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Found 657 results

  1. I was pulled over for nothing at all, just because of my tattoos and criminal past. The officer had no answer when I asked him why he pulled me over, he then impounded my car and let me walk without a ticket or anything? My license is valid, as well as registration and insurance. He said it was parked where it wasn't supposed to be after he searched the whole vehicle and didn't find anything, I have pictures of where my car was parked and there was nothing illegal about it. Well, a week later I get arrested for something I had nothing to do with and they said they needed to keep my car for investigation, well the case was closed and dismissed so therefore they took the hold off of it at the impound yard but now the impound yard wanted to charge me $1,600 to release the car to me, I do not have that type of money and since I was proven innocent and it was illegally taken I think they should have to pay the fine to get it out, but as of now, it has been too long and the impound yard sold the car. How do I go about this? What are the laws that have anything to do with taking a car for no reason? and whats protocol on giving someone something that rightfully belongs to them?
  2. How sad for my nieces and nephews ages 22 - 16 . I realize I have all ready talked about this but I still need advice. I am in no way attached to or part of this estate, my family is, which concerns me. My niece has an attorney that accompanied her to the last court date. today she had a visit with him and he had nothing positive to say. She asked him to petition the court so she may take over the position as trustee, his response was 'It has not been long enough',. The judge asked Maryann for a written plan about how she will replace the roof and take care of the mold and how she will pay for it. He wants it presented to the court a week before the court date which is happening the 21 of Aug. 2017 and if the trustee wants to move forward with her request to sell the last property in the trust that my nieces father specifically stated (in his will) do not sell until the last child is 21 and he is 17 now. This trustee said in her petition to the court to sell the "Arata property" that she had it appraised at $268,000.and now due to extensive damage to the roof and interior from the recent rains it is now currently valued at $190,000. this is a total lie. I do not find any charge in the accounting for this. The average price for this area is $400,000, and this condition of the roof is an existing problem before William the trustor died in 2014. I know this is not my business, my niece is asking me to help. 'How do we get the court investigator involved and change judges?
  3. My husband had signed a paper without reading it during a transaction and transfer of pink slip but his boss who wrongfully terminated him a couple of day prior ... What are our rights in getting a copy of that signed doc.?
  4. okay so, my boyfriend got a charge back in 2013 for possession of a hand gun and an illegal substance for personal use. he did 270 days for that case already, when he was released, he went to report to probation office as he was ordered, this probation office sent him to a different one. he went but they told him to go back to that location because they dont know who he is or where his paperwork is at. he went back and they told him they sent it out. at that time we had just moved cities, so he sent a faxed the p.o office his new address, (keep in mind he still has the fax reciepts of when he sent them saying they were delivered) well that office never contacted him back after he tried a couple times to speak to someone, they ended up giving him a probation violation. so time passes by, come this year april 10, 2017 he gets arrested after being pulled over for driving with loud music, he had a warrant for the probation violation. the judge wants him to do a year residential program, he has insurance but his insurance doesnt cover 1 year programs, he found a 6 month program that they had already accepted him but his p.o and the intake person told him not to waste his time there because court is ordering a 1 year not . not only that but the programs that accept him have the rule of not being able to leave the first 30 days for any reason. he went to court to try to tell the judge but she didnt listen and his public defender was no help at all. he had court today and the judge took him in for not being in the program his own public defender referred him too. he had to type of help from these dummb ass Defenders. is there anything he can do or a lawyer can do for him. the judge wants to give him 3 years in prison for not being in the program. he did time for the drug charge already, why is she and can she e doing this?
  5. How many days notice is a party to a divorce suppose to give the other party when a scheduled court appearance is scheduled? Do the courts count the weekend as business days for example if it is a five days notice and court is on a Tuesday and the party didn't find out until. Thursday. That doesn't allow the party notified to respond to court papers.
