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  1. Insurer will not make payment to me until they receive the attorney represented offer letter. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW I CAN GET THE INSURANCE COMPANY TO SEPARATE THE CLAIM, SO I CAN GET PAID????
  2. So I was arrested at Coachella for possessing mdma. I went through the PC 1000 class and finished the class but failed the drug tests for marijuana. Is there a possibility of getting the class extended since they only tested me 3 times? Or will be I be sentenced?
  3. 1. Where do I start ? 2. Tulare county 3.Superior court 4. Porterville
  4. Hello Readers, Thanks for your time! A few questions on I-90 FORM and to CORRECTLY answer them. How do you choose the followings to answer = item # 1,2, 3a and 3a1 ? Petition Filed in 1988 = INS ,Westminster,CA Visa Interview @= BOMBAY Visa Granted @ = BOMBAY POE = JFK,New York Destination = Los Angeles,CA I-90 = Part 3. Processing Information Item Number 1. Location where you applied =--------------- for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status. List the location of the U.S. Embassy, U.S. Consulate, or USCIS office where you filed your application for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status. Item Number 2. Location where your immigrant visa was issued =--------------------- or USCIS office where you were granted adjustment of status. List the location of the U.S. Embassy, U.S. Consulate, or USCIS office where you were issued an immigrant visa or granted lawful permanent resident status. Item Numbers 3.a and 3.a.1. Complete Item Numbers 3.a. and 3.a.1. if you entered the United States with an immigrant visa. If you entered the United States with an immigrant visa, you must list your destination =------------------in the United States at time of admission and provide the city or town and state of the POE =------------------- where you were admitted to the United States. Please note that some cities have several POEs. Indicate the type of POE where you were admitted to the United States, such as an airport, bridge, or tunnel. Have a nice day! The simple guy
  5. live in a neighborhood that has zero property line. I informed my neighbor that I planned to have siding replaced on my house. She posted a note on a tree that states no work can be done until she sees proper documentation. the is being done by a large hardware chain. I've provided the contractors license number. then she wanted to see proof of insurance, that was provided. She requested to see documents pertaining to liability. Her latest request is to have her name and address added to my agreement and contractors insurance. Is all her request legal, they have completed 3 sides on the house and have been held up from working on the side nest to her property. Is there rules about easement line?
  6. Can I motion to vacate the boards decision to default without judicial review?
  7. When serving a public entity with proof of service summons , who all am I required to serve within said agency ? And do I have to write a brief for each one of them ? How does that work ?
  8. I dont know exactly who all to serve? I am writing a petitioners writ of mandamus against a public entity known as Resource Management Agency . I have little time left to do so , I am not a lawyer just a sovereign person (a man) /per se litigant trying to defend my property from unconstitutional ordinances being imposed upon by the oppressive RMA .
  9. Let me preface this by saying; I am under the legal age of drinking and throughout this whole scenario me and my mother are both under the influence and we've both experienced many domestic violence situations which has caused us to have Pulse Traumatic Stress Disorder and my mother suffers from PTSD with officers as well. This whole situation started when my Father, Mother and I were coming back home from a party. In which we stumbled upon a woman who seemed to be in distress of some sort of domestic violence situation. We decided to pick her up and take her to our home. While doing this, a vehicle followed us from the scene of the situation, all the way to our home. As we pull up to our home the man in the vehicle blockades us from behind our driveway. At this point me and my mother exit our car to confront the man, but I begin to black out of pulse traumatic stress and my intoxication and begin to punch the man's windshield inflicting major damage. He then almost hits us with his vehicle and leaves the scene. Me, my mother, father, and the woman proceed to go into our home to figure out a way to get the woman into safety and to figure out what happened at the moment. The woman gives very little information about what happened, who was following her, where she came from, or where she lived. She then walked out the house and nothing else happened. After a couple of minutes my Mom, Dad, and I go out to get something to eat (by this time its already 1 a.m.) As we exit our parking structure police stop us do to the man filing a complaint. They handcuff my parents who had not committed any crime, and put me to the ground, and handcuffed me as well. They interrogate us and separate us at the station. I countlessly inform the officers that my mother suffers from PTSD and to take it easy on her and that I was the one who broke the man's windshield, and that my parents literally had nothing to do with this. They didn't listen and then within a matter of time a group of officers begin to run to my mothers holding cell and ends up spitting on one of the officers. Soon after she does that, they begin to read us our Miranda rights. (Mind you that they've been asking us questions the whole time, while we're handcuffed, and under their "care" for more than an hour already) At the end of this whole situation I was put into a youth program, my Father was charged with assault and my Mother was charged with assault on an officer. My question here is: is there anyway we can drop the charges on my Father, because we have evidence that he did not have anything to do with the crime. And we either A) Drop my Mothers charges as well or B ) Have them changed or lowered. And what can we do about the man in the Vehicle? From the information we got and recorded from the woman, we know that "He's a friend that pays for her and her friends entrance into night clubs, and that he gives he drugs for free" I mean he's clearly guilty of something. Why would a woman be crying trying to escape from this person and why would he follow us all the way to our home.
