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  1. It is a warning. You've been warned that undocumented tardiness will result in termination. The period of remediation starts the day you were given the warning and ends the next time you are late without documentation, at which time the employer may terminate your employment. Nobody put a gun to your head. The warning would have been just as valid with or without your signature. Though refusing to sign might have gotten you fired on the spot. I doubt if that matters.
  2. I spent 35 years in the insurance industry and can tell you that it's common for a life insurance company to delay paying benefits when there is a dispute as to who is entitled to be paid. You will have to resolve the dispute in court and get the court to order the life insurance company to release the money to the proper beneficiary. You'd be suing the life insurance company and seeking what's is called a "declaratory judgment" once the court determines who the proper beneficiary is. If you don't go to court eventually the life insurance company will turn the money over to the state and I'm guessing you will still have the same problem getting the money from the state if two people claim it at the same time. If you want to avoid the cost of litigation you have the option of making a deal with the other party to share the proceeds in whatever split you can both live with and submit that written agreement to the life insurance company relieving the life insurance company of any liability. The other party might also be reluctant to avoid litigation. If you still want to litigate then google life insurance beneficiary dispute lawyer for your city. How much money is involved?
  3. From the US copyright law: The authors' work is protected until the end of 2047. Citing the author doesn't change the fact that you are infringing and are subject to a lawsuit by the authors' heirs (who own the copyright). If you want to get this right either contact the heirs and get a written license to use the work or rewrite your music to make it completely original. The last thing in the world you want is to start making big money with your music only to have it all drained away by a lawsuit. As for copyright for an original work, you'll already have protection from the day it's created but registering your work gives you additional protection so just go to the copyright office website and learn all about how to register your work.
  4. Sure looks like it. Minnesota.
  5. Unfortunately, NC has a very short notice of termination period - 7 days for month to month tenancy. I suggest you carefully study the landlord tenant statutes to see if you have any defenses that may delay your eviction. See if there is a local legal aid or tenant rights agency that can help you.
  6. You just contradicted yourself. All the more reason to have your insurance handle it, in addition to your policy requiring you to report it. As I wrote earlier, he's got you over a barrel. As long as you don't want to involve your insurance, you pay him what he wants and don't argue about it.
  7. And you didn't have the sense not to go there?
  8. Start with these two questions: 1 - What was the date of the accident? 2 - What dealings have you had so far with the other driver's insurance company? Understand that you get no money for your injuries until you are fully recovered or have reached maximum medical improvement and your claim can be quantified. That could take a few months or many months or even just a few weeks. It never hurts to talk to a lawyer but it could be premature to actually hire one and commit a third of your recovery to the lawyer. For all you know, you could recover quickly with little or no ill effect and your claim won't be worth much. And it doesn't become worth more if the air bag contributed. Concentrate on treatment and recovery. You've got a ways to go before thinking about money.
  9. You have nothing in writing about your deal? You never had the title put in your name? If I am right about those, then you are pretty well screwed unless you come up with his money real fast.
  10. Your reluctance to go to your insurance company makes you the ideal pigeon for a rip-off. He's got you over a barrel. You can google insurance claim release and find lots of samples that you can use. Or, you can turn it over to your insurance company and let the experts handle it.
  11. I think OP wants to leave the country right after filing bankruptcy.
  12. If you are going to rely on that assertion you had better be able to cite and quote the statute that supports the assertion, otherwise you have nothing. Reasonable precautions doesn't mean that the security guards can have their eyes on every inch of the place every minute of the day. And if the robber quietly came over and stuck a gun in your ribs and you quietly handed over your money, how would you expect the guards to know what was happening?
  13. You might be allowed to appear by telephone. You would have to get the permission of the bankruptcy trustee.
  14. You'll have to find out if a vehicle needs to reinspected before sale if the current registration period is still good. Check the statute Chapters 175 and 177 at: Here's another resource: Manuals/Pub_45 Inspections Regulations/PUB-45.pdf
  15. Of course not. File an appeal. And keep filing them each time you get turned down until you've exhausted them all.
  16. That makes even less sense. I give up.
  17. Jeez, it's like pulling teeth to get anything out of you. Explain how it's your debt if it's not in your name.
  18. You said the debt was not in your name. Whose debt is it? You're going to have to clear that up before you get any useful comments.
  19. Doesn't matter. Your former tenants knew that you had a realtor seeking new tenants. Your former tenants knew that you allowed your realtor to communicate with them about their situation. Your former tenants may have had a reasonable belief that the realtor was acting on your behalf in telling them it was OK to leave. That's how "apparent authority" works. Google it.
  20. Your realtor terminated the lease by allowing the old tenants to move out. Your realtor is your agent. You are responsible to the former tenant for what your realtor did, despite not being authorized. As far as your former tenant is concerned your realtor had "apparent authority" (google it) to allow the move out. Therefore the former tenant did not "breach" the lease. Knowing that, I think you are obliged to refund the deposit in full if there is no adjustment for damage. Then you get to deal with your realtor for any loss of rent that the realtor's action cost you. I suggest you decide quickly because the NJ Security Deposit allows for double damages, costs and reasonable attorney fees if the former tenant sues you and wins.
  21. Then you don't have to file anything because it's not your business.
  22. NJ requires landlords to mitigate damages by re-renting as soon as reasonable possible and the landlord has the burden of proving mitigation. See Sommer v. Kridel, 378 A. 2d 767 - NJ: Supreme Court 1977:,31 It's been about 6 weeks. What have you done to find another tenant and why have you not been successful? Here's the security deposit refund statute: I suggest you at least put the tenant on written notice that the security deposit is being held to cover unpaid rent due to breach of the lease until such time as you have a replacement tenant. Meantime, you'd better have a darned good reason for not having the place re-rented yet.
  23. There's one way to find out. Go ask.
  24. It's HIPAA, not HIPPA. Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act. Did you put anything in writing that said "Don't call my mother"? Whether there is a HIPAA violation depends on that and on why they called your mother and what they said to her when they called.
  25. Well, I can't see the other 26 paragraphs but based on just what you've shown, I don't see any obligation on your part to repair or maintain anything. The contract says that the landlord won't but doesn't say who will. There's a couple of lawyers who participate here. Stick around and see what they say.