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  1. This is strictly civil, breach of contract. Sorry, sue her in small claims court and hope you can collect, or chalk it up to a life experience.
  2. You didn't ask a question, but I have a few. 1) Is there a custody order in place? Other than being on the birth certificate, has it been judicially determined to be the father?
  3. 1. Try find a lawyer on this site, or look for an employment law firm 2. Unless they have offices in Florida, you will have to sue them in Louisiana. 3. Depends upon the law firm 4. I expect it would be $10,000-20,000.
  4. It may be enough to charge, but by itself, I doubt it is enough to convict.
  5. What you have described is not a crime. You can always hire an attorney and sue her. 2. Do you have a question?
  6. He told you how to research it, you chose to ignore him.
  7. A will in Minnesota must be witnessed by two independent witnesses in addition to the testator, a notary is not required, but can make the will self proving. When completed you do not have to file the will with anyone, keeping it in your safe deposit box, with joint access is one place to put it. You may also want to keep a copy for reference.
  8. By putting her name on title, you are presumed to have made a gift of the property to her up to a 1/2 interest.
  9. It would be a civil matter. Some southern states have what is known as a warrant in debt to begin debt collection proceedings in the lower court. I don't know if Mississippi is one of them.
  10. Do you have a question?
  11. hoping for your reply on my fchr decision. TitileV11

  12. if they do not intend to ask for jail time, they do not have to give you a public defender.
  13. That still doesn't answer the question, whose name is on the title?
  14. And when you asked him about it he said .....
  15. No, you are an equal shareholder, not a partner. Your rights are completely different as a shareholder than a partner.