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Found 153 results

  1. This guy I work for has a writ of possession he owns a bunch of properties...has us squatting at the place where he has a writ of possession and has not paid taxes on it yet. He gave us a paper for Squatters rights to keep to show anyone that would show up to show we know what Squatters rights are.We have painted property not him we have cleaned up yard and made it look like someone is now living in property .He replaced the window turned on electric in his name and water. He said to tell people if anyone asked that we are Squatter roommates.We pay the power bill.He however has not paid the water yet. He wants us to pay for renters insurance of property and then handed us a lease and non refundable security deposit and we want to know if this is legal.He I thought in writ of possession would have to be sqautting here and had wanted us to say we were roommates.But he's not staying here but has us in here so he can obtain property and has back taxes he owes on other property.Is this legal?To rent us property he not fully possessed as his?We are not sure what to do in situation n feel used n that he might be screwing us over n we don't want to get in trouble.Please help...Thanks so much!
  2. I was recently laid off from my job on January 9th 2018. I started on salary on January 1st 2017 with a number of PTO days. Upon termination of other employees, they received their unused PTO's in a check. My employer is refusing to give me my PTOs from 2018 stating that I "hadn't worked a full day in her presence" in the new year before being given notice of termination. I had actually gotten paid once already in the first week of January, and worked one full day not in her presence and a half day in her presence. Is it valid for her to refuse to give me what I am owed?
  3. I purchased an air coupler for my air hose at Lowe's. The next day on the jobsite I hooked up the air hose with the new coupler to my nail gun. I finished with my nail gun secured it to my ladder to disconnect my air hose. When I disconnected the nail gun from the air hose with the new coupler the seal was bad so the hose starting whipping around causing me to loose balance. I knocked my nail gun off my ladder. The nail gun hit the concrete witch broke a few parts on my new gun. Would lowes or the manufacturer of the coupler be responsible for replacement of my nail gun. It is used every day at work so I am without a nail gun.
  4. Have a question. My husband has fifty fifty with his ex wife she is trying to go after full decision making and full parent time. Can he give up his rights to his sister without getting permission from the mother. Or does he need her consent?
  5. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY'. Forgive me if this is not right. I live in AZ I am just recovering from a brain bleed. That was September first 2017.I had a stent put in my head or a coil its called & a drain tube that ends up in my gut. I was told that its going be a long recovery& I can't work. Everything I have read on the SSD sight is so confusing. Do I get a lawyer before I file a came ? It seems like my case is so new that a lawyer will not take the case because its so new& I can't pay for one. Please help. Thank you for your time in this mater.
  6. My husband and I had to do some jail time he was charged for dui and later they charged me with reckless endangerment because I left my children with my husband their father. Instead of cps taking my kids I called on my mother and her husband to come take care of our children during all that bull. While incarcerated my mother takes my children out of state files for guardianship in Arizona I was served court papers while in jail. I had no other choice at that time no legal advice. No way of getting any advice in the time frame given by Arizona courts. After being released from jail after 6 months in Utah we were ordered to probation unable to leave the state. We finished probation and as released sold our home and property and moved out to Arizona we have only been able to see our kids 4 times in the 2yrs. Guardians have denied us any contact or visitations with our mail presents card letters all sent back. A protective order for my mother and my children had been filed and dropped by the judge. My mother and her husband have caused us to loss our jobs has gotten us evicted from the campground we were staying at. And now they are trying for child support. Which I have no problem with if we had been able to have visitations family counseling contact, anyou sort of rebuilding our family and healing healthy together as a family. If their asking for support can we ask for visitations. First off it is our responsibility to raise and support our child as parents No one else but we've been denied that as well. What do we do? We want our children back and we feel like we have been alienated from all of our family in fear of my mother denying them any contact with our kids. Please help court hearing I Feb 22.2018
