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  1. Under American law it would depend upon the exact wording of the warranty.
  2. I agree with adjusterjack. See a local employment law attorney, this is not something I would trust to strangers on the internet.
  3. Did you file your complaint with the doctor's employer or with the department of Health and Human Services?
  4. Nobody is going to do Ohio case law research for you and no Ohio attorneys follow these boards at this time. Many attorneys give a free or lower cost initial consultation. Use find a lawyer on this page if you do not already have an attorney.
  5. Pefectly legal. File for unemployment.
  6. You can file a complaint with the department of health and human services about a HIPAA violation. They can investigate. There is no private cause of action for you to pursue against the doctor. Did you say anything to the doctor?
  7. Yes. But it rarely works out that way.
  8. The fact that you did not turn in the license does not change the fact that you were married and upon divorce the property division laws will apply.
  9. If no one steps up to oppose it, it is possible. If they do, the odds drops and it will depend upon the facts presented to the judge.
  10. You would subpoena the records from the bureau of prisons you don't need a specific person, just the custodian of records will do. You would have to name the specific records you want, you can't request they go on a fishing expedition.
  11. Once his rights are terminated, so are his obligations so his responsibility for child support will be gone.
  12. disposition of personal property in a divorce is governed by the state where the divorce is filed. Real property is governed by the laws of the state where the property is located.
  13. Yes, if you can find her for small claims court to serve her. I would still file the complaint with USPS. While they don't have the resources to investigate a $19 complaint, if they get a number of complaints against the same person, they may open up an investigation.
  14. A civil litigation attorney. Don't hold your breath for pain and suffering, that are not available in a contract action.
  15. There may be, but with 50 states and numerous counties, there could be many standards. Again, ask your probation officer, he would know if they locally have a standard and if so what it is.
  16. Check your math, after 12 months they would owe $50.00 give or take a few cents.
  17. You are entitled to the judgment rate of interest until paid in full. The last time I checked it was 10% simple interest.
  18. Ask your probation officer. There is no answer for every jurisdiction in every state.
  19. Just because you don't like the answer, is no reason to stoop to name calling. His answer was legally correct. Possibly bad business practices do not make it against the law. He has been posting here longer than I have and has been practicing law almost as long. Don't shoot the messenger.
  20. No and no. It could be grounds for a continuance. Did you sign the citation?
  21. Adopted children have the same rights to inherit as a natural born child.
  22. perhaps the charge date is the date the investigation began or resulted in a warrant and 1/21 was the date the warrant was executed. What does your attorney say?
  23. contact your local medicaid office and file a complaint. They are the ones that have the contract with the transportation company and may be able to do something about it.