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Found 116 results

  1. I called a major retailer (Sears) with an appliance service unit. 13 year old Dishwasher was not under warranty, but door suspension was not working and sealing rubber gasket was flopping out the channel, so I had to wiggle it in each time I washed a load. Did not leak, just wanted these two repairs. Tech came, worked on my appliance, RIPPED out the gasket without any inspection. When he couldn't get a new gasket in, after several minutes, THEN told me I need a new dishwasher. Gasket can't be repaired. Problem is with the tub. ARGGHHH!! Svc Mgr agreed to replace tub, worth $500-600, and waive service charges and all labor. Long story short, dishwasher not repaired, filed small claims $500. They assigned to high powered attorney in state capital. Attorney transferred case to civil court, demands jury trial, and now I have to cite laws and legal theory in Court's required Disclosure Statement. Can anyone direct me to Arizona law relevant that I can cite? I am good and understanding what laws I read, I just don't know how to find relevant info. BTW, I am not an attorney. Thank you in advance.
  2. i was a coach of a school district. on paper i was an assistant. in order to be a head coach you need to have teaching certificate or degree. There was a certified teacher but not till school started. so it was me doing all the coaching duties. 1 year later i was told that the school administration did not know i was certified and i caused problems for them. i was working on campus as a paraprofessional. all my trips, fundraisers, activites off campus were approved.
  3. I am on my 2nd public defender in Yavapai County. Charges are 2 felonies of Agreavated Harrashment. I ask my current Atty: to File a Motion Order To Undesignated Felony To A Misdemeanor. My atty refuses my request. I told her on 4-26-2017 If you don't I Defendant will file with the court on my own behalf. My atty will not fight to have my charges brought down period. We are fighting daily. She says I am not convicted yet so she wont file. We go to trial this summer. I am from CA. This Case is filed in AZ County Of Yavapai My son (the victim) recieved 2 facebook E-mails that read "you a been brainwashed by you mother. Due to a 2005 restraining order. The order said no contact from father till child turns 19. My son was still 18.5 years when this person contacted my son with the order still in effect. I haven't seen my son since he was 3 years of age. The County Atty charges me with 2 felony 6 class with a indictment of also 2 counts of domestic abuse to a child. I was indicted with no exculpitory evidence submitted by my atty. I pled to Motion to reduce my charges. I am going down due to my atty not fighting to reduce my charges with the prosecution. What Do I do. R. Brassner
  4. Hi, I can't seem to find anything in my law library (Google) about this issue. My employer requires that all employees find coverage for their vacation days before he will approve the vacation. What this means is that if you don't find some one to cover even one of your shifts (in say a week or two week long vacation - we earn 10 days of vacation a year) then you don't get vacation approved. What this leads to is people actually offering money to others (for example, "Take my shift and I'll give you $40 extra dollars) to cover shifts. To me this seems like a unethical practice, where by you are essentially punishing an employee for wanting to take their earned vacation (either financially, or through the process of having to inconvenience other employees). What say you? For what it's worth, while I work in Arizona, this is a huge multinational company with branches all over the States and the world - it's parent company is British. The employee manual says nothing about this policy, and having talked with employees from other locations, this sounds like a "Local Policy" only, rather than a corporate one.
  5. We are still going through the divorce and have verbal commitment between the two lawyers and both parents to have the child for 5-2-2-5 schedule. My son's b'day falls on a Saturday which happens to be father's weekend. Father and his lawyer are saying we cannot have mother meet the child as it is fathers weekend. What can be done if I (mother) want to meet the child for few hours on child's b'day?
  6. I have worked part-time as a disabled employee for a major retail store for the past three years without incident. However, this year in January, a new manager began and my schedule has been drastically reduced. Several times I've spoken to him about this. I am now working less than 1/3 of my availability. He has scheduled me several times for days that I'm not available and several weeks (not consecutive) I've not been scheduled at all. As far as I can tell I'm the only disabled person working and I'm the only person who is having this difficulty. Is there any recourse to this or should I be forced to quit a job I love and excel at because he's a jerk?
  7. Is it illegal for a minor in the state of Arizona to post a shirtless picture? Specifically, a teenage girl?
  8. I have been served a civil summons for a student loan in default. I knew this wasn't going away, so i do have some money saved away for this. My question is, who should I contact about settling out of court and starting my payments again? Should I contact the legal firm that served me the papers, or the student loan trust they represent, or can i have someone that does debt consolidation take care of it?
