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Found 480 results

  1. My friend, "Jim", and I are going through a really ugly eviction from the place that he has been living for the past 2.5 years (my name is also on the lease, but I haven't lived there since we signed it). When the landlady was finally able to refinance her loan on her house, the other tenant (who rents one of the habitable rooms upstairs, where the landlady lives as well) saw an opportunity to manipulate the landlady. "Jim" would have been in the way of her doing that (not even a week before this crap all started, the landlady was gushing to me about how wonderful it was to have "Jim" living there. She told me "He's so wonderful to have around! Every day he gets up and asks me 'What can I do for you?', 'What can I do to help you?'") so the other tenant turned on him, subsequently turning the (elderly and extremely gullible) landlady against him as well. The landlady posted an eviction notice and had an Unlawful Detainer served on both of us. We went to (local Eviction aid org) (the unfinished basement that he has been living in has MULTIPLE habitability issues) and they helped us draw up a response. We filed the response and the court threw out the Unlawful Detainer. So, the landlady filed a second UD, which only "Jim" has been served with. THEN, the landlady filed a bogus TRO against "Jim" for elder abuse, alleging illegal drug use! Basically, her own form of self-help eviction. So now, "Jim" hasn't been able to go to, or near, his own house since late January. I had been going to the house to check on his things, bring him items as he needs them, shower and do some hand-washing (laundry, that is). Recently, the landlady filed a false police report alleging that I stole the huge bundle of Confederate currency that belongs to another friend of mine "Jane" (and which I recently finally consigned) from her (the landlady)! I have had that CSA money since 2012, when "Jane" let me take it to my place to keep safe for her, when we were all still homeless together! I didn't even meet the landlady until 2014! The local police assigned the cop that used to interact with "Jim", "Jane" and myself when we were homeless, to the case, as he is now a detective. I showed him my Google search history from 2012, when I was first Googling the bills as well as an email (wherein I referenced the CSA cash) from the same time period. He also went and spoke with "Jane" and she confirmed that they are hers and that she knew that I had them. Until the cop confirms for the antique store owner that I am indeed the rightful possessor of them, all of the money that is coming in from their sales is frozen and inaccessible to me or "Jane". The false accusation is based on the fact that the landlady's dad used to deal in antiques when he was alive and the fact that I received a letter there at the house from an antique store. The floor between the two women upstairs and myself is paper thin, so it is easy to hear what they are saying. On Wednesday last week, I could hear them talking to a lawyer upstairs about filing a TRO against me. I could hear them saying something about a credit card. I also heard the landlady complaining about my water usage. The landlady has ZERO grounds for a TRO against me! Yet, she got it... I had heard the lawyer saying that she expected to file it on Friday morning. So, last Thursday, I went and helped rescue "Jim"'s most valuable possessions and his box of important papers. I meant to go back earlier in the day on Friday, but I woke up late. When I got to the house on Friday the hasp was closed on the front door and the landlady was upstairs talking to the lawyer about how she was about to go put the padlock on. I had just enough time to run inside and grab "Jim"'s grandmother's guitar and leave (so as to not actually be served with the TRO). I plan to file my own TRO this week against the roommate, (provided that I can avoid service of the TRO against me until then). On the evening of February 2nd, the psycho roommate actually followed me in her car (about 1.5 - 2 blocks behind me) from the city that the house is in all the way to the next city over, where my bf's RV is parked. She took a couple slick turns when I was nearly there and actually got there a block ahead of me! When she got there she asked some random person if they knew who (someone by my name) was and claimed that she owed me money and that that's why she was looking for me. This is AFTER she set the curbside waste containers up outside the downstairs front door while I was inside, so that she could hear when I left!!! This woman is NUTS! Frustratingly, the neighbor from two houses down says that he recently attended a seminar on elder abuse that the local police held at the Senior Center. He said that what he has observed himself of the actions and interactions of/between the psycho roommate/tenant and the landlady clearly seem to fit the description of elder abuse that was given by the local police. This is frustrating because he doesn't feel up to (or maybe doesn't feel confident?) going to the police to report it. But, I don't feel that pressuring him would be a positive thing. He is doing the best he can to just hold it together after his wife's recent passing... Neither "Jim" nor I can receive assistance from (local legal aid org), due to a conflict of interest that results from them having represented the landlady in a previous dispute she had with a tenant. (Local Eviction aid org) won't help him anymore. But, seeing as how he already responded to the second Unlawful Detainer but the landlady still hasn't requested a hearing date from the courts, I doubt that eviction is our biggest problem. The habitability issues are SO atrocious (see pics) that I contacted the City's Community Development Director, regarding having a Code Inspection done on the basement that we have been leasing. When I spoke with him last Wednesday he said that he was waiting to hear back from a colleague of his in that office and he would start contacting people who live there about doing an inspection. Apparently, all people on the property have to give their permission or the City won't even be able to do the Code Inspection!?! This woman has clearly decided that the TRO route is a better bet for getting rid of us and not having to come out of pocket at all.
