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  1. Should have put all of your problems in one thread. The same answer applies here as it does to your roof problem: As a practical matter, however, you are unlikely to ever see a nickel for your troubles, so get out as soon as you can and find a better place to live.
  2. Document everything, photograph everything, lay a paper trail by giving your LL appropriate written notices (letters, no email, not texts) and, if no results, just pack up and get out. Meantime, while "guides" are nice, you would be wise to learn the statutes because it's statutes that you have to cite in court if you have to. Here they are:
  3. Sorry, but that doesn't make any more sense than your first post. Go back to the beginning and tell us who got cited for what, what your roll is in this, and what has been going on with the issues since then. And why would you be naive enough to take some bureaucrat's word that you can bill property owners $80,000? What on earth is that all about?
  4. If you can't find your own will, make a new one and keep it safe. A new will cancels previous wills.
  5. Yes. 30 days. See 1946.1 of the CA landlord tenant statute:
  6. Confused? Then it's time to hire a lawyer to help get you through this.
  7. That makes no sense. Please explain.
  8. That alone suggests that your fostering of the children is temporary and subject to periodic reassessment.
  9. Here's what the statute says: And this is the application you filled out when you applied for the plates: In my capacity as a car collector who has to comply with similar requirements I make the following comments. 1 - Mudding with friends. I would construe that as participation in club activities or "similar uses." 2 - Daughter to graduation. A little to close to "general transportation" but we all take our collectibles out for pleasure drives. I think you'd be OK for a one time trip like that. Just don't do anything that would call attention to yourself. As always, DrEnd, if you are caught or killed I will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
  10. This is the third site that I found you on (so far) and here's the same answer I gave you on the other two. Read the statute: If you want to go through all that, knock yourself out.
  11. Beats me. Lock outs are generally illegal so you might owe him a penalty that'll offset the damage to your door. Before you do anything else you'd better understand that your arrangement with your TENANT is subject to the NH landlord tenant statutes: Read them. Know them. Follow them to the letter. Or you could be the one who ends up owing your tenant money if you get it wrong.
  12. There's a lot more to the story than you are telling, probably a lot more than your brother is telling you. Here's the AZ criminal trespass statute that includes Class 6 felony: Your brother needs a lawyer and he needs to stop talking about this to anybody but the lawyer.
  13. Obviously they CAN do it because they DID do it. Your remedy is to evict which you are doing anyway. You also have the option of hiring a locksmith.
  14. You can go get the car, pay the balance, transfer the title into your name. Then get on with your life with the understanding that you blew it and have to live with your mistakes. Going to court isn't going to help you.
  15. I'm going to assume, since you were foolish enough to agree to the year extension, that you were also foolish enough not to leave yourself an out. Therefore, the lease extension is for a year, the same monthly rent is for a year. So, no, you cannot increase rent, nor can you change any of the terms of the lease. I'm afraid you are stuck with the agreement. Make sure you tell whoever made you the offer that they need to accept the idea of being a landlord for a year. If they buy the property and evict the tenants you can be sued for breach of contract and certainly lose. Better start re-marketing the house as a rental property so you can sell it to an investor who wants one.
  16. My opinion, for the two cents that it's worth, is no, your corporation is neither. The objects of your corporation are so broadly public spirited that there is no doubt in my mind that it's a Public Benefit corporation. At any rate, where (on the RRF-1 Instructions) do you see an exemption for filing it for a Mutual Benefit corporation. I don't. I think if you want to be reinstated you need to accept that you'll have to file the annual RRF-1.
  17. After 10 years, presumably you know on what day of the month your space rent is due (as well as how much). Why didn't you just go to the management office and pay it? Might be more to this story than we are being told.
  18. Sure. And you can foreclose for non-payment as soon as she refuses.
  19. No, you don't have to wait. You can write a new mortgage to replace the old one. Just make sure it's recorded so she can't sell the house without you being paid.
  20. For what? Making a mistake and arresting a man with the SAME NAME as his uncle. There's nothing to sue for until your husband gets acquitted or the charges are dismissed. Try this: But I suggest a criminal defense attorney first.
  21. As a practical matter it "expires" 5 years after the maturity date because there is a 5 year statute of limitations, beyond which you will be barred from enforcing it. See Florida statute 95.281:
  22. Neither do I but, like lemmings, we all followed.
  23. Amen to that. And, in case it's not abundantly clear to readers, I add the phrase "before they move in."
  24. There are other statutes that make it unlawful to drive without a license even if you've never been licensed anywhere at all. Those statutes start with 46.20.001:
  25. Yeah, it's more complicated. For one thing your verbal agreement was useless and unenforceable. What was left behind did not automatically become yours. There are complicated laws that apply to abandoned property. I suggest you figure out what they are and follow them. Hindsight is 20/20. The right way to have handled that was to inspect the property before going to the escrow office to close. You didn't do that and you got sandbagged after they guy got his money. Had you seen the junk there before you closed you could have said "No, thanks, get your crap off the property by close of escrow or there won't be any close and you won't get your money until everything is removed." You'd have been amazed at how fast that stuff would have been gone.