Would it be a good idea to get a HELOC on the house? Neither of us has children to leave the house to. We might as well use some of the equity in the home to live more comfortably.