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Found 601 results

  1. I live in a senior building where I feed, keep neutered, vaccinated 7 feral cats that live outside of the building and in California they are considered "free roaming." However, because I live on this property, the management tries to always tell me what I can and cannot do outside such as feeding the feral cats. Also, to give you a little background it is a federally-funded lower income senior building and I am retired. Because it is also a multi-cultural building but mainly with older Armenian people who don't at all like animals especially cats, they give me so much trouble about feeding my 7 ferals even though I always use clean bowls and pick up all garbage (even the residents who think it is ok to throw garbage over their balconies ) and keep things very clean and neat. Also the cats of course have nowhere to go and tend to always want to get into our garage and hide to get some shelter at the very least. Even though management has told me on the sly that our building is free from rats because of the cats whereas the other senior bldgs. that got rid of their feral cats became overwhelmed with rats. What I want to do is to build with small boxes and colored lucite an attractive yet somewhat out-of-sight small haven for the cats so they have some shelter and somewhere else to go and something else to do besides hang out in the garage where it is the main issue with all the tenants. I think if I can put together a small enclosed "run" and some perches for the cats outside the building and actually on top of the dividing wall, I'm hoping no one can stop me because maybe it isn't even their property to be able to do so. This would be great for the cats and look nice too. They could use the "run" and sit out on the perches and have something to climb onto. If you give them a plus such as this, it takes away a lot of the minuses such as going into the garage. Even though management deep down likes that I keep a well maintained and cared for feral colony that keep away the rats, etc., they refuse to do anything to help them or me as I have to buy all their food, etc. I just want to build something fairly small and not anything "in your face" but I am hoping if I do it on this dividing wall between two buildings they can't really stop me. Please help me understand. Thank you. Chesire
  2. Greetings, I have a question regarding PGE Easement on a parcel of land in Marin County. I purchased a lot in San Rafael, Marin County California about 10 years ago. I had planned to build on this lot. I paid 190k for it at the time for a 8000 sqf hillside lot. I did realize there was a power line running through the middle of the lot and that it would need to be removed. I did some research on this online and saw that people quoted about 5k per line. So without further investigation I purchased the lot. I have since been relocated by work and can no longer build on the land. I have been in and out of contract a few times in the last 5 years. PGE quoted the buyers 100k at first, then an engineer said its 50k per pole about a year ago. The buyer backed out. Then more recently after lowering the price of the lot to 125k, once again PGE is now quoting 200k with "unforeseen" expenses to move the pole off the lot. There are available easements all around the lot I don't see any problem in moving it about 30 feet over on to vacant land. The new buyer i'm assuming will back out again after this 200k estimate. My question: is there any other way to convince PGE to move the pole themselves, I assume they would like to have a new customer? Is there any law preventing them to charge any amount they want? Is there no type of control on how much they can reasonable charge people to move a power line? Eventually the Marin taxes will bankrupt me here as i cannot sell this land. Are they (PGE) in any way possible liable for the unusable land, taxes, or the fact that due to having their lines, there renders the land useless etc? Sounds like a long shot but I figured i would ask. Any help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Marin County Land Owner
  3. I am the obligee (receiving support for my child), and the obligor (making payments) filed an FL-450 , A request for hearing regarding earnings assignment. Basically the obligor wants to challenge the court ordered payments. Few questions: 1) Am I required to attend the hearing on the date detailed on the form I received? 2) Is there a way to contest this filing with another form? 3) Will the payments be on hold until after the obligor's court date? 4) If so, can I change that?
