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  1. If she fired you because she doesn't like you, that's legal. If she fired you because you're white, that's illegal. It can't do any harm to discuss things with an employment attorney or the EEOC.
  2. Under VA law this is only legal if your sister signed something agreeing to it. However, I would like to bring to her attention that what WOULD be legal would be to fire her for allowing the store to be scammed out of $2,300.00
  3. So what does your mom say about you coming to live with her?
  4. And that isn't even close to a hostile environment as defined by law.
  5. It is legal because there is no law that says it is illegal. It may be foolish, shortsighted and a bad use of resources, but it does not violate any laws or protected rights.
  6. Based on what you have posted - it's just you.
  7. I'm going to be blunt here. No, under Federal wage and hour laws it's probably not legal. However, in your state your chances of getting it overturned are poor at best. Florida has few to no wage and hours laws of their own, and is one of the least employee-friendly states in the US. Not quite the worst, but I can only think of two states that IMO are worse and the differences between the three are minimal at best. If you file a claim with the US DOL, they might - MIGHT - order the employer to pay you Federal minimum wage times hours worked, plus any overtime. It's not a sure thing, though, and they definitely won't award you anything more than that. You might do slightly better in small claims court, but even there it's a tossup where you still own the employer more money than the paycheck was for. Bottom line is that you are most likely legally in the right, but are in very much the wrong state to do anything about it.
  8. It's not a law that anyone here has to answer you if you don't use valid spelling, grammar and punctuation either. You're the one looking for free advice from volunteers. It would behoove you to make your question readable lest the volunteers find your question too much of a bother to figure out. I get paid the same (i.e. nothing) whether I read your post or not. You don't make it easy for me to read, I don't read it.
  9. However, even assuming that everything transpired exactly as described, if the question is, Do I have any legal recourse, the answer is No, not based on what is in your post. This is not any form of illegal discrimination or harassment, and should be a wake-up call that perhaps your work is not currently up to par. As I said above, being pregnant does not make you bullet proof. The pregnancy discrimination laws require that you be treated exactly the same as if you were not pregnant; they do not give you any special privileges. If your supervisor is seeing evidence that you are paying more attention to your upcoming baby than you are to your job, there is nothing at all illegal about the supervisor saying so, and it would also not be illegal for her to discipline you for sub-standard work.
  10. When we're talking about criminal records, EVERYTHING goes on your "permanent record". (Where are we, high school?) Even crimes that have been expunged are visible to some authorities.
  11. At least as of right now, there is nothing to do. You have not suffered any damages; you have not been demoted or had a pay cut or been disciplined. Your supervisor is entitled to speak her opinion, and if it is her opinion that you are not working at your job the way you should be, maybe you should keep that in mind. Being pregnant does not make you bullet proof.
  12. If you are looking for a law or a legal concept that will force the workers comp commission to change your doctor, there isn't one. You either go with the doctor you were assigned, you hire a workers comp lawyer to act as your advocate or your pay for the surgery yourself.
  13. How many calls are we talking about and how long do they last?
  14. This is not the proper forum. Please try elsewhere.