  9. Now me and the father both have 2 previous dcs cases that were closed as of last year . He is the one that ended up with full custody and I got supervised visits well as all this is happening I am finding out that the father has been using and was scared of dcs finding out cause he has been having some domestic issues with is now soon to be ex wife cause I think she called them now the father then sends my baby to Utah with his parents make a long story short he ends up at his parents with his wife there other child and my baby for almost six months well some drama happened in Utah and the wife took off with my daughter and of course her daughter to phoenix where her parents live . anyways the father is back on drugs just got his car he had for not even a month impounded for driving without a license and goes and gets another car from those cheap car sales places . Anyways what I am asking is what do I need to do to turn the tables on the whole custody situation because they have my daughter with a unstable human being and its affecting my daughter really bad ? not to mention that his wife had just served hi with a order of protection just a couple of weeks ago please help me with some kind of guidance in this nightmare ?
  10. My girl lives in A.Z, Has a house there & has state Ins. there and has her Doc. there. But as of right now she is in Cal. and it looks like she is going to be there for some time she is taking care of her father.He is at the end of his life and would like to die there in his home. She has some hart problems she called her Ins. she was told that the only care that they will cover is emergency visit. We thought that if medical Ins. is a Fed. law that she should be cover in any state that she is in. 1 Should she able to be seen by a Doc. in Cal. & the state of AZ. pick up the bill.? 2 She has her resident in AZ. should she be forts to give up residents in AZ. just to get covered by Cal. State Ins.? 3 And if so what happens if her dad passes next week? Then she will be back in AZ. with Cal. Ins. The state of AZ. told her she will not be able to reapply to get State Ins. if she gives it up. 4 So what dose her do? I hope you can give me some answers. All of you have all ways been so help full and at the very lest sent me in the right place. With all of my question. Thank You for taking time out of your day to read this. dogcatone out Have a great day!!
  11. Dear, I am a French student in a Business School, and i am currently interning in a company in Tucson, AZ. For some of my works, I just would like to know what kind of means we have to find whether (any kind: transfer of shares, bad title, real estate ...) a property transfer is illegal or not (in Arizona notably, but not limited to ) Thanks for your answer !
  12. Original mortgage with bank A. Deed of Trust (DOT) never recorded. Bank B acquires A and acknowledges the DOT has been lost or destroyed. HOA records a lien against the property (subsequently paid). Bank B is alerted to the title problem to DOT on the property, due to failure to record. Bank B files suit against property owners and HOA and requests: 1. 1) It’s DOT be equitably subrogated to the recorded first lien position. 2. 2) Grant any and such further relief as the court deems necessary. Where to go from here? Guessing I can pull and file a blank motion. Need a brief consultation. Or, is this suit merely Bank B trying to protect it's interest and I am wondering if I even need to respond.... I do need to respond within a week. Live in North Phoenix, near 101 and 17. Can meet in PM, 5:00 plus. \
  13. Hello, I am hoping someone can advise me on the law regarding property remaining after the termination of a cohabitation. My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend left some personal items at his house after she moved out in July 2016. She was told to move everything of hers out and did so in by October 31st 2016. she was asked if she had everything and stated yes. Then again in December she reached out to get more items. She was allowed another walk through of the house and was told this time to make sure she received everything. She stated again that this was all. She contacted again in February wanting still more items. She was told they would be delivered to her but she is no longer welcome to come over. She is demanding to be able to come over and get more. We are afraid that she is going to continue to do this each month disrupting our lives. Is there any law in the state of Arizona that would give us the ability to tell her to stop that she has had her chance? Is there a document we could get her to sign that would keep her from coming back around? Any help you can provide is appreciated. We don't know what to do and would like to move on with our lives. Thank you for your help.
  15. Have a signed repayment agreement. Long story short, agreement to miss 2 payments with agree restart on a certain date. Has not keep agreement. Threatened with civil suit, but they say 'attorney said as long as some type of payment is made each month, not what was ageednupon, that I can not file a civil suit. IS THIS CORRECT.
  16. I need a piece of advice, I am currently working for a political relative but I constantly have problems to get paid, has been a month that I do not receive my salary. Two years ago we had a similar problem because the closed the old bank account and I was left without cashing my checks, (i still do not get paid) I do not know what to do, I need my money but I would not like to affect him, what can i do?
  17. I understand the guidlines and consequences of having ones Miranda Rights read to them, ( or ), Not read to them is the same for All of the United States. Is this correct? Having been pulled over and charged with,1- Failure to maintain a single lane. 2-Liquor, Possesion of open container w/i vehicle, 3-DUI, Impaired to the slightest degree. Curbside breathalizer of .101. Arrested, handcuffed and placed in back of squad car. Refused blood test in squad car. Informed the officer I had just several hours prior had major dental surgery and consequentally prescribed pain medication. Was then taken to the station when after an hour or so the arresting officer finally rad me my Miranda Rights. Then presented with a Search Warrant to take a Blood Sample. Followed by another breathalizer which read a .08. ( the legal limit ) I was told. So- My Main question is; How significant is the fact that my rights were not read to me until long after I had been arrested and confined. (25 or 30 years ago I was arrested for a DUI in NY state and the judge simply dismissed the case because my rights weren't read to me Before I was confined to the back seat of the squad car.
