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  1. One other thing that may or may not help you is the in California Attorneys are usually or in the past did not work on billable hours, they work on a percentage of whatever they get from the Estate, so a Pro Bono may not be necessary. and many of them will talk to you free of charge to see if you have a case that they want to take on.
  2. Hi, it seems that you are using laws in NJ and this is California, California uses a probate ct. If you want to get her medical records you need a death certificate and then to contact the doctors etc involved with your sister, it would be best if you had an attorney obtain the records since the hospital will make you swear that you are not going to sue them. Here is a link to a recent article on Medscape about Hospital Dumping of the elderly and some other federal laws which may or may not help you out as far as the "rent'. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/870588?src=emailthis
  3. It depends on what State you live in too, in California the executor has to consult the heirs. And procedural law requires in Maine that attorneys send a certified copy of all correspondence with return receipt via united states postal service.
  4. Shelbi it sounds like the sister was using her brother for his money and telling the rest of the family that he was unable to handle his affairs. I think it is a criminal offense.
  5. Pg if the decedent is in a coma, i would think that can not be considered 'complacent', (it is an epidemic apparently, nuff said)
  6. If the "old Crazy Man's sister" was handling his fiances, why would she leave a handwritten will leaving her estate to him? Who determined he lacked mental capacity in the first place giving her poa and whatever else given her to begin with. And why if she had those powers that allowed her to take over would she leave a handwritten will giving them back to him if he was determined to be mentally unfit? /
  7. i was confused by the lease agreement and home ownership portion of this dilemma too! It doesn't make sense to me, unless they were leasing a home in Georgia and owned another residence in Alabama.
  8. contact the probate court where the estate is and get information from them.
  9. I brought it up because the first post and second post from lostsister mentioned direct descendant and that the deceased is a step sister. Black's Law Dictionary does make a distinction between the two direct and lineal, and goes further to state that cousins are collateral descendants. My version of Blacks is 1990. Thanks,
  10. lost sister, What I am trying to say is that if you share the same father or mother, then you are a Half-Sister, not a Step-sister. a step-sister is not blood related, but related by a prior marriage on either side. That makes you a half sister, and a lineal descendant to the deceased. While cousins etc. are direct descendants by relationship to the decedents sister or brother. Cousins are not in line to the proverbial throne, they are only in line to the throne of their parent. life is so complicated these days.
  11. I just wanted to say that there is a difference from a Direct Descendant and a Lineal Descendant. I am in the same boat, as she is your step sister you are a lineal descendant, while the cousins are direct descendants through the decedants relationship to their siblings. I am a lineal descendant with a step sister who is older than i am and was adopted by my parent when after he divorced my mother and remarried. His sisters children are beneficiaries of his estate with the same equal shares, but they were raised on the east coast and i am raised on the west coast so we don't know one another, but they know my stepsister whose mother divorced my father in 1972 or so. and she or her brother never had anything to do with him after they were divorced. My step sister and her brother are both from 2nd wife's prior marriage before my father married their mother.
  12. Adjuster Jack, That may be the case, it sounds like what Maine calls a Self Proved Will, which is not the same as a holographic will, which doesn't require a notarized statement or even witness' as the will is written in the testators own handwriting. Self Proved wills in Maine there is a Form for them, shows the two witness' signature and the testators signature on the same page and not on separate pages. A self proved will bears the initials of the typist who typed the document on each page. if my notes are correct it is under 18A Maine Probate Code Art. 3A section 2-504.
  13. Well I was asking about it because I am to give my ss# to the accountant for the estate, since I did not want to give him my ss# I began looking into using a tax payer id instead. That's all. I have since found out that the accountant uses the initials PA not CPA , and because of the lack of communication between my cousins and I, and after not receiving answers regarding anything to do with how they handled the estate, I am reluctant to turn over my social security number to them especially since the PA is not licensed, and I also looked up the PA at an atty verification site in their state just in case that is what the initials stood for and because attys use different titles, and nope,, he isn't one of those either. There are a lot of scams in todays world where people use SS# and I am trying to protect myself. The 43 page letters I had sent certified mail were refused by two beneficiaries and not picked up by one other. Someone once taught me that anyone can hang out a shingle.
  14. Someone posted a link to the IRS website where you can download a copy of the F 706 ? and fill it out, it is long and asks for social security numbers for ex spouses still living or deceased, as well as beneficiaries. So if Jane Doe is unable to open an account I am at a loss about how an account was opened in my case.
  15. Mapped out, have you checked with Social Security to verify if your father would lose his Medicaid Have you checked with Social Security to verify if your father would lose his Medicaid? This may be some sort of Urban Legend.