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Found 787 results

  1. Over the past five years, I have typed and edited ten books for an author that were self-published and sold on in both paperback and e-book Kindle formats. The author did not use computers so the books were created by an exchange of printed pages between us through the mail. Once finalized, I would reformat the book, using Microsoft Word, into the correct specifications for publication on Amazon and would submit the books for listing and sales. I was paid a fee for each book. I kept the books in digital format on my computer. Recently, the author has requested me to send him the books in digital format. My question is, who owns the digital copies of these books, the author or me? And should I request compensation for providing these copies to him?
  2. Moved in apartments paid first months rent 1,630 and deposit of 1,630 I am on vouchers choice HUD section 8.that paid my first months rent of 1,487 dollars giving a credit of 1,487 for next ten months with !43 dollars my portion of rent. my car was towed by the manager for flat tire, 24 hour slip was placed under windshield wiper I didn't see,. The managers seen me several times didn't mention my car was about to be towed I will lose my care soon. I am full time student with out a clue my car was in jeopardy. I would effectivly be able to get my car out of impound if they would give me the money that there holding as a credit. Is this legal to hold my money ?
  3. house was transferred to my fathers son through my power of attorney action due to my fathers stroke.(to avoid poss medi-cal needs in the future) there is a will which gives said child first option to have the home and buy out other children and give percentage to spouse after his death.(spouse is not on title to house as it was paid off prior to marriage) my father passed away and now wife is causing turmoil with family and demanding money or the house to be paid for her being with my father(her words)... since house is already out of my fathers name, is my brother legally obligated to give her the percentage as it states in the will? is the will valid since the house was the only asset my father had? also, while trying to assist her in filing for survivors benefits with ssa, i discovered she never got a divorce from her second husband before marrying my father. i want to know my options should she fight for the house.
  4. I went to the ER for severely painful colitis and a bacterial and/or viral gastrointestinal explosion. I was writhing in pain, delirious, and for the next 12 hours I only remembered flashes, moments of what actually occurred. What I found out when I got home 2 days later when I accessed my records on line has turned out to be the scariest nightmare of my life, and it has only just begun. The ER nurses, observing my state of mind, ASSUMED I was overdosing!! They somehow obtained prior med. records that branded me as having substance abuse issues. They must have given me a cocktail of 5 meds most notably, NALOXONE - used specifically for opiate overdose. The combo of what THEY admin.'ed STAT in my IV clearly backfired.... My friend came to check up on me and he found me face down in the dirt of a sidewalk planted tree convulsing, my hand bag contents strewn about the sidewalk. When asking my whereabouts to the ER security, they laughed and pointed across the street at me. No call to my emer. contact, or friend who dropped me off, just a falsified scribble on my discharge papers showing I had actually been released.... He took me home. I proceeded to thrash about the place still uncontrollably blowing a dark red brown liquid out of both ends. He brought me back to ER. They admitted me. When I finally came to, social services came to tell me they called DCFS and the nightmare began from there. Besides having a malpractice suit , I now need at FAMILY LAW attorney ASAP , as they have taken my two children from me, and from what I am reading, they have NO MOTIVATION TO RETURN THEM HOME!!! EACH CHILD THEY GET INTO FOSTER HOMES< BRINGS ON AVERAGE $8000 a MONTH!!!! This can happen to ANY PARENT WHO HAS BEEN CALLED UPON TO DCFS. THE HOSPITALS HAVE KICKBACKS FOR EACH PERSON THEY ENSNARE THAT PUTS A CHILD IN THE SYSTEM!!! It was even on my hospital records as a " referral' Still not properly diagnosed or treated, I ewent to detention court. My PD listened to me, came up with a wimpy strategy saying maybe I ll try to get unmonitored visits~~~ in court he couldnt defend his mother if he tried, the judge reprimanded me in front of my X, his wife and mother, and my children saying I almost died from an overdose, and asked me if I was trying to kill my self!! Horrified and guilty with no opportunity to prove my innocence, I was given 3 months to jump through their hoops, have only monitored visits and urine test in hopes that the next court day I get a chance to talk! It's otright inhumane and UNETHICAL not to mention UNCONSTITUTIONAL! I was so infuriated for the direct lies and defamation of my character without discovery or proof, I started to research. What I found is mind boggling. Here are a few links to start.
  5. Rented office space in Southern California over a year. When I rented the office asked if I could do some remodeling. Landlord approved. The new office is nice and will definately bring more rent. I Gave my 30 day notice. Moved from California to Texas. When it came time to get deposit landlord said he never got a blueprint for the remodeling. He never asked for one. He saw the remodeling when it was done which was well over a year ago. Can he keep my 1000.00 deposit? If he can’t can I do something and not have to travel back and forth to California?