  10. In my Divorce Judgement my ex was ordered to pay me $43K in an Equalization Payment. Payment was to have commenced in July 2015 in the amount of $700 per month due the 1st of each month. I have received NO PAYMENTS! In the Divorce Judgement it states that if he doesn’t pay I can get a wage assignment up to 65% of his disposable income and 10% interest will accrue after the 10th of month. In asking my former Attorney, she said I needed to use FL-430, Application to Issue Earnings Assignments Order & FL-195, Income Withholding for Support, however, on the forms there is no option for anything but Child, Spousal & Family Support. Because the Equalization payment is in the Divorce Judgement, my former attorney says that the Wage Assignment order should stay in Family Court. WG-002, Wage Garnishment Order, allows for only the total amount owed. Not the monthly amount of the agreed upon amount. Not the interest amount. The maximum amount that his employer can garnish is 25%. I’ve actually spent hours researching info about collecting non-support payments from family court thus far I haven’t found any helpful information that I didn’t already know. Which doesn’t help me understand which form is necessary for a Family Court ordered Wage Assignment for non-support payments. Please help me make sense of how to collect the money that he owes me. Our youngest emancipated in August so I lost Child Support AND Spousal Support. I am DESPERATE to make up for that financial loss by collecting the Equalization Payment. I can not trust him to pay me on his own.
  11. A California DA apparently refuses to charge on my allegations, as the victim, of multiple felonies by multiple persons. I say "apparently" because the DA is giving me the silent treatment: not responding to my requests as to whether he/she will charge or not and apparently telling his staff also to not answer my questions. (It's been over 3 months since the sheriff presented my charges to the DA.) For the purpose of my questions below, please assume my allegations of felonies are valid. Questions: 1) I understand a Calif DA cannot be compelled to prosecute. However, I've read that in some states, a local DA can authorize a private attorney to prosecute a crime that falls below the DA's priorities. Is California such a state? 2) I understand the California Attorney General can prosecute crimes that cross county boundaries where none of the DAs of any of the jurisdictions will act. I am considering asking a criminal defense attorney to approach the Board of Supervisors for a letter that would be addressed to the Attorney General asking the Attorney General to prosecute the matter because their own DA is "unable." Please assume the criminal defense attorney would validly assure the BOS that the facts and the law support a conviction. The request would be additionally supported by evidence to the BOS that the DA was acting with apparent bias against me or neglect of his duty to a crime victim but the BOS would not be requested to say more in their letter than that the DA was "unable" or similarly ambiguous wording to be chosen by the criminal defense attorney. The criminal defense attorney would present the BOS' letter to the Attorney General along with evidence the crimes occurred in multiple jurisdictions. Do you believe this to be an approach that might be worth the cost of discussing it with such a criminal defense attorney? My guess is that the county could not be sued for failure of their DA to prosecute a good case so their only incentive would be to avoid bad press. Any better ideas on how to persuade the California Attorney General to take the case? 3) I've read the most effective way to cause a DA to prosecute is public pressure. I obviously don't want to say anything that could either jeopardize the chances of a prosecution or result in a libel case against me. I was thinking I could send a letter to the local paper describing how the DA would not act and would not communicate with me without naming the accused or the allegations beyond the fact that they are felonies. Assuming everything I say in such a letter is the truth and given the DA holds political office, would I still risk a libel action by the DA against me if such a letter were published? (I'm assuming a public figure would have less ability to win a libel case for being publicly criticized of performance of his/her official duties.) If I succeeded in getting such a letter published, the up side is the public scrutiny on him to do his job correctly but the downside is he would have an even bigger grudge against me. However, I don't think I have much to lose by trying. Thanks