  6. I went to mediation and everyone settled except me. The Insurance asked for more information after my lawyer made his demand and he did not have it. He is in the process of getting the info that was requested. The other parties got an extension of the Statue of Limitations because a judge has to approve the settlement for a minor child. The extension did not include me. My lawyer says I do not have a statue of limitation anymore because the other parties settled. I am worried that that may not be true and I would not get my settlement. There are two insurance companies involved mind and my passengers the third has already settled. Do I have to worry about the statue of Limitations?????
  7. I have been a mobile home park resident since 10/9/12. I hold a five year lease with roll-over clause which expires 10/9/17. The lease contains a clause which allows either tenant or landlord to rescind the roll-over clause, thus terminating the lease, with 60 days written notice. On June 16, 2017, I received notice from the park's office manager that they would exercise their option to rescind the roll-over clause of my lease. She further indicated that although they were working on a new long term lease, it would not be available when my lease expires and I would have to sign a one year rental agreement. The park has opened a new section of 62 units. The sales representative for this new section is offering long term leases to NEW tenants. Is it lawful to offer long term lease conditions to one group of tenants while at the same time denying such terms to existing tenants? Can the park force me to sign a rental agreement which may not be in my best interest?
  8. My dad abuses my mom and has a temper but my mom will not leave him... i am worried about my sisters safety and want to receive custody of her the problem is i'm still 17 for another month and she is 11, with that said once i turn 18 can i get custody? i know he has never done anything to us but he has shown he is capable of it and i want to know if i can somehow use child endangerment? because my mom is a good mother there is no question about it but she will not leave and i feel she is putting my sister in danger by being with him. I am willing to put off school and work full time to support us and would be moving in with my boyfriend who will also help please let me know asap thank you.
  9. My dad abuses my mom and has a temper but my mom will not leave him... i am worried about my sisters safety and want to receive custody of her the problem is i'm still 17 for another month and she is 11, with that said once i turn 18 can i get custody? i know he has never done anything to us but he has shown he is capable of it and i want to know if i can somehow use child endangerment? because my mom is a good mother there is no question about it but she will not leave and i feel she is putting my sister in danger by being with him. I am willing to put off school and work full time to support us and would be moving in with my boyfriend who will also help please let me know asap thank you.
  10. I went to the ER for severely painful colitis and a bacterial and/or viral gastrointestinal explosion. I was writhing in pain, delirious, and for the next 12 hours I only remembered flashes, moments of what actually occurred. What I found out when I got home 2 days later when I accessed my records on line has turned out to be the scariest nightmare of my life, and it has only just begun. The ER nurses, observing my state of mind, ASSUMED I was overdosing!! They somehow obtained prior med. records that branded me as having substance abuse issues. They must have given me a cocktail of 5 meds most notably, NALOXONE - used specifically for opiate overdose. The combo of what THEY admin.'ed STAT in my IV clearly backfired.... My friend came to check up on me and he found me face down in the dirt of a sidewalk planted tree convulsing, my hand bag contents strewn about the sidewalk. When asking my whereabouts to the ER security, they laughed and pointed across the street at me. No call to my emer. contact, or friend who dropped me off, just a falsified scribble on my discharge papers showing I had actually been released.... He took me home. I proceeded to thrash about the place still uncontrollably blowing a dark red brown liquid out of both ends. He brought me back to ER. They admitted me. When I finally came to, social services came to tell me they called DCFS and the nightmare began from there. Besides having a malpractice suit , I now need at FAMILY LAW attorney ASAP , as they have taken my two children from me, and from what I am reading, they have NO MOTIVATION TO RETURN THEM HOME!!! EACH CHILD THEY GET INTO FOSTER HOMES< BRINGS ON AVERAGE $8000 a MONTH!!!! This can happen to ANY PARENT WHO HAS BEEN CALLED UPON TO DCFS. THE HOSPITALS HAVE KICKBACKS FOR EACH PERSON THEY ENSNARE THAT PUTS A CHILD IN THE SYSTEM!!! It was even on my hospital records as a " referral' Still not properly diagnosed or treated, I ewent to detention court. My PD listened to me, came up with a wimpy strategy saying maybe I ll try to get unmonitored visits~~~ in court he couldnt defend his mother if he tried, the judge reprimanded me in front of my X, his wife and mother, and my children saying I almost died from an overdose, and asked me if I was trying to kill my self!! Horrified and guilty with no opportunity to prove my innocence, I was given 3 months to jump through their hoops, have only monitored visits and urine test in hopes that the next court day I get a chance to talk! It's otright inhumane and UNETHICAL not to mention UNCONSTITUTIONAL! I was so infuriated for the direct lies and defamation of my character without discovery or proof, I started to research. What I found is mind boggling. Here are a few links to start.