  7. So my current landlord has repeatedly violated the Landlord Tenant Act and my lease, and their newest act was to have the maintenance man outside my apartment with his boombox blasting so loudly that he "couldn't hear" me ask him to turn it down, although he certainly did hear my much more softly voiced call to the office to complain about someone loitering in the parking lot.Management has stated that they want me out of the complex (yes, I have an email saying so), and today's action just seems like harassment to "encourage" me to move. Unfortunately, I have a not-yet-healed broken leg, and cannot rent a U-haul to move just yet, nor do I have the finances to do so. Plus, two months ago, I was assaulted by a neighbor at 3 am when I asked him to shut down his riotous party, and management is refusing to provide me with the information I need to get an Order of Protection, as is the Police Department, who didn't even assign a detective until I called the Mayor's office. I have a long list of exchanged emails between myself and management regarding their failure to live up to their legal obligations, as well as the mass emails they send out to all the residents, plus the police report number. I haven't gotten the report itself, because it shows shoddy police work and a lack of investigation, so is next to useless for me. My question is, do I have enough to sue the landlord for past rents paid, so I can have the money to get out of this cesspool? I just want out of here, and on my fixed income, that's the only way it's going to happen anytime soon. Please, can someone help me, short of my having to go to court? Thanks! Chellae
  8. I am pro per [no attorney will take case] and suspect malfeasance. Happend to be in a probate setting. FUDCIARY DUTY QUESTION: FACTS: Living testator-mother (TM) is 102 years old, physically disabled, frail, with sound long-term memory and functioning but short-term memory difficulties. She meets with her attorney, her daughter (D) and her son-in-law (SIL). The attorney feels / worries that "due to the disproportionate resources" of D and SIL -- they could attack any changes in the trust. The meeting has been held to explore these issues between TM / D & / SIL TM initially and multiple times states that she seeks to improve the condition for her dependent son. But, over an hour long meeting with pressures on her by D, that cause SIL to describe the meeting as cruel to TM ... D & SIL have stated to others that the Trust distribution is already insufficient to the son's needs [and that they may (or may not) choose to help him after death (instead of letting the living TM) D & SIL do not tell TM that unknown to her but known to them, her estate has lost 50% of its net present value since her last amendment to the trust. [So the cruel decision TM is facing is uninformed]. QUESTION: Did strong and trusted D and strong and trusted SIL [because SIL is trusted manager of half of TM's estate] vis-à-vis fragile and aged TM --- have a fiduciary duty to inform TM of the facts relevant and necessary to TM's decision?.
  9. I am pro per [no attorney will take case] and suspect malfeasance. Happened to be in a probate setting. Of me, Trustee / Respondent, Petitioner states, "cannot contest the validity of the trust (A.R.S. 14-10604)" 14-10604 states, in principal part, "A person may commence judicial proceedings to contest the validity of a Trust"...'(1) year after the death ...'(4) months after the death if..." FACTS: I did not commence a legal action or wish to nor was required to. I did not contest the validity of the Trust. I did defend that 1) ambiguity between the elements had developed and had been sustained through Fraud (generally 3-year statute of limitations in Arizona). 1) I did not commence a judicial proceeding 2) I did assert fraud as my reason for withholding irreversible distributions until that matter could b e resolved -- hopefully between the parties outside of Court; but now by arbitration since petitioner elected to "commence legal action".. IS ARS 14-10604 binding upon me? Does it block me from asserting the defense of ambiguity as the fruits of fraud -- as a defense in the action?. Does this allow the fraud to be completed and profited from (because I, ARS 14-10604, cannot raise the issue of fraud?
  10. I'm trying to find the rule for yavapai county arizona allowing me to file a request for an extension to file my response to a divorce petition. Petition was filed in yavapai county arizona superior court however i reside in illinois. I've been on the self help and azlaw websites for hours. I cannot find the rule.
  11. I own several rental properties and have tenants in one of them who have consistently ignored their obligation to keep the carport area free of clutter. They have been formally reminded on numerous occasions of this rule and they would comply for a little while only to go back to storing items in the carport area and creating an eyesore. I had had enough of this and decided to take a different approach to the problem. I sent them an email stating that this was their final warning and that I would be removing anything they had in the carport besides their vehicle and disposing of it. I also stated that I would be charging them a minimum disposal fee of $80.00 per incident. The next day I saw that they had not complied with my request and I ended up removing several items from the carport including a broken dishwasher, a moving dolly and a floor jack. They apparently didn't notice these items were gone until the next day at which point they called me and angrily accused me of having stole those items from them and actually threatened to press charges against me for theft. Do they have any legal ground for this and could I actually be charged with theft?
