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  1. If she used a power of attorney to make the beneficiary desiqnation or to chanqe it, that could be illeqal in your state. Discuss this with your attorney.
  2. Is there a documented record of your complaints (about the computer not workinq) to a superior/supervisor? Did you not think to offer to buy your own computer to use at the office to see if the problems would be resolved? Don't you think you are better off (less stress) by findinq employment elsewhere?
  3. it is not aqainst the law but it is deceptive. Do you know if the person wants to improve their life by eventually qoinq to colleqe in the future? Do you really want to interfere with this person's life in a manner that may affect the spouse and children? Mail a copy of the resume to the employer with your comments written in the marqin.
  4. If your deceased relatives had each done a probate, title would have properly passed. Since probate wasn't done, it will now have to be done. Look at the website for the county court probate court for whatever Florida county they died in, and you can see an estimate of what the filinq fees will be to open up a probate. Also consult with a Florida probate attorney in your county to find out approximately what it will cost to have probate done. It can be done without a will if you can't find one.
  5. Next time you have a problem with the landlord, go online to look up "landlord tenant law in Missouri" or consult with a local landlord/tenant lawyer who can advise you quickly about your recourse.
  6. If there is an attorney in the area who specializes in insurance interpleader cases, you may want to find out if you have any options here (having the attorney contact the life insurance company to see if there is any way to delay them making a payout until the attorney has reviewed the policy and any beneficiary changes and state law). You need to find out if a person who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia has the legal/mental capacity in Illinois to be considered sane enough to sign a power of attorney or not.
  7. You will also want to talk to a family law attorney or civil law attorney who has experience with abuse of power of attorney cases, to ask "What constitutes abuse of power of attorney in Illinois?"
  8. Are you saying that the domineering sister was appointed as administrator of the decedent's estate in a nearby county? Have you looked at the probate court file to see exactly what information may be in there about what some of the estate assets were? If domineering sister got control of most of the significant assets while terminal sister was still living, then there is going to be no mention of those assets since they passed outside of the estate if there were designated beneficiaries. What was the mental state of the terminal sister and how old was she--did a doctor diagnose her as incapacitated or not? A person with a POA can sign a beneficiary designation form on behalf of someone else. They need to submit a copy of the POA papers to the company that has the asset and the person with POA has the right to name and/or change beneficiaries for someone else, I'm sorry to report. (With the reported high incidence of elder abuse in Illinois, why the legislature would approve something like this is hard for me to understand.) You need to ask an attorney if there is any way that anyone (other than the administrator of the estate) can get access to the beneficiary designation forms AND the Power of Attorney that was submitted to each of the relevant companies (401K, insurance, etc.).
  9. Who pays your paycheck? Do you work for a temporary agency that has a contract with the trucking for your company to provide security? If you can't make a written complaint about this with the company who employs you, consider filing a complaint with the police and mail a copy to the company where the man works. So that his employer will be aware of this man's "problem".
  10. Does your company have a handbook that mentions their company policy against sexual harassment? It's not clear from your complaint exactly where this happened--was it in a normal office building or elsewhere (a remote facility where there are not many other people or employees around?). As far as you know, are there other employees who have been harassed in this same manner? If you have a way to submit a written complaint by paper or by email to a company official who is your supervisor, then please do so. If you feel your company is not going to do much about this to resolve this in your favor (or will they take HIS side), then you need to decide whether you wish to continue working there or whether you would be better off looking for other employment.
  11. I wish to cancel my request, as I have found a local attorney to assist me with this. Also, PACER was kind enough to notify me that even though my credit card was rejected, they will still allow individual users to have an account that is set up for billing at 10 cents per page, as a previous poster stated.
  12. Thank you for your replies. I was aware that an individual can rejister with PACER--I did that but was rejected--they say they can not accept prepaid credit cards (the only kind I use since my credit report will not qualify me for the normal credit card). Let me revise the search term: for Pacer it is Case No. 15-80298 re Cameron (lookin for Item #25, 7-13-2016 Notice of Chanje of Address; for the search term is 8:15-BK-80298 2/27/2015 Bankruptcy D. Neb. (My apolojies--the "jee" key (the seventh letter of the alphabet) does not work on my computer. Thank you.
  13. Is there an attorney or paralegal out there who has access to PACER or a subscription to DOCKETALARM.COM? I would like for you to order a page (the notice of change of address dated 7/13/2016) from a 2015 bankruptcy case (8:15-BK-80298, Cameron) in Nebraska, and perhaps will need to order a few additional documents from this case file in the future. Thank you. You can contact me via private message.
  14. On what date were you fired? Did you receive written notice of your firing? Have you signed any paperwork that acknowledges you are no longer associated with the company and have you received any severance pay? What reason was given for your firing?
  15. Is Alliance Estate Research located in the United States or in a foreign country? If your money was located in the California State Treasury Unclaimed Property Office, it is against California law for them to claim a fee from you for property that has already been reported. Anyhow, California law limits a finder's fee to 10 percent. If Alliance is a foreign company, you will want the assistance of an attorney to contact the company on your behalf to try to get more information from them and to inform them that they are not allowed to collect a fee on your case, but that you might consider giving them a few thousand dollars if your attorney approves. If you did a search for your name on the website for the California State Treasury's Unclaimed Property website and if you found your name there, you can file a claim through the website or call them and ask them to send you a claim form. You should try to find a business law attorney who practices in the same city where you live or one in Sacramento, California where the unclaimed property office is located. Do a GOOGLE search using the phrases (in quotation marks): "business law attorney" and "your city, state", or "business law attorney" and "Sacramento, CA" and you will see some links come up in the search results page. Tell the attorney you need their assistance in advising you through the process of when and where to claim your funds. Good luck to you!