  11. Trying to locate information on injections received while serving in the Air Force in Thailand during the Viet Nam war. I was stationed in Mukdahan Royal Thai Air Base from Feb. 1969 to Dec. 1969. There was a group of about 5 of us that were taken by truck to NKP every couple of days for a few weeks to get these injections. We were told it was because of the Cholera outbreak that occurred a while back. There was always a Cholera outbreak. What did we know. Now we want to know. Can anybody steer me in the right direction?
  12. My girlfriend got a call while at work from a debt collection agency regarding a vehicle she had repossessed in 2008. They said they are going to file suit for breach of contract in 2010. They tricked her into acknowledging the debt but she did not agree to any terms. They said stuff like your mom has excellent credit she can put this on a credit card. She said my mom is retired. First of all is this an empty threat and a creditor bullying tactic Second of all is t he statute for written contracts and debt owed 4 years. She was very upset last night so any answer I can help her get would be great
  13. I have been the victim of organized police stalking and harassment for the last 3 months. All my mobile cells have been hacked, Gmail accounts stolen n hacked, yahoo accounts stolen, Facebook accounts, followed to and from my new job at the airport, by same license plates, even at my apt I have been harassed by slamming of doors all night, screaming, cars sitting out in front of my window, harassed and screamed at, I have filed police report, and contacted states prosecuters office, I'm waiting in a call back. Does anyone have legitimate advice to seek council, or retaliation to Police dpt. Everyday I'm harassed, they keep me up at night, n I barely get any sleep. This started happening ever since I started my Union job at the airport, and I can't take much more of this. I'm not paranoid or delusional, I have always had a clean bill of health, and am only 35. I need some advice please give a shout out if anyone has experienced this form of organized malicious police stalking.
  14. My cousin was murdered walking out of his apartment while his friend was waiting in the car,front seat, and a guy "hopped in the back seat" put a gun to his friends head and when he saw my cousin walking out the apartment, the guy shoots my cousin and takes off!! The guy in the front seat runs in the apartment, knowing the guy or guys are gone, grabs a gun from under the bed runs outside and shoots twi shots at nothing, runs back inside and puts the gun back??? REALLY?? Isnt that enough probable cause to arrest him as an accomplise???
  15. Vacating apt. Due to 60 Day Notice To Terminate Tenancy after 13 years and rent paid on time always. We vacated apt on the 60th day as requested, which fell on a Sat. My husband and I had every intention of getting all our belongings out of apt. After a hectic day of moving and total exhaustion (we are in our 60's) some items were left in the garage. Saturday evening we went back to the property for another load and couldn't fit everything in our vehicles. We decided to put some of our belongings beside the wall of our old parking spot in the driveway covered it with a piece of fabric and note that we would be back next day to pick it up. I called manager Monday morning to advise him about our belongings in the driveway. After Manager stating all our belongings were taken out of unit and discarded, I was very upset and went back to the property to find the land loading our belongings from the driveway into his vehicle and back into the garage. I confronted the landlord and asked him what he was doing with our property and he ignored to answer and got into his vehicle and left. Landlord did not follow proper procedure by California State Law to contact us or store our property in a secure place at our cost. We notified landlord requesting our property back within the stated 18 days from move out via email and certified/return receipt request thru USPS. No response from landlord as of today August 7th and we sent letter July 10th and landlord signed for it. Our property was well over $300.00 with family heirlooms that can't be replaced. Please Help!