  4. so my father started beating me up at 10 years old,choking,kicking,punching. this went on for years, at 13 he hit me in the face so hard i needed 6 stitches. long story short after my separation my step mom and i talked about anger, and i told her if she remembered how my dad treated me, and her response was" well thats because you pushed his buttons" I was taken back that she still thinks that because of my childhood behavior that it was ok for him to abuse me. So I told my ex about it and she was not happy, I told her I don't feel comfortable leaving our kids there anymore do to the possibility of my kids pushing my fathers buttons. she agreed. now i find out that my parents watch my kids 3 days a week because my ex uses them for babysitting. My ex stepdad molested her as a young teen. touching her breasts while she slept and also watched her shower through a window. We have never left our kids alone with her mom and stepdad do to fear. But during the divorce she lets them watch our kids. I also have an ex uncle that was married to my aunt before was born , so i grew up knowing him. about 4 years ago at a family event he stated that he used to touch me when i was little. he is a joking type of guy. So i took it as a joke, but it really bothered me, he has made this statement several times to me and his wife overheard it was and told him to stop. well recently I went to drop my kids off at the police station(where my ex and I swap children do to a restraint order against me) but instead of my kids mom ,it was my ex uncle. I told him that I would not allow him to be around my kids without supervision or I would call cps. So my question is can I have family court prevent these people from being around my children unsupervised?
  5. We've been married more than 10 years and we are in the middle of filing divorce. We agreed to go thru a paralegal. We don't have debt but the house mortgage which is less than $1000 monthly. He owns the house before we got married but refinance the house after two years of our marriage. He pays the mortgage and I pay all the utility bills, grocery and for whatever we need at home. He claims now that the house is not a community property, thus when we get the divorce I have no right in equity of the house. Is this true in California Law? Thanks for any feedback that can enlighten me on this issue.
  6. We moved into our current home in January 2017. Since coming here, we've decided that we made a big mistake, and are now looking to sell and relocate elsewhere. Friends have told us that we'll need to wait until January 2019 to sell or risk having to pay capital gains. It's becoming apparent, though, that getting a buyer to offer what we paid for this house ($489,000) is not all that likely. For the sake of this discussion, should we sell the house for, let's say $475,000, there aren't any capital gains to deal with...right? Clearly, selling a house that we've been in for about 6 months, and selling it for more than we paid for it will create a capital gain that will need to be addressed come next April. But, if we sell it for less than we paid for it, can we assume that there will be no tax ramifications of any kind?
  7. Back in November I answered an ad to rent a room. It stated $400 per month and sometimes look after an eldery woman who owned the house. I met with the owners daughter who i assume has power of attorney to do what she wants and explained that i needed the room for me and my 19 year old daughter. I also had a small dog. The owners daughter agreed to the living arrangments but raised the rent for the room to $600. When the owners daughter and grandson went on vacation for over a month my rent was free however i was stuck in the house because the elder woman needs 24 hour care. When they returned from their trip they were constantly asking me to stay with the eldery woman. They either wanted to go to the beach or out to eat. Mind you, the house we are talking about has a 3-bedroom apartment upstair which every room is rented to different people. There are 3 bedrooms downstairs, one that the eldery woman sleeps in, the room my daughter and I rent, and another room across the hall. The elderly woman's (owner) daughter and grandson sleep in a converted garage together. Ok, my daughter brought her cat over so the owners daughter raised our rent $100 more a month. Then my daughters boyfriend would get off work and hang out here until my daughter got home from school. Only a couple of hours and i was there too. Well then the owners daughter sends me a text saying that shes raising out rent another $200 because of my daughts boyfriend. That is $300 rent increase in 6 months bring the total up to $900 per month. My daughter gave her 30 or 60 day notice before the 1st of june and was supposed to pay $350. Well my daughter caused all this commotion, punched me in the face, kicked me in the stomach and im trying to make her stop. Well she goes running to the owners daughter telling her that i tried to choke her (which I didnt) and they beieved her. Now shes out of the room and the owners daughter told me i have to leave nut if i stay the whole month she wants me to pay $700. I dont have that kind of money. What can I do?
  8. I purchased a car from my boyfriend of 23 years. I paid him $1000 but didnt get bill of sale. He works out of the state and when he called I informed him he didnt sign the title. He said just sign his name to it. (Ive signed his name numerous times with his permission to other legal documents over the years but not on DMV docs.) So i signed the titled per his request but havent had a chance to go to DMV yet. Well, he called to inform me that he no longer wants a relationship. I tried to call him but he got his number changed and he also changed jobs. What can i do?
  9. How do you proceed when the trust is split 50/50. It can't go to probate one can't sell without the other. One party wants to sell the other doesn't . what do you do?
