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  1. https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/after-green-card-granted/conditional-permanent-residence/remove-conditions-permanent-residence-based-marriage
  2. What does your lease say about rent and terminating the tenancy? You are never entitled to live for free. Your landlord can raise the rent unless there is a lease for a set period of time that guarantees a certain rate. If there is no lease, the arrangement can be terminated with 30 days notice.
  3. Support is based on present income so if it goes up substantially, or lowers substantially, you can file to have it modified. It is not a one and done calculation.
  4. Sounds more like you have reason to be upset with hubby for not paying his bill 25 and 30 years ago, and staying mum about it. You will have to ask him why he hasn't paid what was owed by now. If the debt is attached to his name, he can't get out of it. If you don't know where the mothers are, we sure don't. Whether they have any legal responsibility for the bills or not we can't say. Either way, it does not absolve him of paying the debt in his name.
  5. Possession is not ownership. She loaned you a dog for a few months, with the understanding that it was temporary. It is her dog. She didn't neglect the dog; she had asked you to care for it in her absence. Microchipping the animal was way over the line. You owe your friend an apology and her dog.
  6. This is not uncommon and there can be many reasons your doctor's report was not given more credence. It could be that your doctor is one with a tendency to rate everyone high, the other record was more complete and justified the rating, other testimony belied a 100% disability rating (very rare and very unexpected for an arthroscopic knee surgery), or a million other things. Your option is to appeal. That is how you have the decision reconsidered.
  7. I'm not clear what type of recovery you are looking for but if you bring someone with you to an appointment, they are probably going to hear at least some medical information. The proper course would have been to stop the person and ask if you would speak in private if you didn't want your friend to hear anything.
  8. If you are not currently the legal guardian of this child, you have no dog in this hunt. The school will or should only deal with the actual, current, legal guardian/parent. Frankly, it sounds like most of your information is at best second hand (friend of a disabled child, heresay as to what another child might have changed her story to be, etc.). The fact that you mention this is not the first instance for this kid with the administration and you as grandparent are trying to adopt him, leads me to believe there is a LOT more to this story. The legal guardian of the boy/the boy himself can look up the procedures for challenging a disciplinary action in his district. He is entitled to due process, but every district has slight variations on the exact procedure. A lawyer isn't required but would be a smart move, especially given the history you have not shared and your lack of familiarity with the judicial/disciplinary process. Dealing or "gifting" medications of any kind is an extremely serious allegation and one that is dealt with severely. It is a violation of federal law, separate and apart from the "typical" drug dealing laws, and most states have adopted state laws that do the same.
  9. Many, many years in education here. Unless there is a LOT more to this story, the police aren't going to spend one millisecond on a 5 year old who hit another 5 year old. Nor are they going to lock up the parents, adoptive parents, or anyone else.
  10. Hospital? This is the first you mentioned a hospital. You really need to speak with a family law attorney in your state (which I am not). There is a find a lawyer feature at the top of the page.
  11. Many years in education here. In a tit for tat scenario, which this is, and both kids are in the wrong, I would not be surprised if the school doesn't discipline both. That is totally up to the school. Your kid is unlikely to get a free pass because the other kid "blocked" the aisle. It is childish behavior, but these are children. It doesn't excuse stepping on the kid's foot, nor returning punches. You can call the police if you like, but I am warning you that you may be disappointed in the outcome. It is unclear why a teacher who was not present would have any role in this at all.
  12. Only a family law lawyer in your area can give you a realistic assessment of the odds. If you don't even have legal custody now, that says a lot. It is very hard to get that taken away from a parent. Sexual offenses against a child will do it, but insisting on top grades and being critical will not. He may not be father of the year, or a good match personality wise for the girl, but courts would much rather see a child with someone who is at least trying and takes an interest in grades and such over one who has a criminal record against a child.
  13. You will need to talk to a family law lawyer about modifying your visitation. Counseling will do more for her than increased visitation because the odds that you will get full custody as a sex offender (or even just a parent) and he will get no visitation is non-existent. It takes way more than being a demanding parent to lose custody and visitation. You *might* be able to get more visitation, but that is about all I would expect. Even that is questionable given that it hasn't been that long since you took advantage of a child.
  14. 1. Please start your own thread rather than tacking your story onto someone else's. 2. Hire a lawyer. This is well beyond the scope of a message board.
  15. It is unlikely as it isn't a reason attributable to your employer, but you should still apply. Sometimes, the state grants benefits for unorthodox reasons. You will have to prove you do have reliable transportation such that you are able to actively seek work.