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  1. Thank You all for Your replies
  2. This has ballooned into more than I thought it would.Thought I answered your question- My Mom is the life tenant. My brother & I would inherit the house if something happens to her ---- per her will-- Something happens to her means Dies . He & I would own i thent .My brother & I would most likely sell the house after her passing Mom & Dad- He died in 1999- Built the house in 1955 for about $17,000 My Dad was a home builder
  3. My mom lives at her home. My brother & I are on the Life Estate I thought I might be exempt because I've been told you can sell your first home and not be taxed on the capital gain. Retired in VA answered that question.
  4. I own my home free & clear. It's worth a estimated $210,000 This is the first home I bought myself. I also have a life estate with my mother & brother on her home. Estimated value $275,000 Owned free & clear Now if we sold my Mother's home first, Would it be exempt from income taxes since it's the first time we sold a home? Then If I sold my home later, would I pay income taxes on the sale price? Not sure how it works
  5. Sell stuff FOB Origin, Then the buyer takes over all responsibility as soon as the package is picked up by the carrier.
  6. From my past experiences, Just dispose of the branches. Keep the peace. It's not worth arguing about.
  7. Ok Thanks.
  8. Yes, I'm thinking of selling the land I granted 2 easements on
  9. In a ad Do you have to disclose easements to a buyer?
  10. Is the owner of a property required to list easements when selling a property? And if a company who has a easement on a property goes out of business, How does the property owner get that easement removed?
  11. Company is Red Ball Express Pipeline Pecos Tx Project is called Red Bluff to Waha My 20 acres is typical desert land. Surrounding area next to my land is the same type. I have no buildings on the property. I didn't know about this pipeline or company until I got their proposal in the mail. No idea if their offer is generous or not.
  12. I own a property in Ward County Texas. I've been contacted by a pipeline company who wants to install a oil pipe line & .equipment that goes with the pipe line on my property. They want to purchase a easement. My question. If I don't want to grant them the easement, Are there any laws in Texas they can use to force the pipe line to be built on my property?
  13. Thank You Doucar. Appreciate it
  14. I completed a simple will for my mother using online forms. The form said it was for my state- Minnesota. We brought the will to a Notary at our bank. Mom signed it, Notary stamped it etc. Is the will legal now? Is there anything else we need to do? Do we file it with anyone or some department? The Notary wasn't sure. We are going to store it in our safe deposit box where both of us have access to it. Thank You