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  1. Sure, you can pack up and leave and worry about the consequences later. Life lessons from the school of hard knocks: 1 - Never hand over the money or sign a lease unless the unit is turnkey. 2 - Never live with roommates. They are the kiss of death. Now study the WA landlord tenant statutes for any remedies you might have based on the condition of the property.
  2. That's easy. You could make up a name and the employer could give you an ID badge, business card, or whatever, which would be all you need to identify yourself to fellow employees. The only one who would know your real identity would be the boss who hired you. Nothing illegal about using an alias under those circumstances. You wouldn't need, nor should you have, a separate identify with fake driver license or state ID, if that's what you are asking. Once you become a licensed PI, you will figure out unique ways to hide your own identity when you are snooping. I was a PI years ago. When I went snooping around businesses I carried a clipboard, made up a name and said I was from the insurance company. Nobody ever asked me for ID.
  3. The problem with lunatic neighbors is that they have nothing to lose and you have everything to lose. You're not going to like this but I suggest you start minding your own business and ignore the neighbors. Block their texts. Block their calls. I can't imagine why ever ever gave them your phone number. Stop ratting them out for every thing they do. Keep your head down and stay under the radar When your lease is up find another place to live. And how the hell does anybody know you have an AR-15 in your apartment? That's something nobody should be telling anybody about.
  4. Sorry, doesn't work that way. 1 - Attorneys generally don't take landlord tenant cases on contingency so your chances of finding one are slim to none. 2 - Attorneys don't troll here looking for clients so your chances of getting one to respond to your post are Zero. 3 - Never put your real name and phone number out on the internet. You'll attract scammers. 4 - If you plan on staying in the landlord business any longer you need to have lots of money set aside for bad times and hiring lawyers or you need to learn how to use small claims court on your own. Oh, how do I know all that? I was a landlord for 20 years with 3 rental houses.
  5. The FCRA doesn't address this issue. In other words there is nothing prohibiting the collection agency from reporting separate amounts for separate dates of service. So, no, it's not an illegal practice. That you never got the bills in the first place is unfortunate but doesn't change anything.
  6. They CAN do whatever they ARE doing, until you sue them and a judge awards you their money.
  7. The ideal victim.
  8. You need the consent of everyone mentioned. That's the certainty. That's how the pros do it. Then you can't afford to write the story. Period.
  9. Oh, right, you're the one in jail with restrictions on your internet access. Who is "he" and what pictures and information is he trying to send you? There doesn't appear to be any way of attaching material to private messages but, as you can see, you can attach material to these public messages. As a test I've attached a photo and a Word document. You'll need MS Word on your computer to read the document. If you can access them then your friend can do the same with photos and documents if you don't mind revealing them to everybody who comes to this site. The alternative is to have somebody mail you hard copies. Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life.docx
  10. Don't do it on the company computer. Don't do any personal stuff on the company computer. Your life is an open book on the company computer.
  11. It is. Depends. Did parents sign anything at any of the facilities that says they are? If not, then they aren't.
  12. Yes, it's her business. Blight is everybody's business. You can get her to leave you alone by making sure your yard is well tended and your cars are all kept running, licensed, inspected, and insured. One more thing about the cars. If any of them are parked on dirt or grass you could still be in violation of county or city ordinances so make sure you check your local ordinances to see if there is any restrictions about how you park them on your property. As for the petition, she can get a thousand signatures and they won't mean squat.
  13. Yes. Get over yourself. You're the bad guy here. You knew from day one that it was a mistake and where it came from. You should have called the bank, but you didn't. Then you had the opportunity in March to OK the return, but you didn't, In April you had yet another opportunity to return but, no, instead you got snotty. No wonder the guy's angry and blames you. He has good reason to. Guess what. At this point you HAVE stolen his money so deliver him a check and profusely apologize and then put your tail between your legs and slink back home.
  14. You are apparently the victim of a professional deadbeat tenant and his "petition mill." Read the following for an explanation. It's one of many that appear on the internet that explain the scourge of deadbeat tenants.
  15. Seems to me that the assignment to Unit 5 is invalid since it apparently didn't comply with the provisions of Section 10 of the CC&Rs. On the other hand, it also seems like the owners of Units 5 and 6 waived the requirements of Section 10 of the CC&Rs and have lived with the results in good faith since the reassignment was done. I'm guessing that the owner of Unit 6 is going to have to go to court to get Unit 5's family out of the basement and regain possession as I doubt if the owner of Unit 5 is going to get his family out willingly.