  12. My brothers girlfriend has lost in a custody battle against my nephew step grandparents. I’m his blood auntie I am wonder once this has went to trial and the judge decided to let the step grandparents have custody . Is there anything I can do. Also my brother is in prison does he have any rights and could he get his son back when he gets out
  13. My 20 yr old son got arrested twice for home burglary within 3 days. He's talked about depression and being bipolar and now we believe he is. Most symptonms he possesses. He is in court now and we hired an attorney. The attorney said they will try to drop the felonies and have him enter a drug program. He's a very good kid, but the past year he's changed. He said he didn't actually enter a home, but that's what the charges are. I'm scared for him. i told the attorney to please get him into a program because jail or prison would just damange him so much. in the past my son has spoken about depression and suicide and is taking xanex and weed. Does anyone know what he could be looking at for actual time or if the court could release him into a program? in california
  14. I used to leave my two year old toddler at a daycare for 3 days a week. There have been issues such as her not feeding my kid a snack along with his milk inspite of my repeated requests. Each day he used to come home hungry and cranky. I have not been entirely satisfied with her care, and was planning to provide the mandated 4 week notice until the following incident sped up the process. One day, out of the blue my daycare provider asked if I could leave my kid from noon onwards instead of the usual 8:30 a.m. drop off time. Her reason was that she was applying for a larger daycare, and she "wanted to have few kids so that she could concentrate on the inspections ". 
I said that I needed some time to think about her request. She texted me the next day asking for my answer as she had plans of requesting another parent as well. My thought process was simple - as a daycare provider applying for a large daycare license, and who is supposed to take care of children, isn't this request contrary to her very vocation? I said no and told her that I am not comfortable sending my child to her after such a request. This entire episode raised a red flag, and having doubts about her care, I pulled my kid out of her daycare. 
Here lies the problem - since I didn't provide the mandated 4 weeks notice, she's refusing to pay my deposit (a month's fee). Can I sue her for breach of contract? I have our text conversations as proof. Please advise.
  15. So I work in this tea shop (barista) and on the front counter sits a huge ass tip bowl and I see people put tips in it. It even have five dollar bills in it but my coworkers and I had NEVER received a single penny of tip. Once I asked an older coworker about the tips ( cause my brother who worked at another tea shop receives them) and my coworker said she had only received it once when it was around the grand opening. My pay is 12.5 per hour and the paycheck is always correct. Just no tip. Is it right for the employer to not give employees tip form the tip jar in California?
  16. My ex has failed to send me all of our sons medical bills for the past 6 years and is now trying to have them added to my back child support. Is this even legal or is there a set amount of time she has to send me the bills?
  17. In my city it has become common practice for property owners to require a rental form to be completed. This has been common for a long time. However, new to me is the added requirement that you have not evictions in your past (for 8 years I am told). This requirement does not allow for a work-around. It also does not allow for a response or investigation regarding the circumstances or details of the eviction. This is tantamount to a BAN on anyone who has an eviction. I can understand a credit check, because credit can be remedied with some effort. But how can a person remedy a history of an eviction? This prohibits a person from obtaining a dwelling. Are there any statutes or case law that control or limit this outright ban on persons with a prior eviction from renting?
