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  1. Oral agreements carry wait, you will be evicting him based on a oral agreement. If you had a written agreement, you would still have to evict him through court if he did not leave voluntarily.
  2. A sole proprietorship moves with the owner. The laws and taxes governing it move with it. Unless North Carolina has some unusual laws that I am not aware of you do not set up a sole proprietorship through the county. The only exception would be if you used a ficticious name or DBA. The will have to be registered with the state of county where ever you are.
  3. You are mistaken, the mortgages are in your bankruptcy, you have chosen to reaffirm them by paying them, but they and the lenders are still under the bankruptcy rules, they could not contact you without court permission, nor charged you a late fee or foreclosed without court permission. Have you talked to your attorney about this? You had their address, why didn't you mail the payments?
  4. You still have not posted the rules you asked about in the first post, so we still do not know if you are violating it or not. If the landlord will not enforce the rules, you have two practical choices. 1) hire an attorney to pursue any violation or 2) move.
  5. The code is applied when there is no provision in the lease, so the lease controls.
  6. It is not an invalid or illegal deed restriction. Since you legally knew about it and agreed to it when you bought the property, it is too late now to object.
  7. Perjury is the crime of lying under oath in court. You could also be charged with making a false police report.
  8. If there were away for you to go to court and try and change this (and I am not aware of any in Virgiinia) you would be admitting to the crime of perjury.
  9. Since we are unfamiliar with Serbian law and business practices, we have no way of judging whether it is fraudulent or everyday accepted business practices.
  10. If a judgement was entered by the court, then the judgment is owned by the plaintiff or whoever he/she assigns it to. Just because the owner has a new agent, is no reason to start the unlawful detainer proceeding over again, if there is no judgment.
  11. Not the per stirpes part, but the surviving part. If there were 2 children and one had two children and one had three. Per stirpes would mean the the the benefit would be divided in 2 parts with the 1/2 share would be divided among the two children and 1/2 among the 3 children. Per capita would mean that the benefit would be divided in five equal parts and distributed. All I was saying is that I wasn't sure if the survivor requirement would cut off the children of the one who predeceased. Which is what I read your answer to say.
  12. You can pay your lawyer to file for an emergency hearing and see if the judge will change anything.
  13. I would respectfully disagree with RetiredVA, but in the end it will depend upon how the state law interprets it where you mother lives when she dies. If you leave property per capita to two individuals, then it is divided in 1/2 when you die. If one predeceases the other, but has two children then you get 1/3 and each child gets 1/3. The confusing language is I leave it to the following who survive me, A & B per capita. Retired interpretation is that in order to inherit, they must survive the testator, otherwise their decendents get nothing and the clause would come into effect only if A died after the testator, but before the property was distributed. Some states would interpret it literally others may ignore the survive me provision and distribute it to A and the heirs of B. When the time comes, get the opinion of an attorney in the state where they lived at the time of their death to be safe.
  14. The NFL is very aggressive in protecting its trademarks.
  15. maybe you should try to speak with them since you are facing a 22000 liability, that could hang around for 10 to 20 years.
  16. a judgement could be entered against you and a lien put on any real estate you now own or may own in the future. depending upon your state and income, they may be able to garnish your wages. This claim should be covered by the auto liability insurance you had at the time of the accident. Have you contacted them?
  17. Your purpose in opening a 7 year old thread, to which the poster has not returned in 7 years?
  18. Could you mean per stirpes?
  19. No, that would reference any debt, billed or unbilled.
  20. Yes, it is generally required that it be a substantial change. I would not consider what you described as a substantial change, but I do not practice in your state. Your attorney would be the best one to ask if he felt this judge would consider these a substantial change.
  21. I am sure that there argument would be, if ERISA applied to foreign claims, that until the claim is properly filed, the clock doesn't begin to run.
  22. Is this order limited in time? All child custody and child support orders are temporary. They can be changed when a party can prove to the court that there has been a change in circumstances since the last hearing. Usually, absent some kind of emergency, many courts want you to wait 3 years before entertaining a change. This prevents each party from serially filing after each motion they lose. I want to know how I can get more "supervised" time which I have requested and been denied by my ex, Go back to court is your only option if he will not voluntarily do it. I would like to know if my ex has the right to give my child medication without my consent. If it is not prohibited by the latest order the answer is yes. Taking the opinions and answers from strangers on the internet that you do not know, can be considered undermining to your attorney, so be careful.
  23. Not knowing what the other driver told their insurance company, they may just be trying to save money. You have to realize that they owe you nothing, until a judge tells them that they do or you reach a settlement in writing.
  24. further to what has been posted, if the union has offices in your state, NJ, then you lack diversity jurisdiction for federal court.
  25. Why does he think it is your fault he is not receiving what he thinks he is due?