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  1. You have lots of rights but they depend on the answer to the following question. When you signed the two year lease, DID YOU KEEP A COPY? Answer that please.
  2. Two options: 1 - Find another job. 2 - File a complaint with the CO Department of Labor: And then find another job because you can bet old manipulative Sam Johnson will find a way to fire you after the state comes down on him.
  3. Seriously? Yes, it was a mistake. Yes, your 7 year old got a little tipsy. Otherwise there was no harm done so send the drama lama back out to the barn. There's no money in this for you. How would you like to get sued for every harmless mistake that you make? Jeez.
  4. Yes. Surprised? And, under the "letter" of Maryland law (and likely every other state as well), I just committed the same crime by answering your question. Maryland Business and Occupations Code Section 10-101 defines the following: Technically, anybody making any comments (helpful or otherwise) about anybody else's legal matter is in violation. You're in violation, I'm in violation, any non-lawyer on this and all the other legal websites who comments on anybody's legal situation is in violation. I've been at this for 15 years on a variety of sites and have racked up enough counts of the unauthorized practice of law to put me in jail for several lifetimes with billions of dollars in fines. Your accuser is technically correct but from a practical standpoint he's also an idiot because nothing is ever going to come of you rendering an opinion on your HOA's legal issues any more than I'm ever going to get charged for it. So let's have a good laugh while we continue our criminal enterprise. LOL. Stick around. There are a couple of lawyers that participate here. They may have some comments.
  5. Unless your contract says otherwise, your payment is due upon presentation of the bill. I suggest you write your check and mail it as soon as you get the bill. Riding the due date is dangerous.
  6. Defence (instead of defense) may indicate that the poster is not in the US.
  7. It became theft the moment she said "Give me back my dog" and you didn't give her back her dog.
  8. I, too, explained that to you on another site: It does.
  9. I suspect that the employer will find a way to cheat you out of whatever amount you think you are entitled to no matter what you do. You would be wise to consult an attorney and review your options, especially if that 50% is a considerable amount of money.
  10. Tell him to give you the statute number so you can look it up. Sounds like a scam to me.
  11. Well, yes and no. If you return the partial payment, the payor remains in default and you might be able to sue. If you keep the partial payment, you may have waived the default. A lot depends on the terms and conditions of your signed agreement. Post a copy here, after redacting identifying information, and you might get some helpful comments. PS: Don't accept legal assertions from your enemy. He/she will tell you anything to get you to back off. Consult an attorney of your own.
  12. Same answer you are getting on all the other sites where you posted this. Your written contract with a low life thief won't be worth the paper its written on. If you think she will pay you, contract or no contract, than you are the one who is delusional.
  13. You are going to have to deal with the citation one way or the other. The summons was just issued yesterday. Likely got mailed yesterday or today which means you'll get it either tomorrow or early next week. No sense in calling the court anymore. Wait until you get the citation in the mail. It will give you instructions. If it comes certified go ahead and sign for it. Ducking it will only delay the inevitable and will cost you more if they have to send a process server. Signing for the mail is not an admission of guilt. Once you get the citation you can decide what to do next.
  14. Here's why you got a yes and no answer. My comment is predicated on the consumer protecting himself from scammers by recognizing the scam and walking. In that vein it IS a consumer protection matter. Get it?
  15. Obviously they CAN do it because they DID do it. Yes. So? How does knowing that help you? Yes. You stop it by not buying anything from that store. Go rescue a pet from the pound. It will love you forever.