  2. We are looking for clarification on what this section of the CA Health and Safety law means specifically. CA Health and Safety law code section 122190: "In the event your dog dies, you may receive a refund for the purchase price of the dog, plus sales tax, or a replacement dog of your choice, of equivalent value, and reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees for the diagnosis and treatment of the dog, if a veterinarian, licensed in this state, states in writing that the dog has died due to an illness or disease that existed within 15 days after the purchaser obtained physical possession of the dog after the sale by a pet dealer, or states that the dog has died due to a congenital or hereditary condition that was diagnosed by the veterinarian within one year after the purchaser obtained physical possession of the dog after the sale by a pet dealer.  These fees may not exceed the purchase price of the dog, plus sales tax." Does this law code mean: 1. You receive (Price reimbursement) OR (new dog and vet reimbursement) or 2. You receive (Price reimbursement or new dog) AND (vet reimbursement either way) Do we get reimbursed for reasonable vet bills whether we get a new dog or not? The commas between the three independent clauses leads us to believe it is the second option but we wanted to clarify. Thanks
  3. My friend's brother died without a will. He had only one child and no wife. The one child he had was adopted as a baby. Does the now adult adopted child have rights to his birth father's estate? What steps should my friend take?
  4. When I rent the 2b2b apartment,the landlord asks me to sign two documents.One is the rental agreement .The other one is sharing room with other people policy.She said I can't share the rooms with other people.Or else she will charge more $400 than normal.I'm unclear that it is legal? Why she doesn't put the sharing room policy into the rental agreement? Also she doesn't give all tenants the copy of sharing room agreement.If we don't have the copies,should we obey the agreement? Is there some friends have the experience in dealing with? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I did business w/ someone on craigslist 3x. it wasn't local, the seller was 3 hours south of me (i should have heeded the CL warning about dealing only locally) the 2x she was receptive and i received my item as described the 3rd time, ahe disappeared off the radar. the usps shows that the money order was cashed by her the amount in question is 19 dollars which I sent for this 3rd dealing with her and obviously this 3rd time I didn't get the item she hasn't returned my phone calls filing a complaint with the usps since I mailed payment and the money order was obvisously us mail covered under federal laws anyway filing a complaint for 19 bucks with the US Postal Inspection Service seems to be a waste of time? Am I right? the amount is for 19 dollars less than 20 bucks and what's different than the other 2 times I dealt with this individual, I have NOTHING IN WRITING that says hey here is $19 for the 3rd item you have for sale; Furthermore, it is not written in the Memo section of the usps money order nor are there any texts evidencing good faith of an exchange of 19 bucks for a particular product. The US Postal Inspection Service is probably backlogged an inundated and too busy to follow through for 19 dollars right? especially since I don't have any written back up evidence on the 3rd transaction Do you think the better alternative is suing her in small claims court? \\ thanks for any constructive help
  6. I am trying to find out how to resolve this issue.My Dad was arrested about 30 years ago for NSF bad check.He was released immediately on self recognition. NO charges were filed. 30 years later, he went of the country and was denied entry based on the arrest record tgat shows up on his FBI Background check. The consulate his asking him to show them his arrest disposition. I have contacted the sheriff and the court and they do not have any record of this arrest.I have a copy of the fbi background check
  7. I have a judgment from the California Superior Court. I agreed to let the other party, a business, make monthly payments that are due on the first of the month. Except for the first payment all the other payments have been 7 to 15 days late. Can I collect interest and penalties on the late payments?
