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  1. There's nothing illegal about it and it's not even all that uncommon.
  2. Probably. You don't seem to realize that this is not a big deal to anyone but you.
  3. 10 seconds on Google: http://lasp.org/ http://www.delcobar.org/?page=legalaid https://www.justia.com/lawyers/family-law/pennsylvania/delaware-county/legal-aid-and-pro-bono-services
  4. I will also tell you that when it comes to ERISA violations, on a scale of "Thank you for telling us, we'll have an investigator there first thing in the morning" to "Yawn...so whadda you want us to do about it?", a payment in over 90 days rates somewhere around, "Yeah, okay, we'll have a look when we get around to it - I don't know when - maybe next month sometime". It's nothing if not a low priority.
  5. Nevertheless, it is.
  6. Having a signature notarized does not make it legally enforceable. It means that the notary has determined that the signatories of the document are the people they claim they are, but it does nothing at all to make the document itself legally binding.
  7. Yes. What they did is legal.
  8. You might want to consider whether or not complaining that they didn't follow company policy is going to bring you to management's attention in a good way or otherwise. Particularly since you don't have the full qualifications required, either.
  9. At least initially, the burden of proof is on you to prove discrimination, not on them to disprove it.
  10. You still have not provided me with any evidence that it is your age and disability, and not your over-qualifications, that triggered the pre-programmed response. But if it will make you feel better, by all means contact a few lawyers. If they start turning cartwheels and don't even wait for you to leave the office before calling the nearest Mercedes dealer, you've got something. If they hem and haw and tell you that you've got something but they're too busy to take it on at this time, assume that's code for "you've got nothing - get out of my office and stop wasting my time".
  11. Keep in mind that seldom, if ever, are the responses you get from a website anything but a boilerplate response and have not been individualized. The algorithm that identified certain key words and kicked back the pre-programmed response did not re-write that response to you personally. So, once again. Your proof that the pre-programmed response was reacting to age and disability and not to other key words in your qualifications?
  12. Many employers do not want to hire overqualified candidates for reasons that are completely unrelated to age or disability status. It is legal to refuse to hire overqualified candidates. Try our your case here. Prove that it's because of your age/disability and not because you're overqualified.
  13. Although there are some states that require pay that falls on a holiday to be accelerated (i.e. paid a day in advance) I have not been able to find anything to suggest that Tennessee is one of them.