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  1. This is not a referral site. There is the find a lawyer feature on each page you can use. I hope you realize that your doctor will have to talk to them, at your expense, if you sue them.
  2. Have you talked to a pest control company or an exterminator about what you can do about the squirrels? As far as the tree is concerned, if you are unable to locate the neighbor, it looks like you are going to have to spend the money and take care of it yourself, which will be a lot cheaper in the long run than waiting for the roots and branches to destroy your home.
  3. That this all happened almost 25 years ago is problematic, including the time bar of the statute of limitations. I would suggest you take all your documentation to a local attorney in the estate litigation field and explore your options,
  4. No one can know everything about everything or even the latest update on a given subject.
  5. for what purpose? \Postage? It can cost more to mail a heavier document, if that is what you are asking. If you are asking the weight a trier of fact would give a particular document, that would depend upon the content rather than the number of pages.
  6. The rules imposes by the judge are contained in the state rules of evidence, state rules of procedure, and the local rules of court. If the constitution is not relevant to the case, the court can exclude references to it, depending upon what he wanted to say and the point he wanted to make.
  7. In my belief system, you are supposed to love your slave. You only inflict pain and suffering on them when they deserve punishment. So, it finally comes out. You believe in slavery and since my belief system does not, I am imposing my belief system on you? How sick.
  8. Fair is where you go to eat cotton candy and ride the rides. Law is based on rules and statutes, like it or not.
  9. If he was legally harassing them, then he is doing nothing wrong. If he were to be illegally harassing them, he could be.
  10. Sure, if they have no life. But you still can't kill them legally. Any employer who wastes their time about a 10 year old post, rather then recent work history, is a poor employer and I wouldn't want to work with them. When applying for a job, I would be up front and tell the employer that 10 years ago, when I was young and dumb, i posted some things on line, that some people bring up.
  11. You can sue anybody for anything you like, but that is no guarantee that you are going to win. You may be successful in suing them for the actual physical damage that they did to your pool, and have a chance to succeed, but not for moving expenses.
  12. Sure, but that would have nothing to do with the statute.
  13. What subsection f is referring to is someone who repeatedly calls a number and then does not speak when the line is answered-he has no intention of engaging in a conversation, merely to repeatedly call and let the phone ring and then hang up when someone answers. And anyone who does that would be harassing the person he was calling not you.
  14. Don't shop there anymore.
  15. Please follow the rules you agreed to when you signed up. Post in one place. DUPLICATE POSTING
  16. Depends upon why they questioned them, but in the abstract, yes they can. If it was to determine relevancy or competancy of the testimony, it must be out of the jury's presence.
  17. Freedom of speech means the government cannot (with exceptions of course) regulate what you say. It does not prevent people from reacting to what you say is a negative way. It allows you to say what you want to say, but does not protect you from the consequences of what you say.
  18. Unless the laws of Canada are significantly different than laws in the USA, the ex wife will have no access to your income whether or not you are married to the father. The one situation where she might, is after you two are married, he quits his job to avoid paying child support and lives off of your income. Then she might, but is would be an uphill battle.
  19. So, what did he do and how did he do it directly to you, not to a third party and what interstate communications did he use to threaten or harass you directly.
  20. You still haven't stated exactly what they did that is considered offline stalking, other than reporting a posting you made to your employer, which has been explained by several people several times is not illegal. If you have a citation to the statute that you believe is being violated along with exactly what he is doing, perhaps we can give you some guidance. Wikipedia is definately not a reliable source for legal matters.
  21. No way to prove a negative. You have to show what crime it is you think they are violating.
  22. Again it is not illegal. Do you have a statute that you feel was violated? If so please cite it.
  23. As a society, we are governed bu laws, but if there is no law that makes the disclosure illegal, so it is legal. You haven't disclosed where it was posted or how they obtained it, so it may have been obtained legally or illegally, but nothing prevents the truthful disclosure
  24. I am trying to make the point that it is illegal for an individual to report another individual to his/her employer because of something on the internet. But it is not as has been explained before.
  25. The legal definition of defamation (libel and/or slander) is a false statement of fact that damages another's reputation. A false opinion is not defamation, and unless it is defamation per se, you must have measurable ($ amount) of damages to prevail. Depends upon what you mean by Impede? What about off line stalking?