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  1. Start contacting various Los Angeles probate attorneys by phone or by email and plead poverty and explain your situation and one of the might be willing to assist you with this. Explain that you have no way of knowing whether the safety deposit box has anything of value or not, but that if it does, hopefully there will be enough in it to reimburse for the filing fees and something towards attorney fees.
  2. Set the money aside or do not spend it until you find out what is going on here. Ask them when you can expect to receive your redundancy paycheck, and if they check the payments they have already sent you, they will probably determinef whether or not they have made a mistake with the payments they have already sent.
  3. At the appropriate time, provide the agency with a list of the information/evidence you suggest that they obtain and find out what their reaction is to doing that.
  4. What type of job is this? What state is it in? Did this company have a policy stated in an employee handbook about pregnancy? You haven't mentioned whether you are still working with this company or not--did you accept their offer for slightly lower pay or reject their offer? Your best bet is to contact employment/labor law attorney to let them evaluate the validity/strength of your case (they will obviously do their own research) or you could contact a local paralegal in your area or visit a university law library to ask for their assistance.
  5. Will you be eligible to file for unemployment with only 4 months work experience? Your case is defensible but you need to send them a certified letter asking what is the current status of your employment there.
  6. Was your request for an accounting made in writing or just a verbal request? What is the approximate total value of this estate? The PR's deduction of $20,000.00 is improper since there was no signed agreement for this sibling to pay rent to the estate and that needs to be questioned. Despite what the will says, the PR is legally entitled to claim a fee for his services, so questioning that is going to be iffy. You need an attorney to object to the accounting and to make a specific request on your behalf for the receipts, etc., as this is not a do-it-yourself project.
  7. Thank you for the clarification, RetiredinVA. The poster may want to consider contacting local domestic violence shelters to see if you would qualify to stay there temporarily if you needed to.
  8. If you are in charge of the trust, you are called a trustee, not an executor (executors only handle wills). Please stop holding on to this house for sentimental reasons. It is not worth the havoc that this man is wreaking on your life. Sell it, give him his share of the money, and go on to live a peaceful live in another home or condo or apartment of your own where you will be free of the abuse.
  9. What year was the promissory note written? Please answer the questions you have been asked so that a definitive response can be supplied for your situation.
  10. Go to the county courthouse and look at the probate file yourself so you will have a complete understanding of what has been done so far. Check the paperwork to see if your child has been listed as an heir. Do you have any idea of what your son's share of this estate is going to be? Have you asked any of the other heirs if they have received their share of this estate yet? Please do not tell them why you are asking (because your son has not yet gotten his share). Start consulting with local probate attorneys in your area personally. If you explain that you can't afford to pay a fee right now, someone will be willing to help you find out what is going on with this case.
  11. The first filing to open up the estate and to get letters testamentary will cost a $435.00 fee. Is there a local bank or a relative who could loan you the money for this so that you would then be able to at least find out what the value is of the items that are in the safe deposit box?
  12. Have the daughters seen the trust? Does anyone know what type of trust it is (a special needs trust? a living trust?) There is nothing illegal about the household expenses being paid by the uncle's bank account, if that is what he chooses to do. He may be trying to save the trust money by paying it himself so that the trust will have more money in it. The daughter will want to be sure she has some type of signed agreement with the trustee to be paid for her services. If the trustee is in charge of handling the dad's finances, it is perfectly okay for the bank statements to go to him. In California, the law is that beneficiaries have the right to ask the trustee (by sending him a certified letter) for a copy of the trust, and they also have the right to ask for an accounting for each year the trust has been in existence. Right now they should ask for just a copy of the trust to see what it looks like. If you asked for an accounting now it would appear that you all are being suspicious of his handling of the finances, and you don't want to create that impression. Get the copy of the trust first and ask for the accounting later.
  13. It might have helped if the attorney's letter had mentioned that the potential heirs did not need to appear in person and that their attorney can respond on their behalf, but it looks as if you are proceeding correctly.
  14. Check the online county court probate records to see if any type of filing has been made to open up a probated estate. If possible, go to the courthouse to look at all documents in the probate file or order a copy of the probate file by mail. You may want to consider asking the other heirs if they would be willing to split the retainer fee upfront so that a new attorney can be hired.
  15. The other heirs can force a sale of the home if they choose to do so. If you want to continue living there, can you afford to make an offer to buy out the other heirs by paying them for their share? Or do you want to continue living there by negotiating the rent that you would pay them? Or would you prefer to move out and live elsewhere?