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  1. What state? If the restraining order was issued ex parte usually you will have an opportunity to appear and contest the issuance within a state defined time. But it all depends on the procedure in your state.
  2. Because it contains a link to a Canadian Law firm. Advertising on this site is not permitted. BTW, the cause of the alleged boy friend's problem is the boy friend's drinking problem.
  3. This is not the place to find a lawyer. To find a lawyer click on the "find a lawyer" tab at the top of each page.
  4. Spam, and from a Canadian firm at that.
  5. You have certainly reached a lot of conclusions without having seen the trust document. Based on what you have written so far, I think It would be much more wise for him to consult an attorney. Exactly what right do you think he has that would be violated by his failing to comply with the terms set out in a trust document?
  6. If you are "getting ready to go to court" you need to start planning how you intend to prove all the allegations you made in your post. How old is your child? If he is very young he may not be allowed to testify. How will you prove the father is or was: guilty of kidnapping and multiple domestic assaults? How will you prove the girlfriend physically assaults your child? How will you prove he doesn't take the child to school on time? It is easy to make such allegations on an internet message board nut you may not be able to just make such claims in court. That is why people hire lawyers.
  7. How old is your friend? If he is less than 18 years of age he has no "right" to move out of the family home without his parent:s permission. Are his parents living? If his parents are living he is not an heir to anything his grandfather owned and has no "right" to inherit anything from his grandfather's estate. Why does your friend think he has any right that is being violated? Your friend can "get out of this" by moving our of the house and giving up any provision made for him in the grandfather's trust.
  8. You need to clarify your question. Generally Virginia is not going to spend the money to extradite a defendant charged with a misdemeanor. Have you been arrested in Pennsylvania on a warrant issued in Virginia?
  9. I will leave your question to tax counsel.. But it is fairly clear that if you deposit more than $10,000 cash, the bank will report the transaction to the IRS. I would advise you to get yourself divorced from the property in any event. If your brother is growing unlawful vegetation on property that belongs partially to you you may very well be facing arrest. If he is doing so and hands you $10,000 or more in cash from the profits that may put you away for a long time.
  10. You have not mentioned the value of the property and that may be significant. There is no reason why you can't sell your interest in the property for cash (or bushels of corn for that matter). The only concern is that transaction in case for more than $10,000 must be reported to the IRS. See, If you report such a cash transaction to the IRS it could trigger two questions (1) did the person paying all that cash file income tax returns showing that kind on income, and (2) did the case come from legitimate business or did the transaction constitute money laundering from illicit activities?
  11. It is not likely that the judge would know who bailed your son out since it was probably a bail bondsman who filed the necessary papers. Did the person posting the bond do it personally or retain a bondsman to do it?
  12. No one can answer your questions without reading the contract and associated documents.
  13. No. According to your post, your son has not suffered any damage. BTW, the tax office is not where to look for the title to the vehicle.
  14. Stipulation 1 is a reservation of a life tenancy and should be included in the deed. Stipulation 2 makes no sense.
  15. Please see the "find a lawyer" tab at the top of each page.
  16. Then the owner was dismissed from the case because you were unable to state what duty he owned your son to not loan the car to the driver. The owner's insurer may be liable for paying any judgment entered against the driver, up to the limits of the policy, because the use of the vehicle was by permission of the owner. Unless you have reason to believe the driver has significant assets, which is seldom the case with alcoholic drug users, your son would probably be well advised to take what was offered by the insurer if it was policy limits. You are not entitled to any part of any settlement or a settlement on your own behalf. I previously suggested that your son may have additional possibility of recovery if he has uninsured/underinsured coverage on his own auto policy. I hope you have not totally screwed things up by waiting to the statute of limitations to file a suit that may very well be dismissed because you are not legally authorized to file suit on your son's behalf.
  17. The property will almost certainly need to be sold to pay the medical bills. Perhaps the people living on the property (for free?) would be able to buy the property.
  18. Looking at your original post I note that you said there were three defendants. The case was dismissed against the insurer, who you identified as one of the defendants. The order your recently cited denies judgment against defendant Medrano. That leaves one defendant accounted for. Who were the two defendants, other than the insurer, and what was their role in the crash? If Medrano was the owner of the vehicle and not the driver it would have been necessary for your to state how anything he did was negligent for you to get judgment against him.
  19. You would need to ask the court to hold the custodian of the records in contempt of the court's subpoena duces tecum.
  20. We have no idea what was set out in your Complaint. But, it appears you have not sufficiently alleged that the defendant committed any negligent acts that caused you or your son any injury. That is what was specifically stated in the order denying your motion for summary judgment. You can't just served a summons on the defendant and expect the judge to grant you judgment. You have to say why you are entitled to the judgment in the original complaint.
  21. You should probably save your phone then.
  22. I assume there was one or more previous posts regarding this issue since you started your post as if everyone knew what you were talking about. Perhaps the moderator could join this post with the prior post(s) so we can figure it out without searching for your prior posts.
  23. If his offense was a felony, he would be in violation of his parole if he even owns an AK-47.
  24. Maybe. It depends on many factors, such as why the mother wants to move and whether it would be in the best interest of the child.
  25. He was having a sexual relaationship with a co-worker and he got fired for it! How can you possibly believe he has some sort of claim against his employer?