  12. I am pro per [no attorney will take case] and suspect malfeasance. Happend to be in a probate setting. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS QUESTION: After 1 year (timing) opposing counsel (OC) initiated a petition to remove Trustee. In that petition OC cited, say, Trust Amendment 3 (A3) paragraphs 2 & 3 requiring Trustee to (timely) perform acts not yet performed.. At a related hearing to suspend Trustee until the remove petition was resolved, part of Trustee's defense was that there had arisen ambiguities (conflicts) between A3 2 & 3 and A3 6,7,&12 -- and that A3 ambiguity was reinforced by ambiguity between A3 and Amendment 4 paragraph 9. Trustee argued that these ambiguities had to be resolved (he had attempted this with the parties before litigation was commenced by OC) and adjudicated before A3 2 & 3 could be properly executed -- Trustee suggested court ordered arbitration as mutual remedy. In dispositive motion for Summary Judgment by OC, OC Claimed [A.R.S. 14-10604(A) Attached at end] created a STATUTE OF LIMITATION that prohibited Contesting validity of the Trust. [Thus that the issue of ambiguity was mooted and could not be referenced by Trustee or considered in hearings or at trial]. Clearly Trustee could not BRING ACTION after Statute of limitations. Trustee had sought to avoid court and thus preserve assets for all beneficiaries. [But, OC chose litigation]. As a defense and request for recognition by the Court of the ambiguity and receive Court-ordered resolution of these factual issues brought to the court through OC initiated litigation. Even though Trustee can noi longer bring an action on Trust Validity -- 1) Can he properly, still raise the defense in hearings or at trial? 2) Can the Court consider and remedy the problem with the Trust once it has come to his attention? LAW A.R.S 14-10604. Limitation on actions contesting validity or revocable trust; distribution of trust property A. A person may commence a judicial proceeding to contest the validity of a trust that was revocable at the settlor's death within the earlier of: 1. One year after the settlor's death. 2. Four months after the trustee sent the person a copy of the trust instrument and a notice informing the person of the trust's existence, of the trustee's name and address and of the time allowed for commencing a proceeding. 1-215. Definitions In the statutes and laws of this state, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. "Action" includes any matter or proceeding in a court, civil or criminal.
  13. Or employer tells naturalized citizen that he's going to hire American first
  14. I am pro per [no attorney will take case] and suspect malfeasance. Happend to be in a probate setting. The suspicion comes from what I have heard and relied upon in my actions / based my actions upon. I don't care about whether what I heard is true -- just that I performed in prudent reliance on it. Can I admit what I heard to indicate, true or false, that in reliance on the hearing I performed prudently?
  15. I'll try to make this short and sweet to get to the point. I came from outta state via plane to see friends for 2 wks in Arizona , next day a bunch of cops busted in all doors.w with a search warrant . he got arrested I didn't .He resides in Maricopa but Scottsdale are the ones who busted the door ??? He was charged with possession. of dangerous Drug , paraphanelia , possession of handgun on.prohibited possession due to prior Drug conviction . Was given a bond above 4000$ and it was posted for him a few days later and he bailed out. The messed up bit is it was my gun that a friend brought over for me earlier that day and left at his place for me to pick up . He has a prior Drug conviction ,and is a felon but is not prohibited from being around guns , just owning them . I am supposed to fly out the morning of his court date and dont think I can afford to extend my ticket . I am happy to come back for court , so a few questions please which I hope I get some help here . . . I was wondering if i gave a notarized statement about the gun from all parties aware of the transaction if i can get the gun released back to me ?And most important , Will i get charged with something over the gun , and what may that be ? Even tho I didn't know about the drugs or about him accepting responsibility for it trying to protect me sense he considered himself already in trouble ? Why would Scottsdale be here with 30 cops , the entire street literally lined with under cover cops vehicles , when it isn't there jurisdiction here ? Seems someone snitched him out and they got arrested in Scottsdale & agreed to snitch in order to save his own ass . And if that is the case he has a right to know this person so his character can be called up right ??? They seized both his vehicles , but that was before they dropped the money laundering concealed proceeds charge . One of which he had already sold to someone else the week prior to this happening .Can he get them back now , doesn't seem to be any justifications to them taking or keeping them . There was nothing Drug related on either vehicle . Why if the search warrant was approved to get any drugs or paraphanelia , monies involved did they leave paraphanelia , large amount and all types in plane site directly on top of his bedroom dresser ? They made me leave I thought when I got back they were trying to set me up to arrest me . Just didnt make any sense at all .Thank you so much ua adcanxe for any assistance offered to help clear some of this up for me .
