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  1. If you win, you can be awarded filing fee and serivce fee, but nothing for your time. It could rise to the level of harrassment, but one persons harrassment is anothers pursuasion to move but that is not a cause of action for a lawsuit. How would you prove damages? Just move.
  2. From what you have posted, I see nothing to sue your landlord for. Being a jerk does not in and of itself give you a cause of action. You may be able to sue him for access to your computer, but not for monetary damages. But, If he gives you the proper notice, I believe it is 30 days, he can begin eviction proceedings to have the sheriff move you and stuff out to the street.
  3. I would prefer if people familiar with USA law would reply. We are all familiar with the laws of the United States, especially the attorneys who have all be educated and practice(d) in the USA,
  4. What makes you ask such a question? PG is an attorney and is just trying to get more information to see if there is anything we can do or say that would help you. I too tried to google "well check law" and found nothing.
  5. Possibly for the woman that was not hired. I don't see one for you.
  6. If your mother was going to retire next month on social security, with the severance sh may come out ahead. I month should not affect her social security retirement.
  7. DHR

    Because the law and treat a refusal as a failure.
  8. You can file in Florida, Kansas and Tennessee. You would file in Kansas with ancilliary probates filed in Tennessee and Florida depending upon how the real estate is titled, to deal with the real estate. If there is no personal property in Kansas, you can skip Kansas, but will have to file in the other two.
  9. To get answers to most of your questions, you are going to have to consult with an attorney in Louisiana. Unlike the other 49 states, Louisiana civil law is based on French civil law rather than English common law. And while there are 9 states that have community property they are all different and unique as 8 of them are based on Spanish law particularly Louisiana which as I said is based on French law.
  10. I am sure someone has. Do you have a legal question?
  11. I would go ahead with your plans, as it is impossible to comment on what has not yet been filed. If he files something, that is when you respond to whatever he has filed. But if you have complied with Washington law regarding moving out of state, and the judge has signed off on it (if that is required) go ahead with your plans.
  12. Contact a lawyer in the Parish you were originally sentenced in.
  13. Make sure his attorney knows all the facts and circumstances.