  8. I live in California, and hired a law firm to represent me in a case against Ford. I was told today that Ford offered $13000. The lawyer said $8000 would go to the law firm and I would get $5000. I thought that California law allowed for attorneys fees to be paid separately, even if you settle. My car was a complete disaster and caused a lot of inconvenience and unsafe situations. I had paid a net of $10,000 in car payments in that car. (the car was totalled in an accident recently, and I got some money because the car was worth more than I owed) Should I tell the attorney that I should get the entire $13,000 and he should get his fees from Ford? How does this work? I just want to make sure I am not getting taken advantage of by the law firm. I never signed a retainer, but they did send me an engagement letter. Any feedback about this situation would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello. Ten years ago our mother passed away and us four children inherited her house. We each own one-quarter interest in the property, and at her passing we all verbally agree that myself and my younger brother could live in the house for free as long as we paid the property taxes and upkeep which we have done. I've been in a wheelchair for thirty-five years and my brother is on social security disability as am I. My current income is less than $1200 a month and my brother is a little more. Now my sister decided she wants to sell her interest for $100,000. and she knows we don't have any money. My sister and her husband make over one-hundred thousand annualy, and recently sold their home for nearly nine hundred thousand and want to buy a bigger house--reason to sell my house. I know the law is on her side but I don't want to sell. I've lived in this house since I was four years old, is their anything I can do to save my home?
  10. Parents loaned money to daughter to buy apartment in FL. Later she sold apartment and put money into the bank (in her name) in CA. Than.. cancer. Daughter suddenly died. No will. Do parents has any chance to exclude this portion (their loan to buy apartment) from estate? if so, what supporting papers would suffice? Parents only have letters from daughter admitting loan. That was intra-family transaction.
  11. We are currently remodeling our home and rented a house nearby on a month-to-month basis. The property manager told us that the investors who bought the property that the house is on were planning on developing it early summer. This was perfect for us because that's when our home should be done. We signed a month-to-month because this time-frame was assured to us (but not in writing - our bad). It's not even 3 months later and we just received a 60-day notice to move out! Sure - we have 2 more months - but now we have to move YET AGAIN to another rental. And it's not likely we will find someone who wants to rent to us for 2-3 months! Question is - do we have ANY recourse on the verbal assurance of 6-8 months made to us upon signing the lease? The property manager even noted in a recent email that the " They originally thought it would take longer to get permits but their architect was able to get approvals sooner". So we have to incur moving fees (upward of $3,000) and the inconvenience of trying to find another place to live just so the investors can start their project? Any advice will certainly help give us insight into what seems like an unfair arrangement. Thanks!
