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  1. How are they responsible for what someone else did? What makes you think you have any kind of lawsuit against them?
  2. She cannot be emancipated, no. If she has been legally adopted her biological mother has no more right to her than I do.
  3. No one can force her to give up her child.
  4. Sorry, but that's not even in the same city, let alone the same ball park, as a wrongful term.
  5. From your description I expected you to say he was 16. Tell him to grow a pair.
  6. How old is your boyfriend?
  7. Yes. Arrests are public record. It may or may not be against the DA's office policy, but it is legal.
  8. You don't say how long ago you moved out but it was long enough so that she had moved almost a year ago. You made no attempts to take responsibility for your own things in all that time, but when she gets tired of being responsible for your belongings SHE'S the bad guy? I guess that's one way of looking at it.
  9. File for unemployment and look for a new job. No. Yes.
  10. Let me ask this question in the hopes that this will clarify things a bit. In an ideal world where everything happened exactly the way you wanted it to from this point forward, what would happen next?
  11. None of which has anything at all to do with the time of the other woman's doctor's appointment, and does not cast your friend in a good light should this come out in the divorce proceedings. She did herself no good and may have hurt herself.
  12. Google the term, pay compression.
  13. If your question is, can they legally hire other full time employees but leave me at part time instead of raising me to full time, the answer is yes, they legally can. If that is not your question please clarify.
  14. "Retaliation" does not mean what most people think is means. This is neither retaliation nor a violation of any kind.
  15. In Pennsylvania and in 46 other states, there is no legal requirement that you be paid overtime for over 8 hours in a day, only after 40 hours in a week. Yes, this is legal and no, they have no obligation to pay you retroactively. If you were getting overtime for over 8 hours in a day in your original position, that's more than the law entitles you to.