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  1. If a driver records a traffic violation on their dash camera and takes the video to the police station, Can a ticket be issued against the violator? Or do the police have to witness the violation? Just a curiosity question.
  2. I was served a cheese burger instead of the whopper I ordered once, My claim for 9 million dollars in damages didn't hold up in court. Don't waste your time
  3. If you return it, be sure to get a proof of delivery
  4. As a Hot tub owner of 17 years, I've never seen or heard of a Hot Tub pump making that much noise without there being something wrong with the pump, Bad bearing etc. They usually don't last very long when they reach that stage. When on a filter cycle, they barely hum. I can't understand how it could be that loud.
  5. Always remember what God told us-- You shall not steal.
  6. I am making a new will and want to leave my home when I die to a city's Historical society. They're a Non profit. They can sell it or do what they want with it.. It's a modern home, not historical. My home is paid for and everything up to date. Value is about $230,000 today. Do I need any special forms/paperwork from the state or the Historical society to attach to my will to transfer it? Advice appreciated. Thanks
  7. My parents taught me that you should never profit from someone else's misfortune. If they did a good job repairing your car, they deserve to get paid for it.
  8. You have no idea what my brother & I have done & spent to help my nephew get back on track. Saying maybe taxpayers or Government might help where we/family failed is very insulting. You can't help/change someone who doesn't want to change themselves.
  9. Not sure why the Nevada Tag. My nephew is not on good terms with my brother or me, Family issues, drugs, lifestyle etc. He doesn't want him to get much if something happened because of nephews life style. My brother has a very valuable estate with no debt.. He was under the impression his nephew wouldn't have have legal rights to it. That's why I asked this question. I passed on the information here to him. I'm sure it opened his eyes Thanks Everyone
  10. My nephew isn't my brothers son, He's my deceased sister's son. My brother has never been married, no kids. It's just the 3 of us. I'm trying to get him to make a will. This will help.
  11. I have a brother and a nephew. Brother lives in New Mexico Nephew & I live in Minnesota If my brother passed away without a will, Would my nephew & I be the the heirs to his belongings? Or just me? We 3 are the only family left. Brother has a house, cars, money etc Not sure how much money thou My brother said he doesn't need a will since everything would go to me anyways. Is he correct?
  12. I am concerned how a lien would effect me if I wanted to sell my house & move to another state. Say I needed hospital care & the bill was $25,000, then a lien placed on my house. for that amount. I assume a lien in that amount would have to be paid if I sold me house?
  13. I am in Minnesota, I am single and because of my income level I was told I qualify for a Medical Assistance program. No cost to me except some deductibles, Been on it a few years. I am healthy, rarely need medical help.. I just found out that because I'm on Medical Assistance, the state can file a lien on my property to get their money back for my use/cost of the Medical Assistance program. I own my house, and have a Life estate with my brother on my Mothers house, also paid for. When does the state put the lien on my house? When I go to sell my house? How is the lien amount determined? Will this effect me if I want to move to another state? I was never told about this when I got Medical insurance. I don't understand how it works. How do I find out if they placed a lien on my house already? Thank You
  14. Thank You for all of the replies & link, Very helpful