  12. My wife was going through a rough time with her ex, he was filing for custody of their daughter complete with restraining order ECT. Her emotions were getting the best of her and she wound up climbing the local firehouse and threatening to jump if she couldn't see her daughter right then.Needless to say she was promptly scooped into the paddywagon and shipped out to a mental facility for evaluation.She returned some two weeks later with a diagnosis and a prescription. Somebody she got a ride with stole her meds and then got arrested for something and her meds went with him. She went down to the local sheriff office to try to retrieve them but was denied.By this time she was getting manic and said something to the effect of "well if you're not gonna give me my meds I should just go kill myself". This of course got her stuffed into a car and transported to our local hospital for a suicide watch. Her mental and emotional state by this time was deteriorating rapidly . She managed to walk away from the watch for some distance but was quickly tackled into a brick wall resulting in needing stitches in her chin,however she was thrown into the observation room bleeding, hurt ,scared and un-searched .She had a lighter on her and did what made sense to her at the time .Because nobody was paying any attention to her wounds and in her mind she was forgotten in this room she lit a blanket on fire. Long story short she is now convicted of felony arson convicted because she plead guilty . She was put on probation along with a bunch of other programs however she did not check in with them and was picked up walking down the street .probation Dept. is now revoking probation and recommending the terminal of 16mos in prison. Did I mention she is a bright 23year old and had NEVER been in trouble with the law before? Not only that but had graduated top of her highschool class with honours and was just a few college units away from a teaching credential. Now she is heading to prison. She has been denied bail since being picked up. I feel completely helpless .Please if anybody has any ideas let me know. Is it too late to retract her guily plea?...thank-you in advance
  13. i have a business in old town torrance ca...right on the main street...there is a 2 hr limit on parking...other business owners and employees violate it...i have complained to the city over and over...they do not enforce it....ironically a parking garage was built on the same main street to create more parking...they dont use it....can i sue?? by not enforcing the law they stifle business, because customers get frustrated by driving around looking for a place to park
  14. On Saturday 08/27/2016 I went over to my friends house,he was interested in purchasing my pistol which is registered to me. After he had took a look at the pistol inside his apt ,I was walking to my vehicle to lock the pistol back up when 2 lapd officers Walked to the back of his aptartments and started questioning us, one officer walked up to me grabbed both my arms and started searching me without consent or probable cause I immediately informed him that I had a pistol on person that was registered to me,he slammed me Against the hood of a parked car and proceeded to handcuff me. Back up officers were called and arrived and began searching every car in the parking lot including mine, there they found a pistol holster.Once in the back of a squad car on the way to the station I was told that I was being taken in to the station to talk to detectives and determine whether that gun was really registered to me and not stolen. I was then booked for carrying a concealed gun and currently out on question is can I motion to suppress evidence due to illegal search and seizure without probable cause?
  15. California-My brother passed away and left his estate to be split between myself and my three brothers and sisters. His house was in a trust but my sister was able to take it out of the trust and put it in her name along with my brother as joint tenants .I have power of attorney for this house with the most interest as my brothers gave their shares to me. Can I list it, sell it and make all decisions and be the only signer all the way through the escrow process including closing without my brothers and sisters signatures? I am not on county records, but I have power of attorney with the most shares and interest for the house. My brothers are on board with me but my sister not so much, she is on the county records. Does the power of attorney give me the power to sell it on my own as the only signer?
  16. Hi there. My friend is wondering about the new law AB 1909 concerning prosecutors who fail to disclose exculpatory evidence – making it a felony to do so. How does he remedy what happened to him – He asked for a bunch of exculpatory evidence but the prosecutor denied him – going so far as to have the judge in the case ban him from having the evidence due to the nudity of his ex-wife and her participation with other girls. The prosecutor said she didn’t want those pictures floating around the county jail. She painted his ex-wife as a pure, wholesome, saintly figure, while meanwhile these pictures show her to be just the opposite. What does he do? Should her request this new discovery or should he file some sort of motion against the prosecutor? Any help you have is great! He has currently been incarcerated for 11 years. Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below are more details if you are interested as I was also trying to reach out to Veterans legal groups who might help. He is a Veteran. Hi, I'm a nurse of 25 years working at UCLA in California. A very dear (Veteran) friend of mine was a Medical Specialist in the U.S. Army (Honorably Discharged) and member of the Detroit Fire Department, EMS Division (and Academy Instructor) - President of his academy class). Unknowingly he contracted PTSD while in the service when at 19 years old, his base Chaplain DIED in his hands. He actually met the man's wife and children. From then on (exacerbated by responding to serious 911 calls in Detroit at an average of 17 runs per shift) he spiraled deeper into depression and anxiety. He moved to California, had horrible relationships with one ending in domestic violence where he was sentenced to (6) months in the county jail. (10) Ten years later another woman cheated on him with multiple partners. While in a heated argument his mind snapped and he beat her severely. He is currently in prison (11 years so far) on a double life sentence (she is alive and well). In prison, he sought professional help and was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression - placed on prozac and continues counselling. He exhausted all of his administrative appellate remedies to the Federal Court level. However, two (2) things don't sit right and I'm wondering if there is anything or anyone who can help him. 1. His ex-wife claimed she was cut 20 times with a knife. DNA evidence shows NO BLOOD on the knife and Police Photos show NO CUTS on her body (taken the same day of the alleged event).She was under a morphine/darvon IV drip when police interviewed her and she gave these bogus statements. They had to return a week later to re-interview her because they say (on record) she was too "Out of it" at the time. 2. The prosecution painted her as a virtual saint. She secretly was into girls. My friend and his ex-wife were Hollywood types at the time. He took extensive photos and filmed her in explicit sex acts with multiple women. The first judge in the case ordered discovery of all the photographic evidence to the defense. When they changed courtrooms, the prosecutor was adamant about NOT giving the defendant access to these photos because she did not want pictures "floating around" inside the county jail. I am no lawyer. However, I have heard of a recent law passed by Gov. Jerry Brown making it a felony for prosecutors to withhold evidence in a case (AB 1909). Are you familiar at all with it? Can it help my friend? And is it legal for a witness' statement given while clearly intoxicated on serious narcotics to be used to charge a person? He needs assistance. I hope there is something or someone you can refer him to for help. Thanks a lot. Today he is a changed man. He has been an integral part of several Veteran's Groups at various prisons. He has accolades and awards for service in prison and is working closely with the Captain of his yard on a program training inmates for motion picture/television production in both English and Spanish. He is a good man who served his country faithfully. I will say this, he had checked himself into the VA hospital LONG before any of these domestic situations happened. They dropped the ball and said he only had slight "Avoidance" issues. I have AVOIDANCE issues. We all do (figuratively speaking). Had they medicated him THEN I am positive he would NOT be behind bars TODAY. Thank you for your time! Very Best, Joanne B., RN, BSN
  17. An association to which I belong now wants to charge a "convenience fee" to accept any form of payment other than allowing them to access my bank account through ACH so that they can receive my dues when they want. (I pay quarterly). The amount is small, but I am not comfortable allowing them that type of access. Is this type of "fee" something that is allowed by law?
  18. I have a situation that I am not sure of how to go about fighting it. My husband and I live in a small apt in San Diego since 2011. We have a small retail business selling at a local swap meet and some of the items we sell have to be worked on so we have rented a garage when we moved in that had to have owner approval and he did approve. That being said, we rented a full garage and because I have a handicap placard we also rented a carport for me to park in because they don't have handicap parking. They have limited garages and limited space in the parking lot so it has always been a problem. Now we have a wait list of tenants the are waiting on garages so the manager has sent out a letter to everyone that has a garage that if they don't have to have two vehicle parking then they are to give up part of their rented space so someone else can have a garage. Now the manager has a garage that her husband parks in and she has a space in the lot but she says she can't park in the garage due to a room that holds the workings of our pool. That room is off to the side and she could park in there if she would remove the items stored in her garage the way she is tell us that we have to do, also the owner has a full garage for storage that he is not going to give up. My letter said that I was to move from the carport to the other half of our garage and remove all my stuff for my business and park my vehicle in the other half. My vehicle does not fit in the garage with my husbands truck and I told her that. She acknowledged that we were correct so she wants to give me the carport and my husband will have to shut