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  1. The easiest way is simply to have wills that leave the assets to the various charities either proportionately or in specific amounts. Trusts would not be necessary and would be an unnecessary complication. Any attorney who does wills can do the wills for you. A friend or associate could be named as executor of the estate of the last of you to die.
  2. The two questions you did not answer are the ones that really count. Is the "plan" a court order and in what state is this ocurring? If the Facebook postings were by anyone other than one of the two parties or someone called as a witness, they would not be admissible.
  3. What did your insurer say when you discussed it with them? BTW, his uninsured coverage has nothing to do with you. If any uninsured coverage applies it would be yours.
  4. is it possible to get aa new title by going to a local DMV office rather than doing this by mail? You don't need to register the vehicle to get a copyof the title.
  5. A case against who? Ar you thinking about suing your former employer because they did not apologize? They have caused you no monetary damages as a result of the failure to apologize so you have no case.
  6. It is unlikely you can submit new evidence on appeal. Appellate courts review the process which occurred in the tribunal below to determine whether the proceeding followed the law. The tribunal below is the finder of fact and, as long as the procedure followed the required rules, the findings of fact will not be disturbed on appeal. If it were not so every case would be carried on indefinitely as each party sought to introduce new evidence. The only exception is if new evidence appears that could not have been known, in the exercise of due diligence, during the proceeding below. That does not include evidence a party could have produced but did not.
  7. So you quit and walked out. You can start looking for another job. Nothing you described was illegal.
  8. No one can cash a check made out solely to you without your permission.
  9. considering you have given us no facts at all it is impossible to say. But deceased testators rarely interfere with expected beneficiaries so there is probably little background in case law.
  10. Your description of the prohibition on declaring a vehicle ordered to be towed by the police abandoned is incorrect. The relevant statute is, "(d) A vehicle being held for storage by agreement or being held under police authority or pursuant to a writ or court order is not considered abandoned, nor may it be processed as abandoned while the police hold, writ, or court order is in effect." If a vehicle is found in a ditch without a driver and the police call a tow truck operator to tow it off the highway, the vehicle would not be considered to be held under police authority once it reached the tow driver's lot. Although abandoning a vehicle on the public highway is a misdemeanor, only a local attorney can tell your friend whether the state bothers to prosecute the matter and, if so, what penalty would be imposed. I would guess the penalty would be a fine. It sounds to me as if your friend has a real gripe against his cousin who is legally liable for the charges, and probable loss of the vehicle, resulting from his abandoning the vehicle.
  11. You have already posted about this property in the landlord tenant forum. Please keep all posts about a subject in the same thread. No your husband cannot object to your renting your property without his signature. He cannot evict the tenants unless he is an attorney acting on your behalf.
  12. The probability they will let you have the vehicle without paying for the repairs is almost exactly zero. Unless you have a written guarantee that the repairs they made would fix your problem they were doing basic cut-and-try repairs. Apparently they haven't found the problem yet but they are entitled to payment for their attempts. That is what happens when an older car has problems.
  13. you need a lawyer.
  14. Yes, you should speak to the prosecutor should you decide to proceed to court. Your options will depend on the particular prosecutor, court, judge, etc. and only an attorney who practices in the particular jurisdiction can help you there. One option may be to simply pay the fines. Driving school may be an option. Frankly, minor speeding and seat belt tickets do not warrant hiring an attorney.