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  1. If the court orders an involuntary sale, you could end up in a situation where you get 70% of the FMV. A cooperative sale should get you closer to FMV.
  2. The correct price. They are not bound by an employee's mistake.
  3. Ok, you have now had two attorneys say 1 year and two attorneys say 2 years. I suppose now is the time to pay an attorney in your state to break the tie.
  4. As Legal writer 1 pointed out, the statute permits the court to authorize a late claim within 1 year, not two. Unless you have authority authorizing the judge to ignore the law, closing the file after only 1 year was proper.
  5. What do you mean you implicitly mentioned that? And no the judge did not have to question you about evidence he was going to rely on. DId you ask the small claims advisor about the use of each form?
  6. I agree with retired. While she could lose medicaid and SSI benefits which are needs based or welfare, she would not lose SSD benefits which is not.
  7. No, state law defines what property is protected. If you have not done so, you need an attorney yesterday as this can be charged as a felony. set apart by the governing authority of any municipality, county, state authority, or the state for use as a park, playground, recreation center, or for any other recreation pur - See more at: This seems pretty clear to me.
  8. Did you object when they presented the document to the court? Depending upon how long ago this trial was, your only course is to file a motion for reconsideration (or whatever it is called in small claims). You have a limited time to do this, and if the time has passed, your too late and stuck with the verdict. A plaintiff cannot appeal a small claims decision, since the plaintiff chose the forum.
  9. Oral agreements carry wait, you will be evicting him based on a oral agreement. If you had a written agreement, you would still have to evict him through court if he did not leave voluntarily.
  10. A sole proprietorship moves with the owner. The laws and taxes governing it move with it. Unless North Carolina has some unusual laws that I am not aware of you do not set up a sole proprietorship through the county. The only exception would be if you used a ficticious name or DBA. The will have to be registered with the state of county where ever you are.
  11. You are mistaken, the mortgages are in your bankruptcy, you have chosen to reaffirm them by paying them, but they and the lenders are still under the bankruptcy rules, they could not contact you without court permission, nor charged you a late fee or foreclosed without court permission. Have you talked to your attorney about this? You had their address, why didn't you mail the payments?
  12. You still have not posted the rules you asked about in the first post, so we still do not know if you are violating it or not. If the landlord will not enforce the rules, you have two practical choices. 1) hire an attorney to pursue any violation or 2) move.
  13. The code is applied when there is no provision in the lease, so the lease controls.
  14. It is not an invalid or illegal deed restriction. Since you legally knew about it and agreed to it when you bought the property, it is too late now to object.
  15. Perjury is the crime of lying under oath in court. You could also be charged with making a false police report.