our business and give the other half of the garage to another tenant. We can not share a garage due to security reasons of our merchandise so I have told her that we will keep the garage and let them rent the carport but that will leave me parking on the street god knows how far away with my handicap placard and me walking to the apt with oxygen. My question I guess is how legal is this. Can they do this without going straight across the board and using all the garages this way including the owners garage who by the way lives in PA. She says that we can't store anything in the garages anymore but yet she has no intention of removing her stored items. Doesn't the grandfather clause apply here? I do have an attorney but that is my disability attorney and I don't think he would deal with this. Can some one give me an answer please? Regards, Penny
  19. Is it legal to run over people blocking the highways? (In reference to the protestors blocking the road in Cali)
  20. Hello, thank you in advance for any constructive help, I rent a bunk bed (see below), I don't have a lease (see below), but right now, a lease isn't usually required for a bunk bed rental situation so I guess, it's month to month I received a 30 day Notice to Vacate on the door of my room for rent today 11/21/16 I did nothing to precipatate or initiate it (through no fault of my own). I have paid my rent on time It was taped to the front door of my room for rent It was not mailed to me by certified mail return receipt On that 30 day notice the landlord refers to as "to all must vacate on or before 12/21/16 that is when I will change the locks and turn off the water and other utilities.) Here are the pieces of evidence I have that show I rent there: I have an AT & T internet bill in my possession mailed to me at the property I have the front door house key I have a receipt that shows I paid the owner on November 2, 2016 I have my property in the rental unit I have the apartment unit mail box key This is a beach house rental unit with bunk beds. There are 7 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment unit This could not have come at a worse time, right in the middle of the holiday season. The landlord claims he has another property for me and 1 other roomies since we did not cause him problems by notifying the City or government agencies of problems he had neglected which were raised by other roomies here But, I sort of don't trust him His notice to vacate may be retaliatory on other roomies or out of fear that building inspectors will cite him or make him pay fines for various violations that he has neglected What happens if on December 21st, at the 30 day mark, I am not able to find another place? I do have squatters rights don't I? I don't like to do it, but can I fight the eviction? Can the landlord legally change the locks on December 21st, 30 days later? It also doesn't seem that the landlord has used proper service of process? He should have mailed the 30 day via certified mail return receipt, right? Thanks, again for any help as it seems that again this is the worst time due to the holidays, it will be almost impossible to find rental vacancies. Also, doesn't the landlord need an eviction order from a judge in order to change the apartment unit locks after December 21, 2016 (the 30 day mark)? Thanks, again
  21. Hi, I had an 18 month lease from Dec 8th 2013 through June 30th 2015 and there after remained month to month. There is no written contract for the month to month agreement only verbal. I recently gave notice to move out. Notice was given on Nov 10th 2016. My landlord states I need to pay rent through Dec 31st 2016. I Live in California and am under the understanding I can give notice anytime of the month and am only responsible for rent 30 days after the date I give notice which would be Dec 10th. I have explained this to my landlord several times but he insist I am reading the law wrong and owe him for the full month of Dec. Please help! Thanks in advance, maxyb2
  22. "I am a minor in CA, and a classmate frequently photographs me and places these pictures online without my consent/against my will. Is there any specific law that prohibits this?"
  23. I have a rental unit that is presently rented through a management company. I understant that, as a landlord, I am supposed to pay for repairs. However, the tenant has called the management company three times on a row for unnecessary/non-existant repairs. The first time she complained about lack of hot water and the management company sent a plumber. Hot water is provided to the whole community and paid through the HOA. Therefore, it was a temporary problem that the HOA fixed. The plumber sent by the management company was not necessary but... I´ve had to pay the bill. Then she called again saying that the toilet was permanently flushing... a plumber was sent to the unit and in fact, there was no such thing as a toilet flushing but a noise behind the toilet´s wall. It came out that there was a problem in another unit upstairs so it was not a repair I had to fix. Then, again, she called saying that the dishwasher was not working. Another plumber sent and the management company did not tell me what the problem was since.... there was no problem and the plumber didn´t charge this time. My question is whether I have to pay for all these repairs that are actually repairs. The plumber charges for the visit but... there was no thing to fix in any of the three occassions. Please advise.
