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  1. No. End of discussion, then. No and no. Your kids are (presumably) adults. Paying for their post-secondary education is their responsibility. That you're willing to assist with that is great for you and them. That their mother isn't willing to help is a bummer for them but legally none of your concern. If you wanted something in your decree requiring that the two of you equally contribute to post-secondary education, you could have sought that in the divorce (although I don't know if Michigan law would allow the court to have considered that).
  2. Did you really think the answer to this question might be anything other than yes? And did you really not know that your sister and her fellow employees can complain to the state department of labor and/or sue (presumably after speaking with their boss(es) and/or the payroll department at the school and asking "WTF?")?
  3. I'm not sure what "that" refers to in this sentence. However, as I already told you, throwing around a bunch of archaic Latin terms isn't going to be of any use to you. The burden of proof is "beyond a reasonable doubt," but whatever. In any event, as I also already told you, based solely on the one-sided information you have provided, it sounds like you have a reasonable chance of beating the DUI charge. Congratulations. Now...hire yourself a DUI defense attorney.
  4. In a commercial landlord-tenant situation, probably none. Most issues of this sort in the commercial context are entirely a matter of contract, not law. your lease and then call or visit your landlord and discuss the situation and see what you can work out.
  5. Corpus delecti is a Latin phrase that means "body of the crime." It is not a question and, therefore, not susceptible of an answer, so your statement that you "need answers to corpus dilecti [sic] makes no sense. Huh? Good grief. How about using something that resembles proper capitalization and punctuation so that we can more easily read and understand what you write? What you described suggests that you have a reasonable chance of beating a DUI charge (of course, we have no other information other than what you told us and the cop(s) involved may have very different stories to tell). Hire the best defense attorney you can afford and proceed to defend yourself. Your case isn't going to get "tossed out" unless you take the appropriate steps to get it dismissed, and throwing around a bunch of archaic Latin terms isn't going to be of any use to you.
  6. Dui

  7. Fascinating. Do you have a question? If so, you should state your question in a complete, coherent sentence and provide relevant facts.
  8. No. That's why I wasn't rude.
  9. No, this forum was not built for any given person's personal gratification. I'm sure if you dig through enough old posts, you'll find dozens or hundreds of incidences where folks spouted nonsense. In fact, I can assure you that there are threads on this very issue in which the nutjob argued with great intensity. In this case, at least the OP was only asking about something he/she read and did not assert the truth of it (which makes your condemnation of him/her unwarranted). But please don't resurrect posts that have been dormant for years solely to feed your personal need for vindication and to the annoyance of pretty much everyone else.
  10. Discuss with your attorney whether you can petition for an interim order that would require your husband to pay your fees on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, see if your attorney will agree to defer payment until the end of the case.
  11. So this involves nothing more than who moderates some social media site (or some small part thereof)? So A sold B the authority to control the widget in question and the agreement by which this sale was effected included a provision requiring that B not disclose the occurrence of the transaction. Is that about it? Again, it is not possible to opine intelligently about the enforceabilty of a contract without reading the contract and knowing what state's laws govern the contract. However, I can tell you that, under no state's laws would an NDA be rendered unenforceable solely because it is part of an agreement to sell/purchase something and requires the buyer not to disclose the occurrence of the transaction. Possibly. Again, one would need to read the contract and the TOS and know which state's laws govern both.
  12. Any particular reason you thought it would be a good idea to resurrect this 2+ year old thread to tell the OP (who last posted at this site a year and a half ago) something which, in substance, five different posters told him/her 2+ years ago? While it's certainly true that the whole "gold fringe on a flag makes the court a military tribunal" and related arguments are phenomenally silly, it serves no useful purpose to resurrect old threads like this.
  13. They both died earlier this year? That's tough. When exactly did they die? By what mechanism did you inherit the house? Even if they died in January, it seems pretty quick for probate to be complete. Live there for how long? In perpetuity? I'll cut to the chase: Legally speaking, a request like this is meaningless. Even if you agreed to the request, it almost certainly wouldn't be enforceable. A real estate attorney. I thought there would be more to this....
  14. 0

    Ummm....ok. What park? What is a "licked gate"? Seems like licking a gate would be a weird thing to do.
  15. I don't understand the premise of the question (i.e., the bit about "the NDA . . . being used to conceal the fact that the sale happened"), and it is impossible to opine intelligently about the enforceability of a contract without reading the contract and knowing the relevant facts, including, among other things, the state whose law governs the contract and the nature of the relationship between the person seeking to enforce the NDA and the person against whom enforcement is sought. In the abstract, virtually anything is possible, but it's not at all clear how an NDA could do this. P.S. It might also help if you explain what "control of a subreddit" means.