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  1. That's insane to put a lock on the fridge! I'd seriously be looking for another place to rest my head! You mentioned that he'd do something if you cut the lock off. Is he violent? As far as your legal rights go-if you signed a lease with Mr. Crazy I'd think that would be grounds for you to break the lease. If I were in your shoes I'd have a serious talk with this crazy roommate as well as get the biggest bolt cutters I could find and snap that lock right off that shared fridge! Then if you must stay there I'd purchase a deadbolt for my bedroom door! Mr. Crazy (aka:your roommate) may retaliate in ways you isn't see coming. Also, document everything in case you must involve law enforcement. Sorry this is unfolding in your life!
  2. My heart hurts for you! I can only imagine your frustration and anger at having such idiots live next to you. I, like you, live in the Bay Area so i know picking up and leaving is difficult situation since its so expensive to do so in our area. I would certainly contact Animal Control in your area and tell them of the abuse to your dog and theirs as well. I doubt the Police will do anything since they'll tell you its a civil matter. They are generally little help anyway! Good luck to you friend.
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks for your responses. Let me answer the questions. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. The only reason I'm involved in this is because my mom is sick. The stipulations were she was to pay my mom back if she remarried OR sold the house she was living in at the time. I said many years ago because I'm uncertain of the exact date but I know its been 20 years or so. The borrower doesn't have any money to speak of. I ask if this is worth our trouble because if it is pursued it could hinder my relationship with my niece & nephew since its their mother who borrowed the money. I know California has a statue of limitations of 4 years hence my question if its worth going to small claims court. This is a situation that my mother has left in my hands. Thank you everyone.
  4. It truly sounds like a your living a nightmare. I'm so sorry for you having to endure the likes of these idiots. It sounds as though they don't have much of a life if they can take so much time to bother you. I think you've done everything right. As far the Police investigating this I doubt it will be a priority to them. They are in possession of the evidence and unless you continue to be pro-active I don't think it will amount to much. Again, I'm so sorry for your living situation. If moving is not an option I don't know what to tell you. Life is too short to be dealing with this type of bullshit.
  5. My mom, who is 88 yrs. old, loaned an ex family member $10,000 some years ago. The stipulation in the promissory note was that she would have to pay my mother back when 1.) She sold her house she was living in at the time 2.) She remarried. Both of those things have happened. My mother wrote her a letter when she sold her house and all she received in return was a nasty letter (of course, it contained no money!). It's been many years but it has bothered my mom greatly. My question is: Does she have a leg to stand on? Could we possibly pursue in small claims court? Is it worth our time & energy to even go after her? I know she doesn't have any money to speak of. Thank you everyone.
  6. I lost my best friend on April 8, 2016 quite suddenly. She died of an overdose of several different drugs in her body. Her mother is looking to sue anyone and everyone while she sat in another state away ignoring the fact that my bestie had a drug problem. Yes, I attempted to help her on many occasion and offered to attend NA with her. My bestie went to a pain management Dr. where he prescribed Norco for breakthrough pain, Soma for muscle relaxer for her bad back & methodone for pain. My BFF had been in a bad car accident 3 years prior and shattered her ankle in many spots and hurt her back pretty bad. My friends mother is wanting to sue the Pain Management Doctor for prescribing these medications. She also blames me for her death! Anyway, can she sue for her daughters death? Is this clearly or unclearly a case of malpractice? I know that the County Hospital recommended she go to this Pain Management Dr. since they couldn't help her any longer. She'd already endured 4 surgeries. The only consolation is that she's out of pain. But damn, I miss the hell outta her. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you kindly.
  7. Thank you. You're absolutely right when you say that life has consequences. I did sign the waiver to get the hell out of the store and lick my wounds. My humiliation and mortification was enough to last me a lifetime. Thank you for you're response. I appreciate it.
