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  1. Since you did not ask any questions, other than what can I do but wait, I am not sure what you were expecting.
  2. That will be up to the employer.
  3. I would assume you are on Parole not probation since you were convicted of a felony. You would petition the Parole board to reduce parole. Each state is different. Which rights are you interested in having restored? The chances of getting gun rights restored are slim to none, because it is both a state and federal ban. A state pardon, will not affect the federal firearms ban.Tenn Code Ann. 40-29-101 deals with restoration of voting and other rights.
  4. But his point being, that the most accurate opinions will come from someone who knows the judges, the Guardian ad Litem, the social workers. Strangers on the internet would have no clues, as would attorneys who don't practice in your state, or particularly the court where this is pending.
  5. Nothing in your post rises to the level or impermissable constructive discharge.
  6. The child can choose when she it 18. Until then you have to follow the court order.
  7. The Davidson County Drug Court Residential Program (DC4) is a long-term residential drug and alcohol treatment facility, which operates under the direct supervision of the Division IV Criminal Court in the 20th Judicial District of Tennessee Offenders may be referred to the program by the public defenders office, a private defense attorney, the Community Corrections Program, or upon successful completion of an in-jail treatment program. The Drug Court Assessment Team assesses all eligible referrals in order to determine whether or not placement in the Residential Program or Intensive Outpatient Program is appropriate. If placement is deemed appropriate, a recommendation is made to the court to admit the offender into the appointed program. All offenders entering the program are supervised by the Davidson County Community Corrections Program (DCCCP), which is administered by the State Trial Courts and funded by the Tennessee Department of Corrections . Each offender receives a chemical dependency, educational, employment and medical assessment. An individualized treatment plan is developed for each offender based upon the above assessments. The program strives to assist the offender in overcoming his/her addiction, eliminating criminal behavior, developing life skills, obtaining vocational training, completing basic education and attending to other specific needs.
  8. Nothing happens "automatically" it takes a court order
  9. It could be considered intimidation, but is not illegal or actionable.
  10. Here is the answer from a quick google search: Sending email to a Cricket phone: Your address is [10-digit-phone-number] For example, if your phone number is 123-456-7890, your email address would be
  11. Based on what you have posted, it doesn't appear that you have but what difference does it make, ebay has made a decision not to take the risk, and the cost to them to defend a lawsuit would be thousands of dollars and if they lost, statutory damages could be $150,000 if intentional infringement could be proven.
  12. Have you gone into a cricket store and asked or called cricket and asked?
  13. Do you have a question?
  14. Do you have a question?
  15. That still does not change the fact that to be effective, the release must be signed before the act not after it.
  16. No, it is still pending in Congress. It was introduced in 2016 and not acted upon. If not passed in 2017 it will be dead, unless introduced again in 2018.
  17. Police reports are hearsay and are almost never admissible in court, except to contradict a statement made on the stand that differs from the report.
  18. Which means they can no longer sue you on the promissory note, but that has nothing to do with enforcing their rights under the deed of trust. The statute refers to commence an action, which is a lawsuit. No lawsuit is required to enforce a deed of trust. The person to whom you conveyed title simply follows the statute and sells the house.
  19. Has your ex retired?
  20. Would you please answer PG's question. How is the property currently titled by the most recent deed. Otherwise we are in no position to give you suggestions.
  21. Did they garnish your wages or your bank account? If your wages they can take a maximum of 25% under federal law, subject to exemptions. If they garnished your bank account they can take an amount equal to the judgement, costs of garnishment and interest subject to more limited exemptions. As far as creditors are concerned, first come first served. Bankruptcy, if it is feasible and your are eligible is an option.
  22. No. that would be the unauthorized practice of law, especially in as complicated a case as this one.
  23. The citation you were given should have listed the law or ordinance you were being cited under. Have you read it? Are you in violation? Whether or not the seller put restrictions on the property is not relevant when you are cited for violating a law or ordinance.