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  1. If you are entitled to a commission that is a matter of contract. Slander requires communication of untrue factual statements to a third party. Nothing you have said even approaches slander.
  2. Report the facts of the alleged thefts to the cosmetology board and step back. It is up to the board to decide if their licenses should be revoked.
  3. If I were about to realize a capital gain of $600,000 I would not be asking strangers on the internet for tax advice. For example, you mentioned stepped up basis as a possibility. But, if the property is owned by a C corporation it is not clear that would be available due to your father's death. You really need to consult a tax attorney or CPA who can go over the whole situation.
  4. Probably. What did the employer say? Some cuss words may be considered fighting words and may be illegal.
  5. try (1) a dictionary or (2) google.
  6. Exactly what do you have to do to ready for the letter? Your basic question seems to be, "Will they sue me or not?" Obviously we have no way of knowing.
  7. Of what use is it to post a link to a New Jersey law firm?
  8. Based on what you have posted you have no claim to any of your fiance's property or income. Sorry.
  9. Why do you refer to people as "spouse", "ex-husband", "I", "They", "she", "him", etc. I can't actually figure out who you are and how you fit into the scenario. Could you possibly rephrase the post so you refer to people by their actual position in the situation?
  10. Care to describe what happened or is going to happen?
  11. I doubt the small claims court has jurisdiction to order a credit bureau and/or creditor to change the data in a credit report. Generally small claims courts are limited to suits for money or specific property.
  12. You won't find any case law or documentation. Where did you get the idea you could?
  13. It's called "right to cure" and is a right for "breach of warranty". Google it all.
  14. I assume you are a brand new attorney with little experience in domestic relations matters. If so, I suggest you find a more experienced attorney and ask for his advice and assistance. My experience is that your brethern and sisters of the bar will be glad to mentor you in a new field as long as it is not overdone. All of us were new to the law at one time and will be sympathetic.
  15. If the family member is disruptive or interferes with the patient's care the family menber(s) can be barred. Usually it is the patient that asks for the exclusion of the family member(s).