  16. In December of last year my fridge filter cracked and flooded my home. I Live in a duplex that I rent and my neighbors place is owned by different landlords. My husband was off work that day and when he returned home found the place had flooded the kitchen, dinning room, half of the living room and part of the hall way. He called our rental agency to inform them of what happened. he then got a machine to suck up the water and got fans to dry it out. He went to the neighbors to inform them of this to see if it had run through our connected wall into their home. our rental agency sent someone over to investigate how extensive the damages were to both our places and bring more fans and a dehumidifier. It had leaked through there wall into their bedroom. As far as the person they sent out said that their damages weren't as bad. Our landlords sent their insurance out to see who was negligent and what would be covered. The insurance had come to a decision that the filter was faulty and they would cover the damages at no cost to us. we had renters insurance at the time of the incident and opened a claim to see if they would cover the damages to our neighbors property. They denied it due to the fact that we weren't negligent stating that we had no way of preventing this incident. A month ago I got a letter in the mail from our neighbors landlord stating that we need to pay them $1500 from the damages to their property since it was "our fridge" or they will take us to small claims court. My question is would we be liable to pay them for the damages? I've been trying to look up information on this subject and cant find a direct answer in any of them pertaining to appliance flooding and neighbors dispute. If anyone can help me out or point me to some laws or information to help my case I would greatly appreciate it.
  17. Recently my 84-yr old father found out that he had a 61-year old daughter. Apparently, at 24 years, he dated the mother; their relationship ended, and she, after giving birth to a daughter, gave her up for adoption, never telling my dad of his daughter's birth or adoption.. My father found out about his daughter through the DNA database supported by Both he and his daughter had submitted DNA samples without knowing of their relationship, or of each other. My father received an e-mail from stating that the person who identifies with a particular e-mail address has a high probability of having either a parent or child relationship. After my father examined his daughter's family tree, he recognized the biological mother's name as someone he had dated in his early twenties. The mother died in the mid-90's. Now, my question: in California, assuming that the account above is accurate, are there any circumstances under which a court would uphold a claim by the 61-year daughter against my father's estate? What keywords or phrases would one use to search in a legal database?
  18. I have a friend that is going through a divorce and there is a dispute about the house that they purchased. He is the primary on the mortgage and she is the secondary. He wants to sell the house cause the house is in foreclosure because she doesn't make enough to cover the mortgage. She wants him to pay half of the monthly mortgage plus $1,000 in child support. What should he do to make sure that the fact she is refusing to move from the house she can't afford to live in is brought to the judges attention.
  19. How is community property usually handled when there is a dispute on whether to keep a house or to sell and split the money from the sale of the community property?
  20. My father and Stepmother both lived in Bakersfield, California and were married over 20 years. My Stepmother has five children and I'm the only child of my father who had Alzheimer and Dementia in his final years and passed away in a rest home. My Stepmother claims he never had a will and I was not aware of his having one. I am not close to my Stepmother nor am I close to the 5 step children two of which told me the Stepmother told them not to have a relationship with me even though I've tried a distant relationship it never has taken hold. My stepmother is in her 90's and has verbally told me her estate will be divided evenly between all six children and if anyone disputes this they will be left out, but I have nothing stating such and concerned I will not even be notified of her passing. I understand from friends California law in this case would state my stepmothers estate would be divided in half, half being awarded to myself and half divided between the five kids, is this fact? If this is true, I actually have no issue with the estate being divided equally between the six living children, but if my stepmother tries to divide the estate through some other means such as savings/checking accounts in the kids names or other means with her five children I would want to divide according to California law as described above. What type of attorney should I contact to address or confer with in this issue? Would the attorney need to be licensed in California? (I live in Arizona) Are estates of step parents divided among children in California as stated above? Would an attorney be able to determine assets of my stepmother even if she had already assigned savings/checking accounts to her children or hiding assets? (she is wealthy) There's also personal items within my Stepmother's home currently which where my birth mothers prior to her passing some 40 years ago and items my father had told me were mine, do I have sole claim on any of these items after my stepmothers passing? I'm in my 70's if I would pass prior to my stepmother from accident or illness is there anyway my legal share of the estate can be withheld from my wife? Stepmother has told me her estate will only be divided among the living children, but as mentioned, I have not seen a will, if it exists, concerning her estate? Can I obtain a copy of my stepmothers will, if it exists, through an attorney?