  6. Hi, My co-founder (whom I met 4 months ago) holds 20% shares in our company (S Corp). Somehow we could not get along and decided to split our ways for which he is asking a whooping compensation of 5000 USD to be completely out. The company is in a very early stage, surviving on bootstrapping and is still looking to get funded. I cannot give 5K as I am running short on finances. All I can think of right now is to file the paperwork for my company with a new name to avoid the unnecessary expenditure. Will this create any legal issues for me in the future? any legal opinion/advise will be really helpful. Thank you in advance.
  7. I have a question regarding harassment at my apartment. I never make much noise and usually study as a full time student. The other night I talked to my gf for hours on the phone. Then received loud bangs at my door. If it is a nut-job neighbor that is acting angry/rude. Is it possible for me to press charges for harassment after explaining to them that they are not welcome at my door again. I did not throw any parties or make more noise that my voice on the phone with my gf (late at night.) What are my rights? Can I simply warn them about harassment and not being welcome to my door? Then if they come again call the police. I don't want to deal with confrontation with unreasonable/angry people. Thank you.
  8. What kind of attorney should I contact to try getting out of a solar company lease; would that be a Contracts atty? (There's 1 & only 1 in my area & who knows if he's taking new clients...) Also this solar company has a class-action lawsuit started against them in late 2017 by
  9. I am currently in divorce proceedings with my husband (California) whom I've been married to for 12 years. I signed a prenup which states that after 3 years of marriage I am entitled to quote "10% of husband's income less state, fed fica taxes". After my attorney had tax returns reviewed for years subject to the 10% came to about $1.1 million. My husbands attorney (who wrote prenup) did the same came to about $31,000. When my attorney received document that showed how husbands attorney came up with this number he stated that "income" was based on what the IRS deems as income, meaning losses to be included in calculation of "income"(my husband did lose one of his businesses 5 years ago which did net losses) however he still has other business which has made him a multimillionaire. My attorney argues back that the prenup did not reference any loss of income only the deduction of taxes. My attorney feels that in order to include the losses of income the prenup should have defined "and any losses of income that may occur". To add, my husbands attorney has relentlessly tried to get me to settle out of court, which seems suspicious to me since he is adamant about the $31,000 settlement. This is my 1st marriage/divorce so I am confused as to what really defines "income" as documented in the prenup. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  10. My employer told me they are eliminating my position, closing the office (I'm the office manager), and the other employees will work from their homes. The gave me 3 months notice and expect me to sell all teh furniture, printers, chairs, etc., teach them all my jobs that I do, clean and pack and so forth. In the meantime the rest of them are happily keeping their jobs. (I'm the longest employee here and the oldest at 65). How can I be expected to work hard for them when they are getting rid of me like the rest of the furniture? I have NO motivation and lots of resentment. But I need to stay on until the end in case I don't find a job right away and need unemployment benefits. I don't care about my job anymore so if I do the as little as possible here (moving and selling furniture is not in my job description) can they fire me before my 3 months notice of layoff is up? What do I need to protect myself? The notice was verbal, not in writing. Thanks in advance!
  11. How is your 401K and Roth IRA's split in a divorce in California, regarding the value each spouse gets? Is the 401K and Roth valued at the date of separation ? Does the spouse who owns the IRA keep the equity growth after date of separation? What if one spouse liquidates and spend's their 401K IRA without the other spouses knowledge before the date of separation?
  12. We purchased a new property in Palmdale, CA. Our neighbor claimed that the fence between us is built one brick into her property area during former owners’ remodeling process. She said she wants to put a brick wall instead of our fancy fence as she amends the issue. My mom said OK. But before we even moved in, she took down the fence. And we’ve been living in the new house for almost a month, she still won’t put a fence. It’s now open, phony looking, and feels exposed. Her property is wide open for burglaries. And now ours as well because of that.When I ask her when she would install new fences, she sneaks out w/ no answer. She once said she can close it with a temporary wood, if I help her out. I’m not the type of person who would invest time into temporary mickeymouse solutions. She now says her feet hurt and she can’t do it. I told her she shouldn’t have ever taken it down, if she wasn't sure to install a new fence at most within a week, or so. It’s very uncomfortable. I don’t like being on the outs with people so I’m biding my time.What if she won’t install a fence back what to do in such situations. Thank You!
