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  1. The police officers are NOT going to go into an attic to see if anyone is there before they send in the dog. That is what the dog is for! If the dog brought you friend to bay and he kicked the dog in the face he got what he should have expected. JEEZ!
  2. NO you cannot sue him to make him refinance. When you signed the note with him you both promised the bank you would make the necessary payments. The bank does not care if he is no longer your boyfriend. The only way to protect your credit is to make the payments if he doesn't. Sorry.
  3. How did you conclude I was saying his bank account is not part of his estate? Everything he owns at the time of his death that is not owned jointly with someone else is part of his estate, including his bank accounts. What I am trying to tell you is that only the executor or administrator of his estate can legally deal with his assets after he dies. So his wife or children cannot access his bank account without becoming the personal representative of his estate. Note, however that the husband may have his children on his accounts as co-owners.
  4. To repeat, hopefully for the last time, agreements to convey real estate must be in writing signed by the person charged to be enforced. Got it?
  5. You are asking if the wife could fail to advise the step children their father had died to prevent them from inheriting from his estate. The trailer will undoubtedly become the wife's property when the husband dies if it is held in both names. If it is held jointly in both names it will not be part of his estate. To legally access bank accounts that are not in joint names the wife would have to qualify as administrator of the husband's estate. That would require notice to the step children. If she were to try to remove the money from the bank accounts by forging his name to checks after he dies, that could subject her to ciminal prosecution as well as civil action.
  6. The statute of limitations for filing a medical malpractice case in Pennsylvania is two years. She could sue but the case would be dismissed almost immediately.
  7. Your only recourse is probably your own uninsured motorist insurance. I assume you have such coverage. In Virginia you automatically have uninsured motorist coverage in amounts equal to your own limits unless you affirmatively refuse such insurance. In Virginia, there are so many motorists who choose to drive uninsured, and pay a penalty for doing so, that is is dumb not to carry uninsured coverage, which is subsidized by the uninsured motorist waiver fees. In any event, you need to notify your own insurer immediately. No, the state trooper is not required to determine whether the other driver had valid insurance. It would make no difference if he did so or not. The other guy is uninsured whether the trooper verified it or not.
  8. When he dies his wife will be entitled to one third of his estate even if he has a will that disinherits her. That will not apply to any particular item that he owns. Not really clear what you mean by this. If the trailer and accounts are solely in his name, his wife will not be able to access them or change the title.
  9. Wives have different rights to reject the provisions of a will that excludes them, depending on which state the deceased lived in. In South Carolina the wife is entitled to one-third of the decedent's estate. The relevant law is: SECTION 62-2-201. Right of elective share.(a) If a married person domiciled in this State dies, the surviving spouse has a right of election to take an elective share of one-third of the decedent's probate estate, as computed under Section 62-2-202, the share to be satisfied as detailed in Sections 62-2-206 and 62-2-207 and, generally, under the limitations and conditions hereinafter stated. . . . The executor of the decedent's will or administrator. if there is no will, would be required to pay disposal fees out of the estate. Are you questioning what might happen if the parties were to divorce or separate or are you interested in what would happen when the husband dies?
  10. Without knowing the state where they live no good answer can be given. Inheritance laws vary between states.
  11. Why reopen a thread that has been dead for two years to rant?
  12. This sounds like a scam. Collection agencies neither charge people with felonies nor remove the charges if you make the payment.
  13. You are not the executor until you have been appointed executor by the appropriate court. If the will says you are the executor it merely means you have been nominated as executor.
  14. Do you own the land on which the mobile home is located? If you don't own the land you can't claim the exemption.