  18. are a couple finger prints on cash register located inside a biz enough evidence of a crime if there is no video or eye witness??
  19. Hey guys I don't want to put anybody on blast yet, but to name a few the R****, A. golf resort, V**** M****, S*****, M********, believe it or not the list goes on and on.. And they all did about the same thing to me. I have a service animal for my disability and I bring her with me everywhere for the most part.. I had rented a room at the R****** and at the A. golf resort and they both kicked me out because of my dog!! They did not believe she is a service animal despite my showing paperwork, (which I do not have to furnish or provide to anyone)... They kicked me out, kept my money for the night refusing the refund. The other businesses asked me to leave, one told me she's not a service animal.. The other called the manager the manager asked that I leave within 2 minutes.. And the other simply said you just need to go.. I could not believe the treatment I was receiving in public for my service animal.. Granted she doesn't necessarily look like your average service animal, she does have pitbull in her bloodline.. regardless, I need her with me for the disability I have.. I have been reluctant to contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit despite even a police officer telling me that that's what I needed to do, because I don't want to drag my dog into court to have her do any kind of performance to prove her worth as a service animal.. I will refuse to do that. I would like to contact a lawyer to begin some sort of lawsuit against all of these. I strongly feel specified training needs to be in place for people who work n the general public so that mistakes and humiliating experiences like this arnott repeated in the future.. I couldn't believe the public stature of some of the corporations that had absolutely no clue what my rights were. I'm not trying to get rich quick, I even warned all of them that what they were doing was that best discriminatory at worst illegal.. it's taken me some time to make the decision to follow through with a lawsuit.. the ultimate deciding factor was due to the sheer number of big name companies who seemingly have no clue how to handle public service.. Now for my questions.. Does anyone know of any good lawyer to contact for this type of thing? Does anyone have any advice as to whether or not this is something I should pursue? Let me know what your thoughts are on that if you will.....i really appreciate iI, thank you! Regards Melanie
  20. Hi there, I came here not knowing where else to find some guidance and tips on where to start with this horrible situation that my 3 yr old god son is about to be in. I had a bestfriend named david and its unfortunate that I had decided that he wasn't going to change for the good anytime soon and that the new women he was with only made the drug use surface even more. I am worried for my god son. I was told thru a friend that his father way facing a 5 year prison sentence really soon and that the kids were gonna be left with their mother & how she isn't looking forward to it at all without david being there to play dad. She is the worst & most awful mother I have ever met & she creams and punches my god son like he knows exactly what hes doing when hes NEVER doing anything at all but playing or laughing & just being ur average 3 yr old boy. She yells at him to shut the f** up everytime he makes a sound or giggles. She has had CPS in her life since I could remember and was slamming drugs and getting high everyday throughout her very last pregnancy. the dirty needles in cups throughtout their entire bedroom. She had her last baby and she treats her like shes the only best thing that's ever happened to her. but treats her 3rd oldest like a piece of crumb on a kitchen table. her two oldest were shipped off to another state cause she couldn't handle taking care of them cause she wanted to have freedom of a drug life instead of saying party time was over. my god sons father is a wonderful father but he has somethings to change. I want to file a CPS report and have them investigate without her knowledge. but first I need to be sure that THERE IS A WAY that I can be grated guardianship or custody whichever it is I'm gonna need. to be sure that my god son is in a safe and loving place when his father goes away. I want him to be in my care & live happily with me......WHERE DO I START? WHO DO I TALK TO? PLEASE HELP ME
  21. My son and his friend originally signed a lease for a shared dwelling (4bed/2bath). The move in date arrived (August 19, 20160 and there was already another renter in the unit which WOULD HAVE been fine BUT....on their room mate matching, both my son and friend specified non-smoking, no party rooming, no alcohol in unit, tolerance to musical rehearsal hours. The complex assured me it would fine and they would be sure to honor their requests. As I said, move in came and the unit was filthy, there was a reek of cigarette smoke easily smelled BEFORE the door was opened. Upon entering, there were cigarette butts in the apartment, a large bag of pot on the coffee table, a pot grinder, rolling papers, pipe and empty bags of synthetic bath salts in the drawer of the coffee table. The book shelf in the common area was lined with liquor bottles and there were holes punched in walls. My son is 17, his roommate is 18. I called the issues to the managers attention and he asked that we return the next day for a new assignment and that he would evict the drug user. Upon our return we were given keys to the same unit and nothing was different. Again it was brought to the managers attention and this time I shared photos with him for proof of what we saw. Once again he asked we give him more time to find accommodations for