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  1. Your understanding is incorrect. Answer the questions.
  2. Was the company in debt when you sold it? Did you sign personal guarantees for the company's debts before you sold the company?
  3. If your sister was homeless and had no money and had apparently been evicted, why would you want to probate the estate?
  4. Normally attorney's fees would not be recoverable in a tort claim in Virginia. However, it is possible that the CC&R's provide for arbitration of claims and attorney's fees. My limited experience confirms the suggestion that arbitration can be more expensive than litigation, especially if the case can be conducted in a lower court, like the General District Courts (limited to $25,000). But the court will still require proper presentation of evidence supporting any claim. They are not "Judge Judy" courts. In addition, the defense attorney will usually remove the case to a higher court where they are more comfortable. Frankly, attorney's are reluctant to take cases involving property damage. The court can only award the amount of proven damages. From that amount, the attorney deducts his or her fee. Therefore, the client is never made whole and is usually p------ed off at the end.
  5. If the poster is out of the country, I would hope she would appreciate the difficulty and expense of conducting discovery, especially depositions by long distance.
  6. Well...the claim is against the management company, not its insurer. The insurer owes the management company a duty of defense and to indemnify for any loss up to the policy limits. If the individual intends to pursue his claim, he will pursue it with the insurer, not the management company. I realize the insurer is not liable.
  7. Well then, I guess you should just gjve up. It sounds as if you are reluctant to annoy the management. If you don't, they will be free to ignore you. Your only claim is against the management company and yheir knsurer.
  8. Your claim is against the employee who left the window open, his employer and the condo association. How have they reacted to the claim?
  9. Bankruptcy involves all your debts and all your assets. There is no way anyone here could answer your question based only on what you have posted. Most bankruptcy attorneys will provide a free consultation and thatmis what you should do. The "ten day" threat is meaningless if you really intend to file for bankruptcy. The worst it could mean would be they might file in court against uoj but the court proceeding would probably last amuch longer and would be terminated by the bankruptcy. Call a bankruptcy attorney now.
  10. You have not shared with us a single fact of the entire case and are asking us to define the main issue. I, for one, have no intrrest in constructing your case for free. Get a lawyer.
  11. I am not a tax attorney but it is my understanding that if the purchase involves actual cash (as in coins and bills) in excess of $10,000 it would have to be reported to the IRS.
  12. Clearly no one can "steal" someone elses property. Merely using that word answers the question. The issues are what kind of property, how did the other party get possession of the property and the relationship between the parties. For instance, is the property is a pistol and the minor's parents took possession of the pistol, that would not be stealing. Or, if the property were a video game console and the parents took it from the minor as discipline, that would not be theft. Or, if the property were a switch blade knife and a police man tookit from the minor it would not be theft. What it boils down to is, if you don't wnt to describe what happened, don't expect meaningful answers.
  13. I have no idea what constitutional issues you have discoveed. Would you care to elaborate?
  14. How many angels can fit on the head of a pin? Could you give us a little info about what the stipulation says?
  15. Sue in his name dba the name on the invoice. You want the judgment to be registered in his name, not in some fictious name. If he wants to prove he was employed as a corporation that is his burden.