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  1. I hope your attorney has explained to you that your workers compensation company will want to be reimbursed from any recovery you obtain from the commercial policy.
  2. It's is too late to appeal. He has already been cut some slack, and he showed how reliable he was by skipping out, so I doubt a sentence reduction, is possible at this point. He will be lucky if the judge does not throw the book at him. It is time to move on and get on with your life without him.
  3. Couple of questions: Have they admitted liability or is this just go away money. 2. What is your total medical bills. 3. Have you completely recovered?
  4. I assume you meand November 24 2016 not 2017. You take the grandmother to family law court by suing her for custody. I assume you weren't married to the mother, but that paternity was established in the child support action.
  5. A contract can exist before the sale is final. You back out, you will be in breach of the contract and subject to lawsuit for damages.
  6. I don't know very little about legal matters but just very frustrated about this whole scenario. So make them pay by suing them in small claims court.
  7. Here's a very interesting case on hot pursuits/exigent circumstances, O'Brien v. City of Grand Rapids, 23 F.3d 990 (6th Cir. 1994,)there the Supreme Court defined the requisite exigent circumstances necessary to apprehend a suspect within someone's house. You mean the 6th circuit, not the Supreme Court.
  8. My only point was that we only know that she was told that he ran towards the house, she provided no further details, so anything further is merely speculation with at least several plausible scenarios, some of which would justify the police entry and some would not.
  9. And we do not know that the suspect did not break into the cabin and went out a window or door on the other side, either. I doubt the OP knows either, so lets not jump to unfounded conclusions.
  10. I thought I corrected that, but yes couldn't care less where the sheriff's office is located.
  11. The filing fee for small claims court is minimal. I would suggest you invite a reporter to the hearing. Other than your time, the filing fee and service of process fee would be all you would be at risk. As a former small claims court judge in California, I could not care less where the sheriff's office was located relative to the courthouse. Just be sure you meet the filing deadline.
  12. I am sure there are a lot of things you can do, but the most productive one at this point would be to find another organization you can volunteer for.
  13. Do you have a legal question, or do you just want to vent?
  14. No, the loan is your responsibility. You can try suing the driver, but I doubt it would go anywhere. You have not basis to sue the insurance company. You could sue yourself for failing to buy gap insurance, but I doubt if you want to do that. This is an general answer, since you again did not post your state. it is possible that your state;s laws would give you more options, but I doubt it.
  15. You didn't post your state and that is important. For example, here in Nevada if the car is 65% (or 60% I don't remember which) the insurance company will total your car, you will have not choice in the matter. and the loan is your responsibility. If they do not total it, you can try for diminished value, if it is allowed in you unnamed state, but be prepared for Geico to total your car.