the kids. They were put in an upgraded unit, 2/2 which is a good fit since they can control the environment since its just two bed two bath. Today, my son called me today(11/02/2016) to say the manager has informed the kids they have to move to a different unit or pay higher rent. Upon being moved into this 2/2 in August 2016 no fewer than three meetings were scheduled by myself (my son is a minor), his roommate and the manager. The manager failed to show up for any of the meetings nor did he call to cancel (I drive 90-120 minutes depending on traffic EACH WAY) I am wondering if the kids have the legal right to remain in the unit they are now very settled into and continue to pay the same rent stated in our lease because of the long duration they have remained in this 2/2 unit. They are both freshmen in college and it will be exceptionally disruptive to shift them into a unit where relationship of other renters in the larger unit the manager wants to move them to, they will need to pack, unpack, reorganize all during their first semester of college and during preparation for finals. They have lived in this unit since August and the complex has accepted the rent amount with the unit number of the 2/2 listed on the memo of the checks. I can not afford the higher rent the complex manager is demanding to allow them to remain in that unit. It is not a case of supply and demand because there are other vacant units. Do they have any legal right to remain in the 2/2 at the same rent level as listed in our lease? Regards, Wildcat Mom2020
  22. Hello i have a serious of question to ask. I have a child since she was 3 months old that child is my my daughter i raised her she is now 10 yrs old when she was a baby her biological mother signed over her rights so i can raise her the biological mother is my sister-in-law she is married to my brother and they have 4 kids together they are not together anymore and they are still married but my boyfriend and I at the time got permanent guardianship over her when she was a baby but now that we are not together any more and he has his own biological child he do not help any more like that so im doing the raising on my own i want to adopt her and i just dont know how where to begin can someone please help me i need some advice.
  23. Last week I was getting on the I-10 going east from 19th Ave around 11:00 a.m. There were also 2 sets of lanes going east to exit off at 7th Ave. I was in the far right lane and had to cross over the exit lanes for 7th Ave. I was driving between 30 to 40 mph when I started to merge into the 2nd lane. As I always do I checked my rearview and side mirror before merging and put on my left blinker. When I got about 3/4 of the way into the 2nd lane I suddenly felt and heard a loud noise on the lower portion of my vehicle, which by the way is a Jeep Patriot. The jolt from the impact caused me to immediately turn my wheel back to the right, were thankfully no other cars were coming and I pulled off the road. When I looked behind me I noticed a white vehicle behind me and a black vehicle behind the white vehicle. When I got out of my car I didn't see any damages whatsoever so I went to the white car and checked and then the black vehicle. The guy driving the black vehicle said he didn't have any damages either and just drove off. I went back to the female in the white car and by then she had gotten out of car were she pointed to the damages near her right fendor on the passenger side. She immediately started saying I crossed in front of her and she tried blowing her horn and hitting her break. I told her I didn't see her car when I was merging and that she must have sped up or came from another lane, which she denied. So she didn't want a police so we exchanged information. Since there was no damage to my vehicle I wasn't planning on making a claim. But the girl did file a claim and stated it was my fault for crossing into the lane she was already in. My insurance company is agreeing with her and I don't think that it is fair. I followed protocol in changing lanes properly and I don't feel liable because the white vehicle hit me. I'm just fortunate I didn't have any damages. Her vehicle hit mine, not in the front of my vehicle, not in the middle but right near my rear tire on the driver's side. I am surprised that I didn't go into a spin. I wouldn't mind sharing some blame, but certainly not all of it. How do I defend myself from a driver's claim that it was my fault and my insurance company who feels the same? Any statutes for changing lanes? Any similar cases? I do plan to fight this if sued or if my insurance company makes a final confirmation that I am responsible.
  24. I (Mother) moved to Arizona 3yrs ago with my son. My daughter stayed in Alabama because her paternal grandparents have custody of her. I've been searching for days on how to go about getting a change of custody from out of state with no luck. Her father (in Alabama) and I are on the same page as far as how we would handle custody and visitation once we regained custody of her. Her grandparents are well known and respected in the community and this may not go mine or her fathers way, but I'll do what it takes. Which forms do I need to change custody since I no longer live in her state and which state would I need to obtain an attorney if need be? Also, if my daughter wanted to come live with me in Az, what forms and would I file for that?
  25. Our 2004 Hyundai 350XG, at 3 mph from complete stop, surged/lunged forward slamming into another vehicle. Brakes did not engage. I have only had the car 8 months. I have read many cases just like this one on-line. It seems to be a common problem. I would like to prove that the accident was not my fault. I would appreciate hearing from anyone this has happened to. Thank you!