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  1. More importantly, do you have a copy signed by the landlord?
  2. Sue for what? What damage would you be able to prove? Certainly, it is illegal to serve wine to children. However, doing so is a criminaal offense and private citizens are not authorized to enforce criminal laws.
  3. Are you concerned because you are on probation or parole?
  4. The other driver's insurance owes no duty to you except to pay the amount of damages that are finally established. Has the adjuster determined the amount of damage? Do you have coverage that would allow you to have the damage repaired and alternate transportation pending settlemant?
  5. The only person whose opinion matters is the district attorney. He or she is the only one who can pursue criminal charges. They generally have much bigger to fry so I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. Whose adjuster - yours or the other drivers?
  7. His record is sealed as to the public but not as to court and law enforcement officials, including probation officers. If your son persists in contacting the other person contrary to the order of the probation officer both of them may need lawyers. Probation and some restrictions on behavior are consequences of criminal behavior.
  8. Both children are known criminals. The probation officer has the authority to order a person in his charge to not communicate with other known criminals.
  9. Why would she report you to the police and ICE? What do you mean she thought you escaped? That makes no sense. A divorce does not revoke your green card. Only ICE can revoke your green card.
  10. Are you describing a case where a living person changes their will? If so, wills do not "come into play" until the testator dies. At that time the court determines which is the LAST will and testament. All others are void.
  11. Please explain how your wife sent you back home.
  12. You have to find the father and have him served with a motion to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of the order. It is surprising that in twenty years you have not learned you have a role in collecting the child support.
  13. If the second shop told you they did not think the problem was the timing chain and you told them to check it anyway, I would say the repair cost is on you.
  14. If there is a pending divorce case one of you needs to petition the bankruptcy for "relief from the stay" to allow the divorce court to deal with the property issues.
  15. Your aunt needs to qualify as administrator of her husband's estate. The court will not administer the estate for her. I wonder who in "the court" is giving her all this legal advice. You need to spend an hour or so with an attorney who can advise you and your aunt on how to proceed.