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  1. What makes you think he has not?
  2. And you can walk out on your job after 10 minutes and no one can stop you or take any legal action against you. Sauce for the goose...
  3. If I am terminated for this do I have any type of legal right for a class action lawsuit or anything? Based solely on the information you have provided so far, no.
  4. In that case, I'm sorry but MA laws regarding severance do not apply and the employer is allowed to handle severance as they see fit.
  5. Doesn't change a thing.
  6. It may or may not have been unfair. It wasn't illegal. Ask your friend if he, too, is restricted in what opinions he is allowed to express or if that limitation is only placed on your employer.
  7. Was this layoff in relation to a sale or merger? Massachusetts is one of the very few states that has laws regarding severance, but whether those laws apply depend on whether the company or plant is changing hands or not.
  8. We cannot give referrals, but you should be able to get some by contacting your State Bar association, your local Legal Aide or any law schools in your area.
  9. Maybe you didn't understand. Yes, it is legal to promote you into a position that you are not qualified for because they need someone in there, and then demote you when someone qualified is hired.
  10. There could be any number of reasons why. However, whether you understand it or not, the fact remains that it is legal for a company to have such differing rules.
  11. However, since she is still a minor her parents can stop her from seeing him, or even communicating with him. She may have reached the age of consent but she has not reached the age of majority, which means she needs her parents' permission to do just about anything but breathe.
  12. Dui

  13. There isn't. They have no legal obligation to accept you/your child as a patient, barring a life-threatening situation. In which case they have no further obligation once the patient is stable.
  14. What law do you believe exists that requires any given doctor's office to treat you/your child, outside of a life-threatening situation?
  15. The employer, not you, decides how much time he wants you to work. You do not have the right under the law to work all the hours you want. If the employer does not want you working more than 40 hours, then you don't work more than 40 hours. It is neither illegal discrimination nor illegal harassment, nor in fact any kind of illegal threat, for him to require you to justify the overtime. So if he wants you to justify the time, I suggest you be prepared to do so because he is not "wrong" to demand it. You can, in fact, be fired for working unauthorized overtime.