  21. On June 24, 2017 I was stabbed in the neck by a so called friend. He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder and bail was set at $750,000.00 and an additional 6 charges were reinstated. I am wondering should I get an attorney to represent me because nobody is keeping me informed on what is going on with this case at all. I have looked on court connect to keep me informed and there are questions I have and I feel like I am getting the run around. I went to get the police report and was told they wont release it to me for another 3 to 6 months then the district attorney's investigator said that probably wont release it to me at all. There was no formal statement taken. I am just needing to know how I should be handling this and if i do need an attorney what kind of an attorney should i be looking for an injury attorney or criminal attorney or civil attorney. Can someone please help me?
  22. I am a Canadian resident who submitted a complaint against a corporation in California for Misappropriation of Trade Secret. My case was dismissed by the Judge and I appealed within 60 days, but the mandatory appeal timeline was 30 days.I am a Pro Se litigant wondering if there is any possible way to be forgiven for the delay of submitting my appeal? Any information would help. Thank you
  23. My bed ridden mother and I are having problems with the upstairs neighbor’s teen aged kids. They’re playing the music so loudly that the walls vibrated. The sound travels really well through the walls and floor because poor installation and creaky old boards. They are stomping, jumping off something and landing very hard, slamming the closet door to where it shakes my room, dragging and dropping heavy objects over are bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom to where my ears throb. Sliding something against the wall and their neighbor tells me she hears this as well. All this is on a daily basis. It seems that every room I go into this someone follows me to stomp or drag something across the floor than drop something heavy or stomps over where I’m standing I am being harassed and so is my bed ridden mother at 71 years old. This makes it hard to take care of her in the sense of preparing meals and incontinence changes. Is this considered internal stalking and harassment under the law? I’ve been trying to figure out how to capture these events by using a cell phone but the cell phone is not a good option for this although I recorded 1 day of stomping really hard over my bedroom. I know moving would be a better option but moving is hard to do because of mothers medical expenses and so on. I have spoken with their father in regards to the music to no avail and only for them to start playing the music louder. I spoke with the property manager about the music and the stomping but not about the newer actives, after I spoke with him only to be told to call the police and there was nothing he could do. Is it illegal to try and record these activities? Could I sue their parents for a relocation fees and/or any type of damages? I have attached a no so great video of one of the occurrences of them stomping. All the knocking you hear was taped while lying in bed. Will taping events hold up in court? Please any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance VID_20170730_125133.3gp
  24. I hire a contractor to do gardening work. I am told the start time is when his employees leave their home. They work six hours for me and receive eight hours of pay. I think I am getting rip off. Thank you.
  25. I desperately need some advice asap! We recently moved in this house. It's been a nightmare. We have an annual lease signed in May 2017. With a rental agency though I spoke with the owner. We want to break the lease. Owner refuses to replace or fix the a.c. We recently found out it's 1 ton to small. I have legal documents to prove. So when it's over 100 outside the unit can't keep up with it and does not turn off from the hours 11am till 9:30pm and it averages 85degrees in our home in afternoon. our electric bill is 700$ for 1 month. Do I have a case or grounds to break lease? i can't eat or sleep wondering how to pay this bill with another one on the way. Please HELP. Thank You