  24. This is a long one so bear with me: my husband and I have been married for 7 years and have a 6 year old daughter. He also has 2 kids from a previous marriage. his son is 18. his daughter is 16. they live with their mom. for the last 7 years, my step kids have been allowed to come to our house whenever they wanted to see their dad. last year we bought a house close to their moms. my stepson had been living with his girlfriend at her mom's house for about 2 years until 6 weeks ago when it got so bad over there his girlfriend finally told her mom to choose alcohol or her, and she chose alcohol. so my stepson and his girlfriend moved to his mom's house temporarily . 6 weeks ago they asked if they could move in to our back house. my husband wanted his son to move in so bad that he begged me to let them and I said there will be strict rules because we have a small child here. I told him no alcohol or drugs or anyone under the influence at our home. well it turns out my stepson has a serious problem and we didn't know how serious it was. the two of them got in to two fights with screaming and yelling, slamming doors and I heard his girlfriend say let me go and get your hands off me. I heard them fighting and went out there and told them one of them has to leave. my stepson was screaming and in a rage and I finally got him to leave the house. I told my husband we had to sit down and have a talk with them about the situation. two nights later we sit down to talk and my stepson comes in the house stoned and high on weed and who knows what else. I told my husband he needs serious help and needs rehab and that she needs to leave. he agreed to rehab and the day before he went to his first meeting, I came home with my 6 year old and found him belligerent drunk in the back house and who knows what else he took. he was conscious and sitting on the couch in the back house. I texted my husband and his ex wife that he was messed up and passed out in the back house. they were both at work. his ex wife said leave him and she will come in a little while. my husband couldn't leave work. Around the same time my stepsons girlfriend and my step daughter were coming home from school to get her cheer clothes. they were out there for 15 minutes and I heard my stepson start yelling at them so I went out to break it up and get the girls to leave. I told them to leave and they both talked back and weren't moving at all. my stepson stands up and is screaming at the top of his lungs "get the f@#$ out!" repeatedly to the girls. he starts waving his arms and turns to me to shove me in the shoulders saying "cmon let's go!" as he pushes my shoulders my natural reaction was to raise my arms and try to deflect his hands and arms from hitting me and soften the blow. I said "don't push me _____(his name)" he turned back towards the girls and stumbled into the couch right behind him. he gets up and storms out of the house still yelling. the girls follow him. both girls begin to yell at me and go off on me like it was all my fault. I just keep saying that they need to go and not be around this. they finally leave and he goes in to the back house and passes out. mind you my 6 year old is inside the main house about 20 feet away. I call my husband and say get home now. he gets home in 30 minutes and says all these things his daughter told him I said, which were lies, and that both the girls say that I PUSHED MY STEPSON ( which is still lie) . so my husband and his ex believe the girls. I told my husband that the girlfriend has to move out ASAP and he won't make her. I told him it's not safe here for a 6 year old. I took my daughter to my parents and we have been staying there for 4 days. What can I do and what should I do? what rights do I have for my home for my child? how can I get the girlfriend who is 17 to move out and my stepson to leave or go to a full time rehab treatment center? I want my 6 year old to be able to go to her home and I want to go home. my husband thinks he is going to save his son and will divorce me if that's what it takes to try to help him get clean . and the final kicker is that my husband and his ex wife are both deputy sheriff's
  25. In 2015 I cosigned on an auto loan for my daughter. Subsequently, I ended up filing bankruptcy. My daughter has made all of the payments on the vehicle on time every month. We just discovered that the credit union we financed through wrote off the total amount of the loan on December 31, 2015 and reported it on BOTH of our credit histories, however they have collected a payment each month of 2016. Is this legal? Isn't it "double-dipping" to write it off as a loss and still collect the payment every month? What are our options?