  10. I have a friend who was in an abusive relationship for two years she had a daughter with the guy, however, when she fought back he filed charges and got a restraining order on her and she lost custody of her daughter for fighting back. She has witnesses of her abuse. What can she do to regain custody
  11. I leased a vehicle through a rideshare app website. After making payments every week on time for over six months I was pulled over removed from the car and told the car had been reported stolen prior to my taking possession. Was not able to re-up my insurance or renew the registration therefore I could not drive to make a living. I finally got them to agree to take the car and let me out of my contract. I have also told them that I am out A few thousand dollars in lost wages and they said they would look into it and have yet to get back to me. I have made several attempts to get an answer from them and every email/phone call I am told someone else would contact me the following day. Am I entitled for lost wages? If I least this car specifically to make a living from a "commercial leasing company "and through no fault of my own could not register it and legally drive?
  12. Hi everyone, my daughters boyfriend who lives with us & is on my auto policy had an accident in my truck that he was found at fault in. Now the other people in the other car are going to try and sue me & my husband. For the remainder of the accident. My question is if this is possible? Why not sue the person driving? Is it because it's my property? We also own a waverunner which is paid off & a razor which is not paid off will they go after these things.
  13. My mother went to Marshalls and tried a foldable lounge chair and it collapsed within a second sitting on it. Her fingers got clamped in between the folding legs when the chair collapsed, and were serverely injured with deep lacerations and damages to tendons and ligaments. Store manager told us to go to one of their insured clinics and that clinic refused to take in my mom because the injuries were too server, then sending us to a specialist, specialist could not perform proper care for the injuries, so again we were sent to a hospital ER, where she finally got the bleeding under control, took x-ray and got stitches. I panicked when I saw my mom's injuries and forgot to take pictures of her injuries first hand and also forgot to take a picture of the chair that failed on my mom. Later on the day, I went back to the store and requested for the surveillance video, and also to take a picture of the chair or provide me with the manufacture and model number of the chair. But the store manager refused to provide either. The store manager kept telling me just contact their insurance company and insurance will take care of 'everything.' Is that legal for the store manager to refuse giving me the information? Also, we want to file a lawsuit, how do we proceed with legal process going forward? Update- just found out it was a recall item back in May 2016.
  14. I was fraudulent induced to work for Farmers Insurance as agent with promise of good job making good money and offer with better opportunities without being control. I resigned my IT salary job to take on their position. It turn out to not what I was representing on the position. I came to this country after our people had sacrificed our life to protect the America CIA and brought my people this country After the Vietnam War. I study hard and want to live the America dream. I earn my bachelors degree on IT. Through out the whole time working for Farmers, I was discriminated, manipulated, false imprisonment, and force to sign paper that I was never aware and cause me harm. At the end, I was terminated for company reason for the act of other, they take away everything that I had build for them included not issued my last paycheck to me, charge me with a hugh debt on money tha issue to me and I paid taxes on it. Submitted false facts to regulatory agent that closed down my license on the submition of my employer. At the end, my attorney that represent me force me to settle in mediation for nothing and sub out on me whether I will accept it or not. I can not find any Attorney to take over as the case has been in litigation for so long and no one want to clean other attorney work products. I will have to end up representing me in court and end up probably with nothing. This is davastated, I had lost everything include my home, car, well paid job and license. I can never get similar job. As a single refugee mother, I had nothing to hold to but tear to shed. I hope all those done me harm will someday wilbe touch by my pain that they put me through include out of job and being homelessness. May justice prevail! Any advise or pity word will be greatly appreciated as I still have to be pro per in court next month. I can be contact via email: or reply to this form here.
  15. I have been working at my job for over a year now and I'm 6 months pregnant. My supervisor recently made a comment about how she was ashamed in me because I was pregnant and that I did not think about my job, she did not make this comment directly to me but to a fellow co worker. what can I do if I can do anything at all?
