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  1. My 37 y.o. son has issues. He has not been diagnosed with any mental illness but I believe he does. He had a stroke when he was young , water on the brain , I feel this may be some of his problem. He has a very short temper goes off like a bullet . Being handicapped he wants to be in a relationship but all the women he meets he thinks they should get married right away. He gives / lends them money and when they are done getting what they can they dump him.Or he becomes obsessed. Alot of these women have kids .Then he harasses , threatens to have the kids taken away , calls family members and harasses them. He will not go for counseling . I am at my wits end. His sister's don't want to have anything to do with him. He gets mad and brings up things that have happened years ago. Forgetting that he is the one that started it all. What can I do ? He doesn't work gets some social security that is it. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  2. In March 2016 I went to HR Block to get my taxes done. Since I had lost my husband June 2015 I wanted to go to a professional to have it done RIGHT...Big mistake. The person who did the taxes didn't add interest from savings bonds that were cashed in . Is there anyone I could contact to complain to ? I paid these people to do their job and they messed up. Now I owe over $ 5,000 with interest accumulating. Any help would be appreciated Sandy
  3. Thanks for the info
  4. Looking for information where to find a lawyer for custody/ child support. Daughter lives in the Media / Delaware county area. She works part time and being on maternity leave she isn't even getting a pay check at this time. Any suggestions where to go for help ? Thanks for any info. Grandmom of 6 ..
  5. Daughter just had a baby. He was a premie. Wasn't due til yesterday came 5 weeks early. The father wanted to take the baby to visit his family that live 2 hours away. They agreed that both mom and dad would take the baby to visit grandparents but all of a sudden dad wanted to go himself. Daughter feels uncomfortable especially since she is primary caretaker. (dad visits on weekends ) and mom has not left the baby's side since having him. He is also breastfed so I would think that mom would want to be there for him. Dad is starting to threaten to go for custody which scares the mom. His favorite saying is " money talks" he has been helping support the baby . Father's name is not on birth certificate . Would it be to her best advantage to go for sole custody ? This baby is only 5 weeks old. Who knows what is going to happen in the future ? What is a good way to let the father know that this baby is too young to leave his mother for the weekend. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Mom Mom
  6. She is not on Social Security, my son is. I think her boyfriend was also involved. But we are not sure. We are heading to the local police station tomorrow to see what can be done. Thanks for the info on the credit card company. Looks like we may be making a phone call to them also. Thanks again Sandy
  7. can a credit card company take money from a bank account used only for social security check ? The amount of money on the credit card is in dispute. The card number was used illegally. Papers have been filled out and sent to the "fraud" division. Just found out the credit card company withdrew money out of the bank account. I thought that if you are having a problem the credit card company was supposed to put a "hold" on things until it was solved . A "friend " of my son had him over her place . She told him to leave his wallet on the table. Him being a trusting person didn't think anything about it.After all..he met her in church ! Next thing you know he is getting credit card bills in the amount of over $10,000 . Money being put in her "pay pal " account. She tells him her account was "hacked" also.....Ok ..he believed her. We didn't ...since when does someone hack into a pay pal account and DEPOSIT money ? We found out she has done the same think to another person. He filled out papers for fraud but we haven't heard anything back yet. We are going to the court house tomorrow to file a complaint. What else should we do ? He is on social security (handicapped since birth ) and doesn't get much each month. He lives at home with us. Any suggestions ? Sandy
  8. Thanks for the info . yes it was informal. I honestly don't know why she had her grand daughter. The girl never came to visit or call. When ever my aunt needs something she calls my husband. He has done alot of things for her. She usually listens to what he says to her. A while back the grand daughter wanted to buy the house for $1 and my aunt called to ask my husbands opinion. My husband told her if she did that then she wouldn't get the senior rebates from the township we live in. ( That is about $500-1,000 a year ) My aunt said " I don't want to lose that ! " so she didn't get the house. The hospital bill hasn't been paid yet either. we are waiting for a phone call from my aunt when her grand daughter gets home. I will ask at the bank about someone coming to the house. Thanks again for the info. Sandy