  18. I am looking for a law, code in regards to children sleeping in their own bed. Ages 5, 3 & 19 months
  19. I signed a lease with a friend, since then we have had some issues and once the lease ended I moved out. He is still living at the apartment with a new roommate. I contacted the landlord and she will not terminate the lease. She insists that the lease automatically goes into a month-to-month agreement, in-which the other guy is living in the apartment with a new roommate under the lease with my name on it. All I want is my name taken off the lease so that I am not responsible/liable for anything that happens there. The Landlord also said that my old roommate wants to keep the lease but sign a new one with the new guy, however, she still will not let me sign any lease release or termination documents. Please someone help, What are my options?
  20. Hello I wanted to know I had a case? I am a regular player of a Casino and I do use a players card when I vist this establishment. At times I vist this casino I forget my players card at home and have to go to courtesy counter and get a new one. I have done this plenty of times but this last time was different the gentle that helped me asked a question I have never been asked before he said " Is your phn number and address still the same?" I said yes he gave me my card and I went about my business. A few days later I received a text message from a unknown person? It was the gentleman that helped me at the casino counter he got my info from my club indulge account and contacted me. His messages were strange, the simple fact he retrieved me phn from my account makes me very uncomfortable I do not know him nor did I personally give him any of my personal information this makes me scared and afraid. What can I do??
  21. Uncle left a trust with a house funded in it. trust document named successor trustee and alternate trustee. Neither did anything, then other uncle who is a beneficiary got the court to appoint him successor trustee. one question I have is that on the order to appoint him the order says LIVING TRUST JON D DOE LIVING TRUST. The name of the trust the house is funded in is JON D. DOE 2007 REVOCABLE TRUST. When trustee changed deed he put JON D. DOE 2007 REVOCABLE TRUST. Since that is not what it says on court order would that make him NOT the trustee of JON D. DOE 2007 REVOCABLE TRUST.
  22. In a divorce where the judgment is complete. but the decree isn’t final for 2 more months (2/2018) What recourse do I have? when our family home is on the market , my ex is moving out of state, expects my son and I ( both on disability ) to continue to pay the mortgage and expenses( utilities etc) until it sells, but he also expects the full 50% of the equity even after he moves ( until the house sells) That does not seem right to me..
  23. Upon resigning my position, I had a prorated balance of tuition reimbursement debt of approximately $2100. I received a verbal commitment from my boss that I did not need to repay the balance. I received my final paycheck with no deductions. Now, after three years, I received a collection notice for this debt. Do I have any recourse to dispute this debt?
  24. My kid told me that my ex-husband's girlfriend physically beats my kid with a belt when my ex is not at home. My ex and I used to be able to talk about things, but recently has shut me out and hasn't tried to return any of my calls or texts, so I'm assuming he knows about it. We have currently have 50-50 custody. Is there any way I can reduce the amount of custody our kid has with him and his new girlfriend? What would I need to do? Any help is appreciated.
  25. I am trying to get information on a tax law. I am an American citizen selling property in the UK that I bought while living in the USA but still a UK citizen. I need to understand my options on what tax on the capital gains I am liable for, and to which country. It gets complicated, as Brother has been paying the rates, property taxes, and for all repairs to the house in Scotland for over 20 years, and I need to reimburse him for all of that cost, however I do not know if any of that cost can be deducted (either in the UK or USA). FACTS 1) Home located in Scotland 2) Home owned by UK Citizen A (Owner) 3) Owner is a Citizen and Resident of the USA 4) Home maintained by UK Citizen B (Brother) 5) Owner wants to sell Property 6) Owner will make substantial profit on Property 7) NOT Owner’s Main Home ISSUES 1) Is Owner liable for capital gains tax in UK (where Property is located and was bought by then UK Citizen, now US Citizen) or US (where Owner resides). 2) Can Owner deduct 20 years a. Rates (local) b. Property taxes c. Repairs/maintenance From either UK Capital Gains Tax Or US Capital Gains Tax?