  13. I am seeking some help and advice. My ex and I have been separated now for about 7 years and divorced for about 5. She remmarried a couple of years ago and I have a live in girlfriend of about 4 years. Ex an I have a 13 year old son, and our views are very different on how he should be raised. She is very religious and I have since lost my interest in organized religion. Over time I feel like her and I have really grown apart on our parenting styles. I am starting to worry about how she is handling situations. To set the tone - We started with a split week schedule. She had Mon-Wed, I had Thur-Sat until noon. It was close to 50/50. Just the other year I took her back to court to get an exact 50/50 time split, with a full week with each parent. I felt like the child needed to spend substantial uninterrupted time with both parents, and benefit from each parents beliefs. So far it has worked fairly well.... until.... My girlfriend and I have discussed the benefits of enrolling the child in extracurricular activities at school. We want him in band or choir after school, as well as at least a couple of sports. We feel he needs the extra social time around other people and other kids. The schedule on our end isn't too hectic for us (girlfriend and I) to work out. We don't do anything currently extracurricular or religious wise - so we have pretty much an open schedule. We also work different shifts so one of us takes the kid to school and the other picks him up when he gets out at 3. He is done with homework by about 4/415 when he is with us and we eat around 5/530 and are done by 6. We can easily make practices and competitions. The ex is a different story. As I mentioned she is very religious. She attends Wednesday and Sunday services, and volunteers in the community on Saturdays. She takes our child to her services on Wednesday and Sundays and even takes him out to volunteer on Saturdays. She said that her schedule is very hectic with all the things they do religiously. She also raised the concern about the time she gets with her son. She and her new husband both work the same shift, 8-5. They leave work at about 5 and pick up the child from our baby sitter at 5:45 and get home about 6:00. She said that then the child still has about an hour of homework left, so they don't eat dinner until about 7/715. They finish making and eating dinner around 8. They have our child go to bed around 9/915. I understand that its a chaotic schedule over there. On Wednesday with their religious services, they get home at 6, eat a quick snack and go to services from 7-8:30. They get home around 9 and go to bed about 9:30/10. My biggest concern is why isn't she putting the Child first? I really think he needs the extra time around other children and to play and run. She feels that enrolling him in sports is going to put too much pressure on him and will lose family time on her weeks. She is also concerned about her work schedule and stress on the family on her end. She also states that she doesn't want to give up her religious activities. She did have the child participating in the religious activities ever since we were on the split week schedule - so I guess it isn't surprising that is how she has used her time going forward with the week to week schedule. I tried to have a conversation with her at the babysitters house on this issue. I had my girlfriend and child join me on the discussion, but she sent away the girlfriend and child saying that she only wanted to "discuss this between parents first, then bring in the other parties and child after we have had a chance to talk about this as parents". I Thought: WTF?? YOU are the problem not willing to compromise with me on this - WE are trying to confront you and let you know you are the one holding everyone back! She won't talk to me in front of the child on this issue - even though I have talked with him before talking to her and tried to encourage him to do sports. I offered to pick up our child directly from the baby sitter on the nights he has sports and take him for her, and bring him home around 8 on those 2/3 days a week that he has activities, but she refused saying that she would have very little time with her son at that point. I’m trying to do her and the child a favor. I want to take her back to court and force her hand on this issue and to have the ability to make the final call on all extracurricular decisions, but I have a couple of concerns: 1. Considering that I was the one who went to court recently to put in place the week to week schedule rather than the split week, I just don't know if I can win this one. I really feel she needs to compromise on her end to make this happen for the child. He hasn't played sports before, so there isn't a precedence for them that I can try to aim for. While she has allowed him to be enrolled in certain activities in the summer when school was out - I want him in sports during school months with his peers as I feel thats whats most beneficial right now rather than family time and religious actives. She has stated she is fine with him playing sports on my weeks only, but not to intrude on her time. 2. We are under a new parenting plan after I took her to court to get the week to week schedule in place. We were told to discuss any issues during mediation and sort them out with a parenting plan first. I forgot to talk about the extracurricular activities since I was focused on the week to week schedule. Now I have a parenting plan that states that neither parent shall enroll the child into an extra curricular activity without the other parents prior consent, nor shall either parent schedule anything on the other parents time without the prior consent of that other parent. The parenting plan is only about a year old at this point. HELP! What can I do? We live in California.
  14. My mother passed away 2 weeks ago. She did have a will made out by an attorney a couple years ago but thus far I haven't been able to locate it. I've called her attorney to request a copy of the will and am awaiting her response. After my mother made out her will she told me that she was leaving me everything. Here's the bad part. I have an older brother and my mother excluded him from the will completely. She apparently had her reasons (which I won't go into here). My question is as follows: Can my brother contest the will simply because he was left out? He's questioned me about his share of the money already and since I haven't actually seen the will I haven't told him anything. Thank you in advance.
  15. My Son-in-law put down $10,000 dollars on a big rig truck to be used for work. Within 2 weeks the truck broke down and required an abundance of expensive labor & parts. He purchased the truck from a dealership that is being very uncooperative. Is there any course of action he can take to recoup at least his down payment? What is the lemon law in California and does it apply to big rig trucks? Thanks everyone!
