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  1. Did you pay for the utilities for July?
  2. Any agreement to purchase real estate MUST be in writing. You are simply a month to month tentant with very few rights to remain on the property. You are also likely running a commercial business from a residential property. You sister can easily give you a notice to vacate. If you fail to leave, they have you forcibly evicted through the courts. Get yourself a lawyer since you obviously have no idea what your doing and will likely end up escorted off the property by the sheriffs department.
  3. What is your basis for a counter claim? What are your damages?
  4. This is Vicky from Colorado with the topic three days or 30, I would love to pay my rent but I can't because not only was he my roommate but he was my boss and he was using me to malpractice at his dentistry when I was only supposed to be receptionist so because it was against the law I quit and he never paid me for my hours so keep your novel ideas to yourself

    1. reenzz


      Lol...have fun in eviction court.

  5. He can issue you a 3 day notice and begin the eviction on day 4. He can also issue a 7 day notice to vacate... not a 30 day. Here's a novel your rent on time and the threats will stop.
  6. Did you sign an extension agreement?
  7. You can deducted the depreciated amount of the carpets. It is up to you on whether to replace them or not.
  8. Those lease provisions are enforceable under Florida law and are very common provisions when renting a single family home.
  9. The landlord is not required to mitigate his damages until an actual breach of the leasehas occurred. Therefore the landlord can wait until August to begin searching for another tenant. The new lease may also have additional penalties for terminating the lease.
  10. So did you have a pet? If so, did you pay the agreed pet charge?
  11. Your landlord is not required to pay for alternate accommodations. Your renters insurance would cover this costs. If you failed to get renters insurance, the costs is on you or the neighbor.
  12. Under Florida law, your daughter owes rent for every day the unit remains empty due to your daughters breach of contract. Having a "pending applicant" does not relieve her of her obligations. She will also owe for any advertising fees, administrative fees, reletting fees and broker fees...if applicatable. She may even owe a termination fee if one is outlined in her lease.
  13. While I sympathize with what your going through, under the law, it is irrelevant. The landlord is not required to support you and you should not blame her for your hardships. Pay rent as agreed or risk getting sued and evicted. Having an eviction on your record will make it nearly impossible to rent elsewhere. Call your local housing authority/social services and see what help you can get as far as housing goes.
  14. She has every right to wait for the court papers. Being so behind on rent will not sit well with the judge and she will lose her case. The landlord is running a business...not a charity. No judge...especially in Florida, is going to force a landlord to support her until her taxes come in. Also, having an eviction on her record will make it nearly impossible to rent elsewhere.