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  1. Tennessee judgments are enforceable for 10 years. Whatever money they took out of your bank account apparently wasn't enough to cover the judgment amount and the remaining balance has grown enough to make it worthwhile to go after your wages now. I don't know what you mean by "released the account" but if you mean charged off that's only an accounting thing so the creditor can get a tax deduction. The debt is still collectible. The reason you were able to get offers for credit cards might be that the judgment wasn't on your credit report at all or may have dropped off. Anybody's guess. Doesn't really matter. What's happening is what's happening. As to what you can do. Contact the judgment creditor and find out what it will take to avoid garnishment. Then it's up to you.
  2. OK, here are your choices. 1 - Sue for your money back. 2 - Since you are both stationed at Camp Pendleton, get the base commander involved. COs can often exert pressure on somebody to do the right thing. 3 - Do nothing and have no car and no money.
  3. You hire a lawyer who gives them proper legal notice that their occupancy is terminated and then you have him evict them through the courts. With squatters it could take many months. The alternative is to offer them money to leave but you don't pay them until everything they own is off the property and they are ready to get in their car and drive off. Have the lawyer draft a written agreement as well. No offense, but having let this slide all those years tells me that you are no up to handling this without a lawyer.
  4. Either of those would be the kiss of death. Quietly discussing this with a lawyer will answer that question one way or the other.
  5. You apparently don't know what this verification thing is all about. In fact, it's not verification, it's validation and you can find the details in the FDCPA Section 809: Note that there are things you have to do which I am guessing that you haven't. If things are that bad for you, you might want to consider bankruptcy.
  6. State or federal tax? Income tax or other?
  7. There's the problem. Lesson for the future. When a lunatic like that does that in FRONT of you, you DON'T go around him. You back off, slow down and let him get far ahead of you. Going around a lunatic is perceived as an aggressive move by the lunatic and only escalates his rage. Somebody acts nuts on the road, back off.
  8. I was looking for the loan balance not the original amount but perhaps I wasn't clear. Anyway, you're down to several choices: 1 - Sue for your money back and to rescind the sale. 2 - Sue for the amount of the loan balance, if less than the purchase price. Then pay off the loan (if you collect) and get the lien released. 3 - Since you are both stationed at Camp Pendleton, get the base commander involved. COs can often exert pressure on somebody to do the right thing. 4 - Do nothing and you are stuck with a lien on the car which can eventually lead to repossession by the lender if the payments aren't made. Pick one of the above and get moving on it. I can't imagine that there is any other useful advice available here.
  9. Not quite what I had in mind. So, what happened in the 5 minutes immediately preceding that. Something started the train of events that culminated in the black dude getting out of his car and approaching the OP's car. Did somebody tailgate, brake check, cut in front, give the finger, etc That's what I'm looking for.
  10. What happened in the 5 minutes immediately preceding him getting out of his car?
  11. Obviously she CAN do it if she DID do it. It isn't. And it's likely a violation of her fiduciary duty to the estate. But, hey, let's face it. How many thousands of dollars are you willing to spend on a lawyer to litigate the issue and get her removed for a few hundred dollars difference in the value of the appliances? Let this one go. Save your money in case bigger issues come along.
  12. Call one up and make an appointment.
  13. Now we're getting somewhere. How much is the lien?
  14. File a motion asking the judge for permission to amend your complaint.
  15. Duplicate post. See:
  16. This is a better category for your post since you are likely to have to go to court and get conservatorship or guardianship over both your parents. Your other two posts will be deleted. Keep all future discussions to THIS thread and don't open any new ones. Also have some patience as it can sometimes take up to a day to get responses.
  17. Is it legal FOR WHO to stop speeders and tell them to slow down? A police officer? Of course it is. A citizen? Legal but risky. (I'm picturing Gomer Pyle in the "citizen's arrest" episode.)
  18. Insurance will defend you against the liability claim but not the criminal charges. You'll need to get your own lawyer for that.
  19. Right. But what I am trying to find out is if the OP knew about the lien before handing over the money. If he did know about it and completed the transaction anyway, he might be stuck with the lien. If he didn't find out about the lien until after handing over the money he might have a cause of action for the seller failing to provide good title. OP seems to be avoiding the question.
  20. You still haven't answered the question: Did you know about the lien before you handed over the money? Yes or no.
  21. You can find out by searching the county assessor records. The plat map ought to show you where the property line is and who owns what.
  22. If you have been suspended without pay, file for unemployment immediately. No work + no pay = Unemployed. If you get reinstated you can drop you claim.
  23. I don't think so either. The property owners have no obligation to do so. You are giving an unsolicited gift to management. Management has no obligation toward your efforts. What you can or cannot do and what management can or cannot do is addressed first by your lease and next by your state's landlord tenant laws. As for building something on property that doesn't belong to the facility, well, it belongs to somebody and that somebody can certainly do something about your trespassing. The last time I found paw prints and scratches on my car I was ready to find the damned cat and shoot it. You're welcome to your pets. Just keep them in your home and don't inflict them on anybody else.
  24. There's a lawyer directory at the top of this page. Don't count on that contingency thing. If you can afford to send your kid to a private boarding school, you ought to be able to pay an attorney.
  25. Did you cash a counterfeit check at their business 14 years ago?