  16. Hello, I need some hard fact information regarding patient confidentiality and all that implies. About two weeks ago I was made aware that my personal patient files from my mental health physician had fallen into the hands of my ex-boyfriends girlfriend. It seems as though not only did she have all access, she decided to tell both via text and word of mouth to my ex boyfriend, who at the moment, is fighting me for custody of our 11 year old daughter. At the moment we share custody 50/50. He is really trying hard to gather any type of information that could work to his advantage. This morning before school, my daughter calls me and asks me if I had tried to get her fired. I asked why and she replied, "because she called dad and said, 'your stupid ex girlfriend tried to get me fired today'. I had made my doctors office of this issue last week on Friday and was told that I should expect a phone call first thing Monday morning which hasn't happened yet. Literally everyday that she goes to work she has access to my records and could be feeding my ex all or any of it. I need help trying to figure out if she has broken any state or federal laws so that I may educate myself on how to proceed before and after the doctors administrator calls me.
  17. I am looking to see if I have a medical malpractice case. I was given a shot of depomedrol while undergoing spinal decompression surgery. I was never told about the shot until I called the surgery center and asked why my arm was hurting so bad. I have been left with a permanent divot in my arm along with hyperpigmentation, The surgeon never told I would be given this shot let alone anything about the possible side effects of this shot . He only followed up with me 10 days post op to remove stitches. Along with having my arm disfigured, I am experiencing severe sweating, a lot of weight gain, depression, my bones hurt. etc. I only found information about my reaction online. I do not know where to go from here.
  18. Hi I received a ticket for 21461(a). I turned left when there was a sign (I didn’t see) that said right turn only. 2 issues on ticket and trying to see if I might be able to get it dismissed. 1) ticket says City of Redwood City Police Department Notice to Appear, but location of violation was San Carlos (says on ticket). Can a RWC officer give me a ticket in San Carlos, which is a neighboring city? 2) registration of car involved is a different name than myself(it’s my parents car). Officer checked “same as driver” under “registered owner or Lessee”. Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to give me to try to get this ticket dismissed.
  19. I am the defendant (pro per) in a civil case for breach of contract. The Trial readiness conference has already been attended and the Joint evidence list was handed in to the court. The Plaintiff's attorney has received three copies of my evidence list which has not changed since the beginning and is the same one handed into the court. The other day I received a letter from the Plaintiff's attorney with the joint evidence list and then a phone call stressing the need for the paperwork to be returned right away (hearing is March 23 2018). I felt uncomfortable after the phone call so I reviewed the documents closely and found that the Plaintiff has removed one of my documents off the list that is vital to the case and replaced it with another document that has no relevance. The explanation of the document on the joint evidence list has also been changed. Who do I report this to? I have prepared a motion to dismiss based on Evidence tampering, but is there someone else that this should be reported to? What rule would Tampering with evidence in a case in California fall under? I have researched it and have only been able to find information on when you destroy or tamper with evidence during an arrest, but nothing that covers during a court case. Thank you
  20. When your case has been dismissed; does that not also mean your off probation? And could you ask for a expungement at the same time? Then what would be your recourse if you were stopped, walking down the street, searched and arrested; stating to violate your probation? Maybe not recorded properly by clerk or court? Check with the D.A. on the paperwork for dismissal?
  21. My old Tenant was taken to Small Claims Court back 98. I won the case and was awarded the full claim limit of $5000.00. I tried to collect the debt for several years and finally had to push it aside for family obligations. Just yesterday, I searched the internet and located this person living in another state and owning several properties that are valued in the millions of dollars. What can be done to collect this debt? I have all the original court documents and the Actual BAD check they wrote me. Please help me solve this before I die.
  22. Hello again, I need know what to do if simple medical info that is leaked to an unauthorized party is against any laws and what can be done. I found out that my ex who I am in an active custody case or battle with found out that I see a Psychiatrist, where and when I do go. His new girlfriend just by coincidence was hired at my doctors office found out that I was a patient and told my ex. My daughter had actually seen a text confirming this. My ex never even knew I was seeing a Psychiatrist because it's not his business especially when he could try to claim that I am unfit during our custody hearings. If I wanted him to know where and when I see my doctor I would have told him myself. I don't know how to proceed.
  23. Hi my name is Donny. I feel I am being falsly evicted from my app I am on a fixed income and can not just pack up and move in one day. I have done nothing to cause my landlord to take out a restraing order against me and have me get arrested for being in my own home . I want to move butt I need longer the 24 hours can he do this ? Thanks D/R ..
  24. Awaiting a court hearing for refusing/ending spousal support issue from an abusive long term marriage and after initial summons submission in Aug 2016, how long will it still take to finally get a divorce?
  25. robbed at a casino / card house at gun point 15ft form door main ent. with 3 security guards socializing unaware of actions 15ft away,caught on video no one watching . casino claims that assault was not foreseeable so no negligence