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  1. So you lost in court, the eviction granted and you have to pay court have an eviction on your record that furture landlords will see. How is that to your advantage?
  2. Without knowing what your lease states, no one can really give you an accurate answer.
  3. Being disabled is irrelevant. If you don't pay rent as agreed, you can be evicted. Have you communicated with the landlord regarding your lateness? Most landlords would of started the eviction a few days after rent was due..
  4. What state is the property in?
  5. The statute of limitations is 6 years. The 6 year clock starts the day after you made the last payment.
  6. It does not change the fact that it is not your home and you can't just let anyone move in without the homeowners permission. There may even be a lease provision that prohibits this.
  7. There is nothing to fight. In most states, a tenancy at will can be terminated by either party with a 30 day written notice. Being current on your rent does not mean you can live there indefinitely.
  8. First off, as a occupant (not a leaseholder) you have no right to bring another person to basically live on a property that does not belong to you or your husband. Second, your husband is legally bound by the terms of the lease and he can only be removed from the lease if ALL parties to the lease writing. I seriously doubt your mother will allow him to be removed from the lease. If he does leave and your mother defaults on the lease, your husband can be sued by the lot owner and your mother.
  9. What did the police say when you called them?
  10. Getting a 60 day notice does NOT mean that you get to live there for free. You still owe rent for the notice period. The 3 day notice is the first step of the eviction process.
  11. Did you pay for the utilities for July?
  12. Any agreement to purchase real estate MUST be in writing. You are simply a month to month tentant with very few rights to remain on the property. You are also likely running a commercial business from a residential property. You sister can easily give you a notice to vacate. If you fail to leave, they have you forcibly evicted through the courts. Get yourself a lawyer since you obviously have no idea what your doing and will likely end up escorted off the property by the sheriffs department.
  13. What is your basis for a counter claim? What are your damages?
  14. This is Vicky from Colorado with the topic three days or 30, I would love to pay my rent but I can't because not only was he my roommate but he was my boss and he was using me to malpractice at his dentistry when I was only supposed to be receptionist so because it was against the law I quit and he never paid me for my hours so keep your novel ideas to yourself

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      Lol...have fun in eviction court.