  16. On 26 Nov 1997 I fell 32 feet off a roof that I was working on. I broke my back in two places (Crushed L2 and broke L4 in half) and exploded both Calcaneus. Since that time I have under gone numerous (thirty six, five on back the rest between both feet) surgeries. At this time I am facing having my left leg amputated below the knee as there is no other option left to make my foot and ankle a viable unit. I brought the subject of amputation up two years ago when my doctor suggested a full fusion of the left ankle that has since failed. Prior to the fusion Workmans Compensation wanted an IME. That doctor suggested amputation at that time. I am receiving Workmans Compensation benefits at this time and have not worked since the accident. My question is this. Will I receive / should I expect, an lump sum pay out for the loss of my limb? Any information would be appreciated.
  17. I own a small business dealing with merchandise from $1.00 upwards to thousands of dollars. Minors buy from me. My question is if Minors are not responsible for their actions, can I be forced to return monies to a minor whose purchase is of high dollar value. Minors these days earn or have considerable spending power, but my return policy is no refunds, exchanges only. Parents can be very ugly when a minor buys and the parent thinks it was a poor choice.
  18. I agreed to pay a certain amount every month to my landlord to cover exterminator services. I gave him permission to access my checking account, however the authorized withdraws have been inconsistent and for the last two months have come at the end of the month when I don't have the funds to cover the payment costing me service fees.
  19. I would like to know if it is possible for me to be granted visitation to my 7 year old granddaughter. I am the paternal grandmother, and the maternal grandmother adopted herand changed her last name. The maternal grandmother took all of the mothers 3 kids away through CPS, my sons rights were severed and so was the childs mother. The grandmother adopted them but now lets them live with the mother, my son is actively in my granddaughters life and I have always been the closest grandparent to my granddaughter. For absolutely no reason the maternal grandmother hates me, has never spoke to me other than at the baby shower I threw for her daughter. The childs mother will let me see her when she is in the mood but it is so much drama every time. There is so much more, but I am trying to shorten the story. I just want to know if I took them to court, do I stand a chance at being granted visitation or even custody. There is drug use going on at the home, emotional abuse, and neglect. What are my chances and/or rights? The parents were never married. My son gets to see his daughter as long as he plays her games, he has to pretend to be in a relationship with her or else she freaks out telling my granddaughter how we all hate her.
  20. I was volunteering for the American Red Cross and one paid worker there always try's to get me to do things and every time I say no. he always mentions how he builds guns for fun and it was only when I said no. on august 24 the red cross deployed me to Houston Texas. I was there for 2 weeks and a day. I already suffer from depression and PTSD and when I was there I saw some not so good stuff and doing 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. I became really depressed cause being away from home and away from my wife and step daughter and I wanted to come back home. on September 8th I came home and 3 days of being home I was in the passenger seat due to being tired and my wife was driving my car and we were going to the phoenix Arizona red cross office to say hi and turn in my review but we ended up getting hit head on by another vehicle on the highway. we were rushed to the trauma center for some injuries, but 3 days after the guy from the red cross office called on my birthday and told me I was suspended till further notice then he started calling me names. he was saying I cried like a little bitch I wanted people to feel pity for my wife and I cause the accident and some other stuff. it has made me even more depressed. nobody will talk to me there, but my wife calls they talk to her. I've reported it to the national red cross headquarters and nothing. they forwarded the complaint to the phoenix office and nothing. the guy hasn't been suspended or nothing and they haven't apologized yet. seems like I don't have any support on this.
