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  1. For what? You have nothing to sue for. Every nickel you have paid toward this car has been to RENT IT from your ex. Neither you nor your daughter have any ownership claim to it. His "promise" to sign it over to her is not enforceable. It's a promise to make a gift and those types of promises are not enforceable when the donor reneges. I suggest you tell your daughter to resign herself to the fact that her father is an ahole and she can't have the car anymore. She can ride a bike around campus like thousands of other students do. Then tell your ex "It's YOUR car, YOU go get it, daughter will have the keys and the car ready for YOU to pick up when you get there." Let him be the one to take it away from her face to face and you don't get in the middle.
  2. I think you aren't going to accept anything that two lawyers tell you and you're just going to keep ranting about it with no end in sight. Answer me this: You borrowed money on 8 different occasions, right? You have 8 different numbered loan accounts showing on your credit report, each with a different loan date and amount borrowed, right? You get a statement every month showing all 8 accounts, their account numbers, and their current balances, right? And the statement allows you to make one payment to cover all the loans, right/ When you look at your credit report do you see a 9th item showing this monthly statement or do you just have 8 accounts showing on your credit report? I don't know. $1.25 to each loan. Or maybe it's prorated based on the balances. You tell me. You ought to be able to figure it out by looking at the changes in each of the balances each month. Bad example, irrelevant. Not even close to a valid comparison but no surprise that you came up with it. What you aren't understanding (and apparently don't want to) is that you don't have ONE account, you have EIGHT accounts and all your ranting isn't going to change that.
  3. Cfisher34, while your opinion appears to be correct, you've latched on to an almost 4 month old post (it's called necro-posting), parroted the opinion of two attorneys (tax-counsel and PG1067) for no apparent reason and wasted the time of everybody who now has to re-read the thread. Very annoying. Please refrain from doing that on old threads. Otherwise your opinions are welcome on more up-to-date postings.
  4. Long story short: If you, indeed, damaged the carpet you should only be paying the depreciated value of the carpet and only for the non-contiguous areas of the damaged carpet. That seems to cover questions 1 through 5. As for question 6 - the timing of the letter vs the date of the receipt is irrelevant. Your option is to sue in small claims court if you feel that the LL is wrongly charging you for the carpet. If you choose to do that then you'll have to study up on "measure of damages." That topic is way too comprehensive to go into here.
  5. Probably not. And you certainly don't want to bring him to the attention of the court. It's likely to get him deported. Get him legal first.
  6. Yes. Yes. It's called "cash for keys." You pay him to leave. How much that's going to be depends on how desperate you are to avoid the expense, time, and hassle of an eviction procedure. Just make sure you don't hand over the money untill his stuff is out, in his car or truck, and he has signed a written agreement that, in exchange for the money, his tenancy is terminated on that date.
  7. It "could" but I wouldn't count on it. I've seen juries throw those things out. Proper liability insurance is the way to go.
  8. All I can give you is a maybe. You could be liable for her death because you served liquor to a minor. Depends on who can prove what. But you are certainly vulnerable to a lawsuit that can cost you a fortune to defend so I hope you looked into proper insurance before you decided to host the party. At any rate, California liquor liability laws are complicated, so you would be wise to get ahead of this and consult an attorney just in case.
  9. You do realize that there are cameras all over those stores? You should have gone right to Customer Service with the money. You can still do that and try to white wash your theft by saying you found it on the floor. Or just sweat it out and see if anything happens. Supports the argument that 18 year old brains aren't fully developed.
  10. No you don't. Admit it, you want to gouge the insurance company for as much as you can get, just like everybody else (including me, to be honest - LOL) but it isn't going to happen. You, yourself, admit that the ACV is $13K something. Makes sense that totaling up the repair cost and the DV shouldn't exceed the ACV. Right?
  11. With whom do you own the property and why are you concerned about this possibility?
  12. Actually, NONE of that matters because they owe you NOTHING until a court of law says how much. Until then they can offer you a dollar and justify it any way they want to or not even give you any reasons. Frankly, I agree that $6.5K is delusional and the computations leading to a maximum of $3000 are more accurate. I suggest you take if it's still on the table because you aren't likely to win any more than that in court. I also suggest you avoid those "certified appraisers" because they will want money for their services and even they aren't going to get you more than the $3000 that's being offered.
  13. Sorry, but your promissory note is probably worthless with regard to the money at the county clerk's office. The 100% interest is also illegal as usury. The best you can do is sue your friend for the $4000 by my guess is you won't have any claim on the money at the county clerk's office.
  14. Yes. Your food, your use, you pay.
  15. Toxeen, I told you in the other thread that you need to find out the insurance company that covered the car at the time of the accident.
  16. No, no, and no. None of that is "legal." In fact, if it's a US passport, it may be a federal crime subject to prosecution. You are welcome to call the passport office and report the fraud. And call the Mumbai authorities and report the bigamy.
  17. Google, the yellow pages, the Find a Lawyer feature at the top of this page. It's easy to find a lawyer. As long as you have money to pay him.
  18. Since there is no court order, you have the option of just keeping your son that weekend for his birthday and let your husband stew in his own juice. Just don't tell him in advance that you are going to do that.
  19. Talk to YOUR lawyer and don't take legal advice from the enemy.
  20. She already did do it. She doesn't have to. She fired the first shot by paying you only half your bill. Now the ball is in your court. That's on you. But you can still sue her in small claims court for the full amount but you'll have to send back the partial payment.
  21. You were likely covered under his liability insurance as a driver using the car with permission. I suggest that you talk to your friend and get his insurance information from the time of the accident. If he gives you a hard time just tell him he can be on the hook as the owner of the car. If your friend still won't talk to you see if there is a police report that provides his insurance information and contact that insurance company. Meantime, you are free to tell the attorney that you can't pay. Not much they can do to you without filing a lawsuit.
  22. There is no "plans to sue" there is only sue or not sue. Until you've been served a summons and complaint I suggest you ignore his hot air and not get into any discussions about the trust.
  23. The judge is an idiot. This is a landlord tenant issue despite the father-daughter relationship. Are you a lawyer? If yes, what kind? I can't imagine any lawyer with half a brain not pushing back on this.
  24. Yes, it's legal. In the absence of a payment schedule to the contrary, the bill is payable on demand and in full. Your bill is already IN collections, which is what sold to a collection agency means. I suggest you pay the balance immediately before they start adding interest and attorney fees which could double the balance very quickly.
  25. That's a question that can ONLY be answered by a thorough examination of the vehicles, the drivers, and the business because it can go either way depending on the actual circumstances.