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  1. Then you should be able to find the local probate court and see if there is a probate case file. That file will tell you everything you need to know. Try it.
  2. No need. Seems like you have enough grounds to push back or, at least, ignore what the trailer park people "want." By the way, there is no trying to evict, there is either evict or not evict. Eviction is a court procedure. Notice of termination is a different matter and even that has to be done properly and in writing according to the Montana Mobile Home Park Landlord Tenant Statute section 70.33-422: So, if somebody is "telling" you this, that, and the other thing, you are free to ignore it. Meantime here is the full statute which you should study carefully and keep a link to it on your computer. Park management might be on thin ice here.
  3. Of course you can. You aren't really asking for permission, are you? Here's where you file: Here's the form: Trouble is, he may get penalized by the state, but nothing he learned is anything that he couldn't have learned in a variety of ways so there's nothing to stop him from using any of it in court. Yes, you are lucky to have a good attorney. Rely on your attorney.
  4. What she should do is read her policy/plan booklet because all those questions are answered there.
  5. Contradiction alert: First you say: Then you say: Which is it? Before you answer that question, get a copy of the deed directly from the county recorder so you KNOW not just think you know. Do it fast, like tomorrow, then come back to this thread and report how the ownership is stated on the deed.
  6. The other driver's insurance company has no obligation to you unless a court of law rules that the other driver is at fault and for how much. There is nothing wrong with the people at that insurance company believing their own customer. You will have to sue the other driver and prove to a judge that she was at fault. I suggest you photograph the damage, get an estimate, and sue in small claims court if your damage cost is within the small claims limit of your state.
  7. The poster is in WA and here's what I wrote on the other site: Well, it looks like they have no liability under contract law because you agreed to that contract by buying the condo. However, the HOA might be liable under negligence law. Your opinion and my opinion is useless to you. Negligence is a complex issue so I suggest you pay that lawyer for the couple of hours that it will take to review the declarations and discuss your options. I can almost guarantee that you will get nowhere without an attorney of your own. I wonder how many other sites the question will appear on.
  8. It probably is retaliation or discrimination but I don't see it as illegal retaliation or discrimination.. Or it might just be that there were other qualified applicants to choose from who were better suited than you. Maybe it's time you learned that filing a grievance against the boss is the kiss of death. If you have a grievance you find another job somewhere else.
  9. What you and your friend arranged is called a "bailment." Read the following two articles to learn about it. Then review CA case law on bailments at Google Scholar. As you can see there are lots of cases. You'll want to look for cases involving gratuitous bailments between individuals: I haven't found anything specific on bailments but the CA statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit based on breach of an oral contract is two year. I suggest not waiting too long. Only to the extent that it could be evidence confirming that a bailment existed and he breached it. Doesn't really matter that his avoiding you is deliberate or inadvertent, only that it happened. Used value. Yard sale or Craigslist prices. If your $1000 piece of equipment is obsolete and can be replaced for $200 with something of the same quality and features you start with that and depreciate from there. Too bad. You'll just have to accept that you have that weakness in your case. Yes, though a court is likely to want evidence. Sure. No and No. Could be anything or nothing. Could be that he did the best he could under the circumstances. No way to predict. The CA small claims limit is $10,000. I spend many years as a property claims adjuster analyzing inventories of used items that customers presented. What I see in your list is well below that $10,000 limit. In fact, I'm not sure I see more than a few thousand in used values there. So before you think about traveling to CA to pursue a lawsuit that might cost you thousands in travel and lodging (maybe more than once) I suggest you hire one of those moving companies that pack up your stuff as well as move it, and have them go get it all, assuming it's still there.
  10. By who? Her? Does the dog really qualify as a "service animal" under federal and state law? Sheet - Service Animals Sept 2011.pdf What's her "disability"? What is the dog trained to do with regard to that disability?
  11. As an convict on probation, your PO owns you. If probation is too onerous for you, you are welcome to go back to jail.
  12. And quit opening multiple threads for every question. Your rental is ONE topic. Keep it all here. Multiple threads just annoy people and discourage responses. Your duplicates will be deleted. Move your guest question here.
  13. No limit. However, if you have a lease of specific duration you are stuck until expiration. If you are on month-to-month give at least 30 days written notice if the tenant is there less than a year, 60 days if a year or longer. As a novice you need to study the CA landlord tenant statute: It can be confusing so read this guide, too: Just don't rely on the guide if you have to take any action, the guide is just a summary and can be misinterpreted if you don't know the statutes behind whatever you have to do. I'm a former landlord and I'll leave you with this important advice: Inspect the property once a month. no matter how far away it is. Schedule it for the rent due date. Notify your tenant a week or two in advance that you are coming and will pick up the rent. Carry a receipt book with you, the kind that makes duplicates. Carry your pay or quit notices (written per statutory wording) with you in case you don't get paid. Develop a heart of stone when it comes to tenants or they will walk all over you and cost you a ton of money that you will never recover because tenants typically live from paycheck to paycheck. Good luck.
  14. Read the following part of the Iowa SOS website about what constitutes doing business in Iowa: Then look up the two statutes referred to for foreign LLCs (489.802 and 489.803): Seems clear to me that your proposed activity is NOT an activity not constituting transacting business which means that it IS an activity constituting transacting business which does require a certificate of authority.
  15. 1 - Keep looking. Some places might be more liberal. 2 - Talk to an attorney about getting the records expunged. Might work since the charges were dismissed. No.