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  1. Based on what you posted, who knows. We would need a lot more facts to even begin to answer the question. First of all, who has a restraining or against whom. What are you prohibited from doing? Who are you prohibited form contacted. What parenting plan? What are the details of the plan as they pertain to you and whoever got a restraining order against you.
  2. Are they joint accounts or are they (only) in your husband's name?
  3. He gave you thirty days, you chose to leave early.
  4. The requirement for armed forces 30 day notice is in the Soldiers and Sailors relief Act ( or its successor) The 30 day provision for a job change, would only be permitted if it was included in the lease or a specific state statute.
  5. Yes, you are responsible to the entire month, even though you moved out early. Just as he would have been obligated to provide you access for the full 30 days.
  6. Have you asked his lawyer? No one on this site practices in CT and the most accurate answer would come from a criminal defense a attorney who practices in CT.
  7. What has he done to try and see the girls?
  8. No, he is being punished for being in an accident without insurance. You need to go to the courthouse where the judgment was entered, and get a copy of the case file. In it should be the proof of service showing what they told the court about how you were served. And then you can take it from there. If you were not served, you can file a motion to set the judgment aside on the ground you were not served. Some state require you to state your defense to the claim in order to get the judgment set aside, and if the court does not find a valid defense, they can let the judgment stand.
  9. Now you need to get them to dismiss the case with prejudice.
  10. No. what made you think that you were?
  11. depends on the nature of the violation, but yes they could go back to jail.
  12. They have two years form the date of the accident to sue you in Indiana. So you were never served with the initial court papers? If you have not done so, let your insurance company know and if it is not too late, your attorney or their attorney may be able to get the judgment set aside.
  13. An appeal is on the basis that they judge made an error of law. The credibility of witnesses is within the sole discretion of the trier of fact and will not be challanged on appeal absent an error of law. You will not have an opportunity to retry these issues on appeal.