  8. I was shopping at a Goodwill store on Labor Day of this year. There were at least 100 people in the store and it was quite hot & humid that day. I had my bag full of merchandise (mostly clothes). There were no shopping carts due to the amount of people inside the store. Anyway, this particular store has a lot of furniture out front of their store (like couches, chairs,etc.) and I begin to feel as though I was going to pass out due to heat exhaustion so I stepped outside the store to find a seat on one of the couches out front. All of a sudden someone grabbed my arm and told me they were form Loss Prevention and that I had to come with them. They took me to the back and questioned me. Before they could even get me to the back they had to sit with me and get me water and wet towels for my face. I realize now that I certainly should of put my bag down prior to walking to the outside couch but I was to the point of passing out. I swear that I wasn't shoplifting. My daughter was in line and the line alone was to the rear of the store. I was going to give her my stuff and sit outside--is what I should of done prior to exiting the store. Mind you that the outside couch is only a couple feet outside the front entrance of the store. OK, so they finally make me get up and take me to a couch in the warehouse and tell me that unless I sign a form saying I was shoplifting that they'd call the Sheriff and I'd be arrested and taken to jail. They instead told me that I could sign this form and pay $500 dollars to take this 8 hour course online. I was scared and didn't want to be arrested by the Sheriff so I signed the form and the following day I registered online and completed the course. About a month later I'm shopping at another Goodwill store and the same man from Loss Prevention appraoches me and tells me that I'm not allowed to shop in any Goodwill stores. I was shocked. He escorted me out of the store and told me that this was my warning and that the next time he catches me in the Goodwill he will phone the Sheriff to arrest me for trespassing. Let me be truthful here and say that I'm a convicted felon from issues over 10 years ago. I made bad choices so I'm careful to not break the law now. I'm really upset about this entire chain of events. Does this sound right? Can they ban me from shopping at all their stores? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Please be nice!!
  9. Thank you everyone. I sincerely appreciate your words of wisdom.
  10. Speak ONLY to your attorney in person. Not on the phone. The jail monitor ALL phone calls and use such evidence in the court of law. Do not speak with other inmates and don't ask the so called "jail house lawyers". Your attorney will advise you the best.
  11. Absolutely. And DA's love those tpe of cases. Especially if the victim already has current cases open. They simply tag those new charges on top and have their way with you. If its a new charge then you must endure the court system and either serve probation or jail time (depending on the charge). Hope this didn't happen to you personally.
  12. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your replies. Sorry I didn't include certain important details. I'm in California (San Fransisco Bay Area), renting a home & the lease does include my dog. Yes, there have been complaints about my dog barking while I'm at work. I have curtailed that situation but the room mates are now complaining. I don't have the money to move right now so that isn't a possiblity. I do have a rescue group willing to take my dog and I will surrender her if that is the last resort. I just know she'll have a diffucult time and as for me......I'll be losing my best friend. Is it legal for the landlord to place a 3 day notice or quit on my door? I'm working a lot and my dog basically stays in my bedroom and I come home to let her out a couple times per day. Like I room mates are complaining. It will be stressful to stay either way I know. I am at my wits end here. Thank you kindly for all your answers.
  13. My landlord and I have a 1 year lease. He knew I had a dog prior to my signing the lease. He has now posted a 3 Day or Quit notice on my door that I have to get rid of my dog or vacate the premisis. I'm not late on my rent and have never missed a rent payment. I love my dog and don't want to have to find her another home. What are my rights?
  14. I made the mistake of marrying my husband while he was incarcerated in prison in California. He wreaked havoc on my life and we seperated shortly after. That was in 2002. He eventually went back to prison and I requested of him to begin divorce proceedings (its much cheaper when they file the paperwork while in prison) and he did so only to never complete the process. Fast forward to now. He was released (big mistake on the part of our Gov.) and apparently met someone he desires to marry. No bigge on my part. Heres the issue. He filed again in the county he's residing in now. I traveled the 250 miles to attend their self help clinic only to be told that his current filing is invalid due to him filing in another county while he was incarcerated. I completed all the necessary paperwork and tried to have the Sheriffs serve him. But his dumb ass put a fake address on all the paperwork so I wouldn't know where he lived (like I care). So the Sheriffs were unable to serve him the paperwork to show that we must follow through with the orignial filing. Where do I go from here? I have attempted to contact him but he's afraid I might make his current pregnant girlfriend jealous......All I want is a divorce. We have a court date of Feb. 10 at which time I'll share with the Judge my troubles of locating him and how he completed the paperwork using a fake address preventing the Sheriff from properly serving him. I need this divorce because of many reasons. I just want to rid my life of anything remotely to do with him! Any advice someone can share with me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  15. I married a man who was incarcerated in California. Biggest mistake of my life. Men act totally different while in prison than they do upon release. Inmates need someone to care for them while incarcerated. Yep, someone to send them money, cards, letters, packages, etc. Upon their release they generally go wild and tend to revert back to old ways. Not always, but most of the time. My inmate husband (now ex) stole $30,000 from me, wreaked my car, damaged the apartment that I rented for us (I owned my own home but he had to serve out his parole in another area) and was emotionally and physically abusive. All I can say is to think real long & hard about this. You have choices. Uncover another avenue to meet men. I wish you the very best friend.