  16. Dad passed away at home on May 9. He had already paid rent for May and had $1,900 on deposit. Son had been living with him for a couple months taking care of him. This all seemed fine with the landlord. Son and landlord had a verbal agreement (the only kind the landlord would accept) that Son could stay until the end of the month to take care of dad's things. When the end of the month came, Son needed a few more days. He was in daily contact with the landlord and on the 5th they did a walk through. Son had paid for professional cleaning services and the landlord agreed that the place was immaculate and that he would stop by the next day with a full refund. But once again he would not sign papers to that effect.Son would spend the night and leave on the 6th. The next day, Son waited for landlord to stop by. When he arrived, he was accompanied by two younger men (Son called them thugs) who all yelled at him threatening to haul him off the property by his feet if he didn't leave immediately. The landlord laughed at the suggestion that Son would g et any deposit back. Having been threatened, Son called 911. The police came and told him that since Dad was dead he was no longer a guest and needed to leave immediately or go to jail. They weren't even going to let him go inside to get his dog. My question is: does the landlord really have the authority to instantaineously evict someone even as they are virtually backing out of the driveway. I also question the police response as there was no paperwork requesting police eviction. Do you see any way for Son to get his deposit back?
  17. ADA

    What agency in charge of enforcing ADA laws in private residence? Any referral for experienced attorney on ADA - HomeOwner Association related matter in SoCal? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  18. My apartment building has had a lot of recent criminal activities lately. Someone tried to breeak in my place and I got a police report. Now the Landlord gave me and everybody a day notice to add him as the additional insured. Does anybody now why and will this hurt me?
  19. if i felt my sister notified a department before i arrived to make a police report. and she makes large donations to said department. now said deparment now hurases over child custity isses and the wife is a legal assitant. what would this be considerderd? then a jugde in said custity today between my boy friend asked the legal assistant how her days going and tells my boy friend to shut up. small town forth amendment concerns. illiterate yes . stalkers are getting away with murder.{ Sheriff dep}{ 2 DAs on street}
  20. It's not me but that happened and no one's being charged in other states but not CA why I always thought if you were there u r an accessory no matter where you live
  21. If I say I was at the scene of a murder but I didn't do it can I be charged with murder ? I refuse to take polygraph. My friend was arrested with me he takes polygraph and lies about everything including his name what happens.
  22. Defendant deposed plaintiff for an oral deposition. Defendant paid for a n interpreter to translate during that deposition. Now, that the deposition is completed and the court reporter has delivered the deposition transcript to plaintiff. My question is, who pays for the cost of the interpreter’s services to translate the deposition transcript for me so that I can sign the transcript under oath?
  23. ADA

    What agency in charge of enforcing ADA laws in private residence? Any referral for experienced attorney on ADA - HomeOwner Association related matter in SoCal? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  24. I am co-owner of a commercial building. The bottom of the building is a bar and the top has 2 rooms that have never been rented out. My brother (1/6 owner) has moved into one of the rooms and allows drug activity and a bunch of drug addicts to utilize his room and the other room. We know that he has accepted rent from one person, but he normally deals only in cash and therefore there is no paper trail. Is there anything we can do to get him and his drug buddies out of this building? The police tell us that as long as he is part owner there is nothing that they can do. He does not pay any rent to the other owners of the building.
  25. I recently had a dispute with a moving company, they are based in CA, I am based in CA. After damaging some of my stuff i was talking to an employee who I called on his office line and it went straight to him. He was being extremely aloof and rude. It sounded as if he was mocking me on speaker to his colleagues. I told him I was not happy and was going to post about my experience online. A few minutes later I got a call from the company headquarters saying they listened to the call and were apologetic. Offered me some compensation for the damages, which was nice. But still does not make the action just or legal. I looked into CA law and according to the CA state constitution CPC 632, the recording violated CA's "Two Party Consent" since I did not give permission to be recorded. The company on their 1-800 line has a "we reserve the right to record..." but not on the individual office line I called, I in now way expected to recorded. I told the company and they denied they recorded the call which was an outright lie. My question is - Is there anything I can do to prove they recorded the calls? If I were to bring a small claims suit I am afraid they would just say "no, we did not." and the burden would be on me to prove it. All i have is my memory of the incident. Would that hold up? Any suggestions?