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  1. If you owe state taxes, Missouri has five years from the filing date to collect any unpaid earnings tax. The statute of limitations for other state taxes is three years. In the case of state income taxes, for example, the state has three years from the date you filed your tax return or from the date your return was due to pursue the unpaid debt. This period may be extended in certain instances, such as when a state return is never filed or a fraudulent one is.
  2. How does your divorce decree address the real property?
  3. We said no such thing. You asked a legal question we gave you a legal answer. What the owner should or should not do, is a public relations question, not a legal question. While he could take you at your word, he is not legally required to do so and yes our generation was more trusting than the current generation, but again that is not a legal question, but a PR question.
  4. Did you buy the car as is or with a warranty? Based on what you have posted, you have a valid contract, as misspelled name is not fatal. If you are uncertain take it to a business attorney or consumer law attorney and have them review it with you.
  5. A living will has to do with what medical treatment you want or don't want. A living trust is a way of bypassing probate and distributing your estate if your property has been transferred to the trust.
  6. a quick google search gave me this: What you need to register a foreign LLC in Florida: Filing fee: $125. Application by Foreign Limited Liability Company for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida. A registered agent in Florida. Certificate of Good Standing from your home state. Florida Application for Registration - Foreign Florida LLC Feedback
  7. No, but you need to register it as a foreign corporation with the state of florida and name a registered agent for Florida. Or you can dissolve the Iowa LLC and form a new LLC in Florida.
  8. Depends upon how you stop them.. BTW what does this have to do with non-injury accidents?
  9. As best I can determine, a paperless title is in effect an online title that shows ownership and liens. There is a procedure to transfer a title on line. So when he says he saw it on the paperless title, I think that is what he meant/.
  10. but I never signed anything. No matter how many times you say it, it doesn't change the fact that it most likely doesn't matter in this situation, because as was said, you don't need to sign anything to have a contract. You gave him money, he gave you the car in 99% of the cases that is enough for a contract.
  11. No. He can go to court. Whether she chooses to or not is up to her.
  12. You don't have to sign anything to have a contract. Paying him 1/2 would indicate that you thought you had a contract and his accepting it would indicate he thought he had a contact. Have you asked for your money back?
  13. 1) Am I required to attend the hearing on the date detailed on the form I received? Unless you want to lose and have his request granted, then you better be there. 2) Is there a way to contest this filing with another form?, no you contest it by attending the hearing and contesting it. 3) Will the payments be on hold until after the obligor's court date? Not unless the court ordered it to be on hold. You really need an attorney to assist you in this matter.
  14. She stated that she was charged with grand larceny, not passing bad checks. Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree: New York Penal Law 155.30. Likely the most common of all Grand Larceny and felony theft crimes in New York handled by criminal lawyers, Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree (New York Penal Law 155.30) is any theft of property where the value of the property is greater than $1,000. I would think this is closer to what she was charged with. She got $5,200.00 worth of property that she did not pay for.
  15. Based on what you posted, which is all the information we have: Is this CPS case closed or open? Could be either Either way ,is this CPS case usable against me in court? Depends upon what the CPS case learns. What implications would I be looking at if this person decides to do what ever that unstable mind can think of? Now or at some undetermined future date! Depends upon what she does,