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  1. You still haven't answered the question: Did you know about the lien before you handed over the money? Yes or no.
  2. You can find out by searching the county assessor records. The plat map ought to show you where the property line is and who owns what.
  3. If you have been suspended without pay, file for unemployment immediately. No work + no pay = Unemployed. If you get reinstated you can drop you claim.
  4. I don't think so either. The property owners have no obligation to do so. You are giving an unsolicited gift to management. Management has no obligation toward your efforts. What you can or cannot do and what management can or cannot do is addressed first by your lease and next by your state's landlord tenant laws. As for building something on property that doesn't belong to the facility, well, it belongs to somebody and that somebody can certainly do something about your trespassing. The last time I found paw prints and scratches on my car I was ready to find the damned cat and shoot it. You're welcome to your pets. Just keep them in your home and don't inflict them on anybody else.
  5. There's a lawyer directory at the top of this page. Don't count on that contingency thing. If you can afford to send your kid to a private boarding school, you ought to be able to pay an attorney.
  6. Did you cash a counterfeit check at their business 14 years ago?
  7. Now you know why living with roommates is such a bad idea. Don't make that mistake again. There is no "want to sue" there is only sue or not sue. It's hot air until you are served with a summons and complaint. Of course not. You have lots of rights. Wouldn't make sense to try to list them all. More hot air. Maybe. Here's what the AZ Residential Landlord Tenant Statute says: What that means is that you would have had to have given your 30 days notice (preferably in writing and keeping a copy) on May 15 that you were moving out by June 15 if the 15th of the month was your rent due date. Or whatever your usual rent payment date was, you figure it from there. If you haven't complied with the notice requirement then you would have start the notice period by paying rent when due along with your 30 day notice. I don't know why people insist on explaining that kind of stuff. It has nothing to do with your legal obligations. Either comply with the law or just pack up and leave and hope nothing comes of it.
  8. Yes. As far as he knows, it's still out there. He would have to incur a fee to stop payment on the check. Are you willing to pay the fee? I don't know of any. But you are welcome to contact your state's consumer protection agency.
  9. You don't have to sign a contract to have a contract. I'm still at a loss as to what you mean by "paperless" title. If he signed something, he wrote his signature on a paper so it's not "paperless." If that paper had "lien" on it and you looked at it and saw the lien and then handed over your money anyway, knowing full well that you were buying a car with a lien on it then, no, you don't get your money back because you knew you were buying the car with a lien on it. If that's not what happened, you'll have to do a better job of explaining what happened.
  10. That might or might not be true. I'm still not clear on something. Did you know that there was a lien on the car before you handed over your money? If not, when and how did you find out there was a lien?
  11. Then that's that. You have no leverage. You can move for continuance and the other party can object to it on the grounds that you have had three years to come up with the money and now you want another couple of months to come up with the money. Nobody is going to believe that and I suspect that you'll be denied a continuance. 25% is a gift. If you show up in court without it, the plaintiff will move for judgment and probably get it, then file for wage garnishment. You are playing with fire here. I suggest you find the money by July 10.
  12. And once fired, she can be sued for the money and potentially have future wages garnished plus having a judgment on her credit record which is never a good thing to have. I suggest that she just agree to the deduction and get it paid off.
  13. There are three levels of forgery in the NY Penal Code. One is a misdemeanor and two are felonies: The SOL for misdemeanors is 2 years. For fraud it's 6 years and 5 years for other felonies:
  14. You've got some complicated issues because of intestacy and community property. Here's a brief summary: If you and your brothers want to make a claim against your mother's estate one of you will have to open probate under intestacy and get the court to back you up against your stepfather. Here's a brief explanation of Texas probate: The unfortunate thing about your truck is that you don't own it and all you've been doing all these years is renting it and you could very well end up losing it unless you make some sort of deal with your stepfather to get the title signed over to you (which could also involves probate and possibly refinancing). Or, just give it back to him and get your own car. You're probably going to need a probate lawyer if you can't get your stepfather to cooperate.
  15. How'd you find out? Is the lien on the title? Didn't you look at the title before you paid him? Anyway, you may be in a better position than most because you can get the base CO's office into it which I suggest you do ASAP.