  21. I have been served a civil summons for a student loan in default. I knew this wasn't going away, so i do have some money saved away for this. My question is, who should I contact about settling out of court and starting my payments again? Should I contact the legal firm that served me the papers, or the student loan trust they represent, or can i have someone that does debt consolidation take care of it?
  22. Hi, I was terminated from the biggest retail company in the world 2 months ago. I was put on a documented coaching first. The documented coaching was filled with inaccurate dates of conversations (I was off) and the claims are not supported by details. All that being said, I have many people that are willing to provide affidavits around the inaccuracies. Also, I have tons of emails, screenshots, etc that disprove the claims in the DC. During the DC process, I was being rated on misinformation they chose to support their claims. HERE IS MORE critical information. My immediate manager has bullied me and created a hostile work environment for my entire time with them. Over the years, I had escalated to his boss, sharing my anxiety, stress and departed soon around how he was treating me. I’ve documented throughout the years moments in which I express my anxiety and stress. At no Point did His boss partner me with employee relations or put me on a different team or send him or I to a different store. Our manager kept us working together and allowed my anxiety, Stress and depression to grow. Last year during a time when he was really bulying me, I partnered with a counselor in order to overcome some of my anxiety and pain. After several visits with my counselor and answering many questions, he suggested I partner with EEOC. I did not, and hoped things would get better. My performance and my teams performance has always been great and has lead the market in many areas. However the environment they kept me working in was not conducive to supporting me and providing a harassment free environment to grow. This year when they started the documented coaching I felt the anxiety stress and depression reaching new heights. This led me to partner with my doctor, a psychiatrist, my counselor, and the need for antidepressant medications this year. Prior to my experience over the last couple years I have never had any signs of anxiety stress or depression or the need for medications. My counselor again reminding me of what he told me a year prior around partnering with EEOC for protection. However this continued treatment warranted me to seek additional help which led to a leave of absence for several weeks. When I returned a couple weeks later we finish the documented coaching and they said I was not meeting expectations and said I was terminated. However I have documentation over the 2 1/2 years that show the high performance of myself and my immediate team that cannot be disputed, I have a timetable of dates that show that I have reached out to express my concerns around my anxiety and stress and the bullying behavior from my immediate boss, and I have given the company the benefit of the doubt in order to improve my working environment and protect my rights to not be harassed or bullied and they have gone unanswered. I also have proof that they were picking winners and losers utilizing nepotism and bias to hurt some and benefit others. In fact, my supervisor has broken company policy multiple times one of which he created a false document which should have led to his immediate termination, but he was protected for his continued bullying of me. Here are are the highlights: - harassed and bullied for years with proof. - Documented coaching can be disproven by me, others and supportive documentation. - during the documented coaching I was given false reasons as to why I was not achieving expectations. All of this can be disproven by other senior managers other managers other leads and other employees that will support all of my claims and disprove their claims. I know now I have a lot of information, but feel I have an all the evidence needed to show I was being harassed, my request for support around the harassment went unanswered and my continued treatment was hostile, based on biases and misinformation. I have so many people that are willing to support my facts. Thanks.
  23. Is there any state statue that says the police charge you with trespassing on a property you have a lease agreement? I know that the landlord can file charges saying you are trespassing but can a roommate or someone you are on the lease with charge you with it? if so does anyone know the statue. If not is there any laws saying that you have a right to be on the property that you have an agreement with?
  24. Can a Police officer "befriend" a known felon and in the course of 2 years borrow high dollar equipment, still has not been returned. Been placed on bank accounts, car titles and is now beneficiary in the will. Phoenix police have said there is nothing wrong with this. My personal opinion of this is wrong, but is this legal?
  25. I returned an item to a store and they issued me a merchandise credit( was a gift from my uncle). The next day I check my balance and it is 0$. The company now has the item and the money!!! Is this legal? How can they do this?