  9. My Aunt Laura is about 93 years old.and doesn't get around very well. She is related to both me ( my moms sister ) and my husband ( she married my husband's uncle) My husband has been paying my Aunt's electric bill , phone bill, and has been keeping track of her bank account ( Aunt's request ) for many years . The daughter and grand daughter decided to move back after my aunt spent some time in the hospital. They told her they needed to fix some things and she said ok, Thinking that the daughter and grand daughter were paying for these improvements. My husband asked my Aunt if she wanted her grand daughter (executor/and house will be her's when she passes ) to take over the finances for her instead of him and my Aunt emphatically said NO !So far they have taken over $5,000 out of her account. My aunt cashed a CD for $60,000 and it was put in the bank. The grand daughter told my husband that she was going to take 20,000 out of the bank for "improvements" . Yes, the CD was in both names. Now I can understand house improvements for my aunts benefit. We were told that they were going to have a shower put in (supposedly for Aunts benefit ) NOPE ! My aunt would not be able to get into the bath tub.She rarely gets out of her chair ! Basement is being fixed up so they can put the grandson down there . He has been living there the whole time helping my Aunt out. They bought a micro wave ( for their use ) new stove, new bedroom furniture ( for themselves) new tv . Planning on expanding the driveway so they don't have to move one car to get the other car out. They have a "friend's son " who is going to clean the back yard for twice the amount someone else said they could do it for. They have cable now aunt never had cable , internet for THEIR COMPUTERS and being able to "rent movies" My husband mentioned to the grand daughter " you should at least pay the elec. , cable bills since you are staying there rent free. Her response ? I want to save my money to pay the inheritance tax when she dies . Oh yea ! They even paid their moving people out of my aunts account ! She told my husband that they took her to a Lawyer to get her will changed.My husband asked her what Lawyer, she didn't know. He asked her if she had a copy of the will, she said NO. He told her to ask the grand daughter for the will so she and he could look at it.because she said she had made provisions for the two grand sons and he wanted to make sure it was there . She said she just signed the paper. Nothing yet. Last week My husband told the brother to let them know that they needed to get their receipts together. ( he wanted to look at them for Aunt Laura ) The kicker is the grand daughter sent my husband an email today stating that she changed all the banking information. Password, etc. So now he can not keep track of what is going on. He called my Aunt and told her...SHE IS LIVID ! I suggested he take her to the bank to get things straightened out and he said she doesn't have any kind of valid ID to prove who she is. I said what about the woman at the bank that the grand son babysits for ? I have a couple questions.....I need a phone number to call since I suspect Elder Financial Abuse PA and Two (2) Is there a way we can get this bank information changed if she can't get to the bank ? Have you ever heard of the bank manager going to someones house ? Thanks, Sandy
  10. We are in PA. My daughter is seperated from her husband for almost a year now. The house they lived in papers have been filed about forclosure. Credit card bills are over $ 20,000. Son in law is making no effort to pay them off. Daughter is unemployed but has been paying each card off slowly but surely. She is primary card holder because right after they met he filed bankruptcy . Even my aunt (same last name) is getting phone calls from credit card companies . Her bank account has been frozen ( can they do that ? ) Not only that , after it was frozen my daughter went to deposit money for her car ins , and she wasn't told it had been frozen ! So she couldn't pay her car insurance from that account ! Is there any way she can have her husband responsible for at least half the credit card debt ? He has a good paying job but doesn't know how to manage money. He is in arrears in spouse support and I think child support also. No custody has been decided but daughter has physical custody of 2 and son in law has physical custody of 1 last year he claimed all three even though he had physical custody of 2. Since then the oldest has decided to stay with mom and the youngest. Another question.... When he files his income tax will they automatically with hold his refund because he does owe or does my daughter have to file something in court. Would it be better for her to file bankruptcy ? Since the credit card company isn't giving her any help . They also have the house that is in the process of forclosure. Thank YOu