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  1. Do you have a question for us?
  2. Do you have a question for us?
  3. Not even close. wrongful termination is a legal term of art that refers to termination based on a protected class, race, religion, national orgin, sexual orientation. Poor training is not wrongful termination.
  4. For him to get custody it would have to be shown that she is an unfit mother, a high hurdle. Visitation may well be granted.
  5. If you are here legally, you won't be deported because you apply for asylum. No one can say for sure, except if you don't apply, what the result will be. So apply and hope for the best.
  6. In many states, yes. You didn't put your state.
  7. First and foremost, get your son a lawyer. Secondly. Unlike on television, they do not have to give them their rights, it they do not plan to use what they say against them. Otherwise, the attorney will know what to do. Don't be surprised if the officer's version of what happens differs from your son's. Thirdly, get the boy a lawyer. Finally, when you post a long text, it is much easier to read if you break it down into several paragraphs rather than leave it as one giant block of text.
  8. It depends. What does the lease say about termination early be either party? If you signed an extension, without any provision for termination early in the event of sale, the tenant is within their rights to stay and the new owner just became a landlord.
  9. You asked if it was legal, and it is. Now, the DA's office may have an office policy that would limit what employees may say, but that is not a law.
  10. No, arrests are public records.
  11. Does anyone happen to know the laws on something like this. Yes. As the plaintiff in a small claims case, you have not right to appeal, since you chose the forum. The legal case is over and the judge has ruled against you. It is time to move on.
  12. Not ex parte he will have to be given notice of the hearing and an opportunity to object.
  13. So, you have taken advantage of the procedure to legally stiff your creditors and you are now complaining about the rules that allowed you to do that?
  14. It is not a conflict of interest. The role of the president of a legal aid society is to sit with the board of directors and set priorities and goals for the society. He is not involved in individual cases or strategy etc. His role is not that of an attorney.