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  1. Okay, the cleaner should have given you a new check. Feel better now?
  2. Since we know only what you have told us there is no way we can predict what will happen in the future. Were you arrested? Were you charged? If so, what was the charge - misdemeanor or felony?
  3. What happened to the house, mortgage, and rental properties during the divorce? Does the divorce decree address any of your issues?
  4. Sorry, you don't get it back. The support is paid pursuant to court order and the only way it stops is according to the court order.
  5. You are over thinking the issue. A lady calls the police and says she is involved in a nasty divorce and her husband locked her out. She needs to get her clothes or other possessions. She shows the officer her driverxs license or recent mail showing she lives/lived there. She says she can get in through the window. The cop says go ahead. She comes back out an tells the officer her husband uses drugs and she saw some powder in a drawer. Your assumption that the officer knows the woman "legally" changed her address. How would he possibly know that? .
  6. Saying she "legally" changed her address is a legally meaningless thing. Not having a key means he may have, probably did, change the locks. But if they were still married and she had possessions in the house and there was no court ordered exclusive possession of the marital residence the police are not going to require her to "legally verify" that she is entitled to enter the residence. If she had any kind of evidence that the residence was hers, such as mail addressed to her at that address, the police are entitled to assume she has a right to enter.
  7. The step to be taken is to file a petition to be appointed guardian of one or both of your parents. Based on what you have said (and reading a little between the lines) I would expect a major battle. If one of your parents were to fall or be otherwise incapacitated the more realistic reaction is 911 unless you intend to reside in your parent's home full time. Aside from the "small" prior problem, filing to have your parents deemed incompetent is going to be a "large" problem. Consult local counsel who can review all the circumstances.
  8. There is nothing to prove until you appear before a judge at trial. You should take pictures of your car and notify your insurer.
  9. Of course it is. It is also legal to issue the speeder a citation or warning after they are stopped and told to drive slower. Whatever prompted such a silly question?
  10. if the vendor gives you another check they would be prudent to stop payment on the first check. That would cost them money. They do not need to incur either the expense or the risk because of your mistake.
  11. What was your agreement when you moved in? A rental agreement does not have to be in writing to be binding. You are a sub-tenant to the tenants and are essentially a month-to-month subtenant.
  12. However, you must realize the statutes of limitation cited apply to the time for the state to prosecute the alleged forger. Only the local district attorney can decide whether to file criminal charges against the alleged forger. You cannot file the charges. If you want to proceed you need to contact the police and file a report alleging the forgeries. Your other recourse is to have the signatures ruled to have been forged in a civil proceeding. The police may suggest that is how you should proceed and decline to take the case to the DA.
  13. Assuming the parents were not married when the child was born, he is considered a stranger to the child unless and until he has been determined to be the father. Until that happens he has no rights at all. He needs to file a petition to determine paternity, custody, and visitation in the appropriate court where the child lives. That will almost certainly result in a filing of a motion for child support by the mother.
  14. Although you don't see any problem moving the line from your property to vacant land the owners of the vacant land may disagree. I am curious about your statement that you found quotes on line that it would cost about 5k to move such a line. Did such quotes come from PGE? Before you bought the lot did you contact PGE about moving the line?
  15. Basically, the revenue of your corporation is income for purposes of child support minus "reasonable expenses" incurred in conducting the business. The reference to depreciation not being deducted from income refers to things like buying a vehicle for use in the business and writing off the depreciation as a reduction in income for calculation of child support. Generally, child support is calculated based on gross income and does not allow reduction for things like car payments. Consult your attorney for further information.
  16. When were you appointed personal representative? Have you made an inventory of the contents of the house? (Photographs of the contents would be a very good idea.) Like it or not, you are going to end up owning only one-third of the house and it's contents.
  17. If your artery was clogged when the heart condition was first discovered why do you think you would not have had the bypass at that time? Also, congestive heart failure is enlargement of the heart which would no necessarily have resulted in the bypass surgery. You may consult a medical malpractice attorney to review your case but it doesn't sound terribly strong.
  18. How is title to the house held? Is she on the title?
  19. Why in the world would you not ask your lawyer? We know no facts or circumstances of the situation that would possibly allow us to comment.
  20. Click on "Find a lawyer" tab at the top of the page.
  21. If your mother has custody of you there would not be any reason why a "not legal guardian" would be able to prevent you from living with your mother. How did you come under the control of a guardian who is not your legal guardian?
  22. Your father cannot dispose of property he does not own at the time of his death by will. How is the new ownership of the property listed in the new deed: tenancy in common, joint tenancy, joint tenancy with right of survivorship?
  23. "Since I didn't show up, he granted it" That's pretty much answers all of your questions
  24. It appears you are trying to read the minds of your employer and doing so in a rather biased way. Do you have any reason, based on fact, that your employer is racially biased?
  25. You would file suit in the appropriate court for return of the property.The action is called "detinue" and since you have not identified the stae where this is occuring I can't say much more. The basis is that the property belongs to the estate, not to any individual beneficiary until distribution. How many trustees are there and why more than one?